Mar 052013

Here’s one last entry to the ‘What the Camera Saw’ story contest for January. Missy and Angel entered this excellent story as non-contestants, and I’m thrilled at how well they’ve done. Missy and Angel have even managed to get Lyndsy and Annika’s characters from ‘The Reformatory’, as well as their friend Cras, mixed up in this mess!
Let’s hope that they decide to share more of their collaborations.


–  Dana

I Spy a Private Spanking
It was an ordinary day. My twin and I decided we would make mischief, as usual. Susie and I couldn’t go a day without getting in trouble. The weekends were especially bad for Mom and Dad, who couldn’t find any use for us. Rather than deal with our bratty and incorrigible ways, they usually sent us out of the house with plenty of money to keep ourselves occupied and give them a few hours of peace.
On this fateful day, my sister and I felt like doing a little more than just shopping. We decided to go deep into the woods where there was some sort of abandoned mental institution. We hadn’t been there in a while. The last time we were frightened off by some kind of mad scientist who was always rambling off numbers and equations to herself, and smacking around a tall handsome man whom she called Experiment #7. “You’re a crazy maniac, QP!” We often heard him scream at her, to which she almost always replied, “We’re all mad in here!” Susie always wanted to introduce herself, she wasn’t afraid of crazy people. Probably because she was just a little crazy herself. I was always the more reserved sister, definitely mischievous but not near as brazen as Susie. I pleaded with her not to make this known to this QP person, and finally she backed off. I was really afraid we both would end up getting smacked, but today this was the absolute least we would have to contend with.
When we actually got to the building, it seemed to have been converted. From the outside we really couldn’t even tell what it was. It didn’t seem like a mental institution, or a prison.  Perhaps it was some sort of school but it didn’t seem very lively. Needless to say, we were both extremely curious. In situations like this, there was only one thing to do and only one way to find out. Obviously we would have to scope out the place for ourselves. So, cell phones handy, ready to call each other in case we had to split up, we gingerly approached the building from the left side. There were more trees in this area that could shield us in case we got caught. Yes, there was a loud and visible NO TRESPASSING sign on the front of the property, which naturally we ignored.
As we crept out from the edge of the woods, walking towards the building, I could swear I heard some sort of smacking sounds coming from somewhere. I was terrified the madwoman might still be there and wanted to run away, but Susie insisted on exploring. She told me the voice didn’t really sound like the madwoman. It was more mature sounding, very stern. This was odd. Reluctantly, but out of curiosity I stayed and watched as Susie started zeroing in on the sound. I followed her but was much more cautious and I stayed a few feet behind as she moved closer. I could tell there were no curtains or blinds on the window, which I suppose made sense. This place was in the middle of nowhere and unless a person was trespassing, nobody would be privy to what was going on here. Except today, because we were trespassing, we would unravel a gigantic secret that against my better judgment, we would recklessly expose.
I stayed frozen in my place, but Susie had no fear. She crept up to the window, stretched out her body and looked directly inside. She ducked almost immediately when she saw what was going on. Mouthing the words, she started soliciting me with the pleas of: “you need to come here! Please! I’m not kidding, you need to see this.” I could not resist. Rarely anything excited my sister anymore so I knew this must be good. I slowly approached, being very careful while walking so there could be no sounds heard as my feet crunched the dead leaves beneath them. We inched our bodies up towards the window, and neither of us could believe what we were seeing. A young man was being spanked by a beautiful woman with short black hair and sparkling but angry, crystal blue eyes.
“You will NEVER disrespect me like that again!” SMACK!-SMACK!-SMACK!-SMACK!!!  
“DO…..*smack*…… I……. *smack* …….MAKE…….. *smack*…..MY…… *smack*…..SELF…. *smack*……CLEAR???”  SMACK!-SMACK!-SMACK!!!   

We could not believe what was going on, and I couldn’t believe what Susie was doing. She pulled out her cell phone and started recording this incredible scene as it was unfolding in front of us two very stunned girls. I honestly couldn’t believe Susie was recording this; it was a total violation of privacy. Sure we had pulled a lot of crazy stunts in our short 19 years but never anything like this. I started to panic.  

“Let’s get outta here Susie!  She will see us,” I cried out.  Not even considering putting the phone down and leaving, Susie turned to me rudely and with some sort of authority that she believed she deserved because she was born first (Susie always prided herself on the fact she was older because she was born 73 seconds earlier than me). “Shut up you little baby!  Don’t be such a prude!’ she started to say. I guess she realized she was speaking a little too loudly at her little sis. She felt a tad remorseful because I really played up the wounded look. “Calm down, Sarah,” she whispered a little nicer this time.  Then sarcastically, she added, “What’s she going to do if she does see us, anyway?  Spank us too?” She chuckled but I didn’t find this at all amusing. I didn’t protest any further though because I was afraid that someone would hear us talking to each other.   I was really worried that we would be busted before we could pull off this sneaky stunt. 

Being the sensible one of the two, I had a very bad feeling and knew this wouldn’t turn out well. Not willing to leave my twin, I reluctantly stood by while the camera on Susie’s new iPhone kept recording every dreadful detail. Whatever was going on must have been very serious. I had to divert my eyes several times, despite my overwhelming desire to look. My heart kept racing and I felt a little queasy as my ears filled with the sounds of thuds and whacks and pleas and promises. 

“Yes Ma’am!  Perfectly clear! I am sorry!,” we heard from the young man as smack after smack landed on his already bruised and battered bottom as it lay across the lap of this stunning woman. I couldn’t deny it. I was fascinated. I had never been spanked and I had never seen anyone get spanked. Our parents had threatened us girls constantly, especially when they were at their wits end. However, they never followed through.  We were definitely Daddy’s girls. Big brown doe eyes, adorable pouty lips, chestnut hair and frilly dresses that warmed our daddy’s heart, always kept our bottoms safe, even from Mommy. He couldn’t stand to see his precious little girls disciplined. The most we ever got was a $50 dock from a $300 a month allowance check. And by allowance, I mean we made our beds like once a week to help out the maid. (we usually did this on the day we were going to be getting our checks)  We had spent19 years refining our kiss-up skills to Daddy, we knew how to work him.  I was better at this than Susie was.  Daddy knew I was the innocent one and it was Susie that always got me in trouble.  I had 19 years of practice mastering that one too.  Daddy sure was a sucker.  

Susie must’ve been feeling bad too. I watched her face as she watched the scene, and I could swear I saw more than just a twinge of guilt on her features. She probably felt guiltier than I did, because as it turned out, she really was the instigator this time. Well really, I didn’t know what she was thinking. Susie was never really the type to express any genuine remorse or reform. I started to think of all terrible, bratty things had done that could easily have landed me across the lap of a woman like this. I wondered if the person being spanked had done anything even half as naughty as what Susie and I had done over the years.  While the bratty part of Susie probably thought it was fun to be doing this, and was relishing the thrill of possibly getting caught, she eventually did take my advice and decided that we should leave for everybody’s own good. I was actually a little disappointed that she didn’t put up more of a fight to stay, but I would never tell her this. Well, not right at this moment anyway.

Back in our room, I couldn’t stop watching the video. I couldn’t quite understand why I was so captivated by this beautiful woman. She was so pretty, but also very strict looking and she was wielding an evil implement with a red loop at the end. I don’t know what to call it because I had never seen anything like that, but it definitely caused a lot of pain for the poor person being whacked with it. All I kept thinking was, “Wow, that woman has a wicked left arm,” and “how could anybody have such a durable backside?” I had plenty more thoughts but they were interrupted. 

“Hey Sarah, we should post this on Spankingtube” I heard Susie blurt out from across the room as she was changing into her pajamas. “If people are as interested in this as you are, we will be superstars! That way you can watch this on the Internet all the time, and I can have my freakin’ phone back.”  

I raised an eyebrow at the comments, and was both surprised and excited. “That’s a great idea!  But Susie, YouTube would shut down our channel and we already have like 12 hits of us singing to the giant lizard in the neighbor’s yard and we just put it up yesterday. I don’t think this kind of content is appropriate for YouTube anyway.” 

Then I paused for a second, and I replayed my sister’s sentence in my head. I realized that I misheard something. “Oh wait. Ummmm…. You didn’t say YouTube did you, Susie?  Did you just say spankingtube?” It took a second to register. Susie was silent, but her face was blushing a bright red, almost the same color as that poor boy’s red bottom. As her face became brighter, I knew something was amiss. I ran over to my sister and grabbed her shoulders, “What is spanking tube?” I demanded to know. I was quite intrigued and not willing to let this go. I forced my older sister to spend the rest of the night explaining and showing me things that blew my mind. 

After much contemplation, the next morning we decided to create an account and upload our first video. Neither of us really thought the video was going to garner as much attention as it did. We did not have any idea that the woman we had recorded was a world renowned professional disciplinarian; well at least I sincerely didn’t.  Apparently we were not the only ones with such admiration for this beautiful, dark haired and mysterious woman.  After only 4 hours the video had 6,000 views.  By the next morning, it had exceeded 18,000 hits. Then it spread to other sites and was being favorited and blogged about and reviewed. It was something scandalous. It was being downloaded and uploaded all over the internet.  I started to worry about what we had done, but I was also overcome with the magnitude of it all. 

At first we had agreed to remain anonymous, but as the video started to go viral, we quickly became greedy and wanted our due credit. I guess we had created something like the Blair Witch Project of the spanking world. It was too exciting to pass up and we reworked our profile to put our real names as the authors of the content. We even went so far and were bold enough to confess that the video was private and that we had gone to extraordinary lengths and broken many laws to acquire it. I did try to talk Susie out of some of it, but her ego got the best of her. Then my ego joined in as soon as we became flooded with praise, comments, questions and even requests for interviews. Soon enough, anyone watching the video knew the names of the two naughty girls that were bold enough to not only record, but publicly post a video of this private spanking session online for all to see.  

A couple of days later when the video had reached 100,000 hits, I began to panic. “Susie this is going too far.  That spanking session should have been kept private.  Now both of these people have been outted all over the internet.  What are we supposed to do?  She is a highly respected disciplinarian, apparently, and she was just doing her job.” We had learned of this fact (well, once again, at least did) after receiving fascinating e-mails, links to other videos that she was in and a simple Google search for beautiful dark-haired disciplinarians and strange red looped implements. Apparently, not only was the woman famous in the spanking community but so were the things she spanked people with, like a loop. We had learned it was something called Delrin and after we researched it a bit more we found out it was created by a store called Cane-iac and that it was much despised by the person the woman disciplined. He was also well known in the spanking community as the Very Bad Boy and he had a Wonderful Wife who also used this delrin stuff on his poor butt. 

All of this was making me very afraid. And I told Susie as much. “We had no business doing what we did, and I am ashamed of myself for being a part of it. How could we not have realized that she is so well known before we did this? What if she tries to sue us or something?”   

“I don’t know,” Susie lied.  Susie was feeling a bit guilty too, but she was having too much fun with all this attention. Besides, she had known exactly what she was doing the whole time, and she did feel a little guilty that she had kept it from her baby sister. She wouldn’t share her secret, but she would definitely share the blame if it came down to that, which it would. I didn’t know any of that then. All I knew is that we were about to be rich and famous. 

“Hey Susie, check this out,” I called out to Susie as I was checking my new e-mails.  “Listen to this. It is an email from some lady about our video.”  

Dear Sarah and Susie Mitchell,   

My name is Bella Cras. I am the Head of Research and Senior Vice President of Marketing at GoneViralGroup Inc.  I recently saw your video, “I Spy A Private Spanking“.  The reason I am writing to you is because our company manages the rights of various videos that have gone viral, ensuring that video owners get paid top dollar to license their videos to radio stations, television networks and multiple online venues.  We would like to speak with the both of you about managing and obtaining the rights to your video. You would be well compensated, of course. It is quite popular and all of our employees are very impressed with your success as first time video uploaders. We would like to know if you two might be interested in doing some consulting work for our company. 

Our offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are interested in our offer and if your applications are successfully processed, we would like to detain you for a year to work exclusively for GoneViralGroup Inc.   

We prefer to meet our clients in person for this first meeting. Even if you decline our offer after reading the fine print, this will be a nice vacation for you at our expense. We will provide luxury transportation and accommodations if you agree to meet with us.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Head of Research  
GoneViralGroup Inc. 

Bella Cras 

We were both more than startled, our eyes popping just about right out of our little heads. Something didn’t sit right with me, I just had one of those gut feelings that something couldn’t be right. I reread the letter aloud. “Hey Susie, why do you think they said they want to detain us for a year?” 

Susie rolled her eyes at me. “Are you kidding me Sarah? Obviously it’s a typo. Any idiot could see that they meant to say retain. Look, I don’t see why you’re seeing typos and not dollar signs. I see the megabucks, vacation, quitting college and living the good life.” Susie was getting overly excited about this prospect. She started pacing around the room with visions in her head. “Listen Sarah, you type quicker than I do so stop being little Miss Grammar Nazi and start writing a response to Ms. Bella Cras. What kind of a name is Bella Cras anyway?” 

“I don’t know,” I replied meekly. “I kind of like it. Sounds like a little elf or something. It’s cute.” I don’t think Susie appreciated that very much. 

“Whatever,” Susie said before she began dictating her response for me to type out to Bella Cras, accepting the offer to meet in Las Vegas. Little did either of us know, this meeting would bring drastic changes to both of our lives (or rather, little did know). 

A week later we were in Vegas. Much to our surprise, our parents were happy to see us go. They were concerned at first because they thought it was some kind of scam, or vacation we were going to try to take on their dime. When they found out it was a job opportunity (naturally we excluded the fine details) and they might not have to be supporting their young adult children for the rest of their lazy lives, they could barely contain their excitement. And off we went. 

Although Texas and Vegas are not very far apart, we had never been to Vegas.  It was not exactly as we anticipated, and it definitely did not live up to what we had imagined. We were not put up in one of the fancy hotels where the casinos were located. We did not have limo transportation service. Instead we were driven to some kind of large house where we were greeted by two young ladies who introduced themselves as Lindsay and Amy. Neither of whom was Ms. Bella Cras. They told us that Ms. Bella had a meeting in London after having won a big writing contest, but that the president of the company would be glad to meet with us directly. We were then escorted into the formal living room where we awaited, with high expectations, the president of GoneViralGroup, Inc. 

Lindsay and Amy were very nice and accommodating; they provided us with all sorts of sweets and beverages, and their manners were impeccable but I was sensing something again. It seemed like both of them wanted to break out into a fit of laughter every time they looked at us. It even made Susie uncomfortable, and she was hard to rattle. We brushed it off. When Lindsay and Amy left the room we joked that these two brats must be way low on the payroll and were just jealous of our instant fame and success. We were moving up in the world. They would probably be serving tea and cupcakes for the rest of their lives. 

Talking about our fame and impending fortune excited us again and we completely forgot about the girls. We started chatting about what kind of wonderful life we were going to have here in Vegas. Susie also said she was going to complain about the lack of luxury accommodations and transportation, and she would demand on behalf of the both of us, that this oversight be made up to us immediately. 

That’s when the woman walked in, causing a silence to envelop the room that was almost deadly. Susie dropped  her cupcake and I opened my mouth to say something but my jaw just hung there and nothing came out. 

The woman was smiling at us but there was something that seemed superficial about it. “I would introduce myself,” she said in a somewhat severe tone “but I think you two already know who I am.” 

She looked at Susie, and then the cupcake on the floor, and back to Susie. “Young lady, pick up that cupcake and dispose of it properly,” she instructed Susie.  “While the two of you may have made me out to look like some nutty woman to the rest of the world, I assure you, I am not, and I will not tolerate you making a mess of my home.”  I had not realized that the woman had a southern accent. It was stern, but comforting. Susie was too filled with rage at having been tricked to think that anything could be comforting right now. She just stared at the woman and challenged her with silence. 

“Let’s go!  Get that mess cleaned up right now!” The woman demanded, while still penetrating my sisters eyes with hers. “We have a few things that we need to discuss, so when you are finished you can have a seat on the sofa and wait until I am finished talking with your sister in my office.”  She turned and looked at me. I looked at my sister, trembling. The woman snapped her fingers to direct my attention back to her. I looked at her, startled like a deer in headlights and did not respond to her cues to move and follow her as she started toward the end of the hallway, the sounds of her high heels echoing as they clicked against the hard wood floors. When she turned around and saw that neither of us had moved, either to follow her or to pick up the cupcake, she cast those crystal blue eyes at both of us and waited for someone to do something as she tapped her heel against the floor, as to clearly indicate that she was irritated. 

I suddenly put my head down, feeling truly ashamed. I was also terribly nervous and even felt a little sick. I was terrified about what was going to happen. Susie and I could have ruined our lives with this stupid stunt and now we would have to face this fact. Always resigned to be the good twin, well not so much the good one, more like the one who was just slightly less bad, I followed the woman as she instructed and found myself in her office. This was the first time that I had left Susie behind. I felt awful and the tears started streaming down my face.  

Susie was enraged with her little sister’s meek attitude and was also disappointed that she hadn’t taught me better.  She refused to be the doormat she thought I just showed myself to be. Susie showed her anger by staring back at the woman, who was standing in the door frame waiting for her to pick up the damn cupcake before she closed her office door. Susie had no intentions of picking up any cupcake today. After about 3 minutes and complete silence, something made my sister change her mind. She just couldn’t bear how uncomfortable it was becoming to be stared at, and while she could outstare just about anyone, she couldn’t quite outstare this woman. She finally figured picking up the cupcake would be only a minor blow to her ego and would be worth it to get this lady away from her. 

The woman walked back over to my defiant sister who was now mumbling something under her breath as she cleaned her mess.  “There had better not be so much as one crumb on this floor when I come back to check,” she said before turning and walking towards her office, ushering me all the way inside.   

I heard very faint laughter as the woman closed the door, leaving it open just a crack. I could vaguely hear what was going on outside. Later I would learn everything that happened when I was away from my sister.  The same two girls who greeted us walked in after I had been escorted out, both eating heavily powdered doughnuts.  Susie was disgusted. If there were cupcakes, why would anyone choose DOUGHNUTS? 

 “Oops”, said one of the girls as her powdered treat fell to floor in the very same spot where Susie had just finished picking up her cupcake from. Both girls laughed.  The second girl stepped on it, grinding it into the carpet as Susie looked on stupefied as the white crumbs became crushed into the lush carpet.  “Oops” said the other one before they left the room giggling. She couldn’t remember which one it was but would later find out it was the one named Lindsay.  Their laughter could be heard echoing down the corridor.   

“Stupid little brats!, my sister murmured, still in disbelief and loud enough that I could hear it.  “No freakin way am I cleaning up after those jerks.” I did not know what she was talking about yet but I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. Susie left the smashed doughnut in its place. Later, my sister told me when she was looking around she noticed there were a bunch of rocks in various sizes, shapes and colors all about this place. She suspected maybe spanking people was not the only issue this spanking maniac had.  I looked around the office probably about the same time Susie was looking around the living room, when I also noticed the rocks everywhere. “Rocks?” I thought. “Why rocks?” I was quite curious, but very soon, I would not be thinking about rocks. 

“Stop daydreaming, young lady,” the offended woman scolded. I blushed and she continued to stare at me, but now she had removed her glasses and was looking at me over them. I wanted to run away. Just by looking at her I knew she had to have thought long and hard about how to best handle this situation. She would confirm this in just a second.  She informed me that when she first saw the headline, “I Spy a Private Spanking“, it caught her eye just as it had done to a million other people that saw it.  She was sitting in her office checking email when she saw it streaming on the Yahoo main page.  She was in a state of shock when she opened the link and saw herself interacting with the naughty boy in Texas.  In the place that clearly said no trespassing. She was working to have the building made into a formal place of discipline that would mirror the one I was sitting in right now.  I didn’t even want to consider what she meant by “formal place of discipline,” so I just sat there with a lump in my throat as she continued to tell me how she felt about the situation. 

She was furious when she saw herself on video and immediately called her lawyers and put them to work on it.  She demanded that they have the video removed from every single one of the websites by the end of the business day. Originally she had wanted to file a lawsuit against the person who posted the video, and she was determined to hunt down that person and make them pay for what they had done. It wasn’t long before she found that there was not just one person, but two persons involved, and that these two persons were me and my sister. She waited a couple of days before she concocted the scheme with Ms. Cras to get us to Vegas. In that time she had some room to calm down and formulate a different plan. She had her lawyers back off for the moment, as she had thought of a much better punishment to give us herself . Much better than what we could be given at the hands of the law. She continued to explain all this to me while I kept wishing I had the power of flight, or invisibility or anything to escape. 

I sat in front of her desk with my head lowered, every now and again stealing a brief glance ahead of me, trying to digest the enormity of sitting before the very beautiful and apparently rather famous, Ms. Dana Kane. I couldn’t look at her for too long because I was much too intimidated and ashamed. She was way too pretty and I was way too terrified. I thought it might be easier going head to head with Judge Judy. I focused on playing nervously with a ring that I wore on my right hand that was given to me as a gift by my sister. The sudden feeling of betrayal I had to both the woman and my sister overwhelmed me. Tears flooded my eyes. 

“Young lady, please look at me,” Ms. Kane instructed. I looked up and before I even realized what was happening I was now sobbing and apologizing. “I am so sorry for what we did.  I am so ashamed,” I cried.  I didn’t know much about Ms. Kane but I had one of those gut feelings again that she understood that I was genuinely remorseful. It was clear that Ms. Kane was a strict disciplinarian but she also proved herself to be kindhearted and compassionate. After a few moments of silence, Ms. Kane got out of her chair and came beside me. “Are you Sarah or Susie?” She asked me. 

“I’m Sarah,” I said, crying. I felt horrible when the words came out of my mouth. I didn’t want to be Sarah. I didn’t want to be me. I didn’t want to be anyone who could do something so terrible to someone. With my head down and my face in my hands, I continued to weep.  

“Sarah, I would like you tell me how it is that you two came to have that video and how it got posted for the world to see.  And I want you to tell me the truth. Do you understand me?”  She grabbed a tissue from her desk and with a gentle hand, lifted my chin up and wiped my eyes with it. She gave me an extra tissue to wipe my nose.  She held my face in position so that I would be forced to look deep into her eyes. I think she actually felt sorry for me because I was so distressed looking. 

“I promise you that everything will be ok.  You just need to be honest with me and trust me.  Can you do that Sarah? “Although I didn’t understand it, I knew that I already had a great deal of trust and respect for this woman. I told my story, our story, and did not leave out one single detail.  I claimed full responsibility for the role I played in it.  I could tell at times during my confession that Ms. Kane was starting to feel riled again, which is clearly understandable. But she did not betray me with anger or severe admonishment. 

“Thank you for being honest Sarah.  By taking responsibility for your part, you have shown me that you really are a good girl.  You just made some very poor choices, didn’t you?” I nodded in agreement and tried not to cry because there were no more tissues left. (Clearly, a lot of crying took place in this office.) 

“So wouldn’t you agree that those poor choices should have consequences?”   

I nodded in agreement, again. I knew it was the answer she wanted to hear, but I also knew it was the right answer. My sister and I had never suffered any consequences and our lives were going to shambles because of it. We were not doing well in school. We had no responsibilities. As young adults we were still supported by our parents, and we swindled all our money on things we didn’t need. To be honest, we both just felt lost in the world. 

“I am going to give you two scenarios, and I want you to make a choice as to which one will best suit you,” Ms. Kane began.  “I want you to listen carefully and do not make another poor choice.  Scenario number one….I press charges against you both and have you arrested for trespassing on private property and for filming me without my consent and for making it available for the public to see, again without my consent.  While you and your sister are fighting criminal charges, my lawyers will be busy putting together a lawsuit that will suck every dime from you, your sister, and your family.  Your unborn children and grandchildren will still be paying your debt long after you are gone.” She was definitely still a tad angry but when she saw that I was about to pass out from fear, she softened her tone. 

Scenario number 2.  You will live here at this institute for wayward naughty boys & girls for one year under my direct supervision.  You will follow strict rules and have chores and responsibilities.  You will also be disciplined as I see fit.  With that, you will have guidance and direction and a whole lot of love.  I think you could probably use some guidance, am I right? I had started sobbing again, against my will and all I could do really was nod. 

Ms. Kane was sympathetic, but not to a fault. “I need you to use words to answer me from now on…no more nodding, Sarah.  Understand?”   

I looked up to the woman who would become my mentor and nodded my head but then I quickly tried to un-nod it because I was told not to nod; and I saw a light shine behind Ms. Kane’s eyes as she struggled not to laugh when I simultaneously was nodding every which way and exclaiming, “Yes ma’am, I understand.” 

“That’s a good girl” said Ms. Kane as she moved a strand of hair from my wet face. “Stop moving your head Dear.  Now, before you make your final decision, you will be getting a spanking. Whether you stay here or not, you’re going to experience consequences for your actions.” With that she guided me up off the chair, took a seat upon it and positioned me over her lap. I was stunned and every muscle in my body clenched with fear and apprehension, and after only the first smack I cried out in pain. I was so embarrassed I didn’t even realize that Ms. Kane had lifted up the dress I was wearing and began to smack my bottom over and over again on my panties. When the shock wore off, the pain began to register and I started sobbing, now for multiple reasons. Thankfully, she didn’t go very hard on me but my bottom had never felt anything like this before. Now I was truly ashamed and had to be reminded of it until the sting went away, and how long that would be, I did not know. 

“Are you ready to make your choice young lady?” Ms. Kane asked me. I was too dazed to even realize she was saying anything, and had to be reminded with a sharp smack to my backside. Immediately I went into ultra-obedient mode. 

“Ma’am, there is no choice to make.  I understand that I need guidance and direction.  I need to be held accountable and I need discipline.  Will you please be my disciplinarian and let me move into your institution?  I promise to be a good girl for you.”   

Ms. Kane smiled and leaned down to kiss me on the forehead. “Go stand in that corner over there with your hands behind your back and do not move until I tell you to.  I’m going to have a little talk with your sister now”.  Of course I did as I was told.  I felt something inside of me that I could not ever remember feeling. It was a good feeling, a safe feeling.  I knew I was where I was supposed to be.  I stood in the corner, afraid for Susie, afraid for her decision and afraid for her fate. What if she didn’t make the right choice? 

I listened as Ms. Kane’s footsteps left the room I was in and I knew Susie must be hearing the heels coming down the hallway.  Ms. Kane had left the door open a crack, and although we both knew very well where snooping gets a person, I think she left it open for me so that I could watch what was happening with her and my sister. My sister didn’t turn her head to respond to the approaching footsteps.  She was still mad about everything that had happened up to that point.  The heels stopped behind her.  She kept her gaze focused outside the window and still did not respond when she felt Ms. Kane come right up to her.  “I see you have a problem following directions,” the woman whispered in Susie’s ear. “And also that you like windows.  Anything interesting happening out there? Anything private you want to record and post to go viral?” she asked sarcastically. 

Feeling awkward, Susie responded to none of the latter. “Nope, lady. I don’t have a problem at all,” said my smart mouthed sister.  “Those two crazies you have running around here are going to have a problem though as soon as I see them again.”   

“Is that right?” Ms. Kane asked her, somewhat shocked at such a brazen attitude for somebody in her situation. “First of all, it’s Ms. Kane… or Ms. Lady or at least something with a Ms. before it. You are going to need a lot of work, I see.  Right now I think you should be worried about yourself and your bottom, Missy.  You are one smart remark away from going across my lap for the spanking that I invited you here for. I was going to give you time and even an option but you have abused that opportunity and now I’m going to punish you.”  

My sister looked away from the window she was staring out to avoid looking at Ms. Kane, and replied, “Yeah right, Ms. Lady! I don’t think so. Not this girl.” Ms. Kane had had enough at that point and not 2 seconds later did my sister find herself going across the woman’s lap and receiving the spanking of her life.  Susie kicked and screamed for 10 minutes as the smacks kept coming. I snuck my head out for a better view and saw that Ms. Kane had not only taken down her pants, but had immediately stripped her of the rest of her dignity by removing her white cotton panties. I had seen my sister’s bottom plenty of times. We weren’t shy. We got dressed in front of each other and stuff like that, But I have never seen it look so vulnerable. I didn’t realize how nicely shaped it was until it was positioned over Ms. Kane’s lap, arched up almost begging for punishment. It really was hard for me to watch. Every time I thought Ms. Kane would stop, she didn’t. She was good at her job and she knew when to end the spanking. She knew she had to continue the spanking until Susie abandoned her tough front and accepted her place over Ms. Dana Kane’s knee. 

After about 10 minutes, I saw that Susie couldn’t hold it in anymore. My heart broke for her a little, as I knew her pride was shattering. She must’ve been holding back tears for a long time and suddenly they came rushing out of her, as did all the pent-up tension as she submitted to her punishment. Poor Susie cried and cried and cried and finally her body went limp over the disciplinarian’s lap. 

Ms. Kane saw this as an opportunity and decided to ask her just then what happened to the doughnut and why it was crushed up into her carpet. “It wasn’t my doughnut,” I heard her cry out, and then I realized that she was right because she had a cupcake! My mouth opened in a little bit of shock when I realized what must’ve happened back there. And then it was confirmed. I heard my sister yell out, “Those little jerks crushed the doughnuts into your carpet. I threw my cupcake away like you told me to.” Ms. Kane gave my sister another dozen or so very severe whacks with her hand that caused a whole new flood of crying and told her not to use inappropriate language and especially not to call names. 

Just then, the two girls came walking in the room acting all prim and proper.  “Oh sorry Ms. Kane, we didn’t mean to interrupt,” they lied as they turned to leave.   

“Ladies…” was all Ms. Kane had to say and the girls froze and slowly turned around.   

“Yes Ma’am?”   

“I want you two to formally meet Susie.”  The girls chuckled to themselves as they said hi to the girl draped across the woman’s lap.  “Now Susie, I was sure I told these girls to give you a cupcake. So how is it that there is a doughnut on the floor over there?’ asked Ms. Kane.  “Did you come here with your own cupcakes?  I am sure I saw you with one”  

Lindsay decided to seal her fate at that moment with an obnoxious lie because she knew she wouldn’t be able to explain the doughnut.  “Ms. Kane, she took my doughnut from my hand and smashed it into the carpet and said she didn’t care who this house belonged to and that nobody would tell her what to do.” 

“Is that right Amy?” Ms. Kane asked with a raised eyebrow as she turned to the other girl.  Amy knew exactly what this meant and Lindsay just about put an elbow into her rib in an effort to nudge her into lying for her.  Amy looked at Lindsay and then she turned to the other side of  her where there was this giant stone that must have weighed 10 tons and been transported by aliens.  They both looked at Dana panicked, literally caught between a rock and a hard place.  They were both busted, and they knew it. Lindsay tried to recant her statement but it was too late and Amy was in a bad spot. Neither of them stood a chance and neither of them tried very hard to offer evidence to their lie. 

Ms. Kane only had to point to a corner and Lindsay was on her way, knowing that she was in big trouble.  Standing in the corner would be the easy part of this punishment; I kind of knew that because standing in the corner felt much easier to me than it did being over Ms. Kane’s lap and having my butt lit up.   

Ms. Kane looked to the other girl and didn’t need to say a word.  Amy started confessing, not only to the doughnut crushing incident that she witnessed by Lindsay but also to about every random thing she had ever done throughout her life. Apparently she was a little obsessed with confessions. She was sent to another corner in the room.  She was supposed to be thinking about what she did to get  her put in the corner, but all she could think about was being in the corner nearest to the closet full of Ms. Kane’s implements.  Especially fearing the most recent addition, “Dana’s Inferno” that she knew Ms. Kane had not had the opportunity to use on any unruly backsides yet.  She made a mental note to send an email to Ms. Kane’s “friends” at Can-Iac to thank them for putting yet another painfully harsh implement into the hands of the disciplinarian. She would also ask them to please NEVER make this woman anything out of stainless steel again.  For weeks after feeling that stainless steel cane, every time she saw something silver and shiny, she was reminded that her ass was still on fire.   

I was wondering if my sister was as fascinated with this whole thing as I was. I watched as Ms. Kane led Susie off of her lap, pulled up her pants and panties for her and then sent her off to a third corner. She warned her not to move. Susie wobbled over to the corner. Normally I would have laughed to see her in such a predicament, but I felt a little sad. When the clicking of heels had descended and Ms. Kane had left the room, I could hear the remnants of apologies issued by Lindsay and Amy for what they had done to my sister. Susie seemed to be okay with it, she accepted their apologies and then all three noses went back to their assigned corners. 

Then I heard a voice that I could have sworn I recognized. And suddenly my heart stopped. Ms. Kane called for me to remove myself from my corner and meet her in the room with Susie. I collected myself and hurried into the room were Susie was still in her corner. Ms. Kane had dismissed Lindsay and Amy and had sent my sister to sit next to me on the sofa. Shortly thereafter the male spankee from the video had come in to greet us. It was odd seeing him without a naked bottom that was reddened and blistered. Ms. Kane beckoned him to come over and told us that he had a present for us. Both of us just stood still and watched him as he, like a magician, retrieved the red looped instrument from behind his back. He handed it to Ms. Kane. I looked at my sister and she looked back at me, we were both equally petrified. 

Ms. Kane handed it to me. I held in my hands as if it were a grenade. Embarrassing myself, my eyes started welling up again. My sister actually had tears running down her face at this point, her ego now being about as bruised as her bottom must have been. Ms. Kane smiled and took the instrument back from me. She swished it through the air and we could both feel the wind across our faces. 

Just then Ms. Kane got a call and excused herself from the room for a moment, leaving us alone with the other victim of our spankingtube scheme. 
“Gotta hand it to you girls, that was a good one.” He was either mocking or praising us.  “Can see I’m gonna have some competition here and seeing as you are nearly identical twins, I can teach you the mastery of bratting.  This is a great day for me.. er, I mean, this is a great day for us.”  He made sure to emphasize the us.  “By the way, don’t feel so bad about posting the video.  Ms. Kane was going to put it up a week or two after you did.  We always record our sessions. You saved her a lot of work and got her tons of publicity to boot. Her phones are ringing off the hook and they are going to do a feature on her… everywhere.   She couldn’t have done it without you.” He smirked, evilly. I turned to Susie and my jaw just dropped open, hers did too. We had been tricked, twice! When Ms. Kane entered the room again, still wielding the evil looking red loop, we no longer cared about being tricked.  We went back to being petrified. 
“Oh don’t worry sweethearts,” Ms. Kane assured us, sensing our anxieties “This is not for you. Not yet anyway. This is for the two errant girls in the next room that need to be taught a lesson regarding manners and truth telling, and most importantly, crumbs. You can thank them later, because without them, none of us would be here. Welcome to the REFORMATORY. My naughty girl here will lead you to your rooms and show you the ropes.” 

Susie and I looked around and at that moment a very young looking cute girl came in to give us a tour. I thought she looked familiar but I really couldn’t place it. She seemed so innocent, and I couldn’t figure out what a person like her would be doing in a place like this. Susie took an instant liking to her, almost as if they had known each other. They took the lead and I walked slowly behind them. 

“I told you this would be your ticket in,” the girl said to my sister. I scrunched up my face in confusion but neither of them could see me. Her ticket in? What the hell did that mean? 

My sister chuckled and replied, “Well, in all fairness, Dana was the one who said to go find you on Twitter if we were feeling brave. And I guess you did get us in trouble after all.” 

The girl winked at her and gave her a friendly pat, “Yes, I did. Guess you’ll have to get me back or something.  Tag, you’re it!” she winked.
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Feb 282013

‘Friday Night in Dixie’ puts a country-girl spin on F/F spanking. I know you’ll enjoy this muddy romp as much as I did. Thank goodness for January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ !

–  Dana

Friday Night in Dixie

It is Friday night in Dixie and I was bound to have some fun! Afer a 56 Hour work week I jumpped in my truck and headed to pick up my buddy Jen. As I pull up to Jen’s house she motions me to get outta the truck. “What’s up?” I ask intriged. ” We are taking Aunt Susie’s truck!” Jen exclaimes with a wild smile across her face. “What? She is letting you borrow her truck? Does she know what we are going to do?” I ask in rapid fire. “No and no.” she smiles. “You are asking for trouble my friend, when she find out you took her truck though the mud she is going to have your back side for dinner!” I warn her, but inside I so badly want to run that truck through the mud myself. “I know , but it will be worth it!” Jen stood waiting for my answer. I chew my lower lip for a moment, oh I know the consinquences. Just because I am not family doesn’t mean that Ms Edin wouldnt strick me if need be. “ok!” Hell lets risk it.
With that we were off to Mr Johnson pond! The party was already kick’in when we got there. There was 4×4’s everwhere, the music was loud and playing all the favorets. There was a bon fire by the pond and a muddin field to the left. We opened the bottle of Honey Jack up and began taking shots. “Here’s to a Friday night!” I toast “Here’s to one hell of a night!” Jen hollars. We dance by the fire, cheer on some of our fellow mudders and of corse kiss a few guys. Someone had got a jar of kix’s shine and we enjoyed a few swigs, that man makes the best this side of the Georgia line. By 11 Jen and I made our own verson of the Devil whent Down to Gerogia dance. “Lets do what we came here to do!” Jen hollared over the music. “Jen are you sure you want to do this?” “shut up and get in will you!” “ok!”
That 4×4 slug mud like no other! We were having us a real good time. “Hell Jen, I didn’t know you knew how to drive this thing!” Poking fun of her over the reving engin. “I was born to raise hell!, Lets show these boys how its done!” and she let out a Rebel yell! We did 180’s , 360’s hell we created a 420 out there in that mud feild. Up until Jen lost control, no my girl didn’t get that 4×4 stuck in the mud. She did one better than that, we landed right in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond. The crowd hooted and hollarded. I couldnt quit laughing when a couple of the boy’s pulled us up outta the water. Jen won’t live this one down for a while. “You sure showed ’em boys how it’s done!” I shoved her from the pastenger side of the truck. “Hell Fire!” is all she said, giving me a nasty look. I laughted!
I stayed the night at Ms Edin’s that night, I wasn’t in any shape to drive the hole way home. I woke to the smell of bacon. “Jen, your aunt has bacon.” I mutter as I throw a pillow her way. “I need some coffee.” she responds without moving. “TheTRUCK!” she jumps up. I giggle.
In the kitchen Ms Edin is at the sink doing dishes. “breakfast smells devine Ms Edin.” I comment innocently. “Oh, Lissa I am glad to see you here, sit I’ll fix you a plate.” The sweetness in her voice couldn’t be mistaken as southern charm. She Knew for sure. I give Jen a sly look as we sit at the table across each other. We ate in silence while Ms Edin stood at the sink. “Did you girls have a good time last night?” Ms Edin broke the silence. I kicked Jen under the table. Her idea , her explaination! “Kinda” she muttered as she put her fork down. I followed in suit, for some reason I wasn’t hungry any longer. “Kinda, you would think a party on a friday night around here would be better than just Kinda fun.” she sweetly relpied. Jen shurgged. She walked over to us, stood by the table between the two of us. For a thin, small framed women Ms. Edin wasn’t one to cross. Belive me from past experience the women is stronger than she looks. With her arms crossed she speaks evenly “Jennifer, will you please explain to me what has happened to my truck.” My eyes stuck to the floor. “umm Well it kinda ened up in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond last night.” Jen spoke softly. Took back my the responce Ms Edin opened her mouth to speak, then shut it again. She stood quietly for a moment. It is beyond me how this women can keep her temper in check, I have never even heard her raise her voice. “In the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond. Will you please explain how my truck, that was parked in the yard ended up in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond. ” she glarded at Jen and I. ” I borrowed it, and it got a little muddy and I didn’t want to return it in that condition so I wanted to wash it off. ” Jen popped off with. I busted! Once I seen Ms Edin’s face I covered my mouth and tryed to stop. Nodding her head with frustration, “Creative explaination for taking my truck without permission, drinnking, mudding, and losing control. ” Who told her?? I wondered. “Both of you in the den NOW!” without thinking Jen and I both got up and walked to the den. We have been there plenty of times before, most with stories just as inventive as this one. We Knew the routin, we sat on the couch and waited. Ms Edin wasn’t far from us and when she entered I seen the belt that hangs behind the back door in her hand. Yup we were in for it. “You” she pointed at me “Stand against the wall and be silent.” I walked to where she had pointed. Derictly behind where Jen would be getting fermly wipped. “Jennifer, up and lean over the back of the couch, pants and undies down.” she demanded evenly. Jen did as she was told, there was no use protesting we knew where that would get us. When it came to disipline Ms Edin is serious, a good old fashion wipp’en will put you in your place, she would always say. Now I had seen this happen to poor Jen many of times, and got to thinking she has never gotten the pleasure of seeing herself in such an uncofortable possision. So ingenious me quietly snuck my phone out of my pocket, if Ms Edin didn’t look back I would have a supprise for Jen when this was all over. I pressed record, as Ms Edin started swinging the belt down hard on poor Jen’s small behind. She cryed out in pain a couple of times. Ms Edin wasn’t tolding back , she was realy pissed this time. She raised the belt up high and brought it down with great force on to Jen’s now red stripped bottom. “Quit Kicking!” she snapped. Jen winned that it hurt which landed on deaf ears and just got her an extra hard swing. After twenty swings Jen was howling almost in tears. But Jen wouldn’t cry, not my girl! Ms Edin stopped for a moment and Jen took a deep breath. ” You, my child, your in deep trouble. I thought you were old enough and I wouldn’t have to disipline you for stuipd shanningons like such anymore. I guess I was wrong. You will be working in the stable’s muching stall’s for the rest of the summer, and you will pay to have my truck detailed. Do you understand me?” she swung and landed the belt directly on Jen’s bottom. “ooooohhhh Yes Ma’ma!” Ms Edin stared swining again this time landing the belt firmly on Jen’s upper legs, she swung back and forth. “Stop it!” And she continiued for another twenty or so swings. Finially poor Jen was done. “Stand up!”, with that I stopped recording… hell if I’m getting caught.. I got my own comming to me without making it worse. Jen stood by my side and I was ordered over the couch bare bottom. I’ll spare you the details of my wipp’in, I’m not as brave as Jen and I may have shed a tear or two. Thank God Jen didn’t have my idea and reecord me!
After it was over and Ms Edin left the room, I handed Jen my phone. She gave me a perplexed look. “Hit Play” I smiled. she did and cracked an evil smile, laughting like crazy, we hugh fived. “Hell Yah!” Jen said ” But you do know that I will be doing my own producing next time.” she added ” please let that be a while, dame she was mad at us!” “tsssh yah!”
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Feb 252013

I love that a couple writers incorporated different genres in their entries to January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ . In ‘A Dreadful Error’, this bad boy is punished by both his mistress AND a male disciplinarian.

–  Dana

A Dreadful Error

Mistress A was very angry with me! The pictures of her I had taken with my new camera phone had ended up on the Internet and were popping up on various tumblr sites. In vain I tried to explain that it had all been a terrible mistake, I probably should have read the instructions before attempting anything that wasn’t straightforward. However like many men I had assumed that instructions were unnecessary and had attempted to send the photos,direct from the phone to my computer, without reading them. Somehow I had posted them straight onto Facebook and although I had quickly deleted them it hadn’t been quick enough. I had never seen my Mistress so angry and I wondered what was going to happen. Would she banish me? I hoped not as I had been visiting her for a considerable length of time and enjoyed both the punishment sessions and her company in general. 

Unexpected Consequences

“Take your clothes off and stand in that corner with your hands on your head whilst I think about this” she said. As I hurriedly disrobed I felt both relief that she hadn’t just thrown me out and trepidation about what would follow.”Where’s your phone?” she said “In my jacket ” I replied, she found it and left the room. After what felt like an eternity but was probably only 10 minutes I heard her re-enter behind me. “Turn around” she said and I did so only to get a shock. With her was a man I had never seen before. I felt uncomfortable being exposed in this way in front of a complete stranger of the same sex.” This is Master James and he’s going to help me punish you and also help me film it, you either accept or leave forever”. I thought about it. I had never been punished by a man before and presumably I wouldn’t enjoy it which was clearly the idea. But what if I did enjoy it what would that mean?  Also what was she going to do with the film? In the end though I decided to go through with whatever she intended.
“This will be an extremely severe punishment carried out by myself and Master James. We will each punish you in turn and you will take it without excessive noise and thank both of us after each section, is that understood?”  “Yes Mistress” I replied ” Good then we will start with the hairbrush, get over my knees” I dutifully positioned my self over her lap and immediately felt the sting of the hair brush on my naked buttocks. It hurt and the pain increased as Mistress silently and rapidly laid on 50 strokes. “Thank you Mistress” I moaned ” Now get over Master James’ lap” she instructed and took the camera from him. Nervously I laid myself over his lap, what would this be like. It didn’t take long to find out as he brought the brush down on my bottom. The force was similar to that used by my Mistress but the feeling was entirely different. I was naked and being beaten by a man and I felt extremely vulnerable. 50 strokes later it was with some relief that I stood up. “The carpet beater next, I think” said Mistress “25 strokes each, what do you think?” The question was addressed to Master James. “Sounds good” he said with the hint of a smile flitting across his face.  “Bend over the desk” ordered Mistress and I hurried to obey. As I bent over Mistress approached and I realised she was coming in for a close up of my already red cheeks. Then handing the camera to Master James she picked up the carper beater and swished it ominously through the air. I trembled in anticipation, I knew from previous experience how painful the carpet beater was with its ability to combine the effects of both a cane and a paddle. With a thwack it impacted covering both cheeks with its wide head. I moaned softly but had little time to recover as immediately the next stroke hit. Could I take another 48 strokes like this? My buttocks already felt like they were on fire how would they feel by the end of this part of my, admittedly deserved, punishment. Moaning and groaning I managed to last through to the end of her section but I knew the strokes from Master James would continue to build the agony in my poor belaboured bottom. As she handed the carpet beater to him and took the camera I considered appealing for mercy but I knew it would do no good.The strokes from Master James rained down on my cheeks and upper thighs. “Stop wriggling” said Mistress and I tried to obey but I was nearing the limit of my endurance. Finally to my great relief the final stroke fell. “Thank you Master”  I said “I do like the carpet beater” Mistress said “it leaves such interesting weals” and she ran her hands over my bottom, to my horror Mister James then did the same and I shivered. “Right we will have a break before the final part of your punishment, Go and make us both a cup of tea, Master James takes it with milk and 2 sugars” Gingerly I made my way to the kitchen and still naked prepared 2 cups of tea. As I returned I saw Mistress still filming and Master James swishing a cane through the air. I handed them their tea and was ordered to go and stand in the corner whilst they drank it.As I stood there I could here them discussing my punishment and the state of my buttocks. I also reflected on the days events. Being punished by a man as well had changed the dynamic completely. I felt ashamed to be in this situation and had to admire the decision of my Mistress to include him as it had turned something I would have enjoyed normally into a proper punishment. How was it going to end though? I soon found out!

A Painful Conclusion

“Turn around” said Mistress A and I did so, both she and Master James were holding canes. “You are going to receive 36 strokes of the cane from us now, bend over the desk” As I bent over I saw Mistress putting the camera on a shelf from were it would film me being beaten without anyone holding it. She took up position on my left and Master stood to my right. The 1st stroke whirred down and the pain took my breath away but immediately I received another stroke from the other side. The rapid fire beating continued with virtually no time between each impact. It was excruciating but so fast that I couldn’t even catch my breath to moan. My legs were shaking and I knew that soon I would try to escape from the relentless  thrashing. Fortunately the punishment ended and I just about remembered to thank them both. I was ordered back into the corner and heard Mistress fiddling around with something. I realised she was downloading the film onto her computer. “Come over here” she said and I did so, taking a seat between them on the sofa. The film began and I blushed furiously as I watched my moaning, squirming and my increasingly welted cheeks. ” I’m going to keep this and if there are any further incidents or indiscretions from you I will post it on the Net” she said and Master James smirked. As I slowly got dressed I knew she didn’t need to worry, I had learned my lesson. In the future I was going to make absolutely certain I knew what I was doing before I put anything onto my computer. Walking away from her flat I was grateful that she had punished me and then forgiven me. I had endured a beating from another man and found it uncomfortable but bearable. I knew that I would have to think about my feelings about that in more depth. So with plenty to ponder I started the long journey home.
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Feb 232013

January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ was an excellent idea, if I do say so myself. Without it, we wouldn’t have the great good fortune to enjoy ‘Caught, Strapped, Trapped’ – a story of a naughty boy taught a hard lesson, with long-term repercussions.

 – Dana

Caught, Strapped, Trapped!

I could not believe what I was seeing.  It was the stuff of my most secret and shameful erotic fantasies.  And I was catching it on video!  Ohhh…the naughty things I would be doing later in the privacy of my male debauchery.  But that was for later.  Right now, the most important thing was to keep the camera running.  Keep the camera running and keep the sizzling images filling up my phone’s memory chip.  It was all just so hot!
It was the loud smacking sounds that first drew my attention to my neighbor’s window.  I had merely been taking out the trash.  But upon walking back towards my door, I heard a sharp and distinct, “THWACK!” It was followed almost immediately by a gasping feminine squeal.  Then another “KA-SMACK!”, and another muffled, but distinctly female gasp and moan.  Intrigued and unable to simply keeping walking and minding my own business, I quickly and surreptitiously sidled over towards my neighbor’s house.  The unusual mélange of sounds seemed to be emanating from a first floor window which was open just a couple of inches above the pane.  Drawing closer, I could not resist trying to peek into the window, even though I knew I should not.  Little did I know at the time the price I would ultimately pay for my breach of neighborly discretion.
Slowly, quietly, I crept through the flower bed beneath the window and went up on my toes to have a secret glance inside.  Through the bottom of the open window and between the flaps of the curtains fluttering in the breeze, I was flabbergasted, yet immediately aroused at the unlikely vision that met my prying eyes.  Almost without conscious thought, my hand flew to my cell phone, activated the camera function and flipped it into video record mode.  Because there before my eyes was a sight I thought I would never see.  Not in person, anyhow.  Although I had certainly spent enough Internet time looking at similar scenes on F/F spanking fetish websites.  Carefully aiming my camera phone lens, my suddenly voyeuristic self secretly began to watch – and record – as my gorgeous female neighbor applied a thick leather strap to the bare buttocks of another, equally beautiful and totally naked young woman.  Girl punishing girl, just like in so many of my illicit erotic imaginings.  But it was happening for real.  My hot, sexy neighbor was spanking another girl!  Right before my very own disbelieving eyes.  And before the wonderfully unblinking eye of my phone’s video camera, too.  Oh my!
KER-ACCK, WHACK, SMACK!!  My neighbor was really laying the strap hard across the perfect, jiggling globes of her roommate’s gloriously bare ass cheeks.  I could see them blushing red and hot as the strap fell with brisk, sharp strokes of nude discipline.  Between the loud cracks of the strap on bare tender bottom flesh, I could hear snippets of stern lecture and contrite pleas for mercy.  But it certainly appeared as though the lecture was winning the day and the pleas for leniency were falling on deaf ears.  Because Clara, the neighbor I had briefly exchanged friendly greetings with in past, continued to belabor the now red-hot buttocks of her naked…friend? Roommate?  I was not really sure who the nude girl receiving the hard strapping was, but I had seen her enter my neighbor’s home several times in the past few days.  And my neighbor Clara, fully dressed in shiny black boots, slender white slacks and loose, billowy blouse, was administering some very strict corporal punishment to her poor, bare backside.  What a glorious sight to behold, I thought, admiring the girl’s plump and bright red buttocks and feeling the familiar stirring in my loins that such sights invariably produced.  Silently, I congratulated myself for catching it on film.  Not to mention in pure, secret, first-hand witness.
Now though, after a series of five or more particularly hard strokes of the leather strap, accompanied by loud squeals, yelps and pleas from the punished girl, Clara’s strap dangled motionless in her hand.
I kept my camera running and carefully tried to move even closer to the window.  Clara was saying something and I really wanted to hear what it was.  I was eager to learn more details about what was transpiring.  The better to fuel my masculine misbehaviors later, of course.
Clara seemed to be saying something to the nude squirming girl, but I could only make out an occasional word.  “Victoria”, I heard Clara say, so that must be the name of the girl being punished.  Then I heard something along the lines of “stay in that position now”, and something else about “fetching my paddle”, maybe?  I was not quite sure, but that was what it sounded like, anyhow.  Regardless though, Clara did leave the room.  So I feasted myself, and my phone camera, on the illicitly erotic sight of nude Victoria.  Her pert and perfect little bottom was all bright red and clearly bearing marks from the hard strapping.  Her slender and lovely body was draped sinuously over the soft high arm of Clara’s plush sofa.  Victoria was positioned such that I could see her entire nude and punished glory in profile.  Her head was faced to my left, but turned away from me, into the cushions of the sofa.  Her glowing bottom was up high over the end of the sofa and her dainty little toes were just barely touching the floor to my right.  Draped across the small of her perfectly dimpled back was the broad leather strap that most recently had been biting so cruelly into the tender flesh of her bare bottom.  What an exquisitely lovely discipline tableaux she presented, I thought.  How exciting it was going to be to review all this lovely, naughty footage later, too.
Just as I was indulging myself in such thoughts though, I was suddenly and cruelly startled from my reverie by a loud and indignant feminine voice directly in my ear…
“Just what in the hell do you think you are doing?  Peeking in my window, you disgusting little pervert?  I thought I heard something out here.  What is that, a camera phone?”
I was so stunned, surprised and ashamed that, as I started to back away from the window, I slipped in the soft soil of the flower bed I had been trampling in my voyeuristic ecstasy.  But as I put out my hand to soften the fall, Clara deftly snatched my phone from my flailing fingers.
I ended up in a tangled heap among the crushed flowers, looking up at a very beautiful, very angry and extremely hostile Clara.  She glared down at me in silence and quickly reviewed the video content of my phone.  “You pathetic, vile little man,” she said.  “Clumsy, juvenile pervert.  You were peeping in my window and making a little home movie of our punishment session, huh?  Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in?  What’s your name again?  Frederick, right?  Yes…I have seen your little leering looks at Victoria and I.  But I had no idea you were a criminal little lecher.”
“Clara!, who is this guy,?” Victoria suddenly screeched from the open window.  She had taken refuge behind the curtain to regain some modesty, but her pretty face was blushing hotly and she too was obviously very angry.  “What is he doing there?  Was he…was he watching us??”, she asked, clearly horrified at the notion of having been observed as she was punished.  “Oh my God!”
“Just a moment, Vicki,” Clara replied.  And then, to me, she said, “You!  Get your sorry little ass into my house this moment.  Unless, of course, you would like me to call the police and report you as a filthy, pervert, sex-offender peeping-Tom.  I have no problem showing them the evidence in your little phone here, Frederick.  But how do you feel about that?”
At that, I finally found my voice.  I had been stymied into dumbfounded silence by my swift and utterly comprehensive discovery in the act of illicit filming.  But now, sensing the dreadful precariousness of my situation, I managed to stammer out a halting, “Ummm…I am so sorry, Clara.  Really.  I apologize.  I just could not help…”
“Shut up, Frederick, and get your ass in the house.  Oh, and by the way, that is Miss Clara to you, you filthy little recalcitrant.  You better remember that!”
Awkwardly getting to my feet, I attempted to brush myself off, only to feel a swift kick from Clara planted directly to my soil smeared pant’s seat.  She had literally just kicked my ass.  Thus, thoroughly subdued and so very busted in my voyeuristic little antics, I meekly obeyed.  Clara gave me an additional push and I trudged like a condemned man to the door of her elegant home.
Coming up behind me, Clara reached past, opened the door and firmly shoved me into the homey confines of her nicely appointed kitchen.  She continued pushing me, and by this time I was way too cowed to resist her.  In a moment, she had me backed into a corner of the kitchen.  “Now turn around, Frederick,” she said.  “Face that corner and don’t you dare move until I tell you to.  Otherwise, the police will be on the way here in moments.  Do you understand me?”
I could feel my face blushing brightly at being treated like such naughty little boy, but I was very much frightened by the legal consequences of any protest, so I simply said, “Yes, Miss Clara,” and did as I was told.
“Very good, Frederick,” she replied.  “Maybe we will be able to work this out after all.  Now just stay there and continue to do as I tell you.”
With that, Miss Clara strode off purposefully into the next room.  Distantly, I heard her say, “Vicki, you and I will continue this later.  Run and get dressed.  We have a serious matter to deal with.  Together.”
From my kitchen corner, I heard a delighted little giggle from Victoria, who only moments before had almost been sobbing from her bare-assed punishment.  But then I heard her bare feet slapping down the hall to what I presumed to be a bedroom.  Almost immediately, Miss Clara then called me out of the corner.
“OK, Frederick, you sorry-ass little Peeping-Tom.  Come here.”
Feeling as though I had little choice in the matter, I silently shuffled into the other room where Clara stood waiting.  “Sit, Frederick.  Right here on the sofa.  You and Vicki and I are going to have a little talk about what you have done.”
My head hanging in shame and unable to look Miss Clara in the eye, I padded over to the little sofa and sat down as instructed.  All I could think about was how stupid I had been.  How overcome with foolish lust to see a real, live Female/Female spanking.  And now I was caught!  Miss Clara had my phone, the video evidence and had caught me red-handed and red-faced.  If she called the police as she had threatened, would I go to jail?  At the very least I would be utterly shamed, branded a sexual pervert and face a life-time of recrimination from all who knew me.  What was I going to do?
“Miss Clara…I am so sorr…,” I began.  But I was interrupted with a terse and forceful, “Shut up, Frederick.  I don’t want to hear it and it is really Vicki that you need to apologize to.  Not that I will allow her to accept any lame apology from the likes of you though.  So just shut up.  I don’t want to hear another word from you unless you are asked a question.  Or we can just call the police now.”
As that dire thought ran through my head, Vicki came back into the room.  She had only put on a pair of panties and a t-shirt, but she looked so cheerful and full of glee.  Moments ago she had been naked and turned ass-up beneath a very strict punishment strap.  But all that seemed to be quickly forgotten now.  How could she seem so happy now, I wondered.
But I was quickly brought back into the moment when Miss Clara announced, “Frederick, this is my new roommate Vicki.  She will be Miss Victoria to you at all times though, understood?”
Without waiting for a response, she continued.  “Since you obviously could not wait to be properly introduced to Miss Victoria and had to resort to peeping in our windows as I was punishing her, I thought a formal introduction to now be in order.  After all, it will be up to Miss Victoria to decide how you shall be punished for your egregious behavior.
“P-P-Punished, Miss Clara?,” I stammered, only to be cut off with a harsh glare and swift reprimand.  “What did I tell you about speaking again, Frederick?  Do you really want us to call the police so badly that you cannot even follow a simple instruction?”
Smiling broadly as I frantically shook my head back and forth in a desperate negative gesture,  Miss Clara continued.  “Yes, Frederick, punished.  You need to be punished for your behavior.  Now either we can call the police now and leave the punishment up to the authorities, or we can settle this now.  Just you, me and Miss Victoria.  You decide, Frederick.”
Oh my God!  My head swirled.  What was she saying?  Was there a really a way out of this predicament without involving all the legal consequences and shame of being caught out as a Peeping-Tom?  But…but…but what kind of “punishment” would settle this with Miss Clara & Miss Victoria?  I began to have a dreadful intimation of what they had in mind.  This might explain Miss Victoria’s sudden transformation from punishment to glee?  Uh oh…
“You may speak now, Frederick,” Miss Clara said.  “Tell us your decision.  I want you to say either, please call the police now, Miss Clara.  Or…please punish me now, Miss Victoria and Miss Clara.  What’s it going to be, Frederick?”
“Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh no!,” I thought.  “Punished by these two pissed off women?”  I had seen how hard Clara used the strap on Victoria.  And Victoria’s predatory glee looked like she really relished administering, rather than receiving, more strict naked punishment.  Oh God…were they going to make me be naked, too?  In front of both of them?  And actually spank or strap me??  Oh…how did I ever get myself into this situation? But of course I couldn’t let them call the police…
So…with my heart sinking into my belly and with dreadful butterflies churning within, I squeaked out a timid little…”Please punish me now, Miss Victoria and Miss Clara.”
At this, Miss Victoria giggled again.  With obvious glee and a truly mischievous smile on her pretty face.  But Miss Clara was not quite satisfied.
“Good decision,” Frederick, she said.  “But your request was NOT good enough.  Get up off that couch, go over to Miss Victoria.  Kneel before her and apologize for your behavior.  Then I want you to, very clearly and audibly, ask her to punish you for what you did.  Then you will come over here and do the same with me.  Understood, Frederick?”  Do it now, or the deal is off!”
“Oh no,” I thought.  “Kneel before her?”  But I really had no choice anymore.  We had kind of made a deal, I guess.  No police, no peeping Tom record.  But I had to submit to their punishment.  Unnnghhh!  Maybe if I just played along with them, this could all be over soon.
Trying to regain any modicum of masculine dignity still to be salvaged from this situation, I decided to just do as they said and hope to get through it quickly.  But as I was soon to find out, the girls had other thoughts on this.  Hoping for the best though, I just did what they wanted.  I walked directly to Miss Victoria and knelt humbly on the floor before her.  Trying to sound as confident as possible under the conditions, I recited the required plea.  “Miss Victoria, I am terribly sorry for peeking in the window.  I know it was very wrong of me to film with my phone, too.  Would you please punish me for this now, so hopefully I can be forgiven?”
I figured I would try to be as contrite as possible in hopes of winning some leniency.  But even though I tried to sound as sincere and humble as I could manage, Miss Victoria’s reply made me squirm and cringe with dread.
“Well, well, well now.  Frederick, is it?”, she asked.  “How…ummm…nice to meet you.  Kneeling before little ole me and asking to be punished.” At this, she giggled once again.  Then she continued, “Well OK then, Frederick.  Sure, I will punish you.  You have been a VERY naughty boy, after all.  Peeping in our window and seeing me naked.  Seeing me being spanked my Miss Clara, too.  And trying to film the entire thing?  Oh….you nasty little boy, you.  You DO need to be punished, to be sure.”
Then, turning to Miss Clara, Miss Victoria asked her, “Can we film it, too, Miss Clara?  Make him get totally naked and then use his own phone to record his punishment?  Can we, can we, please??  It only seems right, don’t you think?”
Hearing Miss Victoria ask this, my heart sank even further at the humiliating prospect.  Especially when I looked at Miss Clara and saw the wicked smile spreading across her pretty face.  “What a splendid idea, Miss Victoria,” she replied.  “I think that is exactly what pervy little Frederick deserves.  Do you agree, Frederick?,” she asked.  “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, don’t they say?”
“ummm….ummm….,” was all I could manage to say.  The stark reality of their intentions – to make me strip naked and then to punish me, in all likelihood with the same strap I had seen being used on Miss Victoria, or more, even – was fully sinking in.
But Miss Clara apparently did not really expect an answer as she continued with a deep chortling tone of amusement, “Come on Frederick.  Come over here.  Kneel before me now, and beg me to record your punishment on video with your own phone.”
I felt utterly trapped and filled with intense humiliation and dread.  But what could I do other than comply?
But then Miss Clara, apparent sadist that she is, made it infinitely worse.  “But first, Frederick, I think you should be naked for this.  Strip off all your clothes.  That’s right.  Pants, shirt, socks shoes and, of course, your underwear, too.  Then, when you are suitably nude, come beg me for your punishment.”
Smiling with sweet, evil glee at Miss Victoria, she added, “I think Miss Victoria would like to see this…”
A swift glance over at Miss Victoria confirmed this in no uncertain terms.  Her head was bobbing up and down and a huge happy smile beamed across her face.  I could tell she was really into this and was thoroughly enjoying my humiliation.  Not to mention the prospect of punishing me along with her friend.  But what could I do?
So I stripped.  Completely.  Blushing hotly as I took off my clothes, I obediently folded them and placed them on a chair when directed by Miss Clara to do so.  To my horror, I felt myself stiffening once I was completely naked before the two women.  Why did that have to happen?  How could my treacherous body betray me like that?  I only hoped they wouldn’t notice…
I summoned up my best humility (which was quite easy by this point) and knelt fully nude before Miss Clara.  “Miss Clara, I am truly sorry that I spied on you and Miss Victoria.  I know it was wrong and I ask that you…the both of you…please punish me for it.  And…ummm…well…please use my phone to film the punishment too, Ma’am.”
To my absolute mortification and to their obvious feminine mirth, my stupid little ** became fully ** as I knelt in embarrassment and asked these women to punish me for my behavior.  Both of them started laughing and Miss Victoria actually pointed, “Look Clara, his little **.  Do you think this naughty boy is excited to be punished by us?  Hahahaha!”
To which Miss Clara ominously replied, “Never mind that, Vicki, we will soon spank some sense into him, won’t we?  I doubt his little thing will be so impertinent after a few hard swats of the paddle across his ass.”

Then she said to me, “Well let’s get started Frederick.  I want you draped over the end of that sofa exactly as Miss Victoria was when you so impudently decided to peek into our window.  We will just see how much you like being punished.  And watched.  And filmed. Ha!”
“Vicki,” she continued, “why don’t you take the strap.  I will get my paddle.  You can start while I film with his camera.  Then we can switch places.”
As this conversation about the horrible details of their punishment intentions seared itself it my reeling mind, I numbly obeyed Miss Clara’s instructions.  With awkward embarrassment about my stupid ***, I gingerly laid myself across the high arm of the “punishment” sofa.  Assuming the identical position I had found so exciting to see Miss Victoria occupy.  But despite the shameful display of inappropriate physical arousal, I certainly did not feel anything sexy about the situation at this point.  Miss Clara had produced a hard, wooden, Spencer-type paddle, complete with air holes and had laid it on the coffee table.  Its menacing gleam looked as though it was really going to polish my poor bare ass, lifted up so invitingly and vulnerable over the end of the sofa.
But before I had to worry about the paddle, I saw the dangerously smiling Miss Victoria approaching with the thick leather punishment strap that had so thoroughly reddened her own sweet bottom.  As Miss Clara picked up my phone and activated the video camera, Miss Victoria gave a menacing little chuckle.  “Well hello, Frederick.  How do you like the looks of this nice little strap now?  You obviously liked seeing Miss Clara use it on me.  Exactly like I am going to enjoy using it on you!”
Miss Victoria had lifted the strap up high and brought it down across both cheeks of my bare, upturned ass with a resounding swat.  “YOWWWW!”
I had intended to be stoic.  But I could not believe how much that hurt, the leather sending hot stings of pain in a broad swath across my poor buttocks. Miss Victoria might be a petite beauty, but she could certainly swing a dreadfully strict & mean punishment strap.
“Ka-WHACK!”  Miss Victoria delivered another hard stroke of the strap across my ass.  This time I was almost able to suppress another cry of pain, uttering only a little “unnnghhh!” as I buried my face in the soft cushions of the sofa.  Then again…
Ker-ACCCK!   Ku-SMACCCK!  THU-WHACCCK!  Miss Victoria continued in earnest, bringing the hot leather strap down across my buttocks over and over again.  My hands clinched the sofa cushions and I pulled my face down deep into them, almost as if I thought I could escape into the sofa and get away from the horrid, stinging hive of bees attacking my poor butt cheeks.
But to no avail.  Miss Victoria continued to deliver very hard strokes and licks of her wicked leather strap across my ass.  I was sure it must be glowing bright red by this time and probably getting all swollen and puffy as well.  But if I had thought Miss Clara had been using the strap strictly on Miss Victoria earlier, it was painfully clear to my poor ass that Miss Victoria intended to make it even worse for me!  Again and again and then again the strap rose and fell.  I forgot all about the video phone, the earlier girl-on-girl discipline I had seen.  My previous silly ** wilted into a little peanut against the arm of the sofa.  My entire world was reduced to Thwack, after crack, after smack of thick whippy leather biting into the tender flesh of my red hot burning buttocks. Miss Victoria laid the sizzling strokes high on the butt cheeks, right across the middle and most agonizingly across the lower buttocks and top of the thighs, too.  YOWWEEEE!
Finally, after what seemed like at least 50 hard strokes of the strap across my ass, Miss Victoria stopped.  I thought, “thank God!” I did not think I could take any more.  My ass was on fire and the skin of my tortured buttocks felt stretched thin and tight. But Miss Victoria was not done.  “Get up Frederick,” she said.
Slowly, gingerly, the flesh of my punished buttocks feeling as though it might crack right off my poor ass, I stood as instructed.  My ass was radiating heat and my hands instinctively went to investigate.  But before they even got there, Miss Victoria slapped my smoking ass with her bare hand.  “No touching, Frederick!  No rubbing, no smoothing, no nothing.  You are being punished, remember?”
By this point, I was reduced to blind obedience.  Anything to just get through this punishment ordeal and get safely out of here!  So I did not touch, did not rub.  When told to face away from the camera, bend over and display my crimson ass to the lens, I simply did as I was told.  When told to turn around so the camera could also witness the completely flaccid state of my genitalia, I did that as well.  Although my face did blush bright red to match my ass at this particularly unnecessary humiliation.
Then, when told by Miss Victoria to get back over the arm of the sofa, but this time facing the other way, I just kind of looked at her dumbly.  “I am not done with you, Frederick.  You spied on me.  When I was naked.  When I was being punished privately.  Privately!  And you recorded it on video without anyone’s permission.  So I am not done with you yet.”
She then directed me to put my feet on the sofa cushions and to drape my head and shoulders over the end of the sofa arm.  This left me supporting my upper body on my extended arms reaching down to the floor.  My ass was once again up in the air, a hot punished set of buttocks once again presented for her strap.

Miss Victoria wasted no idle time, either.  She started lashing my ass with the strap once again.  This time laying the hot fiery stripes in the other direction across my cherry buttocks.  Miss Victoria proceeded to give me an almost equal – or who knows by this point – maybe it was more, strokes of the strap across my ass.  All I know is my arms were soon straining with exertion and my already punished ass was taken to new and dreadful levels of pain beneath her expertly administered discipline.  Who would have known, after seeing her on the receiving end, that she would be so devastatingly effective with the strap in her own hands?
But finally, after about 10 particularly nasty hard strokes, Miss Victoria stopped.  I was gasping and moaning and my arms were shaking to maintain the awkward position.  I struggled to turn and look at her.  I was deeply concerned she might start up on me again.  But when I managed to get a glimpse of her from my ungainly position, I was astonished at how incredibly beautiful she looked.  Even with my ass on fire, my arms and shoulders sore and aching from the position I was struggling to maintain and still in full naked humiliation, of course, there was no denying her feminine allure.  Miss Victoria’s t-shirt was damp with perspiration and clinging to her lithe form.  There was also a dewy sheen on her brow and sensuous upper lip and she was breathing heavily from the exertion of administering my punishment.  Even in my horribly compromising and shameful predicament, I was struck by how gorgeous she looked.  I even felt my thoroughly shriveled ** begin to respond to her beauty as well.  So I immediately tried to desperately think of something else.  I did not want this noticed and mocked yet again!
But this time it was Miss Clara who spoke.  She had been silent throughout my strapping, apparently focusing on recording the punishing event on my cell phone camera.  “Get up, Frederick,” she commanded.  “Go back into the kitchen and stand in your corner.  Face to the wall.  And remember what Miss Victoria said about no touching or rubbing.  It will be even worse for you if you disobey.  Now go!  You need some corner time to reflect on your behavior and punishment.  And Miss Victoria and I have something to discuss.”
Struggling to get up from my position, I just kind of slid sideways off the end of the sofa arm.  Crumpling into a naked heap on the floor, the feel of the rough carpet on my punished buttocks elicited a shrill, “Yowww!” But not wanting to attract anymore of the ladies’ strict attentions, I quickly scurried into the kitchen and immediately planted my face deep into the corner as instructed.  No touching.  No rubbing.  I wanted no part of any additional punishment from these girls!  Naked corner time, as humiliating as it was, was far preferable to anymore of that strap.  Or Miss Clara’s ominous paddle!
So there I stood, face in the kitchen corner.  My blazing bare ass on display and my hands cupped in front of me, hiding my genitals.  Though of course nobody was looking anyhow.  Oh…how I wanted to rub some of the soreness from my poor bottom.  But I dare not, fearing Miss Clara might look in on me.
My thoughts were quickly interrupted by loud peals of feminine laughter though.  The girls were giggling loudly, but conversing in low tones that I could not overhear.  Apparently they were reviewing the damn video of my punishment!  Because occasionally I could hear the crack of the strap come from the phone, followed by a laugh or exclamation of some sort.  They seemed to be pointing out amusing aspects of the scenes to each other.  How humiliating!
After a couple of interminable minutes of this nude shame standing in the corner, the laughing and phone noises stopped.  All I could hear was a low murmur from the ladies, but I could not make out any words, strain as I might.  They apparently conversed about something before finally coming to some sort of agreement.  For at long last I heard Miss Clara call out, telling me to come back into the room with them.
Both Miss Clara and Miss Victoria were sitting on the sofa, side by side.  My phone, the leather strap and Miss Clara’s wooden paddle were situated on the coffee table before them.  I was told to stand in front of them, on the other side of the low table.  Picking up the phone, Miss Clara ordered me to turn around and bend over.  “Just like that, Frederick,” she said.  “Hands on your knees and your ass pushed back.  I need to snap a couple of still shots of your red ass with your camera phone.”
Blushing hotly once again, I did as Miss Clara instructed.  I heard the inevitable clicks as she took pictures of my punished rear end, feeling fresh embarrassment as she recorded the images for whatever sort of posterity she had in mind.
Miss Clara then informed me that she thought Miss Victoria had punished me sufficiently for my peeping-tom transgressions.  So I would not have to endure her paddle…right now, anyhow.
But then she continued, “So little Frederick, my nosy next door neighbor boy, you found out about my little dark side, didn’t you?  You peeked through my window uninvited and saw me disciplining Miss Victoria.  I bet that surprised you, now didn’t it?  But you see, Frederick, Miss Victoria had misbehaved and she needed to be disciplined.  Just like you misbehaved and needed to be disciplined.  And this is part of the reason why Miss Victoria is my new roommate here.  Because I am a Female Disciplinarian and, well, Miss Victoria needs strict discipline on occasion.  So we thought co-habitation might prove mutually beneficial, so to speak.  Isn’t that right, Vicki?”
“Yes, Ma’am,” Miss Victoria quipped pertly.
“But this was private information, Frederick,” Miss Clara went on.  A very private arrangement between Miss Victoria and myself.  Nobody else.  Yet you peeped your nosy little self into our window and discovered it.  Worse still, you tried to record it on video without our permission.  Who knows what you might have done with it then?  Our little private lifestyle could have been broadcast all over the internet by now, for all we know.”
“Oh no, Miss Clara…I would neve…,” I tried to protest, still standing naked in front of the two fully clothed women.  But Miss Clara cut me off mid-sentence.  “Quiet, Frederick.  I am still speaking to you.  The point is, we would have no way of knowing what you would or wouldn’t have done with your illicit little video.  Although judging from your little bodily reactions, we can both guess the first thing you would have done, if you had managed to get away with it.”
This last comment elicited another little giggle from Miss Victoria, as well as a pointed stare at my hands, which were still cupped in front of me in a rather silly attempt at modesty.  But Miss Clara took no notice as she said, “The point is, pervy Frederick, that it is pretty clear that you too have a rather unhealthy interest in our domestic discipline lifestyle.  This being the case, Miss Victoria and I have discussed your case and have decided to help you.”
“Ummmm…help me, Miss Clara?  I…I…I don’t understand…” I squeaked.
“That’s right, Frederick.  We are going to help you.  We are going to help you turn this unhealthy interest of yours into something more wholesome and beneficial.  We are going to cure your secret little perversion by bringing it out into the open.  We are going to allow you to participate in our lifestyle.  But not in a secret, peeping tom fashion.  No.  Instead, we are going to see that you are regularly and soundly disciplined.  Just like you were today.  So there will be no more need for you to creep around and peek in unsuspecting windows.  Now, you will have a regular outlet for your spanking interests.  But as our subject.  Not as some pervy little uninvited voyeur.  Isn’t that wonderful?”
“But…but…but…I don’t want to be spank…spanked any more, Miss Clara.  I just wanted to watch.”
Even to me, this sounded pretty pathetic and pervy, I can admit now.  But at the time, the thought of being punished by these girls again was a horrifying prospect!  The shame, the humiliation, the nude exposure.  Not to mention the pure ass-blistering pain of it all!
But Miss Clara breezed right on as if discussing the merits of a healthy diet or some such.  “Awww….isn’t that cute, Vicki?  Frederick doesn’t want to be spanked anymore.  Isn’t that just a damn shame?” To which, of course, Miss Victoria responded with another throaty chuckle and direct look at my nude form, still standing before them both like a chastised little school boy.
Miss Clara laughed and looked me up and down once again as well, before continuing.  “Well that is too bad, Frederick.  Because you will be spanked again.  And as often as we decide it is necessary, too.  In fact, you will report here tomorrow evening.  You have a date with my paddle.  Because Miss Victoria was so thorough with her strapping, I have decided to let you put off the paddling you deserve.  But you violated my privacy today as well as hers.  So you still need to be punished by me.  You should be thanking me for letting you put it off until tomorrow, rather than bending you over right this very moment, understand?”
Even though my mind was protesting furiously at the idea that these women thought they could now administer corporal punishment to me whenever they wanted to, something within me fortunately had the presence of mind to respond with, “Yes, Miss Clara, thank you, Ma’am.” But I could not believe these women really thought I would just change into their docile little male spank-pet.  Just because I had peeked in their window on a moment of inadvertent impulse.  No way!  I may be playing along with them right now.  Yes, Ma’am.  No Ma’am.  Yes, Miss Clara…blah, blah blah.  But there was no way this was going to continue.
Yet once again, as it seemed I had at almost every turn on this fateful day, I miscalculated.  Miss Clara, evidently sensing the rebellion in my mind, proceeded to remind me, “We have your cell phone, Frederick.  We have the video of all that transpired here today.  Not to mention the still shots of your nicely strapped ass.  Haha!  So just in the event you might be thinking of being reluctant to join in our little arrangement here, please imagine what will become of the contents of your little phone should you choose to refuse our kind offer of assistance with your…ummm…little problem.  Can you say “Internet spanking star?”
“My little problem?,” my brain screamed silently.  My problem?  “Internet spanking star?!”  What a conniving, manipulative bitch!  I bet she set this whole thing up, just to get a boy for these two devious sadists to work out on.  How could I have fallen for this?
But of course I said nothing of the sort.  It was obvious to me that I had no choice but to return the follow evening to be paddled by Miss Clara.  Unnnghh!!  I was trapped and I knew it.
Silence reigned in the room for several moments.  Miss Clara, clever bitch that she was, was apparently allowing the reality of my situation to sink in.  She simply sat there, holding my phone in her hand and looking at me.  Miss Victoria, not even trying to suppress her gleeful smirk, just looked at me too.  After a couple of moments, I once again became acutely aware of my nakedness in front of these two clothed women.  I just wanted to get dressed and get the hell out of there.  Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow, I thought.
At length, Miss Clara finally broke the heavy silence.  “So, its settled then, Frederick.  You will report here tomorrow evening at 7:30 p.m.  Sharp!  I don’t think I need to warn you about the consequences of being tardy, now do I?  Meanwhile, Miss Victoria and I will hold onto your cell phone so we can safely store the evidence it contains in a secure place.  Upon your dismissal tomorrow evening, we will return your phone to you.  In immaculate condition, I might add.  Free of any perverse, voyeuristic taint it might now contain.”
Miss Clara then smiled broadly and even warmly at me.  Knowing she had successfully closed the jaws of her trap and that her prey was now completely subject to her not-so-tender mercies, all previous anger and strict demeanor melted away like spring snow.  Strangely enough, even I felt better, in some odd, inexplicable way.  I knew I had no choice.  I would have to return tomorrow and submit to her paddle.  Most likely with Miss Victoria watching with undisguised delight and probably participating in some fashion as well.  But despite my tortured ass, despite my nude exposure, despite all that had happened, it suddenly did not seem so horribly awful anymore.  I mean, yes, I would likely be paddled very hard tomorrow.  On top of my already strapped ass which was sure to still be hurting.  But I would get to spend time with these two gorgeous, if dreadfully strict, ladies.  There would be some nudity, though probably only on my part.  There might even be some arousal as, truth be told, I was starting to feel the erotic element of being totally nude and at the mercy of Miss Clara and Miss Victoria.  What did they call that?  Clothed Female, Naked Male or CFNM, or some such?  Heck, I even started liking the fact they made me call them by those names.  Something very strange had apparently been triggered in my erotic psyche.  I still dreaded my return visit tomorrow, but now I somehow wanted to return, too.
As these, and other mixed thoughts of both dread and desire started to infuse my mind (and my penis, still mercifully hidden behind my cupped hands), Miss Clara said softly, “Go ahead and get dressed now, Frederick.  You are dismissed.”

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Feb 222013

‘Eleven Letters’ is yet another example of the writing creativity shown in January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ . This poor husband shares the rundown of his shameful video…


–  Dana

Eleven Letters (a story of discipline)

The following is a work of fiction. Names have not been changed, so as to implicate the guilty. That would be me.

I’m going to show you a video and tell you a story. Let’s start with the story…

One afternoon when the kids were away, my wife called me into the bedroom. She held a wooden hairbrush. Her new cellphone, a Nokia 920, was propped up on the bedside table. She reached over and fiddled with the phone’s camera button. Want to watch the video?

00:00:02 sec
Do you know why you’re being punished?


Well, tell me.

Our house has a whiteboard. It’s the type found in meeting rooms and well-organized homes the world ever. You write on it with erasable markers.

00:00:07 sec

Because I didn’t do the dishes.


And I didn’t take the trash out.

We have an agreement about that, don’t we?

Yes ma’am.

Usually this board has little notes about the time of the next PTA meeting, a phone number or two, a grocery list and reminders about soccer practice. It’s a very ordinary board.

00:00:25 sec

Why is your phone over there?

You’ll see.

Are you filming this?

Pants off mister…underpants too.

Do I have to?

Well of course, sweetie. You know that. Silly boy.

I was soon to find out just how remarkable this board when combined with a cellphone camera and a hairbrush could be.

Over my lap. Now!

It turned out to be eleven little letters on that whiteboard that sealed my fate, but more about that later. Back to my wife, her hairbrush and me. The first slap always hurts the most, and we’re just about there.

So sweetie, we’ve had this problem over and over, and we need to address it. Today, I’m going to put a stop to it. This will hurt quite a bit.

See? There was no warm up. I’ll bet you can feel it too.

And usually, when I’d stop….
…I’m going to keep going.

The first letter she wrote on the board was a “D”  and I’m ashamed to say it was a mere three days after the spanking.

00:01:18 sec
So you’re right—I am filming this with my camera phone. Want to know why?

Letters “H” through “I” came all in the space of 38 hours. I blame golf and David’s birthday party.

We’re going to try something with our whiteboard—you know, the one in the kitchen….
by the dishes…
…you didn’t do.
Let’s call it an incentive program….
To remind you to do your chores.
Whew, this is quite the workout…. So here’s how it works: Each time you “forget” to do a chore, I put a letter on the board…
…and it’s going to spell out a phrase. And when it’s done, I’m going to email the video I’m making of this spanking to five of my closest friends.

I’m going to blister your bottom. Actual blisters.

At this point in the spanking, I’m barely holding on, hardly able to stay on her lap, snot running out my nose, hyperventilating. It is not pretty. Back to the video:


OWWWWWWW!!! Stop, stop. Please stop!!!!

My, your ass is red. That’s what happens to husbands who don’t do their share of the chores.

I honestly don’t think I deserved the “S”.


The second “H” I did deserve.

So your punishment isn’t over.

It isn’t?

No honey, it isn’t. Remember the camera phone? If you don’t learn from this lesson, that video is being sent out….Just think….five of my friends…and no, I won’t tell you which ones, will see you like this…


They’ll all see you here—red bottom, crying and squirming and promising to be good.


And they’ll know that you weren’t good. That you repeated your mistake, not once, but eleven whole times. Eleven whole letters—that’s a lot. I’ll tell them all, I tell them….


They’ll see a punished husband. A husband, who because he broke that promise, over and over, because he didn’t learn his lesson, will be getting another hard, long bare-bottomed spanking.


On January 22nd I came home to find the final letter on the board, an “S”, and an overflowing blue recycling bin set below the whiteboard.

FROM: Susandeclan@********.com
SUBJECT: Craig’s spanking – NSW
DATE: January 22, 2012
TO: Juliesmom@*****.com, DanaKane@*****.com, Jayne@*****.com, Tammyhoi@******.com, Susan.Hamilton@******
REPLY-TO: Susandeclan@********.com

So I told you guys you might be getting something unusual from me. Here it is. The subject line kind of says it all. It’s a video of Craig getting a good, old-fashioned spanking from me.

You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. You’re all my best and oldest friends, so I didn’t think you’d mind me sharing. I should explain to some of you – and give a little thanks to one of you, Dana :-) – that in our house I am the boss. This probably won’t really surprise anyone. My husband and I have an agreement and he gets spanked when I think he needs it.

We’ve had a problem with him taking care of his share of the chores, and I punished him for this a month or so ago and filmed it with my phone. I promised him if he kept slipping up, I’d share that video with some friends. Well guess what? :-) He slipped up. Not just once, but ten times.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please give me a call. If you want to tease Craig about it, that’s totally OK. He doesn’t know who is getting this video, so if you don’t want to say anything to him, that’s OK too. Also, I know I don’t need to say this, but please don’t share this with anyone. Enjoy!!


So how does this story my wife’s video end? I’m not totally sure, but yesterday I went to pick up the kids at school. In the drop-off zone, I saw one of the moms smiling at me. I hurried home to do my chores. There is a hairbrush on my wife’s bedside table, and whiteboard in our house with ten little letters on it: D O T H E D I S H E S.

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