Jun 302013




Well, here we are – off and running on a new blog platform, with not too much damage done along the way. Granted, I’ve not re-uploaded every single photo, especially on posts well over a year old, and you may find a broken link or two, especially at first.  

( * Please be kind enough to forward along any issues, questions, suggestions, or comments for this new blog to me, so that I can make this place as handy-dandy as possible. : danakanespanks@gmail.com)

The free videos are also hosted on a new page, and the link to watch them all is on the top navigation bar.

You’ll also find new Forums on the righthand sidebar – click to enter the discussion area, register, and join in the conversation! 

There’s still a lot to be done, but I’m happy that the changeover – although tedious and time-consuming – was successful. Re-subscribe (if you haven’t already) to the right, and come back soon to see the changes.


–  Dana


Jun 302013
PUNISHED : ‘I Will Never Steal Again’

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Jun 292013


I’ve purchased the domain and am awaiting activation of the new location for this blog.

As you know, blogger’s blasting adult content blogs, so I’m in the process of moving over to a new URL. Soon as I get it all plugged in, the new location for my blog will be:


Cross your fingers for me, as I’m not certain that all of the current blog content will transfer over smoothly, and I’m hoping that it doesn’t all get lost or totally scrambled in the move.

One way or another, the blog will continue at the above address just as soon as it’s all in place.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments and emails on this Blogger mess – you all rock.

–  Dana

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Jun 282013


This may be old news to many, as I am WAY behind on the popular television front, but I’ve found a new favorite television show recently and a few nights ago watched – tickled! – as Sheldon spanked Amy on Big Bang Theory. (Season 6 Epidode 10)

I’m always excited to see spanking in ‘the mainstream’, and no matter how many times I watch episodes of The Office I still get butterflies every time someone says ‘discipline’, or when Michael Scott spanks his nephew for poor professionalism in the workplace.

I accidentally saw an episode of Big Bang Theory in a hotel room someplace, and enjoyed the intelligence, nerdiness, and lack-of-general-meanness in the storyline. So, coming home, I endeavored to find and watch the series – which I have. The Sheldon character is a physicist, genius, and short on social skills; Amy is his scientist girlfriend, played by Mayim Bialik (Blossom).

In this episode, Amy has pretended to be sick in order to get some attention from Sheldon. When he finds out, he uses his totally logical brain to come up with the best possible solution for Amy’s bad behavior :


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Jun 282013

While I’ve enjoyed Twitter quite a lot, it’s time to shut down my @danakanespanks account.

Many of my followers are friends and playmates, and we do have a whole bunch of fun, but..

It’s become glaringly obvious that folks think it’s socially acceptable to harass, force acceptable boundaries, and behave in a generally not-cool manner on social media platforms. This has caused me to close my Facebook and FetLife profiles this year, also, and removing Twitter will be my final strike against the aggravation inherent to social media and the people who abuse access to another’s attentions.

It’s a damn shame, really. I’ll keep the account up for another few days/weeks, but I believe that there’s very little redeeming value, for me, in remaining any longer.

You’ll still find my blog (once I’ve made the platform change) and video website, and are welcome to email anytime at danakanespanks@gmail.com.


Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at DanaKaneSpanks.com.