Finally, paul’s Memorial page..

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Jul 032016



During this spanking ‘hiatus’, one of the things I’ve worked on is starting to post some of the thousands of pieces of Foot Fetish art that paul created for me over the years. Even if it’s not necessarily your thing, I think we can all agree that anything created with love is meaningful. Take a look:





*And* I wrote a book.

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Apr 042016


So there’s that.

Yep. Just when you thought my life was nothing but dirty movies lately, here’s proof that I have, indeed, been doing something besides ‘that’.


I wrote a little book.

I’m calling it a mini-memoir.

That’s Dana-speak for ‘that’s all I have to say about that’, or, even more pointedly, ‘that’s probably all you want to know about that.’


Anyway, the book’s not about spanking. Well, not specifically, although the word does occur occasionally.

It’s about my intro to professional BDSM – it’s non-fiction, it’s pretty darn gritty, and it’s (in my ever-so-humble opinion) funny.


It’s called  Dungeon Dilettante  –  Adventures in Pay-to-Play S&M


Here’s the link (in the Amazon/Kindle store):  Dungeon Dilettante eBook on Amazon    (It’s part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a Prime or Unlimited member you can read it for free!)

(Here’s the link for Amazon UK – and the one for Amazon Canada.)


And the cover :



Do a girl a favor.  If you read it – take a minute to leave a review on the Amazon/Kindle site. (I am not attached to the number of stars, nor do I expect you to be anything other than honest in your assessment, but, as always, your opinion really does matter – especially as I’m in somewhat uncharted territory with the format/content, and will be tickled with the feedback.)






Thanks to the lovely folks kind enough to leave reviews for the book! Take a look:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.06.51 AM

Mar 292016

Boys and girls,


After having received a very ugly note, left as a comment here on the blog, I thought it best to address something with you all, now, and publicly, so that there is no confusion.

I make porn.

I know what you’re thinking: “Of course you make porn, Dana…spanking porn!”  Well, you’re right there. I’ve been producing what many call ‘spanking porn’ (although there’s never been any sex in my spanking videos) for about six years. There are something like 600 titles.

But I digress…so let’s get back to the point: I make PORN.

Real porn. The dirty kind with naked people and sex.


Now that that’s out of the way, let me clarify a few things..

I do not produce porn under the name Dana Kane. This is not because I’m hiding from you all, or ashamed of what I do (on either side of the fence), but because I  (and I believe, rightfully so) believe that the majority of you are here, with me in whatever context, for the discussion and execution of spanking. I dared not offend the sensibilities of those who would prefer to NOT see me in the afore-stated PORN. As many of you know, I’ve been staunch about not including heavily-sexual content in most of my spanking videos, and have always preferred to remind boys that ‘this is about your backside, not your front side.’

I still maintain that position. I believe that most of my spanko friends and playmates will have no interest in seeing or knowing about the other content I produce. I also know that a few may even be offended. But I refuse to believe that the folks who love me will stop, just because I record dirty videos.

The comment I received, in which the commenter repeatedly attempted to shame me for my actions, left me wondering what this person was feeling…whether he or she has thought about the things they typed, or whether it was just an emotional response. I hope that it was the latter. (By the way, commenter, my family all know what I do, and they love me more than you can ever imagine. Also, I do not fear the afterlife one iota.) I understand the way human emotions work enough to know that this person – whatever he or she actually knows of me – is feeling hurt. Obviously, finding out that I produce much more adult-oriented (and, frankly, pretty damn dirty) video content must’ve come as a shock, especially given the less-than-sexualized nature of the majority of my spanking interactions. Even though I was, and am, pretty rattled by the content of the note, I really do feel badly for this person – and anyone else – who’s spent any time at all thinking that I am somehow ‘above’ making porn.

First, there’s nothing wrong with porn. If you’ve never looked at dirty movies – raise your hand. (Put your hands down, liars…we’ve all done it.)

Then, there’s the double (triple?) standard. We, as people who take part in BDSM play, know how the rest of the general population views us. We are pariahs, freaks, and probably best avoided…right? We don’t, most of us, tell our friends or families or neighbors that we’re spankos because we fear their judgment. Yet we’re perfectly dandy passing judgment on one another for any deviation from what we consider the ‘norm’. Who are we to decide what’s the norm for anyone else, and who are they to try and decide for us?

Finally, there’s history. It’s simple really, folks. Michael and I produced PORN videos before we ever started  making spanking ones. (** I was also a professional/stage bottom in L.A. for a while. I’ve also written erotic novels under a pseudonym. I posed for Hustler years ago, and was a nude alt model online years before dial up was a thing of the past.  Do we need to know every damn thing about each other now?… I also once was ticketed for accidentally selling a beer to a minor at a restaurant I worked at when I was 20. Whew – glad I got that one off my chest!  **)  We stopped, for years, to concentrate fully on the fun we were having with spanking videos, sessions, books, etc. In the intervening years, and after literally tens of thousands of spankings, my hands are tired. More to the point, I’m suffering from spanko burn-out. I decided last year to take a break from all the crazy travel, home sessions, and video-making schedule and do something different for a while. (You’ll all understand that it was not a choice of going back to some office job, after splashing myself across the adult interweb as Dana Kane for the last half-dozen years – not that I ever would have, anyway.) So Michael and I went right back to what we know, what we’re good at, and what we enjoy. We’re having a blast, by the way..

If you’ve decided in the reading of this that you disagree with my words, my choices, or my lifestyle…that’s a shame. I’ll remind all who’ve known me that one of my favorite lines of discussion is increasing one’s self-love. Usually, we do that with help from our friends.





P.S. Michael says that I should save those of you with a thirst for knowledge the time and tell you the pseudonym under which we produce PORN. I told him that it seemed to me that folks who wanted to know would find out for themselves. He then reminded me that, in the interests of full disclosure and allowing you all to make your own choices (as I’ve always sort of insisted upon), I should just get it over with. He was right…it’s right there in the title.


Another P.S. If you comment, please refrain from insulting the commenter I’ve mentioned; he or she is clearly upset and doing some serious emotional cleansing at my expense. I hope it’s helped. Honestly.




Be Kind to Your Knees

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Jan 202016

Dear Everyone,

Although it’s way overdue, I’ve been thinking of a way to welcome another year and tell you all how very valuable and important you are to me (yes, even when you don’t get a reply to your emails). I know it’s not just me who feels as though the calendar has sped up of late, although I’m certain now that the passage time is relative – mainly to whether or not our bodies are over 40, I think.
Days go by superfast, weeks and months speeding along, and before we know it, it’s ‘happy new year’ time again.

It’s supposed to be the time of year for resolutions, new beginnings, and a whole lot of inner reflection. This has often puzzled me – why do we try to make such ginormous changes in mid-winter? Why not the first day of spring, or the summer solstice, or even our individual dates of birth?
I guess it’s as simple as numbers – we like the number 1. It’s teeny and perfect and has no baggage, like we’d all like to be in many ways. So we aspire for 1-ness; we wait for the beginning of a new year so that we can start anew with the number 1 and hopefully draw some magical strength from it.

I don’t believe in that kind of magic. Hell, I don’t believe in most of ’em (except that levitating guy..the greasy-looking one..he’s got skills). There’s no resolution-making going on for me – I don’t need another excuse to kick myself in the ass when I decide on day 3 that doing fifty sit-ups first thing every morning no longer sounds like such a good idea. It’s my opinion that most of the things we’re disappointed in ourselves about could be easily avoided by not setting ridiculously-structured goals for ourselves which are almost certain to fail, leaving us feel like….well, failures.

If you feel like a failure, a loser, a slacker, or a bum – and I believe that most of us do, at one time or another – the following is my best advice. Forgive me for allowing someone else to speak for me here, but if you really pay attention you’ll find that it couldn’t possibly be said better. Just listen…

(I’ve embedded the original composition first, with a lyrics-added version after. Watch both. You have time, or you wouldn’t be here to begin with.)

In that vein, this will be my last episode of advice-giving (or taking) for 2016. We should all spend a lot more time listening to ourselves – our bodies, our minds, and our dreams – and a lot less trying to find the answers in others. Trust me on this much: it’s the learning that matters.

– Dana