20 thoughts on “Jingle Butts!

  1. The spanker is a hottie! Kudos to his percussion band members. The girl on the right looked like she was dying to avoid bursting into laughter. I know I’d fail if I were her or any of the bikini bottomed spanked girls.TSK! TSK! Failure means more spanking in order! :)

    1. A spanking around the Christmas tree hear the wooden paddle POP!
      Misltoe hangs merrily Every bottom cries please Stop!
      A spanking around the Christmas tree Let the Lexan paddle sting!
      Later well have some Spanking and well do some Hollering!

      You will get a Burning feeling when you hear them singing!
      Spank the bottom with out feeling

      Spanking around the Christmas tree
      Have a blistered bottom day
      Every-one Dancing Merrily In the new old Naughty way

      You will get a naughty feeling
      when you hear Ms Dana Saying
      Drop those pants now make it hurry!

      A spanking around the Christmas tree
      Have Blistered bottom day
      Every-one dances Sarrowfully
      In the New Old fashion wayyyyy!

  2. I wrote ti you about a year ago asking if I should use a pen name. You suggested that I should. What happened was kind of funny. I wrote a book with Maggie Ryan and used my first and middle name. 10 minutes later I went on Facebook and was pushing the book. Well my FB has my real name so I outed myself in 10 minutes. By the way I received 29 reviews, 28 5 starts 1 4 stars and one 1 star that said really bad. Oh well, the price of fame. I thought you might have a giggle.

  3. Jiggle butt happen alot during spankings doesnt it i wouldnt know i dont get spanked alot i be scare to get one of those famous Ms Dana Kane spankings i hear they hurt and she has strong firm hands

  4. Too bad I won’t be seeing you until the last part of January, you could have played jingle bells on my butt. But alas, the opportunity is lost. Guess we will just have to sit around drink tea, talk story and reminess of the good old glory days.

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