Re-visiting Big Bang Theory

  Lots of us have seen the Sheldon spanks Amy scene on Big Bang Theory. I’ve shared it here, because I love the whole ‘real’ discipline/granny gown/longing-type thing they do. This scene caused quite an uproar, even outside the spanking community, and got a lot of press in the process. I’ve re-added the original scene, […]

  Readers, I’ve heard all about the Hofbrauhaus here in Las Vegas, and I know that they whack you with a paddle if/when you take some shot of liquor…and I’ve always maintained that it sounds Super Dangerous to allow your waitress to whack you with a thick wooden board when you’ve been drinking. I still […]

Oh, Canada!

  Have you seen this?   Pro-Domme Carlie Ritch (“Mizz Barbie Bitch”) has announced that she will run for mayor of Toronto.  HERE is the link to the article. My favorite quote from the interview: “I don’t have any skeletons in my closet.” said Ritch, “I AM the skeleton.”    

‘You look SO evil…’

  Okay, let’s not pretend that I haven’t heard that before – but I like to think that it’s complimentary.. that possible? Yeah, totally.   So our friends at have been playing around with GIFs and our stock of dozens of Product Testing and Tips 4 Tops videos, and they’ve come up with some […]

Who doesn’t love Betty Blaze?

  I’ve never met Betty Blaze, but I’ve seen a LOT of her films. She has the quintessential  spanker top look and demeanor, and obviously knows how to give a real, hard spanking. Betty appears to work mainly with Real Spankings site Women Spanking Men, and I’ve not seen a scene where her bottom gets […]

Is there such a thing as Too Big?

  Ahem. I mean butts, folks, calm yourselves. Particularly, female butts. I consider myself a longtime fan of, depending on your vernacular, the part of the female anatomy lovingly called : The Juicy Booty, A Large Backyard, Extra Junk in the Trunk, Fries with That Shake, Bubble Butt, and the universally known “Damn, look at […]

She Will, She Will, Spank You

  Yes, Miss Katarina… You’ll all likely recognize my gorgeous friend Katarina from her years of spanking performing on both sides of the paddle – most recently, she helped me teach my guy a lesson in our video “You Asked for It”. I’m very tickled to announce that Katarina’s finally begun offering private spanking sessions, […]

Couples’ Sessions

  Most readers would probably be surprised at the number of couples I see in my travels. I think there’s an assumption that all professional disciplinarian’s playmates are men, which couldn’t be farther from the truth, as I have a whole bunch of female playmates, as well. But we’re going to talk about couples today, […]

Clear-Conscience Consumerism (Unrelated to Spanking)

  I try to be reasonably well-informed about the food I eat and the products I use, more so now than ever before, and that includes the yummy-girly-sniffy stuff, too. You can’t walk into any drugstore, department store, supermarket, or even 99cent place without seeing hundreds (or thousands) of ‘beauty products’ – stuff geared (mostly) […]

Another fun Future Spank story (f/m spaking)

  Readers, Here’s a sweet little untitled entry to the Future Spank story contest – what a wealth of riches we’ve had with this contest! – Dana     It was my final year at high school and we were about to graduate. My teacher was Dana10/93, who is a robot. Robotic teachers have largely […]

‘The New Toy’ : Future Spank story

Short, sweet, and powerful, I think you’re going to like ‘The New Toy’ – another entry in the Future Spank story contest. – Dana The new toy   My eyes flickered open to the red glow of the morning sun. I rubbed my eyes as usual and stretched. A familiar voice greeted me. “Good morning […]