Another Update of Whateverisms (TUS)

  Awash as we all are in spanking content, I’ve been compelled to talk/write/think about *other* things – occasionally – of late. (Yes, Virginia, there are Other Things.) So, rather than talk to myself, or put a complete stop to Michael’s progress by talking his head off, I’ve decided to begin sharing rather mundane things […]

Newsletter of Random (TUS)

There’s something in the water here. It’s dirt, for the most part. There’s also the remains of a small town at the bottom of the lake, which is now, technically, also the top of the lake. Lake Mead used to be this big giant body of water, all held back steadfastly by wondrous Hoover Dam, […]

A few First Time Evers (TUS)

  This is, I believe, the first time Buddy’s ever been in water that didn’t have a bathtub wrapped around it. Although it was a bit cool, and he was completely distracted by everything going on around him, he did manage to wade his old creaky butt out into the shallows a few times:   […]

Another PSA : Just say No – to lots of stuff

  If anyone asked any one of us if we consider ourselves to be Liars we’d likely answer “no”, or “no, at least not on the big stuff.” If asked whether we consider ourselves to be Pushovers, we’d probably also answer in the negative; nobody wants to be a pushover, right? How about if someone asked you how […]

Not dead. Not in jail. Not yet.

Hello all, While you’ve all been going about your ever-so-uncomplicated lives (insert sarcasm here), I’ve been recovering from what started as a simple dental procedure and ended up being quite an odyssey (who ever knew me to complicate things, huh?), all while preparing for several weeks of all-out spanking madness in order to catch up […]

You asked for it.. (TUS)

  Everyone, Checking in with you quickly from my staycation, and quickly addressing the numerous (okay, only two, but still) requests for animal photos. So this technically cannot be consider ‘forced viewing’, right? (Still, click each photo to see them full-size or I’ll come to your house and beat you up.)         […]

Closing in on 42 : A Musical Interlude (TUS)

  Music resonates with all of us – it soothes the Savage Beast, or something. Also, if you’re lucky, it has a good beat and you can dance to it! (American Bandstand reference. Anyone? Anyone…? Crickets.) But I digress, which I understand happens far more frequently as one ages. Also losing eyeglasses, from what I’ve […]

Wasting Time

  Readers, What, you may wonder, do others do on the internet? Do other folks spend as much time looking at adult content as you do? (yes); does everyone get lost in the cute baby animal videos on youtube? (I do); is there really any redeeming value in online games? (probably not) We all, to […]

GOOD boudin, and great people

  After my recent heated tirade on the evils of Las Vegas traffic and imported ‘cajun’ food products, a long-time friend took pity on me. This was unintentional, but nonetheless appreciated, as he showed his pity in the form of this box:         The box, which has completely made my day even […]

Bad Boudin and Other Horrors

  Readers, I’m a transplanted Cajun-Country-bordering-Texan, living in the middle of the damn Mojave desert. I am reminded of this simply by looking out my bedroom window, the view from which features a stunning mountain vista in the distance (with the Stratosphere much closer), or stepping foot outside for three seconds (the day’s high will […]

Don’t talk to me right now (Unrelated to spanking)

  I had oral surgery last week. Endodontics, they call it, and it’s as much fun as it sounds. Supposedly the endangered tooth had “roots like a hula dancer” (and I’m quoting the regular dentist here). Having never been compared to a hula dancer before, I initially found this somewhat complimentary – until she informed […]

Clear-Conscience Consumerism (Unrelated to Spanking)

  I try to be reasonably well-informed about the food I eat and the products I use, more so now than ever before, and that includes the yummy-girly-sniffy stuff, too. You can’t walk into any drugstore, department store, supermarket, or even 99cent place without seeing hundreds (or thousands) of ‘beauty products’ – stuff geared (mostly) […]

Yes, Mexico. (Unrelated to Spanking)

  Readers, It’s that time of year again – the time of year when I begin to obsess about vacationing. To be fair, I do a pretty large amount of fantasizing about lying around on the beach year ’round, but it gets particularly bad beginning around the first of March. I know spring’s happening soon […]

Las Vegas Anecdote (Unrelated to Spanking)

  Celebrity sightings are nothing unusual in Las Vegas, especially in the big hotels and clubs on the strip. But get a couple miles off the strip and things get relatively normal, fast. Soccer moms, shift workers, and lots of really old luxury cars are the norm in my neighborhood, and I like it that […]

Favored Phraseology (Unrelated to Spanking)

  We all have words and phrases which crop up in our own speech more often than others – favored phraseology, if you will. Many times there are regional influences, dialectical differences, and the like, most of which are part of the diversity of language and usually fun to listen to. Then there are the […]

A Love of Reading, totally unrelated to spanking

I spend a lot of time reading; magazines, online news sites, spanking blogs, hundreds of pages pulled up from general searches on anything from the history of Angkor Wat to how to make gluten free sourdough bread starter. Books though, have always been my respite. If hard-pressed for new reading materials, I’ll re-read a favorite book (or series […]