May 302014


dana kane spanks

I have no idea what combination of implements we used here, or why exactly his butt was SO red, but I am marginally sure that he deserved it.


dana kane spanks

Another guilty offender,  post-discipline.


May 282014


Here’s the first part of the Video Q&A; there were a lot of questions, so I thought I’d break the video down into two parts…problem is, I broke at the wrong time, so this part’s ten minutes and the next one’s thirty. Oops..



–  Dana

May 252014



Preview Video:


(POV) Barracuda : The Interview


Marital Discipline III

Marital Discipline 3 with Dana Kane

(Eight Canes, Foreplay, Caught Masturbating Again, You Asked for It, Bruised for Brownies, and Water War! Runtime approx. 63 minutes.)


Brand New Ass

Dana Kane Brand New Ass


(BNA: Red (2 Scenes), BNA: Lacey (2 scenes), BNA: Agatha (2 scenes), 60+ minutes.)

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May 222014


I just wanted to stop in here for a minute and make sure that I’m not the only one:


Please raise your hand if you’ve recently said, “Ohholyhell, if one more heinous thing happens over the course of this week I am going to lose my freaking mind!” (or some equivalent)…


Okay. That makes me feel better. And hopefully, you don’t feel silly sitting there in front of your computer with your hand in the air.


–  Dana

May 212014

(*Remember, this is only a ‘conversation’ if you comment in the box below, so that other readers can share in the experience. Sending your comment in an email to me sort of defeats the point.)



One of the most often discussed topics for new and exploring spankos (and many old hats, too) is, “Where does it come from?” 

I don’t know if we ever figure it out completely, and I think that that’s probably a very good thing (as the unknown causes us to explore) but I still want to know what you think about this short, not-so-simple question:

Where does IT come from?

Your spanking fetish. Your need. Your interest. Whatever you want to call it. When and where do you think yours derived, or can you not remember a time when you weren’t ‘already into’ spanking?

(We usually avoid pre-adult spanking conversations here, but I’m going to relax this a bit for obvious reasons – most of us were interested in spanking before we were able to drive so it reasons that we’d need to talk about it in terms of age and experience.)

Maybe we can all figure it out together…


–  Dana