Story Contest Entry #23 : What Goes Around Comes Around

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Apr 052015



Don’t give up now – we’re down to just a few more entries in the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  …

Read on~

– Dana



“What Goes Around Comes Around”

Surrounded by friends gathered to celebrate her birthday, Lindsey closed her eyes, a serene expression taking over her features.  Her face showed animation, the hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth revealing hope for the future.  Opening her eyes, she took a deep breath and blew out the candles that covered her birthday cake, silently thanking Mr. Edwards, her band director, for continually reinforcing lessons in breath control throughout her years of playing the trumpet in the school band.  As the last candle to gave up its flame, applause erupted from the onlookers.

“What did you wish for?” her best friend Sherry asked.

“If I tell you, it won’t come true,” Lindsey protested.

“Oh, come on, Lindsey,” Andrea cajoled.  “You already made the wish.  What you do now won’t affect it one way or the other.”

“Well . . . okay.  That makes sense,” Lindsey agreed.  “I wished that I would win this lawsuit.”

“Attagirl!” Sherry gripped her friend in a sideways hug, emphasized by gentle backslaps.  “I could see you arming yourself with optimism just before you blew out the candles.  We all wish that for you, too.  Winning the first one was a major victory.”

“Yeah, you deserved to come out on top in that one.  You fought hard to prove what they did was wrong,” Mindy echoed.  “I’m so glad you beat out that—” she paused, searching for the right word.

“Temper, temper, Mindy,” Sherry chided.

“Well, I was gonna say ‘witch,’ ” Mindy defended herself.

“Oh, sure,” Sherry said skeptically.  “We could hear what you were thinking.”

Everyone laughed.  Though all the guests at the party were good friends, these four—Lindsey, Sherry, Andrea, and Mindy—had known each other since they were toddlers.  Though they had different interests, their close friendship had endured through the years.

As Mindy removed the candles and Andrea brought paper plates, Lindsey busied herself cutting the cake, placing each portion on a plate Andrea held steady.  “By tomorrow afternoon I should know the outcome.  Mark will be in the courtroom for moral support.  I’ll call Sherry as soon as I find out.  We’ll get word to everyone.”

“Who wants ice cream?” Mindy asked the group.

“People always ask that, and it’s a very silly question.  Everyone always wants ice cream.”  Andrea’s pronouncement met with a chorus of affirmative comments.

“Bring your plates over here,” Mindy directed.  “There’s room for a scoop or two next to the cake.”

“Good thinking,” Sherry complimented.

Later, after most of the guests had left and the party remains had been cleaned up, the hostesses relaxed in the living room.  Indicating her concern, Andrea asked, “What’s your feeling about how the trial’s been going?”

“I’m optimistic,” Lindsey said, “but I know it’s not good to get my hopes up too high.  I gave concise answers, but the other side didn’t.  I actually saw one of the jurors fold her arms across her chest and frown when the “witch” testified.  I’m thinking they were sympathetic to my side.  Oh, and every time my attorney objected, his objection was sustained, but all of the other side’s objections were overruled, every one of them.

“Well, it’s about time to head home,” Sherry announced.  “I’m really glad all of us could get together.  It’s been a fun time.  I just had a thought:  If you win tomorrow, we’ll need to celebrate that, too!  Anyway, I hope you can relax and get a good night’s sleep tonight.”

“I plan to do just that.  I’m going over to see Mark in a little while.  He’s taking me out to dinner for my birthday, and then we’ll go back to his house for dessert.”

“ ‘Dessert,’ huh?” Andrea teased.

“Well, you know, our favorite dessert.” Lindsey said.  “ ‘Rump roast.’ ”

They all laughed.  Lindsey’s friends moved toward the front door and hugged all around, amid comments of “Take care,” “I’ll be thinking about you,” and “I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

When they had left, Lindsey went to her bedroom and opened the closet door to take out the clothes she had decided to wear to dinner.  She went into the bathroom, undressed, and showered.  When she was finished washing, brushing her teeth, dressing, and putting on makeup, she called her boyfriend to let him know she was about to leave.

She covered the five miles to Mark’s house at a moderate speed.  She turned into his double driveway and parked next to his car.  He greeted her at the door with a strong, comfortable hug and a kiss.

“So, where are you taking me for dinner?” Lindsey asked.

“It’s a surprise,” Mark answered with a smirk.  “You’ll like it.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Mark got his suit coat and put it on.  “All set?”  Lindsey smiled in reply and he walked her to the door and opened it for her.  He walked with her to the passenger’s side and opened the door.  When she was settled, he went to the driver’s side and got in.

As Mark backed out of the driveway, Lindsey asked, “How about a little hint?”

“There’s a blindfold in the glove compartment,” Mark countered.  “It will help you stop asking questions, just in case you can’t stop by yourself.”

“I’ll hush,” she said.

A few minutes later, he turned into the parking lot of Jackson’s Restaurant.  “Wow, Mark.”  Lindsey exclaimed.  “I’ve never been here, but this is supposed to be the ultimate dining experience.”

He parked and went to open her door, saying, “I thought it was appropriate for a celebration like this.”

“Oh, thank you.  I feel like a queen just to be brought here.”

“I hope so,” he murmured as he put his arm around her shoulders.

They were seated in a secluded area and leisurely enjoyed an excellent prime rib dinner.  After they had both finished their meal, Mark asked, “Are you ready for dessert?”  Receiving Lindsey’s mischievous smile in answer, he signaled their waiter for the check.  Walking back to the car, Mark put his arm around her and asked, “Are you nervous about tomorrow?”

“Yes,” she replied.  “I’m pretty tense.  I’m counting on you to help me with that.”

“I’ll do my best,” he promised.

“Your best has always been enough in the past,” she said, looking up at him and then laying her head against his chest.

He helped her into the passenger’s seat and took his place behind the wheel.  They drove in silence to his house.

As he opened the front door for Lindsey, she asked, “Bedroom or den?”

“Bedroom, I think,” he answered.

She went to his bedroom and began taking off her clothes, while Mark hung up his suit, threw his shirt into a hamper, and put on a pair of pajama bottoms.  He sat down on the bed and watched Lindsey remove everything but her panties.  She walked to him and lay across his lap.

“I’m going to do something different,” he told her.  He showed her a short paddle made of beautiful light-colored wood.  “I’m going to use just paddles.  It will be the warmup and the spanking.”

“Ouch, it hurts already,” she said.

“No, I’ll go easy at first, and you’ll be okay later when it’s harder.”

“Okay, if you say so,” she answered doubtfully.

He began with swats so light they could hardly be called spanks, moving to different areas of her bottom and the upper part of her thighs to make sure every spot received attention.  She lay comfortably across his lap, finding a surprising level of enjoyment in the sensation.  After two or three minutes, he stopped and began rubbing her bottom and thighs gently.  Then he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees, exposing the bare skin of her bottom.

“Hmm, not very pink yet.  That’s okay; we’ve got plenty of time.  How do you feel?”

She answered, “I feel great.  What you’re doing feels really nice.”

He picked up the paddle again and resumed spanking her gently, making sure to spread his attention to all areas.  “How does that feel?” he asked her, rubbing her skin gently.

“It’s wonderful.  I didn’t know a paddle could feel like this.  All this time I thought I was allergic to wood.”

Mark laughed out loud.  “I’m glad you’re enjoying it, since this isn’t a naughty girl spanking.”

He rubbed her bottom a little longer and then began spanking again.  Almost imperceptibly, he began to increase the force of the swats.  He listened for verbal reactions from Lindsey and watched for flinching, relying on her indication of distress to guide the amount of force he used.  A few minutes later, he paused and began rubbing her bottom again.  “How are you doing,” he asked.

“It feels strange,” she replied.  “It doesn’t hurt, but my bottom feels real hot.”

“Well, this could be a sample of what hot flashes will be like when you’re older.”

“On my butt?” she asked, looking around at him.

“Why not?  Hot flashes affect a woman all over, don’t they?  Your butt is part of ‘all over.’ ”

“That doesn’t make sense, but I can’t think of a witty reply.”  She laid her head back down.

“I’m going to go a little harder,” Mark warned.  “I hope it will feel good and not too painful.  At least, that’s what I’m aiming for.  You know the old story about the frog in the pan of cold water?  The water gets gradually warmer and the frog doesn’t notice it, and soon the water is boiling.  I’m not trying to boil your bottom, but I do want it to be gradual so it winds up being a hard spanking without the trauma.  Or drama.”

“Are you calling me a ‘trauma queen’?”

Mark smacked her hard with the paddle.

“Owww,” she cried.  “That was NOT gradual,” Lindsey complained.

“Oh, my goodness.  That was involuntary.  I think it’s the paddle’s way of groaning.”

“Very funny.”

“Well, your pun wasn’t.”

“Okay, I forgot.  You don’t like puns.”

“Let’s get back to the matter at hand,” he said, patting her bottom.  He started spanking her again, alternating sides and continuing to cover all areas.  He gradually increased the intensity, always on the lookout for clues that Lindsey was experiencing more stress than he intended.  As the minutes went by, the force increased.  He again paused and began rubbing her bottom and thighs.  “How does that feel?” he asked.

“It’s really weird.  It feels about the same, but I know you’re hitting a lot harder.  I haven’t been in this situation before.”

“All right.  This is going to be a little change.”  He reached over to the dresser and picked up a paddle that was longer but similar in weight.  He swatted her sharply with it.  She flinched slightly.  He waited about 30 seconds and smacked her again, in a different place.  She murmured “unh” but did not flinch.  He hit in still another spot, and she breathed in deeply and then exhaled, but remained still.  He continued in this fashion, with 30-second pauses, each swat slightly more forceful than the last.  She continued to lie still, with only minimal reaction.  After the seventh swat at the slow tempo, Lindsey’s back began to shudder, and she started whimpering.  Mark laid the paddle down and reached for her shoulders.  He pulled her to a sitting position on his lap and held her while she cried.  He spoke to her softly, soothing her.

“I don’t know why I’m crying.  It didn’t hurt that much.”

“You’re crying because you’ve been under such a strain.  It’s tension relief, which is what I was trying to achieve.  I think you’re going to be sore tomorrow.  Your bottom looks like a couple of eggplants.

Lindsey burst out laughing, even as the tears flowed.  “Eggplants?  Let me see.”

Mark helped her off his lap, and she walked to the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.  Looking around at her bottom, Lindsey exclaimed, “Jiminy Crickets!  I didn’t even know skin could be this color.  It’s eggplant, all right.”  She reached back to touch her bottom cheeks with her hands.  “Wow!  That’s warm.  It’s numb now, but I’ll bet you’re right about my being sore tomorrow.”

Mark handed Lindsey a box of tissues from the nightstand.  “I want you to lie down on your back.”  He heard her blow her nose as he went into the bathroom, reached into a cabinet, and got a large bath towel, which he took back into the bedroom.  Lindsey was supine on the bed, and he draped the towel over her.  “I’ll be right back,” he said, disappearing into the hallway.

When he returned, Mark had a kitchen towel and a freezer bag filled with crushed ice.  “Here’s a cold pack for your face.”

Lindsey raised herself up on one elbow.  “What the heck’s wrong with my face?  You went out to dinner with this face,”  She protested indignantly.

Mark sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her arm.  “Honey, nothing is wrong with your lovely face.  It’s just that you’ve been crying, and I think that in the morning, the judge and the jury will be more impressed with your exquisitely beautiful face if your eyes aren’t puffy and you don’t look like you’ve been crying.  Now lie down and relax.”

“Oh, okay.  You’re right.”  Acquiescing, she lay back down.

Mark laid the towel across her eyes and placed the ice pack on the towel.  “How’s that?  Is it on both eyes?  It’s supposed to get colder, but only up to a point.”

“Yes, it’s on both eyes.  It feels nice and cool.”

“Pretty soon the towel will get damp from condensation, and it may feel colder.  I want it to stay on for 20 minutes unless it gets too cold.  Frostbite isn’t our goal.  I’ll be right here.”  He gently caressed her thigh.

Lindsey squirmed and reached down to touch an area of her right buttock.  “What’s the matter?  Something bothering you?”  Mark asked, chuckling.

“Just a little twinge,” she answered, smiling.

“Doesn’t it, though,” he agreed.

They were quiet for several minutes.  Then Mark announced, “Ten more minutes.”

“Mm-hmm,” Lindsey replied.  Then, anxiously, “Mark?”


“You are going to be there tomorrow, aren’t you?  In court, I mean.”

“Oh, yes.  The Budweiser Clydesdales couldn’t keep me away.”

“Good.  I was counting on it.”  Lindsey relaxed visibly.

After another period of silence, Mark said, “Five more minutes.  Are you warm enough?”

“Yes, I’m fine, and my eyes don’t feel too cold.  What time is it?”

Mark looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand.  “It’s 8:39.  You probably want to get on the road pretty soon.”

“Yes, I would.  I need to get home and get ready for court tomorrow and then get to bed on time.”

“What time do you have to be in bed?”

“Ten o’clock, or else.”

Mark chuckled.  “Or else your Disciplinarian has something to say about it?”

Lindsey smiled.  “Right.  And she says it like I can understand it.  Improvement came slowly for me, but I’ve gotten a lot better about it lately.”

“Good girl.”

“Thanks.  I’m more alert and more effective when I’ve slept well and long enough.  Mark?”


“Where did you get the idea for what you did tonight with the paddle?”

“I came up with it myself.  There’s the frog analogy, and then I thought the hard smacks at the end should be spaced out.  I figured if they were too close together, and built in intensity, the effect would be something else entirely.  I was hoping you would cry, because I thought you needed the emotional release.  I wasn’t sure it would work that way.”

“I’m glad it did.  I do feel better, but kind of weak.”

“You should still be okay to drive, but I’ll take you home if you want me to.  Time’s up.”  Mark reached for the ice pack and removed it while bringing her hand toward her eyes to shield them from the light.

As her eyes adjusted, Lindsey gazed up at Mark.  “You sure do take good care of me,” she said.

“I’m glad you think so,” he replied.  “That’s the plan.  Let’s get you up and see how you do.”  He took her hands and gently pulled her to her feet.

“Whoa,” said Lindsey, swaying slightly.  “I may have to get used to this.”

“You’ll be fine in a minute,” Mark assured her.  “Remember, you’ve been horizontal for nearly an hour.  And your body has been stressed.  The nutritious dinner we had will help a lot.  Why don’t you sit down, and I’ll bring your clothes.”  He lowered her back down to sit on the bed and went to get her things from the chair where she’d left them.

  She put on what she could while sitting down, and Mark knelt to put her trouser socks on.  Lindsey moved in a gingerly fashion to get each leg into her slacks, balancing with Mark’s help when she stood to pull them up.  “Wow, I’m gonna have a heck of a reminder of this tomorrow.  These pants hurt!  It feels good, though.”  He then placed her shoes where she would be able to step into them.

“Let’s see if I still know how to walk.”  She cautiously walked into the living room to the table where she had left her purse.

“You seem to have the hang of it, all right,” Mark said.  “I’ll walk you to the car.”

Lindsey turned to him.  “But first,” she said, hugging him to her, “Thank you for a wonderful evening.  “I keep trusting you to know what’s good for me, and you keep knowing it.”

As he embraced her, smoothing her hair, Mark said, “You’re precious to me, Lindsey.  This lawsuit is a big deal, and these people have caused you no end of turmoil, not only financially, but physically and emotionally, too.  You’ve held up through it all, and things have started going your way.  I hope the decision tomorrow also goes your way.  Now, get going.”  He gave her a final squeeze and turned her around to face the door.  He opened it, and they walked to her car.  He reached to open the door for her.  When she was behind the wheel, he closed the door firmly as she lowered her window.  He leaned down and kissed her through the window.  “I’ll meet you at the courthouse.”

“Okay,” Lindsey said.  “See you there.”  She started the car and backed out of the driveway.  As she changed gears from Reverse to Drive, she looked at him and he waved.

A short time later she was home and in the house.  She locked the door and made her way to the bedroom.  What she would wear to court the next morning was all prepared.  She took off her clothes, put them in the hamper, and took her nightgown from the hook in the bathroom door.  The garment felt cool as she put her arms through the sleeves and it slid over her head and down her body.  She looked at her face in the mirror and saw that her eyes seemed normal.  ‘Mark is such a genius,’ she thought.  She splashed water on her face and then patted it dry with the hand towel.  She brushed her teeth and went into the bedroom.

Lindsey pulled back the covers and sat down on her bed, unprepared for the sensation she experienced.  “Jiminy Crickets!” she said aloud.  It was as though her furniture had become petrified while she was gone from the house.  The comfortable mattress she had bought a year ago was now more like a bed of stone.  Admittedly, she relished the way it felt to her backside, because it proved that she had been soundly spanked, which was what she had wanted and needed.  She checked the time—9:45—wrote it in her bedtime journal, and set her alarm.  She lifted her legs onto the bed, turned off the bedside lamp, and promptly rolled over onto her stomach.

The next morning, Lindsey opened her eyes and looked at the clock.  The alarm would sound in nine minutes.  She closed her eyes again and lay still, remembering her wish.  It seemed like everything should just fall into place and she should be victorious in this lawsuit.  The other side had clearly invaded her privacy.  Sometimes, though, things just don’t work out the way they “should,” or the way we have them planned.  ‘Please let me win this case,’ she pleaded to whomever.

“RRRIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGGG,” went the alarm.  It was definitely a sound not to be ignored.  Lindsey swung her feet off the bed and sat up.  That was her first mistake.  “Oh, my heavens to Betsy,” she exclaimed.  She reached for the clock to turn off the raucous sound.  She turned on the lamp, stood up, and walked to the bathroom.  As she eyed the toilet seat she thought, ‘maybe I can just tinkle in the shower.’  It sounded reasonable enough.  But she needed coffee first.  Resigning herself to the necessity, she gently lowered herself to the seat.  At least it was cool.  But it HURT.  She breathed deeply, in and out, her eyes watering.  This was going to get worse, too, as the day progressed.  Finished with that task, she padded to the kitchen to make coffee.  While it dripped, she added a bowl of wheat flakes, orange juice, and a vitamin tablet to her breakfast menu.  She reached to pull a chair away from the table but changed her mind, thinking, ‘Forget it.  I’ll eat standing up.’  She downed the vitamin tablet with a large swallow of orange juice and then as many small swallows as needed to polish off the juice.  To Lindsey’s delight, her cereal seemed particularly flavorful this morning.  She ate while looking out the window over the sink.  It was barely dawn, and there was little to see.  After spooning up the last of the cereal, she drank the remaining milk from the bowl, rinsed it and the juice glass, and put them into the dishwasher.  By then the coffee was ready.  She poured some into her favorite mug and added milk.  Putting the milk back into the refrigerator, she picked up the mug and returned to the bathroom.

Lindsey turned on the shower, waited 15 seconds, and stuck her hand in to check the temperature.  It was nice and warm.  ‘Now comes the fun part,’ she thought.  She stepped into the shower facing the stream of water.  So far, so good.  She let her face and hair get wet and then turned around.  For a few seconds, she was paralyzed, it hurt so much.  That was the worst part, though.  She then shampooed her hair, washed, and got out of the shower and dried off.  Between sips of coffee, she dried her hair, got dressed, and put on her makeup.  She carried her coffee into the kitchen, drank the last of it, rinsed the mug, and put it in the dishwasher.  She was ready to leave.  She checked to make sure the bathroom light was off and the coffeemaker was turned off.  She picked up her purse and went out the front door, locking it behind her.

Lindsey unlocked the door to her car and braced herself for the ordeal of getting in and sitting in the driver’s seat.  ‘Man, oh man,’ she thought.  Breathing deeply and evenly, she started the car and was on her way.  Because she was early, traffic was lighter than what she usually encountered when leaving later.  That made the drive time shorter and also lessened the typical stress she had to deal with when traffic was heavy.  She also was able to find a convenient parking place easily.  She waited patiently for several minutes and then heard the sound of a familiar car horn to her left.  Mark was pulling into a parking space three cars away.  He got out and came over to her window.

“Are you ready to go in?” he asked.

“Sure,” Lindsey answered.  “We can go in the building.  We can loiter a little while before going into the courtroom.”

Mark opened the door for her and she got out of the car.  “I saw you wince when you swiveled toward the door.  That bad, huh?”

She looked at him.  “You really poured it on last night,” she said softly.  “You sure know how to hurt a girl, you know that?”  She smiled affectionately.

Mark smiled back at her.  “It’s a talent, I guess.  Too bad I can’t advertise.”

“I wouldn’t want you to do that,” she argued.  “Then I’d have to fight off the competition.  All the spanko girls would line up to sample your wares.”

Mark put his arm around her and they walked into the courthouse.  “Do you want to find a place to sit and wait?” he asked.

“I want to find a place to stand and wait,” Lindsey replied, smiling.

He looked at his watch.  “It’s ten minutes till nine.  Maybe we should go in.”  She nodded in agreement, and they entered the courtroom and found seats near the Plaintiff’s table.  Several people were already present.

Lindsey’s attorney came down the aisle and greeted her, shaking hands with Mark.  He escorted Lindsey to the Plaintiff’s table, where they both sat down.  A minute later, the Defendant and her attorney came down the far aisle and sat at the Defendant’s table.

After 12 minutes, a door near the judge’s bench opened and the bailiff ushered in the jury.  The jurors filed in and took their assigned seats.  The bailiff closed the door and moved to his table.  Two minutes later, he stood and announced loudly, “All rise.”  Everyone in the room rose to his feet as the judge entered and took his place on the bench.  Then everyone again sat.

The judge looked toward the jury and asked, “Madam Foreperson, has the jury reached a verdict?”

Juror number one, a middle-aged woman, stood and said, “We have, Your Honor.”

The judge indicated to the bailiff to get the piece of paper with the verdict written on it from the foreperson and bring it to the judge.  The bailiff did so, the judge read it and handed it back, and the bailiff then returned the paper to the foreperson.

“Madam Foreperson will please read the verdict.”

The Plaintiff, the Defendant, and both attorneys stood for the reading of the verdict.

The Foreperson announced, “We, the Jury, find in favor of the Plaintiff.”

The Judge then asked, “Madam Foreperson, have you assessed damages in this case?”

The Foreperson replied, “We have, Your Honor.  We, the Jury, assess damages in the amount of $50,000 to be awarded to the Plaintiff.”

“I thank the Jury for your service.  You are dismissed,” said the Judge.  “Court is adjourned.”

Lindsey shook her attorney’s hand and then walked to Mark.  They left the courtroom and walked out of the courthouse toward their cars.  Mark said, “This calls for a celebration, even more than your birthday.  We ought to go out to dinner again, with Mindy, Andrea, and Sherry.  Maybe even another celebration spanking.”

“Um, Mark?”  Lindsey looked at him.  “Can it wait a week?”

Mar 282015


Boys and Girls,

The next time I decide to give a whole bunch of stuff away, remind me how long it took to edit and post all the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  entries. Wow, you guys and gals can write!


– Dana



“The Resort”   

Looking past the canopy bed, its beautiful peach satin drapes neatly placed over all four posts and towards the babbling creek running throughout property, Karen began imagining herself at The Resort. Not a resort, The Resort.

Every night for the last month Karen pictured herself at a fictional specialized private resort nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains just passed Malibu and only a few miles from its famed Pepperdine University. The Resort she imagined herself at wasn’t a spa or family vacation spot, it was one strictly for adults; adults with a very special kink….spanking. The Resort was an all inclusive spanking venue, a small piece of heaven for the most discerning true spanko.

Hearing the creek babble outside her window, looking out the bedroom balcony sliding glass doors, closing her eyes and wishing as hard as she possibly could, “Please, please, please make The Resort real and my home away from home!” Karen’s eyes closed as she began to drift off to sleep.

Awakening, Karen found her bottom to be sore as she rolled over from her side onto her bared backside. She recognized her own canopy bed and the peach satin draping she’d selected for it two years ago, however, everything else was different. She wasn’t in her condo at all.

Getting out of bed she found herself completely naked, but that’s not how she went to bed. A glimpse in the mirror confirmed her suspension; she’d been spanked. “What the…….?”

A soft plush full length robe and sleepers were set neatly across the arm-less chair in the bedroom. Karen quickly put on the robe, noticing a gold monogram with the initials TR on the upper right side. Sliding on the slippers she began walking towards the door of what most certainly was a small hotel suite, wondering where could she be. Nearing the door to the suite, Karen began to hear familiar sounds, those of a bared bottom being spanked; actually, more like a few bared bottoms being spanked.

Opening the door to confirm her suspicions she found a woman, spread over a man’s lap getting a full and powerful spanking. Little moans of och, ohhhh and apologizes came from the woman. Her legs kicking wildly and her light brown backside was rapidly turning a very bright pink. The man was seated in an arm-less chair identical to the one in Karen’s room. She began looking down the hallway and noticing the art work on the walls, they were all of men and women in various spanking poses and positions; all receiving spankings. This was just as had pictured The Resort in her dreams, exactly what she’d wished for before closing her eyes to sleep.


A few doors down was a fully naked man over the knee of another man and receiving what seemed to be a long hard and extended paddling. Karen was becoming fascinated by the paddling and the man’s near silence, other than a few moans and grunts as his naked bottom took smack and smack. She nearly began to cry, almost feeling the pain he must have been experiencing. Placing her hands over her bottom, Karen began rubbing her sore backside as it seemed to be getting warmer and warmer just from watching two very deliberate spankings.

“How can this be? How can this possibly be?”

“Karen Welten!” A stern voice from the man spanking the woman just outside Karen’s door yelled out.
“What are you doing? I spanked you and put you to bed for the night, but it looks as though you’ve not quite learned your lesson yet, have you young lady?”

Startled Karen shot back, “What are you talking about, and who on earth are you?”

Looking at the spankee draped over his knee the man stopped spanking her, gave her now bright red bottom a few rubs and assisted her off his lap. They smiled at each other.

“Wow David, you’re still the best.” The woman then headed a few doors down the hallway and into a room.

“Karen Welten, you don’t recall being rude and disrespectful towards me and the staff when we arrived?”

“When we arrived? What are you taking about? What’s your name, David?”

David stood up and began walking towards Karen. “I guess you’re being silly now, aren’t you Karen? Okay, I’ll play along. I’m David Sterns Jackson and we’ve been dating for the last six months, as if you didn’t know. Remember our chatting from the Spanking Personal site for nearly 2 months, meeting and hitting it off right away?”

Karen looked puzzled.

“I think this should refresh your memory.” With both a command and gentleness in his action, in what seemed like one quick move, Karen’s robe came up and David had her bent over and secured in his grasp. His hand came down on her exposed bottom with ten quick and commanding smacks to each cheek.

“Now that I have your attention, lets see if I can get your memory back.”

David Sterns Jackson began leading her to the spanking chair and Karen was in full submission, nearly gliding herself across his lap.

“I’m sorry I acted naughty when we arrived, David. I’m sorry for playing that foolish little game with you just now. I won’t act this way again.”

“Well, I’m just going to make sure you don’t, young lady.” His hand began rubbing her bottom as he

viewed the results from that earlier spanking with pride for his skills and a growing excitement from the view of Karen’s bared bottom and her ease in getting right into place.

“You’re going to be here a little while, you under stand that don’t you.”

“Yes, sir.” Her mind was now beginning to wander and a slight bit of embarrassment brushed over her as she lay exposed to anyone who should pass their way. The two men were now standing to the side of David and Karen, with the spanked man dressed in a resort robe, like the one now in a puddle at Karen’s side. David had her in a very modest position, legs together right across his knee. However, he knew very well, when the spanking gets harder and her legs get going she won’t stay that way.

Over and over and over and over David’s hand began to land swat after swat after swat. First a round of ten swats to each cheek and a nice soft rubbing of her soreness. Next a round of twenty to each cheek with more rubbing. As David was beginning the round of thirty to each cheek, Karen could no longer hold herself back and began crying out loud, spreading her legs for all to see her womanhood and kicking profusely. Though it all, David remained on task.

At this time the hallway was filled with resort guest taking in the show David and Karen were providing for them. Some people attempting to move in for a closer view, however, as The Resort rules stated, they were careful not to fully obstruct others.

By the time David assisted Karen off his lap nearly eight minutes had passed. He placed Karen’s head on his chest, allowing her to cry out the pain, embarrassment and joy from her experience.

Kissing him and then beginning assisted into the robe he’d removed from her, Karen began to notice the crowd she managed to have attracted and a bright smile came to her now tear stained face.

“Alright, into the room so I can lotion that sore bottom of yours.”

“Yes, sir. Sorry folks, as you hear I have to go now.” As Karen walked into the mini suite applause began to ring and echo off the walls of the resort.

Mar 182015




I hope you’re in the mood for more great spanking stories, because here comes another entry for the ‘Spanking Wish’ contest .~~


– Dana




“The Wishing Well”

Anne and Julie ran towards the Outdoor fish pond in the Garden Centre, clutching their Ice Creams, which Julie had just bought for them. As they reached the pond, Julie was still trying to put the change she had been given, away in her purse – as she did so, she dropped a coin in the pond! One of the Coy Carp, tried to investigate, but didn’t like the taste, so spat it out again, where it settled to the bottom of the pond.

As the girls looked down, they saw there were a few other coins there – “I wonder if it’s like a ‘Wishing Well’ said Anne. “I don’t know replied Julie, but I might as well try anyway, you never know…”

“What did you wish for?” asked Anne. “I’m not telling you, or it won’t come true” said Julie, thinking to herself – If only you knew! She had secretly wished to be spanked by an Actor – as she thought vaguely of all the film stars – no one in particular! She knew she would NEVER admit THAT to Julie, who was very “Prim & Proper” underneath her outward bravado!

Just then Julies phone rang, it was her latest boyfriend! She had not had much luck in that area, especially as she was not prepared to have sex before marriage, which most folk she met, seemed to think strange! – Anyway, Ted wanted to take her out for lunch, as he had a bit of extra lunch time from the hospital where he worked in the office – she decided to agree, as Anne would be otherwise engaged by then.

Over lunch, a group of rowdy teenagers came in – Boisterous rather than bad, finished with School, but not yet adult! Ted looked across at them, and remarked “They could do with someone taking them across their knee, and giving them a good Spanking” – Julies ears picked up, and she replied with a question, “Do you believe in Spanking then as a punishment for bad behaviour?” His reply, “Spare the Rod and spoil the child” surprised her – she had heard it somewhere before – but her actual response, was to say “They are hardly ‘Children’ now at their ages!” Ted did not ‘pick up on the implied challenge to his statement!

After the meal, when Ted invited her to spend a little time with him, watching TV in his flat, Julie was cautious! She had not really taken on the Christian Faith, but she HAD gone to Sunday School, and the teaching about the sanctity of marriage had really struck a chord in her heart! She was determined never to have sex, until she was married! So she politely declined, making some excuse about studying with Anne, her flatmate!
They had been going out for about a month, during which she learned he was the son of a clergyman, so she had nothing to fear from him! She also learned that he worked in the administration office of the local hospital (He HAD thought of becoming a nurse, but decided he could still work in the Hospital ‘Admin’ as a more ‘Manly’ occupation!)

When he called her on the Mobile, to invite her for an afternoon with him at home – he had something to tell her – She was delighted and accepted – She felt almost like a school girl again – When she saw him across the road, where they had agreed to meet, she waved, and in a fit of bravado, remembering her wilder days, she “Played Chicken” crossing the road, and nearly got herself run over! (It WAS a bit close, but she got through, and the old exhilaration came back to her, as she proudly ran up to Ted with her arms wide – Then she saw his face! He was White, all the colour drained away! “You Stupid, Stupid Girl” he said, his voice shaking with emotion “You nearly got yourself killed!” – She immediately felt guilty, after all, she was 22 now, and should have had more sense! “I am so sorry” She said “I used to do that all the time when I was at School – and I never got hit!”

Ted’s face began to regain its colour – as he told her “You WILL be sorry, my girl! You will never do that again, I can Promise you!” She felt distinctly nervous, as he took her arm and propelled her to his car, parked in a side street, about 30 yards away! He wasn’t rough with her, but VERY Firm, in a way he never had been before! He was silent during the short drive to the Flat he called ‘Home’. Julie was beginning to feel very uneasy – she had never seen Ted like this before! She had tried to say “I have never done that since School, and I promise…” Ted cut her short, as he quite curtly told her “We will discuss this when we get home!” After that she had remained silent too.

When they got in the flat (Still in silence, which was becoming ominous) Ted closed the curtains (His window was overlooked from across the road!) then he placed a Dining room chair (no arms) in the centre of the room, and sat down on it! He called her towards him, in a firm voice that brooked no nonsense: “Now we are going to talk about this” – She stood in front of him, and he took her hands, as he went on “As a child and teenager, we were very rarely spanked,” Julies eyes widened, in real fear at the mention of spanking! Ted continued “but when we were, it meant that we had done something really bad” – “Please, NOT that” said Julie in desperation! Ted ignored her and went on “and the consequences were something we would never forget!”

Julie was almost stunned when Ted pulled her round, and firmly forced her over his Knees – She hardly noticed when he removed her skirt, to largely expose her bottom! He started to slap the cheeks of her backside, quite hard – in a way, she knew that she had always wanted this – but the reality was NOT exactly what she had dreamed of – it HURT!, then the real indignity – he pulled her Knickers all the way down! She brought her feet up, in a vain effort to prevent losing them completely, but that just made it easier! She was SO ashamed! She vaguely heard Ted say “This is only the start! You are really going to learn your lesson today – NEVER to take risks like that again – Do you understand? NEVER!” All this time the Spanking was getting harder! Then he stopped, stroked her bottom (How was she to know he was really checking on any swelling from the spanking so far!)
Ted reached under the Chair, and Julie looked over her shoulder, only to see Ted had the biggest Hairbrush she had ever seen! Where on Earth did THAT come from, she wondered? Her thoughts were broken by the explosion of pain in her right buttock, as the hairbrush found its mark! The Agony! She thought her bottom was about to burst! She wriggled frantically, but he had her tight, but she WAS aware that her struggles had only resulted in a FAR greater exposure than she had expected – everything was visible, yet she could do nothing to stop it – The embarrassment and the pain just opened the floodgates of her tears – She was sobbing her heart out! And still it just seemed to go on and on!

Finally, it came to an end, and she just lay there, just too exhausted, physically and emotionally to move! The Wracking sobs had reduced to a quiet, gasping, flow of tears! She noticed Ted was again stroking her tender behind – but this time it was a tender, comforting caressing! After a short while Ted helped her to her feet, and round to the other side of his legs, as he sat her gently down on his knees! As he gently hugged her to himself, he said “You deserve Corner time, but as we are not yet related – I will spare you that humiliation!” It took Julie quite some time, before she even realized the presence of that little word “yet”…

She began to sit up and take notice; it had been an incredible experience – Not at all what she had imagined! She was still naked from the waist downwards! She looked sharply at him, but there was not a trace of lewdness in his eyes, which were slightly moist – showing the depth of his concern. She gave him a hug (She never really knew why?) and he responded with a gentle kiss on her cheek, before she got up to collect her clothes to get dressed again!

While she did so, Ted busied himself putting the chair away, with his back to her, as she re-dressed – She said nothing, but appreciated this simple courtesy.

The whole thing was clearly over, the relationship was restored, and Ted began to ask her if she would come to the theatre some time? He told her he was a Member of an amateur Dramatic Society, and last night, was his FIRST time as Lead Actor in a Play they were doing that week – At a venue that liked to encourage new talent! All at once she remembered her wish! Seemed her wish was granted, but in a way that was infinitely better than she could ever have dreamed…

Jun 182014


Here’s a great entry to the Sin City Spanks story contest : “Chapter Twelve” by miss Randy Lee. Enjoy!

–  Dana

by Randy Lee

It was seven o’clock in the evening. The bright desert sun was still showing plenty of strength on this May evening. The congenial group of four women strolled down the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip leaning close to whisper humorous snippets in each other’s ears. Their laughs and giggles blended into the conversations and loud laughter of other groups on the sidewalk. Dotty, Hope, Lynette, and Pam had just graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in their home state of Texas and had come to Las Vegas to celebrate. Having spent four years preparing to take their places in society, focusing on different subjects before concentrating their efforts in their various major fields of study, it was agreed that this was a time for letting their collective hair down, figuratively speaking. Since their high school days, each girl’s educational pursuit had demanded a regimented life both inside and outside her classrooms. Now that their respective scholastic goals had been achieved, they were here to paint the town red! Hope began moving a little ahead of the others and approached the door of a Las Vegas business establishment. On it were the letters SPA in elaborate script style.
She turned to her friends, regarded them with a wide grin, and gestured toward the door. “This is it, girls,” she announced.
The other three women froze in their tracks, their faces showing disbelief. “Wait just a dadgum minute,” Lynette protested. “We’re supposed to be going to a casino. You know, as in gambling? We can go to a spa back home anytime we want, without shelling out all those bucks for airfare.”
“Okay, calm down, Lyn. This is a casino, I promise,” Hope assured her.
“So you’ve been here before?” Pam asked.
“Twice,” Hope confirmed. “My ex-boyfriend brought me here near the end of our junior year, and I came back last Christmas vacation to do some exploring by myself. I had a blast! I’ll bet y’all are gonna love it.”
“Oh, yeah?” This from Pam. “Whatta you bet?”
“We’ll discuss it later,” Hope replied, a hint of mystery in her voice.
“Hmmh!” Pam grunted skeptically.
Dotty, the quiet member of the group, and Lynette were unmoved—literally—from their positions alongside Pam.
Hope decided some coaxing was in order. “Awww, c’mon, y’all! What’s life without a little suspense and drama?”
“Oh, all right,” Pam conceded. She turned to her skeptical buddies and suggested, “Let’s go see what this ‘spa’ is all about.”
Hope pulled the door open and held it for the other three. They trooped in for a distance of about five feet and again were brought up short. Hope watched the three newcomers take in the room’s beautiful decor. There was furniture of rich, dark hardwood and upholstery in equally rich red and gold velvet and brocade. Satin treatments adorned mock windows. No source of water was evident, and no scent of either chlorine or massage oil rankled the nose. No people were evident, either. Not another soul occupied the exquisitely appointed room.
Dotty murmured, “This isn’t like any spa I ever saw before.”
Lynette echoed her observation and added, “Or casino, either.”
“It’s different, I’ll admit,” Hope acknowledged. “Well, come along. Let’s get this party started. I’ll show you the fun room where the gambling happens.”
She led her companions in the direction of a door which bore the letters NKO. As they approached, the sound of a ball hopping on a spinning roulette wheel could be heard. There was also the distinct click of a cue ball striking racked balls on a pool table. Hope pressed a button on the wall beside the door. The four women heard no sound, but a voice from a speaker above them said, “Identify.”
Hope spoke plainly, “Hope M. 7239.”
“Enter,” the voice said. A buzzer sounded, and Hope pushed the door open. A tall man wearing a red polo shirt tucked into black trousers stood guard at the door. He motioned the women to come in, glanced quickly beyond them in all directions, and closed the door. He gestured to an electronic scanner next to him and ordered, “Handprint.” Hope laid her right hand flat on the glass surface of the machine and held still. A light moved back and forth under the glass twice and then went out. A beep sounded, and the man said, “Okay.” Hope looked at him. He nodded, she removed her hand, and he indicated with a slight movement of his head that the four could move about the room freely.
As they walked farther into the room, Pam noted sarcastically, “That guy’s a real chatterbox.”

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Mar 012014

Short, sweet, and powerful, I think you’re going to like ‘The New Toy’ – another entry in the Future Spank story contest.

– Dana

The new toy


My eyes flickered open to the red glow of the morning sun. I rubbed my eyes as usual and stretched. A familiar voice greeted me. “Good morning Ms Anderson. Here is your morning coffee and newspaper. I took the liberity of downloading all of the morning news and events that you usually follow. Would you like your morning update?”  I declined and just held out my hand. Robert, my 6000 series, handed me the digital file.  As I plugged it into my digitizer the morning briefing came online.


There was no bad news today as like every other day. It is so much better then it was before. No  rape, no murder and no one being murdered. The new robots took care of that. They were quite good and  were almost indistinguishable from humans. Their only flaw logic.  Emotion is something that can not be programmed in.


As I sat and thought about the days task my mind kept wondering. The new 6000 series was supposed to follow every command. They were made to keep their owners satisfied in every way possible.  They were even able to respond and react to sexual pleasure and tonight I was going to test out how well they would respond to something else. I wanted him to give me the spanking of my life. It wasn’t because I was punishing myself or because I had done something wrong, The digitizer located behind my left ear made sure of that.  I was just because I liked it.  There was something about being bent over over by him that I had fantasized about.  I sat down at my computer and I put together several files for me to upload into his system.  I knew once I uploaded everything there was no going back.


The ride to the office was the same boring thing.  Cars were fitted with magnetic pulsars  and roads were polarized differently . They took the same technology from a old bullet train that rode on magnetic rails and implemented them into cars.  Getting rid of pollution and the need for fuel all  together.  The office was just about as boring. The one good thing here was that everyone was still human.  I liked running the leading software company in the world. Everyday I get to face challenges that that is what I liked but today  my mind was not in it and the day just seemed to drag on.



When I arrived home Robert was not there to greet me as usual.  I called for him but he didnt answer. I figured he must be charging.  I hung up my bad and placed my shoes next to the door and started to walk inside When all of a sudden I felt a hand grab my arm.  I turned around in shock to see that it was Robert.  I struggled against him but it was useless.  I might as well have been an kitten trying to escape. He led me to the bedroom and pulled me across his lap. In less then a second my skirt and panties were torn off.  Then it landed,  the first hit.  It felt like fire had torn across my ass and I flinched and tried to get away but it was useless. Blow after blow  his hand landed  first the right cheek then the left. There was no area that was being missed.  I continued to struggle but it was in vane. Tears were streaming down my face  and I pleaded with him to stop. My pleas were only answered by another blow. Before I knew it my struggling had turned into grinding as the blows came faster and faster. I reached my peak  and as I lay drenched and crying across his lap the blows  stopped. He gently lifted me up and began to caresses my face.  I folded into his arms and sobbed quietly. Thank you Robert I needed that. Now delete all files.


Then end.