Story Contest Entry #18 : Sister Dana and the Leprechaun

Everyone, Here’s another batch of fun and original  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  entries – quite possibly the best thing you’ll read all day… Enjoy~ – Dana   ********** “Sister Dana and the Leprechaun” Once upon a time, in the Island of emerald green, dwelled the most lecherous leprechaun that ever could be. This tiny terror haunted a trail that […]

Contest Entry #14 : My Spanking Wish

  Readers, Another great entry to the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest   – get ’em while they’re hot.~~ Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “My Spanking Wish” One day while walking along the shore of a pristine mountain lake feeling rather alone and unloved I came across the perfect skipping stone and thought that this stone would make […]

Contest Entry #12 : A Wish Come Through

  Readers, We’ll all be up to our ears (thank goodness!) in new reading material thanks to the   ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  . Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “A Wish Come Through” IT WAS Anthony’s 60th Birthday. As he blew out the candles he made the two-part wish he always wished on birthdays, when the first star […]

Contest Entry #11 : Power Exchange

  Spankos, I hope you have a full cup of coffee, because there are a LOT more entries for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  . Here’s another. Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “Power Exchange” She answered the door to a completely unlikely couple. Certainly not your grandpa’s appliance repair service. The young man was full of blond […]

Contest Entry #10 : Natural Born Spanker

Everyone, The  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  got a LOT of spanko minds and keyboards moving – here’s another entry.. Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “Natural Born Spanker” Kelly was born on a farm in Illinois, As she grew she did all the things a girl could do on a farm in the country, Feed the chickens, help […]

Story Contest Entry #9 : Taming Jenny

Readers, Good spanking morning…here’s another entry for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest . Enjoy! – Dana ********** “Taming Jenny” Ever since I was a little girl I have made the same wish on my Birthday. I would get so excited to have my birthday cake placed before me and I would watch the flicker of the lit […]

Contest Entry #7 : The Spanking Wish

  Readers, Enjoy this fun entry for the ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  and get ready for more!   – Dana   *********** “The Spanking Wish”     As i sit in front of the wishing well getting ready to throw my quarter in and make a wish , I close my eyes and and think of the […]

Another fun Future Spank story (f/m spaking)

  Readers, Here’s a sweet little untitled entry to the Future Spank story contest – what a wealth of riches we’ve had with this contest! – Dana     It was my final year at high school and we were about to graduate. My teacher was Dana10/93, who is a robot. Robotic teachers have largely […]

‘The Errant Robot’ : Future Spank entry

  Readers, Here’s another fine entry to the Future Spank story contest, which garnered a LOT of really creative writing. Enjoy ‘The Errant Robot’. –  Dana   THE ERRANT ROBOT   Colin woke up with a start.   He looked at his bedside clock and swore silently under his breath. He was late, very late. […]

‘Future Spank’ Story Contest Winner!

  Readers, Well! I have to say that I’m surprised at the number of entries that the Future Spank story contest garnered, each of them very well-written and imaginative. This was, even more than usual, a difficult choice. Thanks to everyone who entered their original work, and please do take a moment to comment on […]

New Spanking Story Contest : Future Spank

  Readers, In celebration of the new year and all the ones to come, the theme for this month’s spanking story writing contest is.. The Future No, not like next month, smartass. Think a bit farther ahead. Think flying cars or living on Mars or robots that are programmed to dole out spankings; think about […]

A fun holiday spanking story from The VBB

  Readers, Here’s a fun holiday story written by our very own VBB – he assures me that this is completely a work of fiction. Ahem, I’ll let you decide… –  Dana   “The Thanksgiving Day Football Game” It all started with a short email, which popped up on my screen during one of my […]

Game Night

  Readers, One of my famously fun playmates came to visit me here in Las Vegas a few weeks back, and I wanted to help make his trip as enjoyable as possible. So we had Game Night at my place. Rousing rounds of Abacus Math, Spin the Bottle (previously approved by DrZ to be both […]

‘Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party’

   ‘Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party’ is another really excellent F/M entry to the ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest . Enjoy! –  Dana     Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party by Richard Jennifer and I have been married for over twenty years.  As time went on, our relationship evolved.  Jennifer became more dominant and […]

‘Detention Served, at Long Last’ : great School Daze fiction

I’m sure you’ll be properly pleased with this entry to the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest. Poor Dan finds out that it’s never too late for a spanking, in :      “ DETENTION SERVED….AT LONG LAST!”                                                                                           Dan was pushing his cart at the local supermarket when he spied an attractive looking mature woman bending […]

School Daze winning story part 3 : ‘Finality?’

Our considerate winner of the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest knows how much we love to read spanking stories, so we’re lucky enough to have this one in four parts! Here’s part three: Finality? The new junior professor was brilliant and talented and sweet.  But every bit of her promise was doubly matched and dulled with inappropriate […]

‘Eleven Letters’ : Another excellent ‘What the Camera Saw’ contest entry

‘Eleven Letters’ is yet another example of the writing creativity shown in January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ . This poor husband shares the rundown of his shameful video…Enjoy!–  Dana Eleven Letters (a story of discipline) The following is a work of fiction. Names have not been changed, so as to implicate the guilty. That would […]

‘The Reformatory’ : Final Chapter

Readers, Here is the tenth and final chapter of ‘The Reformatory’. My thanks to Annika and Lyndsy, who were kind enough to share their time and creativity with me through this story, and for letting me share it with you. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have. –  Dana The REFORMATORY […]

Doctor Hansen – more great F/M spanking fiction!

Here’s excellent proof that sexual harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated. I’m sure that ‘Doctor Hanson’ is very well-behaved after this encounter with his nurses.–  Dana Doctor Hanson Doctor Hanson was a young new doctor at the hospital department I used to work. He was handsome, well-spoken but very flirtatious. Guess he had […]

Spooky Spanking fiction!

Another excellent Spooky Spanking Story Contest entry. (Asterisks are my edits..)–  Dana My appointment was set for 7pm and I was running late. I knew that she was going to make me pay for that but I had been putting off seeing her because I was nervous. So many questions were running through my mind. What was […]

Another fun Spooky Spanking story!

You’ll enjoy this entry for the Spooky Spanking Story Contest. Thanks again to all the participants, this month and every day.–  Dana ***** She said that she was not going to conclude either of our punishment spankings until she felt we were truly sorry and committed to changing our bad behavior. We had both accepted her […]

Fantasy Island story entry

The ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest really got some imaginations going…and here’s a little whodunit for you all, spanking style. ***** It was a sunny day in the little cottage, out in the middle of the private wood, and Ms Kane was luxuriating with a well earned drink in the shade of the […]

Fantasy Island contest entry ‘Carl’s Date’

‘Carl’s Date’ is a cautionary tale for scheming boys who try to play tricks on strict co-eds. Another fun entry in the ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest. Enjoy!– Dana ***** Carl’s Date  Carl was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father made scandalous tons of money during the high […]

New F/M spanking story, from ‘Brief Encounter’

The Brief Encounter spanking story contest inspired some very talented writers, and I am happy to share those inspirations with others who enjoy reading original spanking stories written by real spankos.  This entry is impressive in it’s detail and language, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time reading.– Dana ***** Ben Mitchell checked his watch and […]

New, Original F/M spanking story

Readers,Here is an entry from the ‘Brief Encounter’ story writing contest. It looks as though Simon has gotten exactly what he wished for… *** Simon looked around nervously, there was something about a station at 2pm that was a little spooky. For a start there was no one else there as far as he could […]

Contest Winner: Brief Encounter

Readers,The June spanking story writing contest, ‘Brief Encounter’, was a fun one for the imagination: A man and woman, alone in a train station, and a pair of mysterious panties…this could go anywhere! As always, our fellow spankos have come through in admirable fashion, sharing their stories with us all here (and possibly hoping for […]

Brand new spanking story from our UK Laureate

Another fine original spanking story from one of our favorite writers (and past story writing contest winner), UK Laureate – enjoy this well-spun tale, titled ‘Mother-in-law’s Visit’.   – Dana ***** Mother-in-law’s visit We’d been married a little under a year, long enough, sadly, for the initial euphoria to wear off. In truth the last […]

Original F/M and F/F spanking story, set in 1966

Readers,Another fine entry to the ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ Spring Break story contest, this blast from the past untitled piece incorporates both F/F and F/M spankings. Enjoy!–   Dana *****  It was the spring of 1966 and I had big plans for spring break- hot girls and cold beer.  For months Sandy and I have […]

Contest Winner: ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ Story

April’s ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ story writing contest required two college freshmen, a classic convertible, and a road to anyplace. The winning entry, called “Spring Pong Break” is a funny, sexy, spanking delight, firmly covering all bases. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. – Dana ***** SPRING PONG BREAK “Ah, life is good,” […]

‘A Bedtime Story’ : F/M spanking fiction

This lovely story, another entry to the ‘Bedtime Story’  writing contest, is certain to tickle your spanking fancy. Enjoy!    – Dana ***** A Bedtime Story Philip looked up at the station clock above platform 6 of the railway station at Delft, a small town in Holland and waited patiently. How he came to be there was […]

‘Camelot’ : Original F/M Spanking Fiction

Readers,I hope that you’re enjoying all the entries for the ‘Bedtime Story’  writing contest. More thanks to the author of ‘Camelot’, and all the others, for contributing.–  Dana ***** George Peabody was a very important and powerful man. Though only 27, he was CEO (mostly because of birth, not ability) of Peabody Industries, a scratch golfer, and […]

F/M Spanking Story: ‘A Journey to the Mall’

Readers,Sometimes really nice things, like earrings and silver dollars, slip through cracks. In this case, somehow an excellent F/M spanking story slipped through the cracks during the holiday season..and I felt compelled to share it with you now, anyway. I think you’ll agree that spanking is the same in every season.Written by the VBB, the […]

Gambling Resolution: F/M Spanking Story

Gamblers beware! The ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story contest will catch you, too, as the author of this fun story finds out…– Dana ***** This year I know I can do it, no more gambling! Still I don’t know whats wrong with putting a couple of bucks on a horse or betting on a football […]

‘Snuffing out a Bad Habit’ F/M spanking fiction – A Must-Read!

Readers,I absolutely love this original entry to the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest. The subject matter is unique, and the author’s tone is personal and engaging. Please enjoy ‘Snuffing out a Bad Habit’.–  Dana ***** Snuffing Out a Bad Habit*A good day’s work, and it’s only 4:30.  Jim’s gonna be thrilled.  He’llowe me […]

Excellent F/M Spanking Story

Here’s a fun entry to the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story contest. My thanks again to the author (and all the rest!) for contributing.– Dana ***** I Broke My New Year’s Resolution I made a resolution to lose some weight.   You see, I am overweight and slightly obese, and I want to correct that.  […]

Resolution Story

Readers,I received so many wonderful original story entries in the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ writing contest that it was even more difficult than ever to decide on only one winner. Another very worthy entry is the untitled story below…yet another reason to stick to your commitments. I know you’ll enjoy it..– Dana ***** After 20 […]

Original F/M Spanking Fiction: ‘The Predicament’

Another fine entry to the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest, “The Predicament” is so well-written, you’d think it actually happened exactly this way.  (In reality, he has less than one week left to maintain his weight goal, and I am confident that he will.)   Enjoy!– Dana   “The Predicament” All I could […]

F/M Spanking Story; ‘An Ode to New Year Resolutions’

The ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story writing contest was another opportunity for our UK Laureate to showcase his talent. I think you’ll agree that he’s outdone himself, once again.. Click for More from UK Laureate ***** An Ode to New Year Resolutions By UK Laureate Dear friends, you know of New Year hopes and worthy aspirations – […]

Spanking Great Poetry: ‘Maybe Later’

Readers,Here is a whimsical entry to the  ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest. ‘Maybe Later’ is a fun, rhyming verse, all about procrastination.– Dana ***** Maybe Later I need to get some things done But I would rather go out and have fun Time seems to pass by too fast for me For […]

Fantastic F/M Spanking Story: ‘The B.A.C.O.N. Project’

Readers,Three cheers for this imaginative ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest entry (with some tiny editing for naughtiness). Get ready to laugh, sweat, and learn a valuable lesson..– Dana ***** ‘The B.A.C.O.N. Project’ He stared at the little ad and wondered what it could possibly mean: “Need to lose a few pounds quickly?” it […]

Original F/M Spanking Story: ‘New Year’s Resolutions and the Consequences of Failure’

We are off to an excellent start to 2012, with the fantastic story entries from the  ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ writing contest. This one, titled ‘New Year’s Resolutions and the Consequences of Failure’ is an educated take on FLDD relationships, and accountability. Enjoy!– Dana ***** New Year’s Resolutions and the Consequences of Failure Our […]

A Song for the Holidays, by Dana Kane

I laid them all out on the table, all twelve of them, just before he arrived; I smoothed the quilt on the bed, and closed the window blinds tight. It was Christmas in New York City, but I had no time to stare out the window at the bustle of downtown shoppers below. Out came the wrist and […]

‘Stuart’s Surprise Birthday Spanking’: F/M Spanking Stories

‘Stuart’s Surprise Birthday Spanking’ is detailed, interesting, and – best of all – a great F/M entry to the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ story contest. Enjoy! – Dana ***** STUART’S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY SPANKINGStuart and Jenna had met at a fall sorority social at a northwestern state university in the 1960’s.   Their romance moved along to the extent that they […]

F/M Spanking Stories: ‘My Birthday Spanking’ entry

This entry from another great friend and fellow spanking enthusiast (a non-contestant in the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ contest   due to our friendship) is well-penned and really quite funny.  Thanks again to my wonderful buddies who take the time and imagination to enter their works – you’re the best.Enjoy!– Dana ***** Out and about at the electronic store […]

Original F/M Spanking Stories: ‘Twin Cheeks’

Here is an exceptional entry to the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ story contest, written by one of my favorite new playmates. I gave him his first spanking…and will soon deliver another. A true spanko, he’s even started his own blog, with an interesting perspective on the spanking lifestyle. Visit his new blogsite at: Secret Spanko. – Dana ***** ‘Twin Cheeks’ […]

F/M Spanking Stories: ‘When I get Older’

Sung to the tune of ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ by the Beatles, this ‘song’ tickles me to no end for it’s fun style and thoughtful rhyming. Many thanks to the songwriter for his entry in the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ Story Contest. ***** Stairlift is broken, zimmer frame too Many years from now Will you still be sending us […]

F/M Spanking Story: ‘Close to Home’

A very well-written (slightly edited for somewhat naughty content) entry for the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ Story Contest, ‘Close to Home’ is further proof of the creativity of the readers and contributors to this blog. Thank you.– Dana ***** ‘Close to Home’ Chapter 1 “Gggrrruuuunnnh…” Wow that hurt!  I was really struggling, and stood up breathing fast but […]

F/M Spanking Stories: ‘My Birthday Spanking’ entry

A really great entry to the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ story contest, this untitled story from a contributor who I’ll call ‘Anthony’ is another example of the wonderful imaginations at work in this (and every) contest. Enjoy! -Dana  ***** Today was what some would call a “special” day. That’s what they tell you when you’re small as […]

My Birthday Spanking Story Contest Winner

Readers,This was a particularly enjoyable contest, as the entries are all so varied and unique. I am certain that you will enjoy them as much as I have. I must issue my usual disclaimer that choosing one winner for these little contests is extremely difficult. There were nearly two dozen individual submissions to the ‘My Birthday […]

Fantasy and Desire, Part One: F/M Spanking Fiction

Readers,Here is a sexy little spanking story from one of my wonderful playmates. I am hoping to be able to share much more of his writing in future. Enjoy!– DanaFantasy and Desire, Part One:Isabella couldn’t believe her eyes at first. Her girlfriend Melissa and she had been friends forever and as such, these comfortable after […]