PSA : Quitcher Bitchin’

  Yep,  you read right. Quit your bitching. It’s a guaranteed way to improve both your mood and the moods of those who have to listen to you speak.   But hold on.. I’m not talking about the big stuff, about which we’re not only allowed but encouraged to talk : death, divorce, depression, bankruptcy, […]

Spanking PSA Tips for Newbies : Don’t rush it

  While it’s exciting when we first discover spanking, either in our own private little minds as adolescents, or as questioning young adults with the world now at our fingertips – or maybe even a middle-agers who’ve decided to try a new approach to life in general, the whole shebang can be a little overwhelming. […]

PSA : The Little Things

  They say that it’s the little things that count. And that can be true with spanking, too.   I don’t have to heft a huge frat paddle. All I need is a little wooden spoon.   I don’t have to swing my arm back as far as it will go. Just aim for the […]

Spanking PSA : Pobody’s Nerfect

  The idea of discipline, whether it’s the self-inflicted kind or the kind administered by a loving friend (or total stranger..whatever floats your boat) is that one is meant to be somehow improved after said discipline has taken place. I think this is the case no matter what the ‘discipline’. In terms of self-discipline, this […]

Spanking PSA : Try Not

  How many times have we all said, “I’m going to try to do better” or, “I’m trying to eat healthier and exercise” or “I’m trying to treat my spouse with more respect”? I know how many  times I’ve heard statements like these in a disciplinary setting, and it almost always irritates me. Here’s why […]

Spanking PSA : Accountability

  Since we know how much all spankos love school scenes, let’s handle this like an old-fashioned lesson. Fun, right?   (crickets)   Have a seat there at your desk, eyes forward, and try not to disturb your neighbors. Today, boys and girls, we’re going to talk about ‘Accountability’. Accountability is a big word that […]

Spanking PSA : Occupational Hazards

  Readers,  We talk a lot about all the ways in which a bottom may be hurt or harmed during spanking play, and we’re all very conscious of those things – rightfully so – but we rarely talk about all the nasty crap that can happen to the spankER during the very same scene.  Let’s […]

Spanking PSA : Tops have Hard Limits, too

  It’s well-discussed that spankees should learn, know, and protect their Hard Limits – the things in which they are not interested in participating. I always want to know what my playmates like and don’t like, but I’m most interested in their Hard Limits. I don’t touch those – don’t even graze ’em. It’s important, […]

Spanking PSA : More Spanking Info for Newbies

  Last Spanking PSA we touched on spanko terminology, and this time we’ll look at finding someone with whom to correspond, chat, or play. As we discussed recently when one of my playmates gifted me some classic spanko periodicals, getting in touch with others of a like mind is different now than ever before. Most […]

Spanking PSA : The State of Your Underpants

  Didn’t your mother tell you to always wear clean underwear, in case you’re ever in an accident? (Mine did, although I think it was a joke, and I never really understood why one would care about the state of one’s underpants in case of emergency anyway. But let’s move on.) I’ll issue a little […]

Spanking PSA : Spanko Terminology for Newbies

  Readers, I’m sure that this has been done before, and probably more thoroughly than I’ll manage here, but we do have newcomers to the spanking community every day and not everyone knows where to look for basic information on the ins and outs and all-arounds of spanking. So. I thought that it would be […]

Spanking PSA: Safe Words

“Red. Yellow. Green. Mercy”….”That’s too hard. It hurts. Please stop”…. Balderdash. Nonsense. Tosh. Rubbish. It is NOT too hard. It’s supposed to hurt. No way, Jose. Safe words are useless to me. Allowing my spankee to relieve him/herself of the discomfort of a spanking by spewing random words into the room is a Hard Limit.  […]

Spanking PSA: Bruises – Take Your Medicine

There are ways to avoid light marks associated with spanking play, and to help dissipate bruises faster. In my experience, both Arnica (taken internally) and Vitamin K are good supplements to take prior to engaging in spanking play. Arnica gel is used by many – as well as Vitamin K oil – topically, and with […]

Spanking PSA: Tears

The ability to reach tears during a discipline session is, for many spankees, an oft-fantasized yet rarely-realized circumstance.   (from   Many of my playmates voice the interest (or longing) to express their emotions through tears during the course of a long, hard spanking. Here are a few things which my experience as a […]

Spanking PSA: Safety First. And Second. And Third.

Readers, It is impossible to say too much about safety, so.. Some of my playmates are twenty-plus year players, and some have trusted me with their first ever adult spankings. I am fortunate to play often, and with an amazingly diverse group of wonderful people. The one thing which all of my lovely spanking partners share is […]

Spanking PSA: Professional Etiquette

Readers, While the content of this PSA may not pertain to all of you, I believe that it will serve as an excellent learning tool for some. There are some things which I consider understood and unspoken that, sadly, do not naturally occur to everyone. While I am not in the advice-giving business, nor do […]

Spanking PSA: Trust

When trying to think of something tangible to demonstrate the basic concept of trust here, I naturally thought of something that we’ve probably all seen, at least on television.. ..the ‘trust game’.   One person allows him or herself to fall backward from some height, trusting that the people standing behind will catch them, like […]

Spanking PSA: Understanding Male Bottoms

Those uninitiated to the nuances of spanking play, corporal punishment, and the general world of BDSM may have difficulties understanding why a successful, intelligent, well-rounded and likely ‘dominant’ man would ever allow himself to be topped, disciplined, or punished for being naughty. Occasionally, even others among our ranks assume a hard-headed ignorance of the why’s […]

Spanking PSA: Discipline as Therapy

Most prospective playmates do not write to me requesting severe punishments or harsh treatment. Most have no interest in experiencing unrealistic levels of discomfort or in reliving any childhood traumas.  They write seeking respite, relaxation, and peace of mind.  There is no empirical data on impact play as therapy, of course, but I am willing […]

Spanking PSA: Tardiness

If you are tardy – you had better have an Excellent Reason.  Not an Excuse. (Very few exist of the former, and very many of the latter.)   Traffic is an Excuse.  It is ever-present. Leave earlier. Oversleeping is an Excuse.  You are an adult.  Get up when your alarm rings. Tired is an Excuse.  […]