Spanking PSA : Tops have Hard Limits, too

  It’s well-discussed that spankees should learn, know, and protect their Hard Limits – the things in which they are not interested in participating. I always want to know what my playmates like and don’t like, but I’m most interested in their Hard Limits. I don’t touch those – don’t even graze ’em. It’s important, […]

Give til it Hurts Raffle Update!

  ** Raffle Closed  –  See Comments Box for Info  –  Raffle Closed **     Current Fundraising Total : $640 That’s six hundred and forty swats to Angel thus far, and I’m hoping to see a number that makes us BOTH nervous by the time we’re done at the end of January. Nearly halfway through […]

A fun holiday spanking story from The VBB

  Readers, Here’s a fun holiday story written by our very own VBB – he assures me that this is completely a work of fiction. Ahem, I’ll let you decide… –  Dana   “The Thanksgiving Day Football Game” It all started with a short email, which popped up on my screen during one of my […]

Spanko Distractions #7 : Turn in Your Homework

Tons of stuff to do? Busy up to your eyeballs? Don’t know what to do first? Here’s your answer : another Spanko Distraction. You’re late for school; the teacher has already told you that there would be ‘severe consequences’ if your homework wasn’t turned in, on time, at the beginning of class. You have exactly […]

Yay! I love surprises, especially from Erica Scott~

  There’s something uncertain about the padded envelope. It could contain something small yet really really cool, or it could contain a court summons, or another damn unrequested hemp products catalog, or a misdirected…anything.  This morning’s mystery padded envelope called for a bit of backtracking : Did I order something from Amazon and forget, again? […]

Favored Phraseology (Unrelated to Spanking)

  We all have words and phrases which crop up in our own speech more often than others – favored phraseology, if you will. Many times there are regional influences, dialectical differences, and the like, most of which are part of the diversity of language and usually fun to listen to. Then there are the […]

The Good Housewife

  Readers, My oh my, how the times have changed! Just take a look at these two ads, both using spanking to sell their products, and both also utilizing the archetypal perfect housewife to do so. But that’s where the similarities end… In this Chase Sanborn coffee ad from sometime before I was born, you […]

Game Night

  Readers, One of my famously fun playmates came to visit me here in Las Vegas a few weeks back, and I wanted to help make his trip as enjoyable as possible. So we had Game Night at my place. Rousing rounds of Abacus Math, Spin the Bottle (previously approved by DrZ to be both […]

Give til it Hurts!

  Readers, My friends and many regular blog visitors know that I’m crazy for critters. Like many of you, I share my home with cherished pets and am grateful for everything they add to my life. In an attempt to help the wider pet population, I’m going to begin holding regular fundraisers here on the […]