Sep 172013
A Spanko Blast from the Periodical Past 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes



One of my adventurous playmates, who’s had his fair share of spanking experience over the years, was kind enough to gift me some of his prized spanking materials collection – several pristine magazines which I hadn’t previously seen. These are classic spanko periodicals, and I am tickled by his generous gesture. So tickled, in fact, that I had to share a couple snapshots here:

He said he’d brought me ‘a couple things’, so I was surprised when he pulled out this stack of awesome spanko history -

with titles like Strictly Woman to Woman Spanking, Over Her Knee!,

I Remember When, and Firm Forceful Femmes:

IMG 20130915 082744 e1379265420597 1024x768 Dana Kane

This one stuck out immediately, as it features my spanking shero,

Dana Specht:

IMG 20130915 082821 e1379265446157 768x1024 Dana Kane

These magazines are, well….cool….and are full of reminders of our recent spanko past – video previews for the stunning Rebecca Brooks, photos of famous tops such as Christine Justice and Simone Devon, and chock full of dozens of spanking personal ads (WAY before the internet made it easy to hook up with spankos everywhere, anywhere).

Naturally, we started talking about the pre-internet era – ordering VHS tapes through the mail with money orders (those early spanking tapes were $90 apiece!), scanning printed personals for like minds, and the excitement of seeing a Spanking Story in the Playboy magazine or Penthouse Forum.

As I wasn’t even aware of the larger spanko community back then, listening to his stories was a real eye-opener, and I’m curious how many other spanking fetishists have similar tales of cashing the weekly paycheck ASAP, in order to rush out and mail that money order for Nu-West’s latest VHS release…

Were those the Good Old Days, or is this – internet, social media, short-attention-span – the Golden Era?

- Dana

Sep 152013 Sunday Video Update : 9/15 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Live Session Video : Sentenced for Fraud

SentencedFraud1 Dana Kane
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Sep 122013
New Survey – ‘Switch Hitters’ 4.50/5 (90.00%) 4 votes

Sep 102013
Chores 5.00/5 (100.00%) 7 votes



We’ve talked before about non-corporal punishment/discipline, so I thought I’d share this photo with you:

IMG 20130829 122527 1024x768 Dana Kane


Here’s Angel, surrounded by the FIRST batch of my spanking implements which she was instructed to clean and organize as part of her ongoing discipline. As you can see, the wood implements are piled in front, with leathers to her right and non-traditionals to her left. This does not include the many dozen more canes, delrin implements, large paddles and other sundry items contained in the closet behind her. 

I should mention that ALL of these implements were already clean, as they always are, because I clean them myself after each use. This was a lesson in time-wasting – having to do a task which is completely unnecessary – and how it can be avoided by making the right choices *before* you find yourself in trouble.

I’m pleased to say that not only did Angel survive her cleaning assignment, but my implement closet is now in quite the state of order….although I can’t be certain that she hasn’t hidden at least one.


-  Dana

Sep 082013 Sunday Update : 9/8 5.00/5 (100.00%) 4 votes


Before the Party II

BeforeParty2 1 Dana Kane


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Sep 042013
Conversations with Spankos : You’re Doing It Wrong 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes



A recent Conversation about Fantasy vs. Reality spawned another line of thought – and an excellent one, at that.

What happens if, as a spanko, you’re lucky enough to :

a) be in a relationship

b)have a partner who’s open to spanking, if not an all-out spanko, and

c)have the opportunity to be spanked relatively regularly by said partner


They suck at it?


We’ve all had less-than-perfect spankings, where the spanker chose an intensity, rhythm, or implement which wasn’t necessarily tops on our list; I’m not talking about the occasional imperfect scene.

I mean, what does one do when, no matter how many times they try, the spanker just can’t manage to pull a good spanking out of their hat to save his or her life?

It sounds like I’m being glib about this, and maybe a little levity is a Good Thing, because this seems like a Big Problem to me. When practice *doesn’t* make perfect – what do you say? 

Back in the days when my ego would still tolerate a spanking, I threw out a couple “Umm, what exactly are you doing back there” ‘s, and maybe a few “Yeah, this isn’t going to work” ‘s, to boot. A hard spanking was tolerable, but a bad one wasn’t. Ever. (It’s fair to mention that these were not relationship-partner spankings, so I wasn’t terribly emotionally attached to the spanker’s response.)

But what about when the spankee IS emotionally attached to the spanker’s response? What if the spankee, as my aforementioned playmates (who definitely do not have an issue in the how-well-she-spanks dept.), is the only spanko in the equation, and doesn’t want to ‘look a gift spanking in the paddle’, so to speak?

I’m interested in hearing about how other spankos have handled this delicate situation, and I’m sure that your fellow readers are, too…


-  Dana

Sep 022013
New Spanking Story Contest : Spanking Party STAR! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes



Welcome to the new Spanking Story Contest. This month, our Person, Place, and Thing theme will take us to a fictional spanking party, with lots of happy spanko revelers, where YOU are the star of the party…at least for one spanking : 

Write a story about a spanking that YOU either give, or receive, at this hopping spanking party. Are you an adventurous top, an exhibitionist switch, or a first-time party bottom? Are there three people watching…or 100? Use your imagination, and write your story about :


 Dana Kane

At your most fabulous fantasy spanking party:

partytime Dana Kane

…either spanking or being spanked in front of an audience.

11 Dana Kane

Read Before Writing : 

  • No depictions of characters or references to characters under the age of 18 years.
  • This is a Spanking story, not a sex and cursing story. While some leeway is given here, it’s best to keep it clean.
  • Don’t plagiarize, cheat, or otherwise manipulate the contest. Cheaters will be publicly shamed.
  • Characters may be of any gender, and any spanking genre(s) (i.e. F/M, F/F, M/M, M/F, etc.).
  • For this month’s contest, entries should be written in First Person. (i.e. ‘I went to the party’, rather than ‘Sally went to the party’.)
  • Contest will end on September 30th. Winner announced on or around October 1.
  • Note that I alone, subjectively, choose the winning story entry. There is no set standard, but things like proper spelling and grammar, within reason, are required.
  • By entering, you agree to allow me to share/excerpt your story, here and elsewhere, in print and digital media.

The winner will receive a spanking session with me, in my hometown or any of the cities which I regularly visit.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to email me. All completed entries should also be emailed, either as part of the email’s text or as an attachment, to:


Have fun, and good luck!


-  Dana

Sep 012013 Sunday Update : 9/1 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes

Messy Girl

MessyGirl1 Dana Kane


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