Bloggers who actually write about spanking!

  Readers,   While the Great and Dreaded Blogger Hatchet seems to have been a boogeyman, I’m still very pleased to have made the move to this new host. It’s not perfect, but appears to be more viewer-friendly than the old platform, at the least. One thing I do NOT love about the move is […]

New FREE F/F spanking video with Angel

Here’s a fun free video which Angel and I shot during her last visit… Angel asked me to spank her as hard as I could, with just my hand. While the spanking’s not extremely long – and I’m now convinced that I could’ve done better (TypeASpanko?) – it’s still pretty darn hard. Enjoy! PS. This […]

Diaper Position spanking, and more lost audio

  Readers, A couple weeks ago I asked forum participants about their experiences, or lack thereof, with Diaper position spankings. It seems to be a very humbling position (echoed by bottoms who responded), but also very effective in the making-the-sit-spot-a-raging-hellfire department, too. Along with these two obvious benefits, there’s the added bonus that spanker and […]

Join the Spanking Forum!

  Readers, Now that we’re all nice and comfy here at the new blog, and I’ve managed to unplug myself from all social networking sites (whew!), you’re invited to join the Spanking Forum here on my blog if you’d like to ‘keep in touch’ outside of traditional emailing. We’re already conversing about a number of […]

Erica Scott’s New CHos Book – Now Available!

  Readers,  I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Erica Scott’s blog Life, Love, and Spanking and with her fun and popular column ‘Correspondence Hall of Shame’, or CHoS.  Well, Erica’s compiled some of her best and most hilarious CHoS moments into a new book, ‘One Woman’s Adventures in Online Idiocy’, which she’s just […]

New FREE Product Testing video! The Wallop (and Ballgag)

  Here’s Mooski again, being ever-so-helpful in this newest installment of Product Testing with Dana Kane. Here, we’re double-testing, both the Curse of Dana Wallop (which I LOVE and wholeheartedly endorse, but  only for tough bottoms) and Cane-iac’s ballgag (which will come in handy  when applying the Wallop, even on some of those tough bottoms). […]