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Want Dana Kane Free Videos?
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On this page, you’ll find (nearly) all my  Dana Kane free videos –  F/M spanking videos,
F/F spanking videos, and POV videos - 
including Product Testing with Dana Kane
and Tips for Tops.
We make free spanking videos pretty often, and I’m always happy to share them with you – if you have ideas or suggestions for any of our free spanking video series’, shoot me an email.
I hope you enjoy watching these fun, sometimes silly, videos 
as much as I did making them!     –  Dana

Cheekie Pays Her Dues


Tips for Tops: Have Mercy


Just Because

Product Testing: Evil Sticks

Product Testing : Black Master Sr.

Mom’s Secret Magazine : Preview


Good Leather.


Tips for Tops : The Art of Negotiation

Product Testing : Blues Blades Ash Paddle

Tips for Tops : The Art of Negotiation

Angel’s OTK


Product Testing : Wallop and Ballgag
trans spanking


Thank you, Missy
trans spanking


Trailer : The VBB’s Cane Breaking Marathon
trans spanking


Product Testing : The Lucifer Loop

trans spanking


Trailer : Auntie Dana’s Naughty Nieces
trans spanking


The VBB’s Delrin Punishment
VBBDelrinSmall spanking


The VBB’s Delrin Punishment TWO
trans spanking

Angel’s Delrin Punishment
trans spanking


Tips 4 Tops : Don’t Break Your Bottom
trans spanking

Tips 4 Tops : Strike Zone
trans spanking

Tips 4 Tops : Body Language
trans spanking

Product Testing : Naughty Stick
trans spanking

Product Testing : Bigfoot Rubber Paddle
trans spanking

Product Testing : OTK Rug Beater
trans spanking

The Good Boy OTK
trans spanking

A Broken Heart for the VBB

A Broken Heart spanking
From A Broken Heart for The VBB

Product Testing : Cane-iac Canes
trans spanking

I’ve Had it with the Wiggling
trans spanking

Product Testing : Leather Thorn
trans spanking

The Moving Man
trans spanking

Before the Party
trans spanking



After the Party
trans spanking

Do You Feel Cute Now?
trans spanking

Laugh, Funny Boy, Laugh
trans spanking

Live Session : Spanked in His Panties Again
Panties%252520Again%252520Share spanking




  1. JacktheLad says:

    I loved watching these – I like it severe myself, and it is also good to watch others getting the same – I do wish it were practical for me to receive some of the same.

  2. dnlwest5 says:

    I Wonder how it would be if I were to be disciplined by Dana???

  3. billotk says:

    Great videos! I was wondering how hard Dana can hand spank. I think Angels otk was harder than good boy otk. I wonder if she can spank harder than that with her hand. Maybe we will find out sometime :)

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