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This lovely story, another entry to the ‘Bedtime Story’  writing contest, is certain to tickle your spanking fancy. Enjoy!    – Dana


A Bedtime Story

Philip looked up at the station clock above platform 6 of the railway station at Delft, a small town in Holland and waited patiently. How he came to be there was really quite unexpected.

He had just turned twenty, was tall and quite aristocratic-looking as the sons of well-to-do English parents often were. In fact his upbringing was quite conventional for his class; until the age of nine he had been primarily cared for by a nanny who had provided the love, education and discipline that any young boy needed and usually received from his parents. At that age, he had been sent to boarding school, the parting from his nanny was difficult but he was told to be stoic and to display ” a stiff upper lip”. As the school term progressed his yearning for her lessened and by the time the term finished and he returned to his home for the holidays, his parents were able to tell him without him being too upset that he was a big boy now with no need for a Nanny and she had consequentally left to return to her home in Holland.

Nevertheless deep down he felt a tremendous sense of loss and abandonment which was exacerbated by the fact that his parents were effectively strangers to him. Over the coming years he grew no closer to them and when at the age of 15 they divorced with his mother going to live with a racehorse trainer in Australia, he felt no further sense of loss and continued to live with his rather distant and austere father who was more pre-occupied with affairs of state rather than his son.

Philip was clever however, popular at school and, at eighteen, won a place at Cambridge University. At college, he became a member of the “Bullingham” a roudy set of upper-class youngsters who had more money than sense, who believed they were superior to others and who were frequently involved in “scrapes and capers”. In his third year at University his “capers” turned more serious; he was caught shop-lifting – a totally unneccesary activity considering his wealth but nevertheless attempted because of his arrogance and detachment from society. The police let him off  with a caution; the college authorities were less forgiving “sending him down” from University two weeks before term finished.

This presented a dilemna; it was early December but he had no wish to return home to an empty house and a distant father – infact he saw no reason to discuss the matter with him at all. However he could not stay with his friends who would be continuing at University to the end of term. But where was he to go? He was not short of money so he decided to travel to Europe and see some of the cities he had not yet visited. He first went to Naples but rapidly grew bored of the ruins and then went to Milan but again could not generate any real enthuisiasm for the city. Something seemed to be missing from within himself he mused as he sat unpacking in his hotel room in Amsterdam about a week later.

And then something unexpected happened; quite by chance at the bottom of his case was an unopened envelope. He had not noticed it before, having picked it up whilst quickly packing prior to leaving University. It contained a christmas card from his old nanny; he had received one every year but he had always ignored them but this time, with nothing much to do, he looked at it more closely. After the standard printed Christmas greeting in neat handwriting was a brief message ” To my very dear Pip, wishing you as always the best, Hannah”. He stared at the card for sometime, he realized that nobody had called him Pip since she had left and infact nobody had every wished him the “best” and certainly not “as always”. He looked at the postmark which contained the reference Delft and realized that, being in Holland, Delft could not be far away. Immediately he resolved that he would visit his old Nanny and with the determination and intellegence he possessed, tracked down her email address .

He immediately sent a note but by that time it was late evening; strangely satisfied he went to bed and slept well. Waking late in the morning, he eagerly checked his emails and was very pleasantly surprised there was a reply from her. Her note was brief and somewhat cryptic – “Pip, At last you have contacted me, meet me under the station clock in Delft railway station at 6 this evening, Hannah”.

And so that was why he was in Delft that evening.

He saw her through the crowds, he knew it was her even though he had not seen her for almost twelve years and as he first looked at her, he realized she had already recognised him and was walking directly towards him. They hugged each other with an intensity that suprised him; she hadn’t changed, her figure had stayed the same as had her face though there were the first signs of her advancing age. What had changed were her eyes – as he looked at her he could see a sadness in them but he was pleased to see that seemed to lift as they talked. She insisted that he should not stay in a hotel but should come home with her. As they walked to her apartment, they talked about their lives and he learnt that after leaving her job with his parents she had decided not to take any further Nanny positions. She had returned to Delft, married briefly and unsuccessfully and now lived alone earning a living as a translator. He in turn talked about his school and university. She asked him what brought him to Holland and surprising himself, he talked frankly about his behaviour and the episode that had resulted in his exclusion from College. He rationalized his behaviour by claiming it was common practise but realized as he explained himself that this was a hollow excuse; her only comment was “We will need to deal with this issue further”. It seemed a strange comment to make at the time but he thought no more of it.

Her apartment was small but very tidy with two bedrooms. She showed him his bedroom and immediately asked for his dirty laundry that filled his bag saying that she would be happy to deal with it. “Infact why don’t you shower and change into your pajamas, I know it’s early but then I can clean those clothes as well”. In a strange way he felt relaxed and content to do as he was told. Meanwhile she bustled around sorting out his laundry and dinner – suddenly he felt very hungry. They ate and then afterwards Hannah herself changed into her dressing gown and as they sat by the fire she had lit they talked and talked. He realized he had not felt so happy and relaxed as he felt that moment for many a year. Then, as the clock above her fireplace struck eight-thirty, Hannah said

“Well Pip, it’s time to go to your bedroom.”

“But Hannah”, Philip said laughing, I have never been to bed at this time in my entire life”

“Well that’s not strictly true is it my dear, there were a few times when I sent you to your room at eight-thirty” 

With a sudden realization Pip said, blushing as he did ” But that was then you gave me a thrashing for being naughty”

“Yes Pip, you’re right and you learnt your lesson well after each time. I think it’s time that you were thrashed again”

“Hannah, you can’t be serious”

“Pip, my darling. Don’t you see that your shop-lifting was a cry for help. You needed somebody to notice you and I am here for that. You must be accountable for your actions and, although you may not realize it, you have come to me because, deep down, you know I have always cared for you and I still do”

He looked at her but could not bring himself to protest. Getting up she crossed the room and taking him by the hand she led him to the bedroom, closing the door behind her. As she led him to the side of the bed he noticed, placed neatly on the blankets, a hairbrush, strap and cane. Unbeknown to him, Hannah had deposited these implements whilst she had herself absented herself to change. 
“Pip, you realize that I am doing this because I care about you deeply. I want you to be a fine young man, a man I can be proud of and not a foolish dilettante. I want you to realize how much you mean to me and that includes your behaviour”
Philip wanted to argue but couldn’t. As he listened he felt that she cared and suddenly he felt very sorry for his behaviour and felt keenly that he did not want to disappoint her
“Yes Hannah, I’m sorry” was all he could say.
“That is a start but you realize you must be punished and punished severely”
“Yes Hannah”
“Very well, take down your pajama bottoms “
“Please Hannah, no”
With that she leaned over and pulled the draw-string; his pajama bottoms fell to the ground. Without saying anything further Hannah took the back hem of the pajama jacket and lifted it up fully exposing his bottom, then rolled the jacket in itself so that it was held firmly in position. She then sat on the edge of the bed and as she did so her dressing gown fell away completely uncovering her legs. 
“Get over my knee Pip dear” Hannah said softly.
As if in a dream Pip offered no resistance and bent over, immediately feeling the warmth and closeness of her bare legs beneath him.
“What I am about to do is because I care for you deeply, it is for your own good and that to me is more important than anything else”
With that the thrashing started, it was slow and methodical and hurt Pip a lot. First by hand, Hannah spanked firmly and in a determined manner, then by strap and then by hairbrush. Any pleas to stop were hushed away with the admonishment that “I am doing this for your own good and because I care”. At times, Pip felt a need to reach out and hold her for comfort; instead of brushing his hand away, she urged him to do so with “That’s fine Pip, you can hold me tight but you must be punished” It seemed to go on forever but eventually it stopped and Hannah ordered Pip off her lap and to kneel in front of her; in that position they were eye level with each other as she sat on the bed

“You realize that I had to punish you for your own good and that what you did was quite wrong”

“Yes Hannah, I’m sorry”
“Well I’m glad you are but I am not quite finished yet” as Hannah stood up and positioned the pillow in the middle of the bed
“I think I must finish this punishment with the cane, lie on the bed with your bottom on the pillow”
Doing as he was told he felt Hannah position his pajama jacket high on his back and then he received 24 strokes, delivered hard and slowly with the request that he count them and thank her for each one as she gave them.
At last his thrashing was finished. He felt exhausted and did not move. Not looking up he felt Hannah sit on the top of the bed and gently lift his head so that it rested on her lap
“That’s right my darling, you rest. You have learnt your lesson well and I am proud of you. Let me make your bottom better” and as she lent over to apply cream to his bottom, he felt the warmth of her breasts pressing into his back; at that moment he felt a tremendous sense of closeness and togetherness, unlike any feeling he had ever experienced before and as he drifted to sleep, he could hear, in his half conscious state, her say
“Sleep well, my lovely boy, sleep well. You’re home now and I will always be here for you in your good times and bad. I loved you from the moment I saw you and will always love you – you are my boy and you always will be”


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The ‘Bedtime Story’  contest generated a lot of creative writing, as in this untitled entry – a story within a story. Enjoy!  
–   Dana


You ask the boy, “My little one, I know your bottom is burning, but other than that are you comfortable ?”  he nods yes and You start:

There was a bright and handsome prince and his mother the Queen was happy with him … most of the time.  As the prince grew older he proved to be smarter and brattier then all of his classmates.  His mother the Queen was beside herself until She noticed a beautiful horse prancing in a circle with an equally beautiful Woman holding his reigns.  The Woman put the horse through his paces and never once touched the crop She held in Her right hand.  The horses movements were graceful and one could see the pride the Woman rider took in Her horse.  When the Rider put the horse through a series of ballet movements the Queen applauded.

The prince at the same time was getting a scolding from his professors due to his lack of effort in doing his homework and in the lack of courtesy and respect to the other students, the professors and even his mother the Queen.  The prince reacted according to his normal behavior and used foul language in addressing his professors, “You are all servants and nothing more of my mother the stupid queen who hired you.  Stop lecturing me this instant.  One by one his professors left the room in anger.  One of his professors a man who was highly respected found the Queen and this Rider talking.  He knelt in front of the Queen and bowed his head.  He then did the same thing to the Lady Rider.  The Queen was impressed but when the professor told his story, the Queen became embarrassed and angry at Her sons attitude and behavior.  The Lady who had ridden the horse listened and spoke out before the Queen could act or say anything.  “Your Highness, it is apparent that Your son is in need of some strict attention.  I am sorry that it has come to this, but has Your son ever been properly spanked ?”
The Queen shook Her head no and the Lady continued, “Your Highness, if I may let Me take over the care of Your son.  Strip him of his title and assign him to Me for a period of 90 days.  At the end of that time, I will bring him back to You a changed person and a young man You can be proud of.”
The Queen thought about this and smiled grimly, “Will You break him as You broke that lovely beast ?”
The Woman laughed and said, “Your Highness more so than any beast I have come across Your son needs to and will be broken.  Harshly if necessary, I will most definitely hurt him, but I will never harm him.”

Early the next morning, the Queen was in Her royal chamber holding court.  Her son was next to Her smirking at all the common people his Mother judged.  Then the Captain of the Queens own guard approached him, grabbed his arm and took him before the Queen.  The prince threatened the Captain of the guard…who promptly drew his sword.  The prince went wide eyed seeing this and visibly went pale.  he was pulled before his Mother and forced to kneel.  The Queen spoke with a severity the boy had never heard before.  “My son, you have had every opportunity to prove your value to Myself and My kingdom.  To put it clearly, I am outraged !  I have sat here and listened as every one of your professors have come to Me, told Me what was happening and then quit.  No more My disobedient son.  As of this moment you are no longer the prince and heir to the thrown.  You will be taken from this place to a place of My choosing.  There you will be placed in the care of This woman.”

From behind the Queen a beautiful, being appeared.  The great hall gasped as She walked gracefully forward.  She gracefully curtsied to the Queen and with music in Her voice said, “Your Highness, I accept charge of Your son.”  With that the guards gagged the shocked boy and took him out of the room and out of the palace.  he was stripped of his robes, put in a simple brown tunic and thrown into a cart of hay.  The young boy was in a whirlwind of emotions when he was unceremoniously dumped in the middle of a horse stall.  The door was locked as was the top of the stall.  It was a cage he was trapped !!!

The boy was awakened well before dawn by a pail of water dumped on him from above.  he sputtered and shook his head and looked up.  he cursed at the young lady who had dumped the water on him.  She merely smiled and said nothing.  Later, She came and dropped some fruit to him from the caged top of the stall.  The boy bellowed to Her again and threatened Her with such violence that She left his sight.  The stall door was opened and the first thing that happened was that the Woman he had seen in his Mothers court approached him and viciously slapped his face.  “You will NOT talk to one of Mine like that ever again.  Should I ever hear of such, I promise you that your life will be filled with pain.  Now get out here and strip !”  The stunned boy followed this beautiful Woman out into the light and saw Her sit on a log.  he very slowly took off his very thin top and stood embarrassed in front of Her and the Lady who had given him the fruit and dumped water on him.  Without hesitation the Woman grabbed the young lad and threw him across Her lap…

Miss Dana shut the DVD player off and turned Her attention to the young student before Her.  “So,” She said, “This is the kind of material you like to view when you are supposed to be asleep ?”  The boy in front of Her was silent.  With a command of authority She said, “Answer me young man right NOW!”

Robert gasped and unable to meet Her eyes said, “Yes Miss Dana, I’m sorry.”  Dana had read through both the school handbook specifically the part where it specified different punishments that could be handed out, and the file on Robert.  She calmly pulled Her chair out from behind Her desk and sat down.  She pushed a button on Her phone and spoke with Her secretary.  Young Robert could not believe his ears.  Miss Lydia the head girl was being summoned.  Miss Dana sat silently for a full five minutes before Miss Lydia showed up.  Miss Dana finally spoke.  “Lydia, it seems that young master Robert enjoys spending his evenings watching Women give spankings and floggings to young men.”  Robert wanted to crawl in a hole.  “Lydia, I am assigning You a very special task.  Every other evening, You will escort young master Robert to Your room.  Once there he will take his clothes off and stand in the corner until You are ready for him.  He is to be placed over Your lap and severely spanked with Your hand, the hair brush I used to use on You as well as the wonderful slipper Your cousin left You.  He will then kneel in the corner, his hands on his head for a period of ten minutes.  You will then take him out of the corner and make him lie on his stomach Your bed.  You will then use the crop and the leather strap each for thirty full swats each.  This will be followed by his being placed in the diaper position.  You will then issue two dozen of the best with the senior cane.  This will go on as I said every other day for a period of three weeks.  On the days that You do not do this, You will go to his room where You Yourself will strip him and then place him over Your lap for a severe spanking.  Do You understand Lydia ?”  Lydia nodded yes.

The first night that Miss Lydia escorted Robert to Her room, She relished the opportunity to discipline Robert.  The fact of the matter was that She knew Robert really liked Her and was going to use that to Her advantage.  Robert was in tears far before he was allowed to put his clothes back on.  The next night She went to his room dressed in Her tightest fitting blouse to accentuate the feature Robert drooled over…Her breasts.  Lydia first took Her time taking his clothes off then turned Robert over Her lap and began spanking him.  For three weeks Lydia not only spanked Robert, but tormented him by dressing suggestively.  The last time Lydia spanked Robert, both of them were naked.

Early the next morning Miss Dana called Lydia and Robert to Her office.  They arrived and sat down.  Miss Dana talked with them for about thirty minutes.  She rose and turned a television monitor towards them.  On the screen was both Lydia and Robert naked and making out.  She gave them a wicked smile as She turned to them and planned Her own discipline for both of them.

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This entry to the ‘Bedtime Story’ contest is titled ‘Hansel’…enjoy!   – Dana



Once upon a time there was a young man named Hansel who lived in a village by the forest. All his life the people of the village had advised him not to go into the forest as it was well known that a wicked witch lived in there and she would enslave any young man stupid enough to go near her cottage. It was said that many young men from the village had fallen into her hands and never been seen again. Hansel was intrigued by these stories and being young and foolish and certainly not afraid of any old witch decided that he would venture into the forest and defeat her because everybody knew that witches had treasure and with her riches he would be able to marry his sweetheart, Gretel. So one morning Hansel set off into the deep dark forest. He walked for many a mile before he saw, in front of him, the cottage. Nervously he looked around but of the witch there was no sign. Screwing up his courage he crept up to the window and peered inside. There was no one in there but he could see a large chest beside the dresser. “That must be were she keeps the treasure” he thought and slipped round to the door. It wasn’t locked so he carefully sneaked in and made his way to the chest. Opening it he found not treasure but a number of wooden and leather implements the use of which he couldn’t discern. Glancing around the cottage he noticed some other unusual decorations. On one wall hung a number of canes such as the schoolmaster in the village had and on the other a carpet beater, riding crops and other items which he had no idea what they were. So intrigued was he with this he didn’t hear the door opening behind him.
“What’s this! A thief in my home” cried the witch, “I have ways of dealing with sneaky little robbers”. Hansel jumped and turned round and to his surprise saw not the wrinkled old crone he had expected but tall, beautiful woman with raven hair and flashing eyes. ” I think that thieves should be punished and punished severely” she said “Don’t you?” Hansel was bewitched immediately and knew that whatever this dazzling woman commanded he would obey. She walked over to the open chest and picked out a small wooden paddle. ” Take down your britches” she commanded and Hansel immediately complied.He was embarrassed to be standing before this goddess naked below the waist but at the same time he knew that he deserved whatever was coming. “Over my lap” said the witch and Hansel obeyed. The paddle fell upon his bare buttocks and he knew immediately that he was going to be very sore when she had finished with him. For the next ten minutes the cottage rang with the sounds of paddle meeting bottom and the cries and pitiful moans of Hansel. “Please Mistress” he cried “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again”  Eventually the witch grew tired of Hansel wriggling over her lap and commanded him to stand up. Relieved that his punishment was over Hansel did so only to find that she had other ideas. Walking over to the canes hanging on the wall she picked one and swished it menacingly. “Bend over the chair” she said and once again Hansel obeyed without question. The cane he discovered had quite a different sensation to the thwack of the paddle. Sharper and more concentrated he found himself begging for mercy within a few strokes. The witch, however, was in no mood for mercy. 24 strokes fell upon the unprotected cheeks of his bottom to an ever increasing volume of cries. Finally though she stopped “Stand up” she said “Go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head and you will stay there without a sound until I decide to let you go” Hansel shuffled over to the corner as instructed feeling very sore and very embarrassed.
His embarrassment was made worse as throughout the afternoon the witch entertained a series of visitors all of whom chuckled and made ribald comments about his bright red backside. After hours of this humiliation the witch finally let him go. Ushering him to the door with a number of smacks to his bottom she sent him on his way saying ” I hope you’ve learned your lesson but I expect I’ll be seeing you again” Hansel didn’t know why she said that as he had no intention of ever going anywhere near the cottage ever again, Still sniffling sadly he made his way back to his home.
Later that evening Hansel thought back on the events of the day “How humiliating and painful that was” he thought as he relived the whole horrible experience in his mind. “I’m certainly staying out of the woods from now on”. Strangely though 1 month later he found himself once again strolling through the forest on his way to the cottage as indeed he did regularly throughout the rest of his life. For as the villagers had known all along, the witch could indeed enchant men and make them into her willing slaves. 
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Here is another excellent story submitted for the ‘Bedtime Story’ contest. ‘The Wish’ is a beautifully-written F/F spanking fairy tale.


 – Dana


‘The Wish’

The young lady stood at her window brushing her long, reddish brown hair. The stars that night were so very clear and the moon hung in the black velvet sky ever so brightly. Looking idly outside, she began to think of how she had walked on this vast planet for the past 30 years. The lady had always seemed to have everything under control and was quite the dominant factor in her outside life. She had many responsibilities but there was a secret she held from the outside world. She was so very afraid that the secret could get out that she wanted to be controlled for a change. The years of working to control everyone and everything in the world she lived in was starting to become incredibly overwhelming as of late. As she looked on the beautiful star, in fact it was the second star to the right and so very bright, she made a wish that night. She spoke it allowed hoping that some way it would be heard: 
“I wish that someone would take control and command me across their lap for a spanking. I want to have no control over the situation at all. I wish I may, I wish I might, on this star tonight that a woman will take me in hand so I can surrender this control for a change.” 
Gazing at the moon, which had a lovely shade of red in it this night, the young girl sighed sadly to herself. She shook her head and laid the wooden hairbrush on the nightstand, believing that her wish would be in vain, but at least it was spoken outwardly now. She looked at her work clothes for the next day and her name tag that had her job title on it “Manager” and ran her finger across it with a soft, disappointed smile as she made her way to her lonely queen sized bed. She laid down in her bed wearing her black shorts with a black Cami, curling up under the covers to drift off to sleep. She kicked the covers to the side because it was very warm and laid on her back. 
While the girl slept, a woman was standing outside the window. The woman was, in fact, a genie who happened to hear the girl’s wish.  She looked up and saw that the balcony doors were still opened to the bedroom. She knew why she was here on this midnight hour in front of this house. The woman was dressed in a black leather skirt, a red corset, and thigh high boots. Her deep green eyes held a bit of spirited mischief as she looked at the rose ladder with blooming deep red flowers that matched her lips. The woman had no problem scaling the ladder and stood on the balcony, looking inside the bedroom of the young lady sleeping soundly. She walked with such elegance that nothing could possibly hear her move about the room. She looked at the name badge of the girl that summoned her wish on that star and her title. “Tonight, my dear, you will not be managing anything,” she whispered with an impish grin. 
Walking over to the young girl so very quietly, she gazed at the girl’s full bottom and smirked. Raising her hand letting her hand touch the girl’s cheek and leaning forward, she whispered into the girl’s ear “Arise from your slumber, darling. I have a special gift for you.” The girl cracked an eye open and looked up to see the lady dressed in black and red. Startling her, she jumped up and crawled to the other end of the bed.  “Who are you? How did you get in here? What’s going on? Look, I don’t have anything for you to take,” the lady was very confused. 
With self-assurance, Genie stood tall and watched as the girl scampered from her. Her voice was like magic when she spoke. It was as if all the tension erased from the girl as she listened, “I am Genie and I came through your balcony that was left opened for me to fulfill your deepest, sweetest desires my girl.” She stood with her hands on her hips, giving the young lady her eye piercing gaze, rose a single finger and motioned for the girl to approach her.”Your wish did not fall on deaf ears, Michelle. You will come to me now and kneel before me.” It was like she had no control over her body as she moved forward just as Genie had commanded. She felt every bit of worry and tension washing away from her soul as she rose from the bed and walked closer to Genie. The cold hardwood floor didn’t even bother her because the only thing she wanted to do was obey this woman. Michelle made it to Genie, dropping to her knees before her in submission, and lowered her eyes whispering a soft, “Yes Ma’am.” 
The Genie circled her new bottom carefully as she took in the girl’s facial features, beautiful hair, and full frame. She spoke gently but firmly as she took the straight back armless chair from the desk and hairbrush, sitting it in the middle of the room, and put the hairbrush near her on the nightstand.
“Michelle, crawl to me now and lay across my lap like a good girl and present your bottom to me, please.” She commanded. 
With no other choice and no words spoken from the girl, Michelle leaned forward on all fours and moved to Genie in a catlike manner that made the woman smile. She crawled up and over Genie’s lap, placing her hands palm down on the floor and her tiptoes barely touched the floor as she pushed her bottom up for Genie. Genie started moving her soft hands over Michelle’s bottom in slow circles and spoke, “Yes, my dear, do not worry and do not stress. I want you to relax for me and take what I give you. You are under my control, my spell from this moment on. Do you understand me, girl?” 
Michelle nodded and whispered submissively, “Yes, Ma’am. Thank you.”
Genie smiled that wonderful smile and patted Michelle’s bottom encouragingly, “Good girl.” With that, she rose her hand and began spanking Michelle over her black sleeping shorts. She took great consideration as she slowly worked her way into warming this young lady’s bottom. She moved all over the bottom presented so beautifully for her. On the sit-spots, in the center of each cheek, and then in the center of her full backside. Genie delighted in the soft moans that Michelle vocalized. She frowned as she saw Michelle clenching her pert bottom, “No, no. No clenching at all, girl. ” Michelle immediately relaxed her bottom and continued to whimper as the smacks on her backside started to become more fierce. 
Genie continued to speak in her gentle voice,” You will take exactly what I give you, Michelle. The spanking and dominance I am giving you is your wish and my gift to you. You wanted this, young lady, so you will take it.” She enunciated each word with a sharp smack to Michelle’s bottom. Stopping for a moment, Genie put her elegant fingers in the waistband of the girl’s shorts. Pulling them down slowly, she noticed that the two firm orbs had a lovely shade of pink on each of them. She made a “tsk tsk” noise as she noticed Michelle was wearing no panties. “Girl, you will have no protection for the next round of my gift to you.” Genie remarked as she grabbed the wooden hairbrush from the nightstand and let it rest on the girl’s reddened cheeks. Michelle let out a groan as she anticipated how badly this was going to hurt. She mindlessly clenched her cheeks which resulted in a firm smack and a scolding, “Young lady, I said do NOT clench. You will take 50 swats with this brush now and it will continue to grow if you don’t  obey me. Do you understand me, dear?” Nodding obediently, Michelle whispered a soft “Yes Ma’am, I am so sorry.” Genie smiled confidently,” Wonderful, my girl. Now, shall we begin? You will concentrate on not wiggling and not clenching. Just relax my darling, just relax.” Genie said as she ran her fingernails over the taunt, crimson globes. She tapped the girl’s bottom with the brush, a signal to Michelle that her wish had finally come true. She knew in her heart of hearts that there was no way out of this and she had absolutely zero say in this matter. Her only option was to lay across this strong woman’s lap and take exactly what she had coming to her. Michelle mentally braced herself as she submitted to Genie. 
The first strike came down with such velocity that it sent a chill up and down her spine. Michelle tried so hard not to clench  or wiggle. She wanted to obey and do exactly what was expected of her. Genie saw this from Michelle and continued to encourage Michelle with each and every swat that she gave the girl. As Genie rained the punishing brush down on the girl, Michelle could have sworn she heard a sweet sound coming from the woman that was overpowering her body and mind. It was like a song that she was humming and her bottom was the drum. Michelle lowered her head as she took the thirtieth swat, then the next, and then finally she got to forty. 
“I want you to count the last ten, my dear.” The Genie said as she patted Michelle’s bottom with the brush. She raised the brush and came down with a resounding smack across the target set before her. “One, Ma’am.” Michelle spoke through a quivering voice. She felt her swollen, red bottom burning under Genie’s strength. Genie simply looked on at her target with her head tilted and concentrated on the task at hand. After each punishing stroke, Michelle choked out the count and attempted to choke back the tears forming in her hazel eyes. Genie kept her arm tight around the girl’s waist as she delivered exactly what she said she would. As they approached the final stroke, Genie commented, “You know what they say about the last stroke, my sweet?” Teasing her bottom, she tapped the brush right in the very center of the two blushing cheeks. “It is most assuredly always, always the hardest of all.” And with that, Genie raised the brush high and came down directly in the center causing Michelle to jolt forward and yelp out, “Ouch!!!! Ten Ma’am!!!” Michelle laid limply over Genie’s thighs, breathing in and out deeply trying to catch her breath. Genie laid the brush down on the nightstand and inspected the girl’s bottom. It was very well punished and Genie looked pleased at her handiwork. She squeezed the once lily white cheeks. “Very good girl. You did well.” She said smoothly to the submissive girl. 
A stream of silent tears ran down Michelle’s cheek but she was smiling as she listened to this woman’s voice. “Thank you so much, Ma’am. Thank you.” The Genie smiled and rubbed small circles about the girl’s bottom. She reached over and took the lotion off the nightstand and put a healthy dose on the girl’s swollen cheeks. “You are very welcome, my girl.” 
The Genie pulled up the girl’s sleeping shorts over her swollen globes and instructed her to stand up. “Now that I have made your backside match the moon outside, I will have to leave for now.” Michelle looked up at the woman, she was stunned by the way the woman carried herself with such poise. “But, Genie, when will I see you again?” The Genie just merely smiled at Michelle and said, “Wish as you may, wish as you might, all you have to do is wish, and this Genie will be with you any night.” 
With that simple statement, Genie disappeared from Michelle’s bedroom. The girl turned around and shook her head, trying to grasp what happened. She made her way over to the chair and put it back under her desk and grazed her finger over the brush with a smile. Her bottom was very tender and she laid in the bed on her stomach. Curling up to the pillows, she drifted off into a deep and happy sleep. She whispered as sweet dreams came to kidnap her for the rest of the evening, “Thank you, Genie.” Michelle could have sworn she heard  a very soft but magical voice in her ear,” You’re welcome, my girl.”
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Mar 022012

The ‘Bedtime Story’ writing contest was a tough one, but (as always) entrants made a lovely show of creativity. This time wasn’t just about writing a story – or even just about writing a Good Story – but also about how well that story would translate into an upcoming film.
The winner this month will not only see his or her story in a future spanking video, but will also receive the ‘prize’ – a free spanking session with me.
I am happy to announce that the winner is:

‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, submitted by the UK Laureate! UKL has submitted entries to many contests, along with his other poems and stories, and his entry to the Bedtime Story contest was simply spot on. I will look forward with great anticipation to delivering his spanking prize later this month.

(The video which I’ll make to accompany the story will be available in coming weeks. My sincerest thanks to all of the authors – I will be sharing all of the entries throughout the month of March.)

Enjoy!   – Dana


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived three bears – Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. Despite his name, Baby Bear was actually twenty years old but Mummy and Daddy Bear still regarded him as their baby. They all lived in a small house in a big forest. The house was furnished very simply, with a table, three chairs – one for each of the Bear family – and three beds, again, one for each of them. 

Every morning when they got up Mummy Bear made a big pot of porridge for their breakfast. She then took three bowls and put a serving of porridge in each – a large portion for Daddy Bear, a medium portion for herself, and a small portion for Baby Bear. However, because it had just been served from the steaming pot, the porridge was too hot to eat straightaway, so they went for a walk in the forest, which not only gave the porridge time to cool down, but also meant the three Bears built up their appetite.

Now, unknown to the Bears, just outside the forest there was a big house, where a young woman named Goldilocks lived. Goldilocks was very beautiful. She had an hourglass figure and long, flowing, blonde hair, which, of course, is why she was called Goldilocks. 

Every morning when Goldilocks got up she took a shower and dressed. Her favourite clothes were a corset that made her waist look even thinner and her bust even bigger, and leather trousers that hugged her legs and curvy bottom like a second skin. Having put them on, she looked in the mirror and smiled to herself. “Yes,” she thought, “that will raise all the men’s interest – but woe betide any of them that dare try it on!” You see, Goldilocks was a very strict lady who believed in the very highest of standards, and she had her own ways of enforcing them.

One warm, sunny morning Goldilocks decided to go for a walk in the forest. She was, as usual, wearing her favourite outfit, and she was carrying the riding-crop that she always took with her when out and about. Walking down the path she suddenly decided to leave her normal route and make her way deeper into the forest. And so it was that she came across the small house that belonged to the three Bears. 

‘I wonder who lives there?’ she thought, and knocked on the door. When there was no answer she pushed the door gently and it opened. She stepped inside and looked around. She saw the three bowls of porridge on the table and the three chairs. Curious, she tasted one of the bowls of porridge but it was way too hot to eat. She tried another bowl but was horrified that it had not been mixed properly and was all lumpy. Then she tried the third bowl, which had honey on top of the porridge and before she could stop herself she ate it all! 

Then she decided to sit down for a moment, choosing the biggest chair but it was too hard. She moved to the middle chair but it was padded and too soft. Then she tried the small chair but unfortunately, as she sat down, it collapsed beneath her. Goldilocks was not pleased and made her way into the next room, where she saw three beds. She sat down on the first, which was king-size, but it was too hard. She tried the queen-size, but it was too soft. So then she tried the small bed, which was really comfortable, and she rested for a few minutes before making her way out of the house and continuing her walk.

For the remainder of the day she couldn’t stop thinking about the house, still wondering who it was who lived there. She knew that somebody must do, otherwise how else was there hot porridge? So the next morning she decided to visit the house again. However, she couldn’t remember exactly where it was, and by the time she found it she arrived later than on the previous day. Assuming there was no-one there she pushed open the door and stepped inside. What a shock she had as she saw Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear in the room!

But not as shocked as they were to see her. “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” Daddy Bear asked gruffly.

“I am Goldilocks,” she replied. “I own this forest and I have come to check up on you. I need to know that you are responsible tenants, and from what I have seen so far I am not satisfied that is the case.”

As she spoke she noticed Daddy Bear eyeing her up and down and, in fact, ogling her, which displeased her very greatly. She also saw Mummy Bear holding a wooden spoon, and Baby Bear, who was having a tantrum because he wanted more honey for his porridge. And the small chair, which had broken the day before, was still lying on the floor in pieces. ‘No, this won’t do at all’, she decided quickly to herself.

“By what names are you known?” she demanded. 

“I’m Daddy Bear,” said Daddy Bear. 

“I’m Mummy Bear,” said Mummy Bear. 

“I’m Baby Bear, and I want some more honey,” said Baby Bear.

“Well, Daddy Bear,” said Goldilocks, “I am not impressed by your behaviour. I do not like the way you have been eyeing me, and I see you have not bothered to mend that broken chair. It is my role to punish those who misbehave. Come here and bend over.”

Meekly Daddy Bear did as she had ordered. He could tell she was not a woman to trifle with but he was not prepared for what happened next. Raising her riding crop, Goldilocks started to whip him, and continued until he was feeling very sorry for himself indeed.

Next Goldilocks addressed Mummy Bear. “You, Mummy Bear, have also been neglectful of your duty. I am aware that you do not stir the porridge sufficiently and allow it to go lumpy, and you have let Baby Bear continue with his tantrum without taking any action. The wooden spoon in your hand would have been ideal for dealing with both of those situations. Give it to me and I will show you.”

Mummy Bear gave Goldilocks the wooden spoon but was then taken aback as she found herself being the recipient of a salvo of hard blows. She had no idea just how painful that wooden spoon could be when used on the tenderest spot.

Finally it was Baby Bear’s turn to be dealt with. “I do not tolerate tantrums,” she informed him as she hoisted him across her lap and proceeded to spank his bottom, very, very hard. 

When Goldilocks left, saying she would be back the next week to check on their behaviour, the three Bears were all feeling extremely sore, and they knew they had to mend their ways if they were not to suffer further at Goldilocks’ hand.

And to this day, that is why it is traditional for those who misbehave to be punished with a Bear-bottom spanking!

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