Sep 292013

After the Party 2


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Sep 282013



One of my eagle-eyed, news-reading playmates sent me a link to this article, posted on 9/9/2013. For most of us, it will read like a roadmap to ‘becoming a spanko’, but to those not familiar with the fetish, it’s a fresh and un-scary introduction into the inner workings of the Modern Spanko.

The author, Jason Webb (a penname), based in Austin, TX, takes his readers through the twists and turns of first interest to full-blown lifestyle – and takes vanillas on an informational, rational trip down fetish lane.

Read the full article below, and feel free to come back here to comment, if you’d like.


Sep 262013



I first met Cali and Mr. H over three years ago, out in the middle of nowhere desert, to film for a new spanking video production company called The Spanking Court. They were filming at what was, at the time, the coolest spanking location I’d ever seen: several dedicated sets, including judge’s bench, plaintiff/defendant podiums, and even a ‘jail cell’! Not only were the sets great, but the owners, Cali and Mr. H, were just about some of the most friendly and welcoming folks with whom I’d ever worked.

After the first few Spanking Court shoots, they asked if I’d like to become a permanent part of the production – and invited my honey to do the same. We ended up becoming the Court Disciplinarian and Bailiff for the entire run of Spanking Court, doling out spankings to dozens of ladies (and a few men) who ran afoul of Judge Spanks.

Eventually, we moved to the Hollywood Production Studios in Los Angeles, before finally ending up in an enormous custom-built, multi-set space in Northern California – trust me, you’ve never seen anything like the creativity and time that went into this place…amazing. One thing that always stayed the same was the level of work put into this endeavor by our friends and their genuine kindness to anyone with whom they worked.

We had the great good fortune of working with some of the nicest, most professional, and FUN people during our shoots, including the unforgettable Erica Scott, Christy Cutie, Ten Amorette, Cheyenne Jewel, Casey Calvert, and our very own VBB and WW, to name just a few.

Eventually, Cali and Mr. H also created Sternwood Academy – an all-girl’s academy which focused on education, manners, and lots and LOTS of spankings. Again, there were many beautiful and talented participants, top and bottom, and they ended up producing three full-length DVD releases of Sternwood Academy.

A couple months ago, we received a call from our wonderful friends informing us that their vanilla business had taken off like a rocket – great news for them, sad news for the spanking video world – and that there just wasn’t enough time in their current schedule to continue producing spanking content. While we were naturally thrilled for them and their success, we are more than a little sad to see SC and Sternwood come to an end, and will miss the amazing times we had with everyone involved.

Sincerest thanks and enormous love to Cali and Mr. H, and to all the fabulous folks who participated and watched…we had a blast!

–  Dana

Sep 242013



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3 NOT a guy from Delaware.
7 Dual use implement.
9 Hit this.
12 Bad girls and boys get this.
13 Lovable scamp
14 A vacation for your brain.
15 What you’re likely in.
16 The best color.


1 What you should be over.
2 An absolute necessity.
4 Not nice.
5 Almost everyone wants them.
6 Let it fit the crime.
8 No peeking!
10 What brats don’t want to do.
11 THE word

Sep 222013


Training the New Librarian 


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Individual downloadable scenes also available on my
Clips4SaleScolding and SpankingLibrary studio pages.