“Brand Spanking New”

  Readers,   As with most things, if I see the word ‘spanking’ I’m likely to pay a bit more attention. Here again is a case of semi-relation to our peccadillo, as one of our common English phrases contains the word which makes us all tingle:   “Brand Spanking New” I found this recent article, […]

In the News : What the British Public thinks about politics and spanking

  A couple weeks ago, The Independent published an article titled, “Role play, bondage and spanking: How we view the sex lives of politicos”, sharing a few spicy statistical excerpts from a book called, “‘Bedroom Politics: Party Images”. Quoting the Independent article, “The British public believes Ukip supporters are bad in bed, Labour supporters are […]

I had to share this..

  Everyone, I’ve written previously about my sweet service boy, Paul, who’s been my playmate, friend, and all-round fix-it guy for the last several years; Paul’s one of my most favorite people and has the chance to visit me here several times a year, but never for long enough. He’s also a great artist and […]