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“My Spanking Wish”

One day while walking along the shore of a pristine mountain lake feeling rather alone and unloved I came across the perfect skipping stone and thought that this stone would make a perfect object to make a wish with. I thought that if I could get this stone to skip across the water my wish would come true and the more skips it made the more likely my wish will come to pass.

So I picked up the rock and made my wish:

I wish that I had a strong mother figure in my life who cared enough about me and my emotional health to put me across her knee and spank me soundly and frequently.

I took a deep breath, rolled the rock around in my hand until I had the perfect grip, got into the perfect stance and let the stone fly with all my might. It struck the water at the perfect angle and bounced high then skipped across the lake until it went out of sight. My heart leaped out of my chest and I yelled with joy. I hoped with all my being that my wish would come true.

The next day I received a call from Sue a female friend of mine. She asked what I had been up to and if I had some free time. I said I was not up to much and currently out of work, and asked why. She said that she had an old friend who just moved into town and needed someone to help her unpack, and do some work around her house. I said I could do that. She gave me her name and number and told me to call her friend and let her know that she referred me.

I immediately called her friend. A pleasant well-spoken voice answered the phone and introduced herself as Mary. I introduced myself and said that Sue had told me to call. She said Oh! Yes, she mentioned you and said that you and I would get along nicely. She gave me her address and told me to come by the next day at 7 am. I thanked her and said I would be there.

The next morning I got up, showered, and got ready. I left a few minutes before 7 am and arrived about 15 minutes late. A very beautiful woman dressed in professional attire answered the door. I introduced myself and her look turned stern. She said, “You are late.” I apologized and made up some excuse, which I could tell she was not buying. She said that this is not going to work if she cannot rely on me at all times, and if I cannot follow simple instructions. She started to close the door and I stopped the door with my hand and begged her to give me another chance. I told her I needed the job and that I could follow her orders and would do anything to show her I can be a good worker.

She gave me a long stern look as though she was looking into my sole. She said fine but your tardiness must be punished do you understand. My heart leapt into my trout and I swallowed hard and said yes. She gave me another hard look and said, “Very well then come in. She led me to the kitchen, pointed to the table and told me to strip and place my clothing folded neatly on the table and then stand with my nose against the refrigerator door until told to move. She then left the room.

I nervously undressed folding my clothing, and walked over to the refrigerator and placed my nose on it and waited for her to return. I found myself shaking with nerves and anticipation. I wondered to myself if my wish was coming true and to some degree hoped it was.

After it seemed forever, she came walking back into the kitchen. She was talking on the phone. As she came over to me, I felt her hand rub and squeeze my bottom and herd her telling the person on the phone that I was late but might still give me a chance depending how well I handle my spanking. I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment that she was telling this to the other person. When she finished the call, she told me that was Sue on the phone checking on how I was doing. Mary asked, “You don’t want to disappoint Sue and make her look bad do you?” I said No!

I could hear her moving around the kitchen, and papers shuffling. She was apparently going about her day without regard for me standing there naked up against her refrigerator. After the longest time she said, “So are you ready to get this over with so you can get started with your work?” I said “Yes Ma’am. I heard a chair move and she told me to come over to her. As I turned, I could see her sitting in a chair in the middle of the room within arm’s length from the table. On the table was a thick wooden paddle with a rope attached to the handle and a glove.

She instructed me to stand in front of her and open my legs. As I stood there, she inspected every inch of my body with the intensity of an inspector looking for any imperfections. She looked up into my eyes and gave a very hard stare. She told me to place myself across her lap

I got into position. Without notice, she started spanking me with her hand. I could feel the sting as her hand landed firmly on my bare bottom. The strokes delivered at a steady pace and continually became harder and hurt more. It did not take but a few minutes before the pain was becoming unbearable. I started to kick and move. She struck the tender flesh of my upper leg with a very hard swat and told me to be still or my punishment will last longer and be more severe.

After what seemed like forever, she told me to get up on my knees. I knelt next to her rubbing my ass. She got up, got herself a cup of coffee, and came back and sat down. She sipped on her coffee and looked over some more paperwork, not saying a word, just enjoying her coffee. She set her coffee down, picked up the glove, put it on her hand, and then picked up the paddle and slid her hand into the leather string. She gave the paddle a spin and cinched it up to her wrist. She then got a firm grip on the paddle with her gloved hand, looked me with a smile on her face, and said get back in position.

As I settled into position she stated that the spanking I had just received was just a worm up and now she was going to see just how devoted I will be. If I do not take my spanking, our relationship will end and I will not get the job. The first swat landed on my right cheek and stung so bad that I jumped. Before I could recover, the next landed on my left cheek with as much force and pain. I could not believe how much the paddle hurt. I was not given much time to thank as each swat landed with force. My mind was going frantic. I wished it would stop but could tell that she was very skilled and was enjoying herself. I found myself trying to get away and kicking. She put her leg over mine, grabbed my right arm pulling it behind my back and pushing it hard toward my upper back. She had me locked in and I could not move. Once in this position the spanking became faster and harder. She was laying into my bare ass with the paddle like a maniac showing me no mercy. I started to scream, beg for mercy, and starting balling. This only made her increase speed and force. I finally clasped over her knee and balled uncontrollably.

The spanking finally stopped. She put the paddle down on the table, released her grip on me, and instructed me to stand up and turn around so she can examine her work. I complied and tried to regain my composure and some degree of manliness. After examining my butt she got up, left the room, returning shortly with a blue ribbon. She set back down and instructed me to turn around.

She looked into my eyes and said that she was pleased with my performance and has decided to, give me a try, but that I was on probation for the next six months. She said that the job was to be her personal attendant. She explained that I was to attend to her needs whatever they may be, that any substandard performance will be dealt with in the same manner as it was today, and asked if I understood. I said yes.

She then asked if I was familiar with the practice of tying a string around your finger if you wanted to remember something. I said yes I had herd of that. She said good then this ribbon would act as a reminder that you are to be on time and that you work for me. She then tied the ribbon around the base of my penis and balls synching it tightly. She then brought the ribbon around the top of my sack and again synched it up tight and finished it off with a bow. She stated that I was to leave the ribbon in place for the next six months.

She then told me to get dressed and start unpacking the boxes that were stacked in the corner. I dressed and started working, thinking that my wish had come true.             


Mar 202015



We’ll all be up to our ears (thank goodness!) in new reading material thanks to the   ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  .


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“A Wish Come Through”

IT WAS Anthony’s 60th Birthday. As he blew out the candles he made the two-part wish he always wished on birthdays, when the first star appeared at night, and even when he received the larger piece of the wish bone.

Turning 60 years old, 6’5,” just a bit over weight, good looking, intelligent with a fantastic sense of humor. Anthony never looked his age; in fact, most would guess his age to be under 50. Anthony lived alone in a 4-room apartment in a very prestigious location surrounded by students, few good friends and some very wealthy people. Anthony was divorced 18 months ago after being married fourteen years. Since his divorce, he had met three different ladies.
Anthony was normal in every way with one exception; he was turned on by spanking and domestic discipline. He had enjoyed this from the age of 18. He introduced all his girlfriends to a stinging red hot sore bottom. Anthony scolded his girlfriends for anything he would consider punishable by a spanking. The very first girlfriend he spanked was four years older than he, but if she didn’t “toe the line” she found herself across his lap like a naughty little girl being soundly spanked until tears flowed, she begged for the spanking to stop and humbly apologized. Almost every time they went out Anthony found a reason to spank her. It was the era of miniskirts and hot pants. He made sure her hot pants were always hot. She lived with her parents so most of the spanking took place in the car while parked in her parent’s driveway. Her sister walked up to the car late one evening and she quietly watched her sister kicking her legs, crying like a child as her bare bottom went from pink to a deep red. She really teased her about it. Her mother also knew she was getting spanked on a regular basis. She took Anthony aside and claimed there was a change in her behavior and thanked Anthony for disciplining her daughter. After about nine months Anthony broke up with her. He was very happy but felt something was missing. She wanted to marry but he wouldn’t.

The next ten years were basically the same. If his girlfriend misbehaved she was spanked. He made sure they were well spanked. He loved when they had their own apartment. He initiated corner time, mouth washing for cursing or talking back and other humiliating punishments. Anthony wasn’t an angel; in fact, one of his girlfriends expressed belief that his behavior was just as bad if not worse and he needed to be spanked.

After she made this comment on two different occasions he took his belt off and offered to take a strapping. She took the strap but flung it on the chair and said she couldn’t do it. Anthony, very curious about getting spanked, was disappointed.  He had hated getting the strap when he was a child but having to submit to a lady somehow stirred his imagination. He had heard about ladies spanking their man and he was curious to experience as well as give them.
Anthony started to become more interested in females spanking males. He read stories, watched movies and checked out magazines. He wondered what it would be like to have a relationship with a lady that would stand up to him, be determined and unrelenting and give him a sound spanking when she decided he needed it. Anthony would always wish to meet a lady like that. At the age of 36 he was hanging out at discos, he didn’t have a steady girlfriend but did meet lots of ladies at the club where he would talk, dance a bit and offer them some cocaine. Anthony was a heavy user. Most ladies he met would take him up on his offer. They would go to a motel and after a short time he would convince her she needed a spanking; he spanked her and then they would have sex.
It was a regular Sunday night, and, as usual Anthony was at the disco drinking, partying and everything else. He met a young lady who was with her friend. They started to talk, dance, and Anthony bought a few drinks for both of them. He didn’t offer them any drugs. Afterward she asked him to come back to her apartment. Anthony saw an opportunity and accepted.

When they arrived at her apartment the lady changed into a very sexy skimpy outfit. Anthony was sure she would be across his lap in due time.  She sat on his lap and a minute later jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She had too much to drink and was sick.
Anthony was disappointed but he figured he would hit on her friend. They started to talk and she claimed she was engaged to be married in less than a year. Anthony spent about three hours in conversation. Naturally he brought up his favorite subject. She said she was turned on by hand spanking. Her fantasy was to be made to strip naked be taken across a man’s lap and be spanked. Anthony offered to spank her but again she reminded him that she was engaged and that she also said she didn’t want to wake anyone.  Her fiancé didn’t know of her spanking fetish. They talked and talked. Anthony confessed to her his fantasy about being taken over the lap of a lady and given a good spanking.

Anthony had to be at work in three hours. He went home, slept a bit, got up and went to work. He thought about this lady all day. She was 5’10” and muscular.  He could really picture himself across her lap.

Two weeks went by and Anthony was at his favorite disco. It wasn’t very crowded. About a half hour after he arrived the lady who had occupied his thoughts for two weeks walked up and kissed him. She said she was thinking about what they talked about and really wanted a spanking. She suggested they leave and go to a motel. Who could resist?

They each drove their own cars. Anthony rented the room. As soon as they walked in Angela stripped and pulled out the straight back chair that was in the room. She lay across Anthony’s lap. Anthony knew what to do. He gave her a long hard spanking, she cried and cried. After they didn’t have sex but did “play around.” She told Anthony she would see him again soon. Anthony was beaming with delight.

The following Sunday, same time, same place he meets Angela. Anthony brought a paddle with him. As soon as they were in the room she stripped nude and lay across his lap. About half way through Anthony produced the paddle and really burned her bottom. Anthony could tell she was upset and that her bottom really hurt. Her bottom was almost blistered it was ashen white. She had emphasized that it was imperative no marks were left in fear that her fiancé would see them. Anthony lay on the bed while Angela went into the bathroom. Several minutes later Angela came out of the bathroom and without saying a word she proceeded to bind Anthony’s ankles to his wrist. Anthony was shocked it happened so fast. Angela was determined nothing could stop her. She got Anthony’s belt from his pants she whipped the front of his legs and his bottom down to the back of his knees. By the time she was finished he had welts from his waist to his knees front and back. She gave him a couple of minutes respite while she explained to him that from now on she will not be the only one being spanked. She sternly told him he was never to use more than his hand on her bottom. She advised him he would never be spanked by hand. She picked up the paddle and started to spank his bare bottom unmercifully until it was bruised and blistered and red and purple. She untied the rope and escorted him to the corner. She told him not to speak or move and to keep his hands on his head. He obeyed without question. While he was in the corner she left.

The next day Anthony was driving to work his bottom burned and sitting was quite painful but he was aroused, he couldn’t understand it. He called Angela to apologize and she told him to meet her on Wednesday.
Wednesday night Anthony was standing at the disco bar having a cocktail when Angela came over to him and whispered into his ear: “I know you were a naughty boy and you need a spanking.” Anthony was excited but a bit apprehensive; his bottom was not quite healed from Sunday. She put a small package in his pocket, pointed to the bathroom and told him to put them on. Angela had placed a plastic bag with pink frilly panties in his pocket. He was nervous but took off his underwear and replaced them with the panties. He had his underwear in his pocket, Angela took his underwear out and disposed of it in the thrash.

Once at the motel Angela stripped naked, had Anthony sit in the straight back chair and she eagerly went across his lap. Anthony gave her a sound spanking but dare not used more than his hand. He could tell by the way her body shuddered while across his lap she was thoroughly aroused. Anthony let her up and she scurried to the bathroom. He was nervous when she told him to strip down to his underwear. She came out wearing leather pants, boots and a leather bra. She led Anthony to the corner, she placed a small circle on the wall and told him to keep his nose in the circle, his hands on his head and his mouth shut.

Thirty minutes later she took him out of the corner, told him to keep his hands on his head and not to speak unless she asked him a question. She now sat in the straight back chair. There was a wicked looking wood bath brush in her lap. She told him when she patted her lap with the brush he was to lie across her lap hands flat on the floor, legs stretched, with toes touching on the other side. She lowered his panties and she took him across her lap. When Anthony was adjusted to her satisfaction, she had him look in the full-size mirror. He was so embarrassed at what he saw–a fully grown man over the lap of a lady who was 10 inches shorter than him’ waiting, pink panties at his ankles, bottom bare for a spanking. She spanked his bare bottom nonstop for thirty minutes, one cheek to the other. Concentrating on one cheek for ten spanks and then to the other. She let him up and instructed him to go back to the corner with his nose in the circle. She informed him any movement and she would start again. Anthony bottom was burning hot and very sore but he obeyed without question.

He noticed on the bed two pillows, one on top of the other. There was a heavy leather tawse resting on top. He knew his bottom would be beaten severely and hurt for several days. He knew he would not be sitting comfortable. He started to say something and she grabbed him by the arm taking him into the bathroom. There were the small bars of soap they provide in the Motel. She opened one briskly, soaping it up she made him hold it in his mouth for the thirty-minute stay in the corner. After the corner time she made him rinse the soap from his mouth. She instructed him to lie across the pillows so his bottom was higher than the rest of his body. She picked up the tawse and went to work.

Anthony had welts sores and blisters to his knees. When she finished she had him lie on the bed. He was extremely embarrassed and his bottom very sore.  This went on at least twice a week. Anthony’s bottom always showed evidence of being
severely beaten and he had to take care at the gym that no one saw his belabored bottom. He always had to wear the pink punishment panties. She taught him the proper way to worship and service a lady.

Anthony and Angela got together right up till two days before she was married. It always ended up where she was hand spanked and Anthony was severely spanked. She always introduced different instruments. Anthony’s bottom felt various paddles, straps (leather and rubber), some small whips and even the cane. One evening he received 100 strokes of the cane after a strapping. That was probably the most severe spanking he received.

Anthony kept looking for someone like Angela. He mostly met ladies that would accept a spanking but would not reciprocate. He met a lady that he fell in love with and eventually married. He told her from the beginning what turned him on. She tried but she always ended up spanking his lower back, not good when you have a bad back. Her idea of getting a spanking was quite unusual. Anthony tried to stay content in this vanilla marriage. He showed her books, movies, etc. He finally decided he would try to forget the lifestyle and become vanilla. There was always something missing. They lasted 14 years together. They finally divorced.
Anthony was now fifty-eight and he still longed to meet that special lady. He ran ads and joined clubs. The first lady he met was a switch. She could take a moderately severe spanking. She could really give a good sound spanking. The problem, she was married. Anthony met two submissives that he played with quite a few times. One was half his age. Something was missing. Every birthday and every time he received the larger end of a wish bone or saw the first star in the night sky he always wished for the same thing. That special lady who could take a spanking but also reverse the role and give a sound spanking. He wanted a sincere relationship that included spankings and domestic discipline. Six months went by everyday he checked the kinky personals, but no luck.

It was a month before his birthday. He needed to do some bank business. He went into his bank and his eyes immediately caught this most beautiful lady. She was 5’11” and she wore a very severe looking business suit. She was the assistant branch manager. He sat and waited to conduct business with the bank officer. Thirty minutes later this most remarkable lady walked to where he was sitting and he followed her to her office. He was intoxicated by her perfume. She was ten years younger than Anthony and was recently divorced. They seemed to “hit it off” like they knew each other for years. Anthony decided to ask her out.

He asked her to dinner that weekend and she quickly accepted. He dressed in his best suit and went to his hair dresser for a trim. He picked her up, she looked ravishingly. He took her to his favorite restaurant had a great dinner, a bottle of wine and great conversation. They had a lot in common. Anthony didn’t mention anything about his fetish for fear of scaring her away. The next week they spoke almost every day, sometimes twice. After three weeks they were very close and talked about everything. Anthony still didn’t mention what he really wanted. She did have a certain air about her and could be bossy. Anthony gave her a set of keys to his apartment and told her she was welcomed to come over any time. She did. On occasion she would stop by for lunch. She worked only a mile from Anthony’s apartment. Several times Anthony came home and Lorna would be making dinner or watching television.

They had been together about six weeks and they did have sexual relations, but Anthony really wanted some kinky play.
Anthony’s birthday was coming up in two weeks. He would be sixty. He looked about 45. Lorna said she would see him later in the evening, she had to work late. Anthony went to his Mom’s for dinner and the usual ice cream cake with his brother, his girlfriend and aunt. He made the same wish he always made when he blew out the candles.

He pulled in his driveway about nine o’clock. He noticed Lorna was at his apartment. She claimed she had a special gift for him. He walked in his door and although, dark but he could see a bit of light coming from the bedroom. He could smell Lorna’s intoxicating perfume. He noticed his kitchen was cleaned. He had a bad habit of stacking things on the kitchen counters. They were all clear. Lorna called from the bedroom,”Anthony would you please come in here.” It was a bit strange because she usually would greet him at the door. He walked into the bedroom and Lorna was sitting on the bed dressed in her business clothes. Anthony sat beside her. She seemed different in some way. She proceeded to explain that she didn’t have to work late. The times she came to the apartment when Anthony was not there she saw several movie clips Anthony had saved on his television. The majority of them showed grown men being spanked and disciplined by women.  She always had the attitude that a man’s place was across her lap when he didn’t listen to her. She realized that Anthony was her type of man. He needed a strong woman to keep him in line and this was confirmed when she looked in his closet and found a gym bag with several spanking implements and several canes deep in the far corner of the closet. Without saying another word she sternly ordered Anthony to stand in front of her hands, at his side.

She unbuckled his bel, loosened his pants and slid his pants and under pants to his ankles. He started to say something and she smacked him across the face and said “silence”! She produced the wood hair brush that she found in his bag. She ordered him across her lap and when in position she raised the hairbrush above her shoulder and began to earnestly spank his bare bottom. She stopped briefly and said “Happy Birthday”.

   age. Something was missing. Every birthday and every time he received the larger end of a wish bone or saw the first star in the night sky he always wished for the same thing. That special lady who could take a spanking but also reverse the role and give a sound spanking. He wanted a sincere relationship that included spankings and domestic discipline. Six months went by everyday he checked the kinky personals, but no luck.

It was a month before his birthday. He needed to do some bank business. He went into his bank and his eyes immediately caught this most beautiful lady. She was 5’11” and she wore a very severe looking business suit. She was the assistant branch manager. He sat and waited to conduct business with the bank officer. Thirty minutes later this most remarkable lady walked to where he was sitting and he followed her to her office. He was intoxicated by her perfume. She was ten years younger than Anthony and was recently divorced. They seemed to “hit it off” like they knew each other for years. Anthony decided to ask her out.

He asked her to dinner that weekend and she quickly accepted. He dressed in his best suit and went to his hair dresser for a trim. He picked her up, she looked ravishingly. He took her to his favorite restaurant had a great dinner, a bottle of wine and great conversation. They had a lot in common. Anthony didn’t mention anything about his fetish for fear of scaring her away. The next week they spoke almost every day, sometimes twice. After three weeks they were very close and talked about everything. Anthony still didn’t mention what he really wanted. She did have a certain air about her and could be bossy. Anthony gave her a set of keys to his apartment and told her she was welcomed to come over any time. She did. On occasion she would stop by for lunch. She worked only a mile from Anthony’s apartment. Several times Anthony came home and Lorna would be making dinner or watching television.

They had been together about six weeks and they did have sexual relations, but Anthony really wanted some kinky play.
Anthony’s birthday was coming up in two weeks. He would be sixty. He looked about 45. Lorna said she would see him later in the evening, she had to work late. Anthony went to his Mom’s for dinner and the usual ice cream cake with his brother, his girlfriend and aunt. He made the same wish he always made when he blew out the candles.

He pulled in his driveway about nine o’clock. He noticed Lorna was at his apartment. She claimed she had a special gift for him. He walked in his door and although, dark but he could see a bit of light coming from the bedroom. He could smell Lorna’s intoxicating perfume. He noticed his kitchen was cleaned. He had a bad habit of stacking things on the kitchen counters. They were all clear. Lorna called from the bedroom,”Anthony would you please come in here.” It was a bit strange because she usually would greet him at the door. He walked into the bedroom and Lorna was sitting on the bed dressed in her business clothes. Anthony sat beside her. She seemed different in some way. She proceeded to explain that she didn’t have to work late. The times she came to the apartment when Anthony was not there she saw several movie clips Anthony had saved on his television. The majority of them showed grown men being spanked and disciplined by women.  She always had the attitude that a man’s place was across her lap when he didn’t listen to her. She realized that Anthony was her type of man. He needed a strong woman to keep him in line and this was confirmed when she looked in his closet and found a gym bag with several spanking implements and several canes deep in the far corner of the closet. Without saying another word she sternly ordered Anthony to stand in front of her hands, at his side.

She unbuckled his bel, loosened his pants and slid his pants and under pants to his ankles. He started to say something and she smacked him across the face and said “silence”! She produced the wood hair brush that she found in his bag. She ordered him across her lap and when in position she raised the hairbrush above her shoulder and began to earnestly spank his bare bottom. She stopped briefly and said “Happy Birthday”.

Mar 202015



I hope you have a full cup of coffee, because there are a LOT more entries for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  . Here’s another.


– Dana



“Power Exchange”

She answered the door to a completely unlikely couple. Certainly not your grandpa’s appliance repair service.
The young man was full of blond and bluster. He wore a black leather belt with every assortment of gadget on it. She was tall, with long, loose red hair and she carried a toolkit. She was smiling meekly now.
“Ms. Kan” he started, “It’s Adam and Ashley, we’re from Well-Grounded Technical.”
“First of all,” she corrected, “it’s not Ms. Kan. It’s ‘Kane’ – pronounced like an aid you might say…walk…with.”
“Ms. Kan, can…” He paused and dug an elbow into his mortified partner’s side. “Kan, can,” he giggled.
“Ms. Kan, can you tell us what happened to the equipment?”
She looked at the young man. It was the same familiar pattern. How many times had she seen it? They were always brave at a distance. And brave in packs. She knew from experience that his fair skin would redden quickly. She guessed that tears weren’t unlikely.
She reached out and gently touched his arm, staring into his eyes. “Make it ‘Kane’ please,” she purred. “We’ll talk about this.”
She explained the power outage to them. “I don’t pretend to understand the technology. I wish you could just get all this stuff running again.”
“Have no fear, ma’am.” He winked at Ashley. “We’re here to make your wish come true!”
“Ashley,” he said, “if you can double-check that junction box down the street, I’ll have a looksie here at Ms. Kan’s, I mean Ms. Kane’s setup.”
He closed the door behind Ashley and turned back. “Have no fear! The difficult we accomplish immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.”
She moved two steps closer to Adam. They were the same height. Her eyes were level with his.
“What did your mother do when you were disrespectful?”
“My mother?” His eyes flitted away and back several times. “I don’t really remember. I’m sure they can’t do that kind of stuff anymore, anyway.”
“Was it on the bare bottom?”
His face reddened. “What? No, I don’t know if I know what you mean. I mean…” He sighed and looked away. “Maybe, yeah.”
“So, there’s hope. Follow me,” she said, cheerfully. “I’ll show you where all technology comes to a grinding halt.”
When he saw the extra bedroom, he just stopped in the doorway and shook his head.
“Good grief! Your server rack is next to a six-foot cat high-rise. It’s no wonder you’re having problems.”
“Not only is it on the rug of that tower thing,” he said in awe, “but I can see hair on the cables and in the ports, covering the fan exhaust, dangling from the server rack.” He sighed. “I’ll need to clean all of this up first. Did you change anything in here before it stopped working?”
“Not really,” she said. “I did add one more level to the cat tree and the VGF (Very Good Feline) likes to be able to see the doorway. So I had to turn it and rearrange some of the cordage to make that happen. But nothing significant.”
Adam scanned the room, appearing to pause momentarily at the metal container in the corner of the room which held a dozen or so of her canes. He didn’t comment, but asked her instead for a vacuum.
As she left Adam and his dark technology arts in the room with her upright, she said “Let me know if you need help turning it on.”
An hour later, Adam and Ashley were preparing to leave. Adam had done marvelous housecleaning and the electrons or photons or whatever were now flowing at high speed to the internet, to and from her hungry audience of fans. The problem had turned out being one of sheer simplicity.
“Thank you both so much for your excellent work. You’ve certainly made my wish come true.”
“Adam,” she added, “I’m sure your mother valued punctuality.”
Soon it was evening, and as he had answered her wish earlier, she was now making a wish of his come true, even if he wasn’t appreciating it at the particular moment.
It had taken him a long time to request the follow-up call, but here he was. He knew the rules, knew he could leave at any time, but she knew he wouldn’t.
A good while back, after many minutes of strong spanking on fabric, she’d lowered his clean, white briefs. Down they’d slid over the curve of his muscular, rounded bottom, and she was now slapping that bottom a darker shade of pink with her palm. She knew it hurt him and that he was desperately looking for diversions. Moving his hand back to cover his bottom hadn’t been successful. That never worked with her, but he had needed to try. Just as he had needed to joke about her name.
Over the years her hand had toughened with experience, and she now enjoyed the good solid connection of hand and bottom. It was a very direct connection between her and someone that craved that sharp pain and correction that she could bring. It felt like her hand was reaching past, through, that sore, trembling skin and grabbing hold of something deep in his soul.
His jokes about her Red Room had stopped awhile back. As had his wriggling around. It wouldn’t be long, she thought as she paddled Adam, before he started pleading with his momentary mother to stop the punishment (“Please Mom, please it hurts. Oh, it hurts so much Mommy.”) But his real mother wouldn’t have, and neither would she, herself.
“The Can-can is an old dance where they wore long skirts,” he started explaining, between deep breaths, “and they kicked their legs in the air…”
She interrupted, never stopping her vigorous spanking, “I know what the Can-can is – I’m surprised you do. You’ve obviously progressed nicely beyond The Twerk.”
She spoke in his ear. “I think you’re experiencing a different sort of dance now aren’t you, Adam?” She chuckled softly. “It’s called the Lap Dance, and many of the participants kick their legs in the air too!”
After she had punished him, after his eternity had ended, after she had soothed his bottom with a light massage, after she’d applied cooling lotion, she had waited for him to dress and given him a sincere hug. Below his soft and respectful gaze, his cheeks were still damp and red. She knew that the spanking had stirred memories, and that his bottom would be a sore reminder of this evening for several days.
Before turning, he looked at her and suggested with extreme politeness: “Really, you could avoid future outages if you plugged the power strip into the wall instead of into itself.”
“And if I did that,” she said, smiling, “how would you have your wishes granted in the future?”
“Thank you again so much,” he said as he went out the front door, rubbing his bottom gently. “Oh, Ms. Kan, can Ashley make a followup call some day soon?  She mentioned to me how she’d hate to see interruptions in your work.”
Mar 202015


The  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  got a LOT of spanko minds and keyboards moving – here’s another entry..


– Dana



“Natural Born Spanker”

Kelly was born on a farm in Illinois, As she grew she did all the things a girl could do on a farm in the country,

Feed the chickens, help her dad with the cows and her mom with the chores in the house.

Kelly was was the oldest of six and she was expected to care for her siblings when mom and dad were in town shopping or buying supplies,

When she was three she got her first doll and one day her mom happened on her playing and watched her!

Kelly was lecturing her doll about not doing what she was told and then started to spank her!

Her mom thought! ‘Now where did she learn that?‘neither her or her husband had spanked her or been spanked as children so it seemed odd!

When her husband came home she relied the story and Tom thought about it and remembered that she had stayed at his sisters the week end before and knew they both used this form of discipline on their three boys!

So Megan called and asked her sister in-law if she had spanked any of her boys that week end,She was told that they had not! The boys were on a camping trip and would not be home for two more days!

Liz asked her and she explained what had happened and she said ‘She had no idea Kelly was in the house all week end and only went to the store with her once!’

As the years past Kelly continued to be very assertive and off times her mom and dad would hear her lecturing or spanking her dolls,

One day shortly after she turned fourteen her younger brother went to them and told them that kelly had spanked him for not going to bed when he was told while she was watching them!

Megan laughed a little but when Andy showed her the red marks where she had used her hair brush she became a little concerned and called a doctor friend and told her about it!

She counseled children and parents and seemed to have some good advice.

She explained: ‘that some kids learn it from their parents or other children in their neighborhood and they need not worry it was just a faze and she would grow out of it!”

Tom and Megan let it go at that and told the other boys if they did not want her to spank them then they should do as she says when she is watching them,

Tom and Megan found that over the next year the boys were much more obedient and would often times do their chores with out askingThey thought it was just they had a couple of very good boys!

But then shortly after Kelly’s sixteenth birthday they received a call from a family Kelly had been baby sitting for asking to talk about something that had happened last week end while she was watching their children!

So Megan walked over to the Anderson’s to hear about what had taken place,

What she heard was very alarming Kelly had given their son Carl a very serious spanking for getting in to a fight with a girl from down the street!

The way Carl told the story he was playing with a couple of friends when Cindy started bothering them!

They tried to leave when Cindy pushed Carl so he hit her in the arm,They had a small wrestling fight when Kelly came up and sent him home,

When he got back to their house Kelly told him to go to his room and she would talk to him in a couple minutes,

When she came in to the room she came in to the room she was holding a hair brush and told him he was getting a spanking for hitting the little girl!

He told her she started it! But Kelly only told him that was no excuse for hitting girls and if he had told her first she would have taken care of the problem as it was he did not so he was going to get spanked!

Mrs Anderson told Megan that Carl told her he would tell on her if she did and Kelly replied “Well then I had better give you a good spanking so so I will never have to do it again!”

At which point she went against Carls protests and pulled down his pants and put him over her knee and spanked him for what Carl said was none stop till he was crying so hard he does not even remember her stopping!

Mrs Anderson told Megan that Carls bottom is a very bright red and had a couple spots that were blistered!

Megan apologized and told her she would look in to it and ask her to not press charges till she found out what happened from Kelly!

When Megan got home she asked Kelly if she had a minute to talk about something that  had happened while she was watching Carl!

Kelly told her mom she heard a little girl screaming and went out to see what was going on!

She told her ‘Carl and two other boys had the girl on the ground hitting her!

She pulled Carl away from the girl and sent him home while she talked to the girl!

After quieting the girl down she was told “Carl and the two boys were bothering her and one of them pulled the head off her doll!

She said she kicked him and then Carl and the other boy started kicking and hitting her when the third boy picked up her new doll house and broke it then joined the other two boys hitting her!

Kelly told her mom the girl had bruises and small cuts all over her face and body!

She then went back to the Anderson home and found Carl was not in his room and when she found him she told him he was going to get a spanking and then he Kicked me in the shin and said your not my mom and mind my own business!

After a small scuffle I pulled his pants down and spanked him with my hair brush then made him stand in the corner for half an hour while I called Mrs Anderson and tried to tell her what had happened!

She came home a short time later and asked me to go home for now!

But she was going to call you!

Megan told Kelly she would like her to come with her over to the Anderson’s and tell them her side of the story and also find out where the little girl lived so as to speak with her and also the two other boy’s!

Megan called Mrs Anderson and said she would like to come over with Kelly to explain her side of the story!

After the three had talked about what had happened Mrs Anderson called Carl down from his room and started telling him what Kelly told her and asked if that is what really happened!

Carl at first started to lie but Mrs Anderson stopped him and said if he starts lying she will wash his mouth out with soap and then he will get a spanking for lying!

Carl turned a bright red and then told her the truth!

Mrs Anderson told Carl he was going to get a spanking for lying the first time and then she was going to let Kelly spank him again for kicking her and lying about what happened to get her in to trouble!

Mrs Anderson told him he was not going to be sitting the rest of the night when they were done as she still needed to talk to him about what happened before he goes to bed tonight!

Kelly was amazed at how Mrs Anderson handle Carl!

She walked over and took him by the arm and walked him up to his bedroom as they were going down the hall she stopped and asked Kelly to please join them as she would like her to give Carl another spanking when she was done unless she preferred to do it before he left for school in the morning if she had time!

Kelly decided it would be best to do as Mrs Anderson asked and spank him after she was threw!

Carl was crying and pleading with his mom telling her he was sorry and it would never happen again the other boys started teasing her and picking on her he tried to stop it!

But Mrs Anderson would not hear any more of his plea’s

She walked him over to the bench at the foot of his bed and told him to stand there!

She turned around and walk to her bedroom and came back with a large flat backed hair brush!

Kelly looked at the hair brush and smiled knowing if she was Mrs Anderson she would use it like she did with hers earlier!

Mrs Anderson then sat down on the bench and reached out grabbing Carl and pulled him in closer!

She started lecturing him about lying and picking on little girls!

But what she said and did next made Kelly snicker a little!

In what seemed like one motion she unzipped his pants and hooked her fingers in to his undershorts and down they when to his ankles!

“So you like hitting girls! Well lets just see how you like girls returning the favor on your naughty little bottom!!

In the next second she picked him up and had him over her knee Carl reached around to cover his bottom and his mom said thank you I was just going to ask for that!

She wasted no more time and started spanking him with her hand first one side then the other! Back and forth left side right side on and on working her way down to his sit spot and thighs and then back up to a spot she said “Needed a little more attention!”

The spanking was very loud and Kelly was standing there wiggling back a forth just imagining how much is much sting and hurt!

When she finely stopped Kelly could see how red his butt was!

But when she announced that she was now going to spank him for lying she picked up the hair brush and although Kelly thought Carl was kicking and screaming with her hand, She was in for a show that took her breath away!

Mrs Anderson started spanking Carl with the brush and all that could be heard was Crack! Crack! Crack! You like lying to mom? No Ma’am I won’t do it again! Crack! Crack! Crack! You still like hitting girls young man? No! No! I am sorry I promise it will never happen again!

Begging and pleading Carl cried Promising to never lie or pick on girls again!

Carl finely just laid across his moms knee and she knew he had learned his lesson!

She then stood him up and sent him to the corner he had no problems running as his pants and under shorts were kicked off long ago!

Mrs Anderson then got up and asked Kelly to come with her!

Kelly was white as she watched Mrs Anderson pick up her hair brush and walk towards the door telling her to follow her!

She did as she was told and walked down the hall to anther room when they went in Mrs Anderson asked Kelly to come over and sit down,

She then asked Kelly who gave her permission to spank her son?

Kelly was speechless  she just stood there saying”I ah! umm well I did it because well umm! I did not think you would mind!

Well young lady I do mind and since you felt it was OK  to spank Carl before asking if it was OK you my little lady are going to get the same!

Now if you would please pull up your skirt and pull your panties down we can help you to mind your manors and ask for permission next time!

Kelly reached under her skirt with tears in her eyes knowing she was going to get something she had never had before and always though about!

But after watching Mrs Anderson handle Carl she was not going to argue with her about 

that point so with her panties down around her ankles Mrs Anderson reached out and guided Kelly slowly over her knee and lifted her skirt up out of the way!

Kelly felt some how very safe and secure yet scared and unprepared for what would be a lesson on how bad a good spanking hurt and that next time she decide to take matters in to her own hands she would find herself over Mrs Anderson’s knee for another lesson!

The spanking lasted only a few minutes but when she put the hair brush down Kelly was truly sorry and had learned she was not as big as she thought she was!
But as Mrs Anderson stood her up she told Kelly “Your never to big or to old for a good spanking if you need one!”

Mrs Anderson picked her up and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek then swatted her on the butt and told her to go wash up and come down stairs!

Kelly scurried away to the bathroom and as she was cleaning her face she over heard her tell Carl she did not like having to spank him but when he misbehaves she would!

She then gave him a big hug and kiss and told him how she would like him to meet them in the living room and apologize to Kelly about his behavior and then they were going over to the girls house and then after they were done there they would be calling the parents of the other two boy’s about their part in what had transpired and what she had decided to do as punishment for his part in the matter!

Carl at first was going to protest but then thought better of it.

Mrs Anderson also told Carl after he apologizes to Kelly he needs to ask her if she would like to spank him!

Carl did as he was told and was relieved to hear Kelly tell him he was forgiven and that although he deserved to be spanked for causing her trouble all was forgiven and she gave him a big hug!

Mrs Anderson then told Carl to get his shoes on and they would go over to the girls house first and apologize then they would be going over to the two boy’s home to speak with their mother’s!

Kelly gathered herself up and left with her mom to go home!

On the ride home Kelly’s mom Megan asked her why she was crying and Kelly relayed the story to her and said she was sorry and she would not take matters in to her own hands any more!

Megan just shook her head and said ‘I don’t know about you sometimes but I agree you have a way of getting the boy’s to behave!

When they got to the little girls house they were greeted by her mother Mrs O’Donavon,

They were asked in and went to the living room to talk about what had happened!

But women looked at Carl who was ready to start crying again as he was just before she had spanked him!

She told him to apologize to Cindy and then ask Mrs O’Donavon to spank him if she felt she would like to or if she felt it necessary!

Mrs O’Donavon asked to see his bottom.

Carl was very embarrassed but pulled his pants down as he was told and showed her his very red and well spanked bottom and then said she felt he had gotten a good spanking already and if Cindy forgives him she would also!

she gave him three quick swats on the butt and said “Don’t ever touch my little girl again or that bottom of yours will not want to be sat on for a week even if I have to come over to your house or have your mom send you here! Do you understand me Young man?”

Carl through the tears said he understood and he would never touch do it again!

She gave him a big hug and Carl apologized to Cindy!

Cindy and Carl hugged each other and they left for  John and Bob’s house to speak with their mother.

Living in the country gave them time to walk and talk about what had happened again so when they heard John and Bob’s side of the story they would know if they were lying or telling a different story or the same as Carl’s!

When they knocked on the door they were greeted by a very tall brown haired woman,

Mrs Johnson asked if she could help them and Mrs Anderson replied she would like to talk to her about some things that happened earlier in the day!

She asked them in and told them to call her Chris and Mrs Anderson replied please call me Teri!

They went in to the dining room as she was in the process of cooking supper and could talk while still checking her meal that was on the stove and in the oven!

Teri filled her in on all that had taken place and what she had done up till now!

Chris walked over to her phone and called to tell John and Bob to come home at once as they were over at a friends house down the street!

They came bounding through the door and stopped when they seen the group sitting at the table!

Chris told them to come over and tell her about what happened today while she was at tennis!

The first thing Bob said was nothing! We were outside playing with friends all day!

Chris got up and walked around the table and grabbed his face and said” I will ask you one more time and if you lie to me again we will go up stairs and wash your mouth out and then go to my bedroom early!

Bob knew right away what early meant and he was not very hungry for soap at the moment!

So he went straight for the new story John started it! The girl Cindy would not go away and leave them alone so John hit her that was all!

Mrs Johnson spun him around and gave him a hard swat and told him to sit down while he still could!

She then looked over at John and asked him what happened!

John was not one to argue or lie to his mom as he knew when he did he would alway start blushing and looked away so it was a dead give away,So he told her they were playing down the street and Bob and Carl started teasing Cindy then Bob grabbed her doll and pulled the head off it!

He then said when Cindy kicked him he slugged her in the arm and then Carl pushed her to the ground!

Before we knew it we were punching and kicking her Carl tried to stop us but then Bob broke her doll house after that we run off!

We don’t know what happened to Cindy after that.

Chris told John to go over and sit down at the table while she talks to Mrs Anderson about what she has done so far to correct her son!

Teri filled her in and said Mrs O’Donavon was pleased with what had been done but would like to talk with you about it also if you are willing!

Chris looked at Bob and John and said “Yes we will go over there right now!”

With that Teri and Carl got up and Chris walked them to the door, After they had left she turned around and closed the door, Looking at the two boy’s she told them to go stand bye the door we need go over to the O’Donavon’s and talk with them and apologize about your actions today!

She then went to her room and came out with her paddle in hand and said “OK Lets Go!”

They walked slowly down the street and their friends seen them coming and ran up to them and said “Hey whats up guy’s?”

Chris stopped for a second and told them “Bob and John are going over t the O’Donavon’s where they will be getting a very good spanking for hurting Cindy and then they will be going back home and grounded for the rest of the week after they get another spanking form me!

So they will not be playing the rest of the week or sitting for a good long time! Would you like to join them?

Tommy blushed real gig and replied “No Ma’am” Bob and John were both just crying from the embarrassment!

Chris told them both to save it there will be plenty to cry about when we get to the O’Donavon’s and even more when you get back home! “Kapeich?”

They both “Kape’d” the what ever she said as they were in for one of those spankings their mom said they would never forget!

The three walked up to the door and rang the bell, They were greeted by a short red haired lady who at once said “Hello you must be Mrs Johnson! Please come in and have a seat.

Chris turned Bob and John and told them they can just stand as they will need to get used to it because it will be all they will want to do shortly and until they go to bed tonight where they will want to sleep on their stomach’s!

Mrs O’Donavon introduced herself and told Chris her name was Ruby and Chris did the same,

They sat down and Ruby called Cindy in to the living room and when she came in to the room Chris almost screamed!

Ruby asked Cindy to show Chris what the three boy’s had done to her, she had bruises just below her right eye and some other bruises and cuts all over her upper body and legs,

Chris could only say Oh May God! I am so sorry please I hope we can settle this as I promise you these two boys will know that their back sides are going to look much worse and asked Ruby to spank the boys as she brought along her paddle in hopes they could take care of the injustice today and she has not spanked either of they yet!

Then looking at them with a very streen face said “Yet!” what she did not say was when the two boys got back home ‘No matter how bad Mrs O’Donavon spanks them they have seen Nothing yet! “Nothing” she was very upset and knew the walk home would help calm her down some and help to focus on what was needed but there was going to be two boys with blistered butts before they went to bed tonight!

Mrs O’Donavon look at her daughter and then at the two boys and asked “Well what do you have to say for yourselve’s?

John started crying a little and said he was so sorry he wanted carl and Bob to stop after they pulled the dolls head off but when she kicked Carl they just would not listen to him!

Mrs O’Donavon then said “Oh so you feel what happened was not your fault? And you young man you seem to be quiet about the whole thing! Cindy which one of these two boys was the one who broke your doll house?

“It was him mom the tall one!, Right away they knew Bob was the one who started the whole thing just as Carl had said and John when he told his mom what had happened!

Well then Chris I think since you have not spanked them yet and you were kind enough to bring along your paddle I would be happy to do that if you truly do not mind,

Chris just said “No please! Bob take the paddle over to this nice lady who has so kindly agreed to not press charges against you, But instead agreed to give you a very nice pants down bare bottom spanking and don’t forget your manors and say “Please Mrs O’Donavon I am sorry for hurting your Daughter today and I would like you to Please take this paddle and spank me for my bad behavior!

Chris then turned to John and said “when she is done your next and I want to hear the same thing out of your mouth “Understand?”

The fire in Chris’s eyes were no where near as bad as the fire that was about to get set on Bob’s bottom!

Ruby looked at Bob and said “Well young man I am waiting! does your mom have to  help you  or do you want me to come over there and walk you to the chair?

I had Cindy bring it out for your enjoyment since you seem to enjoy kicking and hitting little girls and I bet you are thinking I am not to big myself!

Well get over here this second and lets get started!

Bob was not so fast to move so his mom helped him a little with a very load slap on the butt and told him to move!

Ruby took a moment to look at the paddle Bob handed her and said “Wow this is a very nice paddle where did you get it?”

Chris replied a friend of hers Rose makes them I am sure she would be happy to make one for you!

Ruby smiled and replied “ I also have a friend who makes paddles his name is Mr Zia I too have to use it now and then as Cindy can get a little bratty at times and I am sure she was not totally inocent in this matter! have you seen the company Cane-Ac?

A friend does product testing for them and she is very pleased with theres!

Check out their site some time she has a couple short Clips that are well worth the checking out! Her name is Dana Kane!

Ruby then looked towards John and reminded Him and Bob “If you had just came over and told me what she was doing I could have put a stop to all this but since you took it upon yourseleves to be bullies I will have to spank you in stead of her because it is clear Cindy has learned her lesson today from you three!

OK now where were we? Oh yes! Ruby took an arm and pulled Bob in closer and then opened his pants and pulled them down followed quickly by his underpants “Must not forget these as no spanking is a good spanking unless its done on the bare bottom!

With that Bob was up ended and laying acrossed Ruby’s lap being adjusted.

Well since this is a punishment spanking we minds well just use your moms nice paddle right away “Its just to bad I have to try it out under these cercumstances !” So as to not take up any more of our day lets get started!

Whith that the next three minutes seemed to lasy forever! To say Mrs O’Donavon knew what she was doing was an understatement and she had Bob’s bottom “Ruby Red” in no time!

John was just standing there crying and making his plea of “I tried to get them to stop! I am so sorry Cindy Please mom I don’t want Mrs O’Donavon to spank me! Why will we be getting another spanking when we get home? Please mom I’m sorry!

Bob was crying hard  when she finely stopped and stood him up passing him off to his mom and with her finger crooked she looked over at John and said “OK your next young man come over here please and be quick about it!”

As he was going his mom Chris advised him to tell her what he was told to say and then when she was done they were both to say “Thank you Mrs O’Donavon for takingg the time out of your day to spank us and if we ever do something like this again you have our moms permission to spank us again!

Chris then added to Ruby “Please just call me afterwards so as I can have a chat with them about what happened! They can always use a reminder at bed time to behave!

John knew his time was up for pleading and walked over to Mrs O’Donavon knowing he was wrong as he stood bye her.

Ruby smiled a little and said “I am sorry I have to do this and I know you tried to stop it but you were still part of the problem also, You could have ran over to a neighbers or came and got an adult but you choose to join in also!

as it is you are standing here about to get a very good spanking! “Do you agree with what I just said John?”

John shook his head and said “Yes Ma’am you are right and I am sorry!”

Ruby picked him up and put him over her knee but did not pick up the paddle instead she just gave him a very good spanking with her hand and after she was done John looked her in the eyes and siad “Thank you Ma’am for spanking me for my bad behavior and then looking at cindy he also said he was sorry for all the hurt he caused her!

Bob just stood there not saying a word when suddenly his mom swatted him soundly on the butt and said “ Don’t you have something you would like to say mister before we go home where we will have our talk about you actions today?

Bob let out a loud yelp and then said a half hearted appoligie and when he turned around he could see the fire in his moms eyes that said “You have just made a major mistake mister that is going to cost you dearly!”

Chris stood up and walked him over to the chair and say down asking Ruby to please hand me my paddle! Obviously you did not get the spanking you needed but that is going to be remieded right now!

In a flash Bobs pants were pulled down around his ankles again and if his pleas of forgiveness were heard they were drowned out by his crying and howling!

When she was done she yanked his pants up and marched him towards the door stopping only to tell Ruby she would call her latter and maybe arange to have coffee some time later in the week

She then proceeded to march him home with John almost running behind them to keep up!

The talk of that day is still set in the minds of many who still live in the nieghberhood!

There will be more to this story as Kelly grows up and goes to collage!


Mar 202015


Good spanking morning…here’s another entry for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest .


– Dana


“Taming Jenny”

Ever since I was a little girl I have made the same wish on my Birthday. I would get so excited to have my birthday cake placed before me and I would watch the flicker of the lit candles dancing just waiting for me to make my wish. It was always the same every year. I would close my eyes as tight as I could get them and bow my head. I would wait until everyone was quiet and then make my wish. I never told anyone my wish , if I did for sure my one wish would never come true. This is my 23rd Birthday coming up and so far my wish has not come true but I have a feeling that this is the year I will find my true love. Yes, that is my wish .


Josh Winters is my brothers best friend and always gives me such a hard time. He’s always picking on me and makes me the butt of all his jokes. I’ve put up with him since I can remember and now I’m turning 23. He and my brother are both 30 and think they are Gods gift to women.

I have to sit back and laugh when Bo, my big brother stops by the house on his way to the Happy Tavern for a night of beer and women. He smells and looks like a player. Josh isn’t any better. The only problem is that I have had a secret crush on Josh as far back as I can remember. I’ve had my share of dating but no one turns me on like Josh does. I would never let on that I often fantasize about us together. His passionate kisses and sweet caresses that come to me in my dreams.

I’m just Bo’s little sister to him. When he sees me he usually sneaks up behind me. He’s quiet and quick as a cat when he strikes. He usually ruffles my long auburn hair into a holy mess and then puts me over his knee and swats my bottom a couple of times. I don’t know why he thinks that is so funny because it’s totally degrading and my bottom smarts when he’s done.

Josh and Bo are very good looking. They both are 6 ft 3 inches and weigh about 220, which is all muscle. They both work out at the gym, so you can imagine they both have muscles that won’t quite. Bo has auburn hair, hazel eyes and that squared chin that all the girls love to kiss. Josh has brown hair and green eyes and the cutest dimple when he smiles. I melt when just thinking about it. People sometimes think their brothers. Well they sure act alike it. They are always together whether at work or out on the town.

Both Bo and Josh are EMT’s. They ride together in the same aid car. The infamous #24. That is the most requested aid car in the county. We live in a small town with 10,000 residents. I swear that most are sexy single females, who all think those two are Greek Gods. I have to say they both are pretty darn good looking boy candy.

I on the other hand I didn’t get any of the height that Bo did. I’m 5 ft 5 inches and I’m not going to say how much I weigh, but that I have the necessary curves that makes up a shapely body. I probably could lose a few pounds if I tried, but I figure if the boys don’t like my girl candy, they can look elsewhere.

I live with my mom and dad so I can save some money to get my own apartment someday. I work at the Daisy Bakery. I start work at 5 am and work until 1 pm, that way I have plenty of time for my schooling. Now that I’m graduating from college I’ll need to quite my job so I can be available to ride with the aid car. I should find out which aid car I’ll be riding with by the end of this week.
Being on the honor roll was a given. All throughout my schooling I received 4.0. I studied hard and not only had my normal classes but I went to night school at the same time to receive my EMT certification.

My parents never had to worry about my academics, but my attitude and smart mouth always got me in trouble. My whole life I would get in trouble for my fowl language and not following the rules my parents set for me. Bo was a good kid never giving my parents any kind of grief. He never got spanked or put on restriction. I on the other had was always grounded and over one of my parents laps having the paddle or hairbrush stinging my bared bottom.

My family is planning a Graduation/Birthday party. I was turning 23 and thought it would be nice to combine both parties. I was a little worried about the Birthday part.

I usually laid low on my Birthday. Both Bo and Josh think that they are in charge of the Birthday girls spankings. They both have huge hands and none too gentle. I was really starting to worry how I was going to handle keeping my distance from them. Mom and Dad promised to talk to Bo, but I figure he would tell them what they wanted to hear and then he would do what he and Josh planed.

Graduation was fun. All my family and relatives were there and planed on coming back to the house to help me celebrate. Everyone asked what I would like for gifts and I told them all money would be fine. Without my job I still had a few bills like a car payment and insurance to cover so the extra cash would come in handy.

My mom made up this cute basket for all the cash envelopes. It was filling up fast and I was so excited that I had let my guard down.

I was having so much fun that I had forgotten all about Bo and Josh. I had a little too much champagne and started to get a little giddy. I had to go to the bathroom so I decided to take a walk down to the boathouse we have on the edge of the property.

The boathouse was my hideout when I was growing up. I went there when I was sad or had gotten in trouble with my parents. If I was in trouble, my mom or dad would give me a spanking and I would escape to hide and have a good pity cry. That was when I was a little girl. Now I come here to study sometimes and daydream about Josh. He was my little secret.

I finished using the bathroom and opened the bathroom door, stepping out into the main room I walked right into a brick wall. Well, he felt like a brick wall. It was Josh and right behind him was Bo. I was trapped.

My heart started to pound in my chest, so hard that I thought it was going to jump right out. I started to back up into the bathroom and reached for the door knob, but I wasn’t fast enough. Before I could find the door knob I was lifted over Josh’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I knew what was going to follow.

I started to kick my legs and hit his back with my balled up fists as hard as I could. I started to yell at him and what came out of my mouth was the filthiest language I had ever used.

“Josh, let me down you son of a bitch. Don’t you dare spank me. Put me down right now you jerk.” I tried to wiggle off his shoulder but to no avail. Josh gave me a few spanks to my tight jeans.

“Listen to me Jennie, you better stop that potty mouth of yours or your little birthday spanking is going to turn into a punishment spanking. There’s no need to use such language unbecoming a lady.”

I looked up and Bo was standing in front of me holding a ping pong paddle that he found sitting on a table. I let out a howl and told them that they better not use that on me or I was going straight to mom and dad and tell.

Josh started laughing and Bo was doing the same.

“Little sister that will be after the fact. It will be all done and I’m a 30 year old man. What are they going to do to me, spank me?” He let out a chuckle that really pissed me off. “I hate you, Bo, your an even bigger jerk.”

Josh walked over to the straight back chair that was in the middle of the room and sat down. I didn’t even get a chance to take a step once he put me down. He pulled me over his knee and started spanking and counting. “One, two, three, four, boy you sure are going to have a sore bottom by the time I get to 23, then Bo gets his turn.”

I started to plead for Josh to stop and to let me up. “Josh, please stop, it hurts. Ouch please stop. I’m not a little girl anymore, this isn’t funny at all.” I started to cry. I was trying not to, but he was really spanking me hard and I knew that Bo would take over when Josh was done.

“Please stop, I’m not going to be able to sit when you both are done. Please stop.” Josh stopped but only because he got to the number 23. He lifted me up and Bo sat down. Josh turned me around and pushed me over Bo’s knee.

“Bo, I can’t believe you are going to spank me with that paddle. Please stop. Bo just kept on counting, eight , nine, ten. “I hate you both.” With that Bo spanked harder not a birthday spanking type of spank, but a pissed off my little sister has a big potty mouth kind of spanking.

By the time he was done I was a blubbering fool. I was hiccuping and unable to speak an intelligent language.

Bo let me up and then I saw Josh sit back down. What in the hell does he think he’s going to do. I didn’t have much time to figure it out before I found myself back over Josh’s knee screaming my head off.

This time he was attacking my button to my jeans and unzipping my zipper. I was in a panic. OMG, he’s going to pull my pants down and I wouldn’t put it past him to pull my panties down. Then my heart sank to my feet. I could just spank myself for putting a thong on so I wouldn’t show a pantie line under my jeans. He doesn’t have to pull my panties down I was already showing my bare cheeks to the world.

Josh tugged my jean down to my knees. I waited for the paddle to start falling again. “Oh look what we have here. I wasn’t going to bare your bottom. I thought I would let you keep a little of your dignity, but I guess that wont be happening. Not a smart idea to wear a thong, huh potty mouth.” With that Josh started to spank me with the paddle and he was spanking me hard. I just about jumped off his knee.

“Ouch, stop. Please Josh please don’t spank me anymore. It hurts so bad. Please.” Josh was spanking me so hard that I started to yell at Bo to make him stop. “Bo please help me, make him stop. I hate you both.” I just cried my eyes out. I was starting to lose my breath.

Josh suddenly stopped and lifted me onto his knee. I really could not catch my breath. It’s like when a baby cries so hard and can’t catch it’s breath that you have to blow in their face to get them to start to take a breath.

Josh blew a couple of times and I could see he had a worried look in his eyes. I think he figured out that he just might have gone a little too far with this birthday spanking. I know that I do have a potty mouth but damn it, they were hurting me.

What I should have done if I had thought about it was to faint and make them really panic, but then they would have probably called 911 and the whole crew that I was going to be working with would show up. That would have been too embarrassing.

I started to breath, but my crying was out of control. I just couldn’t stop. I know that both Bo and Josh’s little birthday spankings backfired on them. I tried to stand up by myself but I lost my balance and fell into Josh. He helped me steady myself and I pulled my jeans up and button and zipped my zipper. I looked at both of them and tried to speak but I just couldn’t find the words through all my crying. I just was hysterical. If I could have I would have slapped them both but I figured the best thing was to get out of there so I turned and ran for the house.

I was so embarrassed and hurt. How could Bo and Josh do that to me on my graduation day and birthday. All my friends and family were over to help me celebrate a very important day in my young life and they both ruined it for me.

I had to pass everyone in order to get into the house and up to my bedroom. I was crying and holding my bottom. They all must have known what had happened. I know that both Bo and Josh followed me to the house and had to have gotten a lot of stern looks from the party goers.

My mom followed me upstairs to my room. I had locked the door and was crying face down on my bed.
“Honey what happened?” “Go away mom, I don’t want to talk about it. Please just let me be.”

My mom turned and bumped into Bo and Josh on the stairs. “What did you two boys do to Jennie? She is hysterically crying and she wont let me in.” The look on both Bo and Josh’s face gave them away. “You both spanked her didn’t you. You know she is too old for that childish prank you pull on her every year. How could you do it on her special day. I should take you both over my knee and paddle you both. Now get out of here and go explain to your father what you did.”

Bo and Josh went back down stairs to fill my dad in on what had just happened. I could hear my dad yelling at both Bo and Josh. “ I can’t believe you spanked her at her graduation party. She’s getting too old to be spanked on her birthday. Now get out of my site.”

Bo and Josh looked at each other and new that they had made a big mistake. They weren’t sorry that they had spanked me, but they should have waited until after the party.

Josh really did feel awful about embarrassing me in front of all my relatives and friends. “Bo, I think we screwed up real bad. This really is going to make it hard for me to tell Jennie about how I really have felt about her all these years.”

Bo gave Josh a pat on the back. “Josh she’ll get over it in a few days. You know she did deserve that extra spanking you gave her because of her cussing. She is all together too much of a brat and her mouth has always gotten her into trouble. I don’t know why mom and dad let her get away with it. If she were my daughter she wouldn’t have been able to sit since she was a little girl..

I didn’t come out of my room until the next morning. My mom and dad went to church before I ventured out of my room. I still wasn’t ready to talk to anyone.

My stomach was beginning to growl, so I decided since I was alone in the house I would go down to the kitchen and fix a little breakfast for myself. Bo and Josh came through the patio door into the kitchen. I had my back to the door and didn’t realize that they had come in. I turn to open the cupboard and was startled to look them both in the face. I started to run out of the room, but I didn’t get far before Josh caught my wrist with his hand.

“Let me go this minute, I don’t want to be in the same room as you two. Just let me go.” I tried not to cry but I was so upset and crushed that Josh had been so mean to me. I burst into tears.

I could tell by the look in Josh’s eyes that he felt horrible about what he and Bo had done to me. “Jennie, please wait. I need to talk to you. Please come into the living room so we can sit and talk about it.” I just looked at him with a look of disgust.

“Josh, I can’t sit you idiot. You did this to me, you hurt me. I hope both you and Bo are happy with yourselves.”

With that I started to leave for my bedroom. Josh stopped me and took me into his arms. He put his hands to my face and lowered his lips to mine. He kissed me and whispered in my ear that he was so sorry that he spanked me so hard.

“Jennie, I just was going to give you an ordinary birthday spanking, but when you started with your potty mouth, that’s when I got angry and spanked because you were acting like a brat and your attitude needed to be dealt with. No woman of mine is going to curse and swear.”

“What did you just say?” Josh held me closer. “Jennie, I’ve wanted you for so long. I know that you’ve had a crush on me for years.”

“How do you know that I’ve had a crush on you?” Josh, still cradling my head in his hands whispered in my ear, ‘Bo read your diary and told me.”

I pushed Josh out of the way and ran up to my room. How dare Bo intrude on my privacy. Oh god how long has Josh known about my true feelings?

As I throw myself on my bed I hear footsteps coming down the hall. My heart sank when I remembered that I hadn’t locked my door. I turned to run and lock it, but once again I’m not fast enough and Josh walks into my room.

“Please Josh, I don’t have anything to say to you.” Josh moved closer to me, moving over to my bed, he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. As I sat I let out a whimper. My bottom was truly still hurting.

“Jennie honey, I’m so sorry I hurt you. I promise that it will not happen again as long as you’re my good girl. You have to admit you have a dirty mouth and you’ve had it ever since you were 5 years old. Like I told you I wont have my girlfriend talking like that.”

OK, I’m sitting on this mans lap, the man who just beat me on my most special day of my life, who hasn’t shown me one day of liking me in a romantic way since the day we set eyes on each other. Now he’s calling me honey, his girlfriend and my good girl.

I don’t know if I can truly be with a man that would hurt me like he did. A birthday spanking is one thing, but being spanked whenever he feels I deserve one is another thing. Who made Josh the boss of me. He needs to know that I wont stand for it.

“Josh you can’t just spank me when ever you feel like it. Who made you God and another thing, why all of a sudden you tell me you have feelings for me? You sure hadn’t shown me any signs of liking me in that way.”

Josh took my face into his hands and gently kissed my lips. He was looking into my eyes with a stern look.

“Listen to me little girl. You’ve acted like a brat all your life. You are spoiled and get whatever you want. Why do you think no man has latched on to you until now. They are all scared away by the way you act. Not me. I know what you need and that’s a iron hand to set you straight.”

Well now that certainly wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

“Who died and made you king, you son of a bitch.” I started to get up, but before I could put my foot on the ground I was upended and over Josh’s knee. I figure my last comment wasn’t what he had wanted to hear. I had already regretted saying it before it even left my lips.

Josh put his hand on the waste band of my pajamas and pulled them down to my knees. I couldn’t believe I was in the same position so soon after the beating Josh and Bo had given me. I had looked at my bottom in the mirror this morning and I new that Josh could see how hard he and Bo had spanked me yesterday and that he would know how much I was still hurting. I couldn’t believe he was going to add more pain to my already aching bottom.

“Josh please don’t spank me. I wasn’t above begging for him to let me up. “We can talk this out, you don’t have to do this.” I already hurt so much as it is from yesterdays spanking.

Just as I started to plead for my life my mom and dad walked into my bedroom. I was mortified and totaling begging them to help me. “Now your going to get it. My dad wont stand for you beating his only daughter.”

“Daddy please make him stop.” My dad looked at Josh with shock and took a hold of his raised hand before Josh could start my spanking. “You’ve got some explaining to do young man.”

“Pop”, that’s what Josh always has called my dad, ‘I was just about to spank the daylights out of your bratty little daughter. She’s been acting like a spoiled brat for too long and her potty mouth is out of control. I figured you had given up on making her act like a young lady and that since I was falling in love with her it was going to be my responsibility to take over that job.”

My dad let go of Josh‘s hand. “Her mother and I tried, but it looks like we have failed our daughter. We’ve let her get away with too much.”

I’m still laying over Josh’s knee with my bottom bared for all to see. “Dam it Josh, let me up right now. Mom please help me.” I watched my mom go over to a large drawer and take out my over sized flat wooden hair brush. My mouth dropped open and I couldn’t believe she gave it to Josh with a regretful look and then suddenly turn to a stern look.

“Josh, I give you permission to use this on my daughter. Maybe you can spank some sense into her.”

I couldn’t believe I had a traitor in the family. How could my mom be so cold. I turned around and yelled to my mom. “I hate you.”

Tears welled up in my mother eyes as she ran from the room. I looked over at my dad and I thought I could see steam bursting from his ears. “Josh, give it to her good.” With that said, my dad left the room to look for my mom. I started to cry not because I knew that Josh was about to give me the worst spanking of my life but, that I had told my mom I hated her. I wanted to take the hairbrush and spank myself with it. How could I have been so hurtful to my mom. She has been nothing but amazing.
I knew that the wait was over and with the first landing of the hairbrush I was sure to end up with a totally spanked bottom. Josh started to spank with all his might.

Smack, Smack, Smack. He spanked in the same spot on my right cheek for at least a minute. I didn’t think I was going to live through such a fierce spanking. He stopped and let me feel the full effect of the spanking.

I couldn’t believe how much it hurt. He moved to the left cheek and started to continue with the spanking. Smack, Smack, Smack. After another minute he stopped so I would feel the same pain my right cheek had received.

I knew that I deserved every smack I was receiving for being so hurtful to my mom. She didn’t deserve those words I so freely spoke.

“Josh, I’m so sorry for telling my mom I hate her. I love her Josh. Ouch, please stop so we can talk, oh please stop.” Josh just kept on spanking alternating between cheeks. He than started to move down to my upper thighs. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt worse than on my bottom.

By the time Josh had stopped I was inconsolable. I was crying so hard I started to feel sick. I thought I was going to throw up. I started heaving and Josh lifted me onto his lap. He rubbed my back and tried to shush me into calming me down but nothing was calming me. I had worked myself into such a frenzy that I wasn’t sure I would be able to come back from it.

I threw my arms around Josh’s neck and buried my face in his chest. I didn’t think I could ever face him again. Josh put his lips to my ear.

“Honey, I think the first thing you need to do is go and take a shower. I want you to get dressed and then we are going to find your parents and have a little family meeting.”

I new that if I even uttered an objection I would be over Josh’s knee again and I wasn’t ready for a second round. I moved back and looked up into Josh’s eyes and tried to form a smile. “OK, I’ll do what you say.” With that said I planted a kiss on his cheek and started to go take my shower.

Josh reached for my hand and twirled me back into his arms. He lowered his face to my lips and gave me a kiss. He patted my bottom and said, “that’s my good girl” and off I went.

After my shower I walked past my full length mirror and stopped to look at my poor bottom. I hesitated for a moment afraid to see why it hurt so badly. I was in shock as I saw the welts that ran from my upper thighs to the top of my bottom. It was red with some purple shading. I hadn’t tried to sit but I knew that Josh would make me sit in the living room while we had our family meeting.

I got dressed in my yellow sundress. I didn’t bother putting any underwear on. I truly didn’t think I could bare it.

I walked into the living room to find my parents, Josh and even Bo was sitting there waiting for me. I had forgotten that Bo had come in with Josh. I don’t even know where Bo had gone when I was getting spanked. I sure hope he had the decency to leave the room when my parents did.

I looked to my mom who was sitting on the couch with my dad. I ran to her and knelt down in front of her and laid my head in her lap. I started to sob. She put her hand on my head and started to stroke my hair.

“Oh mommy, I didn’t mean it. I don’t hate you . I love you with all my heart. I am just a hateful child. Can you please forgive me?” I looked up into my moms eyes and I saw tears falling. I felt horrible that I made my mom cry. Would she ever forgive me?

“Sweetheart I know you didn’t mean it. I know that you love me, but I’m not going to put up with anymore of your tantrums or bad language. You weren’t raised to act this way and I give Josh full rein on you. So I suggest you change your ways young lady from this moment on. Your father and I think Josh will be a good match for you. We know that he’ll make you tow the line and that he loves you very much.”

Was I the only one who didn’t have a clue that Josh had romantic feelings for me. He never showed how he truly felt towards me. How long did he have those feelings and why didn’t I notice them? Had they all been in cahoots against me ?

I could see that my parents thought Josh was the perfect man for me and that they trusted him to tame me. Well, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be tamed let alone have Josh do the taming. I looked over at Josh and I could tell that he was willing to take on the job.

I was coming to the conclusion that Josh had feelings for me. Feelings that had been growing for a long time. I wasn’t sure why he took so long to fill me in about those feeling he was having. I really couldn’t blame him because I wasn’t very forthcoming with my feelings.

Josh took my hand and motioned for me to sit on his lap. He looked into my eyes and told me that he had something he wanted to ask me. I sat down but immediately jumped up. Josh put his hand around my waist and pulled me down on his lap and told me to stay put. I started to squirm and shift my bottom from side to side to see if I could stop the pain. I could tell that Josh was losing patience with me and that I better try my hardest to sit still. I surely didn’t want to give Josh a reason to give me another spanking. I knew that my bottom would not survive another one.

“Jennie, I’ve loved you for a long time. I wasn’t sure about your feelings for me. You never came out and said that you were interested in a relationship but I could tell by how you acted around me that you had a crush on me. Deep down inside your bratty attitude and potty mouth was a cry for me to take you in hand and show you who was boss. Jennie you’re the type of woman who needs, no wants her man to love her with all his heart, take care of your every need and pop that bottom of yours when you deserve a proper spanking. I am that man.”

I just sat there on Josh’s lap with my mouth opened down to my knees. I had wanted to hear those words from his lips for so many years. Now that he had said them, I was afraid to answer. I want to have a relationship with Josh but I’m not sure that I want to surrender myself to him. The thing about me wanting to be spanked had not been something I wanted. Not one bit.

I cleared my throat trying to form the words that I knew Josh was waiting to hear.

“Josh, I do love you . I’ve wanted to be with you for so many years. That has always been my dream. I don’t know about surrendering myself to you. I am my own woman and as you know I don’t like being told what to do. I’m just afraid we will butt heads all the time.”

Josh pulled me towards him. “Jennie, I know we’ll butt heads. That’s a given. I promise you that there will be rules to follow, whether you like or not. The only thing you need to worry about is that if rules are broken your bottom will pay for it.”

I turned to my parents. I could tell by the expressions on their faces that they were in agreement with Josh. I looked at Bo and god only knows why I even took his expression in to consideration, but I could tell he liked the idea.

I know that the most important people in my life only wanted the best for me and that I know that I sometimes act like an spoiled child. I guess I could try it for a while.

“Josh, I love you. I have for so long and I don’t want to live without you in my life. I’ll try it your way. I don’t want you to be spanking me for every little naughty thing I do. That’s just not fare.”

Josh smiled and gave me a kiss. “Sweetie, you just need to be a good girl, then you wont have to worry about getting spanked for every little naughty thing you do.”

With that said I felt a chill run through my body. I stood up and made a run for my bedroom. I got to the stairway and scurried up to my bedroom and locked the door. I just had to get away. I felt like I was losing control.

I sat on my bed wondering who would be coming after me. No one came. I was sure Josh would come storming up the stairs, then bust down my bedroom door. I must have broken at least 5 of his so called stupid rules by now.

I couldn’t hear any noise coming from downstairs. I figured Josh went home and my parents probably went out for lunch like they always do on Sunday afternoon. I laid down on my bed and thought I would close my eyes and just rest for a while. I was exhausted from the spanking and all the talking. I just wanted to put all that out of my mind for a little while.
I woke up with a startle. It was still light out and I wasn’t sure if it was still Sunday or if I had slept right through the night and it was Monday morning. I looked at the clock and it was 7 am. I couldn’t believe no one had come up to check on me to see if I was OK.

I started to get up and I had forgotten about my bottom. I gave out a yelp when I rolled over from my stomach onto my bottom. I jumped up to relieve the painful feeling and to step over to my full length mirror. I needed to see how my bottom looked almost 24 hours after Josh had given me the worst spanking of my entire life.

Not only did I still have the red and purplish marking on my bottom, but now some of the markings had turned that ugly yellowy-greenish shade. The more I thought about it, I was getting madder at Josh and my parents for letting him spank me so hard. I was a grown woman and I just decide that no one was ever going to spank my bottom ever again.

Darn you, Josh Winters, you are never going to spank my bottom again. Even though I was only thinking those words I looked around making sure no one would have been able to hear me. I must really be paranoid.

Now I know I can’t stay cooped up in my bedroom for the rest of my life, but I was a little apprehensive to open my door and venturing down the stairs. I had abruptly stormed out of the living room to my bedroom and I wasn’t sure how that had gone over with the four people who had been down in the living room plotting the rest of my life.

I have never been afraid to stand up for myself. Now that I know that I could be turned over anyone’s knee at any moment I was plain chicken. I think I grew feathers and a beak overnight.

I decided to jump into the shower and put on some comfortable loose fitting clothes on, especially the lower portion. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and decided that I was going to go downstairs with my head high and show who ever was downstairs that I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t going to crumble under their strong arm.
I had planed on going to the mall today to shop for some summer clothes and also I needed to go by the fire hall to pick up my uniform. I was going to start to ride with one of the aid cars on Tuesday. I was getting so excited to start my new job.

I had always wanted to start off as and EMT and then if I was good at it go on to nursing school. I should find out today which aid car I will be assigned to.

I figured I would stop by McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich and coffee on my way to the mall, but a nice glass of orange juice sounded even better. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and got the juice. When I started to close the door I got startled. Josh must have walked into the kitchen just at that moment. Like I said, he was quiet as a cat.

I slammed the door and turned to get a glass from the cupboard. I wasn’t in the mood to have any kind of conversation with a man who felt it was his duty to tame me.

Josh walked over to me and twirled me around and took me into his arms. He planted the most perfect kiss to my lips. His tongue slide along my lips and penetrated to touch my tongue. I was lost in the moment. I put my arms around his neck and could feel a tingling between my legs. I squeezed my thighs together so I could control myself. I felt like I was starting to float away.

Josh pushed me away, took my hand and led me to one of the kitchen chairs. I immediately covered my bottom with my other hand, thinking that for some reason I was about to get spanked.

Josh gave a little chuckle, “Jennie, don’t worry, I’m not here to give you a spanking I think we have a few things we need to talk about. You have a decision to make.”

I looked into Josh’s eyes and I could tell he hadn’t gotten much sleep last night. I on the other hand, I had slept like a baby and felt refreshed and ready to defend myself if need be.

“Josh I’m not sure what you mean. I thought by my running to my room yesterday I had made myself quite clear. I’m not ready to have you taming me. I don’t feel like I need you to tell me how it’s going to be, with all your so called RULES.”

I could feel my little bratty attitude creeping up on me and I knew that Josh would not be in any kind of mood to deal with it. For my own well being I quickly changed my attitude to a passive little girl.

“I’m sorry for starting to act bratty. I’m really trying to be better. I’m not acting like that on purpose. Josh, I don’t like to make you mad at me. I think I’m falling in love with you too.”

Josh ran his finger down my cheek, across my slippery lips. He shushed me and moved closer to give me a most perfect kiss. He moved his hand to my right breast and gave my perky nipple a pinch. I jumped with excitement that was stirring once again between my thighs.

I jumped off his lap and raise my hands to cover my eyes. I wasn’t sure how to handle all this attention that was so new to me. I had for so long wanted Josh to take me into his arms and make mad passionate love to me but now that he was showing me how much he liked me I didn’t know what to do.

Josh stood and took a step towards me. He once again put his strong and tender arms around my waste and pulled me into him.

“Sweetie, don’t shy away from me. I wont do anything you don’t want me to do. I have waited so many years for you to grow into the women you have grown into. I think we are ready to take that next step to get to know each other more intimately.”

I had a huge problem and I didn’t know how to handle it. Josh is under the impression that I have been with a few guys. I’ve dated some, but nothing like he thinks. I never had more that a second date with anyone I dated. So yes, that’s right, I’m still a virgin.

How can we take it to the next step and be more intimate when I’ve never gotten past the first step with anyone.

I needed to go, and be alone to think. “Josh, I need to go. I have to go now.” I got up off his lap and picked up my purse and keys and darted for the door. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I slipped out the door before Josh knew what happened. I ran to my car, trying to unlock it before he could catch me.

I made a clean getaway.

I stopped at McDonald’s for my breakfast sandwich and a side of hash browns. I finally could enjoy a nice cold glass of orange juice, that I had craved all morning.

After I relaxed for a while I started to cry. Tears started to flow down my cheeks. Everything that had happened to me these past few days caught up with me. My parents were so disappointed in me that they felt I needed someone to tame me and help me change my ways. Josh was adamant about him being the tamer and that he would change me into an obedient wife. I don’t even know if I want to be a wife. I’m still very young and I feel I should be able to do what I want without someone hovering over my every move.

So what if I’m a little bratty and curse like a logger, it’s my life and no one is going to boss me around. I’m an adult, darn it.

I am still trying to rap my head around Josh wanting to have me. He has loved me for a long time without me even having a clue. How could I be so blind. All this time he knew that I was in love with him and I was so stupid not to see that he was in love with me. Now he wants to be more intimate with me. I’m a virgin for crying out loud.

I had to get out of McDonald’s so no one could see me crying. I ran to my car and started to unlock my door. I was fumbling around with my keys. I could hardly see the key hole with all the tears flowing down my cheeks.

Finally I unlocked my door and was about to get in when my door slammed shut, this startled me. I turned around and Josh was standing there with a scowled look on his face. He took my keys, locked my door and took my hand. He twirled me around so my backside was facing him. I knew what was going to happen next. I tried to cover my bottom with my hand, but he got his three hard swats applied to my already sore bottom. I couldn’t believe that I was in the parking lot of McDonald’s getting spanked.

I closed my eyes, thinking if I couldn’t see, than no one could see me jumping out of the way of Josh’s hand. I felt three more swats and then felt myself being lifted into his pickup. I started to cry, not so much from the pain of being spanked, but from the embarrassment of having my bottom publicly spanked.

I opened my eyes as the truck started to move. I could see some people watching me crying and no one came to my rescue. For all they knew, I was being kidnapped by a crazed spanking maniac.

What was wrong with these people? If it were me watching a grown women getting her bottom spanked in a public parking lot, I would have called 911 and walked right up to the jerk who was doing the spanking. I would have given him a piece of my mind, but no, no one did that for me. I was wondering if all men spanked their wives and girlfriends. If so, I think I don’t want anything to do with men anymore.

There was silence. I didn’t dare speak. The truck turn down the street to Josh’s house. He had purchased a home about a mile from my parents. I had never been there before, so I was some what interested in seeing his man cave. He and my brother were roommates, so I was very interested in what the place looked like.

I wasn’t sure if I was safe going there today. Who knew what Josh had planed. My heart started to beat faster. I was starting to hyperventilate. I never thought I would be scared to be by myself with Josh. I didn’t know if we were just going to talk, if I was going to get another spanking or if he was going to deflower me. It seemed like when he talked to me lately it was while I was always over his knee. I wondered if we would ever be able to have a normal conversation without me getting my bottom blistered. He was getting more confident each time he spanked me. I truly didn’t think my bottom could take another spanking.

Josh pulled into his driveway and turned off the truck. Not a word was spoken. He opened his door, got out, then slammed it closed. He walked around the front of the truck. I was getting scared, not knowing what trouble I was in. I quickly locked the door just in time. Josh placed his hand on the door handle and couldn’t open the door.

I’ve noticed lately when Josh is about to lose his patients with me, his right eyebrow will curl up. His scowl is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of a mad bull ready to charge. This was the look he was giving me. I was sure I saw steam blowing out his nostrils.

“Jennie, you best be opening this door.” Josh was not in the mood for games. I wasn’t playing a game, I was trying to survive. I knew he held my life in his hands. He thought he was the person to make all the decisions in my life. No, he had it all wrong.

“No, I’m not going to open it until you promise you wont spank me.”

Josh took his keys and I heard the click of the lock. Oh gosh, I quickly re locked the door. We went back and forth for a minute or so, until I screwed up and pushed the unlock button by mistake.

I didn’t know what hit me, I was out of the truck in two seconds and slung over Josh’s shoulder. I couldn’t believe how fast he had me on the porch to his house.

I bawled my hands into fists. I started to hit Josh’s back, crying at have him to put me down. I should have known that I was no match for Josh. He applied his hard hand to my backside. I had put on a sundress this morning and the skirt part was hanging down over my back, leaving only my lacy panties to protect my bottom. He gave me five hard swats to my bottom.

“Listen here young lady. I hadn’t planed on giving you a spanking, but if you keep on hitting me I promise I will take my belt to your bare bottom, so help me. Just settle down.”

I figured I better stop with the useless attack on Josh’s back. All it was getting me was a sore bottom. “Do you promise not to spank me? I don’t think I could survive another one.”

Josh opened the door and walked over to the couch in the front room. He lowered me onto the couch. “SIT and DON’T. YOU. MOVE!”

Boy was he mad. He had never raised his voice to me in that way. I knew that I better do what he said. “Yes sir.”

What did I just say? I was shocked that “yes sir” just came out of my mouth. The only person I have ever said that to was my dad and that was when he had me over his lap applying his hand to my bottom, which was almost never. Josh was treating me just like a child. I’m not a child, I’m a grown woman. He better start remembering that, because I wont stand, being treated this way.

Josh went to the refrigerator and got two bottles of water. He walked over and handed me a bottle. “Take a big drink Jennie, all those tears you’ve been shedding will dehydrate you. Yep, he’s always watching out for me, or was it he once again telling me what to do?

“Thank you for the water. I took a sip. Josh was right, I had shed a rainfall of tears these past few days and I was so thirsty. I drank about half of the bottle.

Josh sat down next to me and took the bottle of water from my hand and put it down on the table in front of us. He lifted me up and placed me on his lap. At least it wasn’t over his lap. So far so good.

I couldn’t look into his eyes. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted him to explain what he wanted from me.

Josh cupped my face in his hands and gave me a kiss on the lips. Nothing toe curling, but enough to give me that little twinge between my thighs.

Josh put his arms around me and brought me to his chest. I was lost in his caress. I wanted to stay this way for the rest of my life. I felt safe and warm when he held me.

Josh reached under my chin and lifted it so our eyes met. He had a tear falling down his cheek. I was speechless, lost for words. Why was he crying. I was the one who should be crying. I had had my bottomed spanked at least a million times in the past few days and I had practically been given away by my parents to a man who had appointed himself to tame me. I was spanked and humiliated by my so called boyfriend in the parking lot of McDonald’s and he was crying. Where does he get off showing that kind of emotion.

“Josh, why are you crying? Your not the one who has been beaten so many times in the past few days, and in the parking lot of McDonald’s no less. I don’t care if you have tears running down your face. I don’t want to be here and you need to take me home right this minute.”

Complete silence. Not a word is being said. Oh boy, I’m in so much trouble.

I slowly got up off his lap and started for the front door. I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision to make but I needed to get out and far away as fast as I could.

“Jennie, If you walk out that door it will be over. I wont bother you anymore. I wont be there to make sure you’re OK. You can go on making bad choices, continue to act like a spoiled brat who has a potty mouth and never have the life you could have with my love. You know that you love me just a much as I love you. We have been hiding our love for each other all these years. You were way to young in the beginning for me. I know I had to let some years go by before we could show our love for each other. I know that it’s time for us to start our future together”

I got as far as the front door. I had my hand on the door knob, starting to turn it. I knew that all I had to do was pull on the knob and I would be out the door and down the street. If I did this it would be all over between us before it actually really started.

It’s only been a few days that Josh told me he had true feelings for me. It was all so much to take in. My folks had practically threw me into his arms. I felt like I was a princess and the king and queen had picked my prince charming out for me to marry.

This isn’t a fairy tale, it’s real life and it’s just not done that way. I wanted to pick my own prince charming, but the problem was Josh was my prince charming.

The other problem was I was being so pigheaded. I wanted to be the one to make the decisions not everyone else. I hate to be told what to do. My parents and Josh went about it all wrong. They blew it.
They know that I was a spoiled brat who always got her way. Why would this be any different.

I just need to explain this to Josh. Make him understand that it has to be my decision not anyone else’s. I love him and want to be with him, but it has to my idea.

The more I thought about it, I was really acting like a spoiled brat. We both want to be with each other, so why am I acting so horrid.

At that moment I knew what I needed to do.


I took my hand off the door knob and turned around. Josh was still sitting on the couch. He no longer had tears flowing down his cheeks. I figured he had had enough of my silliness.

I walked over to Josh and sat down next to him. I felt myself losing it. I looked into his eyes and told him I was sorry.

“Josh, I’m truly sorry for the way I have been acting the past couple of days. You deserve better than a spoiled rotten brat, throwing temper tantrums every fifteen minutes over anything and everything. I hope you can forgive me for acting this way and I promise I will work on my attitude and especially my potty mouth,”

Josh put his arms around me and gave me a big smile and a hug. He started to speak, but I put my finger to his lips to stop him from saying anything.

I got up and went over to my purse and took out my hair brush and brought it over and place it into Josh’s hand. I felt myself losing it again. I started to shake and I could feel my throat getting sore. The kind of sore you get when you try to hold back from crying. I walked to the side of Josh’s knees and I slowly bent over them. I pulled up my sundress and tugged at my panties. I tried to pull them down but only got as far as my lower bottom. I asked Josh to help me pull them down to my knees.

“Josh, I can’t pull them down very further, will you please help me?” I could feel Josh placing his fingers under my panties and he started to pull them down. He took them all the way off and placed them next to my head. On the floor.

There was complete silence. I needed to do this. I needed to turn myself over to Josh. I needed to show him that he was in charge of my well being and he was going to have to lay down the law when it came to my attitude. I just had too much of it and didn’t know how to control it.

“Jennie, are you sure you want this? You know that you deserve a solid spanking from me. I’m going to do a thorough job.” I took a deep breath and replied, “yes Josh, I’m turning myself over to you. I love you and don’t want to lose your love for me. I know that I’m tamable. You just need to be patient with me. All I ask is please don’t be too hard on my bottom today. It still hurts from all the other spankings I’ve gotten, and remember you already spanked me in the parking lot.

With that said, and I truly knew that it didn’t influence Josh one bit. He was going to lay down the law as he saw fit.

I waited for the brush to fall, the anticipation was gut wrenching. I started to shake even more and I was sobbing before the first crack of the brush landed.

Ouch! Oh Josh, not so hard. Oh please, ouch no. I started to squirm and thrash around. I new if I jerked around too much Josh would put his leg over mine to keep me from struggling. That’s just what he did. I tried to put my hand back to cover my bottom after each smack, but he just took my hands into his and placed them behind my back. He was so strong that I was stuck.

Josh kept spanking me, The smack came harder and faster with each smack. I knew that sitting was going to be out of the question for a long time. I must have gotten smacked over twenty times with that hairbrush.

I was crying my eyes out. I started to hyperventilate and that’s when Josh stopped. He knew that I had reached my limit.

I laid over his knees for at least five minutes trying to get control of myself. Josh was rubbing my back and shushing me, trying to calm me down. He didn’t rub my bottom. He didn’t believe in soothing a bottom after it was punished. That would defeat the purpose of the spanking. It’s suppose to hurt.

I finally stopped sobbing enough that Josh lifted me up and place me on his lap. I threw my arms around his neck and buried my face into his chest. I always felt safe and under control of myself in that position.

Josh pulled me back and wiped my tears from my face. He gave me some Kleenex to blow my nose. I felt like a little girl having her daddy wiping her runny nose. Josh made me feel little and venerable in his arms.

Josh whispered in my ear, “Jennie it’s OK, I love you with all my heart. It will be OK. We’re going to have a wonderful life together. Your bottom and my hand were made for each other.”

With that said I knew that my Birthday wish from all these years had finally come true. I found my true love and that I would be happy with Josh forever.

The End