Only in Toronto : Secure Strapping

Step right up, Ladies and Gents! Now, in addition to all it’s other fine services, Toronto’s Pearson airport is proud to offer Secure Strapping –  for the stressed traveling spanko on the go. It appears as though the strapping is given with those nylon buckle-y things that some people use to tie their suitcases shut. […]

Getting excellent feedback on the new site format

  The new video formatting has been complete for several weeks now, and the feedback from subscribers has been very positive. It seems as though all users are able to either stream much more efficiently, or, even better, download the scenes for leisurely viewing. Many subscribers who reported issues early on are thrilled with […]

Get Ready to GIVE

Readers, We are about to begin fundraising for animal charities nationwide. I’ll be offering silent auctions, custom videos, implements, and myriad other incentives for spankos to GIVE GIVE GIVE! If you’re interested in helping in any way, please email me directly at

Follow-up to Spanking on Television post

  Readers, Back in June, I posted up a scene from Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon spanks Amy for faking an illness. The scene itself is giggle-inspiring enough, but I’ve just come across the blooper reel from that season…of course there’s no WAY they got through that scene in one take, and the fact […]

Welcome, and thank you!

  To the 30+ thousand visitors who’ve made the move to this new blog platform with me, and especially to the 900+ registered users –  Thank you. Sincerely. Knowing that there are people out there reading and enjoying this blog is immensely satisfying to me (although I’ll admit that I’d probably write it anyway, even […]

Spanking PSA : More Spanking Info for Newbies

  Last Spanking PSA we touched on spanko terminology, and this time we’ll look at finding someone with whom to correspond, chat, or play. As we discussed recently when one of my playmates gifted me some classic spanko periodicals, getting in touch with others of a like mind is different now than ever before. Most […]

Creative Ways to Fundraise?

Readers,   Like many of you, I am an animal lover. Having five cats and one fat little dog currently, and spending quite a lot of time networking for animal rescues and charities on the side, pets are a constant part of my life – and while I know that there is only so much […]