‘Expecting the Inevitable’ F/F spanking story

  Readers, Here is another of the noteworthy entries to last month’s ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest. I know you’ll love ‘Accepting the Inevitable.’ – Dana     Accepting the Inevitable   She said that I would be getting spanked tonight in the main room. Not because I had done anything wrong, simply because she […]

Spanking PSA : The State of Your Underpants

  Didn’t your mother tell you to always wear clean underwear, in case you’re ever in an accident? (Mine did, although I think it was a joke, and I never really understood why one would care about the state of one’s underpants in case of emergency anyway. But let’s move on.) I’ll issue a little […]

‘Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party’

   ‘Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party’ is another really excellent F/M entry to the ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest . Enjoy! –  Dana     Richard’s Humiliating Spanking at the Party by Richard Jennifer and I have been married for over twenty years.  As time went on, our relationship evolved.  Jennifer became more dominant and […]

‘The Boomerang Effect Times Two’ EDITED

  The ‘Spanking Party Star’ writing contest turned out a lot of really good stories, and this one’s no exception. Enjoy ‘The Boomerang Effect Times Two’! –  Dana “THE BOOMERANG EFFECT TIMES TWO” Even at my very worst, I never expect to lose, so what in the world could have gone wrong last night, and where exactly did […]

Fun follow-up to the ‘I’m worried about Amanda Bynes…’ post

  Okay, this video isn’t at all about Amanda Bynes (who is, apparently, truly very ill), but Justin Bieber – another of the young celebrities I mentioned needing discipline. In this ‘Between Two Palms’ interview/spoof, Zach Galifianakis, the host, asks young Bieber several ridiculous questions and receives several ridiculous answers…the whole thing’s pretty silly. But […]

Spanking PSA : Spanko Terminology for Newbies

  Readers, I’m sure that this has been done before, and probably more thoroughly than I’ll manage here, but we do have newcomers to the spanking community every day and not everyone knows where to look for basic information on the ins and outs and all-arounds of spanking. So. I thought that it would be […]

Spanking Party STAR story contest winner!

  Readers, It is my pleasure to share with you the winner of this month’s ‘Spanking Party Star’ story contest – My First Party. This was likely the most difficult contest judging to date. As you’ll see throughout the month of October, there were several excellent stories submitted, so I read and reread until I […]