A Note to DanaKaneSpanks.com subscribers

  *Current and former members of DanaKaneSpanks.com, Since beginning the member video site, some subscribers have mentioned problems with load/buffer issues on the videos. After quite a bit of digging, my new webmaster has begun a complete update of the file systems, and we’re currently working to offer multiple versions of each scene (online play […]

Conversations with Spankos : Public Spanking?

  Readers,   I know, from talks with many of my playmates, that public spankings play a large role in our spanko fantasies. For myself, having had the opportunity to dole out a few semi-public spankings (thanks to Angel, the VBB and his WW, and My Bottom’s Bottom), there is certainly an element of naughtiness, […]

Subscribers, help a girl out…

Readers, For those of you who are subscribed to DanaKaneSpanks.com, we are making some changes in the video formatting/embedding, so that you’ll hopefully not have to suffer extended buffer/load times, and will be able to access the videos on more devices. If you are a CURRENT member of the member site, please take a look […]

‘For Bottoms Only’ Survey results

  Readers,   Sometimes it’s interesting to know where you fit in with your fellow spankos. In this survey, I’ve asked only spankees to respond to a few simple spanko questions. See how you compare to your fellow bottoms! Below you’ll find the results of our recent ‘For Bottoms Only’ Survey. Enjoy!   –  Dana […]