Final Contest Entry #24 : Big Bellied Buddha

  Everyone, This has been one helluva contest, and here’s the final entry for our  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  … Enjoy! We’ll begin voting soon. – Dana   ********** “Big Bellied Buddha” Mary was a young college student at the ripe age of nineteen. She attended a small out of state college which carried a high reputation […]

Contest Entry #21 : One Wish

  Here we go! The last handful of the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  entries. Enjoy~ – Dana   ********** “One Wish”    This is a true story about a guy named Reed and his girlfriend, Amelie. I think it’s true. I heard it all from Reed, and why would he lie? It’s actually pretty hard to believe. Let’s […]

Spanking story entry #19 : Wish Upon a Star

  Everyone, It’s obvious that none of us is going to get a thing done today, so let’s just read all these great entries to the ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  . Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “Wish Upon a Star” “Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket. Never let it fade away. Catch a falling […]

Story Contest Entry #16 : Nellie’s Wish

  Readers, I wasn’t kidding when I said that the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  garnered a lot of entries… Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “Nellie’s Wish” Nellie was looking forward to seeing Becky and her Mum today. She had met Becky but not her Mum but had seen them on occasion at the shops. They seemed to have […]

Contest Entry Story #15 : A Spanking Wish

  Readers, Here come more great reader-submitted entries for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  ! Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “A Spanking Wish” With a frustrated sigh, Maggie shut her laptop a little more aggressively than she had intended. Despite being twenty-one years old, she could feel the beginnings of a temper tantrum brewing inside her as she […]

Story Contest Entry #13 : Vienna Waits for You

  Wow! I don’t know about you all, but I’m really tickled at the work gone into these entries for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  . Enjoy! – Dana   ********** “Vienna Waits for You” Vienna Waits for You I wish I could just find something that could get through to this girl, Emma thought, but she […]

Contest Entry #8 : Being a Bad Neighbor

  Readers, The ”hits” just keep coming…here’s another entry for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest . Enjoy! – Dana   *********** “Being a Bad Neighbor” “That girl needs a good thrashing,” Do they really think I cannot hear them as I am walking through the lobby?  Sooorrry, I swore when I dropped my mail.  They think they […]

Story Contest Entry #2 : Birthday Wish

Readers,   Here’s another of our entrants’ great stories for the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest .~~ Enjoy! – Dana     ********** ‘Birthday Wish’   “Come on, honey!” she says, excitedly, taking my hand and leading me into the kitchen. I say nothing, but follow her, wondering what she is so happy about. “I know the party […]

Part Two of Amy’s excellent spanking story

  Readers, Recently, I introduced you to a new spanking writer named Amy Phillips. The first installation of Amy’s tale received an excellent reception, and she’s been kind enough to provide us with Part Two, which I think you’ll all enjoy just as much. –  Dana   (Read  Part One here.) ___________________________ As Lena sat in […]

Sin City Spanks Story : Chapter Twelve

Readers, Here’s a great entry to the Sin City Spanks story contest : “Chapter Twelve” by miss Randy Lee. Enjoy! –  Dana CHAPTER TWELVE by Randy Lee It was seven o’clock in the evening. The bright desert sun was still showing plenty of strength on this May evening. The congenial group of four women strolled […]

Sin City Spanking Story Contest Winner

Readers, Last month I received several entries for the “Sin City Spanks” story contest, and had a more difficult time than usual making a final decision. Ultimately, I chose “All Bets Are Off”, as I loved the character ‘Ma’s’ line about tickling….you’ll see. Congratulations to our winning author, and I’m sure that you’ll all enjoy […]

Introducing a new spanking writer

  Readers, Here’s a great little spanking story by a new writer named Amy Phillips. Amy’s quite the spanko by the sound of it, and I’m hoping that she’ll share more of her excellent imagination soon. Enjoy! –  Dana   *****   Introduction   Lena’s senior year wasn’t ending exactly as she had planned. It […]

The Miscreants and the Top-Bots : Future Spank story

The Future Spank contest was a surprise to me, as I didn’t think we’d have nearly as many well-written entries. Here’s another, titled “The Miscreants and the Top-Bots”. – Dana The Miscreants & the Top-Bots (Spanking at Maximum Efficiency) The year is indiscriminate.  There is no measure to keep up with time. Not for the Miscreants […]

New Spanking Story Contest : Future Spank

  Readers, In celebration of the new year and all the ones to come, the theme for this month’s spanking story writing contest is.. The Future No, not like next month, smartass. Think a bit farther ahead. Think flying cars or living on Mars or robots that are programmed to dole out spankings; think about […]

‘Expecting the Inevitable’ F/F spanking story

  Readers, Here is another of the noteworthy entries to last month’s ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest. I know you’ll love ‘Accepting the Inevitable.’ – Dana     Accepting the Inevitable   She said that I would be getting spanked tonight in the main room. Not because I had done anything wrong, simply because she […]

‘Sarah Skips A Semester’ : A final (and spectacular) School Daze spanking story

Readers, A final, and somewhat tardy, entry to the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest : Missy and Angel co-wrote this entry, as non-contestants (Good Girls), and it’s a great read…even though they turned in their School themed story very late – which technically should earn them a trip to the principal’s office, right? Enjoy. –  Dana Sarah […]

‘Detention Served, at Long Last’ : great School Daze fiction

I’m sure you’ll be properly pleased with this entry to the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest. Poor Dan finds out that it’s never too late for a spanking, in :      “ DETENTION SERVED….AT LONG LAST!”                                                                                           Dan was pushing his cart at the local supermarket when he spied an attractive looking mature woman bending […]

‘The Ruler’ by Annika

One of our favorite contributors, Annika, has shared a beautifully-writen entry for the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest. While she’s entered as a non-contestant, I’m sure you’ll agree that once again she’s written a winning tale. –  Dana The Ruler     Professor Payne loved his ruler.  He always made sure to place it on his […]

Final Chapter from the School Daze winner: ‘Missing: An Appropriate Skirt’

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all four excellent chapters from our winning writer in the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest. (Now get ready for your ‘prize’!) Here’s number four:   Missing:  An Appropriate Skirt The new junior professor was brilliant and talented.  But every bit of her promise was matched by inappropriate behavior.  John Lewis tipped back in […]

School Daze winning story part 3 : ‘Finality?’

Our considerate winner of the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest knows how much we love to read spanking stories, so we’re lucky enough to have this one in four parts! Here’s part three: Finality? The new junior professor was brilliant and talented and sweet.  But every bit of her promise was doubly matched and dulled with inappropriate […]

Winner of the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest!

Readers,Springtime has sprung (at least here in Las Vegas, anyway), and the School Daze spanking story contest brought out the creative spanko writer in several entrants. You’ll find a few great efforts by our regular contributors, along with some new authors who I’m hoping will keep coming back and sharing their work with us again and again.My […]

‘The Reformatory’ : Chapter 9

Part nine of ‘The Reformatory’, written by Annika and Lyndsy,  sees the young ladies’ characters struggling with more than just physical discipline… The REFORMATORY Part 9 I had to get through a lot of spankings the next ten weeks, so I had no desire to get into any kind of other trouble.  After all I […]

‘The Reformatory’ : Part Seven

In Part Seven of ‘The Reformatory’ Lyndsy and Annika(Amy) try Ms. Kane’s patience, yet again. Will these two ever learn? –  Dana *** THE REFORMATORY Part 7 When I finally got to our room that evening, after being introduced to the cane, I made sure to lie on my stomach, so my bottom could remain […]

‘Governor’s Mansion’ : A fun F/F spanking fantasy

Readers, This is a fun-to-imagine fantasy spanking story about a well-known person. Remember, it’s fiction, not politics, so enjoy the fun ‘Governor’s Mansion’. –  Dana PS. Asterisks are my edits, for slightly naughty language. Insert imagination there.    Governor’s Mansion  If I could have my cake and eat it too, I’d admit my go-to location […]

‘The Reformatory’ Part Four

The REFORMATORY Part 4 ”I will never choose that stick again, unless I have to pick three implements someday!” Lyndsy laughed “Yeah, I can see you have some nice striped ‘Kane artwork’ going on there!” I tried to twist myself around at my waist to look back at my bottom, but had to go to […]

‘The Reformatory’ Part Two

Enjoy part two of ‘The Reformatory’, by Annika and Lyndsy! Much more to come from these two talented authors… The Reformatory part II ”Are you ok Lyndsy??”  I asked.  She turned and looked at me with the biggest smile on her face ever.  “Oh man!!!  When does it stop hurting??” she asked as she rubbed […]

‘The Reformatory’ Part One

Readers,Many more thanks to Annika, one of our favorite new authors, for her story of Amy, ‘Historie’.Here again, Annika takes us on a lovely spanking adventure – this time with help from her writing partner, Lyndsy. I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘The Reformatory’…  –  Dana The REFORMATORY I used to walk around in this world believing […]

‘Historie’ Part 7: The Final Spanking

Readers,Here is the seventh and final chapter in Annika’s beautifully-written story of Amy. But don’t despair, as Annika has been hard at work collaborating on a new series with Lyndsy. Stay tuned!–  Dana ***** The final spanking My last spanking I received from my aunt happened one day after I had received one from Michael. Michael […]

Original F/M and F/F spanking story, set in 1966

Readers,Another fine entry to the ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ Spring Break story contest, this blast from the past untitled piece incorporates both F/F and F/M spankings. Enjoy!–   Dana *****  It was the spring of 1966 and I had big plans for spring break- hot girls and cold beer.  For months Sandy and I have […]

Spanking story : ‘The Bedtime Story’ contest entry

Readers,Here is another excellent story submitted for the ‘Bedtime Story’ contest. ‘The Wish’ is a beautifully-written F/F spanking fairy tale.Enjoy! – Dana ***** ‘The Wish’ The young lady stood at her window brushing her long, reddish brown hair. The stars that night were so very clear and the moon hung in the black velvet sky ever […]

Angel’s Pre-Punishment Blog

Readers,Another nice entry from Angel, who will be receiving this punishment…today. ***** It’s possible the VBB now has some competition in the “naughtiness” department and I am hoping his very nice wife (both of whom wished me well regarding my injury) will allow him to sympathize with my angst and provide me with some advice […]

Thoughts on F/f discipline, from Angel

Readers,  One of the great things about my job(life) is that I have the opportunity, time and again, to acquaint myself with cool, kind, intelligent people with similar interests. Angel is one of those people – a lifestyle submissive and spanking enthusiast.  I’ve invited Angel to share…well, just about anything that she’d like here, and […]

Winner of the ‘Person Place and Thing’ Contest

The ‘Person Place and Thing’ Spanking Story Contest was tough: it required time, research, and a lot of creativity. While I received only a handful of entries, each one was just as enjoyable as the one before, and I have realized that having a few outstanding entries makes the decision-making tough, tough, tough.I am posting […]