May 312013

The spanking-survey-taking ranks have been out in full numbers of late, as the most recent survey, ‘General Questions on Corporal Punishment’ has thus far already garnered 430 responses!

I’ll paste the current results below, so you can see how your answers stack up next to your spanko brothers and sisters. 

–  Dana 

When did you receive your first adult spanking?

Between the ages of 18 and 25.16238%
26-35                                        10124%
36-45                                          6114%
46 +                                                  52  12%
I have never been spanked.          4811%

When did you give your first adult spanking?

Between the ages of 18 and 25.12831%
26-35                                          7117%
35-45                                              317%
45 +                                                 287%
I have never given a spanking.15838%
How often do you participate in spanking play?
Multiple times a week.                 4410%
Once a week.                               5012%
Once or twice a month.              10525%
A few times a year.                      13332%
Maybe once a year.                        389%
Never.                                        5212%
How often do you think about spanking?
Constantly.                             15436%
Daily.                                     21450%
A couple times a week.               4611%
Occasionally.                            102%
Hardly ever.                                 10%
How comfortable are you with your interest in spanking?
I’m fully at ease in my spanking fetish. No worries, guilt free.         213 50%
Sometimes I feel a little weird, but for the most part I’m okay with me. 164  39%
It makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I know it’s not going away.           42  10%
I wish it would go away.                                                                         5  1%
How many ways do you ‘play’ at spanking?
Real time, person to person, spanking/role play.                                                        33852%
Video chatroom (skype, etc.) spanking/role play.                                                         579%
Email correspondence discipline/role play (distance training).                                 8413%
Online forums, text chatrooms, social media sites (connecting with other spankos).13320%
I don’t participate in spanking play at all.                                                                         447%
How important is it that your partner share your fetish?
My relationship partner must also be a 
spanking fetishist.                                          11628%
My relationship partner doesn’t have to be a fetishist, but I want them to 
participate in spanking with me, anyway.  13432%
My relationship partner doesn’t have to share my fetish, but they must be okay with it, 
and with my participating in it with others.    5112%
My relationship partner doesn’t have to be a spanking fetishist, because they don’t know that I am. 
It’s my secret.                                                    4010%
My partner does NOT share my interest, so I do not participate in spanking.
My partner does NOT share my interest, so I participate in spanking without their knowledge.    
                                                                             54 13%
I am not into spanking. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
(And yes, I know that the numbers are a little wonky in the post. It’s a copy/paste thing – deal with it.)
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May 292013
It’s been two years, almost to the day, since I first met the Wonderful Wife and her Very Bad Boy. We’ve come a long way together, the three of us, in terms of discipline, communication, and friendship, and I am happy to consider them among my closest friends. Below, the VBB’s annual Spankaversary letter, which he’s been kind enough to allow me to share here.
–  Dana
Two-Year Spankiversary and 12 Kane Marks
When I was younger I used to think time went by so slowly, it seemed like the school year was never ending, that the time between birthdays and Christmas was unbearably long. What once was the slow passing of time has now become a fast moving train that often leaves me wondering what happened to the days, weeks and months. May marks the two-year spankiversary since the Wonderful Wife and I first met Ms. Dana Kane. What was originally planned as a one-time meeting, has turned into a wonderful friendship. The last two years have included serious punishment spankings, the Delrin Punishment, the Broken Cane Marathon, a few motivational sessions, the perfect spanking storm in Dallas, a trip to spanking court, a few product testing videos, a long weekend in Las Vegas, an unintended all day road trip, a cruise to film a spanking movie which included two outside spanking scenes. Not to mention the 32 broken implements Ms. Kane has broken on me, the countless bruises, the gallons of blood loss, and the 12 permanent Kane marks that Ms. Dana has left on my backside (which she takes a lot of pleasure in, every time she sees them.) Of course we can’t forget the hundreds of bratty tweets, emails, and notes we have received or sent to each other. There were times when Ms. Dana directed me to ask the Wonderful Wife to spank me for an offense, hundreds of hand written lines I have done for them and written assignments that I have written (one I had Angel do for me which led to a serious punishment). Along the way we have enjoyed countless laughs, great conversations, a number of meals and a few very personal discussions. Dana has introduced us to fun and exciting people from Spanking Court. I’ve developed a wonderful friendship with my bratting partner-in-crime Angel. Just recently Dana introduced me to the exquisite Ms. Mona Rogers, which I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in her presence this year. 
Dana has also taken on the role of confidant and encourager. During my recent inpatient hospitalizations Dana kept close contact with Isabella encouraging her and supporting her while I was in treatment. She took the time during my first hospitalization to communicate with me, sending email encouragements and tweets to keep my spirits up. During my second hospitalization she took an even more active role as I included her in my treatment plan. Her encouragement, insight and thoughtful responses to my assignments played an important role in my healing. During my medical retirement from the Army she has given of herself and has helped us walk through the emotionally difficult transition. She has shown me a different prospective, which has helped me to change my way of thinking. She reminds me of the future I still have and what I can still accomplish. A few times she has boldly gotten in my face and told me to change my attitude.
From the first time they met, Isabella and Dana developed a bond that began a unique relationship. Not only have they become trusted friends, Dana has taught the Wonderful Wife the role of the HOH (Head of Household), guided her in becoming an excellent spanker and unfortunately skilled at using the cane. Each session we have with Dana always seems to end up with Isabella learning some new nefarious way of torturing me, which she eagerly practices every chance she gets. Dana’s influence is felt every time Isabella decides to spank me or to just torture me for the fun of it. She is even leaving permanent cane marks on me now. Between the two of them leaving marks on me, if I ever go to the ER for treatment there will be a long discussion on what those marks are on my bum and what they indicate.
So we began another year with our friendship with Dana, what waits for us is anyone’s guess. But I do know there will be spankings, laughing, playing, sharing, accountability and lots of caring from all of us. … Oh yea, I almost forgot, there will be lots and lots of bratting from me, all aimed at getting under their skins and earning another special punishment session.   
– The VBB 
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May 282013


Even though I travel a lot, I rarely actually see much of any given city – unless the backsides count (which they should). There are a zillion interesting things to see nearly every place I visit, but when you spend a lot of time on the road, the idea of staying out an extra day to hit the museums sounds less-than-appealing.  Hell, I’ve lived in Las Vegas near two years now and still have no idea where anything is!

Needing a few days to recharge my batteries, I thought it would be fun to remedy my local ignorance with a few days spent in/around the valley.
The first day was more task than vacation, but I did make it fun by going to a different supermarket than usual and scoring a few interesting things at a local thrift store. Then something which I’d been looking forward to for a few weeks – a trip to the Las Vegas Farmers Market.

It’s true, I didn’t love living in Los Angeles. But there are a few things which I did really appreciate – one of the best things about the city is the weekly Farmers Market in Hollywood. We went on a regular basis, buying excellent produce and out of this world sourdough breads (which I can’t have anymore and will never mention again due to lingering bitterness), and mingling with an interesting cross-section of Los Angeles’ citizenry.  Since moving to Las Vegas, the Farmers Market has been one of the biggest gaps left in the new zipcode.

So you can imagine my happiness when I found one on the far east end of Summerlin – in a park and everything, every Tuesday! Wahoo! And we were off… the tiniest, most pitiful excuse for a Farmers Market you can possibly imagine. I bought a couple cute bars of soap wrapped to look like candy (for Angel) from the folks running the Muscular Dystrophy booth, and there was a guy selling so-called kettle corn and a sno-cone stand. We also purchased a snocone (trying to support our local Farmers Market and all)…

…which was the worst, most watered-down snocone ever created.

Damn. Strike two.

Then there was a brisk walk of approximately eight feet to the ONE produce stall. They were selling stuff out of the box, just like at the supermarket, waxed cucumbers and all.  Strike three.

While the place was a disappointment, the looong drive there and back afforded a nice view of parts of the city I’d not seen before; it’s pretty here, for the most part.

Not to be put off my task of finding neat things to see around my new hometown, I went home and packed my picnic basket and ice cooler, and set out my SPF 110.

The next day we were up and out early, since neither of us could sleep the night before, so we arrived at the Valley of Fire State Park before it was too terribly sweltering outside. Here’s me, totally happy and fully hydrated, lying inside a rock formation which has been there for something like several hundred thousand years:

Valley of Fire

 This was my first desert exploration-type thing, other than walks to the supermarket in August, and the mountains and surrounding views were beautiful. 
But we came for the petroglyphs:
IMG_3742 IMG_3743
About four thousand years old, these marks show up here and there throughout the park, but this particular trail has this:
It looks like some kind of ancient chalkboard or message center – or graffiti. But these marks are up high enough on the wall that the geography would have to have been different when they were made – I couldn’t reach them, even after doing a bit of reckless climbing.
After a few more hours of tramping around the desert, we loaded up and headed home…in an entirely different and unplanned direction than I’d driven in that morning. An impromptu driving adventure along the north edge of Lake Mead began, culminating in my dipping my toes in the water’s edge at Virgin River. 
This was a great day trip, and one that I’ll do again – in spring.
Next morning I did something, the possibility of which I would’ve spent the majority of my life denying. I drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. I know, it doesn’t sound like that big a deal to you, but for a girl from the flat part of the country who doesn’t drive often, the mountain passes and desert winds were a little angst-inspiring. A 4 1/2 hour drive took about two hours longer, due to numerous stops to look at cool things, pick up rocks, and wander around in the middle of the damn desert. This is an activity which I suggest that everyone try at least once, within reasonably safe distance of your air conditioned rental car. 
Here’s me during one of the many pauses, standing in front of a mural in Kingman, AZ:
Then, around 3:30 pm, this:
You can just see part of the Bright Angel trail, leading out over the flat part in the center of the photo, from the South Rim where I’m standing. Note: I did NOT walk the trail, unless you count the approximately 300 feet which I haltingly and timidly tripped down and right back up again. To say that the view and trail are precarious would be putting it mildly (at least to anyone else with an unnatural fear of heights), and my bravery only extended about as far as the first turn in the barely-three-foot-wide trail hanging onto the side of the mountain. Thanks, but I’ll just stand up here…
Isn’t it beautiful?
It’s probably pretty nerdy, but I brought along my Field Guide and spent a little time identifying different animals encountered at Valley of Fire and Grand Canyon, and took photos of several species (you’ll thank me for not including photos of every single bird, mammal, and reptile I took), including a herd (flock, gaggle, murder?) of wild bighorn sheep clustered atop a desert plain – and dozens of teeny tiny chipmunks who, according to the signs posted everywhere, are aggressive and known to bite. Hence, no photos of the chipmunks, as I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish.
Here’s a handsome guy who was kind enough to pose for this photo, even in the hot sun.
We spent the night in a pretty little lodge in the park, and after a morning of further exploration, got back on the road to Las Vegas.
After another couple days spent bumming around the house and generally being shiftless and lazy, I’ll be up to my elbows in bratting, as Angel will be here all this week. Yes, that’s right. I’m following my vacation week by spending the next several days spanking Angel repeatedly. Ahh, such a hard life.
–  Dana
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May 262013
Cane Breaking Marathon Part Two
For more preview photos, scene description, and join links, visit:
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Clips4Sale and SpankingLibrary studio pages.
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May 222013

While I enjoy my little vacation, here’s something to keep you occupied:

It’ll come as no surprise that The VBB got himself into hot water with his WW and me recently.

We decided to handle it a little differently this time – making the punishment as painful as possible for him, while still making it as FUN as possible for the two of us.

We settled on the Cane Breaking Marathon, a great idea which originally came from our friends at Caneiac (but don’t tell that to the VBB).

Of course, we videotaped the entire thing – nearly fifty minutes of scolding, caning, and paddling. After having taken out all the too-personal conversation, unnecessary in-between time, and other ancillary stuff, we were left with about twenty minutes of Cane Breaking Marathon. 

I also took out a few minutes of footage to make a fun commercial for Caneiac, since we broke so very many of their trusty implements throughout the natural course of our fun – and thought you might like to see some flying rattan…

(This is real punishment. Not for the squeamish.)

 – Dana

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