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Mind if I slide my soapbox out from under the sofa? It’ll only take a minute…

I know that there are as many kinds of fetishists as there are people and that variety speaks for a lot, but I seem to be experiencing an uptick in the number of Unacceptable Correspondences of late and have to comment on a few things which I believe all of us should already know.

*For the uninitiated, these are called Common Courtesies in my house (which includes my blog, my email, and anything else which I can selfishly call mine).

**I should also mention that many of these things MAY not get you into trouble with every disciplinarian, and I make no statement or judgment about other’s acceptable practices. What I WILL say is that you’re not likely to get yourself into trouble anywhere else, if you follow a few simple protocols.


How to Not Insult the Lady with the Paddle

Dana Kane Spanking Videos

1. Although it’s terribly difficult, try not to refer to your genitals in correspondence. Seriously, we all have them, so you’re not bestowing any groundbreaking information with Junk Talk – and trust me, we’ve all heard entirely too many genital details already. Be original and try sticking to things like thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Hey, maybe even spanking!

2. Same goes for filthy language. I don’t mean general use curse words here, but the ones you’d never say in front of your grandma. A good rule of thumb is that, if you wouldn’t say it at grandma’s 90th birthday party, then I probably don’t want to hear it either.

3. Sex. See #1. If I specifically ask about your sex life, sexual technique, or sex ninja exploits – well, you’ll be the first.

(Now’s a good time to say that I  a)talk about sex, b)have sex, and c)can be a downright bawdy gal under the right circumstances, so I’m not saying don’t BE who you are. Simply BE the you who has sense enough not to talk about that crap to me – especially if we don’t even know one another in Real Life.)

4. Play by the rules. This one’s specifically for those who exuberantly share/submit their spanking stories before ever having read the posting guidelines. Again, there is much information on the nature of my puritanical and iron-fisted demand for squeaky-cleanliness.

5. Don’t ask me to explain the rules of engagement to you; if you’ve reached the ripe old age of (fill in the blank) without the good sense to behave politely then I cannot help you.

6. If you’re lucky enough to get away with a “warning” about your behavior, heed it. Most don’t get a second, and nobody gets a third. You want discipline, buddy? Here ya go…discipline yourself right out the door.

7. Remember that your disciplinarian is not a prostitute, phone sex worker, sexual wellness counselor, or humping post. If your sexual needs are going unmet, it’s your responsibility to see to them. In other words, try to get laid someplace else, ’cause I’m just here for the spanking. Thanks.

8. The bottom line: As I spank my way around this country, yanking both men and women across my lap in what is always a private and intimate setting, I want to be just as comfortable and able-to-trust as you are in that moment. You can make that happen *just like that* by simply minding your manners.

Is that asking too much? Because, if it is, I’ll quote MY grandma:

“Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.”

–  Dana


PS. I’ll add that you don’t want to become part of a pop culture cautionary tale, either..

My friend Erica Scott receives so much trollish email that she’s put it all together into a BOOK – called Correspondence Hall of Shame. She’s recorded hundreds (if not thousands) of rude, embarrassing, and unintelligible emails over the years. She’s also published a great many of the more remarkable ones publicly, along with her scathingly hilarious commentary. You don’t want to be one of THOSE people, do you?


Jul 292014


** This is a Northeast Travel Advisory **


All resident spankos in these areas should take cover September 2014, because I am blowing through, paddles spinning:


New York City – Sept. 7 & 8

Albany – Sept. 10

Washington D.C. – Sept. 24

Toronto, Ontario – Sept. 26 & 27


Jul 272014
Live Session Video : Male Chauvinist Shamed and Punished
Virtual Discipline : Soaped and Spanked by Stepmommy
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Individual downloadable spanking video scenes also available on my
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Jul 252014


I think our first attempt at VQA did well, don’t you?

It went pretty darn long, as there were dozens of questions, and because I talked a lot (imagine that) – but I figure it’s up to you all to decide whether it’s worth doing again.

If you’ve still questions left over, or have come up with something else, ask your questions via the comment function below (please don’t email individual questions; it’s difficult to run them down in several places). And please remember, this isn’t an AMA – you cannot Ask Me Anything – but you’re welcome to ask questions about spanking, discipline, video, and stuff of general interest.

I’ll do my best to keep this one under half an hour, but no promises.

Jul 242014


For those of you who are current members, and even those who’ve been in the past, I’d like a little feedback. Heck, even if you’re not and have never been, feel free to weigh in on this subject :

Photo Sets.

I don’t currently have photosets to accompany individual spanking scenes on my member site. The truth is that it’s a terribly arduous and un-fun process to stop and take stills while filming, and the idea of staging the stills afterward seems weird to me – so I haven’t done them in the past.

I could, however, pull two or three dozen still frames from the HD video footage to construct still sets for each scene. This would be, truthfully, still somewhat of a pain in the backside, but if those of you who utilize the site, especially, feel like you’re missing something without the photosets, then I’ll consider adding them.

What say you spankos?


–  Dana