May 262015




I know the blog’s been a bit content light of late, and I also know that some of you are waiting a bit longer for email replies, too. The reason I know these things is obvious : they’re my responsibilities, and I’m running a *teensy weensy* bit behind.

Between random minor illness, an enormous workload (a bit more on that in a second), and a continuing inability to clone myself, I find myself with less time – which is strange because I know for a fact that there are still 24 hours in every single day. Anyway, the point is that I’m working on it all; I’ll get that inbox cleared soon (and then it’ll likely fill right up again) and think of something spank-witty to say here as well. In the meantime, please exercise your patience muscles and, if at all possible, refrain from writing an email or two to express your sympathy at my behind-ed-ness…I promise you it will not help. ~




One of the reasons I’ve been so busy is that I have a really cool/awesome announcement to make soon, which I think is going to be equally as fun/cool for you to read – and within the next week or so I’ll be posting it here, so stay tuned for the upcoming awesome arrival.

So, please feel free to spend a little time re-watching a couple dozen free videos, re-reading a few hundred spanking stories, and generally poking around the blog- there’s bound to be something to haven’t seen yet, right?


Behind-ed-ly yours,

–  Dana


May 222015


Yep,  you read right. Quit your bitching. It’s a guaranteed way to improve both your mood and the moods of those who have to listen to you speak.


But hold on..

I’m not talking about the big stuff, about which we’re not only allowed but encouraged to talk : death, divorce, depression, bankruptcy, imprisonment, injury. We all get free passes on the big stuff, every time, and rightfully so.



We are all stressed out.
We all have aches and pains.
Everyone experiences disappointment.


By the law of averages, the person next to you is unhappy just as frequently as you. Does that mean that they want to hear all about your daily bitchlist? Let’s answer that with another question : Do you want to hear all about theirs? (I’m guessing that the answer is ‘no’, or we’d have more television shows dedicated to folks just sitting there, complaining endlessly about mundane topics such as expired yogurt, long red lights, and the poor state of our neighbors’ lawns.

What good does it do the general consciousness to unfetter ourselves at every opportunity – splash our bile and venom on unsuspecting bystanders, loved ones and friends? Yes, ‘processing’ is healthy, and so is ‘venting’…if done in moderation, just like every other damn thing on the planet, barring love and spankings probably.

Let’s all try an exercise together, shall we? What, you have something better to do? Something to lose in the endeavor? Nope? Okay, moving on.

It’s called ‘Happy’.

I know, genius right? And I came up with it all by myself! Let’s try to be Happy.

Happy when we wake up (because we DID, in fact, wake up), happy when we shower (because we have all that hot water), happy when we drive to work (because we are lucky enough to be employed in a first world country), happy when we drive home (because we’re lucky enough to have one of those too, no matter which zipcode it’s in), and happy to lie our heads on the pillow every night (because we survived another one).

Every day – hell, every hour! – will give each and every one of us the opportunity to bitch about it or make it our bitch…which are you going to choose?



–  Dana

May 172015

Auntie Dana’s Twelve Hairbrushes


Virtual Discipline : Go Cut Me a Switch



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May 142015


..when you see images or videos of me being spanked – which you have recently, and will again.


As many of my friends and playmates know, it’s been years since I’ve been spanked with any regularity. I’ve always explained it as ‘my top side got too big to leave room for the bottom’ after years of giving spankings, and I still believe that to be true…a person can become so completely immersed in the enjoyment of an activity – to the exclusion of many others – as to forget how much fun other things can be. Recently, though, after a number of big changes (some great and some decidedly not, as is life), I find myself again interested in mingling with the other end of the paddle, so to speak.

While I still won’t be receiving any Discipline or Punishment spankings, as my own mind doesn’t quite work that way, there has been a creeping desire for just-for-the-hell-of-it play lately, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

As I’ve said before, many times, that I think it’s a shame that some folks within our spanko community feel the need to keep their bottom-side personalities hidden, it’d be hypocritical of me to pretend that I’m not being spanked, occasionally, by my partner (and only my partner, don’t get ahead of yourself there, mister).

So I’ll be sharing some of those experiences here, in word, photo, and video. If you’re queasy about watching/reading/knowing that Ms. Dana Kane gets spanked sometimes, please feel free to avert your eyes. And feel equally free to keep any negative commentary to yourself, as (with much love) I could not care less whether or not you approve.




–  Dana