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Bruised for Brownies


Real Discipline Request: Fiona Murphy


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Mar 292014


Lots of us have seen the Sheldon spanks Amy scene on Big Bang Theory. I’ve shared it here, because I love the whole ‘real’ discipline/granny gown/longing-type thing they do. This scene caused quite an uproar, even outside the spanking community, and got a lot of press in the process. I’ve re-added the original scene, then the blooper reel (which is really hilarious) from the spanking scene, followed by Jim Parsons talking about – and demonstrating – the spanking with Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter. Even if you don’t watch the show, it’s great stuff. 



The actual scene:



Here’s the blooper reel:

Spanking bloopers start at 1:50..



And HERE is the ‘re-enactment’ from Conan O’Brien’s show:

Mar 282014
Enjoy this fun entry to the Future Spank contest – I did!
–  Dana
By 2,500 A.D. men had turned our planet into a state of constant warfare.  Young men were taken from their families at the age of 6 and raised by the state where they were taught sports and activities designed to enhance military skills.  By the time they were 16 they were conscripted into the military where they lived in barracks and remained soldiers until they were 62.  Fossil fuels were being rationed and renewable energy proved to be a boondoggle and couldn’t be sustained without government subsidies.  Our planet had entered another mini ice age similar to the period when General Washington wintered over at Valley Forge during the American Revolution.  Because of the colder climate we weren’t able to grow as much food and the world population decreased.  Just the opposite of what happened during the medieval period of global warming when Greenland was green and the warm climate allowed a surplus of food to be produced and the world’s population increased.

My name is Boudice and I was able to unite the women of our area with a vision of a better future.  Our borders were secure and there was no need to expand.  My plan was to submit the men to my vision of peace.  I organized the women to withhold sex with their mates until they submitted to our two demands; the end of warfare and election of women to political power.  Over the next years voters realized that women made the best political leaders and we were in total charge of our government.  Men became submissive to women and wars stopped.

That is about the time I discovered an old manuscript from the early 1900’s written by Dorothy Spencer.  She was a leading authority on marital harmony and the lost art of spanking.  She advocated that couples agree to spankings to clear the air.  The spanking would sincerely benefit the party at fault and not lead to dangerous quarrels- when the spanking is over the situation is resolved.  According to her plan revenge, oppression, force, and violence are omitted.  The idea is to administer punishment and avoid arguments that can lead to divorce court.  The plan calls for willful submission to a cooperative system of beneficial discipline.  Spankings should never be administered in anger and men are to be spanked with wooden paddles.  Punishments were to be painful so that the man being spanked would not want to repeat the experience.

The Spencer spanking plan was written into our law codes.  Every willing woman was issued a Spencer style spanking paddle with the authority to apply it to any adult male exhibiting aggressive behavior.  Tracking devices were inserted in the forearms of all males when they reached their 18th birthday.  Any man committing even minor acts of aggression if confronted by a paddle carrying disciplinarian was immediately identified by his tracking device and could choose either jail time or an immediate pants down paddling.  Most men avoided these public paddlings; but, a few seemed to have a strange need for an occasional spanking. They didn’t seem to enjoy the actual spanking but always returned for more  You could tell from their expressions that the spankings were painful but they apparently received some release from the pressures of the day after they were allowed to pull up their pants and continue on their way.

Today on my way home from the government health club I stopped by a food outlet and the young man in front of me argued about his ration card with the government service agent.  I grabbed him by his ear, lowered his pants and briefs to around his knees, bent him over the counter, announced that he would receive 10 spanks for his rude aggressive behavior, and told him that if he didn’t stay in position I would start my count again.  When I finished this 20 year old man was crying uncontrollably and his entire bottom was one bright red welt.  You could make out the imprint of the holes from my paddle!  I don’t think he was one of the men who has a strange need for an occasional paddling.

Now a little more about me.  I am a 35 years old 5′ 11″ tall and an avid body builder.  I have very little body fat due to daily workouts and diet.  These attributes aided me with my leadership during the revolutionary changes in our society.  As one of five Directors and a member of the Senate I wield much political power.  I have a civil union agreement with my mate Eric.  He is very fit like me and a type A male.  Because of this he feels the sting of my paddle about three times a month.  He hates these paddlings as much as I enjoy giving them.

It was brought to my attention that he was involved in an altercation over sharing Nautilus equipment at our government run health center.  When I returned to our housing pod without changing out of my skin tight yoga pants I put a straight backed chair in the middle of our bedroom and laid my Spencer paddle on the chair.  When Eric arrived home I greeted him with a passionate kiss on his mouth and told him to meet me in our bedroom.  When he came into the bedroom I slapped his face, sit in the chair with the paddle on my lap, and ordered him to strip and get over my knee.  I raised the paddle high in the air above my head and brought it down across the middle of his bottom with a snap of my wrist leaving a perfect imprint of my paddle across his bottom as he left out a gasp.  The second spank was just below the first and just as hard leaving another perfect imprint.  Next I started alternating from cheek to cheek as he cried, begged, kicked, squirmed, and danced over my lap.  He likes no part of being draped over my lovely lap.  Twenty-five spanks later his bottom was bright red, his eyes were blood shot and puffy, and tears were running down his face.  When I allowed him off of my lap to do his spanking dance around our room I smiled and felt a feeling of power.  When he finally calmed down I gave him another passionate kiss on his mouth.

Men have learned not to be submissive and not aggressive and warfare is a thing of the past under our new regime.

Mar 272014



I’ve heard all about the Hofbrauhaus here in Las Vegas, and I know that they whack you with a paddle if/when you take some shot of liquor…and I’ve always maintained that it sounds Super Dangerous to allow your waitress to whack you with a thick wooden board when you’ve been drinking.

I still maintain that, and would also like to add this:



Heart Attack Grill? Has anyone heard of/been to this place? And why in the name of everything good and edible is that lady allowed to hit people like that? Wow. I’m sure that she’s a lovely person, but every time I see her lift that paddle I am genuinely afraid for every person in the room.

Is the food really great? Is it worth the risk of losing all feeling from the waist down? Or am I being overly sensitive/judgmental about what I think looks like a paddle that could land Just About Anywhere every time it’s swung (this includes the front porch)? Scary spanking video.

Oh, Canada!

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Mar 262014


Have you seen this?


Pro-Domme Carlie Ritch (“Mizz Barbie Bitch”) has announced that she will run for mayor of Toronto. 

HERE is the link to the article.

My favorite quote from the interview: “I don’t have any skeletons in my closet.” said Ritch, “I AM the skeleton.”