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Product Testing: Triple Crown 2

Product Testing: Triple Crown 1

WATER WAR! Preview

 Cheekie Pays Her Dues


 Tips for Tops: Have Mercy


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Just Because

Product Testing: Evil Sticks

Product Testing : Black Master Sr.

Mom’s Secret Magazine : Preview

 Good Leather.


 Tips for Tops : The Art of Negotiation


Product Testing : Blues Blades Ash Paddle

Tips for Tops : The Art of Negotiation


Angel’s OTK

 Product Testing : Wallop and Ballgag


Thank you, Missy


Trailer : The VBB’s Cane Breaking Marathon


Product Testing : The Lucifer Loop


Trailer : Auntie Dana’s Naughty Nieces

 The VBB’s Delrin Punishment

 The VBB’s Delrin Punishment TWO

Angel’s Delrin Punishment

 Tips 4 Tops : Don’t Break Your Bottom

Tips 4 Tops : Strike Zone

Tips 4 Tops : Body Language

Product Testing : Naughty Stick

Product Testing : Bigfoot Rubber Paddle

Product Testing : OTK Rug Beater

The Good Boy OTK

A Broken Heart for the VBB

From A Broken Heart for The VBB

Product Testing : Cane-iac Canes

I’ve Had it with the Wiggling

Product Testing : Leather Thorn

The Moving Man

Before the Party

 After the Party

Do You Feel Cute Now?

Laugh, Funny Boy, Laugh

Live Session : Spanked in His Panties Again



  5 Responses to “Dana Kane FREE Videos”

  1. I loved watching these – I like it severe myself, and it is also good to watch others getting the same – I do wish it were practical for me to receive some of the same.

  2. I Wonder how it would be if I were to be disciplined by Dana???

  3. Great videos! I was wondering how hard Dana can hand spank. I think Angels otk was harder than good boy otk. I wonder if she can spank harder than that with her hand. Maybe we will find out sometime :)

  4. How hard does Dana Spank. Will you feel it days later.

  5. Loved the Water War. But if I had held the water bottle, you would have gotten a thorough drenching, Ms. Kane. Also thought you were too easy on Cheeky. I thought the offense merited a harder spanking with a least the hairbrush and expect that is how you would have punished me if I were the culprit.

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