A Naughty Young Man’s Punishment

  Twenty-plus years ago, when I was trying to figure out the best way to make money for records, candy, and the occasional movie ticket, it never occurred to me to attempt babysitting. Having to slog over to some semi-stranger’s house in the late evening hours to sit around on their furniture, eat their weird […]

Give til it Hurts Raffle drawing coming soon!

  Angel will arrive end of this month, and while she’s here we’ll video both the raffle drawing and the exclusive 1000 stroke video. The winner will have the option to either retain the video solely for him or herself, or to allow distribution in which all proceeds will also go to animal charities. We’re […]

Spank Fail

  Readers, Spankos, Consumers, I implore you….think before you shop.     A friend sent me this link, kind of a ‘What do you think about this’ type thing, and I sent back something along the lines of ‘Looks interesting, will investigate’. I’m always interested in new implements, ideas, and gadgets, so I took a […]

New Spanking Story Contest : Future Spank

  Readers, In celebration of the new year and all the ones to come, the theme for this month’s spanking story writing contest is.. The Future No, not like next month, smartass. Think a bit farther ahead. Think flying cars or living on Mars or robots that are programmed to dole out spankings; think about […]