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This is a sexy switch story from our friend The Cowboy Writer. While, in it’s original form, it’s more than a little saucy, I’ve chosen to prudishly edit out the heavy sex stuff (as usual) and allow you to all use your imaginations there…asterisks are my edits. 


–  Dana

The Soccer Moms

Tyra leaned closer to the mirror to put the final touches to her
She batted her stunning green eyes, powdered her cute little impish
nose and applied a final touch of gloss to her full lips.
Practicing her classic, seductive smile , her perfect teeth still
glistened from their latest expensive whitening treatment.
Opting for a casual look, she tied up her long, blonde hair in a
ponytail and stepped back to take a full-length view.
Her slender , tanned legs were accentuated by the tight, white jean
shorts she had squeezed into and Tyra smiled with satisfaction when
she spun around and took in the rear view.
She loved the way her firm, round cheeks looked encased in her new
Her black tank top offered a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage and
tiny waist.
A few wisps of expensive perfume in the right places and Tyra was
ready for her evening out.

The excited voice of Tyra’s 10-year-old daughter Cassandra caught
her ear.
“Hurry up Mom.Coach Todd wants us to be at practice 10 minutes
early” .
Tyra felt a schoolgirl thrill in the pit of her tummy at the mere
mention of Cassandra’s handsome soccer coach Todd Marley’s name.
Despite being twice divorced at only 43 years old Tyra was not going
to pass up the prospect of landing the desirable Todd.
He was the town’s most eligible bachelor, tall, confident, athletic
and the owner of a flourishing Accounting firm.
Bachelor Todd’s niece Brandy was in the team and he had volunteered
to coach the team when nobody else would .
A lifelong athlete and soccer player, Todd gladly obliged and was
really enjoying his assignment, especially when he met some of the
attractive soccer Mom’s.
He did have a reputation as something of a Casanova and was quite
skilled having managed to remain single to the ripe age of 41.

As Cassandra hustled her Mom and her soccer bag into the van, a few
doors down her neighbor Janet Whelan was already packed for practice
and waiting for her daughter Emily to emerge from the house.
“Come on Emily Ö.we’re late!” Janet called out impatiently glancing
at her watch.
Janet was the Gym Teacher at the local school and also owned her own
fitness business.
Her looks were a stark contrast to Tyra.
Tall , toned and athletic, she kept her dark hair short and her big
brown eyes, high cheekbones ,full lips and long elegant neck gave
her natural beauty which required no  make-up.
Janet looked good in anything but for soccer she chose a team t-
shirt which hugged the curves of her firm torso, skin tight track
pants cut at the knee, running shoes and a baseball cap.
Like Tyra, single Mom Janet was much more interested in coach Todd
than the soccer practice.
Todd cut a fine figure in his red coach jersey and matching shorts.
His soccer socks were rolled down to his ankles , displaying his
powerful calf muscles and he impressed everyone with his athleticism
and fully participating in all the drills he put his young charges

All the girls loved him, as did all of their Moms as they sat on the
sidelines drinking in every view of Todd’s tanned, muscular ,
athletic frame.
Tyra and Janet had not been overlooked by Todd and he responded to
their discrete flirting by flashing a smile and a wink at them at
every opportunity.
When Todd blew his whistle for a water break both Tyra and Janet
grasped the opportunity to get closer to him.

The more athletic and appropriately dressed Janet got of the mark
faster, bounding toward Todd as Tyra struggled to free herself from
her fold out chair without disturbing her appearance.
“Have a drink honeyÖ.I’ll be right back ” Janet told Emily as she
stuffed a water bottle in her hand and continued her run to Todd’s

Janet stuck out a hand “Hi Coach MarleyÖ. I’m JanetÖEmily’s MomÖ
number 7?” she said nervously.
Tyra sighed as she saw Janet already talking to Todd as she prepared
to approach him.
“Darn you JanetÖ” she muttered under her breath and marched over to
the pair anyway.
Todd smiled at Janet and shook her hand.
“Emily is quite the little defender Mrs. Whelan” Todd replied.
Janet’s heart pounded and her mouth went dry as she pondered a
The normally confident woman felt as giddy as a teenager in front of
this handsome beau.
Her dating skills were becoming quite rusty.
“Its Miss actually ÖÖ.but please call me Janet .
I’m a trained gym teacher and personal trainer and would be glad to
help you with the teamÖÖif you likeÖ.of courseÖ” she said nervously.

Janet wanted to kick herself for sounding so dumb and her
embarrassment was compounded as Tyra arrived to eavesdrop.
She chuckled and gave Janet a wry smile as she listened to her
rival’s faltering approach.
Todd’s eye immediately caught the flirting Tyra and he smiled back
at her.
“I’ll just be a minute Tyra ” he chirped and looked back at Janet.
“That would be great Janet. Why don’t you give me a call and we can
get together and chat about how you can help.”
Janet felt victorious and fired a challenging glance over at Tyra
who was trying hard to conceal her jealousy.
Todd could not help take in the sight of Janet’s swaying hips and
firm derriere as they chewed against her sleek spandex pants.
His lusty gaze did not go unnoticed to Tyra but she was not that
She was a lifelong tease and had no trouble capturing the attention
of any man.

With a flutter of her eyes, a tilt of her head and a soft hand on
Todd’s arm Tyra quickly  gained his full attention.
“Hi Todd Ö.did you enjoy your day at my spa?” Tyra purred.
Tyra had emerged from her two failed marriages with quite a
financial windfall and had recently invested in opening a spa.
She had asked Todd for some business advice and offered him to spend
a day at he spa for helping her.
“Yes TyraÖ it was great. So great I think I’ll go back ñ this time
as a paying customer!
How are you doing with that new accounting program?” Todd replied.
Tyra pouted and batted her long lashes  “Not very well I’m afraid
that’s why I came to ask you a favorÖ. ” she said in a sultry tone.

Todd was eating out of her hands now and when Tyra asked if he could
come to her house to help with her accounting he just couldn’t say
“WellÖ.sureÖwhy not. I’ll zip home for a quick shower after practice
and be there around 8ish?” he replied.
Tyra smiled and made sure to give Todd an ample view of her
delectable, jean clad bottom as she scurried away.

Todd continued the practice and Tyra and Janet stood uncomfortably
together until the usual group of players and drooling soccer moms
around Todd had drifted away.
“So I’ll see you 8ish Todd?” Tyra waved to him in a clear attempt to
make Janet and most of the other ladies green with envy.
Todd looked up from his clipboard and confirmed with a wave.
Janet edged closer to Todd.
“Could I ask you to help me with a non-soccer issue Todd?” she asked.
She went on to tell Todd about her personal fitness business and
asked him if he could help her with her accounting.
Todd laughed.
“It seems all you ladies are accounting challenged.
Actually I’m helping Tyra with the same problem with her spa tonight
so how about I stop by your place around 9-9:30 and see what the
problem is?”

Surprised at Todd’s quick response Janet agreed although she was a
bit disappointed on the short notice as Emily would be home.
Just then, Janet’s ship arrived when Emily called to her from the
“Come on MomÖI’ve got a sleepover at Brittany’s tonight Ö.don’t you
For a moment Janet had the urge to leap up and punch the air but she
was able to restrain her reaction to a muted “YESSSSS!” to herself.


“Bye Cassandra. I’ll pick you up at 10am sharp tomorrow!” Tyra
called out as she watched her daughter climb into the van to go to
her sleepover.
A few moments before the same scene had played out at Janet’s house
as Emily hopped into the same van.
Both Tyra and Janet wasted no time in readying themselves for their
dream dates with the hunky Todd.
Tyra decided to stay with her chosen outfit, betting that her tight
white jean shorts were already a hit with Todd.
Janet was undecided however.
She knew she looked good in those spandex tracks but thought she
should give Todd a different glimpse of her.
As she soaked in the tub she thought about the best outfit and
decided on a short, summer dress which showed off her firm physique
while keeping that feminine touch.
Todd was in for quite an evening Ö.

If Todd already had an inkling that Tyra had other reasons for
inviting him to her house other than accounting problems it became
clear as he entered her house.
Soft music played in the background, the lights were dimmed and
scented candles were everywhere.
“Have a seat and I’ll fetch my laptop ” Tyra cooed, ushering Todd
over to the table where a bottle of wine and two glasses sat waiting.
Tyra fired up the computer and began pouring the wine without even
asking Todd.
“TyraÖ.I don’t usually drink when I’m workingÖ.” He said.
Tyra just giggled, ” Oh ToddÖthis can hardly be called work can it?”

Meanwhile a few doors down Janet was cursing as she tried to set up
and install the accounting program on her computer.
She had told Todd a `little white lie’ that she was having problems
with it but she had not even taken it out of the box!
She took a gulp of wine.
“How hard could it be?'” she told herself, glancing at her watch.

Back at Tyra’s, Todd was becoming a little frustrated at her poor
attempts at producing a simple invoice.
“I find it hard to believe you’re having so much trouble with this
Tyra Ö.you’d better not be doing this on purpose.” he warned her as
he set up yet another template for her.
The wine bottle was almost empty now and Todd’s one glass was still
half full.
“And what if I was?” Tyra teased him taking another sip of wine and
putting her hand on his lap close to his crotch.
Todd took her hand and placed it on the table.
“Then I would have to put you over my knee and give you a good
spanking!” he informed her.
Tyra felt a surge of excitement pulse through her veins and a
tingling sensation in her bottom.
Todd’s response surprised her but also excited her.
“You wouldn’t dare!” she challenged him , her eyes lighting up.
Since he had seen Tyra at soccer practice that evening, Todd had
wished for nothing else than to find a way to get Tyra’s sumptuous
bottom out of those tight little shorts and now he had the
opportunity to do just that !

A mischievous Tyra stood up and made a spirited but half-hearted
attempt to escape from Todd’s grasp.
He did not have to pursue her for long and caught her wrist before
she made it to the living room.
Grabbing her other wrist he easily pulled her to him and returned
her to the dining area.
Tyra struggled to free herself as Todd pulled out a chair and sat
“OOOOH NOOOO!” she squeaked as Todd tipped her effortlessly, face
first over his awaiting lap.

“NooooooÖ. what are you doing ToddÖ..dooooon’t!” Tyra squealed ,
feigning outrage as she felt Todd’s fingers slip under her tummy and
undo the snap on her shorts.
Todd laughed as the petite Tyra kicked and flailed helplessly when
he then slid down her zipper.
“Taking these shorts down so I can spank you properly !” Todd
informed her.
“OMIGOSH!!” Tyra gushed as she felt Todd’s fingers pull on the
waistband of her jeans.

She could only lie there helplessly as she felt them slide over her
hips, the curves of her bottom and then down her thighs.
She wore only a white thong underneath and felt a cool breeze on her
bare skin as her shorts reached half-mast.
Todd took in the wondrous sight before him.
Two of the most beautiful, tanned, jiggling globes he had ever laid
eyes on lay there before him.
For a second his mind wandered to things other than spanking but he
snapped himself back to reality and placed a palm on Tyra’s bottom.
Seductively he caressed her entire bottom as Tyra cooed in delight.
Between each caress he introduced a playful smack which generated a
yelp of surprise from Tyra.

Steadily he picked up the speed and intensity of the spanks bringing
a nice pink hue to the blonde’s cheeks.
Tyra squirmed and moaned on Todd’s lap as he briskly spanked her
quivering cheeks.
As the heat in her bottom intensified Tyra began grinding
rhythmically into Todd’s groin.
She could feel *** beneath her which made her even hotter
as she gasped with delight.

Having turned her bottom a bright red Todd began spanking harder and
methodically, landing stinging smacks to Tyra’s sensitive sit spot.
She cried and yelped as they landed and began bucking and squirming
to avoid his punishing palm.
“OH GAAAHD THAT BURNS!” Tyra bawled as the spanking started to take
its toll on her tender skin.
Todd paused again to caress Tyra’s bottom giving her a temporary
soothing relief.
Her skin was so soft and smooth and very hot to his touch and once
again his mind wandered.

Refocusing again he took a firm grip on the waistband of Tyra’s
skimpy white thong.
“No ..noÖ.please don’t Todd !” Tyra protested.
Todd wondered why she was so outraged.
Her cheeks were already fully exposed to his view but the lowering
of her last line of defense added to her indignity ñ and gave Tyra
another thrill of excitement as Todd peeled her little undies off.

Todd moved the spanking to its finale, paddling Tyra’s defenseless
bottom briskly as she squealed and kicked her tiny feet.
With a final flurry of short, sharp spanks he concluded Tyra’s
comprehensive bottom warming.

They were both out of breath when Todd released his grip and stood
Tyra on her feet.
Instinctively he pulled her into his arms and she nestled her head
on his strong chest as they embraced.

Tyra grimaced as she rubbed her molten hot bottom to relieve the
“Oooooh that really burns..” she moaned.
It was also fueling a fire elsewhere as she kicked off her shorts
and undies and ***
Tyra ripped Todd’s shirt over his head and began undoing his jeans
as he unceremoniously yanked her top off allowing her pert breasts
to spill out before him.

Todd frantically helped Tyra remove his jeans and underwear as their
lips met again.
Somehow the table survived the test and Todd and Tyra lay quietly on
top of it, catching their breath.

“WOW!” Tyra exclaimed and Todd nodded agreement.
Tyra snuggled closer to Todd “Stay the night ToddÖpleeeease?” she
Todd glanced at the clock.
“GeezÖ.its 9.30Ö.I promised Janet I’d stop by her place to help her
with her bookkeeping!” Todd announced.
Tyra sprang up.
You haven’t made a date with that bitch have you?” Tyra yelled.
Todd put a finger to her lips to silence her.
“I promised her TyraÖthere’ll be other nights.” he told her firmly
and hopped off the table and started to dress.

Tyra slid of the table also and winced at she inspected her red
Todd laughed ” A good helping of Aloe Vera will cool that down ” he
advised planting a peck on her forehead.
Tyra stamped her tiny foot angrily.
“I was hoping you would do that!” she fumed.
“Gotta go!” Todd replied as he tucked in his shirt and was gone out
the door before Tyra could reply.

Janet’s heart sank as she looked at the clock.
“DAMMITÖI should have known once that little minx Tyra got her claws
in Todd he wouldn’t be coming to see me!” she fumed.
At least the time had been well spent setting up her accounting
program but Janet’s real interest was Todd.

Just then the doorbell rang and Janet’s heart pounded when she saw
it was Todd.
“Is it too late?” Todd asked meekly.
Janet smiled and beckoned him inside.
Unlike Tyra, Janet’s attempt at seducing Todd was more subtle.
There were no candles , music or wine but he had never seen the
usually dressed down Mom look so good.
He admired how her sundress hugged her firm figure and how it
displayed her exposed and well-toned arms and legs.
It did not take Todd long to conclude that Janet had not dressed
this way to practice accounting but he played along.
Pointing to her computer in the corner of the room Janet sighed in
feigned exasperation.
“I’m so glad you’re here Todd, I’ve been pulling my hair out with
this accounting program for weeks” she said in her best `maiden in
distress’ voice.

Todd sat at the computer and started working as Janet hovered over
Occasionally she made a point of brushing against him and Todd’s
mind soon strayed from accounting as he breathed in her scent and
admired her statuesque form.
Janet was almost a contrast to the diminutive blonde Tyra.
She was tall, athletic and had a bold confidence about her.
Her legs were long and toned and flowed into what were clearly `buns
of steel’.
He longed to get his hands on that voluptuous rear.

It was then Todd spotted the discarded packaging from the accounting
program in the trashcan beside the desk and immediately went into
the log of the program.
“HmmmmÖinteresting.” he murmured, folding his arms and spinning
around in his chair to face Janet.
Todd looked at her the same way she looked at her pupils at school
when they did something wrong.
She gulped and her heart pounded.
“So you’ve been using this for weeks have you Janet ?”
Janet’s face flushed.
She hated lying and it showed.
“ErÖumÖyesÖyes of course I have ToddÖ” she stammered.
There was a pause as Todd pondered her reply.
“That’s oddÖbecause according to the log the program was only
installed a couple of hours ago and if I’m not mistaken that would
be the packaging over there ” he declared.

Caught red-handed Janet had no reply except for a girlish giggle.
Todd pretended he was not amused.
“Janet Whelan, you only started using this program tonight and I
think you were using it as an excuse for you and I to be alone.” he
lectured , wagging a finger at her.
Bowing her head Janet could only nod agreement.

Todd stood up, took Janet’s hand in his and raised her chin gently
so they were eye to eye.
“That was very naughty of you Miss Whelan and I’m afraid I’m going
to have to give you a good spanking !” Todd announced.
Janet’s jaw dropped and her eyes went wide as saucers as she
absorbed Todd’s words.
“A spanking ? Now ToddÖ.pleaseÖ. I was justÖ.EEEEEK!” she squealed
as Todd leaned on the desk and quickly turned her over his
outstretched knee.

Compared to Tyra, Janet was more of a challenge to keep in place as
she genuinely struggled to free herself from Todd’s grip.
She was certainly strong from all those hours in the gym but Todd
was more than a match for her and despite her attempts he was able
to hold her in place.
“Todd ! No ! NoÖ.don’t you dare !” Janet yelled as she felt Todd’
fingers slip under the hem of her dress .
The material slowly slid up her thighs, over her hips and finally
bunched up at her waist.
Todd admired another glorious sight before him.
Janet’s buttocks were firm, tanned and muscular and on full display
as, like Tyra, she wore only a tiny thong underneath.

Janet’s bottom tensed as she felt Todd’s palm caress and massage her
She could not suppress a moan of joy “OH GAHD THAT FEELS SOOOO
“OW!” Janet’s eyes and mouth opened wide as the first firm spank
landed on her right buttock.
As it started to sting she yelped again as Todd’s palm connected
firmly with her opposite cheek.
Todd could feel that Janet really did have buns of steel so began
spanking harder ñ much harder than the spanking he had applied to
the more soft and tender rump of Tyra.
Although it really stung and her bottom was smarting Janet was up to
the challenge and even teased Todd , looking up at him and saying
through gritted teeth  “Is that the best you can do ?”

Todd shook his head, paused, raised his hand and brought it down
with resounding force on Janet’s stubborn rump.
It sounded like a gunshot and Janet howled upon impact.
“How was that?” he responded to Janet who was still wincing from the
stinging swat.
“WhÖwhat are you doing ? STOPPIT !” Janet yelled as Todd peeled off
her thong.
Her bottom completely bare , Todd continued delivering volleys of
spanks of the same velocity until Janet’s bottom was a flaming red
and she was squirming and bucking on his lap.
Janet exhaled forcefully.
Her bottom was on fire!

“OK OK I’m sorry Todd!” Janet wailed as Todd continued to spank her
briskly on her tender sit spot ..
Her bottom was well and truly tenderized now so he didn’t have to
spank Janet so hard.
So after a final flurry of spanks which had Janet yelping like a
puppy he stood her up and she immediately danced around the room,
furiously trying to douse the fire in her rear.
Todd chuckled at her antics before taking her by the wrist and
spinning her into his arms.

Their lips locked in a long, lingering kiss as Janet melted in
Todd’s arms.
She was conquered and she loved it!
Although the time was short , the sheer physical effort had
exhausted both of these athletes and Todd lay prone on top of Janet
as she remained over the desk.
When they stood up Todd took Janet in his arms and kissed her again.
“I want more” she pleaded to him.
Todd hugged her tightly.
“Sorry Janet I have to goÖ.it wouldn’t look right Ö” Todd explained.
Janet sighed as she watched Todd restore his jeans.
“Better get some Aloe Vera for that” he chuckled pointing to Janet’s
fiery red bottom.
Janet winced as she restored her dress over her sore bottom and
watched Todd leave.
Tyra groaned sleepily as she was awakened by the sound of the
Stretching an arm out she dragged the headset to her ear.
`MomÖits 10 amÖ.you should be here !” Cassandra lectured.
Suddenly awakened Tyra sat up on the bed.
“AIOOW!” she yelped as her still tender rear took her full weight .
“OOOOHÖ.I’ll be there in a few minutes honeyÖ.” She grimaced ,
raising herself up to her knees.

Hoisting her short nightie Tyra inspected her bottom in the mirror.
The sting had mostly  dissipated but her skin was still tender and
pinkish and she could  see the vague outline of Todd’s palm where it
had landed repeatedly.
It was only when she pulled on her nylon briefs that she realized
how tender the area was.
Luckily it was a short drive to pick up Cassandra but she still
found herself shifting and squirming in her seat .

As she waited in the car for Cassandra , Janet and Emily emerged
from the house.
“I can give you guys a ride .” Tyra chirped as they approached.
In reality she was anxious to get information on Todd’s visit.
Janet forced a smile ” No thanks Tyra the walk will be good for both
of us” she replied.

Tyra noticed Janet was walking a little stiffly .
“Did you hurt yourself ? You look like your limpingÖ” Tyra inquired.
Janet blushed and shook her head.
“I think she did hurt herself Mrs. Connor Öshe was too sore to sit
down at  Brittany’s for a coffee !” Emily piped up.
Tyra raised a curious eyebrow as Janet’s blush deepened.
“ErÖits an old basketball injuryÖlets go honey..” Janet babbled and
hustled Emily along.

Todd was in fine form , whistling as he strode into Tyra’s spa for a
Tyra’s eyes lit up at the unexpected visit.
“Told you I’d be a paying customer Tyra ñ your best massage please
Ma’am” he joked.
Tyra frowned “I’m afraid my masseur is not here todayÖ.will I do?”
Todd grinned and pulled Tyra into his arms and kissed her.

“You look like a mad scientist ñ but a real cute one !” Todd
observed as he lay on the massage table with only a tiny towel
covering his muscular hindquarters.
Tyra was wearing a short white lab coat , and had a pair of thick
framed glasses perched on her cute little nose.
Her long blonde hair was pinned up revealing a most beautiful face.
Smiling mischieviously she seductively slid down the zipper of the
lab coat , letting it drop to the floor .
She stood before Todd , hands on hips wearing only glasses and a
pair of heels.

Todd gulped and was rendered speechless momentarily.
Tyra’s hips swayed as she moved closer to Todd.
Turning , she showed him her bottom which still bore the marks of
the spanking he had given her.
Pouting her lips she tantalizing rubbed the area.
“You really spanked me hard last night” she purred.
Todd beckoned her closer.
“Let me kiss it better” he replied hungrily.
Tyra obliged bringing her bottom closer and Todd began planting soft
kisses all over her derrrierre.

Tyra turned to face him an started to massage his strong back.
Her hands soon drifted down to the towel draped over his bottom.
Slowly she eased it off and squeezed Todd’s buttocks with her hands
making him flinch.
“Hey ..easy there !” Todd complained.
Tyra’s response was to deliver a playful but firm slap to his rump.
“OUCH!” he cried , surprised by the sting.
Tyra clamped her left hand down on the small of Todd’s back.
“This is for leaving me to go see Janet last night. I just saw her
and you didn’t go there for her accounting ñ did you ?” she said
With that she started spanking Todd’s rump fast and furious and as
hard as she could.
His position on the massage table made it difficult for Todd to
avoid the unexpected paddling as Tyra whaled away at him.

Her palm may have been tiny but it was having an effect.
The sight of Todd’s skin reddening inspired Tyra to continue until
his cheeks were really red.
Finally out of breath Tyra stopped spanking.
Todd put a palm back to sooth his burning rear.
“AAAW Geez Tyra that hurt !” he whined as he rubbed.
Tyra leaned closer to him ” There’s lots more where that came from
if you ever try that again!” she told him through gritted teeth.
“YEOOW!” Todd yelped as Tyra delivered a final solid whack to his

Tyra studied her palm which was red and burned .
If her palm hurt that much she could just imagine what Todd’s bottom
felt like.
She blew on her palm like a gunslinger would do with with his gun.
“There will be no charge for this session Mr.Marley !” she grinned
as she departed.
Todd’s rear was still smarting when he arrived at Janet’s personal
training centre.
“Hi JanetÖis now a good time to talk about how you can help with the
team ?” he asked.
Janet was pleased to see her handsome beau.
“Sure Ö.have seat ” she replied pulling out a chair.
Todd put a hand to his stinging rear.
“No thanks I’ll just stand for a while” he said.
Janet put a hand on her spandex clad bottom.
“That’s fine with meÖsitting is a bit of a problem for me this
morning after thatÖ.wellÖlast night ” she blushed.

Todd grinned ” Yes ..well sorry I got there late and had to leaveÖ”
he said.
Janet raised an eyebrow and challenged Todd.
“You did seem to take a lot of time at Tyra’s just to do some
invoicesÖor was it just invoicing you were doing over there?” she
Todd blushed and tried painfully to explain.
“WellÖerÖ.we did have some wine and chatÖand erÖstuff..” Todd
coughed nervously.
Janet was gaining in confidence as Todd’s drained.
“Öand stuff ?” she said.

Janet took a ping pong paddle from a nearby shelf and advanced
towards a retreating Todd.
“So I was your little dessert after Tyra was I Todd ?” she seethed .
Todd tried vainly to add some humor.
“If we’re playing table tennis I’ll need a paddle too Janet.” He
Janet patted the paddle against her palm.
“For this game I’ll be doing ALL the paddling and your bare butt
will be the ball!”she declared .

Todd was stunned and taken by surprise by Janet’s confident stance.
She stood before him , paddle in hand , looking like an Amazon
“YEOOW!” Todd yelled as Janet took him roughly by the ear and
wheeled him into her office and closed the door.
“Jeans down and bend over the desk” Janet ordered.
Rubbing his ear Todd tried pleading with Janet.
“Now JanetÖ I know what I did was wrong butÖ.” He began but Janet
stopped him.
“I said jeans down and bend over the desk mister” she repeated.
Resigned to his fate , Todd sighed and began undoing his belt.

“Those too” Janet ordered pointing to Todd’s tight black briefs.
Todd’s shoulders slumped and he slid down his briefs and assumed the
“Well , well it appears you’ve been warmed up already !” Janet said
as she hoisted Todd’s shirt and observed his backside , red from the
whacking Tyra had administered.
“Hold on tight ñ you’re in for 20 of the best !” Janet announced.

Taking a step back Janet wound up and cracked the paddle against
Todd’s bare buttocks.
It sounded like a gunshot and Todd cried out loudly.
Slowly and methodically Janet delivered a full 20 blistering swats
to Todd’s backside as he remained bent over the desk.

Todd gritted his teeth and held on to the desk , struggling to stay
in position and maintain some composure as the paddle scorched his
After the final stinging swat landed he sprang up clutching his
cheeks with both palms .
Janet came up to him , put her arms around him and pressed her lips
against his.
Todd pulled her close to him and winced as Janet dug her fingers
into the tender hot skin of his buttocks while they kissed

Janet looked deep into Todd’s eyes and wagged a finger at him.
“Don’t ever pull a stunt like that with me ever again !” she said
“Ö..nowÖ.lets talk about the team shall we?”

Todd strolled home , his backside still smoldering inside his jeans
from the double paddling he had received from Tyra and Janet.
He had clearly underestimated the resolve of these two soccer moms
and had deservedly suffered their wrath.

With all the scores even ,  Tyra and Janet were both  anxious for a
second rendezvous with Todd and saw the team party that weekend as
the perfect opportunity to win it.
It was the soccer team pool party at Todd’s place and both ladies
had volunteered to chaperone while Todd barbequed.
Tyra eyed her extensive collection of swimsuits for the occasion and
settled on a tiny black bikini.
Not to be outdone, Janet had gone swimsuit shopping also and after
much deliberation about styles selected an eye-catching outfit.

There was definite tension in the air when the two rivals arrived at
Todd’s house to help set up for the party.
Luckily there were a few other Moms and Dads present which at leased
served to keep them apart.
It did not stop either of them from taking every opportunity to make
each other jealous by flirting  with Todd.

It was soon time for Tyra and Janet to play their trump card and go
for a swim with Todd in the pool.
Both of them were convinced that once he saw them in their carefully
selected, skimpy, swimsuit his heart would be theirs.
They glared at each other angrily as they peeled off their shorts
and tops.
“Hey what are the chances of that happening !” Todd cackled as Tyra
and Janet joined him at the pool.
The two ladies were aghast to see that they were wearing identical
bikinis !

The rest of the parents found it funny also and laughed out loud and
the Dad’s attending were most impressed.
Tyra and Janet looked wonderful but the laughter only served to
fester the simmering feud even more.

The pair competed hard for Todd’s affections as they all frolicked
in the pool and stayed there as one by one the parents and kids left
for home.
Even Cassandra and Emily were growing embarrassed by their Mothers’
pursuit of their coach.
“Can we go now Mom?” they whined in unison.
“I’ll take these two for an ice cream if you like and you can pick
them up at my place ” one of the remaining parents offered on their
way out.
Of course Tyra and Janet gratefully agreed and were left alone in
the pool with Todd.
The trio retreated to sunbath on the deck and Todd offered to get
them all some drinks.
While the ladies were intent on one of them winning over Todd for
the evening, Todd’s goal was to have every man’s dream come trueñ a
threesome !

His opportunity arrived when he returned with the drinks and found
Tyra and Janet in a heated argument.
Before he could put down the drinks Tyra slapped Janet’s face and
Janet retaliated by grabbing Tyra’s bikini top and pulling it clean
Her eyes filled with fury Tyra returned the favor and reached for
Janet’s top.
The stronger Janet was able to hold her off but they both fell in
the pool and continued their struggle.
Todd dived into the pool and quickly separated the two flailing,
topless females and yanked them out of the pool.
He tossed them each a towel as they spat out water and tried to
cover their nakedness.
Todd was genuinely furious but sensed an opportunity.
“Both of you ñ inside ñ NOW!” he seethed.
Like naughty schoolgirls the feuding soccer moms trundled inside
with Todd close behind.

Todd had them stand by the sofa while he went to the kitchen,
returning with a large wooden spoon.
The ladies’ jaws dropped as reality sunk in.
“Get those bikini bottoms off and bend over the back of the sofa!”
Todd ordered.
For a moment Tyra and Janet mumbled a protest but their words
trailed off and they both wiggled their hips out of their wet bikini
The ladies made an attempt to cover their vanity with their hands
but Todd was showing no sympathy for their plight and motioned them
to bend over the sofa.

Todd took in the sight of these two shapely, bare, glistening
bottoms presented to him.
While he had seen them before he could not resist pausing to compare
their beauty.

Tyra’s bottom was smaller, round and soft and with more curves while
Janet’s was firm and muscular but still very feminine.
Taking his position beside them Todd tapped the spoon against their
bottoms as a warning for what was to come.
In unison the two ladies closed their eyes, gripped onto the sofa
and tensed their bottoms.

In no time Todd had the spoon dancing all over the four globes,
peppering them with short, sharp, stinging whacks in rapid
The fact that the spoon was being applied to wet skin made it smart
even more and Tyra and Janet were soon making quite a racket as
their bottoms were well and truly warmed wth the punishing spoon.
When both their bottoms were a fiery crimson Todd paused to smooth
his palm over them.
It felt good and the women moaned and sighed but soon began
shrieking loudly as the spoon resumed its dance harder and faster
before finishing in a cracking crescendo.
Tyra and Janet remained prone over the sofa when it ended, slowly
allowing their palms to sooth the damaged area.

“OK you two ñ you can get up now!” Todd said firmly.
Too sore to worry about their nakedness both Tyra and Janet needed
both hands to rub their bottoms as Todd lectured them on their
“Get up stairs and lie down on the bed and I’ll get some Aloe Vera
for those naughty bottoms!” Todd suggested with a grin.
Tyra and Janet smiled, looked at each other and headed for the
bedroom upstairs.
Todd picked up the tube of Aloe Vera as he watched the two jiggling,
red bottoms scurry upstairs.
When he reached the bedroom door Todd peered in to see Tyra and
Janet lying together , naked on the bed, their bottoms in the air
awaiting his arrival.
Todd’s fantasy was about to come true he thought.

He stepped out of his swim trunks and his ***.
Aloe Vera in hand , his eyes feasted on the sight before him and he
sat on the edge of the bed.
Tyra and Janet groaned and giggled like schoolgirls as Todd
seductively applied the cooling ointment to their hot cheeks ,
allowing his fingers to wander , linger , explore and tease them.
“Oooooo,,,,that feels soooo good Todd..” Tyra sighed , glancing at
Janet smiled and looked up at Todd.
“Why don’t you lie down on the bed Todd and let us take care of
you ” she suggested.

Todd needed no encouragement and the girls stepped off the bed and
signaled him to lie face down to await their pleasure.

For a moment Todd heard some rummaging in the closet behind him.
“What are you two looking for ?” he asked innocently.
With the speed of a panther Janet leapt onto the bed and sat on
Todd’s back , straddling him and pinning his arms down with her
strong legs as she faced his feet.
“You go first Tyra !” she hollered excitedly.

Forcing his head around Todd saw Tyra looking very determined and
holding a thick , leather belt she had taken from his closet.
She doubled it over and slapped it against her palm.
“You men never learn do you Todd ?
Did you really think you were a getting a threesome that easily?”
she teased.

“All you’re getting from us is an ass blistering mister !” Janet
yelled excitedly.
Todd tried frantically to free himself but there was no way Janet
would let him move from his vunerable position.
“Tyra Ö.JanetÖ.pleaseÖÖ..let me upÖ..AAAAARRRRGGHÖ.”Todd  howled as
Tyra lashed the leather belt across his backside.


Todd was a strong , powerful with a tough hide and a fierce male
pride and he never thought that these two soccer moms could have him
bawling like baby.
But they had done just that.
Like a tag team they took turns holding him down and walloping his
rear with the belt.

He was totally humbled now as he joined Tyra and Janet on the patio
for a long overdue talk.
Despite clear warnings he was determined not to choose between these
two attractive women and his male ego had driven him to scheme so he
could have them both.
Teaming up to administer that well deserved strapping had bonded
Tyra and Janet.
They could even laugh about their identical swimsuits as they sat
under the sun umbrella while Todd served them up some ice tea.

To add to his humiliation the ladies shared with each other the
spankings they had given him only a few days earlier.
“That’s why his rump was so red Ö.I figured it was you Tyra !” Janet
Tyra was bent over laughing loudly.

Their bottoms still tingled from the effects of the wooden spoon
earlier but they were able to sit fairly comfortably on the soft ,
thick chair cushions .
The same could not be said for Todd .
It would be a few days before he was able to sit down comfortably on
anything !

“I’d like to apologise to both of you for being such a cad ” Todd
said holding up a glass for a toast.
“To honesty and fair play !” he declared.
“I’ll drink to that!” the ladies chimed and clinked their glasses.


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Jul 062011

This is a saucy one from The Cowboy Writer, and I’ve used asterisks liberally to edit some beautiful yet naughty language. There is a whole lot of spanking going on at Woodsley College…definitely my kind of institution. Enjoy!   – Dana

For the rest of Cowboy Writer’s stories:
Taming the Cowboy
Taming the Cowboy II: The Cowboy’s Revenge
School for Husbands

Make sure to click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of the visible text for the entire story.



Woodsley College was no ordinary post secondary institution.
Its standards were extremely high in every area and strict rules of conflict were in place.
Although all of its students were over the age of 18 , violations were still dealt with in the old fashioned way.
This included corporal punishment at the discretion of School Vice-President , Janice Murphy.

Janice was from the old school and believed that the best way to correct errant young gentlemen was to thoroughly warm their backsides.
Her reputation was formidable and the very sound of her paddle being applied to the seat of a young man’s trousers , or the sight of him emerging from her office , teary eyed and clutching his backside was enough to make most think twice.

However , under the College rules , young ladies were exempt from such punishment , and instead received lines , detention or extra work.
This type of chastisement seemed to work well on the young ladies but was very ineffective for their male counterparts.

David Welks and his girlfriend Tiffany Brennan were both 20 and had been dating for a few months.
For both it was their first visit to Mrs. Murphy’s office .
“Sit down Tiffany and start writing those 200 lines while I deal with your partner-in crime Mr. Welks, ” Janice Murphy ordered firmly .

Mrs. Murphy sat behind her huge desk  peering at Tiffany over her thick, horn-rimmed glasses.
“I said  get started Tiffany !” she barked impatiently at the young lady.
Tiffany sighed and winked saucily at her boyfriend, still standing bravely in front of the Vice Principal ‘s desk.

“Now for you young man !” Mrs. Murphy warned in a deep commanding voice.
Tiffany concealed a mischievous giggle as David smirked and cast her an assuring glance.
While Tiffany admired his confidence ,  the strict Vice-Principal saw only defiance and the need to teach him some humility and respect.
David’s look changed when he saw Mrs. Murphy reach into her desk drawer and produce a large wooden paddle.
Tiffany’s jaw dropped in astonishment and David gulped nervously. 

Mrs. Murphy rose from her chair , menacingly tapping the paddle against her palm.
Beads of sweat began to form on David’s brow as he pondered his impending fate.
“You will receive six strokes of the paddle Mr.Welks – bend over.” Mrs. Murphy ordered.
Tiffany put a hand to her mouth, hardly able to believe her ears . 
She had heard that Murphy would occasionally paddle boys but was still shocked at her announcement.
David was outraged and struggled to find words.
“How come she gets lines and I get the paddle Ma’am? Its not fair!” he protested.
Mrs. Murphy was unperturbed.
“Be assured you will also be writing lines young man , but the experience will be much more effective for you following a sound paddling.
Now stop dawdling boy and bend over!” she repeated angrily.

David’s embarrassment was apparent turning his face a beet red .
Mrs. Murphy glared at him “Do as I say boy or I will add extra swats!”
David’s shoulders dropped and ,reluctantly,  he assumed the position.

Meanwhile , Tiffany was having trouble containing her excitement at the prospect of watching her boyfriend receive paddling .
“Now touch your toes.” The VP  demanded.
Mrs. Murphy took up a stance to David’s left side and lightly tapped the paddle against the seat of his tight pants , lining it up against her target.

Tiffany took a long look at her boyfriend’s cute rear and then cringed when Mrs. Murphy swung the paddle , bringing it down with a resounding ‘CRAAACK!’ 
David tried his best to keep his composure , but when the 2nd swat landed he could not hold back a  loud wail.
He struggled to stay in place, dreading the 4 strokes still to come.
Swats 3 and 4 were delivered in rapid succession and increased venom.
The young man’s rear felt like it was on fire now.
Tears were welling in his eyes when swat number 5 landed , almost knocking him off his feet.
“Maintain your position boy!” Mrs. Murphy warned , noticing his wobbly legs.
Leaning forward again , David reached for his toes and waited for the final swat.
Tiffany was thrilled by the way the older lady wielded the paddle  and was  quite impressed at how David had taken his licks .
Clutching the paddle with both hands , the VP swung it high above her shoulder and landed it squarely in the middle of David’s rear.
There was a crack as loud as a gunshot and a blood curdling howl from David on impact.
“You may get up now Mr. Welks.” An out of breath Mrs. Murphy told him.

Slowly David stood up and clutched his burning backside with both hands.
“I trust this will serve as a strong reminder to you not to cheat on exams?” she asked him unsympathetically.
David moaned and glanced over at a beaming Tiffany.
It had been her idea to steal the exam answers from the Teachers’ lounge but he was the one caught red-handed with them once the game was up.

“AAAH!” David gasped and contorted his face in a grimace when he carefully sat his sore behind on the hard wooden chair.
Mrs. Murphy and Tiffany chuckled in unison at his discomfort.
 “In your best handwriting Mr. Welks , otherwise you will sit there longer……and I’m sure you don’t want that do you?” Mrs. Murphy lectured.
Mrs. Murphy  returned to her desk and put away the paddle
Of course an impish Tiffany made sure she took her opportunity to tease her boyfriend by wetting her finger and putting it on the seat of her skirt , mouthing a sizzling sound.
Tiffany’s obvious amusement angered David , but somehow he managed to squirm on his seat until his lines were finished and passed Mrs. Murphy’s inspection.
“You will both re-write your exam tomorrow , and Mr. Welks…. if you are back in my office again for such behavior I will put you over my knee and administer my hairbrush to your bare bottom!
Is that understood?”
Tiffany grinned and David blushed.“Yes Ma’am…” he mumbled.

She was still grinning as they walked down the hall together to their next class.
Tiffany brought her arm back and surprised her boyfriend by landing a playful slap on his tender rear.
“OW! Carefull Tiff….what was that for?” David howled.
“That’s a little reminder to pick me up at 7 tonight …and don’t dare be late like last time or I’ll take you over my knee !” she chirped, planting a peck on David’s cheek before scurrying off to class.
All through the lesson , Tiffany could think of nothing but Murphy’s paddle blistering her boyfriends cute bottom.
She admired the power and control exercised by Mrs. Murphy and how David had obediently accepted his chastisement.
Tiffany pictured herself in the V.P.’s place , wielding the paddle or applying the hairbrush to his bare bottom as she had threatened.

At lunchtime Tiffany was the centre of attention as her girlfriends crowded around her to hear about her visit to Murphy’s office.
“WOW! 200 lines! Poor Tiff!” her friend remarked sympathetically.
Tiffany giggled, “Yes it was, but Murphy gave Dave 6 of the best with the paddle for stealing the exam paper!”
The girls giggled in delight as Tiffany gave them the details of her boyfriend’s painful paddling.

The girls tittered and dispersed when a red-faced David arrived.
“AW! You just had to tell them about my paddling didn’t you Tiff?” he moaned.
Tiffany flashed him that impish smile “Of course I did sweetie….and how is your poor littler tushie – pretty sore I’ll bet?”
David winced “Actually it feels like I sat on a hot griddle. Sitting in class is excruciating. Good thing  I have gym this afternoon.” He replied.
Tiffany pecked his cheek again “You better not be squirming at the movie tonight …I’ve been looking forward to see this one and you promised to stay through the whole movie this time!” she lectured, wagging a warning finger at him.
Tiffany pulled away from David when he leaned to kiss her.
“How many times do I have to say sorry Tiff?” he protested.
Tiffany folded her arms and stared angrily at her boyfriend.
“You were late again , we ended up in the cheap seats and then  you squirm through the whole movie and leave before the ending!” she fumed.
David pleaded his case “But Tiffany. You know I’m always late …and ….and the movie was dumb anyway!” he blurted.
His comments only served to intensify his girlfriend’s fury , and without warning she took a firm hold of his ear and tweaked it hard.
“AWWW! TIFF…STOPPIT!” he yelled.
“That’s it David Welks! I’ve had it with you…. if we’re going to keep dating there are going to have be some changes in your attitude ……. do you understand?” Tiffany asked giving his ear another tweak.
“Yes Ma’am!” David howled.

Tiffany was pleasantly surprised that David had referred to her as Ma’am.
She could already feel the power pump through her veins .
Again , she reflected on David’s paddling earlier in the day.
Not only had she thoroughly enjoyed it, but yearned for an opportunity to  wallop David’s cute bottom herself !
With his poor behavior on their date, he had presented her the opportunity and she  was determined to test the waters. 
With his ear still firmly in her grip, Tiffany opened the front door and hauled David inside her house.

“Ouch….aaah… Tiff….what are you doing?” David whined.
Tiffany released his ear and began rolling up the sleeves of her blouse.
“My parent’s won’t be back for another hour so that will leave me  lots of time to deal with you David Welks !” She declared confidently.
David rubbed his ear.
“Deal with me? What are you talking about Tiff? ” he asked curiously.
Placing a dining room chair in the middle of the room, Tiffany sat down on it. Hiking her dress up to reveal her tanned thighs , she patted her lap.
“Drop those jeans and get over my lap !.” She ordered in a firm voice.
David’s jaw dropped.
“WHAAAT? You’re joking right?” he asked nervously.

Tiffany assured him she was deadly serious and repeated her command.
“You’d best get used to it Dave, because from now on this is what you’re going to get when you step out of line. 
So , if you’re serious about our relationship, you’ll get over my lap and accept the spanking you deserve!
If not…there’s the door!” she informed him.

The ultimatum took David by surprise and he paused for a moment , thoughts warring in his mind.
“Well?” Tiffany asked looking into his eyes.
David hesitated and gazed at his girlfriend’s awaiting lap.
It was so inviting David decided to comply , expecting to receive a few playful swats , and afterwards…..who knows?
So David lowered his jeans .
“Those too!” Tiffany snapped pointing to David’s briefs.
“AW TIFF…no…not on the bare…..come on !.” He protested.
“All your spankings will be on the bare ,  so get them down and get over my lap.” Tiffany insisted.
Trying to hide his exposure, David quickly whisked down his briefs and crawled over Tiffany’s lap.
Obviously David was as excited about this as she was.

She hoisted the back of his t-shirt up to get a good view of his bare buttocks for the first time.
She liked what she saw.
David’s cheeks were still red and slightly bruised from his earlier paddling.
Small blisters had formed in the area where his buttocks met the tops of his thighs.
Tiffany was impressed by Mrs. Murphy’s accuracy and decided she would concentrate on the same area.

Unsure how to proceed , she raised her hand and began slapping one cheek and then the other , trying to find a rythym.
The release and feeling of power felt good , and she was buoyed by her boyfriend’s reaction when  he yelped and squirmed on her lap.
This was not the playful event he had expected.
Feeling confident now ,Tiffany spanked faster and harder, turning David’s cheeks a blazing red.
She had not expected the results to be so satisfying ,and had to take a firm hold of David’s waist as he bucked and bounced on her lap to avoid the blows.

All the time she felt his erection rubbing against the soft skin of her inner thighs so she opened her legs slightly.
Tiffany’s hand was stinging now, so she could only imagine how her boyfriend’s already tender backside must feel.
David resorted to pleading and apologizing to end the spanking.
“AW TIFF PLEEEASE STOPPIT!  I’M SOOORY!” he begged, his legs kicking wildly.

Having lost all track of time, Tiffany did not even hear her parents’ car pull into the driveway as she heartily spanked her man.
The Brennan’s looked at each other in disbelief at the front door ,  listening to the distinctive noises emanating from their front room.
Tina Brennan stepped up to the window and peeked in.
“WOW! Looks like my girl is a chip off the old block!” she exclaimed proudly.
 Her husband Jack peeked over his wife’s shoulder and his jaw dropped at the sight.
“Holy Cow! She sure has inherited your tennis swing Tina !” he agreed.

Tactfully, the Brennan’s decided to return to their car, and drove around the block ,  returning 10 minutes later.
When they noisily put their key in the door , an out of breath Tiffany met them with a nervous smile.
She was positively beaming, but behind her stood a sorry looking David, his hair a mess, his face red and eyes watering.
Trying hard to compose himself he greeted the Brennans’ with a forced smile.
Tina tried not to chuckle and invited the young man to stay for coffee.
“Thanks …..but I really have to go Mrs. Brennan.” David replied and hurriedly made his exit.

Tiffany looked poised and confident.
“How was the movie dear?” her Mother asked.
“To be honest Dave was a bit of a jerk and kind of ruined it for me.” She replied.
“He sure looks  sorry…” Jack Brennan observed with a grin.
“Oh he certainly is Dad…he’s very sorry….” Tiffany chuckled and said goodnight.
“Looks like that relationship is off to a good start!” Tina observed.

To make it up to Tiffany , David invited her for a romantic picnic in the woods.
It was a wonderful warm summer day and they managed to find a quiet , private area by the lake .
The pair , stripped down to their swimsuits and frolicked in the lake together .
Afterwards , the young couple sprawled on a blanket and melted into each others arms .

However , she was careful to stop him before he ventured too far.
She was clearly in charge of their relationship now and needed to show it in every aspect.
The pair had been dating for a month now but , to David’s frustration ,  it had not advanced beyond necking and petting sessions.
Tiffany also had David at a disadvantage , having given him a fiery bare-bottomed spanking which neither of them could forget.
The spanking had sparked the flames of desire in both of them , but unfortunately Tiffany’s parents arrived before they could act.

 “Its so romantic of you to take me on this nice picnic Dave. 
You’ve been really thoughtful and considerate lately…’s amazing what a good old fashioned spanking will do  isn’t it …” she giggled.
Dave rubbed the seat of his swimsuit but could not disagree.
“I had that coming Tiff…” 
Although she was happy with the improvement in her boyfriend’s behavior , Tiffany longed to give him another steamy spanking.
She cuddled closer but this time David pulled away when his Blackberry rang loudly.
He picked it up, without excusing himself and began pounding on the keys.
In an instant, Tiffany had ripped it from him and lobbed it into the lake.
Tiffany took hold of his earlobe and tugged it.
“Not as much as you’re going to pay mister!” she scolded.

Tiffany stood up and led David into the woods by the ear.
Luckily for him the area was isolated so no one could witness his humiliating march.
When they reached a clearing Tiffany released her grip and stood  angrily before David, hands on her hips.
He could not take his eyes off her.
“Go fetch me 3 or 4 nice long switches ….and make it fast!” she yelled .
“Sw…Switches ? What for?” David asked.
 “What do you think? They’re to teach you some manners mister! I’m going to  give you a good bare bottom switching -Now get going !” 

David had learned it was useless to argue with Tiffany , so trudged off to cut some switches.
Tiffany carefully examined each one , making them whistle as she swished them through the air , while David looked on anxiously.
She selected one and sat down on a nearby log , placing the others on the ground beside her.
The rough bark pressed against the bare skin of her bottom , exposed by her tiny bikini .
It was a bit uncomfortable but she loved the ‘over the knee’ position so was willing to endure it.
“Bare your butt and get across my lap!” she barked , looking up at David.
She watched eagerly as David skinned down his still wet swimsuit.
His erection quickly stood to attention before he sprawled over Tiffany’s bronzed lap.
This time Tiffany opened her legs slightly to allow his burgeoning member to slide between , and then clamped them tightly.
It felt great , and was a fine way to make sure her man stayed in place for his thrashing !

A week had passed since David’s spanking so his skin had recovered and returned to its normal hue.
Even so , Tiffany could not resist rubbing her palms over his firm buttocks and giving them a cheeky slap and a pinch.
David’s cheeks clenched and she felt his hardness between her thighs.
Expertly , she adjusted his position to raise his backside higher to take full advantage of her tennis swing style.

David had no idea what to expect so gritted his teeth and took a firm grip on Tiffany’s ankle.
Before commencing , she delivered an ominous warning.
“If you thought that paddling and spanking was bad , just wait until you feel this mister.
You’re going to be reminded of your bad manners every time you sit for the next week!”

She was absolutely right !
Tiffany swung the switch  , snapping it against David’s bare skin again and again.
The sting was surprisingly intense and Tiffany was able to lash it across his skin at a rapid-fire pace.
Angry , red lines soon criss-crossed every inch of David’s backside as Tiffany proceeded to gave her man the thrashing of his life !
During the 10 minute session , she went through all of the four switches David had given her , breaking each of them on his tortured backside.

When Tiffany finally released him ,David leapt to his feet.
His rear felt like it had been attacked by a swarm of bees , so he clutched both cheeks and danced uncontrollably around , hopping from foot to foot.
He looked ridiculous and Tiffany cackled loudly as she  sat back and took in his antics.
Tiffany stood up and brushed the bark off the seat of her swimsuit.
The spanking had made her hot and turned on.
She threw herself into David’s arms , clamping her legs around his waist , and kissing him aggressively.
Overcoming his initial surprise , David quickly reciprocated by taking a firm hold of his girlfriends round globes.

Just as their lusty passion was escalating , they heard voices and footsteps approaching .
They were able to disengage just when the other couple arrived.
“Tiff and Dave !
What are you two doing back here?
We’ve been looking all over for you .” Tiffany’s friend Jennifer said.
Jennifer’s boyfriend , Simon grinned broadly as he eyed the pair.
“Looks like you two were into it hot and heavy….sorry to interrupt…”
Tiffany and David tried to hide their disappointment.
“Best get back to our picnic before the ants take it all!” Tiffany said nonchalantly.

Back at college on Monday , Tiffany enjoyed teasing David about the switching she had given him.
His backside still bore some of the marks of the switch.
“I’ll bet you were just being rude to give me another excuse to put your bare butt over my lap again……” she asked
David frowned.
“Well……maybe…..but its too bad your friends showed up just as we were getting into it….” David replied.
“Getting into what David Welks?” Tiffany teased , 
“If you really want to finish what we started ,  why don’t you meet me behind the bleachers at 2…..I have a free period…”
David licked his lips at the prospect but sighed.
“I can’t afford to skip class again Tiffany …even for that….if Murphy catches me she’ll really lay it on me.”  
Tiffany pouted and batted her eyes.
“Well I guess if you don’t really want to…..”

Tiffany leaned against the bleachers and looked at her watch.
It was 2.15.
“That chicken….he’s not going to show…” she muttered.
Then she heard a rustling from behind a nearby bush and David emerged moving stealthily toward her.
“Your 15 minutes late…you know what that means Mr. Welks…” Tiffany warned him with a giggle.
“Aw no Tiff…not another spanking…not here…” David whispered.
Tiffany pulled him closer and kissed him.
“OK then …..but I will be dealing  with you later you naughty boy…” she purred.

The lovers had no trouble resuming where they had left off on the weekend – until the next interruption.
“Both of you-in my office NOW!”, a familiar voice bellowed.
Mrs. Murphy knew all about the activities behind the bleachers and had a good view from her office window.
“So what do you two have to say for yourselves this time!” an exasperated Mrs. Murphy asked , her arms folded.
Before Tiffany could speak , David stepped forward.
“It’s all my fault Ma’am…I asked Tiffany to meet me 
She didn’t do anything wrong …she was on free time anyway…” he explained.
Tiffany was impressed by David’s new sense of chivalry and flashed him a thankful glance.
“Is this true Tiffany?” Mrs. Murphy asked.
Hesitating for a moment , Tiffany looked at David before answering.
He mouthed a ‘yes’ to her .
“Yes Ma’am….I told him we’d be in trouble if we were caught but he wouldn’t listen.”
David’s mouth was agape and he glared at Tiffany in amazement.
He didn’t expect Tiffany to say anything more than a yes !

Mrs. Murphy opened her desk drawer and this time produced a large wooden hairbrush.
David gulped and Tiffany smiled.
“I warned you what would happen if you were back in my office again didn’t I Mr. Welks ?
You can go Tiffany. I need to deal with Mr.Welks in private .” She said before casting her gaze toward a nervous looking David.
“This time it will be long , hard and on the bare bottom young man !
Lower your trousers and underwear and get over my lap.”
“B..B…But Ma’am….” David’s lip was trembling.
“I said bare your backside and get across my knee young man !” Mrs. Murphy warned , settling into her chair.
“On your way Tiffany !” the Vice-Principal said.
“Pardon me Mrs. Murphy…..but as I was the one David was getting into trouble , don’t you think it would be appropriate for me to witness his punishment ?…..I do have a free period at the moment …” Tiffany argued persuasively.
A mischieveous grin spread across the older woman’s face as she contemplated Tiffany’s proposal.
“I believe you are correct Tiffany… seated ….be quiet and observe.” Came the reply.
Tiffany winked at a stunned David and took her ringside seat on the other side of the room.

Doing his best to preserve his remaining modesty , David lowered his garments and slid over Mrs. Murphy’s firm lap.
“…someone did a thorough job !” Mrs. Murphy declared when she observed the fading , but still visible red stripes from the switching which still adorned David’s cheeks.
She nodded at Tiffany who could only shrug and smile.
Mrs. Murphy shook her head and chuckled.

Tiffany watched in awe as Mrs. Murphy proceeded to really blister David’s bare backside with the hairbrush.
The instrument was delivered in a measured series of 8 powerful swats at a time until his skin was a  blazing red .
She then began the spanking in earnest , peppering every area of David’s butt with the hairbrush no-stop.
Poor David was bawling like a baby , bucking and squirming on Mrs Murphy’s lap in a vain attempt to avoid the raining spanks.
Tiffany watched in awe as  the color in her boyfriend’s cheeks deepened and  blisters began to form on both of his buns.
With a final flurry of blows the spanking was brought to an end.
David lay on the V.P.s lap sobbing and moaning uncontrollably.
Whe he slowly rose to his feet is face clearly showed the effects of his orderal.
“As you will find sitting to  be impossible , you are excused from class until tomorrow Mr. Welks…you are both excused!” Mrs. Murphy announced.
While David hobbled away , Mrs Murphy turned to return the hairbrush back to her desk but hesitated.
Instead , she held it out to Tiffany .
“If you are going to reform that young man of yours , you may need this “ the older woman said.
Tiffany gratefully took the implement and placed it in her bag.
“Thanks for the lesson Mrs. Murphy.”

Tiffany observed David limping out of the VP’s office.
In an attempt to console her thoroughly humiliated boyfriend , Tiffany  took his hand  and pulled him close to her.
“That was very gallant of you Dave…..taking that spanking for me….and you did get the afternoon off…just like me !” she winked.
David was too sore to reply and simply moaned .
The suggestion momentarily moved David’s thoughts away from his throbbing backside , and he and Tiffany scurried off down the hallway.

It was an uncomfortable , but thankfully short car ride for David to Tiffany’s house.
Their passion at breaking point , the young couple scrambled out of the car and hurried inside.
Their lips locked in a breathless kiss and they only paused so Tiffany could help David pull his t-shirt over his head.
It was only when David was hurriedly undoing the buttons on Tiffany’s shirt when they both heard the noises.
Both of them paused and were rendered into silence while they listened.
“Stop squirming Jack….you’ve had this coming for weeks – now you’re gonna get it !”
David stared at Tiffany in stunned silence.
The voices were coming from the kitchen and were clearly those of Tiffany’s parents , Jack and Tina. !
Tiffany chuckled and shook her head in amusement.

Cautiously , she peered around the corner into the kitchen.
“Wow! Dad’s getting a real walloping …..I wonder what he did this time!” she whispered .
Deminunative blonde Tina , was sitting imperiously on a chair in the middle of the room with the muscular Jack draped over her lap.
Jack’s suit jacket lay on the floor and his pants and jockeys were banded around his ankles.
Tina was swinging a large wooden spoon with a vengeance and cracking it against her husband’s bare rump and judging by the state of his behind this activity had been going on for a while.

David nervously took a look, trying to drink in the scene.
Tiffany shrugged her shoulders and looked at him with disappointment.
Their moment of truth would have to wait until another time.
Just then the spanking stopped and only Jack’s groans and moans were audible.
David knew exactly how he felt.
However , the moans of pain quickly  morphed into moans of pleasure and were joined by howls of joy from Tina.
“Sorry Dave we should go …..I er..think my parents need some …” Tiffany stated , ushering David outside.

“How long has your Mom been spanking your Dad?” Dave asked as the pair walked home hand in hand.
“Oh my goodness …..for years….she spanked him on their first date for being late and has been doing it ever since !
Mom told me that all men love a strong woman who will keep them in line when they need it.
Apparently its very therapeutic!” Tiffany explained.
“Seems like they both get some fun out of it afterwards though!” David chuckled.
Pausing outside David’s house , they held hands and looked into each others’ eyes.
“You’d best get some ice on that butt of yours Dave ..….Murphy really blistered it good …and I want to make sure your recovered for the weekend.. if the offer is still there , I thought we could spend it at your parents cottage?”
David’s face lit up .
“Really!” he replied excitedly.
Tiffany nodded.

The pure excitement of spending a weekend at the cottage alone with Tiffany  had an effect on Dave’s driving , inspiring him to arrive there in record time.
It was the first time he and Tiffany could be alone overnight.
The weather was perfect , so Tiffany quickly changed into her skimpy red bikini she had bought especially for the occasion .
David changed onto his suit also and was thrilled when Tiffany rolled over and asked him to oil up her back.
“Undo my top honey…..I don’t want lines in my tan.” Tiffany cooed.
Dave felt his erection rise as he unleashed Tiffany’s pert breasts from the bikini top.
She still had not given him permission to touch or feel , them but he expected she would soon.
David’s temperature began to rise when Tiffany raised her firm, round bottom and permitted him to undo the strings on her bikini.

Carefully he slipped the tiny garment away to reveal his girlfriend’s curvaceous derierre in all its glory.
Her snow white skin in the area covered by the bikini contrasted with the  deep tan of the area surrounding it. 
Tiffany allowed his fingers to massage the oil on her glorious twin globes.
Sensing her boyfriend’s excitement , Tiffany grinned mischieviously .
He was putty in her hands now.
“Whow Big boy…..not so fast…we have business to attend to first!” she warned when Dave’s hands began to wander deeper into previously unexplored areas.
David’s passion had rendered him unable to respond to his girlfriend’s command and he kissed the nape of her neck while fondling both her firm breasts.
Tiffany rose up and slapped both of his hands away.
“You’re not listening again dear…..I said we had unfinished business didn’t I ?
Stop that at once and go look in my bag…there should be a nice big wooden hairbrush in there !” Tiffany ordered.

David’s jaw dropped and his heart pounded nervously.
He hoped the brush was for Tiffany’s hair but reality told him otherwise.
Rummaging in Tiffany’s bag , David had no difficulty finding the large implement , and he immediately noticed it was the very same one that Mrs. Murphy had used to blister his butt earlier that week.
“Just place it on the table beside the bed David ….I’ll need it later.” She added.
David gulped and examined the brush .
“Er….need it for what Tiff ?” he enquired nervously.
“Don’t be silly Dave….you know what its for !
You were late again this morning and then drove like a maniac on the way up here!” she said calmly.
David gulped again and reflected on his last experience with the brush.
“You not  going to sp……spank me with this Tiff ?” he asked .
Tiffany looked up at him  sternly .
“ After I’ve finished tanning my butt…..I’m going to tan yours…!” she giggled.

Dave was on pins and needles all day , knowing he was in for a spanking but no idea when Tiffany would ‘strike’.
Each time he walked past the bedroom the sight of the brush sitting there reminded him of his pending fate.
Despite this , he and Tiffany had a fantastic day together , boating , fishing  and frolicking in the lake .
As the sun began to fade the pair snuggled together on the beach and it wasn’t long before their lips met and throes of passion returned.
Their bodies rolled and thrashed about in the soft sand and David felt Tiffany’s fingers slip inside his suit , easing it down over his slim hips.
Kicking the garment off , David straddled Tiffany and fumbled to undo her bikini bottom.
It was then he heard a loud whack and felt a sharp sting in his left buttock .
Before he could cry out Tiffany had landed another pair of sharp whacks to the same area.
“I like my man to have a nice hot butt before the finale Dave…” Tiffany purred and whacked her boyfriend’s  bare butt yet again.
“OUCH THAT STINGS TIFF !” David howled as she began briskly spanking him again and again.
“Get over my knee mister….I’ll finish your warm up right here on the beach before you get your session with the hairbrush !” Tiffany demanded.

Pushing David back , Tiffany sat up and patted her lap.
“Come on…get over …” she said.
David looked around nervously.
The people in the cottage across the lake were still outside enjoying the sunset.
“Tiff….the neighbors…they’ll see….can we go inside.
Tiffany rose an angry eyebrow in response and patted her lap.
“Get over or I’ll use my sandal !” she threatened.
David assumed what was becoming a familiar position across his girlfriend’s lap.
“Good boy!” Tiffany remarked , patting his muscular cheeks.

The sound of palm striking bottom echoed loudly across the lake.
“OMIGOSH! Mildred….have a look !” Harold Smith gasped , observing the scene on the beach with his binoculars from his vantage point on the dock.
Mildred grabbed the glasses from her husband and chuckled loudly after taking a look.
“Give it to him girl!” she whooped.
Tiffany paused to raise a hand to recognize Mildred’s encouragement .
The light was fading but David’s bottom was truly glowing.
She delivered a trio of stinging spanks that had her boyfriend yelping.
“OK you can get up Dave….its time to get serious with the hairbrush.” She declared.
“AW TIFF..” David whined.

David examined his backside in the bedroom mirror as he waited for Tiffany.
It was red and stung like crazy but it seemed to tingle even more each time he looked at the hairbrush sitting on the dresser.
Following his girlfriend’s direction he stood there naked while she took a shower.
It was only a matter of minutes ,  but the waiting was agony for him.
Finally Tiffany emerged and David’s eyes lit up at the vison.
She wore the tiniest of black , sheer Teddies ***.
Matching sheer panties completed the outfit.

Striding confidently over to her chair , Tiffany sat down and picked up the hairbrush.
“This will be a serious spanking David.
I will not tolerate your chronic lateness and you could have had us both killed the way you drove this morning.
Do you have anything to say for yourself before we begin?” 
“Hmmm…I’ll deal with that later …” Tiffany observed with interest.
David’s bottom was still pink from the spanking on the beach and Tiffany patted it playfully with her palm.
“You will receive 15 swats for being late , 30 for driving dangerously and 5 for good measure.
You will count out and thank me for each one….is that understood David?”
“Yes Ma’am!” came his prompt reply.

Tiffany took a firm hold of the brush and raised it high to apply the first swat but was distracted by noises coming from the open window nearby.
Tiffany smiled and shook her head.
Across the lake at the Smith’s , a sound spanking was already underway!
“Keep still and stop squirming Harold ! You’ve had this coming for years and now you’re getting’ it…” Mildred scolded. 
Tiffany was inspired and set about her task.

She wanted this spanking to have a formality to it in order to teach her man respect .
Although it limited the amount of spanks , she knew that 50 well delivered swats with the brush would be more than enough to remind David of his behavior each time he sat down for the next few days.
David followed protocol but by the time Tiffany was half way through his voice had a distinctive quiver.
Tears welled in David’s eyes and he struggled to stay in place.
Tell tale blisters were already forming on both his cheeks and his skin felt like it was on fire.
Tiffany continued resolutely until the 50th swat connected.
Exhausted , David lay prone on her lap moaning and catching his breath.

“You may get up now David.” Tiffany said in a firm but sympathetic voice.
David rose slowly , clutching both of his cheeks to sooth the burning.
The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived and David grasped it enthusiastically.
Their screams of ecstacy echoed across the lake until they collapsed into each others arms.

Across the lake at the Smith’s , Harold paused upon hearing the younger couple’s howls of passion.

Their relationship cemented and the rules set , Tiffany and David finished their last year of college together.
On their graduation Mrs. Murphy congratulated David for staying out of her office for the rest of the year , and winked at Tiffany.
She was confident that the improvement in David’s behavior was likely due to regular doses of the hairbrush she had given her young prodigy .
Of course she was absolutely right !

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Jun 242011

Our Cowboy Writer strikes again.

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School for Husbands



Beth allowed herself a satisfied smile as she put away her best china and cleared the table.

Her tea party with the three ladies from the Women’s’ Guild went very well and she was confident her application would be accepted.

Membership in the developing Western town’s most influential organization for women would give her an opportunity to express her opinions on many subjects and would be the ideal conclusion to a wonderful year for the  local Schoolmistress.

She certainly had attracted attention when she arrived in town from Boston a year ago , to set up the local school. 
The attractive , tall , willowy redhead soon turned  the heads of every eligible male suitor for miles around.

However , it wasn’t long before the candidates  were weeded out .
Most were  unable to handle Beth’s confident manner , intelligence and outspoken opinions on subjects generally considered taboo for women.
Beth was no wallflower and enjoyed debating with men on many issues that other women in town never dare speak of , and she could hold her own in a good argument with any man.

To John Dillon , the muscular , handsome bachelor who owned the biggest ranch in the county ,Beth was both intriguing and a challenge.
Their courtship had been a  fiery one at times , but their true love for each other  blossomed .
After a few months of courting , the two were now husband and wife and had set up their home at John’s expansive ranch .

Having been occupied by a bachelor cowboy for some years , the place certainly  needed a woman’s touch , and Beth was glad to provide it .
Using her organizational skills  as a teacher she began to bring some order to the marital household.
John had proved to be a good , loving husband willing to accept Beth’s assertiveness and opinions but also ready to rein her in when needed. 
They were truly equals who respected and loved each other.

However , John was not without his faults , and was well known for his short temper and wild ways .
He was not known for shirking a fight , and would  use strong language to get his pointr across at times.
Since their marriage there had already been a number of occasions when these faults came to light , and Beth had made it very clear to her new husband that such behavior was not acceptable to her.
To John’s credit he did make an honest effort to correct a lifetime of bad habits when he basically was able to do as he pleased.

Beth’s moment of reflection was interrupted by  a loud commotion outside .
Peering nervously through the lace curtains in her window ,  her jaw dropped when  she saw John involved in a heated verbal altercation with the three Womens’ Guild ladies at their horse and buggy.

The china cup Beth held in her hand dropped and smashed on the floor and her initial shock turned to anger.
“Darn you John Dillon ….you’d better not mess this up for me !” she fumed out loud to herself and she rushed out to calm the situation.

Chapter 2

“What’s going on  John ?” Beth asked her Husband in a firm voice .
“Mrs. Dillon…..your Husband has used some uncalled for language towards us  I do not care to repeat. 
You should know , he also had some very uncomplimentary things to say about the Women’s’ Guild !” Mrs. Parsons , the Guild President fumed at Beth.

Beth put her hands on her hips and glared angrily at her Husband .
“Is this true John Dillon !” she asked angrily .
Sensing his wife’s fury John could only shrug his shoulders .
“Yea…. sure….I did call them a …er um ‘cackle of interfering old biddies’ …..and I did use a few cuss words…., but Beth …. they were being so uppity and rude with me … !” he tried to explain .

His response served only to enrage Beth even more.
“John Dillon …..this is just another example of that bad temper of yours which I’ve warned you  about before !  I will not stand for it ……do you understand ?
These ladies are my guests and you have no right to insult them .
Get yourself  up to the woodshed and I’ll be there shortly to deal with you !” she yelled to gasps from the ladies .

John was speechless and could barely muster  a  coherent babble upon hearing his wife’s order “ But…uh… Beth….aww…..but…”
“Don’t say you weren’t warned …Get going !” Beth lectured ,  pointing in the direction of the woodshed perched on a small hill beyond the ranch house.
His last visit there was as a boy  when he received a sound licking from his Mother.
Surely his new  wife had no intention of doing the same , but deep down he knew Beth was quite capable of doing exactly that ! 

He recalled those ‘warnings’ Beth referred to but he had not paid much attention to them at the time.
The last time was when he had lost his temper and swore at one of the young ranch-hands.
Beth had surprised him by immediately delivering a powerful slap to the seat of his denims which stung and sent up a cloud of dust.
“That’s  just a sample of what you’ll get from me if I ever hear you use language like that to those young boys !” she had warned him.
On other occasions she had told him he ‘needed  a sound  thrashing’.

John realized he should have known better .
As the local schoolteacher , she was well known for her strict discipline and many a naughty boy had realized the error of his ways after Beth applied a dose of her trusty  strap to the seat of his pants.
Now he was in the same position , and could expect the same treatment.
Red-faced  and  embarrassed , John  spun around and walked briskly to the woodshed . 

Beth turned to face Mrs. Parsons and the other ladies .
“I really do apologize for my Husband’s behavior ladies , and  be assured that after I’ve dealt with him an appropriate apology will be forthcoming .
I surely hope this incident will not affect my application ?” 

Mrs. Parsons smiled and shook Beth’s hand in admiration.
“ Of course not Mrs. Dillon…we at the WG understand that our menfolk can be somewhat unruly at times…..a little discipline would do them the world of good.
Uh….er…. may  I ask what will happen  to your husband ?” 

Beth smiled “ Of course you may  Mrs. Parsons.  He’s going to get a lesson which will remind him of his bad manners……in fact he’ll be reminded every time he sits down for the next few days !” she explained confidently.
“I’m sure you ladies would do the same to your husbands ….wouldn’t you ?” 
Mrs. Parsons and the other ladies tittered like schoolgirls .
“To be honest we haven’t tried …..but it does sound interesting “ one of them commented   “perhaps you could give us a lecture at our next meeting ?”

 “I’d be delighted toladies …. Anything to help bring some much needed civility to the men of this town . 
The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach , but the way to his head is through the part of his anatomy which makes contact with his saddle!” Beth declared .
The women laughed heartily as they nodded agreement.

“Well we’d best be on our way and leave you to your….uh…business Mrs. Dillon” said Mrs. Parsons happily as they rode off to a friendly wave and a smile from their hostess.

Beth’s smile turned to a scowl as she spun around and made her way determinedly to the woodshed .


Fuming , Beth flung the shed door open dramatically.
John put both hands up in an attempt o stop her advance towards  him.
“Now Beth…listen to me ….let me explain…..I know what I did was wrong …..but I’ll apologize …and I’ll make it up to you …..” he stammered.

Beth remained resolute and silent , advancing to confront her errant husband  until he had backed into a corner.
“John Dillon ,  the time for talking is over …now you’re going to get what you’ve been needing for a long , long time .” she seethed through gritted teeth.

“Now take down your britches and bend over ! “ she ordered firmly.
Her husband’s was still stunned at rge turn of events .
 “ You…you can’t be serious …Beth…..but honey …you can’t ..” John stammered .  Beth’s  reaction was a  steely determined glare into his eyes. 
John  pondered  launching  another appeal but he quickly realized the right thing to do was to accept his punishment from his wife.
With a loud sigh he began undoing the buckle of his belt.
“Yes dear…” he murmered.

Beth looked around the shed and  selected some long , thin rods to serve as a switch. John  watched her nervously and gulped when she made a menacing swishing sound with each switch to test its effectiveness.
John lowered his pants to the floor and glanced warily over his shoulder before assuming the bent over position .

After finally settling on a  switch to begin John’s punishment ,  Beth walked over to her bent over husband and stood behind him to his left side.
RaisIing the tail of his shirt she carefully  placed it on his back to reveal his faded long johns.
“Get these down too……your getting this on the bare bottom husband  !” she said impatiently patting the seat of her husband’s last remaining garment.
“Awwww…geez Beth ……” John whined but  he stood up and yanked his long johns to his knees as he was told.
 He felt the cool breeze on his bare skin  when he bent over again and braced for the first stroke of the switch.

Beth teased her husband by brushing the switch across his rump , tapping it lightly.
She smiled , observing his cheeks clench in anticipation.
Then she raised the switch high above her head and it whistled through the air on its way down to meet its target.
There was a swish and a loud crack as it made contact , slashing against John’s exposed skin.
John gritted his teeth and breathed hard as the sharp sting of the first stroke set in .
He couldn’t believe how much it stung.

His wife continued with his  switching  administering brisk , uninterrupted , rapid-fire strokes  to his exposed rear.
John tried but he could no longer hold his composure .
He yelled and howled instinctively as the switch danced around his buttocks and upper thighs .

He could  feel the raised red welts forming each time the switch seared  into his skin.
Buoyed by the  effectiveness of the licking she was administering , Beth  continued with the switching enthusiastically.
She noticed he was having trouble staying in position , hopping  from foot to foot , and wiggling his rear in an attempt to avoid the onslaught.

Beth paused. 
“Stay in position and stop moving or you’ll get it worse!” she warned.
Discarding the switch , she raised her palm and brought it down heartily on John’s right cheek.
Surprised by the change , John yelped and bucked forward.
Beth delivered a non-stop flurry of 20 or so solid spanks all over her husband’s bottom until her was crying for mercy.

Having reduced her strong , tough husband into a whimpering schoolboy Beth was finally  satisfied that he had learned his lesson.
She stopped the spanking and allowed him to stand up.
John staggered to his feet , moaning and breathing heavily.
His entire backside and tops of his thighs was a blazing red and dotted with raised welts from the switch.
He would be feeling the effects of this punishment every time he sits down for the next few days.

Beth’s amusement was evident while she watched with arms folded as her strong husband danced and bounced around the woodshed trying to rub the sting and burning from his bared rear, his pants at this ankles .
He finally gained enough composure to face his wife.
Tears welled in his eyes and he was truly a humbled and sorry man.
“Well? Do you have anything to say?” Beth asked in her classic Schoolmarm tone.
“I’m s…sorry  Beth..” he replied in a  faltering  voice.
“Good …supper will be ready in ten minutes…  “ she said calmly and turned to leave her husband in the woodshed to nurse his wounds.

Beth strode confidently back to the Ranch-house under the gaze of some  ranch-hands working on a fence near the woodshed.
Judging by their expressions it would appear they had heard everything.
When John finally emerged from the shed he stoicly tried to act as if nothing had happened , but the Ranch-hands knew his wife had given him more than a good talking to.
The discomfort in his rear-quarters forced him to walk with a distinct limp and the grimace on his face told the story.
Knowing better , the workers hid their smirks  and went about their work.

 John ate supper that evening standing up using the mantle as his table.
“I’m sorry Beth …..I behaved poorly and deserved that licking you gave me …” he said calmly ,  picking at his plate.
“You still have to go over to Mrs. Graves’ house tomorrow to apologize …” Beth reminded him.
She stood up and planted a kiss on John .
“Come on you big lug….help me clean up the dishes  and I’ll put some ointment on to ease the sting …” she offered. 


“Are you almost done darling? ….the ointment is ready !” Beth called out from the bedroom as John dried off the last dish.
John tossed the dishcloth aside , undid the apron he was wearing and entered the bedroom. 
The sight before him left him speechless.

Beth lay face down on the bed …. completely naked….her head propped up by a palm on either side of her  pretty face.
Her firm breasts presented themselves invitingly and her white , pert bottom wiggled seductively , beckoning  him to her.
The punishment Beth had delivered to her handsome husband had fueled a fire in her loins which needed to be tended !

Beths long red hair , normally tied up with ribbons or a pony tail , cascaded over her shoulders and back.
She patted the bed beside her “ Come lie down here dear and I’ll apply the ointment to your poor bottom.”she purred.

John quickly disrobed and lay face down , allowing Beth to gently apply the cool ointment to his swollen , red buttocks .
Beth’s hands wandered all over his muscular frame  .
She eased John him over on his side and  ***.

The fire in John’s rear-quarters had fueled the fire in his loins.


They spent the entire night continuing to make passionate love that neither of them had experienced before.


The next morning Beth kissed  her husband and handed  him a cup of coffee as he lay in bed .
“OUCH..” John grimaced when he brushed his rear on the bed trying to sit up.”
Beth giggled “ Best get used to lying on your side darling…..I’m afraid its going to be  a while before you can sit down comfortably” she remarked.
“Now finish your coffee and get dressed …..there’s lots of chores to be done ..” Beth announced.

John smiled “My first job will be take  down that darn woodshed so you won’t be able to give me another switching “ he threatened.
Beth laughed and walked over to her dresser.
“Well then I’d just have to use the hairbrush instead my husband  !” she replied brandishing her large wooden brush.
She looked up to ponder , putting a hand on her tiny chin.
“Let’s see now….your razor strap is another excellent option …then there’s the big wooden spoon in the kitchen…..and …” she added.
John put up a hand to stop her.”I get it…I get it …”
Beth wagged the brush at him “Oh you’ll get it alright if you don’t get dressed real fast!” 
John promptly stepped out of bed.

John did his chores , leaving the woodshed intact , and then walked to town to deliver his apology to Mrs. Graves.
It wasn’t going to be  easy , especially since she knew that Beth had given him a sound thrashing .
The older lady accepted his apology with grace.
“It takes a strong man to admit when he is wrong Mr. Dillon….. and an even stronger one to permit his wife to chastise him when he deserves it .
 I imagine  you are quite…er….sore today ?” she enquired curiously.
John blushed as he put a palm gingerly to the seat of his denims.
“Lets just say my wife knows how  to get to the seat of a problem Mrs Graves .“ 
The older lady grinned.
“You can tell Mrs. Dillon she’ll make a fine addition to the women’s guild Mr Dillon …and if it makes you feel any better …. I’m sure  you won’t be the only man in town who has  had a date with his wife in the woodshed. “


After a few days John’s backside was still tender but had recuperated enough  to sit down , so he decided to set  up his usual Friday night poker with his old friends Judge Beckett and Marshal Brown.
These were the two most powerful men in town and over the years the trio had enjoyed their men’s night out of gambling ,  cigars and whiskey.
John had not hosted a poker night since he married Beth so his turn was long overdue.
Beth was out giving a lecture at the Women’s Guild meeting that evening , so John figured it worked out well.
He didn’t bother to tell Beth as he expected they would be finished before the end of the Womens Guild meeting , which their wives also enthusiastically attended .
He knew Beth would not approve of the gambling , drinking and smoking  and  he  would have lots of time to tidy up before Beth arrived home anyway.

John poured a drink for the Judge when he arrived and beckoned him to his favorite armchair. “Er …uuh …thanks John but think I’ll stand for a while…..stiff back sitting at court all day you know ….”he mumbled.
John became curious when  , Marshall Brown also declined a seat , complaining to be  saddle sore from being on his horse all day.
John put a hand to his chin.
“Tell me gentlemen……. we’ve been friends for a long time ….have your wives been attending Beth’s lectures at the  Women’s Guild  ? John asked.
Both men looked at each other before nodding.
“So by any chance have you two had a ….’trip to the woodshed’ recently ?” he asked.

Both mend looked away and coughed , nervously staring down at  their shoes.
The Judge was first to speak.
“You know , it took a lot of guts for Mildred to take me upstairs and thrash my behind the way she did  ….and you know something ? I darn well deserved it !” he said , looking relieved.

“Martha took one of those canes from her garden .. ….and striped my butt good !” The Marshal declared.
John and the Judge grimaced in unison as they pictured the scene.
“ I Deserved every lick though….” The Marshall added 

Having a common experience unified the friends even more and the whiskey and ciigars  flowed freely.
After a few more drinks the Judge blurted “ I’ll tell you one thing gentlemen … that strapping  was worth every lick … Mildred was as frisky as a showgirl afterwards !”
Marshall Brown nodded in agreement  “ .. Martha was like a savage girl after  she’d  whipped my behind …..”
John laughed and poured some more drinks “ Here’s to our wives !’ they toasted.


Meanwhile down the street Beth was standing in front of a standing room only throng of women at the Ladies Guild meeting holding up a wooden hairbrush.
“I’m sure you each have one of these at home in your dresser ladies …..if not I suggest you get one at the General Store.  
You need to add this  weapon to your arsenal !
A strap pr switch will smart and sting but a good dose of the back of this hairbrush will really get your point acrosske !
Don’t forget ladies …to apply the hairbrush properly your man must lie across your knees as you sit down.
This will be more comfortable for you more  , give you better accuracy and will be  most humiliating for him…..” she continued on as the hushed room listened intently.

Beth’s talk received a standing ovation from the thrilled audience.
She was the most sought after person in the room as the ladies enjoyed their tea and cake afterwards.
sat on her horse sand buggy for the short ride home.
Sitting  on her buggy for the ride home , she had a very satisfied feeling …and  all that talk about spanking at the meeting also excited her in other ways. !
She just couldn’t wait to get home so her husband could make passionate love to her .
When  she arrived at the Ranch she  was surprised to see two horses tied outside .


Inside the ranch house , the three menhad lost all track of time and were surprised when Beth returned home and observed the card game still in progress.
All three men quite drunk and the house a complete mess.

Beth surveyed the mess around her without  saying a word ..
“Uuuh…..guess we better get going  ….getting late …..bye Beth ……” the Judge stuttered as the pair  hurriedly left the room in short order.

Beth closed the door behind them and John stood up.
“Don’t worry Beth….I’ll clean it up…..” he reasoned.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this John ? This is yet another example of your selfishness and inconsideration !” Beth said ,  standing with arms folded and foot tapping.

While ohn scrambled for a response , Beth  dug into her bag , pulled out the hairbrush and grabbed John roughly by the ear.
Unable to free himself without ripping off his ear John moaned for her to free her grip.
Beth pulled out a chair from the table and sat down on it , placing the hairbrush on her lap.
With her free hand she expertly began undoing her husband’s denims , yanking them down to his ankles.
When he  protested she glared up at him angrily and  roughly jerked down his long johns .
She tipped  him head first across her lap , and he landed with his legs high in the air and his  nose almost touching the floor.
Beth took hold of the hairbrush and adjusted his position across her lap , surveying her target.
John’s struggled to balance in his position and his muscular buttocks tensed in anticipation .
His white cheeks still showed a few faint marks  from his earlier thrashing  but Beth intended to add some much needed color to them.

Just as she had described at the meeting , Beth  proceeded to administer a textbook hairbrushing to her Husband’s bare bottom.
He howled , kicked and struggled in vain over her lap.
The hairbrush  tattooed red ovals on his skin  untill his entire bottom was flaming red.
A few areas where the brush had landed repeatedly were becoming blistered.
Undeterred , Beth continued to bring down the hairbrush on her target .
Loud cracks echoed around the room.

Outside on the porch the Judge and the Marshall had paused to listen to their friend being spanked hard by his wife.
They were just like a couple of kids ….part of them wanting to run but their curiosity forcing them to stay and watch through !

John bucked violently on her lap when Beth delivered a final flurry of smacks  and dumping her husband off her lap onto the floor.

Hairbrush still in hand she calmly walked over to the telephone .

“Hello Mrs.  Beckett ….its Beth Dillon…..fine thank you ….glad you enjoyed the talk.
I just wanted to let you know that your husband  is  here …he’s been drinking , gambling , smoking and also has made quite a mess at my house !
I suggest you greet him with the hairbrush when he arrives home..
Would you mind popping over to Mrs. Brown and let her know that the Marshall is here  also….you’re welcome…goodbye “. Beth put down the phone .

The two men stared at each other and raced for their horses to head home to face their wives.


John had somehow struggled to his feet and was standing before Beth  sporting  an expression as painful as his scorched bottom.
His pants and longjohns were still at his ankles and s he clutched his buttocks with both hands.
Stooped to pull up his pants M,  Beth put her hand up to stop him.
“Get those pants right off Mister…” she ordered .
“Aw Beth….not more….I’m soo sore….honest….   “ he pleaded backing away.


John cried out when Beth  took a firm grip of his well spanked cheeks with both her hands. 
Her long red pony tail whipped around violently .
Hauling Beth to her feet , he spun her around and she positioned herself face first over the kitchen table.
Glasses , bottles and playing cards flew to the floor as Beth positioned  herself across the table.
John hoisted her  dress and petticoats and Beth moaned  for him to hurry .

John finally caught sight of her lace pantaloons which was the last layer of her clothing between him and the jewels  he sought.
Beth’s long ponytail swung around her shoulders wildly narrowly missing her husband’s face.
Exhausted , sweating and breathing heavily they both lay prone for a few moments.

They both stood up and turned to face each other.
John embraced Beth  tightly and their lips locked in a long , lingering kiss.
As the kiss continued they both kicked off their remaining garments.
Standing  naked , Beth squealed in amusement when  John scooped  her up ,flung her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom .

Meanwhile back in town , two of the most distinguished men in the County, were  sporting two of the reddest , sorest backsides in the County.
As they lay in bed with their very satisfied wives , they wondered  what the Women’s Guild would come up with at their next meeting !


Since Beth’s work began at the Womens Guild , life in the small town had changed noticeably.
Everyone seemed happier ,friendlier and relaxed.
Men were visibly more respectful towards their wives , opening doors , addressing them politely and  helping them with the household chores.
Couples and Families were spending more time together.
Drunkiness , fighting and rowdiness had declined significantly.

The Womens Guild credited Beth’s initiative for much of the change and had elevated her to Vice-President.
She and Mrs Parsons , the Guild President , became members of the Town Council and were able to pass a number of bylaws which made the town more respectable .  
Beth also became  Editor in Chief of the local newspaper and now the paper now carried many articles for or about women’s rights.

Marshall Brown had hired a female Deputy , Annie Woods , who was proving to be very efficient in maintaining order in the streets. 

In a controversial move , Judge Dermott insisted that men appearing before him charged with being disorderly or similar offences  be accompanied in court by their wives .
He now had the authority to waive the normal sentence of a fine or jail term upon condition the guilty man’s be released into his wife’s custody for administration of ‘domestic discipline’.

Needless to say Beth was very proud of her work but remained modest by crediting all the women in town for the changes.

At home , Beth and John’s relationship continued to flourish .
John’s bouts of temper , rowdiness and other faults occurred less frequently , but  when they did happen , he knew the consequences.

Beth firmly believed in disciplining her husband as soon as the offending behavior occurred .
This would  occasionally create an embarrassing situation for John .
If the couple was at home when the offence occurred , John would be quickly sent  to the woodshed or the bedroom where Beth would administer a sound bottom warming with a switch , hairbrush or strap .

If John’s misbehavior occurred in public , Beth  had to wait for an opportune time to take the appropriate corrective action.
This was rare , but on one occasion John had been rude to some visitors at a reception she was hosting at the Town Hall .
Beth was forced to intervene and escorted her husband to  the Judges Chambers.

The couple returned some time later , arm in arm and , smiling and content.
John’s smile  was somewhat  forced and his walk suggested he was suffering from discomfort in his rear-quarters
Most of the Ladies present smiled smugly ,  realizing  John had received more than a lecture from his wife in the chambers.!


The Judge’s Chambers had offered Beth and John  the privacy they needed  for carrying out a domestic discipline session , but Beth did not have any of the usual implements she would normally used at home to chastise her Husband.
The only option was a sound , old fashioned , over the knee hand spanking with her hand!

As her long formal dress restricted her movement , Beth decided to remove it and administered her husband’s spanking in her undergarments!
Even John was  surprised at the power with which Beth  delivered the long hard spanking he received. 
She heartily slapped his bare buttocks and upper thighs until they were redder than a ripe tomato and  her  palm stung . 

John performed his usual post spanking “dance” around the room rendering Beth was very aroused by the situation.
She reached stepped out of her silk drawers and  John , lready naked from the waist  down needed no encouragement responding to his wife’s asvances.
They wildly made love right there on  the Judges desk!

John made sure to let his wife know how well she had spanked him , but she reminded him when they returned home after the reception he would be  over her lap again for a “proper” correction with her hairbrush.
John’s  ‘double whacking’ made sitting down very challenging for John the next few days. 


One of Beth’s new projects for the Womens’ Guild was the “Husband Report Card” which she developed using her skills as a School Teacher and tested at home with John.
Every Saturday  Beth would go through a list of ‘subjects’ and would grade John on each one.
John was allowed to give his opinion but,  as in School , Beth’s decision was final.
If John’s overall grade fell below a B- , he would receive discipline  according to his grade.
Beth was a tough marker and constantly raised the bar for her Husband so , despite his improvements , after 6 report cards  John was still shooting for that elusive B-.

His best performance was a C which still earned him a full dozen ‘stingers’ with  the razor strap.
After a particularly bad week , a disappointed  Beth awarded John his first  F grade.
For this lowest of the low marks John received a  pre-breakfast switching and a bedtime hairbrushing every day for the next week !
The only consolation for John was the knowledge that Beth was so sexually ravenous after these discipline sessions  he was assured of a rapture filled love-making session !

The Womens’ Guild adopted Beth’s report card unanimously and it was soon in use in homes all over town .

The local newspaper began  publishing articles entitled “Disciplining your Husband “ and “ Beyond the Hairbrush” as more and more women ‘warmed’ to the trend.
Beth invited  a delegation from the Womens Guild to the Town Council Meeting and they were able to pass a by-law which legally empowered  wives to discipline their Husbands for certain domestic offences.
Judge Dermott received a deadly glare from his Wife Mildred when he made the legally sensible point that it was only fair that Men should receive the same right towards their wives.
“No real Gentleman would even contemplate laying a hand on a lady in such a fashion !” came the outraged reply from the Womens Guild representatives.
Later that evening Mildred Dermott  severely roasted the Judge’s ample derriere  with her hairbrush for daring to even make such a suggestion !

The dramatic change  in the town was soon attracting attention across the State , and the Governor sent a representative to investigate their success.
Beth was excited at the news .
The revolution had begun !


Horace Tweed , the Governor’s representative , arrived in town and was very impressed with the quality of life .
As part of his assignment he had attended one of Judge Dermott’s court sessions to evaluate the type of cases being heard.
He was pleased to see that all the offences were quite minor , but curious that all the offenders were men and that in all cases the Judge waived the normal State penalty and placed the accused in the custody of his wife to receive “appropriate correction”.

Tweed obtained his answer when he browsed through the town bylaws and he  came across by-law 13:
‘For certain offences committed by Married Men such as drunkiness , swearing , fighting , rowdiness or general inconsideration towards his wife  the State penalty may be waived on condition the offender be released into the custody of his wife who will be responsible to administer appropriate discipline  in private at the Marital home.
Such discipline will be in the form of corporal punishment applied with a strap , switch , hairbrush or similar instrument  to the offender’s  bare buttocks .’

Tweed shook his head and read it again , barely  believing his eyes.
After discussing the matter with Judge Beckett , he was referred to speak to Beth .
She gave him a very thorough and articulate description of the changes  happening  in the Town.
Tweed was very impressed  , as was the Governor when he read the report.
In fact he was so impressed he made a request  for Beth to come and meet him .


Beth was in awe of her surroundings as she entered the Governor’s Mansion , her eyes soaking up the opulent surroundings.
She felt so small as she sat in the huge room with high ceilings and expensive paintings on the wall.
After a few moments the sound of footsteps on the marble floor were audible and the huge door of the room opened.
Governor Jones strode confidently in and smiled broadly at Beth and then  stooped to kiss her hand.
“Welcome Mrs Dillon , I’ve been looking forward to this meeting “ he said kindly .
The Governor was a tall , surprisingly handsome man in his early forties with well groomed dark hair tinged with distinguished shade of gray on the sides .
His well tailored suit and confident swagger added to his attractiveness and Beth was  pleasantly surprised .

Jones chatted casually with Beth as he showed her around the mansion .
They  finally arrived at his expansive office where he took a seat behind a massive , well polished desk.
Beth settled into one of the plush visitors chairs and they continued their  vibrant discussion on state politics.
The Governor commended Beth for her work in improving womens’ rights , equality and quality of life in her town.
“Frankly I’m quite amazed that you were able to achieve this in such a male dominated state like ours Mrs Dillon .
I’m particularly impressed by your powers of pursuasion to be able to convince the men in your town to accept these changes. “ he declared.

Beth leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs , now feeling very comfortable in her environment.
“Governor , you have to understand that we women know very well how their men think. Inside all men is a little boy , and inside all women is a Mother. 
Men crave the discipline of a loving Mother ,  and his Wife simply assumes this role  when they marry.
They accept that when they do something wrong they should be punished ….and who is better to do this than their loving wife.”
The Governor listened intently as Beth continued.
“The laws we passed offer protection for the men by providing an alternative to the State penalties which deprive them of income by  placing them in jail , or by  taking away  their hard earned money in fines.  Money that should be used to feed their families.
As a Schoolteacher I know corporal punishment is much more effective  for men and boys.
It does not reduce their income or keep them away from their families , ands it is effective and swift justice  controlled by order of the court…..and of course there can be  other pleasurable benefits to a marriage when this practice is adopted. !
 Both Husbands and Wives have reported significant enjoyment of their conjugal relationship as a result of domestic discipline.”

The Governor gulped and appeared visibly uncomfortable with Beth’s openness .
“ I have arranged a luncheon in the next room Mrs Dillon…..and my wife , Mrs Jones will be joining us ….she really is looking forward to meeting you.“ he announced .
The Governors wife was a petite and very pretty lady , who looked somewhat younger than her Husband.
She and Beth quickly warmed to each other and , unlike the Governor , Mrs Jones could not get enough of Beth’s views on domestic discipline.
The Governor failed in his repeated attempts to change the subject .
The two women ignored him and continued their intense conversation on the subject.  
Finally , completely frustrated ,  Governor Jones raised his voice “ Ladies , ladies…. may I ask that we talk about something else !“.

The two women stopped talking , looked at each other,  and then at the Governor.
Mrs Jones glared icily at her husband “ Really Henry… dare you interrupt our guest  in that manner !
It was totally uncalled for. 
Just because you’re the Governor does not mean that you are the center of attention all the time !” she fumed.
The Governor was rendered speechless.
Beth smiled and leaned over to whisper something in the older lady’s ear.
Mrs. Jones’ giggled with delight , her face lighting up in satisfaction.
“Why of course I will my dear….you are absolutely right ……that is an excellent suggestion “ she responded  , looking thankfully at Beth and sent the Governor a frightening glare.


Lucy Jones  berated her husband “Oh stop being such a big baby Henry…..I’m far from being finished with you after the way you’ve behaved….“ 
She paused to glance at the  glowing red backside on her lap before raising the hairbrush again to resume the spanking .

The Governor pushed  his palms onto  the floor to steady himself and braced for the next wave of blows.
His wife had learned much from her lunch discussion with Beth Dillon to be capable of  administering a  very effective hair-brushing .
She had been putting up with her husband’s selfishness , bad manners and inconsideration for too many years , and now she was warming to the task of giving him his long overdue comeuppance.

Henry knew he had brought this on himself by inviting Beth to meet him .
He could not disagree that his behavior over the years merited such correction at the hands of his long suffering wife.
Lucy continued to pepper her husband’s buttocks and upper thighs with the hairbrush.
It was only when his bottom was well and truly blistered that she unceremoniously dispatched him from her lap into the floor.

The humiliated Politician stood up unsteadily with head bowed.
Gingerly he rubbed his roasted rump.
Lucy strode over to him , boldly taking hold of his shirt and hoisting it up to his naval.
“Come with me Henry….I know exactly how to deal with this !” she whispered lustily and led her husband over to the bed.

The Governor and his wife were positively glowing when they arrived , arm-in-arm for breakfast the next morning.
Glowing even more was the Governor’s bottom , which felt like he had been sitting on hot embers !
“I trust you slept well Mrs. Dillon? “ Lucy asked.
Beth grinned “I certainly did ….and you ?” Beth replied.
Lucy and her husband looked at each other mischieviously .
The Governor coughed nervously before responding “ Actually , neither of us slept very much Mrs. Dillon…”


John was pleased to see Beth’s return from her visit with the Governor as he helped her out of the Stagecoach.
John hauled Beth’s luggage into their buggy and kissed her when  he sat down beside her.
“You’ve been making headlines I see…. .” John smiled , pointing to the Newspaper beside him.
Beth tittered and eagerly picked up the newspaper.
She didn’t have to read far.
‘Governor Jones intends to propose a new bill on State Penalties ‘ read the front page headline.
Apparently the Governor was so impressed with Beth’s initiatives he was ready to introduce the reforms for the entire State !
“Looks like you made quite an impression with the Governor .” John said.
Beth smiled impishly. “ Actually it was his wife who made the most marked impression on the Governor “ she chimed .
John looked at Beth in disbelief.
“Beth!  Surely you didn’t ad vise his wife to……”
Beth interrupted “I certainly did my husband” she said proudly.

Removing the smile from her face , Beth looked sternly at John.
“I trust I will find our house as I left it John Dillon ?” she asked ,  knowing John’s aversion to housekeeping.
John immediately looked guilty.
“You know I’m not one for cleaning house  Beth “ he confessed.
Beth scowled at him “ John Dillon !” she pointed an accusing finger at him “If the house is a mess you and the Governor will have something in common- a bottom that’s  too sore to sit on!”

Beth surveyed the house with a keen eye while John carried in her bags.
She acknowledged that John had made an honest attempt to keep the house clean , but his lack of expertise in the field plainly showed.
John looked at Beth , awaiting a verdict .
Instead ,  she collapsed in the chair with a sigh.
“It’s been a long trip and I need to rest John. Go pour me a bath…….. and  leave the razor strap on the bed . I’ll deal with you later.” She declared.
“Yes Ma’am.” John gulped.

While  John prepared Beth’s  bath she  undressed in the bedroom 
Wrapped in her bathrobe and carrying a large wooden bath-brush , she  handed it to John.
“You can scrub my back with this husband ……. And be thankful I won’t  be using it on your behind later !”
John sighed with relief.
He recalled how much the bath-brush hurt when Beth had used it on him for keeping them late for an important dinner.

John held Beth’s robe  and she stepped out of it to enter the tub.
The sight of his attractive wife naked , her long flowing red hair spilling down her back , stirred passion in John but he resisted the urge to take Beth in his arms and carry her off to the bedroom.
Instead he was satisfied with massaging her neck and shoulders while  he washed the lily white , soft skin of her back.

When she was finished bathing , Beth stood up.
John handed her a towel to wrap around her .
She glanced  haughtily over at him “ Go to the bedroom ,  take off all your clothes and lie face down on the bed.  I will be there shortly.” She said curtly.
John obeyed , disrobing  and lying , face down on the bed , he waited for Beth.
The minutes seemed like hours as he lay there , occasionally catching a glimpse of the razor strap which lay beside him .
He felt his erection growing beneath him .

Finally Beth quietly entered the room and picked up the strap.
Wrapped in a  towel which barely covered her voluptuous anatomy she stood by the side of the bed , strap in hand .
John looked over at her , his face filled with desire.
Teasingly Beth  looked at her husband and  droppied the towel to the floor.
Then John felt the coldness of the leather on his bare skin as Beth placed it across his bottom.

Raising it high above her head , shed brought it down  forecefully.
There was  a loud crack when it snapped across John’s buttocks.
John flinched and gasped as the strap seemed to sear his flesh leaving a red outline where it had landed.
Beth continued , methodically  painting her husband’s vulnerable bottom a fiery red .
When she was happy with her handiwork she put down the strap and lay beside  John on the bed. 
Contently they lay in each others arms and made love , happy to be reunited again.


The President welcomed Governor Jones into the Oval Office and poured them both a large  brandy.
“Tell me more about how you’ve been able to civilize that wild west state of yours Governor “the President asked.
The two old friends eased themselves into the  plush chairs and lit up their huge cigars. , filling the room with pungent smoke.
The President’s assistant knocked on the door and entered the room.
“Sorry to disturb you Mr. President but the The First Lady and the Governor’s wife have arrived.”
The President sighed “I guess we’ll have to do this over dinner Henry…can’t keep our ladies waiting can we ?” .

The two men stood up when  the   elegantly dressed ladies entered the room noisily.
“We hope you two don’t mind …..but we took the liberty of inviting a guest. 
When ucy told me all about her , I just had to meet her in person “ the First lady said.
Governor Jones’ expensive cigar fell to the floor when Beth Dillon strode confidently into the room.
She  held out her hand to the President.
“Beth Dillon , its a pleasure to meet you Mr President “ she said.
The President beamed “Ah….so you are the famous lady who is bringing civilization to the west of our great country?” he mused.
Beth acknowledged the compliment “Such measures are needed all across our country Mr. President ….but especially in the west.”

“So what have you ladies been chatting about all day?” the President asked.
The first lady smiled mischieviously at Beth.
“Actually , Mrs Dillon and I have had quite a long chat my dear..”
Frowning , she scowled  at the President’s cigar and brandy.
 “You know your not to have those Albert ….put them away at once ….and be assured  I’ll be dealing with that nasty habit of yours later !“
Lucy Jones wagged a finger at her husband.
 “….And that goes for you too Henry Jones !” she echoed. 
Governor Jones gasped and instinctively put a palm to the seat of his trousers .
Beth simply looked on with a satisfied smile.

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May 312011
Our illustrious ‘Cowboy’ writer has done it again…here is yet another beautifully written F/M spanking story.
(As usual with these stories, I have used asterisks to edit any overly risque sex language.)
– Dana

Make sure to click on the ‘Read More’ link at the bottom of the viewable text to display the full story.

School For Husbands

Chapter 1

Kate’s face lit up with a smile when her long time friend and
neighbor Sonia popped her head in the kitchen door.
“Come on in and sit down Sonia…. coffee’s almost ready!” she said.
Sonia smiled and gave her friend a hug before sitting down for their
Saturday morning coffee ritual.

Kate was a tall, willowy brunette with long dark hair.
A pair of bright and piercing blue eyes hid behind a pair of dark
rimmed glasses.

Sonia was an attractive blonde and her short frame housed a well
toned but curvy figure.
Both were Elementary Schoolteachers in their early 40’s.

“What’s Lou up to today?” Sonia asked.
Kate rolled her eyes at the mere mention of her husband’s name.
“Probably watching baseball all day while I get things done around
Kate’s husband Lou was a tall, muscular man who worked hard all week
in construction and enjoyed winding down on the weekends.
Although balding on top he still maintained his handsome swarthy

“Tell me about it ” Sonia sighed.
“Brendan is off on another fishing trip with his buddies!”
Sonia and Brendan were High School sweethearts.
Brendan was a busy lawyer who worked long hours and enjoyed his
fishing trips to unwind from a stressful week.
He still had lots of curly blonde hair and his lanky frame was well
toned from his daily workouts and morning runs.

“Have you tried talking to Lou to get him to do his share of the
household chores and perhaps even spending some time with you?”
Sonia asked as Kate poured her coffee.
“That’s only part of the problem Sonia….” Kate replied.
“He’s so darn inconsiderate and rude all the time it would only make
things worse if I brought that up”
Sonia frowned.
“Ditto…..I know these guys work hard all week and have a lot of
stress but taking us for granted like this is not acceptable.”

Kate frowned and sat down at the table.
“As if there is anything we can do to change them Sonia!” she sighed.
Her friend smiled back at her mischievously.
“Your darn right there is something we can do Kate and we are
perfectly qualified to do it”
Kate raised a curious eyebrow to ask Sonia to explain.
“We’re Schoolteachers Kate!
We spend all year teaching little boys to behave…..and we are very
good at it by the way .” Sonia began.
“When you get right down to it Lou and Brendan are little boys in a
grown man’s body.
Problem is there is nobody to put them in their place.
Deep down they’re yearning for a strong woman to take charge of
them!” she concluded.

Kate’s face had a look of shock and amusement upon hearing her
friend’s comments.
“Come on Sonia.
You can’t be serious.
I agree that those two behave like kids sometimes but they’re grown

Sonia interrupted
“…..Grown men who need discipline and taught a few lessons!
Do you want to hear my plan or not?”
Kate pondered for a second and then smiled broadly.
“Let’s hear it!” she said.


Sonia giggled with excitement as she opened the folder she had
brought with her and pulled out some papers.
Kate immediately recognized the documents as similar to those she
had seen when planning classes at school such as lesson plans,
report cards, etc.
When she looked at them more closely she began to understand Sonia’s
plan for the first time.
Sonia had designed a school for husbands with she and Kate as the
teachers and Lou and Brendan as the pupils!
She loved it.

The pair poured over the documents enthusiastically as they downed
their coffee and muffins making changes and exchanging ideas.
After about an hour they both sat back and looked at each other in
“This will work ” Kate declared.

There were still a few weeks of summer holidays left so Sonia and
Kate met daily to refine and implement their plan,
Lou had built a large room in their basement some time ago for Kate
to use as an office but as usual it was left unfinished.
The pair decided this would be the ideal location for their “Husband
School” and went about setting it up as a classroom.
Even when the two men visited the basement when the couples got
together they did not even notice the changes.
Soon everything was ready and only the final and toughest task
remained – breaking the news of their plan to Lou and


“Don’t forget we’re going to Kate and Lou’s place for lunch today
Bren ” Sonia said as she handed her husband a plate of bacon and
Brendan took the plate and placed a hand on his wife’s curvy
derriere, slid it up under her short housecoat and squeezed her
right buttock.
“I’d like to have a large portion of this for dessert ” he whispered
in her ear as she let out a squeal.
“Bren! Stop that at once!” she said firmly as she removed his hand.

Brendan chuckled and planted a kiss on Sonia’s full lips.
“I love it when you’re strict with me honey ” he whispered.
Sonia’s face lit up on hearing the words but she said nothing.

Meanwhile Lou and Kate were in the middle of a heated argument.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this before I made plans to play ball
with the guys Kate? ” Lou yelled.
Kate’s face flushed red.
“Because you never listen anyway Lou!” she screamed back.
Lou picked up a dishtowel and threw it angrily to the floor.
“Dammit” he scowled as he began to pace.
He was stopped in his tracks when his right ear lob was pinched
between Kate’s thumb and forefinger.
“OW!” he yelled as Kate pulled roughly on his ear lowering his head
to her eye level.
“Are you ready to talk politely now?” she asked as she tightened her
Kate released her grip.
“I’m going to get some groceries.
I suggest you call your friends and tell them you can’t go to the
game.” She said firmly as she left Lou to nurse his sore ear.


The two couples always got along well together so the BBQ Lunch was
a very enjoyable affair.
After eating it was time for the ladies o launch their plan.
As their men sprawled in front of the television nursing their beers
Kate and Sonia went into their newly completed classroom and locked
the door.

They busily set the scene and prepared the room before changing into
more appropriate attire.
Shorts, tank tops and sandals where replaced with low cut shirts,
knee high tight skirts and heels.
For complete authenticity the pair had gone lingerie shopping the
day before and underneath their outfits they wore silk underwear,
garter belts and stockings.
To finish they tied their hair up and donned glasses to complete
the “Teacher” look.
Satisfied with the room and their appearance Kate and Sonia hugged
and took a deep breath as they called out for their husbands to join

As expected their menfolk took a while to respond, finally leaving
the comfort of their seats on the 3rd and loudest command.
It did not occur to them why their wives were beckoning them so
seriously to an unfinished room but it soon became clear when they
casually opened the door.

Kate and Sonia stood behind a large antique desk at the front of the
authentic looking classroom looking very stern as the men entered.
Two smaller desks with modest wooden chairs sat together in front of
the large desk.
Behind the large desk was a large blackboard on a pedestal and
beside it a large wooden cupboard.
Adorning the walls around the room were various posters and charts
showing the lessons to be taught and progress made.

Brendan and Lou were speechless as they eyed their wives and
surveyed the room.
Finally Sonia broke the silence and began to explain the plan to the
“Please be seated at your desks gentlemen, ” she said gesturing them
to the two desks in the middle of the room.
Still surveying their surroundings, without a word Lou and Brendan
walked slowly forward and sat down at their desks as instructed.
It was only then that the two men opened their mouths to speak but
were quickly silenced by their wives who put fingers to their mouths
in unison.
“When you are in this room you will speak only when spoken to or
given permission to speak.
Is that understood?” Kate announced in a deep, firm voice.
“I said is that understood?” she repeated.
The two men were startled and mumbled back ” Yes”.
Kate raised an eyebrow and took a step toward her students.
“Yes…. what …gentlemen?” she said.
“Oh…yes Ma’am” Lou and Brendan chirped back.

Without further delay Sonia stepped forward to explain the plan.
`Husband’ school would be held every Saturday from 9am until 3pm.
Subjects included were courtesy, consideration, honesty, housework &
chores, communication, etc.
She also emphasized that they would work on correcting specific
issues and faults.
There would be homework assigned and a weekly report card issued.

The men were surprised to hear that there was even a school uniform
consisting of a plain white T-shirt and shorts.
Kate held up their uniforms to show them.
The shorts were basically a pair of tight spandex material underwear.
At this point Lou courageously put up a hand.
“Yes Lou?” Kate said giving him permission to speak.
“Well….its underwear…. why do we have to wear that?” he asked.
Kate tried to hide a smile as she glanced over at Sonia.
“Sonia was just getting to that” she answered.

Sonia took a breath and continued.
“As you can see gentlemen this institution has quite a few rules and
they must be observed.
Experience tells us that students will on occasion disobey or break
these rules so to discourage this there must be consequences.
Sonia paused and nodded to Kate who opened the doors of the large
Inside hung a number of long canes with curved handles, wooden
paddles and leather straps.
Lou and Brendan looked at each other and swallowed hard.

“The school will employ corporal punishment gentlemen.
The implement used and number of strokes will depend on the offence.
All punishments will be on the buttocks in front of the class.
This is the reason for the tight shorts as a uniform as it will save
time in having to remove clothing and will make the punishment more
effective and lasting.
Do you have any questions gentlemen?” Sonia concluded.

Brendan and Lou were still in a state of shock as they tried to take
in what had just occurred and were speechless.
“In that case our first lesson will commence immediately gentlemen.
Please change into your uniforms- and do not dither” Kate announced
Sonia and Kate could not conceal their pride or amusement as they
watched their strong husbands shuck off their jeans and change into
their “uniforms”.
“Good choice ” Sonia whispered to Kate as they studied how good
their mans’ butts looked in the tight white shorts.


Lou and Brendan slid behind their desks as Kate handed them both a
piece of paper.
“We’ll start by both of you listing your 10 worst faults – you have
5 minutes ” she said.
The husbands scratched their heads and chewed the ends of their
pencils as they pondered the exercise and occasionally jotted things
“Pencils down!” Kate ordered at the end of 5 minutes and strode
behind her students to look at their answers.
Brendan had managed to list 4 faults and Lou only 3.

“Let’s start with you Brendan.
Sonia, show him your list” Kate said.
Sonia started writing a list of Brendan’s faults on the blackboard
until it was full.
She picked up Brendan’s list and studied it before crumpling the
paper and throwing it in the wastebasket.
“I don’t believe you’re taking this seriously Brendan.
Come here!” she ordered turning around to open the cupboard.
She pulled out a long thin cane and began swishing it menacingly.
“Six of the best.
Bend over and touch your toes” she ordered.
Brendan started to mouth something but stopped when Sonia barked out
“Bend over this minute or I’ll double the dose!”

Brendan assumed the position and felt the material of his shorts
tighten against his backside as he stretched down to touch his toes.
Lou looked on with his jaws agape as Sonia stood beside her husband
and lined up the cane squarely across her target.
She raised her arm and with an expert flick of the wrist lashed the
cane against his friend’s scantily clad rear.
Brendan yelped and straightened up clutching his seat.
“Jeez that hurt!” he complained.
Sonia glared at him impatiently.
“I don’t recall giving you permission to stand up.
Now bend over and remain bent over.
I will start over.”

Brendan bent over again and this time Sonia took a step back for
more power.
She delivered 3 hard strokes in rapid succession producing a loud
trio of
“OW” s from her husband.
Sonia paused to let the sting set in and stepped back to deliver a
single, harder stroke.
Brendan grunted and was clearly having trouble staying in position
as he awaited the final 2 strokes.
But his wife was in no rush.

He could feel the stinging intensify inside his shorts as time
Sonia lined up the cane teasingly before delivering the final two
and hardest strokes.
Brendan howled and bucked forward as he jumped to his feet clutching
his rear with both hands.
Sonia looked at him ” Sit down and write down those faults 10 times.
You’d better have them memorized by next week mister!” she seethed.
Brendan hobbled to his seat and sat down.
He shot back up as his tender rear touched the hard stool.
“Sit down I said or I’ll give you another six!” Sonia scolded.
Brendan grimaced as he eased himself onto his seat and began writing.

Lou looked up at Kate as she examined his list.
She slowly tore it into pieces as he looked on.
“Hardly worthwhile reading is it Lou?'” she said.
“No Ma’am” he replied meekly.
Lou squirmed on his seat as he watched Kate list his 10 faults on
the blackboard beside Brendan’s.
Kate finished and turned around to face Lou.
“Get up here and face the board.” She yelled.
Sonia chuckled to herself as she watched this strong, tough man
scramble to his feet and scurry to the board.
“Study them hard Lou” Kate said as she reached for a thick leather
strap in the cupboard.

She stepped behind Lou and placing a hand in the waistband of his
shorts roughly yanked them down to his knees to reveal his muscular
buttocks and thighs.
Brendan gasped at the sight before him.
“Bend over the desk” Kate ordered curtly.
Lou leaned over the desk and stuck out his bare butt.
“Read them out – one at a time ” Kate ordered as she folded the
strap to her liking.

Lou read out the first fault and was rewarded with a resounding
whack of the strap across his bare backside.
“AAAAW” he moaned as he bucked forward.
“Now the next one” Kate said calmly.
Lou read each one of the remaining faults and received a hefty whack
of the strap after each one.
At the end the thick red outlines of the strap were was painted
on his behind .
“Now sit down and start writing ” Kate ordered.
Lou grimaced as he restored his shorts and moaned as he sat down.

Both husbands squirmed uncomfortably until their task was complete.
“That concludes the first lesson gentlemen.
You may remove your uniforms” Sonia announced.
Painfully Lou and Brandon shuffled to the corner where their clothes
hung and eased themselves out of their uniforms.

The women admired their husbands’ nakedness lustily.
Brendan’s backside was red and striped from the cane and Lou’s still
a blazing red from the strap.
As the men reached for their clothes two female hands stopped them.
Brendan and Lou turned around and their faces lit up at the sight
before them.

Sonia and Kate had removed their dresses and stood seductively
before them wearing only black silk panties, garter belt, stockings
and heels.
They each melted into the arms of their naked husbands and kissed
them passionately.
Their men needed no encouragement.
Lou picked up Kate and sat her on top of the antique desk while
Sonia leapt into Brendan’s arms and wrapped her legs around his
The classroom was soon filled with groans and squeals of ecstasy as
the two couples made passionate love in the “classroom”


“I’d say that went rather well – cheers ” Sonia chirped as she
clinked her wineglass against Kate’s.
“I’ll drink to that!” Kate chimed.
It was day 2 since the inaugural lesson of their “Husband School”
and the two teachers were getting together to compare notes.
Kate reported that Lou’s attitude had changed almost immediately.
He still spent a lot of time watching and playing sports but had
started to help out with the housework and his language and demeanor
were more polite.
Sonia had a similar tale to tell and Brendan was even coming home
from work earlier and calling her during the day.

Another thing the wives agreed on was that their husbands were very
aware that they were keeping score and a report card would be issued
at Saturday’s upcoming lesson.
Both Lou and Brendan were consulting the list of faults they had
copied down on a daily basis to prepare for Saturday’s test.

The ladies also happily reported that their husbands were still
feeling the effects of the punishment they received at school.
“Lou still has some marks on his backside and the tops of his thighs
so he is skipping his visits to the gym for now in case someone
spots them in the shower!” Kate revealed.
Sonia laughed.
“Brendan still has the stripes from the caning ” she added proudly.
“He had to spend all day yesterday at a meeting and blamed his
constant squirming on a bad back! If only they knew his wife had
caned his backside!

Sonia topped up their glasses with more wine as they started to work
on the next lesson.


Sonia tapped her toes impatiently on the tiled floor of the
classroom as she eyed the clock on the wall.
Kate stood with arms folded looking sternly at the door awaiting the
appearance of Lou and Brendan.
It was 9.10am and the men were told clearly that class started at
9.00am sharp.
Kate and Sonia had already been there since 7.30am preparing for the
Two more minutes passed before the door opened and Lou and Brendan
meekly entered.

Their wives did not have to say a word as the expression on their
faces said it all.
The leather paddles in their wives hands made it clear what was in
store for their tardiness.
Sonia and Kate strode forward and pulled out the chairs at their
husbands’ desks and sat on them.
Each woman beckoned their man to stand beside them with a curled
index finger.
Once Brendan and Lou were standing obediently at their wife’s side
their shorts were lowered to their knees.
The women looked at their men sternly as they patted their laps in
Without a word Brendan and Lou draped themselves over the laps.

The sound of leather slapping bare skin filled the room and it was
not long before the howls and yells of Brendan and Lou added to the
They squirmed and kicked their legs to no avail as Sonia and Kate
blistered their bottoms with the paddles.

The lesson commenced with Brendan and Lou sitting most uncomfortably
as they wrote, ” I will be punctual ” 100 times in their notebook.
The day did not get any better for the two men as they moved on to
the test on their faults.
Their Teachers had added a little curve to the test asking their
students not only to list their 10 faults but also to write how they
can improve.
The task proved to be quite a challenge for the pair.
For their feeble efforts they both received 6 stinging strokes of
the cane on the seat of their shorts which added considerably to the
discomfort in their already well-walloped backsides.

The lesson on courtesy went well until Brendan added his sarcastic
remarks and Lou constantly interrupted asking to break for lunch.
The two gentlemen ate lunch standing up after receiving another 6
strokes of the cane – this time on the bare bottom!

Having had enough of their husbands’ stubbornness Kate and Sonia
held nothing back and made sure the caning was one they would
remember for some time.
Up to this point Lou and Brendan had been able to maintain some
composure as they accepted their punishment but the bare bottom
caning pushed both of them over their limit.
They howled, cried out and begged loudly as they each received their
6 strokes.


The afternoon session saw quite an improvement and Brendan and Lou’s
aching behinds had a much-needed reprieve.
When class concluded the gentlemen received a stern lecture about
their behavior at the morning session and were ordered to remove
their shorts and stand in opposite corners of the room with their
hands on their head and their flaming bottoms on display.
When their husbands were in position Kate and Sonia stood behind
them and continued the lecture.
As they did so they delivered stinging slaps to their students red
behinds to emphasize certain words.

Sonia and Kate stood back together taking in the sight of their
husbands taut and well chastised bottoms.

Upstairs the bedroom was quiet except for a girlish giggle from Kate
as she lay in Lou’s strong arms,
“I should have started paddling your backside years ago!” she
whispered as she snuggled closer.

Downstairs in the classroom Sonia and Brendan did not have the
luxury of a bed so stood naked together in each other’s arms.
“Let’s go home……. I’m not finished with you yet mister!” Sonia said
Brendan laughed and gave his wife a playful slap on her shapely
“OOO!…’ll pay for that mister” Sonia cooed.
“I hope so ” Brendan replied as he started dressing.


As the education of their Husband’s continued over the weeks Kate
and Sonia could see the improvement both at home and in the
Lou and Brendan were slowly becoming the loving, considerate and
respectful husbands their wives hoped them to be.
In addition the sex life of both couples was so fantastic it was
almost off the scale.

Needless to say Kate and Sonia were two very satisfied wives but
though improved their men still had a long way to go so the weekly
lessons continued.

Like a typical pair of schoolboys Lou and Brendan always found a way
to do something that was not to the liking of their Teachers and
earned themselves at least a couple of bottom blisterings during
each lesson.

Kate and Sonia were by now very experienced in the art of corporal
Whether it be the cane, paddle or strap they made sure their men
would be nursing sore rumps sometimes for days after their lesson.

Lou and Brendan didn’t complain.
Sure the punishments were tough to take and left their butts sore
and tender but afterwards the insatiable sexual appetite of their
beautiful wives and the explosive sex made it all worth while.

In fact Lou and Brendan were quite disappointed that after a couple
of months their wives announced that the upcoming lesson would be
their last one.
To celebrate their graduation the two couples arranged to go to
dinner together after the lesson.
“Just make sure we go somewhere that has soft cushions on the
seats!” Lou joked as he looked at his classmate.

To their surprise, despite their best efforts to earn a whacking,
Lou and Brendan went through the entire lesson with their rumps
completely unscathed.

As the couples hugged each other excitedly at the end of the class
Brendan commented ” Hope you guys aren’t going soft on us…..we
actually went through a whole lesson without getting our butts
Kate and Sonia smiled at each other mischievously producing puzzled
looks from their hubbies.

The dinner at a swanky restaurant was great and the guys even
arranged for a limousine to drop them off and pick them up at the
restaurant so they could all relax and enjoy some wine and drinks.

By the time they were finishing off their champagne in the comfort
of their limousine ride home both couples were necking like
“Now now boys that’s enough of that you have a meeting with your
Teacher when we get home.” Kate announced.
“Yes – you guys did not behave very well in class today and you both
know it ” Sonia added producing that familiar look of bewilderment
on their husband’s faces.
Kate wagged a finger at Lou ” You deserved a sound bare bottom
caning today Lou but what you’re going to get when we get home is
going to last a lot longer I can tell you!” she warned sternly.
“That goes for you too mister ” Sonia echoed as she pointed a
warning finger at Brendan.

“You see gentlemen as we can’t punish you in class any more we had
to come up with a way to do it in the comfort of her home ” Sonia
“Kate and I did a little shopping this week and came up with just
the thing to keep you guys in line” she went on.
“Tonight gentlemen you will both be getting your first taste of the
back of a nice old-fashioned oak hairbrush” she declared boldly.
“If you guys thought the cane or the paddle stung you are in for
quite a surprise tonight – don’t expect to be sitting down
comfortably for a week – so plan accordingly” Kate said ominously.

The remainder of the drive was somewhat quiet with Lou and Brendan
in a state of shock and anticipation.
The two couples bid each other goodnight as they headed into their
respective homes.
After only a few minutes the scene was set with Sonia and Kate
sitting on the edge of the bed still in their `Teacher’ clothes and
brandishing a large wooden hairbrush in their hand.
Before them with heads bowed stood their naked husbands.

Soon the sound of hardwood cracking repeatedly on well-muscled male
buttocks filled the bedrooms and was even audible on the street
Unlike their school punishments which had a set amount of strokes
the hairbrush landed relentlessly visiting the same tender sit spot
again and again.
After holding their composure for quite a while the two men began
blubbering like babies as their wives walloped away with venom.

Sonia paused to take a breath and study Brendan’s flaming rear.
Like an artist she proudly viewed the patchwork of reds she had
painted on her husband’s buttocks.
Brendan let out a shriek and flinched as the final flurry of
stinging swats landed.

When the seemingly endless hairbrushings mercifully ended Lou and
Brendan were both sporting truly blistered bottoms!

They danced helplessly around the room, hopping from foot to foot
vainly trying to rub out the sting in their tails.
Their wives looked on in satisfaction knowing that their husbands’
backsides were going to be burning for quite some time.


Lou and Brendan shuffled their feet and squirmed as they stood in
the corner of their bedrooms, their red asses on display and their
hand on their heads.
Meanwhile Sonia and Kate had removed their outfits and lay sprawled
face down on their beds chatting with each other on the phone.
Occasionally they eyed their distressed husbands to make sure they
remained in position and made no attempt to rub their scorched rears.

The ladies ended their conversation but remained sprawled on the
bed, wearing only tiny thongs which framed their silky globes and
curvaceous hips.

Sonia raised herself up on her elbows letting her firm breasts hang
down seductively.
“You can join me now you naughty boy!” she purred.

“Turn around Lou” Kate ordered sternly.
Lou slowly turned and his penis stood to attention at the sight of
Kate on the bed.

Both the red-bottomed husbands wasted no time in leaping into bed
with their wives for an evening of passionate sex that lasted for
hours to come.


Kate yawned as she poured a morning coffee for Sonia.
“Someone didn’t get much sleep last night ” her friend teased.
Kate blushed “Paddling Lou’s backside last night really turned me on.
I was insatiable and he just couldn’t get enough of me.
We went at it like minks until dawn!” she declared.

Sonia nodded proudly ” That hairbrush is going to be getting a lot of 

use but I’m kind of
sad our Husband School project is finished. What do you plan to do
with our classroom? “she asked.

Kate put a finger to her chin and pondered for a moment.
“College for Husbands” she announced to cackles of joy from Sonia.

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May 302011
The Cowboy returns to exact his revenge on the Blackwell sisters. 
Many thanks to my new favorite writer of western fiction.

(The asterisks are mine – editing more lovely yet saucy sex talk.)

–  Dana

Make sure to click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of the visible text to view the entire story.


As soon as he was out of view of the Blackwell sisters , Todd
painfully dismounted and rubbed the seat of his jeans.
It didn’t help much.
The effects of the hairbrushing Susan Blackwell had given him were
really beginning to take their toll.
The only option was to walk his horse home .
However , even that was painful as the rough denim brushed against
his tender skin with every step.
“Darn it !” he said angrily and kicked off his boots to remove his
He felt ridiculous walking home bare-assed but it was bearable and
there was nobody there to see anyway.

Back at the river an envious Julie was pushing a very smug looking
Susan for details.
“Boy did I tan his ass good with that hairbrush Julie…..– he won’t be
able to sit for a week!
…but what a gorgeous set of buns he has….so firm and hard…”” Susan
teased .
Julie felt hot just listening to her sister.
“How did you manage to get him over your knee anyway?’ Julie asked.
Susan laughed “Typical male , all power and bluster. Once I’d tripped
him to the ground it was easy.”

Julie looked impressed.
“I get the feeling that there was a lot more than spanking going on
here?” Julie asked.
Susan pouted.
“Sure was… and there would have been lots more if you hadn’t shown up
when you did !

Julie was getting hotter now thinking about the hunky Todd and she
climbed back on her horse.
“Where do you think your going ?” Susan demanded.
“I am a trained Nurse….best I take a look at Todd’s … his…er…injury..
in case you overdid it with that hairbrush !” Julie replied as she
galloped off.
“Oh no you don’t!” Susan squealed and ran for her horse.

Todd was enjoying the cool breeze blowing against his raw backside
and didn’t see the cloud of dust behind him which was the Blackwell
Susan had caught up with her sister and rode alongside her trying her
best to dismount her.
Julie fought back , grabbing a bunch of Susan’s hair and pushing her
Their duel continued until they were almost right on top of a
startled Todd.
The sisters pulled up , dismounted and launched into a full fledged

Completely forgetting his state of undress , Todd secured the horses
and then turned to break up the fight.
The ride had tired out Susan and Julie so there was little steam in
their punches allowing Todd to take them by the scruff of their
shirts and pull them apart.
It was only then that he realized he was without his jeans !

“Stay there –both of you !” Todd warned as he released his grip.

Susan and Julie remained dangling over the fence arguing with each
other fiercely until
Todd returned.
The sisters turned their heads to look at him and were silenced by
the sight of Susan’s hairbrush in Todd’s hand.
Todd hauled the pair off the fence and back onto their feet.
Susan and Julie stood before Todd with heads bowed in shame.
“Get those clothes off now – both of you !” Todd bellowed.

“AW NOOOO….” Julie and Susan chimed in protest .
Todd was in no mood to repeat his order and leaned menacingly closer
to the sisters.
Susan and Julie were soon busy wiggling their shapely hips out of
their tight jeans and unbuttoning their shirts.
*** the sisters stood
before him stark naked now , making half-hearted attempts to cover
their modesty with their arms and hands.
For a moment the sight of these two beauties took his mind away from
the task in hand but he quickly re-focused.

Todd took a step toward Julie , picking her up and easily tucking her
under his arm.
Her shapely bottom jiggled and her legs kicked out as Todd raised the
hairbrush and commenced a brisk spanking which soon turned Julies
curvy bottom a flaming red.
Julie wailed as the swats rained down again and again n her tender
tush .
She pounded on Todd’s back and kicked her legs wildly , which only
served to give Todd a fine view of her female charms and also
allowing him to land a few well aimed swats to the tender area inside
her cheeks.
Julie yelped loudly as the brush warmed the sensitive area.
Releasing Julie , he ignored her tantalizing spanking jig and took
hold of Susan.

“Now Todd ….take it easy now….I……AAAAAHHH!” she pleaded as she was
scooped up and placed in the same position under Todd’s arm as her
sister had occupied.
Meanwhile Julie grimaced and rubbed her bottom cheeks furiously as
she watched her sister flail and kick in vain as Todd prepared to
spank her.
Todd smiled as he took in the delightful sight of Susan’s jiggling
globes and shapely legs before raising the hairbrush high in the air.
`WHAP !’ `WHAP !”WHAP !’`WHAP !’
The hairbrush danced all over Susan’s jiggling cheeks under Todd’s
expert direction.
The swats were landing so fast and furious on her bottom she could
barely catch her breath.
The burning was almost unbearable.
For the sake of fairness Todd made sure Susan received the last few
swats in that same tender area inside her cheeks which caused Julie
such distress.
Susan’s wild kicking provided easy access to the target area.
Susan swore and screeched just as loudly as her sister .
Satisfied that Susan’s rear was as well toasted as Julie’s ,Todd let
her go to perform a wild spanking dance which rivaled that of Julie’s.



“More sweet potatoes Todd?” Julie asked.
Todd nodded and a pile of potatoes landed on his plate.
Todd and the Blackwell sisters all sat tentatively on pillows as they
ate supper together.
“Next time you catch me on your property feel free to give me a dose
of that hairbrush ladies !” Todd cackled.
The Blackwell sisters giggled and nodded excitedly.
“We sure will as long as afterwards you give us a spanking too!” they
replied together.
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