PS : An e-book treat!



Just a quick note to let you know that all of my little ebooks are now available on Kindle Unlimited AND in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. So if you’re a member of the Amazon Kindle programs, go and read them all now – for free!  (You’ll find links to the individual titles in the sidebar.)


Happy reading.~

–  Dana

12 thoughts on “PS : An e-book treat!

  1. I am NOT gonna lie. As I type this I’me on my 2nd TALL glass of Pinnacle WHIPPED Vodka mixed with Pineapple juice laughing my butt off after reading the “Mostly True Stories…” book. I MISS your heavy hand and my colorful speech has not diminished AT ALL. OXXO

  2. I Have knidle fire maybe i need check out your book congrat on have some e-books out your not only beautiful young lady your one awesome woman thanks for allowing us to read some of your books as well should become very popluar for you as everything else

    Ms Dana Kane iam sure one of the most sweetest friendliest friendly gorgeous beautiuful young women around who not only great spanker but great person as well

  3. Thank You so much Susi and I got a New Ultra high definition TV with a month of free Amazon Prime so I can read from your gift
    Mele Kalikimaka Ms Kane you are so kind have a great Holiday season and hope to see you in September1
    Cover bottom :”>

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