Nov 282012

Another excellent Spooky Spanking Story Contest entry. (Asterisks are my edits..)

–  Dana

My appointment was set for 7pm and I was running late. I knew that she was going to make me pay for that but I had been putting off seeing her because I was nervous. So many questions were running through my mind. What was it going to be like? How much trouble was  I really in? All that would soon be answered in just a few minutes. 

It was a Halloween night. The air was crisp and the moon was full. It had been so many years since I had seen a full moon on a Halloween night. It was setting the stage for what was to come. 
How did I let myself get talked into this. 


As I turned down on the country road at night I could tell I was almost there. The leaves were almost gone from the trees and the moon hit the branches just right. There was a light wind and it made the trees almost seem alive. I could almost imagine two Trick-orTreeters going down this same road just a few hours ago. Going from house to house. One dressed as a Ghost and the other one dressed as a Witch. They were holding their booty of candy from the night of begging. 

I looked at the odometer It must be just around the corner. I was almost there. My heart was racing now and I felt my hands going clammy. Maybe it was just the anticipation and it was not going to be really that bad. At least that is what I was telling myself but I knew I was secretly hoping for more. 

I pulled into the driveway of the old house. It had been many years since I had seen a house like this one. It had a gray slate roof. The sides where made of old stone  with a fireplace that had puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney. 

I parked my car and turned off the engine. My heart was pounding about a million miles a minute. I walked up to the door, there was a note that simply said  ring twice. I did and I waited a few seconds. I could hear the sound of high heels clicking across a bare floor and it seconds the door creeked open. 

In front of me was a very slender lady with short dark hair. She had a smile on her face but a fire in her eye.  She opened the door and took me to a parlor where she asked me to wait while she finished gathering up some things.  

When she left the room I could not help but notice a  mysterious old book lying on a table. 
The edges were ragged and torn. There was simply a note next to the book that simply said do not touch. I wandered away from the book wondering how much longer my host was going to take. 
I waited a few more minutes and curiosity got the better of me. I went back to the book looking at it and thinking how out of place it looked. I carefully picked up the corner and just as I did I felt a chill run through the air. My blood ran cold and I felt a firm hand on my ear. A voice simply said “ not only are you late but you can not seem to follow simple directions about touching other peoples things. 

My pants were stripped from me and before I knew what was happening I was lying across a couch my ass in the air and a very angry lady next to me holding a rubber paddle.  The words Do not touch echoed through my mind. Before I had time to dwell on it, I felt the first blow. Fire ripped from my behind and a gasp and a yelp excaped through my mouth. She simply said “Stop that, there will be no yelling.” each time the implment landed it was the same thing over and over. Fire that was so hot it felt like I was being branded. It ranged from the tops of my thighs to the top of my bottom. I tried to get away but each time I was met with a firm hand on my back holding me in place. 

Finally the blows subsided. My backside felt like a charred landscape after a forest fire. I felt a familiar tugging on my ear. She led me to a corner  and firmly planted my face against it. Stand there was the last thing she said. Next time don’t be late or it will be much worse for you. Through the tears a Yes Maam managed to escape through my dry throat. Then the heels clicked away from me and went off into the distance. 

The end. 

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Nov 272012

You’ll enjoy this entry for the Spooky Spanking Story Contest. Thanks again to all the participants, this month and every day.

–  Dana


She said that she was not going to conclude either of our punishment spankings until she felt we were truly sorry and committed to changing our bad behavior. We had both accepted her terms and she patiently explained that she would administered real spankings to our bare bottoms. Spankings that we both deserved. The spankings would appropriately fit our wrongdoings as she saw fit. She would decide what implements she used on us, the positions, and length of the spankings. We would address her as ma’am and tell the truth. These were her terms and I still couldn’t believe this was happening.

More than an hour ago my college room mate and I were making our way through the 33rd and 8th Ave side of Penn Station on our way to an exclusive Halloween party on Long Island. Slung over my shoulder was a back pack holding a change of clothes, a rubber devil’s mask and a bottle of cheap vodka. Jon’s backpack held a change of clothes, a Beast mask and a carton of jumbo size country fresh eggs. The party was being held at someone’s country mansion and the women who invited us insisted that we come. Jon had meet her through some friends at his work and she had sent us directions in an email. We were to give her a call when we get off the train and someone would pick us up.
The forty four mile train ride is long and boring. To pass the time we begin sneaking sips from the vodka bottle in my back pack. I didn’t realize how light the bottle was getting until I hear a recording announce the stop that the women has told us to get off at. The station is deserted and the desolate country surroundings sober us up. We are definitely not in the city anymore. Jon tries her number but the call goes straight to voice mail. I try texting her but get no reply. The air is very cool for October and I chuck the vodka bottle into a trash can. Jon figures the party must be near the station somewhere and he thinks we should start trick or treating our way towards some lights in the distance. We put our masks on and before walking away from the train station Jon tosses one of the jumbo eggs straight up and directly over the windshield of an SUV in the parking lot.
The black top we are on turns into a country dirt road and the lights of houses seem to be moving further away from us instead of getting closer. Its hard to see through the devil mask but I can see that stars are visible in the sky. I am also making out the shapes of trees and bushes along the sides of the narrowing dirt path. We are periodically tossing eggs at darkened houses as we pass in front of them. The homes are getting further apart and the silhouette of a larger house is becoming visible in the distance. As we continue walking in the direction of the pointed eves of the roof I can see dim lights on behind shaded windows. For some reason I become hopeful that someone is home and I start to think that this must be the party house.
Jon gets the idea to see if he can look through a window before knocking on the door. The light from the window is faintly shinning on the leaf covered lawn and I think I can see movement inside the living room. What I don’t see is the aluminum trash cans that Jon and I trip over. A flood light immediately turns on as Jon and I fall to the ground tripping over each other and the barrels. The carton of eggs is smashed and smeared over Jon’s jacket. A women is now standing on the stairs to a back porch and looking down at us. She is holding a cell phone and threatening to call the police. She looks to be about ten years older than we are and she doesn’t look scared in the least. I try to explain our predicament but she isn’t buying it. She thinks we are throwing eggs or stealing or something. Her pumpkins have been smashed and she has had trouble on Halloween in the past. She is still threatening to call the police and for some reason I am still lying on the ground trying to reason with her. Maybe I am getting through to her because she is making her way down the porch stairs and heading closer to us. Her phone is still in her hand and she looks ready to use it.
We both are begging for her not to call the police. At this point we both realize that if we could run away where would we go? The police would surely find us and how could we explain any of this anyway? She sees the broken eggs splattered on Jon’s jacket and the open cardboard carton on the ground. She has a police style flash light in her other hand that I hadn’t noticed before and she is shinning it into our faces. She looks at each of us one at a time with out speaking for a long time. When she finally talks to us again she says she works as a security guard and that she knows that vandalism, trespassing and public intoxication are serious crimes. She also tells us that she is good friends with every police officer in the town and they would only be to happy to lock us up for the night if she were to give them a call. She says that we both deserve spankings and She wants to know if we will accept her form of punishment. If we do she will not call the police and we can go back to the city.
We both agree. The next thing she does is ask for our wallets, back packs and cell phones. She then reads off our names and where we are from on our licenses. She also finds our college Ids. Then she tells us to come into her kitchen while she begins to explain the details of our punishments. Once inside we are to remove our sneakers while she calls us by name and begins to lecture us for our bad behavior. We are to address her as ma’am. She explains that she won’t stop until she determines that we are truly sorry for our unsuitable behavior. She asks again if we understand and agree to her terms and we both give her a quite, yes ma’am. We art told to face the wall and drop our draws. I am hesitant and she says boxer shorts too. We are facing the wall while she is getting ready. At this point I am freaking out but also intrigued. I have never been in a situation like this before. She tells us that she wants us to think about what has led us to this position. She also promises that we are about to be made very sore.
Jon is first and I heard her tell him to get over her knee. She is lecturing him and I can hear the slap of his ass under the palm of her hand. He answers lecturing saying, yes ma’am to everything she has to say to him. The sound of Jon’s ass getting spanked gets louder and he also sounds more out of breath with each yes ma’am like it is getting more and more difficult to find the words. My heart is racing imagining what is to come for my self. After a while Jon is sent back to the corner again and it is my turn. She lectures me in the same way and my ass quickly becomes sensitive. My head fells light over her knee and my arms are getting cramped. I have stepped completely out of my pants and feel very vulnerable. It is also weird to have Jon as a witness to this as I had been his witness, hearing everything he was going through and now it is my turn. If I am not quick enough with my, “yes ma’am” she hits the same soft spot on my ass repeatedly with something that fells like a wide wooden spoon. The sting really hurts and I think I am losing my composure more than Jon had.
Next I am sent back to the corner and made to stand with my ass exposed next to Jon‘s exposed ass. Both of our noses are touching the wall. We are left standing like that for sometime and occasionally she addresses us and we answer her. She is now taking two kitchen chairs and putting them side by side in the middle of the room. She then tells us to bend over the backs with our palms flat on the seat of the chairs. She says she is going to use the strap on us this time. The noise is much louder and the sting is more abrupt. Her lecturing is more forceful and our reply had better be loud and clear. My eyes start to tear up a little and my voice is wavering. This goes on for what seems like an hour and my legs are tight with tension. When this is over she sends us back to the corner.

It was quiet for sometime and we can hear her writing something. When she speaks again she says she had put our names, addresses and phone numbers in her magic book. She says that she would like to place photos of our punished red asses with our written apologies and signatures in her mysterious book. We booth agree with a quite, “yes ma’am.” She snaps off some quick digital shots of our red behinds and prints them out in the next room while we are writing our apologies in her mysterious book. She makes us sit on the hard wooden chairs that we have just been bent over. The wood against my throbbing ass is very uncomfortable. We are made to read aloud what we have written and she asks us if we know why her book is magical. Neither of us want to venture a guess and she explains that her mysterious book changes peoples lives. She then randomly flips through the pages of the book stopping at different places to show us the apologies, confessions and snap shots of a few other bad boys and girls she has disciplined.
We are both sent to the corner once again and we both spend one more session over her knee and another strapping before she is satisfied that we have truly learned our lessons. My ass is swollen and bruised for several days and this is one Halloween that I will never forget. A real lesson learned.
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Nov 202012

‘The Book’ is yet another example of the excellent time our participants had with the Spooky Spanking Story Contest. Halloween has passed, but the treats just keep coming…

–  Dana

The book
” we´ll never get to the party on time”…”Why did we absolutely have to take that crappy car of yours??
“Relax honey, we will get to that party”…”RELAX? We are in the middle of nowhere dressed in costumes that won’t get any reasonable human being to pull over and help”…”I have had it, I’ll walk”
“Come on sweetie you can’t walk all the way besides its dark and the only light we have is the one from this “crappy” car”

At that moment the life of his beautiful red mustang ended. And there were not lights anymore.

“Well at least your car agrees with me….”

She started walking down the road. There were no houses or anything else in sight. Her husband stood still for a while, then shook his head and started to walk.

It wasn’t the first time he came tumbling after her. He had learned early on that it was easier just to let her have her will. It did annoy him, but every time he had tried to reason with her, she kept going on for hours arguing. He simply didn’t have the energy for that. He had often imagined, putting a stop to this just by grabbing her, pulling her over his knees and spanking her until she would shut up.
He was thinking of exactly that watching her from behind. She had a perfect bottom, especially with these high heels. The tight cat suit she was wearing just made this picture perfect. He couldn’t help to smile.

“What are you smiling for? Do you really think this is funny?? What if we won’t survive this night???
“Well…” and as so often happened before she responded before he got to say anything. “Just spare me for your explanations, you will pay for new shoes, because these are worthless right now, my feet are killing me”
She took her shoes of and threw them away. She kept walking, but he just stood there and looked in the direction of the shoes.

“Well if we won’t survive to night. I will finally find some peace and you will for once shut up”

He missed his wife. He missed the woman he fell in love with. The girl on fire. She used to shine, to laugh, to smile, to listen and care. She used to be so spontaneous and alive. Nothing was good enough for her anymore.
He glanced after the shoes once again.

“Are you coming?!” she yelled….

He started to consider his options…..They were all alone, no one would hear her, he could stop this right now. He could take her and give her the spanking of her life, and if she should leave him for that, well so be it.

A car passed them. She tried to get it to stop, and the look of that made him start to laugh. The car of course didn’t stop. She stared at him with disbelieve and anger which stopped his laughing.

He didn’t grab her, he didn’t stop her, he just started walking again like she did.

The road seemed as a never ending road. He found it strange because he knew this road, and usually it didn’t seem that long. He saw something that caught his attention on the road a few steps ahead. He looked down at it, and was surprised to see an old book. He picked it up, studied the cover. It had no title, but was pretty thick. He wondered how his wife could miss this book. He opened the book and read the first page.
                           This book is dedicated to all of you who have had it.
                           Are you sick and tired of being bullied by the one you love?
                           Do you feel disrespected? Do you want to change that?
                           Beware to read on because there is no turning back.
He turned the page and started to read.
                           Welcome to our newest residents, Alex and Sarah……
A flash of light appeared and disappeared just as fast. He was still standing with the book and couldn’t believe what he was reading….Welcome, Alex and Sarah. That was their names. He read on….
                           Follow the road and you will soon get to your new home.
                           We are awaiting you

“Hey I can hear music, we must be near some residence”
He looked at her and just nodded.

Around the next corner a little town revealed itself. It looked like any other small town at this time of the year. The houses were decorated in various Halloween themes, but no one seemed to be home. At the very end of the main street they could see a huge mansion. The music came from there, so Sarah just steered straight to that place. Alex studied every house they passed, and noticed that the last house next to the mansion had a little welcome sign in the window.
They went up to the front door, where they were about to knock on the door. Just before touching the door, it opened by itself. Sarah didn’t seem surprised, but just commented, that they used to use the same trick every Halloween back where she grew up. She walked inside and Alex after her.

“Wow look, they have really tried to make this look like some kind of correction facility”

She was right. On the walls were different kinds of implements exhibited. Sarah stood quite some time and looked at them. He was surprised when he noticed a little smile on her lips.

The music came from the end of the hallway. They reached the massive door, which just like the entrance door opened automatically. Both of them took a step backwards. People inside the room were all looking at them. They were all dressed in costumes, and it seemed they had a theme which was authority versus submissive. The people smiled polite at them, and then started to dance, talk or whatever they had done before the arrival of Alex and Sarah. Alex couldn’t get his eyes of a young woman who held a man in a leash. The man tried to get her attention, she ignored him, but he wouldn’t let go, so at one point she lifted her hand to indicate she would beat him, he instantly threw himself at her feet. Alex turned his head away very fast, after she looked straight at Alex and smiled.

“Well at least our costumes seem to match this party theme” Sarah repeated.

An elder man stepped up to Alex and reached his hand as a greeting. Alex took it.
“I am John and the beautiful woman in that corner over there is my wife”….Alex looked at John’s wife and he wasn’t lying. She was beautiful. She looked kind of ashamed and stood there gently rubbing her bottom. Suddenly Alex understood why the hand of John felt so warm.
“I’m sorry, I haven’t presented myself, I am Alex and this is my wife Sarah”…”Ah yes, the one that could use some guidance….” He blinked at Alex and went on. “Guidance??”

Alex felt a strange urge to look to his right. A dark haired man was watching him. He had a very strong physically appearance, and for some reason Alex grabbed Sarah by her arm, and started walking toward this man. It was as if he wasn’t in control over his own body at that moment but just responded to an unspoken command.
Sarah tried to get free of him, but first succeeded when Alex let go of her. She was about to yell at him, when this man stepped right in front of her. His power over her was instant. She couldn’t move nor say anything. The man turned his head towards Alex. “So Alex, I will teach you to control the behavior of Sarah”…”And Sarah” He looked into her eyes. “You and I know you have longed for this for years”
Sarah was about to say something but was interrupted by him “Did I ask you to say anything right now?!!”
“Alex, go outside and find something on the wall you find fit for her and when you do that, remember of all the times she has acted out like a little spoiled child!”

Alex went outside in the hallway and studied the implements. He wasn’t nervous anymore, he was fascinated by the control and power this person expressed, and wanted to learn how to be like that. “Longing for this….” He took a brush, and then remembered the look on her face when she was looking at the cane. “Let’s see if you still smile when you feel this one”. Alex was very excited and thought this man would show him how to punish Sarah.
When he returned with the implements the man smiled. “I see….you expect me to punish her?”….Alex didn’t respond. “Thanks for the offer, but this is a gift for you and Sarah will see it as a gift for her as well”
Enter that room and you will know what to do.
For some reason Sarah obeyed and followed Alex into the room. It was a huge bedroom with a bed placed in the middle of the room. The room was lit with dim light and had a pleasant atmosphere to it.
Sarah looked at Alex, and down on the implements.
“Sarah I love you to death, but I am fed up with the way you treat me and other people. You behave as if there is no one else in this world that has needs” “And when you threw those shoes away I wanted to give you the spanking of your life. Believe me when I say, I think you deserve this!!”
Alex once again grabbed her by her arm and went over to bed. He laid the brush and the cane neatly next to each other. He sat down on the bed and looked up. Sarah was standing quite still and looking at him. She didn’t say anything but just had an expectant look. He pulled her down over his lap. He gently stroked her bottom, which really looked perfect in this cat suit. She seemed to enjoy his gently touch, so he lifted his hand up in the air. Sarah held her breath and waited for the first spanking which she secretly had been longing for. He waited just until she had to breathe, then he started to spank her. He counted inside his head. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8….9…10. She started to wiggle and hold her breath again. He stopped.
“You know this is just a warm up, I haven’t started the real punishment yet” Sarah responded by breathing heavily. “I hope you will remember this, otherwise I will gladly repeat this until you know how to behave”
The spanking started again. Alex felt great. He loved the feeling of power and loved the way her body moved on his lap. For once he was in charge and she had to trust him without questioning. 25…26….27…28…29…30. Sarah started to hyperventilate so Alex took a break and gently rubbed her bottom again. “Aren’t you happy that I bought this tight cat suit for you??” “Sarah, answer me….”
“Yes…..I am sorry, please I will behave now”….
“Stand up”. Sarah did as commanded. She looked so small and vulnerable, but Alex knew her. She was a master in appealing. “Take that suit of, I want to see what impact I have on you”
Sarah looked surprised but did what she was told. Alex smiled at her and said “god girl, I see you learn fast”
He turned her around to watch her bare bottom. He felt pity for her, but only a little. He asked her to get over his lap again. He took the brush and let the cold side of the brush sooth her red bottom. He noticed her breathing again; it wasn’t a breathing that indicated that she was in pain. He smiled, then lifted the brush and started to spank. She couldn’t hold still now. She was wiggling, moaning and tried to crawl of his lap. “Sarah! Keep still or I will keep on going longer than planned”. She tried to control herself. Her bottom change from light red to dark red, and radiated a quite nice heat, he thought. She started to cry, so he stopped again. “It is okay sweetie, I know it hurts, but this is your own doing”. His hand gently stroked her hair, down her back to her bottom. He kept doing this move until she had herself under control again. He lifted her up from his lap. She still seemed very vulnerable the way she stood there in front of him, but this time he knew that she was vulnerable. He lifted her head so she looked into his eyes. “Sarah you are almost through your punishment. The cane will hurt a lot, and I will only spank you with it because you really crossed the line by throwing your shoes away” “you will get 10 strokes with the cane, 5 on each buttock, and you will count them….okay?” She nodded. “Good, bend over that bed and hand me that cane”. Alex did start to feel a bit sorry for her, but knew he had to do it, because this would push her further out, and he would be the one to catch her.
It was hard for her to count, to breathe, to stand still. The cane left marks on her bottom, but she got through it. With the last stroke she landed on the bed, breathing fast and heavily and started to cry again. Alex lay down beside her, and comforted her whispering “I am so proud of you, you did really well” “you are so beautiful, and I’d give the world to you, I will take care of you, if you just let me” “please look at me”
She did, and there she was. The girl on fire. She was glowing, calm and smiling. Then she snuggled up to him. Shortly after she was sleeping like a baby. Alex found the old book and read a few chapters. He read about the young woman with the man on the leash and skipped to the last chapter, which must have written itself because it was all about Sarah and Alex.

A year later…..
She was sad because she knew she couldn’t please her boyfriend the way he liked. She didn’t know how too, and he wouldn’t explain it to her. Instead he went out to let other women dominate him. It was his idea that she should dress up like a dominatrix for Halloween, but he seemed unsatisfied with her.
The streets were deserted and she felt very lonesome even though he was standing next to her. They were waiting for the bus, so she took place on a bench. When she put her hand down on the bench, it more felt like leather. She looked down and saw this old book with no title. She took it, opened it and started to read……
                           This book is dedicated to all of you, who want to give,
                           but don’t know how.
                           Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel everything you try
                           just don’t seem to be right and satisfying for the one you
                           love? Do you want to learn?
                           Beware to read on because there is no turning back.
She turned the page…..
                           Welcome to our newest residents, Michael and Jennifer

                                                       The end…..
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Nov 192012

The Spooky Spanking Story Contest brought out a lot of creativity in readers. In the case of this story, titled “Trick or Treat”, it brought out a little more. 

My sweet little Angel wrote this story, then submitted it under a pseudonym – trying to sneak her way into winning a contest which she’s not permitted to enter. 
Angel was surprised when she didn’t win, and (while spanking her soundly for the offense) I explained that cheaters NEVER win.

Nonetheless, Angel’s penned a beautiful story, which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

–  Dana

Trick or Treat?
“Why are we spending Halloween this way?” Cleo asked her boyfriend, stepping over wet mud and not liking it at all. “There better be something amazing down this country road. You realized this giant neon yellow sign says “No Trespassing, right?” she reminded him as he sloppily splashed through the muddy puddles.  “We have so much candy anyway, I can’t believe we’re still trick-or-treating at our ages.”
Edward chuckled at her annoyance, “I have a surprise for you. I promise you you won’t be thinking about the mud in a few moments.  We’re not trick-or-treating here.  We have enough candy to last us ‘til next Halloween.” He stroked her cheek but her expression conveyed that she was not convinced. She smiled slightly, “We could have done this “surprise” in a luxury hotel like last year Eddie, you cheap ass.  You were only outta work for a 3 weeks and you came back with a bonus so crying poverty ain’t gonna cut it. ”
Edward laughed, lightly wrapping his fingers around her long dark locks with a gentle tug. “Now that’s not any way for a lady to talk, now is it?” he pretended to scold.
Cleo had the immediate reaction of grabbing his fingers and twisting and bending them loose as he yelped out in pain, she wasn’t used to having her hair pulled. “Owww. Honey, what are you doing?” His digits throbbed as he shook them furiously in the air to shake away the pain.
“What am I doing?” Cleo answered with her own question. “What am I doing?” She was clearly miffed. “What are YOU doing? You don’t touch my hair like that.” She huffed and treaded onward as Edward quickly rushed behind. “You’ve been a douche all weekend, Eddie. I don’t know what you think you’re doing trying to pull my hair and talk to me like a big-shot but you need to cut it.”
Edward continued on dejectedly trying to explain, now competing with the stirring winds for his girlfriend’s attention. “Honey,” he called out, his voice echoing behind him, “Can you just slow down a minute, please?” He waited for Cleo to slow her pace and then proceeded to explain.
“Oh, good,” his girlfriend scoffed while removing the matted hair from her face. “You have an explanation for your bizarre behavior? Well save it ‘til we get to that place up there. This better be good.”
It had now started to rain which only added to her aggravation. At least she saw some lights in the distance. Hopefully this was some kind of romantic bed and breakfast tucked into the woods. She’d be able to take a soothing bubble bath, enjoy a prepared dinner and nice glass (or 10) of wine and then snuggle into bed with Eddie while they watched their favorite horror movies and ate their candy. Or maybe that would all be ruined, she thought as the rain suddenly pelted them furiously, interrupting her warm fuzzy fantasy. Cleo didn’t know if she would get past this. She ran towards the dimly lit house, losing a shoe along the way and making a new one of clay-thick mud.
Eddie lagged behind, slipping and accidentally taking a bath in wet dirt. Normally Cleo would have laughed at this, but her annoyance dictated her allegiance. She took shelter under the porch covering of this strange, eerie house while she waited for Edward to catch up, not losing any time when he did. “What is this place? Where are we? Why did you do this to me?” She angrily hurled a slew of questions at him. Unlucky lad, he couldn’t answer any of them when he looked at the house. Maybe he should have mapquested the party location after all.
“Cleo, first off, please don’t be so angry. I don’t know where we are but this is not the place I thought we would end up. We can just wait ‘til the rain lets up and go back to the car.”
Cleo sighed in frustration, her wet mascara running into her burning eyes and her false eyelashes becoming displaced. “This is probably going to be the worst Halloween ever.”
“Snap out of it,” he barked back at her. “You can put on all the stupid makeup and costume jewelry you want but you’re not really Cleopatra, you know! We were supposed to be at the 50 shades party.”
He suddenly had her attention. “At the WHAT?”
It sounded stupid, even as he said it. “You know. That book, Fifty Shades of Grey. I know you hate it but you never gave it chance, you only read it half way!”
This was just about all she could handle, “And you read it ALL the way?” she asked behind gritted teeth.
“Yes, I did. Thank you very much. Me and the guys in the book clu… uh nevermind. Come on. All the chicks love it.” He was unable to conceal his nerves and was fumbling about in his actions and speech. “And like, like I found a Halloween party, like erotic… an erotic party. On craigslist. It looked pretty awesome. That’s why I yanked your hair a little before. I thought you’d like it. That’s what the girls are into now.” He was talking at the speed of light and she could barely keep up.  Finally he sucked in a breath along with some kind of flying bug that had hitched a ride with the wind.  “Ick,” he altered her to his horror.   He wiped his mouth and then he wiped the water from his brow and took out a book from his backpack. THE book. He handed it to Cleo who was too shocked to refuse it.
Cleo looked ill. “O…M…G, where the hell did you get this, Master F*ckFace? My trash can? I think my ‘inner goddess’ is about to puke,” she said sarcastically making gagging noises for dramatic effect. By this point she was nearly growling the words. “You know how much I hate this book,” she hissed. “Why the f*ck do you think I would want to go to a party about it on my favorite night of the year?” Her anger made her look genuinely possessed.  “You are a zombie.  I am Cleopatra.  We are supposed to be at a COSTUME party where I can be admired for my awesome makeup skills and THIS is where you bring me?”
His words were ringing through her brain antagonizing her: That’s what the girls are into now.
Edward had this dumb expression on his face, the one where his eyes become slightly crossed and the corner of the right side of his mouth hangs down like someone is dragging on it. “I just thought we could try it out. What’s the big deal? Even my mom read it… twice. Maybe three times. Coulda been fou…”
“Shut up!” Cleo commanded, “This is what I of think of that dumbass book.” Maybe it was the near-full moon that possessed her as she leapt off the porch and started digging a grave for the thing with her bare hands. Edward was too terrified to protest and just watched her fling heaping piles of dirt to both sides of her, toss the book it and bury it. She didn’t even seem to mind that her perfectly manicured nails now had little mounds of mud inside of them.
“This book is ridiculous,” she screamed, her pitch rising with every word. “You think can be Christian Grey and I can be Anastasia whats-her-face? Let me tell you something, pal. The only reason that worked was because THAT guy was rich and FAKE. Seattle skyscraper? You live in the basement of your mother’s ranch house! You can’t even afford a pony, never-mind one of those luxury cars that fictitious moron sports around!” She was talking with her hands now, slinging mud with each gesture, some of which entered his nostril, eliciting a gag.
She misunderstood. “Oh, now you are going to make sounds at me?” She stood up wildly.
Edward retreated with a silent shake of his head as he pointed to the mud dripping from his nose. It was likely Cleo was annoyed enough to slap him but she was interrupted when someone flung open the door. Both of them had forgotten where they were, and most importantly, that they were not alone.
Much to their mutual shock, a beautiful dark haired woman was glaring down at them. She glanced down at Cleo with a scolding expression. Her blue glass-colored eyes looked almost translucent with the light of the moon behind them. “Why are you screaming like that, young woman?” she asked, “And what are you doing to my property?” Why are you digging in my front yard and slinging mud at my house?” Her eyes darted from Cleo’s makeup stained-face to the muddy grave and then to Edward and his faded zombie scars and dirt covered bodys. “Didn’t your mama teach you any manners?  Didn’t one of you see the NO TRESPASSING sign?” she asked without awaiting an answer. “Come inside,” she demanded.
The couple looked at each other and began apologizing simultaneously which made their words sound like a foreign language. Finally they managed to simply decline with the universal no gesture, a shake of the head with more than a hint of enthusiasm. The woman looked at them and her ruby lips began to form into a crooked smirk. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t really an invitation kids.”
“Whoa, WHOA,” Edward chimed in. “I’m not a kid. I’m nearly 33.” He pointed to Cleo. She’s even older than me. We’re not some dumbass teenagers.”
The woman looked at them crossly and examined their mud drenched appearances.  “Coulda fooled me,” she said sarcastically. She put her hand on her hips, expressing a subtle gesture of authority that made them both quiver. “As I was saying before being so rudely interrupted by a little brat (regardless of his physical age), that was not an invitation. That was a command. Besides, you’ll never make it back to wherever the heck you came from with this torrential downpour. But the cops can sure make it down here. Those fellas understand what ‘no trespassing’ means, and they just love my homemade cider.  I’ve got ‘em on speed dial, wanna meet ‘em?”
They knew she was right. If they didn’t take shelter they’d end up swimming in the mud with the… book. And they’d likely be in trouble if she called the cops. That seemed a tad drastic but the weather was too severe to protest. They were a little stuck.
Begrudgingly, they walked up to the porch and started to go inside. But this mysterious woman stopped them at the door with a look that said they must be batshit crazy if they thought they were entering her house looking like they just had a fantasy mud wrestling match. She told them to strip of their costumes and shoes and handed them two towels that hung on the coat rack, almost as if she had been expecting them in their dirtied, pitiful conditions.
“I’ll make some tea. The two of you go shower. But NOT together. I don’t care about your personal relationship whatever that is. No hanky panky here. She pointed to Cleo, “You, upstairs two doors to your left.” She turned her attention to Edward, “And you, downstairs first door on your right.” She addressed them both. “I’ll throw some clean clothes in the bathrooms, I can’t guarantee they’ll fit but those muddy clothes are staying on the porch, and you’ll just have to make do. Then you will go to the spare bedroom down the hall and take a nap. There are two beds. You will not be napping together. I am having a Halloween party later, which you are welcome to join. But I don’t need you in my hair when I’m getting it together and the guests arrive. Don’t do anything stupid either. No wandering, no stealing…”
It seemed like she went on rambling forever. Neither of them was exactly tired when they got there, but after the long winded speech, shower and tea, they both dozed off (in separate beds) for several hours.
Edward woke up first, in a panic. He rushed to the other bed and frantically shook Cleo. “I don’t know what happened. We just took a shower and “nap” in some stranger’s house in the middle of nowhere. I think we should get the hell outta here.”
Cleo was still groggy. She pushed his hands away, annoyed. “I need five more minutes. Edward.” She must have still been miffed because she used his full first name, which he strongly disliked.
“I’m serious, Cleo. Wake up!” 
She slapped at his hands this time.  “Get away from me, I’m tired!”
The agitation in Eddie was rising.  “I swear to God, Cleo.  Please!  He pounded his fist on the nighttable and a book fell from the bottom shelf, right onto his foot.  “Oww,” he screamed, hopping up and trying to shake off the pain. First Cleo bent his fingers all the way back and now a bible-heavy book fell on his foot.   Except it wasn’t a bible.  It was a thick book, leather bound and ancient looking.  Eddie thought it resembled something out of a Harry Potter movie and as he handed the book to Cleo, who was now sitting up in bed, he forgot about his pain.
Cleo, who could never control her curiosity, had suddenly found the motivation to be alert.  “What is this?” she asked aloud, really to no one in particular.  She knew Eddie couldn’t possibly know.  She examined the book, running her fingers over it as if it were brail.  “Hey, Eddie, look at this.  Make that light brighter.  I think it says something.”
Eddie sat back down on the bed after adjusting the dimmer switch.  He watched Cleo run her fingers over the cover of the book, tracing the indent of old, fading letters.  She looked at him curiously, “Look closely and use your fingers to make the outline of the letters,” she told him.  “I think it says ‘The Curse of Dana’; and it looks like a witch’s book.”
Suddenly the “kids” heard footsteps approaching and Cleo stashed the book under the bed with great effort, due to its weight. “We’ve gotta get back to this later.”  She had wanted to say more but the woman entered, looking entirely transformed.  The two moved close to each other, startled by her appearance.  She had dressed like Maleficent, the evil Queen from Snow White, probably for the party she was talking about hosting earlier. Her costume was complete with a thick black velvet robe with purple trim, and a beautiful glowing prop wand. Her eyes looked even more incredible now, almost as if they weren’t real at all.  They wondered if she had been wearing contacts.
The woman invited them to join her downstairs for some hot cider and snacks.  On their way down they noticed a sign on one of the doors that said, “Anyone who sets foot in this room shall experience the Curse of Dana.”  They both eyed each other but kept silent, not wanting to appear like they knew something.  Rather they waited for the woman to prepare the snacks and drinks while they hurriedly discussed the sign.
“We gotta go back up and see what’s in that book,” Cleo spat out.
“I know,” said Eddie.  He began to whisper like an excited child.  “Who do you think Dana is and what kind of curse do you think the book contains, and the room?”
The woman came in abruptly with the items.  She must have heard a bit of the conversation.  “I’m Dana,” she said politely.  “With all that ruckus I forgot to introduce myself but from the screaming I gather you are Cleo and Edward.”
“Please call me, Eddie, Ma’am.  I hate Edward.”  It took a second for it to register that this woman just introduced herself as Dana.  Cleo bit her lip when she realized.  Eddie started to move about anxiously as if he were doing in the wee-wee dance.
Dana immediately picked up on their anxieties.  “Well, eat up.  We only have about half an hour before everyone starts comin’ on it.  So why don’t you two go back up with your cider and see if any of those Halloween costumes fit you.  There are a bunch in the closet next to the room you napped in.”  She looked at them with raised eyebrows.  “I’m a pretty good hostess but don’t go pissin’ me off.  Some things are off limits, like rooms with signs.  I’m warning you now because somehow you missed the blinding yellow one about 100 feet off my property.”  She smiled with a mildly sinister expression.  “Go on, I promise you’ll have fun here!”
Dana left the room to finish preparing and the two headed back upstairs, whispering eagerly the whole time.  “We have to get the book,” Cleo insisted.  “That lady must be THE Dana. Maybe she is a witch, like one of those who practice Wiccan or maybe the black arts.  We need to find out.  She might have spells or hexes in there.”

“We have to get into that room first,” Eddie countered.
Cleo shook her head.  “Dumbass, maybe we should read what the curse is BEFORE going into the room?” she asked sarcastically.  “If there really is a curse, maybe we don’t want to experience it.”
“Oh come on, seriously, Cleo?”  He dragged her up the stairs as she was going too slow for his taste.  “There is no such thing as witches or black arts or whatever.  Let’s just go into the room.  We can look at the book later.”  He paused a moment as if he just had a brilliant idea.  “Or you can like go get the book and I’ll go pretend to use the bathroom so she doesn’t get suspicious, then we’ll meet at the forbidden room.”
Cleo thought about it for a second.  “I guess that sounds ok,” she said. 
Eddie became serious, his brows scrunching together to emphasize the gravity of his request.  “But please promise me that you won’t read the book or even open it until we meet back there. We’ll read it before we go in, but we gotta do it together.  You know… just incase this woman is some kind of nutjob or something.”
“Ok,” Cleo promised.  “But we gotta do this fast.  I’m getting a little nervous and her people are coming in like 20 minutes.  Let’s just get back here as soon as we can.  Hopefully there will be something awesome in that room and we can take pics with our cells and post it on facebook and twitter.”
“It’s a plan, let’s go.”  Eddie and Cleo parted ways, meeting back at the forbidden location within five minutes.  The sign was ominous and as they approached they realized the sign was actually a small chalk board with white chalk letters written on it.  “What is she a teacher?” Eddie joked nervously.
“I don’t know,” Cleo snapped.  “Let’s just do this, ok?”
“Do what?” questioned a stern voice approaching from the distance.  Both Cleo and Eddie froze, still as statues, as if this would make them invisible.  Neither of them either bothered to turn around to face the voice, this is how scared they were.  They waited as mere moments dragged on for eternity until the voice reached them.  “Face me,” it said.  “I will not tell you twice.”
The pair turned around, feeling very much like naughty children who had just been caught doing a very bad deed.  Cleo wanted to drop the book but it was much too heavy to do anything with at the last second.  It remained in her hand as evidence, as the doorknob to the off-limits room which was super-glued to Eddie’s hand by his nervous sweat.
They both noted that Dana did not look pleased.  They wondered if she would kick them out in the storm, or call the cops, or both.  But her expression turned somewhat soft as if she had a moment of reconsideration.  “I see you are curious as to what’s inside this room, and that you were about to go in it.” She eyed them with a near parental authority, “despite the fact I specifically told you not to.  So let’s just get this over with.  Let me show you.”  Her eyes were a deep impenetrable crystal, and although there was no lingering anger, they were nothing if not painfully intimidating.
Both Cleo and Eddie wanted to protest, but neither did.  Dana pushed past Eddie and pried his wet fingers from the doorknob.  She told Cleo to carry the book into the room, and she proceeded to very slowly open the door.  She also proceeded to hum eerie tunes, cheerfully, to torment them.  Cleo’s eyes were wide opened and ready for any surprises.  Eddie had his half closed, as if squinting them shut could protect him from any impending doom.  However, what they saw when they entered was what neither of them expected, and actually turned out to be disappointing.  It was just a room, a bedroom, a spare bedroom… nothing spectacular, nothing terrifying, certainly nothing curse-worthy.  This is what Cleo was thinking anyway, but she dared not say the words aloud. Instead she just glanced down at the book in her hands as if transferring her thoughts onto it.
Intuitively, Dana addressed these very thoughts.  “You are cursed now, you realize?” she said without malice and almost nonchalantly.  Nobody had the courage to speak.  “Come here,” she told them, guiding them with a finger motion to come close to her while she took a seat on the bed.  “Hand me the book, missy,” she instructed Cleo, who at this point was beginning to tremble with dread.  She complied.
 Eddie, acting quite useless, remained in very un-heroic statue mode.  Cleo gazed at him with venom.  “Good to know I could count on you in an emergency,” she hissed.
Eddie didn’t even twitch.  “You be quiet,” Dana scolded as she sat the heavy, aged book on her lap.  “You are both so eager to know what’s inside this book, so I’ll show you.  Keep your eyes open… Edward,” she demanded.  “You too, young lady.”
Thoughts were racing through their minds.  Was she going to put a spell on them?  Was the thing possessed?  Was she going to write their names in it like Death Note and kill them that way?  Their thoughts were halted and they were again shocked as Dana opened the book, only to reveal… that it wasn’t a book at all.  It was a box made to look like a book.  They both looked on in awe as she opened the cover (which was a clever front for a lid) and removed something from inside. 
“This, is the curse of Dana,” she informed them, ever so pleasantly.  And I know it’s not really a book, but I do have a little poem in here.  It’s for naughty trespassers.  They get a special treat if they actually find this little treasure.  She recited the poem to them.
                Use your wits you fools who dare
                And wonder if it’s wise
                To look upon this book so brave
                While wearing your disguise
                Take care to know the consequence
                If curiosity’s your aim
                For you might not be so eager when
                I let you lay your claim
The two of them starred at it dumbly trying to decipher the poem and the connection to this thing, a thick piece of rubber with a handle.  What kind of spell could this produce?  Neither of them knew how to respond until Dana stood up, turned around and whacked the bed with the strap.  The horrifying sound echoed throughout the room.  Cleo cringed while maintaining a little shred of dignity but Eddie screamed like a little girl and jumped so high his feet were almost off the ground.
Dana turned towards them again.  Fortunately for her, neither victim was coherent enough to protest.  So neither of them thought to run or scream for help as she bent them, together, over the bed.  In the interest of fairness, they had not ever experienced something like this and still did not know what to expect… at least not until the first stroke landed, side by side, on their fully clothed bottoms.  Eddie, acting as typical Eddie, leapt up in a frenzy and started dancing around and rubbing his lit-up bottom.  Cleo, petrified from the pain, remained there shivering and terrified.  Dana figured she would be easier to deal with, so she decided to focus on Eddie while giving Cleo the directive to remain in the impressive position she managed to withstand.
“Edward,” Dana began, her tone taking on a gravity meant to appear threatening.  “I welcome you into my home and asked only one thing of you.  You found it impossible to comply.  All you had to do was ask, and I would have gladly shown the two of you what was in here.  In a much more agreeable way.  Now, you will be punished.  Luck is on your side.  I’m an evil witch who moonlights as a professional disciplinarian,” she winked.  “Now, let’s get down to business.  With that she gently guided a shocked Eddie over the bed and pulled down his pants and briefs, revealing an angry welt from the first smack.  Cleo couldn’t resist looking at the mark, causing Eddie great shame.  However, her defiance was met with her bottom instantly bared and a series of two dozen hand smacks assaulting her backside in retribution.  Dana’s hand was not much less comforting than the strap and this time Cleo lost the remainder of her dignity as she pleaded for the woman to stop.
Dana stopped, but only to finish punishing Eddie.  She directed Cleo not to get out of position or try to sneak any peeks again.  Cleo buried her head in the pillow so as to not to be tempted. But she still heard every resounding slap as the strap came down across Edward’s naked bottom.  About a dozen vicious smacks marred his backside, causing him to yelp in pain.  But after seeing what happened to Cleo for her disobedience, he remained as stoic as he could.  This did not mean tears didn’t spring up in his eyes but his body complied with the no-protesting order. After the second round of a dozen whacks, he collapsed on the bed.  He was so consumed with his sore bottom that he barely remembered Cleo was even there and he had no interest in her agony as the strap decorated her bottom with raised red welts.
“And you young lady, are supposed to know better.  You seem a bit more intelligent than your counterpart here and why you would go along with this silliness is absurd.  That’s what I want you to think about as I strap your bottom with the last dozen.”  Cleo was shivering and her bottom was ablaze.  She didn’t know how she could possible endure another twelve.  The fear incited her to pleading.  Tears fell down her face, but Dana was unmoved.  When it came to punishing misbehavior, it was her duty and she didn’t take it lightly.  She did not stop until she was convinced Cleo wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for at least several days.
When she was done she let the two cry it out without the added embarrassment of them having to endure her watching.  She returned to check on them a little while later.  They both were in a state of fogginess but became instantly alert when she entered.  She had a visitor with her, a young man in his late 20’s who was holding the dreaded ‘Curse of Dana’ “book” solemnly in his hands.  She sent the two out and told them to enjoy the party downstairs and assured them there was no hard feelings.  She said she sometimes gets a little irritated but that it dissolves quickly, and she handed them some Halloween themed cupcakes.  They immediately obeyed and headed downstairs toward the party as Dana took a seat on the bed, in almost the exact position she was in such a short while ago.
Before she could speak, her unexpected visitor started pleading with her.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to trespass, and I just wanted to know what the ‘Curse of Dana’ was and what was in that weird old book.  I won’t come near here again, Ma’am, I swear.  Please don’t call the cops.
“I’m not going to call the cops, dear,” Dana smiled.  She held the book on her lap.  “Come closer,” she instructed.  Her new victim did as he was told.  “Here, let me show you,” she said. She began to open the lid ever so slowly at an angle where the boy couldn’t quite make out what was happening.  She only opened it a tad so that it still appeared to be the book it posed as. “You are too far away,” Dana scolded.  “Come here.”
The young man did as he was told and took a few steps forward as he watched Dana, overcome by the mystery.  Dana gazed down at the box, getting ready to reveal its secret. Her piercing blue eyes burned into him and he could not pull away from their power.
“Trick or Treat?” she asked him with an evil cackle.
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Nov 182012

Wow! There were so many really excellent entries for the Spooky Spanking Story Contest last month, and this is another example. Enjoy!

– Dana

As they walked down the dark road, Holly wondered if she and Michelle weren’t a little bit too old to go trick or treating in the first place. It had seemed like a good idea a few hours ago, but they had both had quite a bit of hard cider at that point, so anything would have seemed like a good idea to liven up their Halloween just a little bit.
Now, they had stopped at almost every house on the main road, mostly to be told that they were too old to be going door to door. They had also received several criticisms for the lack of imagination involved in their costumes. In their earlier state of inebriation, they had forgotten that dressing up was a critical part of trick or treating.
“I’m tired,” Michelle announced. “Why don’t we just go home instead of walking down this empty road in the dark like a couple of complete idiots?”
Michelle could be such a buzz kill, Holly thought, continuing to walk on in front. There was no way she was going to spend her night at home where she would no doubt be bored to death. “No,” she yelled, “I will think of something we can do, but I don’t want to go home yet.”
After wandering in the dark for several more minutes, Holly tripped. “Ouch,” she yelped as her elbow fell hard into the dirt.
Michelle came running to her side, worrying that she might be injured. “Are you okay?” she asked, straining to see any signs of injury in the dark.
“Oh, I’m fine,” Holly grumbled, lifting something off the ground. “I just tripped over this stupid book. Who would leave a book in the middle of nowhere in the first place?”
“Maybe, they didn’t realize they had dropped it,” Michelle offered, helping Holly stand and brush the dirt off herself. “What kind of book is it anyway?”
While neither of them had a flashlight, Holly quickly thought to pull out her cell phone. It got no service in this area, but the weak light allowed her to see the book much more clearly. Instead of a new cover with an obvious title, she could see that it was an old, leather bound book that had a lot of hand written pages. Inside, there were hand written instructions on the first page.
If found, please return to 999 Oak Lane.
“That’s not far from here,” Michelle stated. “It was the address on the mailbox we passed a minute ago, and it has to be the only house on this road. Why don’t we go home now, and drop the book off on the front porch when we pass by?”
“Okay,” Holly agreed, much to Michelle’s surprise. In the five months they had been dating, Michelle had learned that Holly sometimes liked to be argumentative, and she had a tendency to act like a naughty, disagreeable brat at times. While this behavior was not her most appealing trait, Michelle was not sure what to do about it, and was only happy that things were going smoothly at the moment.
As they approached the house, a small grin came across Holly’s face. “This looks like the kind of house you would expect an old witch to live in,” she stated, amused. “I’ll bet we could have some fun here tonight.”
“Let’s just return the book and go,” Michelle replied, shaking her head. “Your desire to have fun and act immature has already taken enough of our time tonight.”
Just as Holly was about to pout over Michelle’s comment, the door opened, and a voice called to them, “I see you’ve found my book. Why don’t you come inside and let me thank you properly for its safe return?”
Both women walked up to the door nervously, though very curious to see who the voice belonged to.
At the door stood a tall, slender woman with short, dark hair, grinning at them eagerly. “Oh, hurry up and come inside,” she said, sweetly. “I won’t bite.”
Holly giggled nervously and stepped through the door first, followed by a very hesitant Michelle. “How in the world do you lose something the size of this book and not notice?” she asked.
The woman continued to grin and laughed slightly. “Welcome to my home,” she said, ignoring Holly’s question entirely. “What in the world are two young women like yourselves doing out on an old, isolated road this time of night? This isn’t the safest place to be wandering around.”
“Well, we got a little off the main road, though we should be getting home,” Michelle answered politely as they followed the woman into a large, comfortable looking living room that was lit entirely by dozens of candles. “We just wanted to return your book to you first.”
The woman nodded approvingly. “I am very grateful to you for finding it for me. It has been in my family for several generations and is quite important to me.”
Before there could be any further pleasant conversation, Holly’s bratty temper got the better of her. “What business is it of yours what we are doing out so late anyway?” she snapped. “I haven’t seen anything dangerous. In fact, the only thing we have seen at all is this creepy house and you.”
Embarrassed by the sudden outburst, Michelle started to apologize, but the woman held up a finger to silence her. “Michelle, there is no need for you to apologize, dear. You are a very polite young woman. If anyone is needs to be sorry, it is Holly,” she stated.
Shocked by what the strange woman had just said, Holly asked, “How did you know our names? We didn’t tell you that. And I don’t think I need to apologize for anything.”
“Oh, I know a lot of things that might surprise you,” the woman offered, her grin growing larger than before. “I know that you both headed out tonight to go trick or treating and possibly get into mischief, which I would hardly recommend for two grown women who should know better. I also know that you, Holly, can be quite the little brat sometimes. I’ll bet she likes to misbehave and push her limits with you all the time, doesn’t she, Michelle?”
“You don’t know the half of it,” Michelle agreed, causing Holly to pout. “That isn’t to suggest that I don’t love her, but it is kind of a relief to have somebody who understands.”
“I behave myself just fine,” Holly whined, her bottom lip now starting to poke out as she continued to fume.
Ignoring Holly’s protest, Michelle continued her conversation as the woman took her book and placed it in the middle of an old, wooden table that held many candles and interesting stones. “Have we met before? You seem to know us already.”
“We have not met before, I can assure you,” the woman answered, “and since I already know who you are, it seems only fair that I should introduce myself. I am Ms. Kane.”
“Very nice to meet you,” Michelle responded, extending her hand. Holly, on the other hand, simply rolled her eyes.
Shaking hands with Michelle, Ms. Kane made an interesting offer. “I know you two young ladies were out trick or treating tonight, despite the fact that you seem well past the typical age for it. Perhaps, I might be able to offer you something along the lines of a treat, Michelle, though Holly may see it as more of the trick.”
Now, it was Holly’s turn to speak up. “What do you mean?” she asked “and seriously, how do you know anything about us if we’ve never met you?”
Turning to face Holly, Ms. Kane smiled and began to thoughtfully answer her questions. “Women like me are often able to gain more insight into people that most realize. Call it a sixth sense if you wish. And what I mean in terms of trick and treats is quite simply that I believe I can at least show Michelle how to manage your naughty behavior, young lady.”
While Holly now looked to her girlfriend curiously, Michelle smiled and eagerly looked to Ms. Kane. “That actually sounds like a treat I would appreciate. How would you suggest I go about dealing with her?”
“Just watch what I do and remember it in the future,” Ms. Kane replied, taking a few short steps to a straight backed chair in the room. As she took a seat, she looked to Holly, “I want you to come over here and stand in front of me.”
While she was curious about what was happening, Holly couldn’t help but be a little defiant. “Why should I do what you say?” she asked, standing still for the moment.
Before Ms Kane could respond, Michelle answered the question. “Holly, she is right. You can be an absolute brat at times, and we need to address that issue right now. I love you very much, but I think for our relationship to be the best, we need to come up with a way to handle bad behavior. You want that too, don’t you, honey?”
For a minute, Holly stood quietly and thought about what had been said. It was true, she often had poor impulse control and was prone to acting out in ways that were not appropriate, and it had to be difficult for Michelle to put up with her attitude at times. “Yes, I do want that too,” she admitted.
Taking her place in front of their newly found friend, Holly asked, “What happens now?”
Smiling a little, Ms. Kane looked up into Holly’s eyes and answered, “Now, you trust me to show you what you and Michelle need. I am going to spank you for your behavior, and I want you to remember that Michelle will do this from now on if you need her to.”
Taking Holly’s arm, Ms. Kane pulled her down. Slowly guiding her into position over her knees, taking the time to make sure that her bottom would be a perfect target for punishment, Ms. Kane also lifted the younger woman’s short skirt, then, eased her panties down to her knees. “You’ve been a very naughty young lady, haven’t you?” she asked, drawing her hand back and bringing it down firmly on the bare cheeks in front of her.
“Yes,” Holly squeaked as another two sharp strokes fell on her bottom.
“How about, Yes, Ma’am,” Ms. Kane suggested, delivering another hard slap. 
“Yes, Ma’am,” Holly corrected herself, beginning to squirm slightly as Ms. Kane fell into a steady rhythm, alternating from one cheek to the other with firm, stinging swats.
For her part, all Michelle could do was watch in utter amazement. Not only was Holly willingly receiving the punishment that she so badly needed, but for once, she seemed to be all out of smart remarks. They would definitely be introducing spanking into their relationship after tonight, she thought to herself.
After several unrelenting minutes of hard spanking, Holly was reduced to a very tearful and apologetic young woman. Not only did her bottom hurt worse than he could ever have thought possible, but she ached with guilt over how badly she had behaved towards Michelle in the past. At least, she hoped, accepting some discipline would help to make up for her bratty ways. 
Taking note of Holly’s tears and whimpered apologies, Ms. Kane gave her two final, hard spanks, then ended the punishment and rubbed her back gently, trying to ease her back into normal breathing. “It’s alright,” she spoke softly. “I think you will remember to be on your best behavior from now on, won’t you, sweetheart?”
Though she continued to cry lightly, Holly nodded her head in agreement. She would certainly remember this spanking for quite some time.
Ms. Kane helped Holly stand up, guiding her carefully into the arms of Michelle, who had been eagerly waiting to take hold of her well punished girlfriend.
“I think it is time for you two to get home,” Ms. Kane informed them, “but I want you to remember what I have taught you tonight. Will you do that?”
“Yes, Ma’am,” they both answered in unison.
“Good,” she said, giving them a big smile. “Thank you again for returning my book. I hope you both have a safe, happy Halloween!”
“Yes, Ma’am,” Michelle said again as they headed out the door, knowing they would both remember this Halloween for the rest of their lives.
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