May 052015



Here’s a fun new Spanko Distraction word search – all about the Language of Spanking.


Word List

naughty          bottom          discipline          brat

spanko          otk          subspace          accountability

panties          arnica          community          safe

domestic          consensual          dropseat          top

sane          aftercare          roleplay          switch

newbie          strict          warmup          punishment

limits          corporal



Search Area



Have fun!

–  Dana


PS. Either print the word search and do it the old fashioned way – or save the Search Area image above and open it in your photo editor to use the highlighter tool on your computer. (And yes, I made it extra hard by setting all the letters to lowercase. You know you deserve it.)


Dec 162014

 Updated 12/21 : Due to overwhelming naughtiness, no more confessions will be accepted. We’ll revisit this game soon!


I thought it would be fun to give you all the chance to ‘tattle on yourselves’ – tell me (and everyone else reading) what you’ve done to earn a spanking.

Maybe there’s something from thirty years ago that you still feel guilty about, or maybe it’s something you just did last night, but everyone’s done something that deserves being taken over the knee for a sound disciplinary spanking. I’d love to know what YOU have done…

…so let’s make it even more fun. Leave your ‘confession’ anonymously in the comments section, so that even I won’t know who you are, and you’ll be free to really tell the truth. Maybe it’ll even make you feel better to tattle on yourself a bit.

Then I’ll reply with your ‘sentence’ – what I consider the appropriate disciplinary action based on your confession. For example, if you stole a piece of bubble gum fifteen years ago, you’d likely be sentenced to a stern talking-to about the evils of stealing and a short but sharp OTK hand spanking. If, on the other hand, you committed grand theft auto yesterday,  your sentence would likely be 100 judicial cane strokes while fully bound.

Sounds fun, right? (Considering that you don’t have to endure an ACTUAL punishment, you can even act all tough and pretend that your sentence is ‘no big deal’, as I *know* some of you will.)


Alright, boys and girls, this one time…it’s Okay to Tattle, on yourself….

My maternal grandmother had this same paddle hanging on a nail on the wall, within arm's reach, behind her recliner.

My maternal grandmother had this same paddle hanging on a nail on the wall, within arm’s reach, behind her recliner. Being the absolute innocent angel I was (and am), I have nothing to confess.


–  Dana


* Before you get started, keep in mind that I will not publish any comment containing filthy language. Seriously. Stop it.

** Also, don’t email me privately to make your confession. If you can’t tattle on yourself publicly (albeit anonymously), then you don’t get to play.

*** Finally, please remember that this is a GAME – it’s not real life. My comments are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t go getting your ass on your shoulders.

Sep 232014


Another fun jigsaw sneak preview of an upcoming scene!

(You’re running behind…the counter’s already going.)