Dec 302014



I’ve mentioned periodically my ‘service boy’, paul, and the years of fun and friendship that we’ve enjoyed.

I met paul very early on after my move from Texas to Los Angeles, and we became instant friends – what started out as a playmate relationship very quickly grew into something much more like family (except the kind that you like). Over the last several years paul and I have gotten up to much silliness, including once getting so lost in L.A. that I very nearly missed the bus that was to take me back to Las Vegas soon after my move here. He drives like a maniac.

He’s also an astonishingly talented self-taught artist, airplane mechanic, and veteran…an amazing man with some of the best, funniest, and most interesting stories I’ve ever heard. I love him dearly.

Paul’s having some health issues and isn’t feeling his best, so I’m asking any and everyone reading to send all your positive thoughts, energy, prayers, crossed fingers, and/or whatever else you’ve got up your sleeves…keep my sweet friend in your thoughts and help us prove that it’s possible to wish away the yuckies.


To you all, today and every day, love yourselves – love those around you – and try not to forget how very important it is to be here.

–  Dana


(I love you paul, my sweet, sweet boy.)

Dec 292014



Just a quick note to let you all know that they’re predicting SNOW in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

This means that if you do not hear from me after that it’s because I’ve decided to move to Costa Rica or someplace, where I’m pretty sure it never ever snows(?). Which, I might add, is what I thought about Las Vegas when I moved here.


Signed, the girl who can’t seem to get away from winter,



PS. I know, I know, lots of you live in places where it’s been snowing for two months, and will continue to snow for the next two or three. Your point?….. (You should move to Costa Rica, too.)

Dec 262014



We talked the other day about forgiving ourselves, cutting ourselves some slack, and generally loving ourselves more. Okay, I talked about it, but hopefully a few were listening. (Oh wait. I know how to get people reading here to pay attention!)




Alright, back to the matter at hand : I’ve run across a ‘thing’ I wrote several years ago, back in the MySpace days, and before I was professionally bossing folks around (most of my life, it was just a hobby~~). I dunno whether it’s inspirational or not, but hopefully will give someone something to think about.


– Dana


February 5, 2008
itll never heal if you keep picking at it


sometimes you have to scrape and scrape at a thing to really get at it


like fingernails digging into flesh scratching an itch that seems to run from touch


trying to rid the body of whatever it is that keeps burning from the inside out


have you ever scratched something even after it stopped itching


just because the scratching itself felt so damn good




guilt is similar to scratching an itch


ignore it and itll drive you to distraction


but pay it too much attention and youll end up with another open wound



Dec 232014

My friends,

Although I’m typing this post a few days early, by the time you read it, dated December 23, 2014, we’ll have been together here for more than four years.

This blog, in it’s original incarnation on blogger and imported here in 2013, contains somewhere upward of 850 individual posts, 200+ original, reader-submitted spanking stories, more than 3800 reader comments, and a whole bunch of me, running off at the mouth about this, that, and spanking. There are probably close to 100 free spanking videos now – Product Testing, Tips for Tops, previews, etc. – and uncountable photos, still, snaps, and images from several years of spanking boys and girls on film.

We’ve talked a lot about serious things, and delved pretty deeply into our interests, our victories, and our defeats. We’ve also been downright silly, probably more than anything else.

Every year I try and come up with a way to properly thank you, every single one, for enriching my life in some way, even if it’s just that you choose to come here twice a year and poke around for a while…I’m grateful.

For those of you who comment, write, and engage – well, I’m in your debt. Your feedback (whether positive, negative, or completely nonsensical) is immeasurably valuable to someone who sometimes wonders why she spends so much damn time typing. Thank you.

All my friends and playmates, what can I say? You’ve changed my world, and my view of people in general. You’ve shown me, over and over again, just how very human we all are – and what an amazing thing that is. Sharing yourselves with me, so intimately, and for so long, proves what I’m always telling every single one of you – you’re beautiful people. I love you all.

Who knows what next year will bring any of us? Hopefully, we’ll all get at least one step closer to wherever it is we’re heading.

(Also spanking.)

Happy this year. Happy next year. Happy every year.


With deepest gratitude,

– Dana