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My friends and many regular blog visitors know that I’m crazy for critters. Like many of you, I share my home with cherished pets and am grateful for everything they add to my life.

In an attempt to help the wider pet population, I’m going to begin holding regular fundraisers here on the blog. We’ll always play a game, have a prize, or in some other way make it fun – but the main goal is to help animals in need, and every penny raised will go to worthy rescue, spay/neuter, and emergency medical and housing, across the U.S. and internationally. I’ll post publicly the amounts raised and donated, always keeping your individual donations private. If you have a favorite animal charity you’d like to add to the list of recipients, or have any other questions, feel free to email me directly at

Now…let’s roll out Give til it Hurts with:



Implement and Custom Video Raffle #1


Each raffle ticket you purchase entitles you to one chance at the prize. 1 ticket = 1 chance; Five tickets = five chances; 10 tickets = 10 chances; etc.

Raffle Tickets are only $5 each!


You’ll be vying for the chance to win a dual prize :

A set of impressive spanking implements donated by our friends at Caneiac,      and a custom video featuring Angel….



…exclusively available only to the winner of this raffle.

After viewing your exclusive spanking, you’ll enjoy using this huge collection of Caneiac products on your own favorite bottom (or having them used on yours):


Includes : White Delrin Loop OTK, Black Delrin 3 Strand, Black Delrin Cane SR, Black Delrin Cane JR, Black Delrin Ever Ready, Gatorskin OTK Rubber Paddle.

* To keep things visible and ethical, I’ll find some way to videotape the raffle drawing, so that everyone knows that they have an equal chance to win.

** Raffle #1 will end Friday, January 31, 2014.

To buy raffle tickets, simply email me and tell me how many you’d like. I’ll send you a Paypal invoice which may be paid with a credit/debit card (no Paypal account necessary).


This should be a whole lot of fun, and it’s an excellent way to both help AND play without having to spend a whole bunch of your hard-earned money. 

Naturally, winners will need to be able to receive packages, and will have to provide a physical mailing address in order to receive the implements (video may be delivered either electronically or on DVD).

** I will give the winner of the raffle the option of sharing the Exclusive Video of Angel’s swat count. If he or she allows it, the video will be available to everyone, with all sales donated.


Help spread the word!

Many of you use social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Fetlife, and the like; some of you have blogs or websites of your own –

Please take a minute to crosspost or mention our efforts on behalf of those furry little voiceless critters we all love so much.

My sincerest thanks,

  –  Dana

PS. I am also looking for a ‘matcher’ for this raffle. The matcher would agree in advance to match whatever funds are raised during this event, and donate that amount to his or her local animal shelter or rescue. Please contact me directly to discuss.

14 thoughts on “Give til it Hurts!

  1. Only one day in and we’re already at 85 swats for Angel (and $85 for charity!) – let’s see just how much trouble we can get her in!

    Email me at to buy a raffle ticket (and add to Angel’s swat count!)

    *I’ll give the raffle winner the option of sharing the exclusive video. If he or she chooses, the swat count video will be available to everyone!

  2. Holy Cow. This thing runs nearly 2 months. I have a feeling that I will be looking for volunteers for a butt double… any takers? Aleeeeeeeeeexis??? ;)

    ^i^ Angel ^i^

  3. We are now at $200 – and 200 swats for Angel!

    Keep the donations coming. I’ll donate every single dollar to our first (of many) animal charity.

    HUGE thanks to those who have participated so far – I will post a roster of donations (with chosen pseudonyms, naturally) in a few days.

    – Dana

  4. (insert evil yet throughly pleased laugh here)

    We are now at 300!

    I am so proud, grateful, and sincerely touched by the outpouring of giving from my fellow spankos and friends. You all give me hope for the human race!

    Angel…beware. They are giving and giving and giving. Your bottom is going to be BURNING for charity, princess. And I love you SO much for being a good sport.

    – Dana

  5. Angel, you “poor” girl, it looks like you’re destined to fly solo on this one. I’m VERY encouraged you and your cute booty will give your all for the 4 legged cuties.

    Pre spanking, you may want to consider taking a Vicodin or 2 along with a numbing cream applied to your beloved cheeks! :)

  6. Well now, things are getting serious..

    As of today, we’ve raised $400 for animal charities. Big, huge, ENORMOUS thanks to everyone who’s participated so far!

    If you’re paying attention, that’s also 400 swats for Angel now. She’s pretending to be a good sport about it, but I think she’s getting a little worried now. (Yay!)

    Also, gratitude to everyone who’s crossposted and helped to get the word out about the fundraiser – Erica, Kristian, SpankedHorticII, andy, and everyone else – thank you!

  7. Wow, $400, 400 swats. No butt doubles either. Poor Angel. Ask the VBB, he likes a good spanking. Wish I could help you, Angel. But it’s been a long time since my last spanking. Ms. Kane, will Angel get a break during her swats? Then again, Angel won’t need one. Ha-ha. I admire your good sportsmanship, Angel. You and the VBB are my heroes.

  8. An update on Give Til it Hurts Fundraiser #1 :

    We are currently at $450 in pledges! That’s a whole lot of love and help and compassion, right there – and there’s still a LONG way to go with this one.

    (Psst, Angel…that’s 450 to you, just in case you’re keeping track. oxxo)

    – Dana

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  10. Aaaand….


    That’s right, we’re now at $550 pledged in the first Give til it Hurts animal charity fundraiser!
    I’ll soon post up a list of donors (pseudonyms, of course) as well as the organizations chosen for this raffle.

    Angel will now receive 550 strokes – and counting, with your help.

    – Dana

    PS. Thanks again to those who’ve donated, and to everyone who’s helped spread the word. You all rock!

  11. I think it’s fair to say that at 650 SWATS already, Angel is in for a marathon spanking!

    That’s $650 pledged thus far in the first Give Til it Hurts raffle – and every single penny will go to help animal charities.

    Thank you all SO much!

    – Dana

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