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One last, great story from the ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest,’Miss Redbuns’ is an excellent way to end the month….enjoy.

– Dana


Miss Redbuns

My boss gave me two choices. My first option was, I could spend the day at work, in my usual 8 to 5 shift as his dutiful secretary, as I did every weekday throughout the year. My second choice was I could spend the day attending an annual spanking party, as his date, and get paid as I would for a normal workday. I didn’t have to think very long before telling Danny I’d be happy to accompany him to this “spanking party,” whatever it was.
What it was, was an annual gathering of spanking enthusiast business owners, who would get together for a luncheon at a banquet hall downtown. It was a great way to reconnect with old contacts and network, as most of the attendees were owners of spanking related business. My boss, Danny, is the CEO of Naughty Novelties, a company that produces adult toys for the BDSM crowd. He said the annual convention was a great way to meet new clients to increase ad revenue for the magazine. I saw the convention as a great way to get out of the office for a day and still get paid, so we all had our reasons for attending.
Now, I am no stranger to spanking. I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but, I get spankings. A lot. Danny made it very clear to me during my interview for the job, that one of his expectations of me was that I would have to submit to spankings whenever asked of me. It was a fantasy of his, for many years, to one day work in an office and have a young hottie for a personal secretary, to wear short skirts that she could give spankings to on a regular basis. I seemed to fit the bill for both my looks and attitude, so he hired me.
I figured, why not? The pay was great and I got to wear cute sexy clothes to work, so it seemed like a great gig. And to be totally honest with you, I actually kind of enjoyed the spankings. Sometimes I cried and put up a fuss, but if I really didn’t like them, I didn’t need to stay at that job. There was something I found a bit thrilling when Danny would call me into his office and order me to bend over his desk. I loved the adrenaline rush; the nervous sense of anticipation, as I placed my hands on his desk and stuck out my behind. And when he’d instruct me to lift my skirt, and lower my panties? That just added to the fun. I loved being able to feel the spankings that much better. Even if it made sitting a bit uncomfortable for the rest of the day.
By the way, my name’s Lea Kim. I’m 22 years old, Asian American, and I like music and dance. I have long black hair, a slim body and a round bubble butt. I’ve been told I’m very attractive with and without clothes. I’ve been a secretary at Naughty Novelties for six months, so this is my first year with the opportunity to attend the annual Belts and Bottoms Spanking Party.
Belts and Bottoms, a magazine that features spanking stories as well as advice for readers interested in the BDSM lifestyle, hosts this event every year. The event consists of a meet and greet, with hors d’oeuvres, a luncheon, a screening of some spanking videos submitted by guests, and finally, a spanking competition.
This competition involves female contestants getting spanked on stage in front of the entire party. Each girl is spanked ten times per round. The first round they are spanked by hand, the second round via paddle. Later other methods are implemented, each gradually more severe than the last. The girl who can withstand the most swats is crowned Miss Redbuns, and her company is featured prominently in the next quarter’s edition of Belts and Bottoms. This creates excellent publicity for Miss Redbuns’ place of employment, so naturally Danny was very adamant that I compete.
Not wanting to disappoint, I agreed, and signed my name onto the application form at the entrance of the banquet hall. I could sense the smiles of the gentlemen watching me as I signed. It was obvious they were eager to see a young pretty Asian girl get her bottom spanked. I was quite excited as well so it was likely to be a fun day.
I learned shortly after arriving that I had some stiff competition. Apparently, the title of Miss Redbuns had been won by the same girl the past six years in a row. Deanna Franklin was a spanking actress and model, and was therefore quite used to having her bottom smacked, paddled, belted and caned. I recognized her face from the copies of Belts and Bottoms that Danny let lying around the office. She was a tall leggy blonde, standing at the entrance of the banquet hall smiling and laughing with several of the guests. As I finished signing my name to the application form, she approached me.
“You’re new here?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said, extending my hand. “I’m Lea.”
“Deanna,” she said, shaking my hand. “You’re pretty brave doing this. You should be proud.”
“Thanks,” I said. Deanna picked up the pen and signed her name on the form in the slot below mine.
“You ever been spanked before, Lea?” Deanna asked, not looking up from the form.
“Yes,” I nodded. “By my boss. Lots of times.”
“Well, you’re in the big leagues now,” Deanna said. “Vincent is not kind when he’s wailing on you up there.”
I felt a chill go up my spine.
“Well, best of luck to you,” Deanna said, cheerfully. I gulped.
I spent the next hour making small talk with other guests at the party. Most of them were quite supportive, and gave me their best wishes in the spanking competition. I, on the other hand, was so nervous that when the luncheon was served, I couldn’t eat a bite! Danny gave me a reassuring pat on the butt and assured me it would be alright.
I did notice a delicious fondue pot was available. I helped myself to a few chocolate covered strawberries but that was all I could eat.
After dinner there was a screening of a few spanking videos. To my displeasure I saw a few of them featured Deanna Franklin. In one video, Deanna was dressed in a schoolgirl’s costume while a stern lady teacher thrashed her with a belt. Deanna held her poise for what seemed like an eternity, and never once begging for a reprieve.
“May I have your attention please?” Scott Hawkley, the emcee of the evening, took to the stage. He had a microphone in his hand and was dressed in a fine white vest and dress pants. “How’s everyone enjoying the fondue?”
A few cheers shot from the audience.
“We thought you’d like that. Well folks, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, our annual spanking competition!”
The audience erupted in applause. Scott invited the contestants onto the stage. There looked to be about fifteen of us, all nervous and waiting our turns to be spanked. One by one, he read off our names and asked us to introduce ourselves. I stood nervously wringing my hands until finally, he got to my name.
“Lea Kim,” Scott said, reading off the application form. I stepped forward.
“Nice to see a fresh face this year,” Scott said. “Where do you work?”
“Naughty Novelties,” I said. The audience applauded.
“Ah, you work for good old Danny,” Scott said. “Our sympathies.”
The audience laughed. I let out a chuckle.
“Well Lea, we wish the best of luck to you,” Scott said. He finished introducing the other contestants, but I was so nervous I realized I didn’t even hear a word he said. Finally, he introduced the last girl, and was ready to begin.
“Here’s the rules, girls. Each of you gets a turn taking ten swats. If it gets too much for you, all you’ve got to do is say our special safe word, and you’ll be eliminated from the competition. Last girl standing will win the title of Miss Redbuns. In honor of the delicious condiment we’ve been served this afternoon, our safe word this year will be ‘fondue.’”
This got an applause from the audience.
“Are we ready to see some spankings?” Scott asked. The audience cheered.
“Then let the spanking competition commence!”
Scott called the first girl to come to his side. Her name was Allison, and Scott asked her to bend over. As she did, a large, muscular-in-a-handsome way man approached her. This was Vincent, the Designated Spanker. He would be giving all of us our spankings.
I watched with nervous excitement as Vincent smacked his palm across Allison’s bottom ten times. She squealed after each one, but when he was finished, she did not hesitate to return to her place in line, ready for the next round.
Vincent repeated this procedure with the next girl. And the next. And the next. Until finally it was my turn.
“Lea Kim,” Scott said. Nervously, I stepped forward. “Let’s see how this lovely newcomer fares.”
I took my place in the center of the stage and bent over. I rested my hands on my knees and waited. I didn’t have to wait long.
“Ye-owch!” I squealed. Vincent spanked me hard. I tired to hold my composure but he just kept smacking me, again and again, until he reached ten swats.
I cringed as I stood upright. I rubbed my bottom and took my place back in line. Vincent spanked much harder than Danny did. I hoped I wouldn’t have to cut out too early.
When it was Deanna’s turn, I watched with amazement as she held herself so gracefully. I couldn’t believe she could remain so calm and complacent. It was if she didn’t even feel it, and yet the sound of Vincent’s hand striking her buttocks was loud enough to be heard throughout the dining hall. After ten swats, Deanna shot a flirty glace at the crowd and returned to the lineup.
“All right, looks like all of our ladies survived the first round!” Scott declared. “Time to take this competition up a notch!”
Allison returned to center stage, and Scott instructed her to lift her dress. Allison did as she was told, and exposed her panty-covered bottom to the audience. This got many whoops and hollers from the crowd. Allison wore very pretty light blue panties, and her bottom looked quite firm and sexy. This did not stop Vincent from laying ten hard swats on her delicate bottom, causing her once again to squeal after each one. Even so, she rose to her feet and with as much dignity as she could muster returned to the line.
Vincent continued spanking the girls on top of their panties. One girl, a pretty young Italian girl named Gina, revealed she was not even wearing any panties underneath her flippy red dress. Consequently Gina gave the crowd a peek at her bare buns a bit earlier than the rest of us. She managed her spankings with grace, and returned to the lineup.
I felt my heart skip a beat when Scott called my name. Even so, I walked to the center of the stage and turned my back to the audience. I could sense their anticipation of seeing me lift my dress; there was a wave of baited silence.
“Well go on, darling, lift the dress,” Scott said, urging me on. I took a deep breath, and pulled up my dress.
I heard a few wolf whistles as I unveiled my lacy white panties to the crowd. The crowd was obviously enjoying the show. I bent forward and awaited my spankings. I felt my face heat up to what felt like three hundred degrees. I has never felt so exposed and vulnerable. Soon after, Vincent raised his palm, and smacked my panty-covered bottom ten times.
When he was finally done, I felt a tear dribble down my cheek and I returned to my feet. I kept my face away from the crowd and walked back to the line. For reasons I couldn’t explain, I felt more embarrassed by my pain than anything else. I didn’t want anyone to know I’d suffered.
Deanna handled herself with much more finesse when she was spanked on the seat of her pretty pink panties. She once again smiled and returned to the lineup as if he’d just given her a kiss rather than ten hard swats on her scantily-clad behind.
“Round three!” Scott announced. Allison was up again. Scott instructed her this time to not only lift her dress, but also to remove her panties. The crowd cheered as she slipped her sexy blue panties down her thighs and bent over. Her cheeks were already slightly pink, and Vincent looked eager to darken their hue.
Ten hard smacks to Allison’s bare bottom left her in tears, but still she returned to the lineup. The other girls reacted the same way, even Gina, who had her bottom spanked on the bare for the second time in this game.
Once again it was my turn. It seemed I was fast becoming a fan favorite, as the crowd cheered louder than ever when I lifted my dress and lowered my panties for my excited audience’s pleasure.
The spankings stung. Without my dress or panties for protection, my very sensitive cheeks had to bear the full brunt of Vincent’s smacks. I squealed and I cried, but I made it. I even got an applause from my growing fan base as I rose to my feet and pulled my panties back up over my stinging bottom.
“Round four!” Scott announced.
Vincent exited the stage, but soon returned with a sturdy wooden paddle. He gave an evil smile to Allison, who gasped as Vincent beckoned her towards him. “All right, lets see how these lovely ladies fair against the PADDLE!”
If being spanked by hand was terrifying, it was ten times worse when seeing a wooden paddle come smacking down against a pretty girl’s bottom. On the plus side, we at least got to remain fully dressed for the paddle, at least for this round.
I was in pure agony when the paddle struck my behind, which was still sore from the previous spankings. However I absolutely did not want to be the first girl to be eliminated. I thought that would be embarrassing both for myself and for Danny, so I was determined to hold out. Unfortunately, it seemed most of the other girls felt the same way. Each of them looked ready to quit, but the look in their eyes told me they had no intention of doing so.
Round five saw the first elimination. Poor Janie was only on the fourth stroke of the paddle on the seat of her panties when she cried out “fondue.”
“Good effort Janie!” Scott said, crossing Janie’s name off the list. One down, fourteen to go. I watched as Janie rubbed her bottom as she returned to the audience, softly crying.
Soon after, Gina also said the safe word, no doubt regretting her decision for forgo her panties in a spanking competition. I managed to refrain from saying the safe word, tempted though I was, when I felt the burn of the paddle against my panty-covered bottom in round five. I took short, deep breaths, and tried to tune out the pain, just as I did all those times when I was bent over Danny’s desk.
It occurred to me, at that moment, that all those spankings Danny gave me weren’t just to punish me for being an imperfect secretary. Danny was training me. I realized I wasn’t the beginner I thought I was. I had just as much, if not more experience than most of these other girls. I actually had a chance.
Round six saw four eliminations, bringing the total down to nine. Being paddled on the bare bottom wasn’t something a lot of girls could handle, it seemed. Deanna was handling herself just fine, though. She seemed her usual perky self in spite of the increasing reddening color forming across her cheeks.
“Round seven!” Scott announced. The nine remaining girls gasped as Vincent appeared onstage carrying a long black leather belt. He cracked it loudly, making several of us jump. He smiled at Allison and invited her to take her place.
Everyone made it through round seven, in spite of the squeals and cries. We lost one girl in eight and one in nine, leaving seven girls remaining for round ten, when Vincent entered the stage carrying a sturdy wooden cane.
“It’s come to this folks, round ten, and with seven girls remaining!” Scott said. “We’ve never had this many girls this late in the game, so this is sure to be a tense round!”
I stopped to think, deciding perhaps this was the round to call it quits. I was clearly up against some fierce competition if it was unusual for this many girls to remain for this many rounds. I watched in anticipation as Allison bent over for her caning.
Allison squealed. Vincent caned her again, and again, until after four strokes, Allison eeked out a quiet “fondue.”
The audience applauded, and a tearful Allison returned to her table. Six left. The next girl, a sultry brunette named Mandy, dropped the safe word after one stroke. To my shock and horror, the next girl and the next girl gently excused herself from the competition until it was finally my turn.
“Good luck,” Deanna whispered to me, smiling. I felt a chill go up my spine.
“Well, let’s see if lovely Lea can survive a round with the cane,” Scott said. “Show us what you’ve got!”
I leaned forward, thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t have to remove any clothing for this round and waited.
I screamed. I’d never been caned like this before, and it was worse than any other implement I’d ever gotten. I wondered how even a girl like Deanna could tolerate such an unfathomable amount of pain.
I screamed again. My bottom felt like it was on fire. I waited and prayed. I knew that if I could survive this round, than maybe, just maybe, I could win by attrition. I had to. No one else could tolerate this, I was sure of it!
And I wasn’t sure if I could. I screamed, and I wailed. But I didn’t give up. He caned me again and again, and soon each whack blended into the next. Before I knew it, I had made it to ten.
“Let’s give her a hand, that was incredible!” Scott said. I got a heavy applause, and took my place in line. As I did, Deanna whispered to me again.
“Now let me show you how it’s done,” Deanna said.
Now I saw what Deanna’s game was about. She wasn’t braver or stronger than the rest of us. She just knew how to psych us out. I could tell by the tremor in her voice she was petrified at the thought of going through what she had just witnessed me endure. So I shot back at her:
“You don’t have to do this just to impress me.” The look on Deanna’s face told me everything I needed to know. I could beat her. All I had to do was make her believe nothing would stop me, and she would fold.
Round ten saw the exit of every girl but me and Deanna. She tolerated each strike of the cane, but I could tell she was getting frustrated at not being able to get inside my head.
“Your turn,” she said, returning triumphantly from her ten licks, and I knew that with so many other girls eliminated, my next turn was going to come much sooner.
“She made ten on top of her dress, but can our beautiful newcomer handle a caning on top of her panties? Let’s find out!” Scott said.
I lifted my dress and bent forward, groaning as I did. I had to think of something that would give me an edge. Something that would help me better my chances of winning.
I squealed. The crowd cheered. And as if a light had gone on over my head, I realized what I needed to do. Deanna may be the reigning champion, but I could win the crowd’s favor over her.
“Wait,” I said, holding out my hand.
“Uh oh,” Scott said. “Is our newcomer ready to back out?”
“On the contrary,” I said. I slipped off my panties and kicked them into the crowd. Several men fought over them until one man grabbed them and stuffed them into his suit jacket. “I don’t need these.”
I shot a smile at Deanna. Scott’s eyes went wide.
“Wow! Our newcomer is showing our queen how its done! This will be a match to remember, folks!”
I bent over once again, and invited Vincent to continue. I had to hope that this would make me more intimidating to Deanna, but I feared I might have just sealed my fate.
Vincent caned me again, and I cried out in agony. Still, I held my ground, doing everything in my power to avoid spoiling my bluff. I thought I might possibly be able to endure one more round, but after this, I was done. If this didn’t win it for me, Deanna could keep her crown.
But I could not quit yet. I would look stupid if I quit in the same round as the stunt I just pulled, so I had that to motivate me. Just one more round.
I held back my squeals. I had to look strong. Simply knowing I was almost done seemed to give me a bit of strength. I endured five more hellish strikes of the cane, and let the crowd admire my bruised bottom before taking to my feet.
“I’ve never seen anything like this folks, not in the twelve years of hosting this event,” Scott said. “This girl’s got guts!”
I got a huge applause. I put on the best fake smile I could, and walked back towards Deanna.
“You were saying?” I asked, smugly.
It took everything in me to maintain my demeanor. I was ready to burst into tears, but I couldn’t. Not yet. I couldn’t even enjoy watching the fear in Deanna’s eyes as she returned to her place on the stage, ready for ten more licks on the cane.
Not to be outdone, Deanna slid off her panties, and tossed them into the crowd just as I had. I had to laugh at her copycat gesture, a desperate move on her part. She bent over, and I saw the horrendous bruising on her soft, supple cheeks. I knew that my own bottom couldn’t have looked much different.
Deanna held back a scream, but I could see her tremble.
Tears dribbled from her eyes. She tried to turn away, so I wouldn’t see her, but I still could.
Deanna was sobbing. Everyone could hear it. She wanted that crown so badly. But she was not prepared to go against the likes of me.
She let out a scream. Vincent stopped. He waited. A noise in Deanna’s mouth was forming. She was trying to say something. She cried. Hearing only muffled cries, Vincent caned her again.
“Fondue!” Deanna screamed.
“We have a winner!” Scott declared.
The next few moments were a blur. I heard applause. Everyone was cheering for me. Danny joined me on stage. Scott placed a tiara on my head.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, Lea Kim, our new Miss Redbuns!”
Only then, did I cry.
I could barely sit. The car ride back to the office was uncomfortable and painful, but Danny could not stop smiling.
“You did it! I knew it!” Danny kept saying over and over.
“Thanks,” I said, too exhausted to speak any more. I stared out the car window at the starry night sky and let my tired eyes drift shut.
“You’re going to be famous! Our company is going to be famous!” Danny said. I nodded in appreciation.
“I sure hope so,” I muttered.
“About time somebody took that crown away from Deanna,” Danny said, chuckling.
I sighed.
“Well she can have it back next year if she wants it so bad,” I said. “No more for me.”
Danny shook his head.
“Aww, we’ll see.”
Oct 292013



Here is another of the noteworthy entries to last month’s ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest. I know you’ll love ‘Accepting the Inevitable.’

– Dana



Accepting the Inevitable


She said that I would be getting spanked tonight in the main room. Not because I had done anything wrong, simply because she wanted to spank me there. When all my protests boiled down to “but I’ll be embarrassed” she gave me that look, the one that said she’d heard me and it wasn’t that she didn’t care, it was simply that her will was overruling my own in this matter.


So here I was trying to unobtrusively wander the room hoping that in all the excitement of having new playmates and all her various other spankees wandering around and all of them more than willing to go over her lap, she forget about the spanking she wanted to give me.


I was, of course, attired exactly as I’d been instructed because much as I didn’t want her to spank me in public at all, I certainly didn’t want her giving me a punishment spanking instead of the “just because” one she’d decided on. I wore a thong because the rules of public play at this event required one for bare bottomed spankings. Over the thong I wore a pair of the full-cut panties she preferred because she had informed me that she still wanted to enjoy the moment of removing them, despite the event’s modesty rules. Otherwise I was wearing my own regular clothes of jeans and a t-shirt since I’d been told to otherwise dress in a manner that was comfortable for me. She wanted me uncomfortable for other reasons tonight.


I have to admit it was a fun party and I’d enjoyed watching the antics of everyone else there. The first night there’d been a school based event with many of the bottoms dressing like school children in uniforms or naughty approximations thereof and everyone who wasn’t “in uniform” got pulled into the play anyway for being out of uniform so no one’s bottom had gone unsmacked if they didn’t want it to. There had been a lot of laughter and teasing and pranks played as everyone was a little bit silly. The spankers had all been dressed as headmasters and mistresses to make the play all the more fun.


The implement demonstration booths had been going strong both nights and there was no shortage of people volunteering to demonstrate how implements worked. There was also no shortage of people volunteering their own bottoms to be used for these demonstrations. It was a convivial atmosphere with slaps and smacks against bottoms echoing through the place non-stop as spankings happened just about everywhere.


But that didn’t mean I wanted my bottom to be on the receiving end of any such treatment. Not in public anyway. It would have been fine in the hotel room and had been last night, when we were away from the crowd but this was…no longer a matter for discussion.


And at that moment, she looked up and saw me, making eye contact from across the room. She smiled warmly and a little teasingly as she crooked her finger at me in a clear command for me to cross the room to her. I sighed and reluctantly trudged across the room like a condemned person going to the gallows.


When I reached her, I stopped at exactly the respectful distance I’d been taught and kept my eyes on her face. She said she didn’t like having her bottoms staring at the floor as it gave their minds too much time to wander. She wanted us to watch her face and pay attention to what she was saying, even when it was nonverbal. The expression on her face now was thoughtful as she read my body language in return.


“I think before we begin you will do five minutes in the corner, missy.” Such a short span of time wasn’t really punishment to me and she knew it. Corner time of that duration was most useful to me as a focusing tool, giving me time to achieve a proper mindset. Of course, it worked best when I was given a thought to focus on as well and she knew that too. “While you are there, think very hard on which one of us in charge of deciding when, where, and why you are spanked. Can you do that?”


I nodded and respectfully said, “Yes, ma’am.”


She looked very sternly at me. “What are you to do?” She prompted.


“I’m to think about which of us is in charge, ma’am.”


“In charge of what?” She prompted.


I blushed. I hated saying the word but knew what she wanted. “In charge of deciding when, where, and why I’m s-spanked, ma’am.” I stuttered the word.


She nodded. “Five minutes then. Over there.”  She pointed to a nearby corner, conveniently empty as though she had planned this, which she probably had. “Hands behind your back.”


I nodded and moved silently to place my nose in the corner, clasping my hands together behind my back and standing still.


I began focusing my thoughts on what I’d been instructed to think about, reminding myself that I’d consented to have her in charge and that she was the one who had final say on all spankings. It was calming and helped me slip into the proper mindset, the one that submitted to her will and accepted that when it came to spankings, she knew what was best for me.


I was so into the comforting space of my own mind I almost missed feeling her hand touch my shoulder giving me the signal that my time was up and I could come out. I took a moment to regroup my thoughts before I turned, which gave her time to reseat herself comfortably and be ready for me.


I went to her in a more accepting frame of mind. I still wasn’t completely willing to be spanked in public but I was willing to submit to her and accept what she deemed proper. That was all that was required of me in this moment.


Her hands reached out and unbuttoned my jeans, undoing the zipper then sliding them down to my knees. She gently took my upper arm to help guide me over her lap helping me get situated so that we were both comfortable with my position.


Her hand slid over the panties, tugging at the edges of them, smoothing them out and giving my bottom little gentle pats. Not firm enough to sting but just enough that I knew she was preparing to start. Then she began.


It was clear from the beginning that even though this spanking was just because, she was not playing around. The sharp crack! of her palm meeting my bottom echoed around the room causing more than one head to turn. The sting of it was immense and though I blushed to think about the audience we’d surely attract with all this noise, I didn’t have long to dwell on the matter as the stinging in my bottom built rapidly.


I tried to stay still and quiet but it became readily apparent that she had no intention of letting me be so. When I stayed taciturn past the point where I’d normally be squirming and yelping and wriggling just a little bit to get away, she moved her spanks from my bottom to my upper thighs drawing a startled yelp out of me as I began squirming involuntarily.


She laughed and kept it up until my thighs were bright red and all thoughts of staying still and quiet had left my head. I was squirming enough now that she’d put her other arm around my waist to help keep me on her lap. It was a relief when she returned her igniting smacks to my bottom, leaving my poor thighs alone.


When she stopped for a moment, running her hand over my panty clad bottom, I briefly thought that maybe she’d taken pity on me and we were done. I knew I was wrong a moment later when I felt her hands slip into the waistband of my panties and begin slowly tugging them down.


She enjoyed this moment in any spanking and she drew it out every chance she got. Now, with an audience and me still wriggling slightly on her lap, red bottomed and red faced, she took her time. It felt like an eternity could have passed in the time it took her to ease the panties one centimeter at a time down my stinging cheeks, her fingers whispering teasingly over my hot bottom. When she reached the point where the panties were resting at the base of my bottom, just uncovering my sit spot, she resumed with her hand.


She didn’t have to spank nearly as hard now because that brief pause had been just enough time for my bottom to recover to the point of sensitivity and even though she wasn’t going all out anymore, I still felt every single impact like a thousand ants had just bitten my bottom. And just when I thought maybe, maybe we were about done, her hand took hold of the panties one more time and pulled them low enough to leave my sit spots open.


She took advantage of that immediately, focusing all her attention on that under curve where bottom and thigh meet, making sure that I’d be feeling this spanking well into tomorrow and maybe even the next day. The hard spanks she placed here ensured that every time I sat, every time I moved and my jeans rubbed against this area, I’d be reminded that I’d been well and truly spanked.


Then, just as I was sure I couldn’t take any more, it was over.


I could feel her satisfaction in this whole process emanating from her. She was clearly pleased with the job she’d done, running her hand proprietarily over my reddened bottom and thighs, feeling the heat rising off them. She pulled my panties up deliberately not being careful so that they rasped against my swollen and sensitive bottom and helped me stand up.


I ached to pull my jeans up, well aware that though we hadn’t attracted a large crowd, there were still several onlookers nearby who’d stopped to watch the show we’d put on. But I knew better than to do so without permission.


She smiled at me as I fought to keep from trying to rub the sting away and did my best to will the redness in my face to subside at least a little as there was nothing I could do about my bottom.

And finally, finally, she gave me permission to pull my jeans up, watching nonchalantly as I hurriedly yanked them up, wincing as they scraped into contact with my bottom, and regretting my haste as soon as they were on since they immediately trapped the heat and made my bottom burn all the more. But once they were up I stood in the appropriate spot facing her, watching her face. Watching her as she studied me.


Her smile was genuinely pleased as she looked me over. “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”


I considered this question and realized that no, it hadn’t been nearly as bad as I’d thought. Embarrassing, to be sure, but not anywhere near the level I’d been anticipating ever since she’d told me her intention and I admitted it ruefully, “No, ma’am, that wasn’t so bad.”


She beamed at me for my honest admission and despite the burning in my bottom, I felt great. She was pleased with me and that alone made me feel pleased with myself.


She tapped her finger against her cheek and I obediently leant over and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for my spanking, ma’am.”


“You, missy, are more than welcome. Now,” she grasped my arm and turned me towards the rest of the room, “Go play!” And with a firm smack to propel me forward, she sent me back out into the main play area.


When I glanced back several feet later, she already had another lucky soul over her lap, though the brush in her hand told me that whoever it was certainly wasn’t getting off with just a simple hand spanking.


I smiled to myself and was just glad it wasn’t me…this time.

Oct 272013


OTK Hand and Strap


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Oct 252013


Didn’t your mother tell you to always wear clean underwear, in case you’re ever in an accident?

(Mine did, although I think it was a joke, and I never really understood why one would care about the state of one’s underpants in case of emergency anyway. But let’s move on.)

I’ll issue a little disclaimer here and state that this post is mostly for the fellas, as I’ve yet to encounter a situation with any of my female playmates where this conversation would be warranted. Call it a feminine consumer culture, vanity, or simply attention to detail, but ladies never need to be told the following :

“Those underwear are atrocious. You should be ashamed to even own them, much less wear them out of the house.”

In my capacity as Spanker of Many Fun Fellas, I’ve had cause to utter this statement on numerous occasions. But I haven’t.


Well, I’m not quite sure that Miss Manners covered the subject, and I cannot find a single ‘Dear Abby’ column which handles it, either. And while I’m happy to scold, fuss, and giggle at your discomfort, humiliation isn’t really my thing. I could never say :

“You filthy, stinky pig! Look at the state of your underpants – they’re disgusting. You’re disgusting. Go wash them in the toilet immediately…with your face” (or something. Told you I’m bad at this.)

I also haven’t been able to find a fun/funny way to do it, either…

“Say there, Mr. Cutie Pie, but these tighty-whities are no longer tight. Or white.”

If it were me, any approach that someone took which eventually led to them telling me that my panties were icky would result in immediate and immense mortification. I’d imagine that this would be the case with almost anyone, wouldn’t it?

So you see my conundrum. Continue to be too tactful and/or puritanical to say anything personally to those who need to do a little shopping, and suffer the sight of poor underpants held onto much too long…

…or post something silly and funny here and hope that EVERY MAN who reads this takes a moment today to sift through his drawers and do away with anything that could be mistaken for the Shroud of Turin.


With much love and sincere pleading,

The Girl Who Sees Your Underpants

Oct 252013


 ‘Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party’ is another really excellent F/M entry to the ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest . Enjoy!

–  Dana



Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party

by Richard

Jennifer and I have been married for over twenty years.  As time went on, our relationship evolved.  Jennifer became more dominant and I became submissive.  Eventually, we introduced spanking into our repertoire.  Most of our spanking sessions were “playful” and typically included sex.  However, on occasion, when my behavior hasn’t met Jennifer’s expectations, she has administered a punishment spanking.  These are severe and do make sitting uncomfortable for a day or so.  They have definitely modified my behavior.  Now, when she says jump, I jump.  Or suffer the consequences.


Every few weeks, the girls in the neighborhood get together for a “girls night in” party and the other night it was at our house.  Jennifer asked, which in our relationship means told me that she wanted me to be the waiter for the evening.  I said “there is a game on that night that I was looking forward to watching.”


“Too bad.  You will be our waiter and I expect you to be a good one.”


So, while my attitude for the evening wasn’t very good, I did what I was told.  I greeted the girls as they arrived, served them drinks, passed around snacks, and generally behaved as a good waiter.  In between serving, I just sat in the room and sulked because I couldn’t watch the game.  The girls just chatted about things that were of absolutely no interest to me.  I was totally bored.


And then something got my interest, the girls themselves.  There were eight all together and some of them were drop dead gorgeous.  Long suntan legs and short skirts that were riding up high on their thighs.  I am definitely a leg man.  My undoing.


I was looking across the room at Sue, a definite milf.  And after having a few drinks, her legs started to part.  I couldn’t help myself.  I looked up her skirt and stared at her blue panties,  I was mesmerized by the panties and what it would be like to roam inside them.  I was so engaged in my fantasy that I was totally oblivious to my surroundings.  That is until I heard Judy, the neighborhood bitch, yell “Richard!  What are you doing?  Are you looking up Sue’s skirt?  Shame on you.”


I was mortified.  “Ah.  Ah.  Ah.” I stammered.  But it was too late.  The room was silent.  And the red started at my neck and went up my entire face.  I was totally embarrassed and humiliated.  Jennifer, on the other hand, was furious.


“Richard!  Is that true?  Don’t deny it.  That red face and bulge in your pants tells the entire story.  How could you embarrass me in front of all my friends.  You will pay for this and I mean right now.  Girls, I have to apologize for Richard’s behavior.  I hope what I am going to do won’t embarrass you.  But Richard needs to be punished immediately for his outlandish behavior.”


“Richard, go and get the bath brush.”


“Jennifer.  Please don’t do this.  At least please don’t do this now.  Not in front of these women.”


You should have thought of that before you decided to look up a woman’s skirt.  Now go and get the brush before things get worse for you.”


I got up and headed for the bedroom where we keep the bath brush.  It is a solid wooden brush with a long handle.  We had just purchased it a couple of days prior.  After making the purchase, Jennifer gave me a few swats just to test it out.  They hurt. I couldn’t imagine what she was going to do now that she was so angry.  And in front of all the neighborhood women.  How was I going to walk down the street and see them after being spanked by Jennifer in front of them.  And what if they tell their husbands?  I’ll be the laughing stock.  But I knew I didn’t have a choice but to take what Jennifer decides.


When I returned to the room, it suddenly went quiet.  I assume Jennifer told them what she intended.  I walked up to Jennifer and handed her the bath brush.


“Well Richard.  What do you have to say for yourself?  Apologize to Sue.”


I turned to look at Sue.  “Please forgive me Sue.  I was looking up your skirt.  A gentleman would never do that to a lady.  I apologize and deserve to be punished.”


Sue said “I’ll wait to see how well you take your punishment before I tell you if I accept your apology.  If you accept your punishment, I’ll accept your apology.  But your punishment will continue until I am satisfied.”


Jennifer then said “okay Richard.  Let’s get started.  Stand in the middle of the room and remove your pants.”


“What?  No please Jennifer.  I’m too embarrassed to do that in front of our friends.  Please don’t make me do it.”


“You saw Sue’s panties.  It’s only right for everyone to see your shorts.  Drop those pants now!”


I had no choice.  As my face turned red again, I slowly removed my pants and stood in the middle of the room.


“Bend over and grab your ankles and look at Sue.  I want her to see how you respond to your punishment.”


As I bent over facing Sue, Jennifer stood behind me and swung the brush.  Whack! Whack! Whack!  Three quick smacks broke the silence.  And these weren’t the fun swats from a few nights ago.  These were punishment swats and they hurt.


“How does that feel Richard?  Was it worth seeing Sue’s panties?  We’ll see.” Whack! Whack! Whack!  Three more quick ones.  And the girls began to giggle.  I’m not sure what was worse, the pain in my ass or the humiliation I was suffering in front of the girls.


“This isn’t enough.  Those shorts are offering too much protection.” With that, Jennifer put her hands in the waistband of the shorts and pulled them down below my ass.  “Now you will be able to watch as his ass turns from white to pink to red or worse.”


I couldn’t believe what was happening.  My naked ass was there for them to see.  I knew I would never think of me the same way again.  I would always be the sissy who is dominated by his wife.


Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Three more on the naked ass.  Those hurt so much more.


Now the girls started to comment.  “Look at his ass.  It is turning red.    I love it.  Keep going Jennifer.  He deserve a lot more than that.”


And a lot more I got.  Jennifer hit me twenty times before she stopped.  My ass was sore and starting to heat up. I wondered how many more she would give me.  I was ready to be done.  Was I ever mistaken.


“Okay girls.  Who wants to be next?”


Next?  It isn’t bad enough that Jennifer is spanking me in front of them.  Now she is going to let another girl use the brush. I thought about protesting but knew it would be useless.  Jennifer was on a mission.  I knew this was going to be the worst punishment spanking I had ever received.


“How about you Paula?  Do you want to go next?”


“I don’t know.  I’ve never spanked anyone before.”


“Well it’s time you did.  You’ll find out just how much fun it can be.  You may even like it enough to spank your husband when he misbehaves.”


“Okay.”  And with that Paula took the brush, took a stance and swung.


Swat.  Swat.  Her hits were very light.


“That will never do.  Swing hard and hit his ass like you mean it.”


Swat.  Swat.  Swat.  Three more hits that were harder but no where near Jennifer’s.


“Those love taps don’t count.  Swing really hard.  If you don’t we may just have to give you a few so you know what hard swats feel like.”


Well I guess that was enough incentive for Paula to really get into it.  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  And those really hurt.


“That’s it.  Now you are getting into it.  Give him a total of twenty.  And she did.


“Okay girls.  Now you see how it is done.  Richard.  Now it is your turn to choose a girl.  Crawl on your knees to the girl of your choice, hand her the bath brush and ask her to please apply twenty very hard swats on your naked ass.  But we will save Suefor last.”


Could things get worse?  Now I had to ask the girls to give me a hard spanking with the brush on my very sore naked ass.  I didn’t know how many more girls would have a turn.  So I decide to choose Karen, the smallest girl there.  Boy was that a mistake.  I didn’t realize it but Karen works out in the weight room four days a week.  Her swats were harder than Jennifer’s.  And they brought tears to my eyes.  I didn’t know how much more I could take.


“Okay Richard.  Choose your next girl.”  And so it went until there were only two girls remaining, Sue and Judy, that neighborhood bitch that caught me.  Judy is a big woman.  Somewhat overweight and, in my opinion, a slob.  We’ve never gotten along.  If it was her legs that were spread, I would have never gotten in trouble.


“That leaves Sue and Judy.  Crawl over to Judy and ask her paddle you ass.”


Dreading every second, I did as I was told and crawled over to Judy.  “Judy.  Please use this bath brush and apply twenty very hard swats to my naked ass.” I couldn’t believe I was asking this woman to do this to me.  But I did it.


“Well Richard, these girls don’t really know how to swing a hair brush.  But I do.   I used to have a sissy boyfriend and there was many a night that he slept at the foot of my bed with an ass that radiated heat form the spanking that I delivered.  Crawl into the middle of the room, stay on your knees and touch your head to the floor.”


I did as instructed.  I knew this was going to be bad but I had no idea just how bad.  She straddled my body facing my ass and gripped my body with her legs so I couldn’t move.  And then she swung.  Whack!  Whack!  I couldn’t believe the pain as she swung.  Maybe it was because she was working on a super sore ass, but her swats were worse than Jennifer’s have ever been.  I couldn’t help it.  I screamed when she hit me.  By the fifth I was in tears.  By the twentieth, I could barely catch my breath I was sobbing so badly.  I was a sobbing mess with an ass that had passed the point of red.


At this point, Jennifer stepped in.  “Well Sue, since you were the offended party, I was going to let you give Richard as many swats as you thought he deserved.  But, after Judy did such a marvelous job, I don’t think her can take anymore.  So, rather than spanking him now, I will give you a rain check.  At some time in the future, you can ask Richard to bring out the bath brush and you can give him a many swats as you like on his naked ass.  And you can do it any where you choose and in front of anyone you  choose.  Is that okay with you?”


“Yes Jennifer.  It is.  With the state of Richard’s ass right now, I don’t think he would get the full effect that I would like to deliver.  Plus, I really like the idea that I can punish Richard on his naked ass whenever I want and in front of whoever I want.  And I think I know the perfect situation.”


“Okay Richard.  Seems as though Sue is going to let you off tonight.  But I can’t wait to see what she has in store for you in the future.  Now, to finish you punishment, you need some corner time.  When you are not serving us, you are to stand in the corner with your ass exposed.  Now thank Sue for not paddling you tonight.”


I was barely able to crawl over to Sue.  And with tears streaming down my face and between uncontrollable sobs I managed to say “Thank you Sue for having mercy on my very sore ass.  And I want to apologize again for looking up your skirt.”


“Apology accepted.”


And that is the story of my party spanking.  A few days latter, when the pain and bruising started to subsided, I began to fantasize about what Sue had in store for me.  But that’s another story.