Yes, Mexico. (Unrelated to Spanking)

  Readers, It’s that time of year again – the time of year when I begin to obsess about vacationing. To be fair, I do a pretty large amount of fantasizing about lying around on the beach year ’round, but it gets particularly bad beginning around the first of March. I know spring’s happening soon […]

Where do they find these girls??

  Readers,   All us spanking video fans have our favorite spanking performers, top and bottom, who we like to watch regularly. We also enjoy the novelty of new models whom we’ve never seen before, especially if it’s their first time on film – gotta love those nervous, under-conditioned, camera shy newbies!   One site […]

‘Spank Trek 2099: A Future Oddity

Readers, Here’s an alternate reality future twist with irony – you’ll enjoy ‘Spank Trek 2099″, another Future Spank entry. – Dana Spank Trek 2099: A Future Oddity Harry Hudley was obsessed with time travel.He had been ever since he had seen the “Back to the Future” trilogy  when he was nine years old. He spent  […]

Las Vegas Anecdote (Unrelated to Spanking)

  Celebrity sightings are nothing unusual in Las Vegas, especially in the big hotels and clubs on the strip. But get a couple miles off the strip and things get relatively normal, fast. Soccer moms, shift workers, and lots of really old luxury cars are the norm in my neighborhood, and I like it that […]

Fair Warning

  (PS. If you’re a member of one of these sites, please have the decency to NOT participate in illegally sharing my content. I give away dozens of free vids, sessions, toys, and all manner of crap..if you’re such a fan, why steal from me? I don’t get it…)   This isn’t fairytale spankingland, nor […]

‘Wise Choices?’ : Fun Future Spank entry

Here’s another fun, futuristic entry to the Future Spank contest – ‘Wise Choices?’. Enjoy! – Dana Wise Choices? “Make wise choices,” was the last thing my mom said before she stepped into the flying car with my dad. They were going to a luxury resort on Mars, and I had reluctantly agreed to come home […]

The Miscreants and the Top-Bots : Future Spank story

The Future Spank contest was a surprise to me, as I didn’t think we’d have nearly as many well-written entries. Here’s another, titled “The Miscreants and the Top-Bots”. – Dana The Miscreants & the Top-Bots (Spanking at Maximum Efficiency) The year is indiscriminate.  There is no measure to keep up with time. Not for the Miscreants […]

Revisiting Sarah Gregory..

  Sarah Gregory has been updating her site a LOT lately, and, as always, it looks like she’s having a whole lot of fun! Sarah always has a varied cast of both tops and bottoms, and she’s game for giving or taking a spanking – this makes for a really interesting and sexy mix of […]

It’s all about Meme

  What does a blogger do when she can’t think of a damned thing else to talk about but needs to post something up in order to keep a regular and diverse stream of available content? With about 75 seconds of research, I’ve come upon Meme. What is a meme? I had to google it […]

‘The Errant Robot’ : Future Spank entry

  Readers, Here’s another fine entry to the Future Spank story contest, which garnered a LOT of really creative writing. Enjoy ‘The Errant Robot’. –  Dana   THE ERRANT ROBOT   Colin woke up with a start.   He looked at his bedside clock and swore silently under his breath. He was late, very late. […]

Reflections on a ‘new’ spankos first year

  Readers, Below is an email, excerpted, I received from one of my playmates. New to the spanking ‘thing’, we all have a lot to learn, but I wanted to share this email for a couple specific reasons. Not only does my somewhat-new friend now understand the enormous emotional/psychological impact of spanking, but there’s also […]

Pandora Blake makes great movies

Pandora Blake has been posting up some really excellent male bottom content on her site Dreams of Spanking, including some with the absolutely adorable Michael Darling. One of the reasons that I love Pandora’s site is that she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to a good spanking – you’ll find girls spanking boys and girls, […]

Best Laid Plans

  Readers,   Well, damn. What does a girl have to do to avoid yuk winter weather? Huh? I’ve abstained from the Northeast and Midwest this winter, and done my best to pay close attention to the blue northers which seem to be just about everywhere this year. So I figured that a trip to […]

1000 Strokes Video : Angel Gives Til It Hurts!

  Everyone, I’m pleased to say that our Give Til it Hurts raffle winner has been kind enough to share his exclusive video of Angel receiving 1000 swats for charity – and we’ll be making it available for download on Clips4Sale and Yay!  As before, every cent collected from the sale of this video […]

‘Future Spank’ Story Contest Winner!

  Readers, Well! I have to say that I’m surprised at the number of entries that the Future Spank story contest garnered, each of them very well-written and imaginative. This was, even more than usual, a difficult choice. Thanks to everyone who entered their original work, and please do take a moment to comment on […]

Give Til it Hurts Raffle #1 Winner!

And the winner is…. Our lucky winner will receive a lovely and evil set of Caneiac implements as well as an exclusive custom video of Angel receiving a swat for every dollar donated! Keep reading for all the information on donors, helpers, and the beautiful animals who’ve benefitted from the raffle.     In total, […]