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Finally, ‘Amy’s First Spanking’, a great way to end May’s Sin City Spanks story contest entries – have fun with this one, and stay tuned for the next spanking story contest!

–  Dana


Amy’s First Spanking

My name is Amy and I am a 21 year old former Las Vegas showgirl.  I was abandoned by my parents as an infant and raised in foster homes.  I was putting myself through college at U.N.L.V. as a showgirl until I got involved with a gangster twice my age.  I was enamored by his good looks, smooth talking, the way he threw his money around, and his celebrity friends.  Because of his fast lane life style I dropped out of college and into the Las Vegas nightlife.  I am currently lying in bed at the luxurious Vegas hotel where I was employed as a showgirl with a very sore well spanked bottom.  It was my first spanking ever and I’m afraid it won’t be my last.  I will never have to wonder again how a spanking feels!  I am a former showgirl as of about two hours ago when I decided to drop my gangster boyfriend and the Vegas nightlife in exchange for finishing college.

My former boyfriend is a thief and a jerk; but, I never realized it until tonight.  Little did I know that the money he threw around came from extorting money from the casino in Carolyn’s hotel.  Carolyn is a gorgeous motherly beauty who was celebrating her 50th birthday and looks 20 years younger.  She is 6′ tall weighs 140 lbs, has red hair, brown eyes and a muscular well toned body.  She is accompanied by her husband of three years Jonathan, who is about one half her age and 5’5″ tall, her lawyer Alexis is  a 6′ blond bombshell of 30, and Alexis’ lover Megan who is 5’4″ tall and 25 years old and looks like a college coed.

Carolyn has turned the 500 million dollars she inherited from her 1st husband Douglas into over a billion dollars.  She suspected that money was missing from her Las Vegas casino.  She has a dominate relationship with her younger husband Jonathan.  Carolyn pays the bills and Jonathan keeps house.  If he screws up its over her knee!  Jonathon worked for Carolyn before their marriage and is a computer whiz.  He checked the financial statements and discovered 50,000 dollars was missing.  He was able to trace the missing money to a floor manager in her casino.

Alexis contracted with her investigation agency and evidence revealed that my gangster boyfriend was extorting money from our floor manager who had a dubious past.  He was terminated and in exchange for not being prosecuted revealed that James was dating me and and all of the details of the extortion.  I was shocked when the hotel casino owner contacted me, a mere showgirl in her hotel, and wanted me to arrange for James and me to come to her pent house suite for drinks after my show that evening.  That evening we were introduced to Alexis, Megan, and Jonathan by Carolyn.  It was all business and James was confronted with the evidence against him gathered by Alexis’ agency.  He realized that with his criminal record and Carolyn’s and Alexis’ connections that most likely he would do prison time.  That is when Alexis dropped the bomb that Jonathan had heard before he and Carolyn were married and the petulant professor had heard after stealing a colleague’s research at the University of Colorado.  If he agreed to pay back the 50,000 dollars and accept a spanking from Carolyn and a caning from Alexis no charges would be pursued.

James agreed to Alexis’ terms.  She pulled a contract from her briefcase that James signed along with a wicked looking Spencer style paddle that made Megan and Jonathan cringe.  As I learned later both had been on the receiving end too many times and both hated the experience.  James was in tears and I was seeing him in a new light for the first time.  He wasn’t the man that I had been so stricken by!   Carolyn placed a straight back chair in the middle of the room and sit with the paddle on her lap.  James was ordered to her left side where Carolyn unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants to his knees.  She raised her short ivory silk skirt above her stocking tops and forced James over her right thigh and clamped her left leg over his legs.  Her well toned muscular right arm wrapped around his torso rendering him totally helpless.  James was pinned helplessly and Carolyn proved to be an expert spanker paddling up one side and down the other followed by a series of spanks up and down the middle of his now crimson bottom.  Next she alternated from cheek to cheek finishing on his upper thighs.  Being pinned and helpless over her lap all he could do was plead, cry, and struggle in vain as Carolyn left the imprint of her paddle on his cherry red behind.  I realized that I never wanted to see him again.  Alexis grabbed James arms as Carolyn released him from her lap and forced him over the back of a lounge chair.  Carolyn took James’ wrists and pinned him over the chair where Alexis stair cased his bottom with 12 angry wilts with her cane.  Each stripe was about one inch above the next with none crisscrossing the other.  The bawling James was shoved out of Carolyn’s suite with his crimson striped bottom before he could pull his pants back up!  Alexis’ last words to him were, “You are luck I don’t have a horse whip!”

When the five of us discussed what had just happened I was in tears and shared with them that I never wanted to see James again.  During our discussion I learned that both Megan and Jonathan were spanked if they failed to preform their household duties or their significant other believed they needed a maintaince spanking.  Although their spankings were not as severe as an the one Carolyn and Alexis gave to James, they both hated being spanked but admitted that a good spanking cleared the air.  I explained that I felt terrible about the time I had wasted with James and that allowing the night life I spent partying with him to cause me to drop out of college.  Carolyn informed me that she thought  that I would benefit from a sound spanking and if I was her daughter she would put me over her knee.  At that moment I hugged Carolyn and began crying again as I explained that I never knew my mother.  Carolyn was old enough to be my mother and I explained, “I have never been spanked and have no idea how a spanking feels; but, since you think I would benefit from a spanking and both Jonathan and Megan said that a spanking cleared the air I need to be spanked.”

Carolyn agreed but said, “Spankings are suppose to hurt and once I turn you over my knee it will be too late for you to change your mind and you will be a very unhappy little girl long before I’m finished.”  She hugged me and added, “I will pay the rest of your way through college but right now we have some business to take care of!”  Carolyn sit on the straight backed chair still in the center of the room and smoothed her ivory silk skirt with the Spencer style paddle on her lap.  She raised my skirt and put me over her knee.  She  rubbed my thin nylon white panties and said,” You will be kicking,  squirming, and dancing across my lap and that is O.K. I will have no trouble keeping you in place.”

I tried to be stoic as she began paddling my thin nylon panties but was soon crying out and dancing across her lap.  Carolyn spanked up one side and down the other and then began alternating from cheek to cheek.  Next she paddled the middle of my bottom to the top of my legs.  When  she finally left me off of her lap I danced around the room.  My eyes were teary and puffy and tears were making my mascara run down my face.  I was still crying uncontrollable when Carolyn hugged me and Alexis rubbed lotion on my stinging bottom.  I didn’t realize how much a sound spanking from a capable woman hurt.  As Carolyn had promised I was a well spanked unhappy girl.  I understood why Jonathan and Megan hated being spanked.  After three years of spanking Jonathan Carolyn had become an expert disciplinarian.   I thanked Carolyn for caring enough to discipline me and helping me finish college.

After my spanking Megan went to the kitchen and returned with a cake for Carolyn’s 50th birthday celebration.  Alexis removed her suit jacket and sit on the same straight backed chair in the middle of the room and smoothed her skirt.  Alexis had paddled Carolyn three years ago and that was the only paddling Carolyn had ever received.  Alexis informed Carolyn that she was going to receive a birthday hand spanking over her knee.  Jonathan and Megan escorted Carolyn to Alexis’ side where Alexis raised her silk  skirt to her waist and lowered her nylon panties to her knees.  Everyone was laughing except Alexis who was all business.  During her hand spanking over Alexis’ knee she never cried out and meekly submitted but I could tell by the expression on her face and her cherry red bottom outlined by her garter belt and stockings  that a hand spanking over Alexis’ knee was a very painful experience.

After Carolyn’s birthday spanking we all enjoyed white wine, cake and many laughs.  I was invited to spend the night in Carolyn’s suite.  Carolyn was going to pay for my final year of college and promised to fly back to Vegas if I needed help in maintaining my grades or any other goals that I had set for myself.  I never knew my mother but I loved Carolyn like the mother I never had.

Jun 272014
I am LOVING these entries for the Sin City Spanks story contest, aren’t you?! Here’s another fun one, titled ‘Disciplined and Properly Thanked” – enjoy.~
–  Dana
 “Disciplined and Properly Thanked”
I was very excited about my up coming week in Las Vegas, Women,Night Shows and of course the Night Life!
I was never a big gambler so that did not concern me, What I wanted was to meet a couple Wild girls and spend a week playing the bachelor Game!
The first day was just getting settled and what better way to do that then to call room service and have a meal brought up,
What happened next is a little strange, When room service showed up there was a very tall attractive lady name Elizibeth she was probably in her mid thirties and she was very assertive!
Don’t get me wrong she was very nice and told me if I needed any thing to just call,
Now me being me thought Ok how about a night on the town after you get off!
but what I said or should I say what came out of my mouth was not what she wanted to hear! How much would it cost to spend a night on the town with you?
Her response was “Why does every man think that women are for sale in Vegas? I will tell you what since you don’t know how to ask me if I am married or might be available for an evening on the town like a respectable man would, I would other wise say no but Tonight I get off at Eight and have no plans call me at the front desk and don’t be late!
Wow I know I was a little rude in how I asked but she did not have to say it like I was a Rude arrogant little boy!
Oh Well I got a date and Wow if I can get her in to bed later she will see what a real man is!
After she left I looked at my order and was a little up set, The food was cold and over cooked! So I called the front desk and said I was very disappointed with the food and would like to return it! “Really I just wanted another look at Room service!”
Sure enough Elizibeth was back at my door and listened to my comments about the food and told me she would get a new order made for me and be back in about a half hour! “
While I waited I ran to the phone book to find a nice Restaurant and Night club in the area!
Elizibeth was back with my order and I tipped her with twenty percent and said thank you! She told me I was welcome and remember Eight o’clock and don’t be late!
I laid down for just a quick nap and suddenly it was 7:30 I had to shower and get ready it was 8:05 when I got down stairs and she was standing there waiting.
She looked at her watch and ask what time was it? I told her what happened and she told me we could talk about it later!
I told her I wanted to go to Gallagers  in the New York,New York but she said she wanted to do some thing different there was a Art show at the Bellagio and they were serving a dinner after!
That sounded great until I found out it was a $250 a plate fund raiser and I was paying! She told me this is where I find out what it was going to cost me for a night on the Town with her!
I grumbled and made little singles about any and everything all during the show and dinner!A couple times I could tell I had embarrassed her and she was looking very up set!
After the show while we were leaving she stopped me and said she was very disappointed in how I acted and was going home!
I appoligised many times and asked her to forgive me! She told me I act like a spoiled child and she had hoped for a nice evening and wanted to go to the lounge and have a couple drinks and talk about our interests.
Again I continued to appoligise and she told me, She would agree to spend the evening with me but we would be going to her place instead but I had to do what ever she asked me ! “OK” This tall beautiful woman who I treated like a high priced hooker and I acted like a rude spoiled child now wanted to take me home”
She told me as we walked to her Apartment that if I did not do as she asked and started arguing I would be asked to leave!
I agreed all to quickly “Oh Boy you are getting lucky tonight!”
she had a very nice suite on the 45th floor and I was at a loss for how a person who delivers room service could afford this place!
She could see and read the look on my face and told me to have a seat in the living room while she freshened up and got comfortable!
while she was gone I found the bar and helped myself to some Johnny Walker Blue and looked around!
She startled me as she walked in to the room with a dark robe on and heels!
She told me to get my things and leave! I asked why?
She asked me what did I say to do while I was changing? To have a seat and wait for her to freshen up!
So why are you not sitting on the couch and who told you to help your self to a drink?
I thought “No you did not think you have not thought about how you behave and what your comments and actions are doing to those around you!
Now please put my glass down get your jacket and leave!
I did just what she asked, All night I thought about how I had behaved and how totally right she was!
I guess all I could think of was her she put me in my place and told me very clearly I needed to grow up in a nice way!
The next morning I asked if she was working and was told she would not be in until the next day!
I could not wait I had to see her and I had to beg her forgiveness!
I knew where she lived so I had a choice go over to her apartment or wait till she returned to work!
As much as I knew I should wait I had to do some thing so I asked if there were any social events going on around town tonight and the concierge told me he knew Elizibeth and she would want to go to the SPCA fund raiser to support the local animal shelter!
Tickets were $500.00 plus there would be an auction after of a Painting by Jean Batzell Fitzgerald
I had to think all I had would be spent if I went and to try to bid on a painting was not in the pocket book for me!
But I said Ok I will take the tickets and see if she would agree to try again!
I got to her place with a dozen Rose’s and knocked on her door!
I heard some rustling but no one answered the door so I knocked again and she asked what I wanted?
Only a minute of your time and then I will leave if you ask me too!
Elizibeth opened the door and I handed her the roses and told her how sorry I was that I thought about how i had treated her and also how I acted and told her she was right!
I told her I had tickets to the fund raiser and would like to try again to make amends.
I could she the sparkle in her eyes but she told me I would need to be disciplined for last night and unless i agreed i should just leave right now and never return!
I told her any thing Please just forgive me!
she told me to come in and she would see how I acted and did what i was told this time!
I sat down and she laid it out I was going to be Spanked just like the spoiled little boy I acted like last night!
I would have my pants taken down and put over her knee and spanked with her Hair brush and then afterwards I would be bent over the back of her couch and Caned 24 times for not doing as I was told last night at her apartment!
I chuckled a little but then seen she was serious and I had the choice to make at the moment!
I agreed and she told me to go in to the bathroom at the end of the hall take off all my cloths and put on the robe hanging on the hook!
I returned to her and she was seated in the chair next to the couch1
She told me to go to her dining room and return with one of the straight back chairs! I was mortified but did as she asked!
after setting it down in the middle of the room she pointed to a corner and said to stand there till she returned and I had better not move or take my nose out of that corner before she got back or told me to move!
The wait was agonizingly long it seemed but then I felt her take hold of my ear and lead me over to the chair!
I was told to take the robe off and set it on the chair neatly!
She sat down and I was then put over her knee!
She said under normal circumstances I would get a warm up but this was not going to be normal!
That Hair brush landed with a crack that I was sure everyone for six floors up or down could hear and before I even got one cry out she had two more strikes in! I was stunned but she was only getting started and continued for “Well I really don’t know how long but  I was begging and pleading for my life and when I went limp all I can say is she had her hand on my back rubbing it saying she was done and I could get up now!
I was told to go back to the corner and she would return in a moment!
I would not of moved for my life! when she got back she asked if I needed to use the restroom and if so go now and return immediately after!
As much as I was not in a hurry I did!
She was standing behind the couch with a large cane and told me to come over and lay over the back!
I did and she said I would get the 24 and at no time was I to stand or reach back!
If I did that one would not count and if I was told more the three times I was to leave and not return!
I had never been Caned Or Spanked for that matter!
But I thought that Hair Brush hurt, the first stroke was like a shot of electricity shooting up to my brain from the pain I shot straight up and she said that was one and it does not count assume the position or leave now!
Over I went the next twelve were so bad but I stayed down, I don’t know if she made thirteen to make me stand or it was the first one across the upper thighs but Up I went!
Thats Two! was all she said!
I went back over and how I got to twenty was a loss to me!
she said Four more and remember if you stand one more time you will get dressed and leave!
I begged her to stop that I learned from my lesson!
She told me “I would not respect her if she did not finish and she would not be a Strict Disciplinarian if she let me off!
She gave me the next two that i swear I seen Lightening then she made a criss cross over the twenty two and was done!
She patted my back and told me to stay bend over!
I was thinking she was going to do more but then she was rubbing in some cool moist cream and told me to just relax and when she is done I could get up!
After we sat down “It was non to easy for me” we talked about what she did and I found out she was a Professional Life coach and Disciplinarian!
So that was how she could afford the apartment but she needed a full time job also as it in its self did not pay the bills.
I told her I was a CEO for a large accounting firm and I needed to hear what she told me!
We went out that night and she bid on the Painting the bidding topped what she had to bid so I told her I would help in the bidding she won it and it only cost me $100.00
She told me she would be in Hawaii in two months and wanted to get together! Then said “She needed to reaffirm my need to be Disciplined and Properly Thanked for her Painting”
Jun 242014



The Sin City Spanks story contest turned out several very good entries, and ‘Burlesque Nightmare’ is an aptly-titled, fun romp. I know you’ll have fun with this one..

– Dana


Burlesque Nightmare

Heels, dance shoes, sequined bra tops and bottoms? Check, check, check, and check. I was looking through my dance bag and made sure I had everything I needed for my audition for the X Burlesque show at the Tropicana. Over the past month I had been auditioning for several of the adult dance shows in Las Vegas. I enjoyed dancing and performing, and needed the money to help pay for school. Dancing topless wasn’t my first choice, but I was struggling financially and was running out of options.

I pulled part of my curly red, shoulder length hair back, and put the finishing touches on my makeup. My brown eyes sparkled. I was excited for today. I certainly had the body and dance training they were looking for.

I grabbed my dance bag and keys, and headed to the car. Once I reached the hotel, I checked in at the audition table, took off my blue tank top and dance shorts, adjusted my pink sequined bra and briefs, and pinned on my number. My outfit was sensual, but not tasteless. I put on my ballet shoes and started stretching. After several minutes all of the dancers lined up and they recorded our height and took our pictures. We then did a basic ballet combination across the stage consisting of two piqué turns, two chainé turns, two assemblés, an arabesque, two more assemblés, and a grand jeté. There was a spotlight on me making it hard to see. Going in a straight line was key, so spotting was important.

After all 60 female dancers had gone, they cut 15 dancers, and I fortunately made the first cut. We then put on our heels and were taught a classical jazz routine performed to very fast music. I danced my best and made it through the next cut. For the final round we grabbed fans and performed a classical burlesque fan dance. There were still 20 dancers remaining and the producers told us they would inform us who had made callbacks within 24 hours. I smiled as I put my dance shorts and tank top on and said goodbye to my friends who were still there. I grabbed my bag and walked slowly back to car. As I left the theater I ran directly into my mother. She was 5’8”, only a little taller than I was, and slim with short black hair and piercing blue eyes. Except for the height and body shape we looked nothing alike.

“Nicole Elizabeth, what are you doing here?” her voice was very low and it was clear she was angry.

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Jun 202014



‘Scorched in Sin City’ is another wonderfully imaginative entry to the Sin City Spanks story contest, and I’m sure that you’ll have a great time reading.

–  Dana


Scorched in Sin City


As the plane touched down at McCarran International Airport Marie and Bob looked  forward to their 4 day getaway in Las Vegas albeit for different reasons.  Bob liked to gamble on table games and slots while Marie enjoyed the other amenities the city has to offer like fine dining, shopping, site seeing, and the big name entertainment featured at one of the many shows playing at the various casinos. While waiting at the baggage conveyor belt Marie gently reminded Bob of their last trip to Sin City and firmly but cheerfully told him not to repeat the same mistakes made on their most recent visit. Namely, that Bob lost all his gambling money on the first day and proceeded to lose all the rest of their “fun’ money they planned on using for entertainment etc. for the rest of their trip on the second day! “This trip would be different” Marie stated as she gave Bob an allowance of 500 dollars for each of the (4) days they would be in town for his gambling. She would control all the rest of the cash they brought for her shopping and their mutual entertainment needs. Marie had made Bob promise that he would not exceed his daily budget of $500 and warned him that if he did, the consequences would not be of his liking. Bob was always a little afraid when Marie spoke in that tone of voice and promised to her that he would be more careful with his gambling. He figured she was serious this time as he noticed that while packing for the trip, Marie put her large sturdy wooden hairbrush in her suitcase. He was quite familiar with that hairbrush and it wasn’t for brushing his hair either, since he had very little.


Check in at the Mirage Hotel and Resort was a breeze and soon Bob and Marie happily strolled down the Las Vegas Strip with thoughts of enjoying the activities the city of Las Vegas offers. The strip was buzzing with activity as they passed the different street performers and the many people from all different cultures and walks of life that shared the sidewalk on this hot sultry desert afternoon.

Marie couldn’t help but notice all the metal boxes that dotted the Strip  containing the paper magazines and flyers which touted certain events and adult services. She grabbed one from a box and stashed it in her purse thinking she would peruse its pages later that evening. Marie loved the fountains at the Bellagio and she and Bob watched them for what seemed for Bob hours on end! Finally at Bob’s suggestion, they both began walking toward the Luxor Hotel where Bob knew Marie wanted to visit the Titanic Museum that was on display. Bob was itching to get a crack at the gaming tables and this would present a good opportunity for him to do so. Marie could see her museum while he gambled at the tables and made some cash. Or so he hoped.

When they arrived at the Titanic Museum Marie reluctantly agreed to go it alone and let Bob do some gambling during the 90 minutes or so it would take to visit the Museum. She did warn Bob about not going over his allotted budget for gambling. “Yes Dear”, was all he could muster as he hurriedly went off to find the nearest blackjack table. Within minutes Bob was ahead by $300 dollars as he had a quick run of luck. He decided to double and triple his original bets but soon found that no longer was he up $300, but rather down $1000! He began to break out in a cold sweat as he knew he would be grilled by Marie when she would later meet up with him and ask how he was doing? In his desperation Bob could hear in the background the hoots and hollers of the happy players over at the Craps table nearby. “That’s where the action is”! he thought aloud, remembering a few years ago when he actually won a couple  thousand dollars shooting craps in one of the downtown casinos. He recalled that Craps is a lightning fast paced game where one can win or lose a fortune in a matter of minutes. Since Marie would be exiting the Titanic Museum at any moment Bob thought his best chance to get the money he lost at blackjack was at this crowded Craps table where by the sound of it, players were making all kinds of money! “Change for $1,000” the dealer shouted as he handed Bob his buy in chips. Bob quickly made (2) $100 dollar bets placing the 6 & 8. The shooter rolled an 8! Bob just won $110! This was easy he thought. He then doubled up his original bets. The shooter then rolled a 7. “Seven out” the dealer proclaimed and collected all the losing wagers including Bob’s. He was now out $300 plus the $1,000 lost at blackjack. He had $700 remaining in his total budget and he could see from the corner of his eye Marie Making her way across the casino floor towards him. He needed a big score on the next 2 rolls of the dice if he wanted to break even and more importantly, not break his promise to Marie. Bob was handed the dice and he placed all his remaining money on the chance that he could make his point. He rolled a 10. He backed up his frontline bet with odds so that if he rolled another 10 he would get almost all his money back. With confident voice Bob commanded the dice to come up with the combination of 10. He rolled a 7! “Seven out!” exclaimed the dealer and took all of Bob’s wagers. Bob realized he was now out of the game with no money left and felt dejected. Right at that moment Marie tapped him on the shoulder and inquired ”how you doing”? By the look on his face she already knew.

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Jun 182014


Here’s a great entry to the Sin City Spanks story contest : “Chapter Twelve” by miss Randy Lee. Enjoy!

–  Dana

by Randy Lee

It was seven o’clock in the evening. The bright desert sun was still showing plenty of strength on this May evening. The congenial group of four women strolled down the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip leaning close to whisper humorous snippets in each other’s ears. Their laughs and giggles blended into the conversations and loud laughter of other groups on the sidewalk. Dotty, Hope, Lynette, and Pam had just graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in their home state of Texas and had come to Las Vegas to celebrate. Having spent four years preparing to take their places in society, focusing on different subjects before concentrating their efforts in their various major fields of study, it was agreed that this was a time for letting their collective hair down, figuratively speaking. Since their high school days, each girl’s educational pursuit had demanded a regimented life both inside and outside her classrooms. Now that their respective scholastic goals had been achieved, they were here to paint the town red! Hope began moving a little ahead of the others and approached the door of a Las Vegas business establishment. On it were the letters SPA in elaborate script style.
She turned to her friends, regarded them with a wide grin, and gestured toward the door. “This is it, girls,” she announced.
The other three women froze in their tracks, their faces showing disbelief. “Wait just a dadgum minute,” Lynette protested. “We’re supposed to be going to a casino. You know, as in gambling? We can go to a spa back home anytime we want, without shelling out all those bucks for airfare.”
“Okay, calm down, Lyn. This is a casino, I promise,” Hope assured her.
“So you’ve been here before?” Pam asked.
“Twice,” Hope confirmed. “My ex-boyfriend brought me here near the end of our junior year, and I came back last Christmas vacation to do some exploring by myself. I had a blast! I’ll bet y’all are gonna love it.”
“Oh, yeah?” This from Pam. “Whatta you bet?”
“We’ll discuss it later,” Hope replied, a hint of mystery in her voice.
“Hmmh!” Pam grunted skeptically.
Dotty, the quiet member of the group, and Lynette were unmoved—literally—from their positions alongside Pam.
Hope decided some coaxing was in order. “Awww, c’mon, y’all! What’s life without a little suspense and drama?”
“Oh, all right,” Pam conceded. She turned to her skeptical buddies and suggested, “Let’s go see what this ‘spa’ is all about.”
Hope pulled the door open and held it for the other three. They trooped in for a distance of about five feet and again were brought up short. Hope watched the three newcomers take in the room’s beautiful decor. There was furniture of rich, dark hardwood and upholstery in equally rich red and gold velvet and brocade. Satin treatments adorned mock windows. No source of water was evident, and no scent of either chlorine or massage oil rankled the nose. No people were evident, either. Not another soul occupied the exquisitely appointed room.
Dotty murmured, “This isn’t like any spa I ever saw before.”
Lynette echoed her observation and added, “Or casino, either.”
“It’s different, I’ll admit,” Hope acknowledged. “Well, come along. Let’s get this party started. I’ll show you the fun room where the gambling happens.”
She led her companions in the direction of a door which bore the letters NKO. As they approached, the sound of a ball hopping on a spinning roulette wheel could be heard. There was also the distinct click of a cue ball striking racked balls on a pool table. Hope pressed a button on the wall beside the door. The four women heard no sound, but a voice from a speaker above them said, “Identify.”
Hope spoke plainly, “Hope M. 7239.”
“Enter,” the voice said. A buzzer sounded, and Hope pushed the door open. A tall man wearing a red polo shirt tucked into black trousers stood guard at the door. He motioned the women to come in, glanced quickly beyond them in all directions, and closed the door. He gestured to an electronic scanner next to him and ordered, “Handprint.” Hope laid her right hand flat on the glass surface of the machine and held still. A light moved back and forth under the glass twice and then went out. A beep sounded, and the man said, “Okay.” Hope looked at him. He nodded, she removed her hand, and he indicated with a slight movement of his head that the four could move about the room freely.
As they walked farther into the room, Pam noted sarcastically, “That guy’s a real chatterbox.”

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