Assume the Position Studios, feat. Christy Cutie, now has a Member site.

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Apr 292014



Just a quick note to let you know that Assume the Position Studios, formerly available only for individual scenes, now has it’s member’s site open. With around 200 scenes already available, as well as 100 photosets and LOTS more to come, ATP features most of the videos you’ll find featuring Christy Cutie, one of the more well-known and spankable female performers. Christy is joined by friends like Sarah Gregory, Casey Calvert, and more, so you’ll have the chance to see all the M/f AND F/f action you like.

I think you’re gonna like this one…

–  Dana


Click the banner below to redirect to ATP Studios:

Assume the Position Studios

Apr 272014



(Quite possibly the most fun scene we’ve shot yet.)


Here’s the Preview Video…


For more spanking videos, preview photos, scene description, and join links, visit:
Individual downloadable spanking video scenes also available on my
Clips4SaleScolding and SpankingLibrary studio pages.
Apr 262014


My cat is a genius. And a clown.

Just watch the video.

Apr 252014



We talk a lot about all the ways in which a bottom may be hurt or harmed during spanking play, and we’re all very conscious of those things – rightfully so – but we rarely talk about all the nasty crap that can happen to the spankER during the very same scene. 

Let’s look at a few ways in which my playmates have endangered my life and limbs over the years, likely in retribution for many, many sit spot whacks. Please feel free to empathize with me and other tops, for all the pain and woe we slog through, just to spank your misbehaving behinds.


1.  Sticks and Stones, and Feet:  I have a particularly kick-y playmate who, while doing his very best impression of an alligator death roll off my lap, managed to twist himself into such a position – AS I WAS SWINGING – that my hairbrush landed squarely on…

wait for it…

my right thumb knuckle. Hard. Now hitting the backside, all squishy and full of fat and muscles and stuff, is one thing, but hitting a bony appendage is a Whole Other Thing Entirely. Agony and swelling were immediate, but, not to be outdone by short-term issues, the knuckle now sits entirely crooked, probably forever. 

*Feet also make great Face Connectors. Unless you’re on the shorter side, there’s a very high likelihood that, if you swing your feet up high enough, they’ll come into intimate contact with some part of my face. This is not a Good Thing for anyone, as I will seriously beat you to death if you kick me in the face.

Feet can be dangerous.


2.  Hippy-Hippy-Bruise:  Those of you who work hard to maintain a certain physique are, rightfully, proud of yourselves and the effort you’ve made toward general healthfulness. What you’re NOT aware of is this: Your hipbones are sharp, protruding, little cheeseburger-craving knives which stab into your spankers upper thigh in such a manner that one almost has to wonder whether you’re skinny on purpose, just so you can use those things as weapons. The most common injury that I sustain is a nasty purple bruise slashing across my left thigh, in the exact spot you’ve been torturing me with your fitness.

*Conversely, it’s always the not-so-skinny who are concerned about ‘hurting me’ when going OTK. Trust me when I tell you that you are NOT going to hurt me, regardless of the size of your underpants.

Behold the deadly Iliac crest.


3.  Back-i-otomy :  This is, I believe, the generally accepted medical term for the procedure to remove one’s back altogether – because it’s both painful and useless. From what I’ve read on the AMA website, professional spankers are the largest demographic of Back-i-otomy surgery, and the success rate is pretty high, as long as they avoid spanking altogether in the future. (Seriously, the crummy back’s not your fault – you just exacerbate it.)

*If you’ve opened another tab to search ‘back-i-otomy’, I cannot help you.

Dave Chapelle knows.


4.  Biting the Hand that Spanks You :  Okay, so you’re not the ones who actually do the biting; it’s the implements that bite. Hard. Leather belts, straps, tawses, and anything else long and slinky is, I PROMISE you, going to snap back and bite the living hell out of the back of the wielder’s hand at least once. You just looove the belt, huh? Well, us, not so much. There’s a reason for that, and it’s called It Hurts…of course, we do it anyway, because the trade off is that, hopefully, it hurts you more.



There’s more. So much more. But I don’t want to give you all the impression that I’d have it any other way.

Bring it on.

–  Dana

Apr 232014



I thought it might be fun to do a Q&A on the blog, giving readers the opportunity to ask questions, to which I’d then reply. Then I thought it may be interesting to video the thing instead. I’d read and reply to questions asked and post up the video here, maybe monthly or every couple months or whatever.

This will be an experimental Video Q&A. Anyone who wants can ask a PERTINENT question in the comments box below (please don’t email me questions…be nice and put ’em all in the same place, below) and I’ll answer as many as possible in a video. 

I’ll leave the questions open for a few weeks then post up the answer video.


Please keep in mind that this is not an AMA. You cannot ask me anything. Be polite, behave, and be on topic (spanking. duh).

Okay, get to the questions….or not. We’ll see what happens.

–  Dana