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Boys and Girls,

The next time I decide to give a whole bunch of stuff away, remind me how long it took to edit and post all the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  entries. Wow, you guys and gals can write!


– Dana



“The Resort”   

Looking past the canopy bed, its beautiful peach satin drapes neatly placed over all four posts and towards the babbling creek running throughout property, Karen began imagining herself at The Resort. Not a resort, The Resort.

Every night for the last month Karen pictured herself at a fictional specialized private resort nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains just passed Malibu and only a few miles from its famed Pepperdine University. The Resort she imagined herself at wasn’t a spa or family vacation spot, it was one strictly for adults; adults with a very special kink….spanking. The Resort was an all inclusive spanking venue, a small piece of heaven for the most discerning true spanko.

Hearing the creek babble outside her window, looking out the bedroom balcony sliding glass doors, closing her eyes and wishing as hard as she possibly could, “Please, please, please make The Resort real and my home away from home!” Karen’s eyes closed as she began to drift off to sleep.

Awakening, Karen found her bottom to be sore as she rolled over from her side onto her bared backside. She recognized her own canopy bed and the peach satin draping she’d selected for it two years ago, however, everything else was different. She wasn’t in her condo at all.

Getting out of bed she found herself completely naked, but that’s not how she went to bed. A glimpse in the mirror confirmed her suspension; she’d been spanked. “What the…….?”

A soft plush full length robe and sleepers were set neatly across the arm-less chair in the bedroom. Karen quickly put on the robe, noticing a gold monogram with the initials TR on the upper right side. Sliding on the slippers she began walking towards the door of what most certainly was a small hotel suite, wondering where could she be. Nearing the door to the suite, Karen began to hear familiar sounds, those of a bared bottom being spanked; actually, more like a few bared bottoms being spanked.

Opening the door to confirm her suspicions she found a woman, spread over a man’s lap getting a full and powerful spanking. Little moans of och, ohhhh and apologizes came from the woman. Her legs kicking wildly and her light brown backside was rapidly turning a very bright pink. The man was seated in an arm-less chair identical to the one in Karen’s room. She began looking down the hallway and noticing the art work on the walls, they were all of men and women in various spanking poses and positions; all receiving spankings. This was just as had pictured The Resort in her dreams, exactly what she’d wished for before closing her eyes to sleep.


A few doors down was a fully naked man over the knee of another man and receiving what seemed to be a long hard and extended paddling. Karen was becoming fascinated by the paddling and the man’s near silence, other than a few moans and grunts as his naked bottom took smack and smack. She nearly began to cry, almost feeling the pain he must have been experiencing. Placing her hands over her bottom, Karen began rubbing her sore backside as it seemed to be getting warmer and warmer just from watching two very deliberate spankings.

“How can this be? How can this possibly be?”

“Karen Welten!” A stern voice from the man spanking the woman just outside Karen’s door yelled out.
“What are you doing? I spanked you and put you to bed for the night, but it looks as though you’ve not quite learned your lesson yet, have you young lady?”

Startled Karen shot back, “What are you talking about, and who on earth are you?”

Looking at the spankee draped over his knee the man stopped spanking her, gave her now bright red bottom a few rubs and assisted her off his lap. They smiled at each other.

“Wow David, you’re still the best.” The woman then headed a few doors down the hallway and into a room.

“Karen Welten, you don’t recall being rude and disrespectful towards me and the staff when we arrived?”

“When we arrived? What are you taking about? What’s your name, David?”

David stood up and began walking towards Karen. “I guess you’re being silly now, aren’t you Karen? Okay, I’ll play along. I’m David Sterns Jackson and we’ve been dating for the last six months, as if you didn’t know. Remember our chatting from the Spanking Personal site for nearly 2 months, meeting and hitting it off right away?”

Karen looked puzzled.

“I think this should refresh your memory.” With both a command and gentleness in his action, in what seemed like one quick move, Karen’s robe came up and David had her bent over and secured in his grasp. His hand came down on her exposed bottom with ten quick and commanding smacks to each cheek.

“Now that I have your attention, lets see if I can get your memory back.”

David Sterns Jackson began leading her to the spanking chair and Karen was in full submission, nearly gliding herself across his lap.

“I’m sorry I acted naughty when we arrived, David. I’m sorry for playing that foolish little game with you just now. I won’t act this way again.”

“Well, I’m just going to make sure you don’t, young lady.” His hand began rubbing her bottom as he

viewed the results from that earlier spanking with pride for his skills and a growing excitement from the view of Karen’s bared bottom and her ease in getting right into place.

“You’re going to be here a little while, you under stand that don’t you.”

“Yes, sir.” Her mind was now beginning to wander and a slight bit of embarrassment brushed over her as she lay exposed to anyone who should pass their way. The two men were now standing to the side of David and Karen, with the spanked man dressed in a resort robe, like the one now in a puddle at Karen’s side. David had her in a very modest position, legs together right across his knee. However, he knew very well, when the spanking gets harder and her legs get going she won’t stay that way.

Over and over and over and over David’s hand began to land swat after swat after swat. First a round of ten swats to each cheek and a nice soft rubbing of her soreness. Next a round of twenty to each cheek with more rubbing. As David was beginning the round of thirty to each cheek, Karen could no longer hold herself back and began crying out loud, spreading her legs for all to see her womanhood and kicking profusely. Though it all, David remained on task.

At this time the hallway was filled with resort guest taking in the show David and Karen were providing for them. Some people attempting to move in for a closer view, however, as The Resort rules stated, they were careful not to fully obstruct others.

By the time David assisted Karen off his lap nearly eight minutes had passed. He placed Karen’s head on his chest, allowing her to cry out the pain, embarrassment and joy from her experience.

Kissing him and then beginning assisted into the robe he’d removed from her, Karen began to notice the crowd she managed to have attracted and a bright smile came to her now tear stained face.

“Alright, into the room so I can lotion that sore bottom of yours.”

“Yes, sir. Sorry folks, as you hear I have to go now.” As Karen walked into the mini suite applause began to ring and echo off the walls of the resort.

Mar 282015



It’s obvious that none of us is going to get a thing done today, so let’s just read all these great entries to the ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  .


– Dana



“Wish Upon a Star”

“Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket. Never let it fade away. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Save it for a rainy day.”
The lyrics from the old song by Petty Como ran through my head as I sat by the lake behind my aunt’s cabin watching the meteor shower. It was early August and my father had sent me to my aunt for the last month of summer before I returned to college. I often felt unwanted by my father since my mother had passed away in a car accident a few years before, and my aunt and I had hardly talked since I arrived.
I hugged my knees to my chest and finally let a few tears fall. I was tired of feeling alone. I took a deep breath and whispered “I wish there was someone who loved me and who wasn’t afraid to show it, even if that means being disciplined when I deserve it,” into the stillness as another meteor fell to earth. As I looked up into the night sky, the stars appeared to wink at me. “That’s weird,” I thought, and curled up in my blanket, falling peacefully asleep under the stars.
Several hours later I awoke to the sounds of the birds chirping and the sight of the sun rising over the lake. It was breathtaking. I slowly stretched and sat up. I hadn’t meant to stay out all night, and slept better than I had in months. I brushed out my wavy, auburn hair with my fingers and pulled part of it back, securing it with the elastic band from around my wrist. My hair fell a few inches bellow my shoulders. I stood, brushing off my white sundress, and shook out my blanket before folding it. It was early, but it was already 75 degrees at least.
I walked towards the cabin and went in the side door, closing it quietly behind me. I walked quietly up the stairs towards my room. I wasn’t trying to sneak in, but didn’t want to be responsible for waking my aunt up. As I reached the top of the stairs, I saw that it was too late for that.
“Where have you been, Rebecca Noel?” It had been years since anyone had used my first and middle name, and I instantly felt nervous.
“Hi, Aunt Kate,” I said swallowing and forced myself to smile, “I was down by the lake. I fell asleep watching the meteor shower. It was amazing!”
“Do you have any idea what time it is?!”
“No, I don’t. I left my phone in here. I woke up to the birds singing and the sunrise.”
“It’s a little after 7,” she said coolly, “and you are just now coming home after being out ALL NIGHT!”
“So? I’ve been here the whole time, just outside is all. What’s the big deal?” As soon as the question was out of my mouth, I realized I’d walked directly into her trap. I was in trouble, and there was no way I was going to talk my way out of it.
“What’s the big deal?! I didn’t know where you were! I have been worried about you since I saw your door open and that you were gone late last night!”
“Why would you be worried about me? You’ve barely talked to me since I’ve been here!” I snapped bitterly. A look of pain crossed Aunt Kate’s face. I hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but wasn’t sorry I had either.
Aunt Kate stood, and at 5’6” towered over my 5’2” frame. She was petite with shoulder length auburn hair and piercing green eyes. After looking at me evenly for a minute she walked over and hugged me. I wanted to get away from her, but found myself relaxing into her arms after a minute.
“Oh, Becca. I’m sorry. You coming here brought back many memories of your mother…my sister. You are so much like her! It’s been hard for me to process that. I didn’t mean to shut you out.”
“It’s fine. I’m used to it. Dad always finds a way to get rid of me since mom died. Boarding school, college, going away on business when I’m home from school…” I hadn’t talked about what happened at home since Mom died and couldn’t stop myself from crying. I had long since buried my emotions and learned to always put on a happy face around others. It was what was expected of me.
“No, it’s not okay, Becca. You need family, and so do I. It’s not okay for me to shut you out after you bring back so many wonderful, and a few painful memories.” She stopped hugging me and held me and held me at arm’s length, “and it’s not okay for you to put on a happy face all the time. It really is okay for you to just be okay.” I nodded.
Aunt Kate guided me to the couch and we both sat down. “I have an idea. You don’t have to say anything now; I just want you to think about it.”
“Okay,” I said nodding again.
“When school starts again in the fall, you can live with me at my house in the city instead of student housing. It’s only 10 minutes from campus, and I think it would do us both a great deal of good to be with family.”
“I’ll think about it,” I said nodding. I couldn’t help but smile a little. I liked the idea. I was used to living with roommates, but wasn’t sure how much I wanted to be with family. I liked my freedom, and wasn’t sure I was ready to give it up.
“Now about last night and this morning…I was really worried about you! I had no idea where you were, who you were with, or what you were doing. It wasn’t until the sun started to come up that I saw what I thought was probably you sleeping by the lake.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I needed permission when I was still here,” I just barely stopped myself from rolling my eyes. “I would have asked permission if I had planned to go somewhere.”
“First of all, be careful with your tone, young lady. I’m going to tell you right now that being sarcastic with me is a very poor life choice. Second, if you go anywhere at night you do need to ask, and I probably would have said yes if you had asked. This is a fairly safe area right now, but there are often times when coyotes roam and there are times when it isn’t safe for you to be out at night alone.”
“Yes ma’am,” I said nodding. “I understand.”
“Good girl. Now, since you did stay out all night without permission. I think it’s only fair that you are punished for it.”
“What? You’re going to ground me?” I said incredulously.
“No, I’m going to spank you.” My mouth dropped open in shock. “Close your mouth. You’re not a fish.” I quickly closed it again. “It’s going to hurt, but will be over with a lot faster than a grounding. It will also allow you to really cry and release those emotions you’ve bottled up for far too long, but only if you’re open to that. You’ll feel a lot better after it’s over than you do now.”
“But I’m too old to be spanked…” I said weakly. I really didn’t have a good argument as to why I shouldn’t be spanked, and I knew it.
“Oh, honey. You will never be too old or too big to be spanked. Now, over you go,” Aunt Kate said, grabbing my left arm, and pulled me over her lap. My upper body rested comfortably over her lap while my legs dangled behind me, my toes just barely brushing the floor. I took a deep breath. I couldn’t explain why, but this felt right. Aunt Kate firmly rubbed my bottom for a minute, and then raised her hand, bringing it down quickly with a sharp smack on my right cheek. She raised her hand and brought it down onto my waiting bottom over and over again. The sting was only mild at first, but after a few minutes my entire bottom was warm and stinging.
Aunt Kate paused as she raised the lower hem of my white sundress and draped it over my back. She firmly rubbed her hand over my pale blue cotton panties for a minute before resuming my spanking. The swats felt more intense than they had over my dress, especially when they landed on the bare skin bellow my panties, but I still felt relaxed. A few minutes later, Aunt Kate put her hand in the upper waistband of my panties and began to pull them down. Without being told, I raised my hips to make it easier for her. Although my bottom was stinging, the whole thing felt right to me.
“Good girl, Becca,” Aunt Kate said, firmly rubbing my bottom. Without saying another word, Aunt Kate raised her hand and resumed spanking me. I thought my dress and panties hadn’t offered much protection, but quickly found out how mistaken I was as the first swats landed on my now exposed bottom. She alternated fast and slow hard swats. It hurt, but wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. My bottom was red and warm when Aunt Kate finally stopped.
“Alright, let’s get down to business,” Aunt Kate said picking up a thin wooden paddle from the table next to her. It was about the size of a ping pong paddle, and was lavender with purple violets painted on one side.
“That’s pretty, how bad can it be?” I thought, as the paddle made its ascent. A second later the paddle hit my bottom with a loud SLAP! There was an intense sting on the surface of my right cheek where the paddle landed.
“Ow!” I cried out, inhaling sharply.
There wasn’t time to dwell on it though as the paddle was already making its rapid descent and hit my left cheek with another loud SLAP.
“Ah!” I said and grabbed the couch cushion. I wanted to reach back and protect my bottom from the paddle, but instinctively knew that was a bad idea.
“Keep breathing,” Aunt Kate said bring down the paddle onto my waiting bottom again. I nodded and forced myself to take a few deep breaths.
Aunt Kate started slowly at first, but quickly picked up the tempo. Just when I would get used to it, she would change her angle or intensity. Within a few minutes my bottom was on fire, and a few tears stung my eyes. She landed a few dozen swats on my sit spot, the point where the lower curve of my bottom meets the upper thighs, and I squirmed and kicked my legs involuntarily.
“Stay still,” Aunt Kate said, delivering a stinging swat to my right upper thigh.
“I’m trying!”
“Uh huh,” she said smacking my left upper thigh.
I yelped. “Please stop! It really hurts!”
“I know,” Aunt Kate said with a laugh. “It’s supposed to. That’s how I know I’m getting through to you.”
“Okay, one, that laugh was scary, and two, you are! I won’t go out without your permission, especially at night!”
“Good, I’m glad to hear it,” she said putting down the paddle and picked up the round wood-backed hairbrush that was resting on the table next to her. “But I will be the judge of what you deserve, and when you’ve learned your lesson, young lady!” She punctuated her statement with a dozen hard swats from the brush. I cried out as a fresh set of tears stung my eyes.
“Yes ma’am,” I said softly.
Over and over the brush landed on my already sore backside. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the brush over the paddle. In ways it was better, as the sting didn’t just stay on the surface of my bottom, but went deeper. In ways it was worse, as the pain was concentrated in a much smaller area than when she used the paddle. Aunt Kate delivered dozens of stinging swats from the brush in rapid succession. I squirmed and tried to get away from the relentless brush. She was clearly experienced in giving spankings though, and held me tightly against her. She thoroughly covered every inch of my bottom with the brush, and after a few minutes I stopped struggling and let the tears come.
“Good girl, Becca,” Aunt Kate said without letting up. She continued to spank me hard for several minutes before finally putting down the brush. “Good girl,” she said as she spanked me with her hand again. After several minutes of slow, medium hard swats she stopped and rubbed my back and bottom. I took slow, deep breaths and noticed how relaxed I was.
“I’m proud of you, Becca. You handled that very well.”
“Thank you,” I said quietly.
“You’re welcome. Unfortunately for you though, we’re not quite done yet.”
“That was the spanking for staying out all night without permission. We still have to deal with your sarcastic tone, and snapping at me.”
“Don’t argue with me unless you want to make things worse for yourself.” It was clear from her tone that she meant it.
“Yes ma’am,” I said quietly.
“Good girl. You’re learning fast. Stand up and bend over the back of the chair with your hands resting on the seat.”
“Yes ma’am,” I said pushing myself up from the couch, stepped out of my panties, and did what I was told.
Aunt Kate stood and picked up a belt that had been sitting on the table next to her. I had been spanked a few times before, but never with a belt. I knew it was going to hurt, and was really nervous. “I’m going to go easy on you this time. As long as you stay in position, and don’t try to avoid the belt, you’ll get 10 for each offence,” she said folding the belt in half.
“Yes ma’am,” I said quietly as she folded the bottom hem of my sundress over my back again.
Aunt Kate moved over to my right side and gently rubbed my low back. “This is going to hurt quite a bit. Grab onto the edge of the seat if you need to.”
I grabbed the front of the chair. There was an audible whoosh as the belt sailed through the air and hit my bottom with a loud SLAP! There was an intense pain covering my bottom where the belt landed and I inhaled sharply. It felt like I had just stung by dozens of bees.
“Ow!” I cried out, and kicked my left leg involuntarily in an effort to cope with the pain.
“Keep that foot down if you don’t want extra,” Aunt Kate said tapping my foot.
Again the belt sailed through the air and hit my bottom with a loud SLAP that was terrifying to hear. The intense sting that followed wasn’t any better.
“Yes ma’am,” I said quietly after taking a deep breath. I gripped the chair hard and focused on breathing.
After 10 strokes Aunt Kate moved over to my left side. The belt landed hard on my bottom and I barely resisted the urge to kick my foot up in an attempt to stop the barrage. After the next hard stroke of the belt I started crying softly. I didn’t stop crying until after she had delivered the last eight strokes.
“Good girl, Becca.” Aunt Kate said rubbing my back and bottom gently. She set the belt down on the table, put some lotion in her hand and rubbed it into my now very sore bottom. She helped me stand up slowly, hugged me and rubbed my back until I stopped crying.
“Are you going to go out without my permission again?” she asked looking at me.
“No ma’am,” I said, shaking my head. I thought it was a little ridiculous that I had to ask for permission to leave the cabin, but also knew I wasn’t in any position to argue the point.
“Are you going to be sarcastic with me again?”
“Probably…but I’m going to try not to.”
A look of amusement crossed Aunt Kate’s face. She laughed as she pulled me close to her, raised the back of my dress, and spanked me with her hand five times. “I certainly can’t fault you for being honest, but I will let you know right now, if you get sarcastic with me when we’re talking about something serious, there will be serious consequences! If we’re messing around, feel free, but you’ll still probably find yourself facing the floor for awhile.”
“Fair enough.”
“How do you feel?” Aunt Kate asked sitting down on the couch and pulled me down next to her. I squirmed uncomfortably. She laughed.
“Um, I don’t know. I think it’s the first time since mom died that I haven’t been in control of or responsible for anything that was happening to me. It was scary, but was kind of a relief at the same time. I don’t know if that makes sense.”
“It does.”
“Can I ask you something?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Why did you decide to spank me?”
“Intuition mostly. I wasn’t sure if I was going to spank you, but when you snapped at me, that showed me that you’re really just a hurt little girl who was forced to grow up too soon. You’ve be too strong for too long. There are many just like you who find it relaxing to not be in control of things for a time, and I had the feeling that was exactly what you needed.”
“Is it going to happen again?”
Aunt Kate took a deep breath and looked at me. “If you do something dangerous or stupid, absolutely. Other than that, only if you want me to.”
“Yes ma’am,” I said with a small smile.
Aunt Kate reached out and hugged me. “I love you, Becca.”
“I love you, Aunt Kate, and thank you.”
“You are very welcome, Becca.”

Mar 282015


Here’s another batch of fun and original  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  entries – quite possibly the best thing you’ll read all day…


– Dana



“Sister Dana and the Leprechaun”

Once upon a time, in the Island of emerald green, dwelled the most lecherous leprechaun that ever could be. This tiny terror haunted a trail that ran through a glen between the village of Limerick and St. Katherine’s Parochial School for teen girls. He’d hide among the green fauna, till a young Coleen would come skipping by on her way to school, then ambush her. With the speed of a green bolt of lightning, he dash between her legs and take a picture up their skirt. Before the poor girl had a chance to realize what had happened, he’d be standing on a log mocking them as he jigged to a song.

“I took me a picture

Of your panties

To show all the boys

At St. Thomas Academy

There’s nothing you can do

But cry “boo hoo hoo”

And run like a fool

All the way to your school”

So in tears they’d run to St. Katherine’s to tell their beloved teacher, Sister Dana, as to what happened. But though the good Sister was understanding of most of the girls problems her tolerance for female submissiveness when confronted by sexist men was quite limited.

“Why didn’t you catch the little shit,” she’d say. ”And make him grant you a wish.”

“Because Sister Dana,” they’d cry, “he’s between our legs and out the other side, before you can bat an eye. So if you could please just petition the Arch Dioceses to buy us new uniforms with ankle length hemlines, so he doesn’t have room to zoom between our knees with ease.”

This troubled Sister Dana felt terribly. For indeed the girls were in desperate need of new school uniforms to replace their old ones so worn. But with St. Katherine’s School in such desperate need of repair she it would be foolish to ask for money when the Arch Dioceses didn’t have the funds to spare.

So after a day of prayer and contemplation, the good Sister Dana decided she would take matters into her own hands. In the morning she planned to confront that perverted little man all by herself.

The next day the detriment Sister Dana set out on her mission, without the slightest fear or hesitation. For the good Sister Dana was no run-of-the-mill nun. She was a member of the Vatican’s elite order, ‘The Sister of Dominia,’ known for their strength and courage. Besides, even though the leprechaun had magic, she possessed a bit of her own. For she carried a very old rosary that had been blessed by no other than St. Patrick himself.

Making her way down the trail she made a sharp turn at a bend. There, standing on a log, was the mischievous leprechaun. “Top of the morning to ya Sister,” he greeted her.

“So you’re the little rascal who’s been scaring my girls. Well Mr. Leprechaun let’s see you try your magic speed on me,” Sister Dana replied.

“Oh I’d never do such a thing. Not that I’m not able to slide under your ankle length hem with the greatest of ease, but because I have too much respect for the Holy Sea to be taken a picture of a Sister’s panties,” he said with a laugh.

The sister realized she’d need to offer him more of an incentive. “I rather doubt your speed is too much for me. So let me up the ante. How about I take off my panties to make this more sporty?”

Surprised at her offer, his pipe nearly fell from his mouth, “That dear Sister is an offer I cannot resist, but are you wearing your undies at this minute?”

“No, but if you turn around, and give a little privacy I can slip them off in a second,” she assured.

The leprechaun immediately turned around as she requested. So Sister Dana quickly lifted her habit, and slipped off her knickers. But in the same motion she also did something else. She looped her rosary around her ankles before dropping her hem. “I’m ready!” She then said.

With a mischievous jig and a laugh, and a puff on his pipe the leprechaun said, “faster then lightning I’m coming!” And he burst into a green ball of light and shot underneath the Sister Dana’s habit. But the light did not burst out the other side. Instead there was terrible ruckus underneath the sister’s habit followed by some muffled cussing. Sister Dana lifted her hem a bit to examine the Leprechaun’s predicament. “Stars and moons,” he yelled, “what’s got a hold of me?”

“You little nasty leprechaun you’re all tangled up in my rosary, and now I’ve caught you fair and square,” she answered. “So you know what that means.”

“Okay, okay,” he plead with disgust. “Just get me out of here and I’ll be granting ya your one wish.”

“After all what you put my girls through, you think I’m going to let you go for one wish,” she sternly replied? “Well Mr. Leprechaun you’re going to get something from me that you’d never wish for.”

Picking the Leprechaun up by his belt, the stately good Sister Dana sat down on the log and placed him over her lap. “I’m going to show you what I do to my students when they’re misbehaving.” Snapping off a nearby sapling branch the sister held it high, then, with swift arm lashed it across the leprechaun’s little behind.

“Ouch! In the name of Saint Gallagher, that hurts,” he cried.

“Whack…Whack…Whack! Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Please Sister stop,” he pleaded!

“Why you little green goblin, how dare you use that language with me. Obviously you’re not understanding. Maybe if we drop your pants it will improve your comprehension.” And the Sister unbuckled his britches and pulled them down over his wee knees.

Upon seeing his smooth rosy blush bottom, Sister Dana paused to comment. “So that’s where you guys came up with the idea of putting pink moons in cereal. I’ve always wondered why you did such a thing.” Then the Sister resumed her task. “Whack…Whack…Whack!”

“Oh Please Sister, your almost hitting me precious blarney stones and rainbow.” But the leprechaun’s pleas did not deter the good Sister Dana, “Whack…Whack…Whack!”

“Please stop Sister. I wasn’t a cussing. I was praying for divine intervention.”

“Okay, I’ll stop, but I’ll need six wishes,” she said pausing.

“Sorry Sister but by the sacred oath of the clan of the leprechauns I can only grant you,…Whack…Whack…Whack!” Before he could finish the Sister had resumed her parochial duties. “Whack…whack…whack!”

“Okay, okay Sister,” the sobbing leprechaun pleaded. “I’ll grant you two wishes.”

Sister Dana paused to concentrate on the matter, and then said. “Make it four, and we got a deal.”

“No Sister I…Whack-Whack-Whack-Whack-Whack!” Sister Dana replied with a vicious flurry of strikes while saying so matter of fact, “I can do this all day long.”

“STOP! THAT’S ENOUGH SISTER,” the crying leprechaun screamed. “I can’t takes no more. Three, three, I beg ya. Let me give ya three wishes. But I can’t give you no more,” he said between sobs. “That’s all my magic’s good for.”

Sister Dana paused and said out-loud to herself. “Now that’s what’s called “the art of negotiation.”

“Alright Sister. Will ya be letting me go?”

“Not till you’ve granted my wishes,” she insisted

“Okay, what will they be,” he asked?

“Of course the first one will be for a pot of gold.”

“Granted!” The leprechaun confirmed. Instantly there appeared a cast iron pot filled with coins at the Sister’s side.

“Second, you must swear by your honor never to bother any of my girls ever again,” she demanded harshly.

“Yes Sister, I swear by all the Saints in heaven I’ll never bother a one of them again,” he answered. “Now what will your third and finale wish be?”

“That you appear at this very place, on this very log, next Monday morning without wearing any pants or underwear what so ever,” she said curtly. “So my girls can humiliate you like you did them.”

“Oh please Sister, we leprechauns are a shy lot,” he begged. “Don’t be forcing me to show me blarney stones and rainbow to those young ladies. Besides the Holy Sea would never approve of them seeing such a sight.

“Your right,” she said slapping his little ass in agreement. “Tell you what, remember what Adam wore in the Garden of Eden for modesty’s sake?

“Yes Sister, he wore a leaf from a fig tree,” he answered in a desperate voice.

“Well you can wear a leaf too, but not one from a fig tree, but a shamrock instead,” she added.

“Sister, a shamrock will barely cover me leprechaun bits,” he answered.

“Trust me little man,” Sister Dana reassured, “a shamrock is all you’ll be needing to cover those little things.”

So the little leprechaun reluctantly agreed. After suffering the humility of the taunting teen Colleens, he disappeared never to be seen in the glen again. And St. Katherine’s Parochial School got a grand remodeling with the leprechaun’s gold. And there was enough left over to purchase new school uniforms for the girls of St. Katherine’s.

Funny thing though, when Sister Dana allowed them to pick out the style, they didn’t choose longer hemlines like they had asked previously for. In fact, they picked skirts that were even shorter than the ones they had before.

The End

(0f the rainbow)

Story Contest Entry #17 : Be Carefull What You Wish For

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Mar 252015



More and more and more  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  stories – aren’t we lucky to have such talented fellow spankos?!


– Dana



“Be Carefull What You Wish For”

Cynthia or “Cyndi” as she liked to be called came from a very well to do family and to say that she was a spoiled brat would be considered an understatement. Rich, lazy and full of a sense of entitlement Cyndi
waisted what should have been her college days on sleeping, partying and watching TV endlessly with no real purpose in life except to spend her parents’ money. Unlike her older sister Beth who graduated Suma cum Laude from the University Cyndi just sat around the house with no ambition to be anything except perhaps a “socialite”. Her own college career was brief, dropping out midway through her first semester after failing grades and spotty attendance. The only regret Cyndi had was the fact that she never belonged to a college Sorority and to enjoy the fun her sister Beth said she always had at Sorority events. There was a big party planned at the Sorority House that very evening and Cyndi envied her best friend Alice who was still enrolled at the very preppy Ivy League University and was excited about attending the event. Cyndi gazed out from her front window at the full moon that was glowing in the night sky and wished that she could go to that party at Phi Beta Kappa House. She knew that she wouldn’t be allowed admittance since she wasn’t a student anymore at the University. Cyndi envisioned lots of music, drinking, and smoking taking place at the party and would do anything to get herself invited. If only she could find a way to go. Just then she received a text message from her best friend Alice and was surprised since Alice was already supposed to be at the party. Alice texted her that she had come down with the stomach flu and could not go. Immediately Cyndi got the idea that she could attend in place of Alice and asked her friend for permission to use her name. Alice texted her back saying it was OK but only if Cyndi was completely SURE she wanted to go. Cyndi thought that a bit odd that her friend asked that question since she knew that Cyndi always liked a good party. Soon Cyndi got dressed and made her way to the Phi Beta Kappa Sorority House. Better late than never she thought!

As she approached the front door of the house Cyndi could hear the sounds of all kinds of merriment coming from inside. She walked up the porch and rang the doorbell and was greeted by the doorkeeper, a big blonde athletic type young lady who gave the impression that you wouldn’t want to mess with.
“Can I help you” asked the doorkeeper? “Oh yes, I’m Alice and I know I’m late but now I’m here!” “So you are my dear, so you are. We were expecting you a lot earlier. I will inform the President. Better late than never. Come on in” said the Big blonde young lady. While Cyndi was waiting in the foyer she noticed a rather big wooden paddle with a long handle inscribed in Greek letters. “You guys don’t ever use that thing do you?” she asked the doorkeeper. “Oh no silly, that is just for show. A conversation piece” she laughed loudly. Cyndi chuckled at the comment and was then introduced to Ann who was the President of the Sorority. “Hello there Alice, the sisters have been expecting you. Sorry you missed out on a lot of the previous fun but now that you are finally here ,we all can have even more fun!” “Sounds good to me” Cyndi confidently replied. Just then another sorority sister came up to her and announced “but first you must put this on”’. It was a black blindfold and Cyndi was a bit puzzled by the request but once she was handed a beer to drink she was completely at ease and happily obliged to wear it. Cyndi was then paraded through the house and could hear the sound of laughter and giggling coming from the other sorority sisters who were watching.

As soon as the blindfold was removed Cyndi squinted through the bright lights and could make out the banner that was hung up on the far wall behind the bar. It read in big bold letters: WELCOME TO PLEDGE NIGHT!
Just then Ann appeared again and announced to the sisters that new pledge Alice had finally arrived and it was time to give her a “warm” welcoming to the Sorority! Whistles and cheering could be heard from the crowd and now it finally dawned on Cyndi what was about to take place. “Sisters,take your postions” barked out Ann . More catcalls and whistling followed. At that the sorority sisters lined up standing single file across the room bent half over with their legs spread apart. Addressing Cyndi the President said” Alice, you have pledged to this sorority and soon you will earn admission to this House. But first you must endure the ritual of passing through “the old mill” which will teach you humility and respect towards your new sorority sisters. Each one of them had to endure the same initiation and so must you. Now take your position on all fours and begin to crawl through and under your new sorority sisters until you get to the end of the line. Understood? There is no backing out now that you’ve come so far” Cyndi now understood why her best friend skipped this particular party and could see that the door was very far away and that she couldn’t escape the inevitable. She was going to get her ass spanked but good she thought. She figured she could crawl as fast as she can and escape the worst of the looming assault on her backside. “Let the fun begin” shouted out Ann to more cheering and catcalls. With that Cyndi slowly crawled under the first sister who began to flail her bottom with both open hands. “ow,Owwww Cyndi cried out as she tried to move as fast as she could though the “mill” of hands of the sorority sisters. Somewhere in the middle Cyndi found herself caught in the clench of 2 strong legs which in effect locked her under the one sister who like a machine continued to rain down the spanks so hard that Cyndi could hear herself cry out among the laughter in the room. After what seemed like an eternity she finally broke free and continued on until her hot and stinging bottom made it through the last sister. A cheer went up as did Cyndi hopping up and down and rubbing her now very sore butt. More cheering and laughter from those watching. Glad that’s over with Cyndi thought. Just then Ann re appeared and spoke to Cyndi once again. She said “ Alice, I see you’ve gone “through the mill”
but now because you were late to the party there is one more thing you must endure. We here at this House take punctuality very seriously and now we will do you a favor and make sure that we “impress” upon you it’s importance”. Cyndi gulped and took a deep breath not knowing what to expect next although she had a good idea. “Off with the jeans and panties” someone shouted. A huge cheer went up again. Staring at Cyndi was the big blonde doorkeeper she had met earlier and she looked like she was going to make sure Cyndi or “Alice” wasn’t going anywhere. Sheepishly Cyndi took off those tight fitting designer jeans and slowly lowered her frilly panties much to the delight of the throng. More catcalls rang throughout as Cyndi’s sore bottom was on display and was a nice shade of deep red. Almost as red as her face from the embarrassment. “Let’s see if we can match the shade of her panties”! someone else yelled out. Cyndi was so humiliated but was too busy worrying about her sore bum and what was about to happen next. She continued to rub her sore rear in hopes of taking out the sting from her trip through the “mill”. In front of her were about 20 sisters standing there half naked from the waist down holding what looked like medium sized wooden ping pong paddles. They of course were not for the game of ping pong but for these special occasions. She also noticed the look of glee in their eyes and the fact that their bare asses were of a nice red color. Before she could surmise what that meant President Ann spoke again. Addressing both Cyndi and the young ladies with the red bottoms holding the paddles she said” I am proud of all you newly inducted Sorority sisters tonight. You all have taken your initiation well and as a reward, I as President will allow you all to give new pledge Alice a very special “warm” welcome. A night of “fun” she will never forget. Alice, with each “Kiss” of the paddle you are about to receive may you remember this night with fond memories.” By the look on their faces Cyndi knew she was going to feel their wrath as they seemed eager to extract whatever revenge they could from their own earlier initiation. The blonde doorkeeper spoke up with the instructions. “OK Sisters here are the rules. Pledge Alice will walk through the gauntlet and stop before each one of you. She will then bend over and you will be given the honor of giving your new sister one well placed swat on her bare bottom. If you are charitable you may take it easy on her. (Catcalls from the crowd) Otherwise, spank her as hard as you like”. More cheers went up. “Let the fun begin” shouted Ann over the din. SPLAT! WHACK! WHUP! Splat! Whack! And so it went as Cyndi yelped, cried and hollered out as each paddle found its mark. Her backside was on fire and Cyndi knew she wouldn’t be sitting for quite some time. Owwwwwww……she screamed at each swat of the paddle. Turns out the young sorority sisters were none too charitable at all and in fact a little over zealous in their efforts to kiss Cyndi on here now battered and blistered butt. As tears streamed down her face she had only one thing in mind and that was to make a bee line for the door as soon as the last paddle smacked her tender rear. CRACK! and crack it did as the last swat broke the paddle in half that was being wielded by the last sorority sister. Cyndi, whimpering and disheveled grabbed her jeans and scurried out of that god forsaken house as fast as she could oblivious to all the laughter and cheering that followed her out the door. As she noticed the moon up in the early morning sky she thought about her earlier wish and wished she had never wished it! At least the cold night air gave her extremely sore bottom a little respite as she hurried on home. She wouldn’t sit comfortably for days.

The end

Story Contest Entry #16 : Nellie’s Wish

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Mar 252015



I wasn’t kidding when I said that the  ‘Spanking Wish’ contest  garnered a lot of entries…


– Dana



“Nellie’s Wish”

Nellie was looking forward to seeing Becky and her Mum today. She had met Becky but not her Mum but had seen them on occasion at the shops. They seemed to have a wonderful mother daughter relationship, always smiling at each other and never seeming to argue. That was so different to her own daughter, Becky, who was always snapping at her for one reason or another.
So Nellie made a wish before meeting Becky and her Mum. She wanted Laura to be more like Becky.
Laura showed Becky in to the living room. Nellie, was sitting on the sofa. Becky’s Mum must still be in the hallway, Nellie assumed.
Laura was eighteen-years-old like Becky. Laura had only recently met Becky and had hit it off with her very quickly. Both girls went to the same dance class and were both still in their matching sleeveless dark blue dresses finished off with a white belt. It was summer and both girls had bare legs.
Nellie was thirty-nine-years-old and wore a sleeveless blouse and short skirt. She gave Becky a friendly smile as she came over and sat down on the chair opposite. Nellie said happily, “It is so nice to meet you at last, Becky. I have seen how nicely you interact with your Mum and I go on and on to Laura about it.”
“In what way?” Becky asked.
Nellie explained. “I see how you smile at each other, give each other a hug when you say hullo or god-bye to each other, and you never seem to argue.” Nellie gave Laura a sideways look and continued, “Laura though argues a lot and rarely hugs me.” Again Nellie paused before adding, “I just wish Laura was more like you. What’s your secret?”
Becky smiled. “I guess being strict has made all the difference. Setting boundaries definitely helps. Then if the boundary is broken there is no getting out of a sore bottom.”
“Really?” Nellie replied sounding interested. “What kind of boundaries?”
Becky explained. “Oh, all the usual. Tidy bedroom, timeliness, doing what you say you will do, not snapping. You know, all the usual.”
Nellie gave her daughter a half smile and then turning back to Laura said, “So if the rules get broken it’s an automatic spanking? No second chances?”
Becky shrugged her shoulders. “Mum and I found that it works out better if there aren’t any second chances. That way we each know where we stand.”
Nellie was open eyed when she asked, “How often are you spanked then, Becky?”
Becky spluttered, making it sound as though she was surprised. “Me spanked?” she gasped. ”I’m not the one who gets spanked. I spank my Mum.”
“Oh,” Nellie gasped in surprise.
“Too right,” Becky continued. “Mum used to be dreadful. She would forget to pick me up from town for my Saturday job. Tea and dinner would regularly be late. She just didn’t have an idea. Then one day she told me how sorry she was and wanted to be a better Mum and we agreed what would happen. She told me she was spanked when she was younger and regretted that was not continued by her parents as she grew up. We had a chat and she asked if I would spank her when she earned one. So I agreed. We set the rules between us and when she breaks one she gets the order, “Down to your knickers.”
Nellie asked still in wonderment, “You mean take your knickers down?”
“No,” Becky replied firmly. “I mean take everything off except your knickers. I then make her stand on her naughty spot with her arms folded behind her back. I yank her knickers down to her knees, give her three hard spanks on each bottom cheek, and then leave her facing the wall for ten minutes or so before put her across my lap for a good hard spanking.”
Nellie swallowed hard and looked physically queasy. “When was the last time you spanked your Mum?” Nellie asked weakly.
Becky replied firmly, “Just before she took me to the shopping centre today for my Saturday job this morning.”
Nellie was confused. “But she smiled at you and hugged you so lovingly this morning. I saw her.”
Becky was very direct. “Of course. She meant it as well. She had a sore bottom though but had learned her lesson. She was happy enough though as she had been dealt with and we were friends again. That’s why she is so ready to accept my discipline. Because she knows I am fair and she knows where she stands.”
Nellie bit her lip. “What did she do to earn the spanking?” she asked in a whisper.
“She didn’t get up when her alarm went off. I had to get her up and she had to take me to the shopping centre without breakfast. I used that time to give her a spanking although without naughty spot time. She will get that tonight when I get home together with another spanking before an early bedtime. It will be eight o’clock in bed with a sore bottom for her.”
Laura said sternly to her Mum, “Hey, Mum. You overslept this morning and only just got me to work on time.”
Becky interjected looking at Nellie, “So really you earned a spanking if the same rules applied to you as applied to my Mum.”
Nellie bit her lip again and looked from Becky to Laura and back to Becky again. She was flustered.
Laura said seriously, “Look, Mum. You kept asking for me to be like Becky and now you know that if you were Becky’s Mum you’d get a spanking for oversleeping.”
“Would I?” Nellie asked unconvincingly, knowing the answer already.
“Yes, for sure,” Becky replied firmly, adding, “Together with an early bedtime after another spanking for good measure.”
Laura stood up and looked intensely at her Mum. “You heard, Mum. So do what Becky said. Get down to your knickers.”
Nellie blushed but seemed overwhelmed by the two eighteen-year-olds. She could not deny how often she had told Laura how much she wished she was more like Becky. Little did she think that Becky actually spanked her own Mum. Not only that but it seemed her Mum actively encouraged Becky to spank her. For her own good. Mind you, Nellie reckoned she could understand that though. Almost anyway. She was regularly spanked when growing up and was better behaved for it. Then when she became a teenager her Mum stopped spanking her. She got in with a bad lot at school and her marks fell away and she went in to a downhill spiral, getting pregnant at seventeen-years-old. She often wondered what might have been if her Mum had continued to spank her during her teens.
So now faced with two very bossy eighteen-year-olds Nellie swallowed hard as she stood up, licked her lips, and undid the buttons of her blouse. She slid the blouse down her arms, folded it and placed it on a chair. She then put her arms behind her, unclipped her bra, and that followed the blouse on the chair. Finally she unzipped her skirt, pushed it down to the floor, stepped out of it, and it too was folded and placed on the chair.
Laura had smiled to Becky as they both watched Nellie get undressed.
Becky winked and nodded her head telling Laura to impose her control over her Mum.
Laura took her Mum by the upper arm and ordered, “I’ll take you to your naughty spot, Mum,” and a few steps later she gently pressed her Mums head until her nose touched the wall.
Nellie remembered to fold her arms above her waist behind her back but still gasped as she felt her knickers being jerked down to her knees. She gasped again as she felt Laura’s hand rub her bottom in circles and proceeded to gasp after each of the six spanks landed on alternate bare bottom cheeks.
“Stay still, Mum, until I am ready for you,” Laura ordered.
Nellie grunted in to the wall a, “Yes, dear,” as she thought about the slight stinging in her bottom.
Laura made pretence of discussing with Becky what she already knew. “So Becky, I need to give Mum a hand spanking?”
“Yes,” Becky replied. “You should spank your Mum for several minutes with her across your lap. I’ll stay and give you some pointers. Then, you need to give her quite a few spanks with a wooden backed hairbrush. They make great spanking paddles. I keep a few at home as they sometimes crack with use. I get Mum to buy new ones when they do break.”
“Ok, I’ll get Mum to buy some for me,” Becky said pointedly.
Nellie listened to the exchange as she looked open eyed at the wall just the length of her nose away. She knew she had already agreed to be spanked but now it was almost taken for granted that this won’t be her only spanking.
Becky added, “I’ll email you a copy of the rules I have set my Mum. Maybe you can use the same ones?”
“That will be a great start. Thanks Becky,” Laura said happily.
Nellie groaned. As much as she realised her daughter disciplining her would be a good thing for them both she knew she was losing all control over her situation. Still, on balance she knew that needed to be spanked and probably more than once. So she decided to remain obedient and do as she was told.
The two girls discussed rules and spanking for a while knowing Nellie was listening and taking it all in. The driving force of making Nellie obey was the fact Becky spanked her own Mum. A now accepted fact.
Becky announced after a while, “I think your Mum has faced the wall long enough to have thought through her bad behaviour, Laura. You can spank her now.”
Nellie knew the dreaded yet deserved moment had arrived as Laura stood behind her, held her by the arm, and pulled her towards the chair now facing in to the room. She watched as Laura sat on the chair, straightened out her dress, looked up at her and with a stern look on her face commanded, “Step out of your knickers, Mum.”
Nellie licked her lips as she did as she was told and moments later stood to the side of her daughter now fully naked.
“Get across my lap, Mum,” Laura ordered.
Nellie nodded as she eased herself across her daughter’s lap and soon saw the floor come up to meet her face. Not as close as the wall, she realised, but more humiliating as she felt her daughter rub her bare bottom. She looked at her daughter’s feet and reminded herself how she used to have the same close-up of her own Mums feet before a spanking. Not so different she realised, albeit she was about to be spanked by her own daughter.
“Give her a dozen or so spanks, Laura,” Becky ordered.
Nellie tensed her bottom but knew that was not going to help her as the first spank landed. It wasn’t as hard as she had expected though. Nor was the next spank. Nor the ones that followed. Maybe as she was now an adult she had overestimated the pain she would get from a spanking, she wondered?
A moment later her optimism was shattered. Becky said forcefully, “No, no, Laura. You are spanking an adult. You can spank much much harder than that. I suggest you literally spank your Mums bottom as hard as you can. Don’t worry if she cries out and most certainly do not worry if she actually cries. The harder you spank her the better she will learn. That is what my Mum says works for her.”
Nellie knew that Laura must have taken the instruction on board as soon as the next few spanks landed on her bare bottom. They were much harder than the first few spanks and more in line with her own memory of being spanked. It wasn’t long before she was squirming around on her daughters lap and she felt the tears welling up in her eyes.
Laura spanked her Mum for several minutes, spanking first one bottom cheek and then the other.
“Try lots of spanks on the same bottom cheek, Laura,” Becky guided.
Sure enough Nellie’s bottom stung even more as Laura followed Becky’s advice, spanking each bottom cheek a dozen times or more before doing the same to the other bottom cheek.
“Now up and down the backs of her legs,” Becky directed.
Nellie was crying out as her legs quickly started to sting.
Even through her tears Nellie heard Becky say, “Time for the hairbrush, Laura. Give your Mum good firm spanks.”
The first spank had Nellie crying out loud. Even so she heard Becky say, “Ignore it, Laura. Don’t forget, the more tears the better the lesson she is learning.”
How could an eighteen-year-old be such a hard spanker, Nellie wondered as the spanks continued to rain down on to her increasingly stinging bottom? The spanks kept on landing all over Nellie’s bottom and the tears ran down her face. She was wondering how much more punishment that she could take.
Nellie felt her arm being shaken and her eyes opened with a start. She looked up and saw Laura looking down at her.
“Come on, Mum. Becky and her Mum are here.”
Laura turned and went back out of the bedroom leaving Nellie in a state of waking up wonderment. A quick hand to her bottom discovered her knickers were on. As she got up and turned to look in the mirror she saw that her bottom had no spank marks.
Nellie took a moment to realise that it had been a dream. She quickly straightened her clothes and ran a hairbrush through her hair, smiling to herself as she realised it had a wooden back to it. She then went downstairs to meet the visitors. She had met Becky before but not her Mum, Amanda.
Amanda was thirty-eight-years old and in a summery sleeveless floral dress with a black belt. She had bare legs and wore low heeled shoes.
“Hullo, Becky, hullo Amanda,” Laura said happily to the two visitors. “I’m Laura,” she added giving Amanda a kiss on the cheek.
“Hi,” both Amanda and Becky replied.
Laura blushed as she thought about her dream. She said happily to Amanda, “I’m so pleased you could come over for tea. Laura likes Becky so much.”
Amanda replied, “Becky keeps telling me how you say such nice things about us,” Amanda said enthusiastically.
Nellie was embarrassed but covered her embarrassment by saying, “Well, Amanda, the two of you certainly have a great relationship.” Nellie replied smiling, although blushing as she played over in her mind her dream.
Laura said with a sarcastic tone, “Yes. Mum keeps saying how she wishes I was more like you, Becky.”
Becky smiled at the comment.
They all sat down at the table. Nellie had prepared a tea for them all. Soft drinks with some cake. Although Nellie realised that Laura must have laid the table as she slept.
Part way through the tea Amanda excused herself and went upstairs to the bathroom. Nellie also went upstairs to her bedroom and passed the bathroom and realised the door was ajar. She peeked in as she passed by and saw Amanda looking at her bottom in the mirror. It was bright red. Nellie managed to suppress a gasp and quietly carried on to her bedroom. When she heard Amanda go back downstairs she waited a few moments and went back downstairs herself.
When Nellie walked back in to the dining room she realised that Amanda was now sitting on a cushion.
Amanda caught Nellie looking at the cushion and blushed, saying, “I hope you don’t mind me using one of your cushions, Nellie.”
“Not at all,” Nellie said thinking madly about her dream.
Laura broke what was an awkward silence with, “Hey, Mum, you wanted to discuss how I could be more like Becky.”
Nellie saw that Laura was looking very seriously back at her and that Amanda was blushing as she squirmed around awkwardly on the cushion. She swallowed hard, certain that Amanda had been spanked. If so, was it by Becky though?
“Did I?” Nellie asked sheepishly …
Laura continued, “Yes, Mum. You keep telling me how you want me to be like Becky. Now you know how that can work.”
Amanda blushed as she said, “It really does work out for the best, Nellie. I reckon that you saw my bottom upstairs. Well I know it looked bad but I deserved the spanking.” Amanda smiled and sounded more upbeat as she added, “In fact getting spanked by Becky has worked really well. I am a far better Mum than I was and I do learn from every spanking.”
Nellie looked at Amanda. “Your bottom did awfully sore.”
Amanda still smiled, “Yes, and Becky sure does spank hard. I do dread it when she tells me to undress down to my bra and knickers and face the wall. She usually leaves me there for ten minutes but that is long enough for me to understand what I did wrong. So when she pulls my knickers down and I bend across her lap I know she is doing the best thing. For both of us.”
For Nellie it was now so clear. Laura snapped at her so often because she let her down so often. She too had thought she would have turned out better if her parents had spanked her well beyond when they stopped. So maybe she was now going to get what she needed. In fact what she had wished for. A spanking when she needed it from the one person who she really cared for her. Her daughter, Laura.
Nellie had made her decision, stood up, looked at Laura, and asked, “So down to my bra and knickers?”
Laura stayed seated on the high backed chair and replied firmly, “Yes, Mum. I’ll spank you first and then you can face the wall. This time.”
Nellie nodded and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the ground. She scooped it up and put it neatly on a spare chair before standing obediently to Laura’s side, looking down at her lap.
Laura quickly yanked Nellie’s knickers down and taking her arm gently guided her Mum across her lap.
As the floor came up to meet her face and Laura rubbed her bare bottom Nellie realised a great weight had been taken from her. The weight of responsibility that went with being a good Mum. Hopefully she would regain that responsibility in time but until then she was happy Laura would have disciplinary control over her. She was sure she would suffer many many spankings, all of which would be fully deserved.
Nellie was just so happy that now she was going to get what she had wished for.