Myspace throwback Survey, or, ‘Online Time Wasting 101’ (TUS)


Okay kiddos, it’s been a crazy busy month and I’ve not had as much time to work on the blog as I’d like. As further proof, the below Myspace throwback Survey, an attempt at low-level amusement.

–  Dana



Whats your favorite Kind of pie?

Pie isn’t high on my list of things to eat, but we always had Sweet Potato pie at Thanksgiving, which I loved. But only on Thanksgiving.

Who’s your favorite band/singer?

We covered favorite songs recently, but favorite band/singer is a bit more difficult, don’t you think? I dunno if there’s a particular band or singer to whose work I’m particularly dedicated. I do love just about everything from Sublime to 50 Cent to Alison Krauss.

Favorite fruit?


Favorite sport?

Does chasing people around the sofa count as a sport? If so, count me in. Otherwise, I could not possibly care less about sports of any kind. I’d rather ride the bench.

Favorite color?


Favorite accessories?

This is where I diverge from the typical feminine archetype  – I own a total of three pair of earrings, one (black) purse, and very little else in the way of accessories. High Femme I am not.


Do you collect anything?

This may quite possibly be the dorkiest thing I do : I collect stamps.


What do you spend most of your money on?

Primarily travel and cat food.


Do you read?

There is never, ever a time that I’m not part-way through at least one book.


Are you sad about Michael Jackson’s death?

Is this a trick question?

Have you ever been to a concert?

A few. I’m not a huge-crowd-crashing-music type person for the most part. I DID, however, once drive several hours to see Little Richard perform.

Do you go on youtube?

Yes, and would love it if folks would stop posting up cute cat videos so I can get some real work done.


Can you apply Mascara with your mouth closed?

Absolutely not.


Have you ever broken a bone? if so how many?

Several. Mostly phalanges.






Do you text people often?

I’d rather text than talk on the phone, but I’d rather email than text. I’d rather cut off my left thumb than video chat, by the way.


Are you a runner?

I wouldn’t run if someone were trying to chase me.


Would you ever get a tattoo?




Whats the song that describes your life most?

Carnival. Natalie Merchant. Hands down.


Have you ever been heartbroken?

Hasn’t everyone?


What do you wish to accomplish before you die?

How much time do you have? Moving to Mexico is tops on the list (so add learning fluent Spanish); visiting Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat and Red Square; shopping in Seoul; eating my way through Latin America; writing at least one real, in-print, big publishing house book (whether it sells or not is inconsequential); funding and operating a domestic animal rescue and reserve; retiring at fifty. Oh, and living for another 98 or so years.

Are you afraid of death?

Nope, just the part preceeding it.


Are you having a good year?

I’m here, aren’t I?


Do you forget things easily?

What was the question?…


Are you overly truthful?

It’s my job to be overly truthful.


Do you like the heat?

Bring on the heat. Anything below 70 degrees fahrenheit is unacceptable and practically inhumane.


Have you ever met a celebrity?

A fair few. I’ve yet to find one who is anything more or less than you or I.




8 thoughts on “Myspace throwback Survey, or, ‘Online Time Wasting 101’ (TUS)

    1. That’d be like retiring from breathing…not gonna happen. I guess I should have said “ex-patriate” rather than retire.

  1. Ok, I’m totally a lurker but I think I just fell in love with you! So here’s the deal, when I win the lottery I will finance your world travels and I will run the animal rescue, so long as there are no consequences for taking in absolutely every stray (that’s what I get in trouble for the most, can you believe that?). How do you feel about dogs? And here’s a tip in case you were unaware, if you read as much as me, which it sounds like you do, get a subscription to Kindle Unlimited (you don’t have to have a Kindle, you can read the books on your laptop, phone, etc.) $9.99 a month, saves ALOT of money buying books (another thing I get in trouble for!). Just be careful ’cause they will give you the first book in a series and the second one won’t currently be available on Kindle Unlimited, and of course you will have the need to purchase it immediately, causing you to go into overdraft, which is cool because you have overdraft protection, but you will then pay a $29 dollar overdraft fee for a $9.99 book (more trouble). Annnyyyyways, I’ll let you know when I win the lottery!

    1. Kelley,

      You have yourself a deal! When I lived in Texas and did animal rescue we had 24 dogs and cats on the property in addition to the 82 we re-homed. There have NEVER been consequences for taking in strays in the Kane household!

      And I do Amazon prime, so I get the one book a month deal – which is never enough, by the way. I usually read about four to six a month, but it’s better than nothing.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.. Stay tuned!

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