Sep 282014


Easy Exchange Student gets a Spanking Lesson

(featuring Joelle Barros)

The Preview Video:



POV : Have I Been a Naughty Girl?

(featuring Christy Cutie)


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Sep 242014


Since we know how much all spankos love school scenes, let’s handle this like an old-fashioned lesson. Fun, right?




Have a seat there at your desk, eyes forward, and try not to disturb your neighbors. Today, boys and girls, we’re going to talk about ‘Accountability’.

Accountability is a big word that means doing what you’re supposed to do. You can be accountable for all sorts of things, and even accountable to people or situations – it’s also a very important aspect of our social structure. Let’s start with the basics:


What is Accountability ?


  1. the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.
              “their lack of accountability has corroded public respect”
    synonyms : responsibilityliabilityanswerability


    See there? Right at the very top of the google search for ‘accountability’, the above. Lots of times a good way to figure out where a word belongs in the language is to look at it’s get an immediate feel for the strength and use of a word. In this case, the words synonymous with accountability are responsibility, liability, and answerability.


    How do we apply that to adult spanking as discipline? Simply put, when held accountable you are responsible, liable, and answerable for your behavior. When your behavior does not meet or exceed the expectations you’ve set for yourself (with the help of someone holding a paddle), the consequences will likely include a spanking. And almost as often they’ll be accompanied by a lot of listening, ‘yes, ma’am-ing’, and even the dreaded Written Assignment (or the even-more-fearsome Corner Time).


    Not a beating.
    Not an assault.
    Not abuse.


    In my opinion, adult spanking as discipline (or simply for fun, for that matter) is none of those things, and I think you’ll all agree. Even when we use the words ‘discipline’ and ‘punishment’, they’re used in the context of positive reinforcement, care, empathy, and mutually agreed-upon goals.


    Not everyone into spanking is interested in addressing their Issues. Hell, there may even be people walking around who have no Issues to address (although this is highly doubtful based on current empirical data)…and nothing works for everyone.


    But everyone is accountable.


    If you’re not living up to your own expectations  – because it’s truly counter-productive to care about the expectations of others before your own – maybe you need a spanking.
Sep 232014


Another fun jigsaw sneak preview of an upcoming scene!

(You’re running behind…the counter’s already going.)


Sep 212014


Live Session Video : Severe Punishment



The preview video :



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Individual downloadable spanking video scenes also available on my
Clips4SaleScolding and SpankingLibrary studio pages.
Sep 192014


( Spankos, this is usually all about us, from us, by us, and from our perspectives. This time, I’d like to ask those of you who have the lucky fortune of having an openminded NON-spanko in your lives to read the below and possibly give us their insights. I don’t want your opinions this time, kiddos, and don’t want the ‘my wife says’ either. I want to hear from the actual NON-spanko partners, friends, etc. in your lives who know and are willing to participate. Pass this on if you think yours is willing to contribute to our understanding of their views.)


An open request to those of you who know and love someone with a spanking fetish:


Maybe you participate in spanking with your partner/friend, and maybe you don’t; possibly you try very hard to understand his or her desire for this type of activity, and possibly you think it’s the strangest damn thing you’ve ever heard of. Maybe you’ve done some research on your own to see what it’s all about, or maybe you just don’t want to know…

We – the people in your lives who ARE into spanking – want to know what you think of it all. Really, we do. Don’t just tell us what we want to hear, either, we can handle the truth.

You see, when a person thinks about spanking whether they want to or not (which is how many, if not most, of us feels), it colors their perceptions of the act itself. What someone like you, who isn’t compelled to participate in spanking, understand about our interests is important – we want you to understand, and we want you to be ‘okay’ with something that we may feel a bit unsure about, ourselves. The best way to get you ‘okay’ is to give you the chance to tell us, the spanking enthusiasts, what you think.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because someone’s asked you to – and I’ll ask that you now take a minute to respond via the comments feature, so that we’ll know how YOU feel.


–  Dana