Nov 202012

‘The Book’ is yet another example of the excellent time our participants had with the Spooky Spanking Story Contest. Halloween has passed, but the treats just keep coming…

–  Dana

The book
” we´ll never get to the party on time”…”Why did we absolutely have to take that crappy car of yours??
“Relax honey, we will get to that party”…”RELAX? We are in the middle of nowhere dressed in costumes that won’t get any reasonable human being to pull over and help”…”I have had it, I’ll walk”
“Come on sweetie you can’t walk all the way besides its dark and the only light we have is the one from this “crappy” car”

At that moment the life of his beautiful red mustang ended. And there were not lights anymore.

“Well at least your car agrees with me….”

She started walking down the road. There were no houses or anything else in sight. Her husband stood still for a while, then shook his head and started to walk.

It wasn’t the first time he came tumbling after her. He had learned early on that it was easier just to let her have her will. It did annoy him, but every time he had tried to reason with her, she kept going on for hours arguing. He simply didn’t have the energy for that. He had often imagined, putting a stop to this just by grabbing her, pulling her over his knees and spanking her until she would shut up.
He was thinking of exactly that watching her from behind. She had a perfect bottom, especially with these high heels. The tight cat suit she was wearing just made this picture perfect. He couldn’t help to smile.

“What are you smiling for? Do you really think this is funny?? What if we won’t survive this night???
“Well…” and as so often happened before she responded before he got to say anything. “Just spare me for your explanations, you will pay for new shoes, because these are worthless right now, my feet are killing me”
She took her shoes of and threw them away. She kept walking, but he just stood there and looked in the direction of the shoes.

“Well if we won’t survive to night. I will finally find some peace and you will for once shut up”

He missed his wife. He missed the woman he fell in love with. The girl on fire. She used to shine, to laugh, to smile, to listen and care. She used to be so spontaneous and alive. Nothing was good enough for her anymore.
He glanced after the shoes once again.

“Are you coming?!” she yelled….

He started to consider his options…..They were all alone, no one would hear her, he could stop this right now. He could take her and give her the spanking of her life, and if she should leave him for that, well so be it.

A car passed them. She tried to get it to stop, and the look of that made him start to laugh. The car of course didn’t stop. She stared at him with disbelieve and anger which stopped his laughing.

He didn’t grab her, he didn’t stop her, he just started walking again like she did.

The road seemed as a never ending road. He found it strange because he knew this road, and usually it didn’t seem that long. He saw something that caught his attention on the road a few steps ahead. He looked down at it, and was surprised to see an old book. He picked it up, studied the cover. It had no title, but was pretty thick. He wondered how his wife could miss this book. He opened the book and read the first page.
                           This book is dedicated to all of you who have had it.
                           Are you sick and tired of being bullied by the one you love?
                           Do you feel disrespected? Do you want to change that?
                           Beware to read on because there is no turning back.
He turned the page and started to read.
                           Welcome to our newest residents, Alex and Sarah……
A flash of light appeared and disappeared just as fast. He was still standing with the book and couldn’t believe what he was reading….Welcome, Alex and Sarah. That was their names. He read on….
                           Follow the road and you will soon get to your new home.
                           We are awaiting you

“Hey I can hear music, we must be near some residence”
He looked at her and just nodded.

Around the next corner a little town revealed itself. It looked like any other small town at this time of the year. The houses were decorated in various Halloween themes, but no one seemed to be home. At the very end of the main street they could see a huge mansion. The music came from there, so Sarah just steered straight to that place. Alex studied every house they passed, and noticed that the last house next to the mansion had a little welcome sign in the window.
They went up to the front door, where they were about to knock on the door. Just before touching the door, it opened by itself. Sarah didn’t seem surprised, but just commented, that they used to use the same trick every Halloween back where she grew up. She walked inside and Alex after her.

“Wow look, they have really tried to make this look like some kind of correction facility”

She was right. On the walls were different kinds of implements exhibited. Sarah stood quite some time and looked at them. He was surprised when he noticed a little smile on her lips.

The music came from the end of the hallway. They reached the massive door, which just like the entrance door opened automatically. Both of them took a step backwards. People inside the room were all looking at them. They were all dressed in costumes, and it seemed they had a theme which was authority versus submissive. The people smiled polite at them, and then started to dance, talk or whatever they had done before the arrival of Alex and Sarah. Alex couldn’t get his eyes of a young woman who held a man in a leash. The man tried to get her attention, she ignored him, but he wouldn’t let go, so at one point she lifted her hand to indicate she would beat him, he instantly threw himself at her feet. Alex turned his head away very fast, after she looked straight at Alex and smiled.

“Well at least our costumes seem to match this party theme” Sarah repeated.

An elder man stepped up to Alex and reached his hand as a greeting. Alex took it.
“I am John and the beautiful woman in that corner over there is my wife”….Alex looked at John’s wife and he wasn’t lying. She was beautiful. She looked kind of ashamed and stood there gently rubbing her bottom. Suddenly Alex understood why the hand of John felt so warm.
“I’m sorry, I haven’t presented myself, I am Alex and this is my wife Sarah”…”Ah yes, the one that could use some guidance….” He blinked at Alex and went on. “Guidance??”

Alex felt a strange urge to look to his right. A dark haired man was watching him. He had a very strong physically appearance, and for some reason Alex grabbed Sarah by her arm, and started walking toward this man. It was as if he wasn’t in control over his own body at that moment but just responded to an unspoken command.
Sarah tried to get free of him, but first succeeded when Alex let go of her. She was about to yell at him, when this man stepped right in front of her. His power over her was instant. She couldn’t move nor say anything. The man turned his head towards Alex. “So Alex, I will teach you to control the behavior of Sarah”…”And Sarah” He looked into her eyes. “You and I know you have longed for this for years”
Sarah was about to say something but was interrupted by him “Did I ask you to say anything right now?!!”
“Alex, go outside and find something on the wall you find fit for her and when you do that, remember of all the times she has acted out like a little spoiled child!”

Alex went outside in the hallway and studied the implements. He wasn’t nervous anymore, he was fascinated by the control and power this person expressed, and wanted to learn how to be like that. “Longing for this….” He took a brush, and then remembered the look on her face when she was looking at the cane. “Let’s see if you still smile when you feel this one”. Alex was very excited and thought this man would show him how to punish Sarah.
When he returned with the implements the man smiled. “I see….you expect me to punish her?”….Alex didn’t respond. “Thanks for the offer, but this is a gift for you and Sarah will see it as a gift for her as well”
Enter that room and you will know what to do.
For some reason Sarah obeyed and followed Alex into the room. It was a huge bedroom with a bed placed in the middle of the room. The room was lit with dim light and had a pleasant atmosphere to it.
Sarah looked at Alex, and down on the implements.
“Sarah I love you to death, but I am fed up with the way you treat me and other people. You behave as if there is no one else in this world that has needs” “And when you threw those shoes away I wanted to give you the spanking of your life. Believe me when I say, I think you deserve this!!”
Alex once again grabbed her by her arm and went over to bed. He laid the brush and the cane neatly next to each other. He sat down on the bed and looked up. Sarah was standing quite still and looking at him. She didn’t say anything but just had an expectant look. He pulled her down over his lap. He gently stroked her bottom, which really looked perfect in this cat suit. She seemed to enjoy his gently touch, so he lifted his hand up in the air. Sarah held her breath and waited for the first spanking which she secretly had been longing for. He waited just until she had to breathe, then he started to spank her. He counted inside his head. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8….9…10. She started to wiggle and hold her breath again. He stopped.
“You know this is just a warm up, I haven’t started the real punishment yet” Sarah responded by breathing heavily. “I hope you will remember this, otherwise I will gladly repeat this until you know how to behave”
The spanking started again. Alex felt great. He loved the feeling of power and loved the way her body moved on his lap. For once he was in charge and she had to trust him without questioning. 25…26….27…28…29…30. Sarah started to hyperventilate so Alex took a break and gently rubbed her bottom again. “Aren’t you happy that I bought this tight cat suit for you??” “Sarah, answer me….”
“Yes…..I am sorry, please I will behave now”….
“Stand up”. Sarah did as commanded. She looked so small and vulnerable, but Alex knew her. She was a master in appealing. “Take that suit of, I want to see what impact I have on you”
Sarah looked surprised but did what she was told. Alex smiled at her and said “god girl, I see you learn fast”
He turned her around to watch her bare bottom. He felt pity for her, but only a little. He asked her to get over his lap again. He took the brush and let the cold side of the brush sooth her red bottom. He noticed her breathing again; it wasn’t a breathing that indicated that she was in pain. He smiled, then lifted the brush and started to spank. She couldn’t hold still now. She was wiggling, moaning and tried to crawl of his lap. “Sarah! Keep still or I will keep on going longer than planned”. She tried to control herself. Her bottom change from light red to dark red, and radiated a quite nice heat, he thought. She started to cry, so he stopped again. “It is okay sweetie, I know it hurts, but this is your own doing”. His hand gently stroked her hair, down her back to her bottom. He kept doing this move until she had herself under control again. He lifted her up from his lap. She still seemed very vulnerable the way she stood there in front of him, but this time he knew that she was vulnerable. He lifted her head so she looked into his eyes. “Sarah you are almost through your punishment. The cane will hurt a lot, and I will only spank you with it because you really crossed the line by throwing your shoes away” “you will get 10 strokes with the cane, 5 on each buttock, and you will count them….okay?” She nodded. “Good, bend over that bed and hand me that cane”. Alex did start to feel a bit sorry for her, but knew he had to do it, because this would push her further out, and he would be the one to catch her.
It was hard for her to count, to breathe, to stand still. The cane left marks on her bottom, but she got through it. With the last stroke she landed on the bed, breathing fast and heavily and started to cry again. Alex lay down beside her, and comforted her whispering “I am so proud of you, you did really well” “you are so beautiful, and I’d give the world to you, I will take care of you, if you just let me” “please look at me”
She did, and there she was. The girl on fire. She was glowing, calm and smiling. Then she snuggled up to him. Shortly after she was sleeping like a baby. Alex found the old book and read a few chapters. He read about the young woman with the man on the leash and skipped to the last chapter, which must have written itself because it was all about Sarah and Alex.

A year later…..
She was sad because she knew she couldn’t please her boyfriend the way he liked. She didn’t know how too, and he wouldn’t explain it to her. Instead he went out to let other women dominate him. It was his idea that she should dress up like a dominatrix for Halloween, but he seemed unsatisfied with her.
The streets were deserted and she felt very lonesome even though he was standing next to her. They were waiting for the bus, so she took place on a bench. When she put her hand down on the bench, it more felt like leather. She looked down and saw this old book with no title. She took it, opened it and started to read……
                           This book is dedicated to all of you, who want to give,
                           but don’t know how.
                           Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel everything you try
                           just don’t seem to be right and satisfying for the one you
                           love? Do you want to learn?
                           Beware to read on because there is no turning back.
She turned the page…..
                           Welcome to our newest residents, Michael and Jennifer

                                                       The end…..
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Sep 222012

Here is another fun entry for the ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest – enjoy!


My name is Carolyn and I am a 47 year old widow of a man who was 26 years older than me.  We had no children after 21 years of marriage and our estate was worth over 500 million dollars.  We even own an island 20 miles off of the coast of Tahiti.  I was 26 years old when we were married and was smitten by Douglas’ charm and class.  Our sex life left me wanting but Douglas was always kind and considerate.  I kept busy with volunteer activities and frequent visits to the gym where the men ogled me. I am 6′ tall in my stocking feet and weigh 140lbs.  with a well toned body.  I am told that I am very attractive.  I have red hair and brown eyes.  

After Douglas’ death my sexual desires were becoming an obsession.  I loved my husband but he was gone and I had desires that needed to fulfill.  One of Douglas’ employees was a 26 year old man who I would have fallen for when I was 26 years old.  Jonathan was a classical bad boy.  He was 5’5″ tall and not very athletic.  He was more pretty than handsome.  He had risen to a position of power in one of Douglas’ companies and commanded a very high salary.  

Alexis is a lawyer who specializes in sexual harassment cases and she was representing on a contingency basis some of my employees.  These employees complained about Jonathan’s unwanted sexual advances and his crude remarks.  She arranged a meeting with me and presented her case.  There was no doubt that our corporation could be liable for his behavior and that litigating the case would be futile so we agreed to a settlement.  

Alexis is a 29 year old blond bombshell.  She was over 6′ tall and had the firm body of an athlete.  She was involved in a relationship with her 25 year old roommate Megan.  Alexis didn’t like men and felt that most were pigs who would benefit from the firm hand of a woman.  When I assured h. er that Jonathan would be terminated Alexis had a better idea.  Jonathan would be given the choice of being terminated or going over my knee for a sound no nonsense spanking followed by a severe caning from her.  

I confided to Alexis that I was never spanked and have never spanked; but, I had seen my mother spank my younger brother who was 10 years younger than me and that I always went out of my way to witness his spankings and found them exciting.  Alexis told me that she was an expert spanker and that she had promised her young roommate a well deserved spanking when she returned home.  Alexis insisted that I accompany her home to witness the paddling.  

When we arrived at Alexis’ home her roommate, Megan, greeted us at the door.  She was dressed in tight jeans and a loose t-shirt which showed off her lovely figure.  Megan was 5’4″ tall with dark brown hair down to her shoulders and dark brown eyes.   She looked more like a college coed than a 25 year old.  Alexis ordered Megan to put the straight back chair in the middle of the room and to bring the paddle.  Alexis took off her suit jacket leaving her dressed in a pencil skirt with a white silk blouse, black stockings,  and 6″ heels.  She sit in the chair and smoothed her skirt which had risen to expose the tops of her black nylon stockings being stretched by her garters.  

When Megan returned she was in tears carrying a wicked looking oval paddle about 1/4″ thick with holes drilled in the business end.  As she handed the paddle to Alexis she begged not to be spanked too hard or long and promised to never again use Alexis’ charge card without permission.  Alexis told her that she was going to give her a good no nonsense spanking and that when she was finished that Megan would be a well spanked unhappy little girl and that she deserved the spanking she was going to get.  

Megan was ordered to Alexis’ right side and Alexis unbuckled and lowered Megan’s jeans exposing Megan’s white nylon panties.  As she placed her over her stocking clad knees Alexis adjusted her to her liking so that her bottom was directly across her lap.  Alexis proceeded to paddle the kicking girl over her panties as her t-shirt draped over her head and her jeans were kicked off her legs.  Alexis paused to remove the t-shirt and then resumed the paddling.  Megan’s screaming started in earnest as Alexis lowered her panties down to her knees and told her, “I haven’t ever really started yet”. Another series of spanks landed now alternating cheeks hard and fast.  Megan was gasping, squirming, and tears were running down her face as her spanking continued.  She was pleading for mercy.  Her bottom was bright red and her sobbing was harder, her makeup was streaked and her shoulder length hair was in disarray as she squirmed kicked and howled.  When Megan was finally   left off of Alexis’ lap she danced and skipped around the room holding her well spanked bottom while wearing only her bra with her panties around her knees.  

I was excited at the sight of Megan’s paddling when to my surprise Alexis told me that if I was to give Jonathan a good paddling that I would need to know exactly what a good spanking felt like.  I’m 47 years old and this 29 year old beauty was proposing to put me across her lap and paddle me like a 10 year old.  I knew that the paddling would be painful but the excitement of going over Alexis’ lap was alluring as I obediently draped myself over her knees and she raised my skirt exposing my stocking tops and lovely tush outlined by my garter belt.  I took my spanking no better than Megan but this convinced me that Jonathan needed to learn the same lesson over my knee.   

Our plan was to propose to Jonathan that we would go on a business retreat to my island off of the coast of Tahiti and that our attire would be from different decades of the past.  When we arrived at my island home Alexis was dressed in a stunning skin tight black dress with a pencil skirt, black nylon stockings, and 6″ heels.  I had a green satin gown out of the 30’s skin tight and below my knees with black stockings and heels.  Jonathan was dressed in a double breasted pin striped suit out of the 40’s.

When we arrived at the island Alexis did all of the talking and explained to Jonathan his options in her best legal language.  He would be paddled by me and be given a severe caning from her with a bamboo walking stick or be terminated.  He agreed to be disciplined and signed a waver that she had prepared.  

I went first and remembered how painful Alexis’ paddling had been and was determined that Jonathan’s experience across my satin clad lap would be just as painful.  He was stripped naked and draped across my green satin clad lap.  I told him that naughty boys sometimes need a firm female hand to keep them in line and that the little boy inside you needs a good spanking.  I am much stronger than Jonathan and had no trouble turning him over my lap for a good spanking.  I spaced about one second between spanks and could hear his squeals and promises to be good, kicking and sobbing,  after the first couple of spanks.  I felt a strange pleasure and release as I used Alexis’ paddle on his naked bottom.  He squirmed over my knee as I watched the red outline of her paddle with the holes in it appear on his bottom.  His bottom turned pink and then red and he was kicking like a 10 year old.  When I finally left him off of my silken lap he hopped around the room holding his bottom and continuing to cry just as Megan had done.   It was the first spanking I had ever given; but, he was as well spanked as Megan had been.  

Before he gained his composure Alexis secured his wrists and ankles in leather cuffs and placed a pillow over the back of the straight backed chair that I set on while spanking him.  He was then forced over the pillow and his wrist cuffs were fastened to the front legs of the chair and his ankles to the back legs.  He was helpless yet comfortable.  Alexis and I enjoyed a glass of wine while he gained his composure. Alexis explained to him that she paddled her roommate as hard as he was just paddled for much less serious offensives and that he was now going to be caned the same way lawbreakers are in Singapore.  Alexis in her pencil black dress, black stockings, and 6″ heels was stunning as she switched the bamboo cane through the air.  He was to receive 6 strokes and after each stroke Alexis waited over a minute for him to calm down before the next stroke was delivered.  It took almost 20 minutes to complete his caning.  Alexis proved a master.  Not one stripe on his bottom crisscrossed another.  There was a perfect stair step of stripes covering his bottom.  Alexis rubbed ointment on his welts and left him over the chair while we enjoyed another glass of wine.  

During the remainder of our week on the island Alexis and I dressed in gorgeous sexual costumes from decades past.  Corsets from the turn of the century under our long skirts and dresses, pointed bras under our tight sweaters from the 50’s, and short flapper dresses from the 20’s while Jonathan was allowed no clothing until we were ready to leave.  Alexis and I rubbed ointments on his bottom daily and warned him that  if there were any more problems at work that he would be brought back here for a severe horsewhipping that he wouldn’t forget.  

To my surprise when we returned to the states Jonathan asked me out and we have been dating.  I’m not sure if he realizes that since my experiences with Alexis, Megan, and him that the idea of spanking him is exciting and after all I am old enough to be his mother.   Its only a matter of time!

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Sep 202012

The ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest really got some imaginations going…and here’s a little whodunit for you all, spanking style.


It was a sunny day in the little cottage, out in the middle of the private wood, and Ms Kane was luxuriating with a well earned drink in the shade of the umbrella.

In front of her were Sarah, and Dennis, naked, and tied to trees, face first, their sobs mingling with the bird song.

Both their bottoms, and to a lesser extent the back of their legs, were bright red, slightly bruised around the edges, and giving off even more heat than the sun provided.

Spanked, caned, and birched, they had excepted Ms Kanes invitation, well demand, that they accompany her to her summer house on the island, fully expecting a punishment spanking for their misdeeds, but never expecting an open air punishment.,

“am i not kind enough that i allow the cooling breeze to cool down your dreadfully hot bottoms”? asked Miss Kane

“yes miss”,
“thank you miss”, the couple said in unison, afraid that any other answer would lead to another punishment spanking.

Ms Kane rose from her lounger,put her knitting to one side, said excuse me one minute, to the couple, and entered the cottage to get another drink, and some water for the woodland ornaments arranged outside, tied to the trees. She looked through the open window at them wigging their bottoms, almost in unison, to try and get even more cold air to their flayed derriers.
She heard the tinkling of her mobiles,made by her last class at Sternwood.
The blue,and green, and clear glass, in various shapes, hung from string and wire from the ceiling all over the cottage.
Creating shafts of colour and light,and gentle ‘tink’ noises in various notes,as they gently moved in the summer breeze.

Then she heard it. A faint whispering coming from behind her locked study door, she quietly removed her keys from her pocket, and crept forward, she put her ear to the door, definitely whispering.
She shouted 
“i know your in there, i have a walking stick,and you dont scare me.” Miss Kane said with all her vocal and tonal inflections learnt after so many years of controlling unruly classes.

As The whispering continued, she put the key in the lock, turned it, and burst through the door, closing it behind her. She would show them.

There was nobody in the room…
The small window was still open but nobody could have climbed through that.
The rest of the windows were locked.
Ms Kane rushed over to check that they were locked.
The whispering seemed to continue from behind her desk, but before she went over, she smelt it.
That burning smell of paper.
She looked at her side table, and there were the ashes of something. Putting her stick down on the desk, she rushed over and saw the faint outline left on the bottom of the spine of the book.
Journal, she read out loud, to herself..
her favourite book was a pile of ashes.

“I know your there, and so help me i shall beat you for this..”
In a fury she rushed over to the desk.
Looking around the corner she saw… nothing.
she looked around the room…under the table… nothing.
She knew there was no secret passages, the cottage had been built to her specifications, some 20 years ago.

So how had the people she heard whispering escape..
And who had set fire to her spanking journal?
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Sep 122012

‘Carl’s Date’ is a cautionary tale for scheming boys who try to play tricks on strict co-eds. Another fun entry in the ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest. Enjoy!

– Dana


Carl’s Date

 Carl was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father made scandalous tons of money during the high tech crest in the 90’s, then got out before the market fell. As a junior at San Diego State University, Carl had it made. He was smart enough to maintain his grades, belonged to the best fraternity and dated the prettiest girls available. Generally, Carl was looking for fun, not relationships, so he never lingered with only one.
   One day, at the fraternity house, Carl was bragging to his buddy Andy about his soon-to-be date with Amie. Now Amie was the captain of the women’s soccer team, a serious student, with a body that rivaled any girl on college.
   Andy laughed, “Carl, you are way out of your league. Amie will not be impressed with your cash and we all know that your personality won’t get you far.”
   Now it is difficult to tell what Carl possessed the most, cash or confidence. He said,” I bet that, in our first date, I’ll make love with Amie easily. Would you want to make it for a thousand?”
   “I don’t have that kind of cash, but I’ll tell you what. You put up a thousand. If you win, I’ll be your man servant for the rest of the semester. I’ll wash your clothes and bring you food.” Andy countered.
   “It’s a deal!” Carl said.
    “How can I be sure of your success?” asked Andy.
   Carl immediately began typing on his computer. Immediately twelve pictures appeared on screen. “These are the security cams for my dad’s island home. I will take Amie to go fishing and we will end up here near the end of our date.”
    Carl touched one picture, immediately the master bedroom filled the screen. “For better or worse, you will know the outcome of my date.”
   The next day, Andy began getting nervous. He strolled by the soccer field and found Amie. Andy spilled the beans. He told Amie about the bet and the cameras. She smiled and told Andy, “When we set sail, get all of your fraternity brothers, their dates, and see if you can invite most of Carl’s previous dates to a viewing party. I will give you a show Carl will never expect.”
   Early Saturday morning Carl picked up Amie. “I’ve have my dad’s boat fueled up for a day fishing. We can have dinner at our own island. You’re going to love it!”
   Usually this was enough to seal the deal for some of the dates Carl had been on. When they arrived to Carl’s thirty six foot Hatteras, Amie seemed impressed. ”Oh Carl, this is as nice as most fishing boats I’ve been on. I hope you know where we can find all the fish.”
   As Carl eased the boat out of her slip, into the bay, he said, “I’ve usually had good luck catching what I go after.” He broke out a cooler full of cold beer.
   “I know,” said Amie, “let’s make a bet, you know, for the largest fish caught. I can’t compete with you for money, but maybe we can find something to wager,”
   “What did you have in mind?” asked Carl.
   “Tell you what; we will weigh each catches, whoever catches the most pounds, may spank the loser. One whack per pound.” Amie smiled.
   “Agreed!” Carl leapt at the chance to spank Amie’s perfect behind.
   As the morning passed they began fishing. The beer flowed and Carl had three healthy fish that totaled eighteen pounds. Amie was beginning to worry when suddenly her line began flying off her reel.
     “That’s a big one!” shouted Carl, “Do you need help?”
    “I’m fine. I can’t trust you with this fish. Your butt is doomed when I land this one” she replied.
   As it turned out, truer words were never spoken. Amie pulled in a huge tuna! After it was in the boat, Carl began turning toward his island. The bet worried him, but the other bet was still to win. He pulled on to the island.
   “Let’s weigh the fish!” squealed Amie, who knew the outcome. Her fish was 83 pounds Carl’s was 17. “That’s 66 swats!” she sweetly smiled. Across the dock was a large field of bamboo. There was a sharp knife on the dock for cleaning fish. Amie took it and cut a four foot strip of limber bamboo, about ½” thick.
     “This should be fun!” She smiled. “I’ll give you a break Carl. I will race you to your house front door for 33 of the swats.”
     Carl weighed his prospects. Amie was the captain of the soccer team, but Carl was pretty in shape, plus he still had his confidence. “You’re on.” Carl said.
   “At your mark”
   “Go!” Carl barked. And off they ran. They were pretty even for the most of the race, but at the last ten yards, Amie burst like she had a new spark of energy. She easily made the front door by a couple yards.
    “OK Carl, it’s time to pay up. I’ll only give you 33 right now. We’ll save the others for later. Please lean over this chair on the porch.”
    Carl grabbed the arm of the chair and bend over. Amie hugged him from the back her breasts up against his back reminded Carl the reason for this trip. She smiled and reached to grasped Carl’s belt and unfastened his pants while lowering them to his knees.
     Meanwhile at Carl’s fraternity house, not another person could fit in the game room where they had Carl’s computer wired to the three big screens. All of Carl’s frat brothers, their dates and all of Carl’s previous dates were enjoying the entertainment which was just beginning. 
     Amie gave Carl his first stroke with her bamboo cane, a mild one. Carl thought,” This isn’t going to be so bad.”
     The second stroke was a little harder. “Carl, why don’t you count each stroke so I don’t lose count?”
   “We can start with three”, with that Amie gave Carl the first of a really hard stroke.
   “Three, Jesus!” Carl was shocked by the pain. “Four!” this had ceased being fun. “Five” “six, seven, eight” tears began forming in Carl’s eyes. After fifteen, something strange happened. Carl began enjoying his punishment. His rear was on fire, yet he felt really alive. After nineteen Amie said, “This one’s is going to hurt more” She then laid on to one stroke that almost had Carl passing out.
    The cane was laid on the wall and Amie began caressing Carl’s behind. She wiped off his tears and gently pulled his pants up. “I’ll give you the thirteen strokes back if you go and get my bag and the fish while I begin supper.”
    Tenderly Carl walked toward his boat. He began wishing for softer underwear. So far the trip had been one defeat after another, yet Carl had to admit that he was having the time of his life. He was regretting his bet with Andy, thinking Amie deserved much more respect than he hadn’t given her before. Carl cleaned Amie’s fish; put most of it on ice, and took enough for their meal to the house along Amie’s bag.
   As Carl approached his house he smelled something good. He walked in and Amie was in the kitchen. On the stove were greens and a pot of herbal rice.
   “Where did you get these?” asked Carl.
   “They were in the fridge, I think someone has been here recently.” Amie smiled.
   Carl placed the tuna on the counter. “Let me grill us a few tuna steaks. It will take me ten minutes to start the grill and another five for the steaks. How would you like yours?”
   “Rare works for me. Can I grab a quick shower?” Amie asked as she grabbed a new beer.
    “Please, make yourself at home.” Carl took some charcoal toward the patio.
    When the coals were hot Carl threw the steaks on just Amie walked out. She had on one of Carl’s dad’s shirt and apparently that was all. “This was one outstanding woman.” thought Carl while he set the table on the patio.
    Carl served the rice and greens with the tuna and they began eating in silence. He couldn’t have asked for better weather and the meal was awesome. The spanking was almost forgotten till Carl sat down to eat. He winced and Amie chuckled,” Are we having problems sitting?”
    Stoically, Carl smiled and replied, “No, there must be a splinter on this bench.”
    “Good, I was planning to give you some more for dessert.”
    “Amie, I have to confess a little secret.” Carl said
    “Are you going to tell me about your bet with Andy?” Amie asked. ‘He thought he might lose so he told me Thursday.”
    “Son of a bitch!” Carl was crestfallen. “Why did you even go?
    “One, for the chance to teach you a lesson, and two, I’ve seen you on campus all year and, from a distance, I kind’ a liked you. To be honest, I’ve had a great time today. To this point you have been honorable, except for the cameras.”
     “I was getting ready to tell you about the deal Amie. You have been great and I feel bad the way I set this date. I did everything wrong and I’m sorry. If you want to go back, I’ll start the boat up right now.” Carl never felt this low.
     “So you’re trying to forfeit your bet?” Amie asked.
     “No, Andy can have the money.”
     “No, silly, our bet! I still get to spank you another sixty six swats! And now you really deserve them.”
    Funny, but Carl agreed. He smiled when he felt the warm glow on his bottom and got up to clean the table. “Where do you want me to lie?”
      “I got this shirt in the master bedroom. There’s plenty room there. I just have one question for you. Do you want your fraternity house to watch you getting spanked, or you making love with me?”
      Carl walked into the den where a large panel full of lights blinking. “These switch on the top kills all security cameras.” He reached out and flicked it off and all lights on the panel went off.
    Amie began unbuttoning her shirt “Pants off and on the bed! I’ll get the bamboo.” Amie was thinking she could get used to island living. Carl was running to the bedroom with his pants below his knees.

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Sep 052012

This fella has no idea what he’s gotten himself into, in this fun F/M spanking story…
‘Trusting Brandy’ is another excellent entry to the ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest– enjoy it!

– Dana


                                        Trusting Brandy

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. 

She wasn’t answering him. Jake could feel the boat slowing and Brandy had not spoken since just after they had left the resort’s dock. His intuition was getting the best of him. He had not heard his wife’s voice for too long now. He loved her completely, but she had a tendency to lean more towards the naive side of life. Who had she hired? The part of the world had more than a few locals eager to prey on the careless nature of tourist. Damned their anniversary, and damned her “surprise” gift, he had had enough. As the boat slowed even more beneath his feet, he reached to pull the blindfold off. 

He did not. Before he could react, another hand ripped the blindfold away. More hands followed, two on each arm pulling him backwards and another pair securing his legs. By the time Jake’s eyes had adjusted to the brightness of the day, he was helplessly being carried in a horizontal position towards the rail of the boat. He searched frantically for Brandy. She was nowhere to be seen. Then he was swinging, and then he was flying. Lastly he was in the water. 

He sank briefly, felt his feet touch bottom, and pushed off to regain the water’s surface. Already the boat, the boat that held his wife, his life, was speeding away. He screamed her name, and was shaken a bit by the terror he heard in his own voice. Impulsively he began a desperate and useless attempt to swim after the watercraft. His effort, and his hope, quickly faded. He was a weak simmer in the best of situations, now against the tide and weighted down with this absurd tuxedo, all he could do was watch the boat quickly vanish from the reality of his horizon. 

It was as he turned away from the waves to catch his breath that he saw the island….and the woman. 
By the time Jake reached the shore he was as close to exhaustion as he had ever been. He had pushed hard, and even with the tide on his side it had taken him much longer than he had hoped. The last quarter mile had been shallow enough to run, but not shallow enough to run well. 

Still he pushed hard, for the woman drew closer he could see her elegance. Her white dress was flowing in the ocean breeze, melting into brim of her sun hat, creating a contrasting frame to highlight the short raven hair and darkly tanned skin. He could see her jewelry sparkle in the sunlight. A woman who wore stones big enough to sparkle on the beach was the kind of woman who most certainly owned a very good cell phone. And so he pushed on hard. When he finally reached her, he fell to the ground at her feet, gasping for air enough to power his lungs to speech. 

 She looked down upon him and smiled. “Welcome to my island” 

At last Jake found his voice “Please, wife..they took her..please.. a phone”. 

She reached down, took his chin in her hand and tilted his head to meet her gaze. The smile remained, but he saw harshness in her eyes. Her tone was pleasant, yet unmistakably firm. “We need to get you out of this sun. Come”. 

With that she turned, and gracefully strode graceful towards a gazebo a few hundred feet up from the beaches edge. By the time Jake had found his faculties, she had ascended the structures stairs, placed her thin walking stick on a wooden table and began to pour herself a drink. 

When he finally reached the platform she spoke again. “Please remove that wretched attire. You look like a wet penguin. There are few penguins in the South Pacific. Here is something a little more suitable for the men of my island to wear” She reached out her hand towards him. In it was a primitive looking loin cloth. 

Jake ignored her gesture. It would be the first and last time he ignored her. He turned away from her, held the gazebos railing and searched the waters for a trace of Brandy’s boat. “Please Ma’am; please may I use your phone. My wife has been…” 

His words where lost mid-sentence. The woman quickly reached down, retrieved her walking stick, and with the speed and grace of a gazelle, brought the wicked implement down full strength across the seat of his damp trousers. 

“Brandy is fine, Jake! For her sake it would be in your best interest to display some of the manners and respect. Now do as I told you and remove your clothing!” 

She had his full interest now, both mentally and physically. She knew where Brandy was, thank God, there was hope. Slowly, his eyes ever shifting from the woman’s determined face, to the formidable length of bamboo in her hand, Jake peeled away the wet tux. When it was off, after she motioned him with the stick to hang it over the railing, he slipped on the loincloth. With his hands at his side he awaited further instruction. 

“That is a much better boy. Thank you.” 

She went to the table, set down the walking stick, pulled a chair away from the table, and seated herself. 

“Come here, across my knee” 

Jake obeyed. Did he have any choice? For Brandy he would put molten lava into his mouth if this woman told him to. He walked to her, and stretched himself across her lap. The woman guided him, her hands motioning him to adjust his position to suit her intention. Once satisfied, she easily flipped up the back of his flimsy cloth, baring his bottom to her ministrations. She traced a finger along the single welt on his cheeks. 

“My, my, that bamboo certainly left its mark didn’t it? Even though those thick pants. Imagine how it will feel upon your bare behind? Not to worry Jake, I will not be using it on you. That pleasure will be reserved for your wife when she arrives.” 

She paused, just long enough to reach for something from the table. When she resettled her body, she made sure Jake caught a glimpse of the brush in her hand. 

“Brandy loves you very much; you are a lucky, lucky man. Her boat should be docking up shore right about now. She will be her in thirty minutes or so to reintroduce you to that very walking stick. So where does that leave you and I? Well, while we are waiting…..” 

She raised the brush high. 

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