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A final, and somewhat tardy, entry to the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest :

Missy and Angel co-wrote this entry, as non-contestants (Good Girls), and it’s a great read…even though they turned in their School themed story very late – which technically should earn them a trip to the principal’s office, right?


–  Dana

Sarah Skips A Semester

As I sat there in the window watching the rain pour down from a freak thunderstorm, I was reminded of home.  My sister Susie and I had been living in Las Vegas now for nearly one month.  We were now under constant supervision by Ms. Kane, the Disciplinarian that owned and operated the “Reformatory” where we were to live for one year.  Two months ago, Susie and I had pulled off a brilliant stunt…or so we thought. We videotaped Ms. Kane during a private spanking session and posted it on Spankingtube.   As it turned out, getting one over on Ms. Kane is a rare occurrence, one that we were not able to do…this time.  
Fall quarter was fast approaching at UNLV, and as a requirement by Ms. Kane, we were to be full time students.  I was not ready for school to start, I wanted just a little more time to be able to do my own thing and not be bogged down with all the studying and work load that is required by a freshman at a major university.  This morning my sister and I were supposed to be going to sign up for classes, but I had different plans.
“Sarah, why are you sitting there in your pajamas still? We need to get going” My sister was digging through the closet I guess trying to find the perfect thing to wear. “I am not going. I don’t want to start school yet, I am going to wait till January classes start, and go then” She looked puzzled at me “And just how do you think that is going to work out for you? Ms. Kane will never let that fly. What is your big plan for that?” She snickered. “I am not going to tell her right now, it’s none of her business anyway. Besides, as long as I am at the dinner table every night and have my chores done, she won’t even know. It will be fine. I’m going back to bed, try and be quiet please”
Susie headed down the stairs and was about to walk out the front door when Ms. Kane suddenly out of the blue spoke up “Goodbye girls, good luck today, and I want details later as to what your classes will be” Susie turned and looked at Ms. Kane “Ok, I’ll let you know, goodbye” She turned again and tried to hurry out the door to avoid the obvious fact that she was alone. A fact Ms. Kane of course had noticed “Where is Susie…or Sarah…or which one are you??” She still couldn’t tell us apart. We were identical twins right down to the mole we each had on our upper arm, the only exception was a little birthmark well hidden under my long hair on the back of my neck, a secret no one knew besides us and our parents. 
It was obvious that Susie wasn’t happy about the situation but as a good sister she covered up “Sarah is umm…She wasn’t feeling well this morning, so she said she would take care of her classes later” Which wasn’t a lie and something Susie could tell without feeling guilt. “I gotta go though or I won’t catch the bus in time….ok?” She looked at Ms. Kane with a lot of hope in her eyes. Ms. Kane returned that look with a raised eyebrow and told her goodbye and wished a good day. Susie ran off as fast she could and had she turned around she would have met the eyes of Ms. Kane still standing there observing. Ms. Kane didn’t go upstairs to check on Sarah instead she just went to her office. Susie of course again as the good sister wanted to give a heads up by calling but never got to it because Lyndsy  with all her talking at the bus stop made her forget about it all. 
I woke up and looked at the clock.  2:08!  How did I sleep so long?  Good thing I am not starting school any time soon, clearly I need more sleep in my life.  I got up and went to the window to see if Ms. Kane was home.  Her car was not in the driveway.  That’s good, at least I don’t have to explain anything just yet.  I went to take my shower and got myself ready.  Who knows, maybe she won’t even know I didn’t go anywhere today.  This is going to be so easy…
I went downstairs to find something to eat.  I had missed breakfast and lunch so I was starving.  I checked one more time to see that her car was not there and headed downstairs to the kitchen.  I found everything I needed to make a turkey sandwich.  I quickly made my sandwich and cleaned up my mess and was about to head upstairs when I turned the corner and just about ran smack into Ms. Kane.  “Damn, you scared the shit out of me!”, I said before I could stop myself.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to curse at you, I just didn’t think you were home”.   I tried to sneak past, but without success.  “First of all, you know better than to use that kind of language in my home, regardless if you thought I was home or not” Ms. Kane had this special voice she used when she was annoyed a voice she was using right now  “So instead of this just being an informal meeting in the hallway, let’s take it to my office, shall we?”  “No Ma’am, please, that is not necessary,  It slipped out totally on accident and besides, I have a pile of paperwork to fill out for school, can’t we just keep it in the hallway this time?”  I was hopeful.  To this, she raised an eyebrow and pointed to her office, not before taking my sandwich and reminding me that food is meant to be eaten in the kitchen only.  
Now I was starving, sitting in her office waiting for her to come lecturing me on bad language and probably getting a spanking for it too.  Ms. Kane walked in and as always, went around her desk to sit and stare at me with those crystal blue eyes. The blue color seemed to get more vibrant and even more captivating whenever Ms. Kane had someone in her sights.  It was so hard to look at her when I felt guilty about something.  After about a minute she spoke.  “Sarah, I see we need to go over the rules again.  Tell me, what is the rule about cursing?”  I hated it when she made me answer questions like this, but I knew better by now to just answer her.  “There is to be no cursing or using bad language at all what so ever”, I recited.  “And did you follow that rule today?”  Oh man, this was horrible, she was going to make me suffer.  “No Ma’am, I did not follow that rule today.  I broke that rule when I cursed at you in the hallway”  I rolled my eyes as I said this.  Not on purpose, but just out of habit.  When my mom or dad asked me a stupid question, they got a stupid answer and a roll of the eyes.  At least I gave her the answer she wanted.  My timing could have been better though.  “Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me young lady, now you are guaranteed the spanking I was only thinking about giving you”  with that, she continued to torture me through all the rules of the house before asking me about my day signing up for classes.  “Everything went fine”, I lied.  To further elaborate and convince her I went into more detail.  “I didn’t get all the classes I wanted, but I didn’t get stuck with anything too horrible”.   Ms. Kane had a look on her face that I hadn’t seen before.  I wasn’t sure what it meant. “well, you are a smart girl and I am sure you will do great with all of your classes, no matter what they are. “  She stood up, came to the sofa and told me to stand up and remove my pants and panties as she took my place of the sofa.  “Please can we just skip the spanking, It really was just an accident.  I hardly think it’s fair to be punished for something I didn’t mean to do.  You scared me, what was I supposed to do?  Be polite?”  I argued with her, not moving to take down my pants.  She just stared at me again, those eyes getting even brighter blue…Damn,  how did she do that?  “I will not tell you again, get those pants down.”   I knew I wasn’t getting out of it so I started to unbutton my jeans  while whining at her that it wasn’t fair.  I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough or maybe it was the whining, but she grabbed a hold of my pants and had them off of me in about 2 seconds, then my panties and I went over her lap.  She laid 10 good swats to my fanny and then stopped.  “Now, are you done whining at me or do you need another 10 swats before we actually start?”  “What!!!  Actually start?  We should be almost finished after that!” there I go with my impulsive mouth again.  She started spanking me again but didn’t stop at 10.  “ok. Ok, I’m sorry, I am done whining now.”  After a few more slaps with her bare hand she stopped and said, “good, now tell me why you are being punished”  fortunately for me and my backside, she didn’t see me roll my eyes this time as I explained why I was being punished.  She spanked me for what seemed like an hour but was really only like 5 minutes.  When she was done she told me to go stand in the corner and not to move until she told me to.  By now, I knew I wouldn’t be able to have my pants back until I was done in the corner, so I didn’t even bother to try and put them on.  There I stood facing the corner, feeling pretty stupid. Ms. Kane’s phone rang.  She answered it and I heard her say, “Thank you, I’ll be there to pick it up shortly.  Were you able to rotate my tires as well?, ok thank you”  That’s why her car wasn’t here but she was.  It was in the shop.  About 5 minutes later, she got up from her desk, reminded me not to move a muscle and she left the office, leaving me there to stand naked from the waist down in the corner.  “This is horrible” I whispered to the wall “Oh well at least I was able to get away with not signing up for classes though”
Man, how long is she going to leave me here?  It had to be like 5:00 already!  Susie should be home by now too and I needed to talk to her before she had a chance to say something to Ms. Kane about me not going today.  I was getting nervous now.  I heard Ms. Kane’s car pull up.  Did she really leave me in the corner and leave to get her car???  Now I was getting upset.  I could hear the sounds of dinner being made in the kitchen down the hall, so I turned around and grabbed my pants when at the same time I heard someone coming down the hall.  I jumped back to my corner like I hadn’t even thought of moving.  The door opened and Ms. Kane spoke calmly “Have a seat Susie, I just wanted to see how your day went” I just about past out and prayed that Susie wouldn’t say anything. It would definitely make Susie nervous to see me standing there in the corner, and would leave her clueless how to cover since she wouldn’t know why I was standing there. Susie went for the usual tactic, being evasive when answering questions. “My day was great, Ms. Kane, how was your day?” Ms. Kane ignored the question and went on “Were you able to get the classes you hoped for?”  “yes, for the most part” Susie answered sounding rather relaxed  “It sounds like you and Sarah had the same luck.  She said she wasn’t able to get all of the classes she wanted, but most of them as well” Yes what a relieve, now Susie would know how to keep the cover. “Is something wrong Susie, you look a bit pale?” Pale? I didn’t like the sound of that, if I just could get a look at Susie. “No everything is fine just a bit tired, can I go get ready for dinner now?” silence…until Ms. Kane broke it “Sure, go ahead. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes” a few seconds after the door opened and closed again leaving me alone in the corner, at least that’s what I thought. “Sarah, you are to sit quietly during dinner, you are not to talk to anyone.  When dinner is done, you will do the clean up.  When you are done cleaning up, you are to report back to my office where you will spend one hour in the corner and then you will be going to bed.  Do I make myself clear?”  Really??  So much trouble for 2 so simple curse words??  “Yes” was the only thing that came across my lips.
Dinner started with an announcement from Ms. Kane telling everyone that I was not to be talked to during dinner or for the rest of the night for that matter.  Lyndsy and Amy would be trouble.  They had that look in their eyes.  We were friends, so it wasn’t a bad look, just a mischievous look.  One  that dared me to play their game.  In trouble or not, I just couldn’t help myself.  The looks and the whispers turned into kicking under the table and then laughing.  Not a good idea when sitting across from Ms. Kane while you are in trouble.  She was about to shut me up though with her next comment.  Looking right at me she said to my sister, “Susie, this morning when I saw you heading out the door, you said Sarah was ill and staying in bed today.  So how is it that Sarah could have signed up for classes from bed?”  Oh damn!  I went from laughing with Lyndsy and Amy to straight face with no color left in it.  My eyes said it all…I was busted and I was scared.  Susie tried to save me, “She ended up coming anyway, just a little later is all.  She felt better and didn’t want to miss out on getting the right classes.”   My sister was good, but Ms. Kane was better.  “How is it then that I heard her shower going at 2:30 this afternoon and then literally ran into her in the hall at 3:30? Don’t try and cover for her anymore, you are both in enough trouble for lying to me.  I believe that is a house rule, isn’t it?” she said looking at me.  “Do I need to go over the rules with you again as well Susie?”   “No Ma’am,” Susie almost whispered.  “I will ask you one more time, and I expect the truth.  Did your sister sign up for classes today?” Ms. Kane still spoke with a calm voice.  I tried to kick my sister under the table but I must have missed because Ms. Kane jumped out of her seat.  She was furious and demanded to know who had just kicked her.  Oh sh**, I was really screwed now.  “I’m sorry Ms. Kane….I didn’t mean to kick you” She looked at me as her eyes went bluer and bluer again for the third time today.  “Go put yourself back in the corner in my office right now and wait for me, and young lady, you will be dressed the same as you were earlier, now go!”  She didn’t have to tell me twice, I was so scared now,  I wasn’t going to argue anything with her.  
There I was in the corner, without my pants or panties like some little kid waiting for her punishment.  I was nervous now.  Even though she hadn’t raised her voice (except when she got kicked) I knew she was very upset.  What would happen now, I wondered.  “How do I get myself out of this mess?”  “By telling the truth to start” I was startled to hear her voice.  Not only did I not know she was in the room, but did I really say that out loud?  “Turn around” I did.  “Now, you are going to tell me the truth, if you even dare tell me anything other than the truth, your consequences will be far worse than anything you would ever want to endure.  Now, speak.”  
I didn’t know what to say or how to react.  I had never been confronted on a lie before.  My parents put more effort into being the cool parent than they did being the responsible parent.  My words were just a jumbled mess, “I ….well….I didn’t ….um….um….”  Ms. Kane was having none of that and over her knee I went for a solid 2 minute bare hand, bare butt spanking.  “Ouch, ouch…ok, I will tell you Ma’am”  I pleaded.  The spanking stopped but I wasn’t let up from her lap just yet.  “Now, are you ready to talk in full sentences without stuttering or mumbling?”  Ms. Kane asked.  “Yes, Ma’am”, I sobbed.  She stood me up.  As I stood in front of her, naked from the waist down, I told her what happened that day.  “I didn’t go to sign up for classes today”, I said very softly with my head down.  “ I want you to look at me and keep your voice up, now why did you not go sign up for classes today?” Ms. Kane never once removed her eyes from me.  “Well, I have decided not to start classes just yet.  I am going to wait until January.  It’s only a few months later and I have plenty of credits already so it won’t set me back much.  I talked to my dad about it already and he said it would be ok, and….” She cut me off.  “First of all, I am not all that interested in whether or not your dad gave you permission to skip an entire semester.  Did I give you permission?”  “No, but….” She cut me off again.  “Secondly, I am aware of how many credits you have.  You have exactly the amount of credits you should have.  Now, since obviously I had left you with the impression you had a choice in this matter, let me be perfectly clear with my next statement.  You WILL go tomorrow and sign up for classes.  You WILL take full time courses.  You WILL go every day.  You WILL stay on top of your homework.  And furthermore, you WILL be grounded to the house except to go to school, and you WILL have an early bedtime for one month.  Is there anything you don’t understand about what I just told you?”  Oh man, she was mad.  “Ok” was all I could manage to say.  She just stared at me.  I guess that wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear.  “Yes, Ma’am.  I understand.  I’ll do everything you just said.”  “Yes you will.  To be sure you know just how serious I am, go to the closet and get the belt and then position yourself over my desk and grab a hold of the other side“ I couldn’t move, until she raised those damn eyebrows at me and I did what she said.  After about 20 whacks with her belt, I was a complete mess.  She sent me to bed with a reminder to let her know what classes I had signed up for the next day.
The next morning, it had crossed my mind only for a second that I didn’t want to go sign up for classes.  My burning backside was a quick reminder of the alternative.  I got up and got ready.  I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a quick breakfast and not that surprisingly Ms. Kane was there as well.  “Good morning….Susie?  Sarah?” “Good morning Ms. Kane.  I’m Sarah, Susie will be down in a bit”  “How did your parents tell you two apart?” “They still sometimes can’t” I couldn’t help to let out a little sarcastic chuckle.  I wasn’t about to tell her about that birthmark on the back of my neck.  Being Identical twins had too many advantages to be giving up secrets about how to tell us apart.
At UNLV I went straight to the Admissions office, smiled politely at the lady behind the desk and asked for the papers. What I didn’t expect was to see her looking at me with this almost worried kind of expression. “Are you serious?”  I must have looked desperate at the lady when she told me that yesterday was the deadline for scheduling classes.  “I am afraid so, most of those classes have been filled for months, yesterday was the last day to sign up.” Oh no, what was I supposed to do?  If Ms. Kane found out that I couldn’t sign up, I had no idea what would happen.  I called Susie for help.  “It will be ok Sarah, just calm down.  We will figure something out.  We always do.  Meet me at that little coffee shop on the corner in half an hour and we will work it out.”
After two hours and way too much coffee,  I had a class schedule.  Not a real one, but it would keep my butt safe for the time being.   “Thanks Sis, now I just have to fake for a few months.  So much for sleeping in.  I still have to get up and leave the house like I am going to school every day.  What am I going to do all day?”  “I don’t know, but whatever it is at least you will be able to do it sitting down.  Come on, let’s go see if it will past the Kane test” I was so nervous.  Rarely did anyone in the house get anything past Ms. Kane and here I was thinking not only that she would believe my class schedule was real, but also that for the next 3 months I was attending school full time.  Susie noticed my unease and said, “If you walk into the house looking like that, you won’t stand a chance against her. “  I couldn’t help it, the closer we got to the house, the whiter my face got.  I was normally pretty good about keeping a straight face if I had to tell a little lie to someone, but damn!  I felt like I was going to throw up knowing I would soon be looking into those blue eyes and lying right to her face.  Susie seemed a little annoyed that I couldn’t keep it together, but she hadn’t been whipped with that belt yet either.  “Here Sarah, trade me schedules.  When we get there just go upstairs.  If anyone asks, just say you aren’t feeling well.  One look at you and nobody will question it.  Ill pretend to be you and talk to Ms. Kane about your…um……my schedule.”  
When we got to the house and went inside it was pretty quiet.  We started to head upstairs when we heard her voice.  “Hi Girls, how did everything go today?” Whatever blood was left in my face drained out at that moment and I went ghost white again.  “Are you ok Dear?  What’s the matter?  You look like you might pass out.”  “Oh, I’m ok.  Just not feeling well.  I am going to go lie down.”  And just for emphasis I said to Susie, “Hey Sarah, do you think you could bring me a glass of cold water please?”  “Sure” she turned to go to the kitchen leaving me to make my escape upstairs. Ms. Kane asked me, who now was Susie, to come to her office the second after she had brought Susie or me the water, she returned to her office without further comments. I ran upstairs and straight to the bathroom and I threw up.  All that coffee coupled with nerves, and maybe a touch of guilt was too much for my poor stomach.  I went to lie down in Susie’s bed.  After bringing me a glass of water, Susie set off to see Ms. Kane as Sarah.  She was gone for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door.  “Come in”, I said.  It was Lori.  “Hey Susie, what’s up? not feeling well?”  My sister and Lori had become good friends.  I hadn’t really spent too much time getting to know her, so we were still strangers in a way.  But she thought I was Susie at that moment.  “Yeah, too much coffee and not enough food I think, but I’ll be ok.  What’s up with you?”  I honestly didn’t care for the answer but had to keep the façade so tried hard to focus on Lori “Well remember last week when I told you about that boy Adam?  Well, I saw him again today and hey you were right!”  She laughed.  I tried to play it off like I knew what she was talking about.  “oh yeah?”  I said, hoping she would throw out some more information.  “Yes, I couldn’t believe it, just like you said it would happen and it happened!  He came walking in holding hands with another dude.”  She laughed again.  I tried to laugh with her, but it’s not easy to fake laugh when you have no idea what you are supposed to be laughing at.  “Anyway, I have some stuff to do for work, I just wanted to tell you that.  Hope you feel better” and with that she left.  A few minutes later Susie came in our room.  “No problems.  She just reminded me that I…er you, are grounded.”  Before I could tell her about Lori’s visit, Lori was knocking on the door again.  “Come in,” we both said. She started talking to me again about this boy that I knew nothing about.  She went on and on and on.  Does she ever stop talking?  I must have looked like I couldn’t care less.  Susie stopped her ramblings and told her she was talking to Sarah not Susie and explained why I was in her bed.   “Really? wow you guys are good.  Did Ms. Kane really think you were Sarah?”  “Well yeah, just like you thought you were talking to Susie.”  “You guys are pretty brave doing that with Ms. Kane on the staff there.”  Now it was Susie’s face that lost all of its color.  “What are you talking about Lori?” “You didn’t know that she teaches a course on “Nonverbal Communication”?  it is only one course and its usually during the Spring quarter.”  Susie and I just looked at each other both of us now questioning what we had done.  We were committed to our lie now.  We just had to hope she wouldn’t find out and use some of that “nonverbal communication” on our backsides.
The next few weeks went by very quickly.  Tomorrow was my first class…well, my first fake class anyway.  I got up and showered early.  I had already decided to spend the day with my laptop at the park close to campus.  Susie and I decided that we would meet here every day after her last class.  This is when she would give me a few of her books to carry home with me and also when she would all too happily give me some of her homework to do to keep up the facade.   This worked out perfectly for several weeks.   Nothing major really happened.  We would smart mouth Ms. Kane, push our limits, and test the waters as much as we could.  Sometimes getting away with our brattiness,  most often not.  Ms. Kane liked to spank us just for fun.  We figured if she was going to give us “maintenance” spankings every Sunday anyway, we might as well earn them, and earn them we did.  We saw all the different shades of those blue eyes as often as possible.  Blue was always our favorite color. 
Winter break was now upon us.  Mom and Dad were planning the usual trip to Whistler to celebrate Christmas.   Susie and I had decided not to go this year, but could not escape a visit from them.  They would be staying one night in Las Vegas.  The plan was for all four of us to stay in a hotel on the strip.  Susie and I had big plans for that night. We would finally get a night to really let loose and not worry about getting in trouble with Ms. Kane.  After all, she wouldn’t try and pull that authority stuff on our parents.  Susie and I were in our room packing for our evening.  Mom and Dad would be here to pick us up in just a few hours.  When someone knocked on our door we thought it was Lori as usual but were both surprised to see Ms. Kane standing there instead. “Girls, would you mind coming to my office please?  I would like to discuss something with you.”  “Sure Ms. Kane, we will be right there”, Susie told her.  We looked at each other, both wondering what this would be about.   Ten minutes later we learned that Ms. Kane had absolutely no problem pulling that authority business on our parents.  “Girls, I know you are planning on having an evening out tonight, but I have decided that it would be best for you both to stay home.  Neither of you have been able to show me lately that you can control temptation.  The Vegas Strip is certainly not a place for 2 impulsive girls to be trusted or expected to behave.  I have invited your parents to stay here tonight so you can spend some quality time together as a family” “What?!?,” I could not hide my annoyance at that decision.  “You can’t do that.  Who are you to decide that for us?  No way!”  Uh Oh….that wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but I was mad.  We planned on partying in the city tonight, and now I would likely be getting a spanking instead of the drinks and slot machines I had planned on.  “Excuse me young lady! Don’t you dare talk to me like that.  Exactly what I have stated is exactly what will be happening.  Your parents have agreed and that is final”
“Whatever” was the only thing I could think of replying but didn’t, because Susie was faster than I and told Ms. Kane that we looked forward to spend time with our parents.  Ms. Kane wasn’t looking at Susie but only at me “Anything you would like to add Miss Sarah?” I didn’t look at her only shook my head “No Ma’am!”
When our parents finally arrived I think both Susie and I wanted to go hide somewhere, and it didn’t exactly help that both Lyndsy and Amy were playing a comedy behind our parents back, repeating our mothers dramatic entrance sobbing the moment she saw us. As usual Mom would hug us, look at us, then hug again and say the same thing as always “I can’t believe that my two little babies have grown so big, I remember the day I brought you two home from the hospital….” Oh man! I really wanted that drink bad.  I wondered if Lyndsy still had that emergency stash of Jack in her bathroom closet…”Hey Lyndsy, do you have any hairspray I can borrow?” I asked her sarcastically.
Ms. Kane, however seemed quite interested in our parents and started to show them around. “Girls…why don’t you two take your parents luggage to their room please.  I will make sure that your parents feel right at home here” We grabbed their bags and just as we were about to enter the room that was meant for our parents Ms. Kane said “Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, it must be difficult to tell your girls apart….” And then nothing. We couldn’t hear anything further. I looked at Susie and she looked at me. “Well it doesn’t have to mean anything right?? I mean she has wondered about how our parents could tell the difference…” Susie tried to ease the nervousness that slowly but certainly started to build up inside.
 We spent that evening with our parents.  Ms. Kane was a great hostess.  She even cooked an awesome meal for all of us.  She didn’t know it, but she even shared her wine with us.  The next morning it was time for our parents to leave.  They left pretty much the same way they entered, sobbing and all “Oh my little babies”.
Christmas vacation came and went too quickly.  It was time to get back to lying and sneaking my way through a few more weeks of classes.  Little did I know, the University called on Ms. Kane to assist in a class that I was supposed to be in.  (According to the fake schedule I provided Ms. Kane)  Obviously, I wouldn’t be there. One night at dinner is when I found out.   “Sarah, you weren’t in class today.  Why is that?” asked Ms. Kane.  “Uh…I was in class today….why do you ask?”  I was suddenly very nervous.  She had me in her sights, and wasn’t about to let go.  “Well, I have been asked to assist your professor in one of your classes.  Did you know that I am on staff at UNLV?”  “No, I didn’t know that…uh…which class?”  how will I get out of this mess?  I wondered.   “It is your Communications class.  Why were you not there today?”  “Oh, I was running behind, and didn’t want to walk in late, so I just went to the park and did some studying.”  The blue in her eyes was getting more intense now.  “So, you will be on time tomorrow then, right?”  “Yes, of course.” I said while I tried to remember what class that was.  I am glad Susie saved a copy in her computer.  Now, I just had to figure out how I would make this work.  I knew Susie took this class at a different time, so it would only make sense to have her fill in for me.  Sure, this would work out just fine…This really was too easy.
Susie was good at being me so I wasn’t worried.  She showed up at the right time and participated like she should.  The lesson was very intense and interesting, Ms. Kane liked to get the students to show how to use non-verbal communication, and at some point Susie and this other girl were asked to go up in front of the class and demonstrate “proper listening skills”.  Ms. Kane was moving silently around the two of them, and the other professor who was new at the school was fine with letting Ms. Kane teach the lesson and stayed toward the back of the class to observe.  Everything went smooth, no signs that Ms. Kane would ever discover the truth. When the bell rang Susie felt relaxed and a big smile was about to appear, just until that voice Susie knew so well suddenly said “Sarah could you please stay in class for a minute, I need to ask you something” Susie’s smile was gone and so was the color in her face. “Um yes professor” she managed to somehow get over her lips. 
Susie sat quietly on her chair and watched how Ms. Kane slowly packed all her things. She wasn’t in any hurry and she seemed very relaxed. As soon as the last student had left the room, Ms. Kane looked straight at Susie. “Miss Sarah I would like you to do me a favor…” Susie fidgeted nervously in her chair. “Sure Professor Kane, how can I help you?” Ms. Kane gently let her finger slide over her desk, while she walked past it and towards Susie. “I know that you and Susie are very close, and to be honest I am a bit worried about Susie lately, and I think I need to talk to both of you right now!” Susie was stumped now. What did she mean by that, as if Susie had any problems. “Well I think Susie is attending some class now, so can’t we just talk about it at home?” Ms. Kane smiled slightly, a smile that didn’t exactly make Susie feel comfortable. “Do you want to call her or shall I?” her blue eyes were penetrating and it was as if she could read every thought and every feeling Susie experienced at that moment. “Its okay Ms. Kane I will call her” Susie picked up her cellphone and chose Sarah’s number. “Hi Sis! Umm Ms. Kane needs to talk with both of us. We are in classroom # 125 on the second floor, could you please hurry??” Meanwhile Ms. Kane had gone up to the desk again, sat on her chair and just watched Susie while she talked with Sarah. 
As soon as Susie hung up the phone, Ms. Kane slowly opened the drawer. A second later Susie’s phone was vibrating. 
Susie looked down on the display and saw the name of the last person she expected it to be… Ms. Kane… “You are allowed to answer that phone, who knows maybe its Susie?” ”Umm no its okay, it’s no one….” Ms. Kane raised her eye brows .  ”Answer the phone please!” Susie sighed and pushed the green button that indicated that she accepted the call. 
At that exact same time that she pushed that button, I entered the room.   I looked at Susie and to be honest I had never seen her that pale before.   “Hi Susie, nice that you could join us this fast!  And Sarah, please don’t hang up on that person or should I say that nobody that just called you!” Susie’s right leg was twitching which I knew was a bad sign. Something was up. Ms. Kane got up from her chair and grabbed something from the drawer and moved directly towards me. She reached her hand to me and put a phone in my hand.  “Susie, can you explain how it can be that when I call you,  that its Sarah’s phone that is ringing?” 
“Oh…I guess we might have switched phones this morning,that has happened before!”   Ha! I bet she didn’t think of that explanation! 
“How stupid do you think I am? Did you really believe that the two of you could keep this LIE going on forever? Did you really believe that I wouldn’t find a way to distinguish between you Sarah” With that she gently removed the hair that covered the birthmark that was the only thing I had and Susie didn’t. “And you Miss Susie?” I stood petrified in front of Ms. Kane. I could barely breathe. “You Miss Sarah weren’t even supposed to be in this class.  So after checking with the admissions office, I found that you were not in any classes.  So I am sure you could understand my surprise to see Susie here today.  Susie did you skip a class in order to attend this one portraying to be Sarah?” 
“No Ma’am I don’t have class at this time” 
“I am very disappointed in both of you! Sarah I assume you did go back to get signed up for different classes right?” “Yes Ma’am I really did, but I was one day too late. I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid of going back and not being able to show you anything!” 
“Okay, so do you see me as some kind of person that isn’t capable of understanding that?  Or unwilling to maybe help if I can?” I couldn’t do anything else other than just look confused at Ms. Kane. “What do you think would have happened if you came back and told me  what happened when you tried to sign up for those classes??” Man did I feel stupid now “I don’t know” I handed the phone back to Ms. Kane who took it back “Is it possible that I could have helped you?” I was looking down at my feet “Maybe, I just didn’t want to disappoint you again….” Ms. Kane took a deep breath then turned around and walked towards her desk again.  “Girls! Look at me. I am disappointed, but mostly because  neither of you trusted that I might be able to both understand things and even help you. I will need some time to actually regain trust in the two of you. I care about you but trust is a vital thing! And both of you have violated that” 
I would have given anything to make her stop talking. Her words were worse than any spanking could be. I looked at Susie and she looked just as troubled as I felt. 
“I know that both of you must feel bad right now, because I know that you are two good girls, who got caught up in a lie. You will get a chance to regain trust, but first I want both of you up here pants and panties down facing the board”  “But Ms. Kane, what about Professor Adams?, surely you cannot do this in front of her”.  “Ah yes, thank you for reminding me.  Ms. Adams, would you mind helping me here?  It seems appropriate that you take one and I will take the other.  Here is a paddle for you to use on Susie, and I will use this strap on Sarah.  I believe 30 is a good number to start with. Ladies, do not move from your position at all.  I certainly hope the both of you learn a very valuable lesson, do you know what lesson that is?”  Susie and I stuttered an answered out, but didn’t make out any real words.  “The lesson young ladies, is that you will never be able to get anything over on me.  It will do you good to just accept this.  I will always know, and you will always be held accountable as long as you are in my care.  Now, Ms. Adams…shall we teach this lesson to these girls?” and with that, we got spanked right there in the classroom, and again when we got home, and again on Sunday, and on top of that we were grounded, and until the next semester started, I would be doing chores all day.  I signed up for classes as soon as I had the first opportunity.  Lesson learned Ms. Kane, lesson learned.

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Apr 282013
Pandora and Angel Soaped and Spanked
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Apr 222013


I feel a bit like a kid, reporting on all the things that happened during my first Boardwalk Badness Weekend, because no self-respecting adult should be allowed to have that much fun. 

Plain and simple, the party was excellent.

As many of you know, large social gatherings usually make me a little squicky, and the lead-up to this one was no different. I felt a bit of ‘what have I gotten myself into’ in the days before – just the idea of so many people all together in one place seemed a little daunting, and I had the usual cases of not-knowing-what-to-wear-and-pack along with a bit of when-did-my-pores-get-so-big-??, and even a dash of ohholyshit.

I spent most of Thursday in transit, which was the usual cross-continental nightmare which one would expect. Delayed out of Las Vegas; delayed layover out of Chicago, where there had apparently been an absolute deluge of rain; and finally, after arriving in Philadelphia and meeting up with Angel and her genuinely amazing roommate (who was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and drive us all the way to the party), an hour-long ride followed by the most bizarre hotel check-in process in the history of ever ever. Ever.
Angel and I got a relatively good night’s sleep in anticipation for the weekend, and were up bright and early on Friday morning. Well, early…but not so bright:

Welcome to beautiful Atlantic City.
This was the view from my balcony – on the 27th floor of the Skyline Tower! Visibility was practically zero and, at that height anyway, the wind was blowing furiously. So much for seeing the ocean..
The morning was saved by the arrival of Pandora Blake, whose happy smile immediately put both Angel and I in the mood for some spanking fun. Well, maybe I’m lying a bit. Angel wasn’t really looking forward to it at all, because we’d planned to do a double mouthsoaping scene, where both she and Pandora would hold bars of soap in their mouths while being spanked.
Without giving it all away, I will tell you that the scene was fantastic – and that those two ladies posed side-by-side was one of the loveliest things I’ve seen in quite some time. (I’ll be posting some photos soon as I get the footage off my camera!)
After spending a nice little while visiting with Pandora, we spent a few relaxing hours before the evening festivities were to begin. And it’s a good thing, too, because the short walk from our hotel to the party venue was like starring in the movie Twister. Leaning nearly 45degrees into the oncoming wind, Angel and I tottered toward the boardwalk in various states of Seriously Underdressed and Pornographically Windblown. We had to stop off in the lobby ladies room and figure out which direction our hair was supposed to be facing before heading up to the party.
Walking into the main ballroom was – honestly – nearly overwhelming. Remember, this is my first time at a party of this size, and the place wasn’t even that full yet…but I was a little ball of spanko nerves!
The place was enormous, with dozens of tables in the center and the vendor fair tables set up all ’round. We bumped nearly immediately into Sarah Gregory, looking precious as always. Within just a few minutes, Sarah introduced me to THE Dana Specht. That’s right, dammit, I finally got to meet and shake hands with her and was so excited-slash-nervous that I felt, again, like a kid. For those of you not lucky enough to already know this, Dana is just about the kindest and most genuine person you can possibly imagine – just as I’d heard from so many others. This was definitely a highlight.
From there, the night seemed to spiral from one awesome conversation to another. I didn’t even take my jacket off for the first two hours, nor did we manage to sit down until nearly eleven pm. So many people I’ve corresponded with for months, even years, were there, and I couldn’t wait to see every one of them. Miss Lisa and Mr Rob, Ms Lydia, Bad Sherri, Leia Ann Woods, Cassandra Park, Richard Windsor (another !! moment!!), Benman, BradD, and numerous others whose FetLife pseudonyms I can’t remember offhand were folks I finally got to actually meet in Real Life; I also had the happy pleasure of catching up with precious Alex Reynolds, Pandora, Sky Summers (whose boyfriend proposed onstage – so sweet!), Sarah, sweet Ten Amorette, and lots of other friends made in the last few wonderful years.
Not forgetting that this was, indeed, a spanking party (and knowing that she’d pout relentlessly if I didn’t), I perched Angel over the spanking bench in the center of the little square of private play areas and had an excellent time spanking her semi-publicly for a few minutes. (On a side note, she looked so fabulous on that bench that I must now have one…immediately.)
I stayed up well past my bedtime, as we didn’t get rain-blown back to our suite until around 11:30 pm (no suite parties for this sleepy girl), and fell into be thoroughly satisfied.
Saturday morning was equally foggy, so again the excellent view was lost to the clouds, but Saturday afternoon brought the Bad Boys Punished event in the main ballroom, and I COULD NOT WAIT to get there! My only criticism of this event is that it did not last three or four hours – I had so much fun, pulling ranks of naughty boys across my lap. Wow. It’s like speed dating for spankos! 
I heard that the Uniformed Male Tops event was also particularly enjoyable, and I’m sorry that I missed the opportunity to see well-dressed male tops taking care of dozens of happy spanko gals.
We took a short break between the Bad Boys event and dinner, and arrived back at the party at 8pm. The place was already packed, and everyone was dressed to the nines. There was a Hollywood theme for the evening, and folks chose to dress in everything from old Hollywood to action movie character costumes. 
Angel and I also both got our first looks at the famous SSNY What Would You Do videos, and we both laughed nearly continuously.
There was also an amazing skit, featuring several of the SSNY family, that was truly hilarious and inspired.
It’s obvious that Mike Tanner, Jules, Miranda, and the rest of the SSNY organizers put a lot of heart and a whole bunch of sweat into this affair. Their enthusiasm was totally infectious, and I was pleased to finally have a moment to meet the very busy Coach Tanner toward the end of the evening. He’s just as friendly and gracious as I expected, and I’m hoping to have the chance to actually meet Jules and Miranda next time – they have to be the busiest women on the Eastern Seafront during the course of the party, and I never had the chance to run them down without interrupting. Also spotted across the room: Miss Chris. I am in awe of this lady, and had the chance to meet her briefly in Chicago last summer – hopefully I’ll have the chance to shake her hand again soon.
I did hand out quite a few voting-booth spankings on Saturday night – though not nearly as many as I’d have liked (you know who you are), and Angel and I dragged our tired selves back to our hotel a little after midnight. Of course, I had to spank her before either one of us could be expected to sleep, so we didn’t actually make it to bed until around 3am. 
Sunday morning, we had to be up and out relatively early, but woke up to (finally) this:
Better late than never.
Next year? Oh, hell yeah!
                                                               – Dana
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Apr 212013
100 Strokes: Attitude Adjustment



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Apr 202013

I’m sure you’ll be properly pleased with this entry to the ‘School Daze’ spanking story contest. Poor Dan finds out that it’s never too late for a spanking, in : 




 Dan was pushing his cart at the local supermarket when he spied an attractive looking mature woman bending over to select an item from the lower shelf at the health and beauty isle. As he was admiring her nice round butt that was clad in a tight leather skirt he noticed something very familiar. Moving closer he saw her face and immediately recognized her from his days at St. Mary’s High School. About ten years older than Dan, she was or used to be Sister Constance the Prefect of Discipline for the school. Inching even closer to get a better look Dan’s eyes suddenly locked with hers and he nervously asked if she was in fact Sister Constance from his old High School. The attractive looking woman smiled and confidently asserted yes and that she left the convent years ago and is now a Psychology Professor at the City College , her name is Connie Smith, and that she still  doles out discipline to those in need though not as often as she used to. Connie then point bank posed the question to Dan. “I caught you staring at my butt a few moments ago didn’t’ I”? Embarrassed by the question and who may be overhearing this conversation Dan sheepishly looked down and admitted that yes in fact he was.” I knew it” Connie replied and asked “Have you ever served in any of my Detention Sessions back in High School”? He admitted he had not and went on to say that he certainly did things that would have warranted Detention, he was one of those students who always got away doing things without consequences. “Until now”, she said. ‘Do you think it’s o.k. to stare at a lady’s butt while she shops at the supermarket”? Afraid of getting into a confrontation that others may notice Dan quietly confessed that it wasn’t and that he was sorry. Connie then proceeded to tell Dan that if he truly was sorry he would agree to pay a visit to her house to receive “something that we both know you have had coming for a very long time”. Looking down, Dan said alright Connie” I will do just that”. ”You will address me as Ms. Smith from now on” Connie said and gave Dan the address and the warning to be there on time at 11:00 a.m. the following Saturday. He left this stunningly attractive woman and the supermarket with a whirlwind of thoughts running through his head as to what just had transpired. He would find out soon enough as Saturday was only two days away.


That Saturday morning Dan’s head was spinning with thoughts of whether or not to accept his invitation not knowing what really to expect. On one hand he was both excited and curious because Connie was very attractive and, perhaps he reasoned could charm his way through any thoughts of serious punishments she may have in mind. And maybe she would be taken in by his charm and wit and be even seduced by him. On the other hand, maybe Connie was some crazy man hating beast of a woman who would punish him unmercifully and scar him for life. He knew he was in for some sort of discipline session and was quite intrigued by the thought of it all. So Dan decided to go through with it. After all, how bad could it be? As he rang the front door bell he was about to find out.
Dan was greeted by a cheerful looking young lady who introduced herself as Tina, a student of Ms. Smith’s from City College and part time housekeeper. Tina showed Dan in and almost gleefully said to him that “Ms. Smith was expecting him” and asked him to remove his shoes upon entering the house.
Dan was given a short form to sign and requested to provide his driver license
To be photo copied. He was a little reluctant to do so but Tina assured him that the form was just a simple waiver/agreement of sorts that all visitors to Ms. Smith are required to sign, basically that they are in agreement as to the business at hand. No big deal. Dan’s thoughts were at that point too focused in anticipation of what was to transpire that he signed ,took a deep breath and followed Tina into the Study where Ms. Smith was seated behind a desk and waiting for him.


Ms. Smith rose to her feet and greeted him with a slight smile with the welcoming words “ I am so glad you could make your appointment this morning” and added that “we both know why you are here and that this Detention Session is long overdue”. Those last words spoken both sternly and assertively by the woman who was smartly dressed in a long black skirt and white blouse, Ms. Smith noted that the signed paperwork had been placed in a file and that his Detention session can begin. Dan was directed to one of the three classroom style desks that were in the room and told to sit down ,straight up with hands folded and look ahead towards the chalk board and not move until she returned. He was surprised to notice another person a woman, about his age, occupying one of the other desks with pen and paper in hand writing feverishly what he assumed were some sort of punishment lines. Dan sat looking straight ahead as instructed. After a while he glanced at the woman seated next to him and noticed that while she was still writing he couldn’t help but see that while constantly shifting in her seat, the evidence of a rather brutal spanking was exposed. Dan could see that she was rather uncomfortable and that her rather ample backside was a deep crimson red with a tinge of blue from bruising. She was wearing a pair of thong panties something he hadn’t noticed when he first saw her. Dan whispered hello. She whispered back saying her name was Linda and if he were smart he would leave while he can. Linda stated that she had been there since around 8:00 am and was almost done with her writing assignment. Linda sighed and said ”well we both are here for reasons known to us and that we deserve what we have coming” adding that even though “we don’t like the consequences we face ,we’ll be back again for more of the same”.
Dan sharply said,” no way to that, I’ll never be back”.  Linda just gave him a knowing glance,smiled and said ”oh, but you will’ and continued writing all the while as she was shifting in her seat. Dan wondered what she meant by that as he continued to sit for what was now a whole hour at the very least. He took special notice of what lay upon the desk at the front of the room. There he could see an assortment of implements that no doubt would be used for his upcoming corporal punishment. A couple of paddles ,a bath brush, cane, and what looked like a bunch of twigs soaking in a water bucket in the corner of the room. Is this all for show or does Ms. Smith intend to use them all he thought?
He was about to find out.


Ms. Smith suddenly entered the room and walked up to where Dan was sitting.
She started out” Sooo,you like to watch unsuspecting women bending over and stare at their backsides”? Well?” Umm, yes ma’am” he stammered. And she added” you often got away with doing bad things way back in High School’? “yes” he said very quietly looking down away from her. SMACK!! She slapped him hard across the face! “I didn’t hear you” she exclaimed. “Yes ma’am’ Dan replied reeling from that unexpected slap across his face. “That’s better’ Ms. Smith said adding “ Linda here will get a nice view of your backside while I spank you and am quite sure she enjoy watching although I doubt she will admit to it”. The tone of her voice certainly made him nervous but at the same time he was anxious to get this whole Detention business started and the sooner it does, the sooner he could get out of there and never look back. “Drop your pants and come here” she said. Ms. Smith took a seat on her chair behind the desk and beckoned him to come lay across her lap. Once in proper place she began spanking his behind with her gloved hand. SLAP!!SLAP!,SLAP! Her hand alternating from each cheek of his bottom and with each slap the reality of the situation was beginning to sink into Dan that he in fact was going to be punished, and effectively so. SLAP!SLAP!,SLAP! SLAP! Her hand continued to assault his backside which began to turn a light shade of pink. Face down over her knee staring at the floor and her black high heeled shoes Dan was determined to take whatever Ms. Smith dished out with not so much as a whimper.  After about five minutes with her gloved hand he was beginning to think that this wasn’t so bad at all and that it would be over soon. Ms. Smith stopped spanking him for the moment, adjusted herself and Dan into position again and… SMACK! “Ohhh….this is a different sensation” Dan thought. SMACK !!SMACK !SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sharp sting of the small lexan paddle was something he never experienced. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Oh God, this really hurts he quietly said to himself, still determined not to give in and beg for her to stop. “Did I hear you say something”? Ms. Smith asked? ”No Ma’am” he answered while biting his lip as that paddle rained down on his tender backside again and again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He could see from the corner of his eye that Linda who was sitting in the seat not too far away stopped her writing and was watching intently as Dan was getting what she got earlier. He could swear that she had a look of glee on her face. Well, “misery loves company as they say” he surmised. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Hold still”! Ms. Smith called out to Dan. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! That paddle really stung! Suddenly she stopped. Dan was grateful because he thought his punishment was over.


“Stand up. Pull down those undies ,and get back across my lap” Ms Smith ordered. “Now that we completed a proper “warm up” we can begin your punishment in earnest she coolly remarked. “A proper spanking is always administered on the bare bottom. Do you understand young man”? “Warm up? What does she mean by warm up”? Dan thought it was over but now frightfully realized his punishment only had begun!” What have I got myself into”? He thought. Bare bottomed faced down over her knee he felt the first blow of Ms. Smith’s dreaded wooden spencer paddle. Crack! The paddle landed on his left cheek. Crack! On the left, Crack !Back to the right. “Owwww”..Dan murmmured  to himself. The spencer paddle with it’s little holes was really making an impression not only on his bare bottom but on his psyche. She now go into a rhythm ,alternating side to side and now and then varying the force of each blow. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Went that wicked spencer paddle!
The tiny holes allowed for less air resistance as it rained down on Dan’s squirming buttocks. ‘Owwww,Owwww,Owwww” Linda who was still diligently watching could hear him say. Tiny blisters began to appear wherever that paddle landed.”Hold still I said” demanded Ms. Smith as she expertly applied that paddle to Dan’s now very red posterior. “Ouch!,this really hurts” Dan blurted out. “Be quiet ,and hold still. It’s supposed to hurt, you are getting what you deserve and have had it a long time in coming” said Ms. Smith. She knew how to work that paddle to achieve maximum discomfort continuing to alternate left, right, up ,down ,center of his stinging and squirming behind. Dan’s arse was on fire and both he and Ms. Smith knew it! CRACK! ,Owwww! ,CRACK!,Owwww! ,CRACK!,Owwwww, it continued  for what seemed like an eternity till finally she stopped. He was ordered to stand up and go over to the front desk and wait for her while she excused herself from the room to speak with her housemaid Tina. “No talking you two” she warned both Dan and Linda who continued writing her punishment lines at her desk. Dan meanwhile wasn’t in the mood to have a conversation as he continued to rub his very sore butt. It sure hurt like hell but he was still determined not to give in and give Ms. Smith the satisfaction of seeing him shed a tear. The paddling really hurt but somehow provided a numbing effect even though he could feel that his rear was swollen from all that spanking and could feel those little blisters generated by the spencer paddle. “At least you don’t have to write stupid lines” Linda said to Dan. “I would much rather sit and write than go through with what I just did. That damned spencer paddle certainly put a fire in my butt” Dan told her. Linda stated that she too got much of the same and that she has the marks and bruises to prove it. She turned around in her seat to show him. “Oh yes, I can see you are very red back there. How does it feel’? he asked.” Hurts like hell” Linda replied, and added “it doesn’t help that I’ve been sitting on this hard wooden chair for the last couple of hours’!


The door to the room suddenly opened and Ms. Smith said she overheard the both them talking ,something she warned them against. “Did I or did I not say that you two were not to talk”? “Well?” Ms. Smith demanded. Both Linda and Dan whispered yes knowing full well of certain consequences. “Very well” Ms. Smith said with a tone of disgust. “Bend over this front desk” she instructed Dan. Grabbing the long handled wooden bath brush she began assaulting Dan’s already battered and bruised backside. WHUP!” Ohhhh” said Dan,WHUP! ”Eowwww” ,he continued. WHUP! WHUP! WHUP! “Ouch!, Owwww! ,Ouch”! WHUP! “Oooohhhh”. It continued. Ms. Smith applied that bath brush precisely and effectively. With each “WHUP” as the bath brush landed it produced a deep penetrating pain with a crashing thud. Because the back of the brush was somewhat small it seemed all the energy  from Ms. Smith’s wielding arm  was concentrated into what seemed to Dan as a white hot fireball landing and burning into his raw tush with each blow. WHUP! WHUP!WHUP! All Dan could think of is how deep the pain was and was wondering when he was ever going to sit comfortably again. She applied the bath brush to every square inch of his blistered backside, not sparing any area and making sure that this particular justice was evenly dispersed. “Hold still!” she scolded him as he was shifting from one leg to the other in a futile attempt to avoid the blows. WHUP! WHUP! “Owwwwwwww”,Owwwwwwwww” he moaned quietly. “Brace yourself for these last ten” Ms. Smith advised Dan. Without warning she began a volley of very rapid spanks with the bath brush WHUP! WHUP!WHUP!WHUP!WHUP! WHUP! WHUP! WHUP! WHUP! WHUP !”Oh my god, oh my god ,owwwwwww, owwwwwww” he said. A tear began to flow from his eye but he was quick to conceal it from her, biting his lip all through the ordeal of those last ten spanks. “All right, go sit down in your seat” Ms. Smith told him. This was going to be a problem he thought as the pain from that bout with bath brush was deep and left his butt extremely sore and throbbing. But he knew better than to not follow directions and slowly and gingerly sat down on the cool wooden desk seat. For a second the coolness of the wooden seat felt good but soon his discomfort was evident. Shifting in his seat didn’t help and only seemed to make matters worse. “God, this hurts” he mumbled to himself. “ Sit up straight and face the front of the room” Ms. Smith told him.” And sit still! she said. He did as told all the while squirming in his seat to try and get comfortable.


Ms. Smith then turned her attention to Linda who was seated at the next desk over. “Have you completed your writing assignment”? she asked. “Yes ma’am” came her weak reply. “Step up here and bend over this desk “Ms. Smith said. Linda was somewhat relieved to escape that awfully hard chair that made her sore red behind ache both from sitting so long and from the spanking she had in fact received earlier. Her hand also hurt from all that writing but nowhere near the pain she was about to feel. As Linda was bending over the desk she caught glimpse of Ms. Smith reaching into the bucket that was close by and saw her pull out a bunch of loosely bound twigs or branches. “Oh no, not a birching”! pleaded Linda as she prepared herself as best she could. “Pull down those thong panties young lady” Ms. Smith ordered. “Pleaaase let me keep them on Ms. Smith” Linda pleaded. To that Ms. Smith replied ”no need to be embarrassed and besides, your bare rump being exposed to the world is the least of your worries ,trust me it will be the last thing on your mind during the next few minutes”.  Linda shuddered upon hearing those words and braced herself for what surely would be a thorough thrashing. SWOOSH! The tied up bunch of birch twigs whistled through the air and crashed on the prone woman’s ample derriere with a snapping sound. Linda lurched forward after the first swat landed. “Owwwwww.’she howled! SWOOSH! SWOOSH!SWOOSH!SWOOSH! went the bundle of twigs.” Yeowwwwww,owwwwww” Linda screamed. It was like a thousand bees have landed and began stinging that already tender fanny of hers.”Ohhhh my!, Owwwwww.oooooooooo she yelled as the unforgiving birch rods worked their magic. Ms. Smith was right in that the only thing Linda could concentrate on was that acute sting and pain that was engulfing her already bruised blistered rump. “Ohhhhhhhh, please stop” she begged, only to feel the wrath of the bundle branches again and again. The last half dozen blows were the harshest and when Ms. Smith finished Linda stood straight up and hopped around the room sobbing ,rubbing her butt feverishly in what could be best described as some sort of spanking dance! “I think you got the message” Ms. Smith laughed as she admired her handiwork. “Now go sit down and keep quiet” she told Linda. Linda returned to her seat and sat down as lightly as she could and continued to whimper quietly to herself amazed at the beating she just endured. “Oh Gawd,this really stings” she repeatedly said between sobs.


Dan was anticipating what he figured was his turn with the birch twigs when Ms. Smith walked up to him and handed a pencil and paper.  Looking down at him she said” you admitted that you always got away with things that would have gotten you in trouble back in High School therefore, I want you to list 10 such infractions on this sheet of paper”. With that she turned and went back to her desk and began correcting papers from her College Class students. Dan was relieved that unlike Linda he wasn’t required to write lengthy punishment lines and sensed that his ordeal was almost over. Those birch twigs still loomed menacingly he thought. So he quickly jotted down ten things that would have landed him in Detention back in High School. Things such as pulling the fire alarm, starting a food fight, plugging the bathroom sinks, etc. etc. After awhile Ms. Smith stopped correcting papers looked up and saw Dan was no longer writing and beckoned him to the front of the room. He walked up and stood in front of her desk, his bottom still throbbing from his encounter with the bath brush. “Let me see your list” Ms. Smith said. She studied it without comment, smiled and finally remarked ”I see, very well ,you will be punished with one stroke of the cane for each of the ten infractions you have listed”.” But Ms. Smith he stammered”. “Quiet or I will double the strokes to twenty” she told him. “Now get into position’! Dan positioned himself over her desk in such a way that his buttocks were fully exposed and vulnerable to the onslaught of Ms. Smith’s rattan cane. The cane was long and about 1/4” thick and Dan was sure that this was going to be worse than the birch rods. Before he knew it he vaguely heard the swish of the cane when it suddenly landed squarely and precisely in the center of his prone buttocks. He let out a yelp as the force of the blow reverberated from the point of impact and traveled throughout his body forcing him to lurch somewhat forward. “Stay still” she admonished him. Before he could comprehend the words she was saying he was rudely jolted by the penetrating blow of another cut of the cane. “Yeaowwwww”..he moaned as Ms. Smith struck again in the exact same spot as the first. This time it felt like a searing streak of fire had coursed through his bottom. “Oh my god, owwww,owwww,” he said. No matter how hard he tried he could not escape the heat of the swishing cane as she expertly applied it to the other sections of his bum. SWISH! SPLAT!! SWISH! SPLAT!! SWISH! SPLAT!! “Owwwwwwww…,Ooohhhhhhhh”! Dan exclaimed. He was now clenching his teeth and tears began to well up in his eyes and he could now make out the image of that housemaid/student Tina standing at the door of the room with what he thought might be a camera. SWISH! SPLAT!! Came another strike of the cane! “oooohhhhhhh god” he cried. The blistering heat was almost too much to bear. With his arse afire and his head reeling Dan could barely hear Ms. Smith announce the coming of the last stroke.”Take a deep breath for number ten” she announced. SWISHHHH! SPLAATTTT!!!! The final stroke from that awful rataan cane came crashing down and cut right through his soul causing Dan to begin to sob uncontrollably. He started to hop up and down rubbing that scorched bottom of his and performing his own  rendition of the spanking dance that he previously witnessed being done by Linda. Knowing that she finally had broken him, Ms. Smith displayed a smile of complete satisfaction knowing that justice was delivered and Detention finally served to Dan at long last! She collected her papers and slowly cooed that she “would expect to see him in three weeks at the same time” then left the room.


Tina stood there and instructed him to compose himself ,get dressed and handed him his driver’s license which she had photo copied earlier. His bottom still a mass of molten flesh, he asked the young housemaid what Ms. Smith meant by telling him she expected a return visit in three weeks. Tina just grinned and simply said” All those who enter here always return unless they want the world to know what takes place in this special setting. You did sign that waiver/agreement when you arrived. During your time here I ran a background check on you and now Ms. Smith knows where you live ,work etc. Perhaps you should have read the fine print! You will be back I am sure of it” she chuckled. ”Isn’t that right Linda”? she asked. Linda just looked down and sheepishly nodded yes. At that point Dan knew he had been had. “See you both in three weeks”! Tina said as she exited the room.


Three weeks later that Saturday morning Dan was debating what he should do. Over and over he thought what if and what not? He knew what he had to do. He arrived at the appointed time and was greeted by the cheerful young Housemaid/Student Tina and was led into the house……….


                                                       The end
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