Story Contest Entry #23 : What Goes Around Comes Around

  Readers, Don’t give up now – we’re down to just a few more entries in the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  … Read on~ – Dana   ********** “What Goes Around Comes Around” Surrounded by friends gathered to celebrate her birthday, Lindsey closed her eyes, a serene expression taking over her features.  Her face showed animation, the hint […]

Spanking story entry #20 : The Resort

  Boys and Girls, The next time I decide to give a whole bunch of stuff away, remind me how long it took to edit and post all the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  entries. Wow, you guys and gals can write! Enjoy~ – Dana   ********** “The Resort”    Looking past the canopy bed, its beautiful peach satin […]

Story Contest Entry #6 : The Wishing Well

    Readers, I hope you’re in the mood for more great spanking stories, because here comes another entry for the ‘Spanking Wish’ contest .~~ Enjoy! – Dana     ********** “The Wishing Well” Anne and Julie ran towards the Outdoor fish pond in the Garden Centre, clutching their Ice Creams, which Julie had just […]

Sin City Spanks Story : Chapter Twelve

Readers, Here’s a great entry to the Sin City Spanks story contest : “Chapter Twelve” by miss Randy Lee. Enjoy! –  Dana CHAPTER TWELVE by Randy Lee It was seven o’clock in the evening. The bright desert sun was still showing plenty of strength on this May evening. The congenial group of four women strolled […]

‘The New Toy’ : Future Spank story

Short, sweet, and powerful, I think you’re going to like ‘The New Toy’ – another entry in the Future Spank story contest. – Dana The new toy   My eyes flickered open to the red glow of the morning sun. I rubbed my eyes as usual and stretched. A familiar voice greeted me. “Good morning […]

‘The Errant Robot’ : Future Spank entry

  Readers, Here’s another fine entry to the Future Spank story contest, which garnered a LOT of really creative writing. Enjoy ‘The Errant Robot’. –  Dana   THE ERRANT ROBOT   Colin woke up with a start.   He looked at his bedside clock and swore silently under his breath. He was late, very late. […]

New Spanking Story Contest : Future Spank

  Readers, In celebration of the new year and all the ones to come, the theme for this month’s spanking story writing contest is.. The Future No, not like next month, smartass. Think a bit farther ahead. Think flying cars or living on Mars or robots that are programmed to dole out spankings; think about […]