Spanko Distractions : Word Search!

  Everyone, Here’s a fun new Spanko Distraction word search – all about the Language of Spanking.   Word List naughty          bottom          discipline          brat spanko          otk          subspace          accountability panties     […]

Spanko Distractions : Coming Soon PUZZLER

Everyone, I found this fun little program which allows you to upload a photo and turn it into a virtual jigsaw puzzle and thought it’d be a new and interesting pain-in-the-spanko-tushie way to sneak preview upcoming spanking videos. Tell me what you think?… – Dana P.S. There’s a fun little timer attached, so see just […]

Spanko Distractions #7 : Turn in Your Homework

Tons of stuff to do? Busy up to your eyeballs? Don’t know what to do first? Here’s your answer : another Spanko Distraction. You’re late for school; the teacher has already told you that there would be ‘severe consequences’ if your homework wasn’t turned in, on time, at the beginning of class. You have exactly […]

Spanko Distractions : Crossword Puzzle #2

** READERS, I AM AWARE THAT THIS DISTRACTION IS WONKY. IT LOST IT’S SHAPE IN THE BLOG MOVE (BLAME GOOGLE/BLOGGER) AND I’LL TRY TO GET IT EDITED AND REPOSTED ASAP.  –  DANA  *** Spanko Distractions : Crossword Puzzle #2   Here’s another fun, spanko-themed crossword puzzle – as if any of us needed something else […]

Spanko Distractions : Word Search #1

   Readers,     As none of you sent hate mail following the first Distraction, I’m going to interpret that as a sign of positivity.  Here’s a fun easy word search, featuring many Implements of Spanking. You’ll find the word list below the puzzle.     Enjoy!         –  Dana          BELT […]

Spanko Distractions: Crossword Puzzle #1

Readers, As promised, here’s the first go at ‘Distractions’. I found a fun crossword-making program so the whole endeavor didn’t take more than an hour. If you have fun with this, I’ll make more. (Note: I’d print it if I were you. Dry erase on your keyboard may be a problem.) –  Dana   Afterthought: […]

More Contests, and New Distractions

Readers, Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve given all kinds of things away. DVDs, lots of spankings, implements, and now site memberships. Some contests garner more participation than others, the story writing contests usually being the most popular. The writing contests will continue, and I’ll try and find other amusing ways to give things away, […]