Jul 262013




While the Great and Dreaded Blogger Hatchet seems to have been a boogeyman, I’m still very pleased to have made the move to this new host. It’s not perfect, but appears to be more viewer-friendly than the old platform, at the least.

One thing I do NOT love about the move is that my old blogroll from blogger isn’t importable (is that even a real word?), so I don’t get to see updates for my favorite spanking bloggers unless I go over to the old blogger admin page.

This sucks.

I do it, though, because there’s some really good writing going on out there, on a number of broad, spanking-related subjects, and I like few things better than a good read. Since I haven’t done this in a while, and newer readers may not be aware of all that’s ‘out there’ in terms of spankos, I’m going to link to a few of my regular stops.

(If you’re an old pro at this online spanko stuff, you’ve probably heard of all these folks before, but they’re worth another look nonetheless.)


First, and most obviously, Erica Scott Life, Love, and Spanking.

Erica is not only a great gal and exceptional writer, she’s a real-live, dyed-in-the-wool, no-excuses spanko. She’s what you’d call an ‘alpha bottom’ and is famous (infamous?) for being the queen of bottom snark done right. 

Erica writes on a number of topics, and her hilarious CHoS, or Comment Hall of Shame, column has recently been published both in paperback and ebook. If you don’t find something worth reading there you’re obviously doing something wrong.


Next, the lovely Alex Reynolds (aka Alex in Spankingland).

Alex is a professional spanking model, producer, and top-notch blogger, among many talents. She regularly updates her blog with stories from her life and work, as well as some very thought-provoking posts on DS, feminism, and other subjects.

You also can’t help but LOVE the numerous photos Alex posts, many of which feature her terribly cute face – and just as many showcasing that fabulous derriere. 


This inevitably leads us to Pandora Blake: Spanked Not Silenced.


Pandora keeps quite likely the best written, most well-thought blog I’ve seen on the subject of spanking. She writes about her personal experiences, opinions, and her fair trade approach to video production, and does so absolutely eloquently.

With the added benefit of regular photo updates and video previews from her member site, Pandora’s blog is an excellent way to spend a few hours…or days.


When you want to know about just about ALL the other spanking-related blogs out there, the only place to go is My Bottom Smarts. Bonnie has what must be the most comprehensive listing of spanko links on the web, and there’s always a very lively discussion on her Spanko Brunch posts. It’s a great place to start for newbies.


For an interesting perspective on one spanko lifestyle, visit Mr. Marks at Secret Spanko. He writes about all the ways in which the spanking fetish may or may not clash with one’s vanilla lifestyle, as well as his own personal process of living a ‘secret spanko’ life.


This is just a good place to start, as there are quite literally thousands of blogs, sites, photoblogs, journals, discussion boards, chatrooms, etc etc etc to be found nowadays. Happy spanko reading!


–  Dana

Jul 232013

Here’s a fun free video which Angel and I shot during her last visit…
Angel asked me to spank her as hard as I could, with just my hand. While the spanking’s not extremely long – and I’m now convinced that I could’ve done better (TypeASpanko?) – it’s still pretty darn hard.


PS. This video originally posted on Angel’s blog, AngelSpanked.com, and you can read her assessment of the scene there.