Sunday Video Update : 9/27


Unbreakable Dani




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This week in Michael’s Big Stick Spanking Studio :


No Mercy for Male Prisoner (me spanking Michael HARD)


Rough Handling Dana Kane (Michael spanking ME…hard)


(The damn image won’t load – you’re just going to have to click on the Big Stick link above to see the animated preview gif.)


12 thoughts on “Sunday Video Update : 9/27

  1. Your outlook on when it become too much for a bottom just ups your endearment to me. It shows you really do care about your partners and doesn’t just see them as just another meaningless ass to beat.
    My first adult spankings held no mutual mental connections at all. I just wanted the physical experience-had no clue about my pain tolerance and trusted I’d get what I wanted by asking to be spanked and paddled as hard as the people could provide.
    But isn’t it very challenging for you to determine when the acceptable line is crossed when a bottom truly loves hard play resulting in several days of lingering marks and soreness?
    Even more so it HAS to be just as much of a challenge of a bottom to know when “enough is enough” during hard/severe spankings because at least for me, I’m caught up in the internal competitiveness/toughness along with the hilarious mutual mouthing off between me and my top. Thin paddles and canes leave instant intense stinging sensations but they diminish almost right away if there are pauses in between spanks.
    But as far as anything leaving scars like brutal whips causing heavy bleeding I’d never agree to their use in the first place so that problem is solved before beginning. :)

    1. Kelly,
      While I don’t think severe spankings are for everyone, I’m inclined to think that it’s better to receive one from someone you trust. Hopefully Dani won’t need many more lessons in this department, as her butt has yet to heal completely.


  2. Hey, I recognize that second rod on the peg board! Come to think of it, I recognize that Court Bailiff also! She tried to beat my bum with that rod, unfortunately both the Bailiff and the Rod were no match for my VBB bum that day. I still have the broken handle of that rod. It only lasted for a few swats before it snapped on the steel bum of TheVBB. Not soon after, the Bailiff’s spirit broke also. Awe, fond memories of another victory for me.

    1. You put us all out of business, mister VBB. You are the Unconquerable Brat for all times.

      (Okay, National Lie Day is over now.)


    2. Dana,

      Oh boy, I would love to see TheVBB take on a paddle from ‘paddledesigns’…just sayin’.

      I bet you Mike would make something ‘extra’ special for the ultimate ‘brat’.

    3. Dana,

      Ohhh, I am pretty sure Mike could make something of the sort ;)

      Hmmm…that gets my imagination flowing ~~



    1. Raymond,

      If I hit her any harder, I’ll dislocate my shoulder! (Did you see the butt on that girl? It’s like it’s own entity or something.)


  3. Dani and her buns of steel. That was amazing! Nice job Ms. Kane take care of that swinging hand and shoulder. Of course I don’t think there’s a booty that can outlast you ;)

    1. KC,
      Thanks for the vote of confidence! Dani’s definitely tough, and hopefully learned a good lesson about boundaries. Stay tuned.~

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