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Angel’s Nightmare Weekend:
Part 2 of 4
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Spanking video fans,

My friends at Alpine Sierra Studios, producers of Spanking Court, Sternwood Academy, and Spanking Ms. Cali, have launched a new spanking multi-site. will encompass all the above sites, as well as new sites Reflections in Discipline and Adventures in Spanking.

In the last couple months I’ve shot a few great scenes with Cheyenne Jewel and Kelley May which already do, or will soon, appear on their video store offerings. For Cheyenne’s clips, click HERE. For Kelleys’, click HERE.

More with Cheyenne coming soon to HERE, as well as a planned shoot with Angel and Pandora Blake in late April!

There are more free Product Testing and Tips for Tops videos coming in the next couple months, too.

And finally, while my bottom’s bottom has been a bit under the weather of late, he’s building up lots of spanking time for the future. There will be many  more opportunities for me to make an example of him soon.
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Here’s part two of Lyndsy’s take on her fictional time with Amy at ‘The Reformatory’. Enjoy!

–  Dana


Part 2-L

It was a very strange sensation to be so drifted into some sort of space where I didn’t feel overly anxious, and really had no concept of anything outside of my own thoughts.  Well, until Amy hollered at me “Are you okay?”  It snapped me back to where I was, in this place, my room, my new little buddy and realized now that I had a tender bottom!

Once she knew I was alright, something in her spank brought her to life, and she decided she wanted to go and socialize and that it was a good idea to go to her staff party after all.  “Come on Lyndsy, lets go out for a bit.  My boss even asked me to bring you too!”  So she dragged me there.  I knew a few of the people at least.  We were standing around, listening to the conversations and the music, realizing neither one of us could sit comfortably.  Her boss asked if we wanted a drink, and Amy said, “No thanks.”  I guess she liked the feel of her sore bottom!!!  Not me!!!  I was looking for some relief!!  Not only from the tender butt, but because I really was uncomfortable in social situations.  I asked if she had JD, and she said, “Sure thing!”  “Okay, I will have a double, on the rocks, if that’s not a problem?”  “Not at all!  Double Jack Daniels coming right up!!”  When she brought it, I think it was topped up just a little more than that!!  Soon I didn’t feel the tenderness and I enticed Amy down off the deck to the big garage where the music was blasting and ones were dancing.  It didn’t take long for us to get into the dancing too, but of course Amy couldn’t dance to any that would make her jump around too hard, and well, I didn’t need to make a scene myself!  Then this song by David Guetta came on and she went wild!  “Come on Lyndsy!!!  This is an awesome song!!”  It kind of started slow, and I was wondering why she wanted me to dance to it, not really my style at the moment, so I said “Ah, nooo, that’s okay!  Go ahead!”  She wouldn’t let it go.  I listened to the chorus, ‘I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away,… and the beat picked up!!  I made her suffer until the second chorus and then let her drag me out with the rest!  JD was hitting my head by now, so I was past the point of caring anyway.  But Amy was just screaming, “You shoot me down!  But I won’t fall!  I am titanium!!!!!”  Over and over again!!  I just laughed at her, and when it ended we both went laughing off the floor!  I slammed back the rest of my drink and realized it was near midnight.  “Hey kiddo, maybe we otta head ‘er home!  Don’t need another reason for the DK to smash our ash!”  Oh boy… yep!! Time to get going. 

We headed out laughing still as we went to the truck.  Amy tried to grab the keys from my hand, and I yanked them back.  She hollered at me, “Hey, you had a drink, you better let me drive!!”  “Oh Amy, I had one drink, take it easy!! We only live a few blocks away!  I’m fine!”  She looked at me with her adorable little frown, but I guess she didn’t want to argue in front of all her work mates.  Plus, she didn’t really know me too well yet.  We jumped in the truck and cranked the tunes up.  She was still not happy I was driving, but then guess what came on the radio??!!!  The Titanium song!!!  We both started to laugh again, and of course, she had to start hollering out the chorus again!!!

As we neared the house I turned the music down, but then Amy shut it right off.  “We don’t need anyone waking up, better not to take the chance.”   “Good idea, but it sure was fun!  Just what we needed!”

We controlled ourselves as we went in the house.  It’s not that we were not allowed to go out, as long as it wasn’t an unreasonable time and we came back to sleep there, so we were just being responsible and quiet and made our way to the room without incident.

The next day, my backside was still reminding me what happened, even if my mind tried to convince me it didn’t!!!  I decided to just stay in bed, because I had told Ms. Kane I don’t do mornings anyway.  Having breakfast was not a mandatory thing like she wanted us all to respect having supper together, so she didn’t harp on me too much for being slower in the morning, and then just heading to work.  I just pulled the covers up around my neck and curled up in a ball and drifted back to sleep.

I am not sure how long after I had dozed off, but in my sleep I heard a “rat-a-tat-tat”.  I slightly opened my eyes, not quite knowing what I heard exactly, and just listened without saying anything.  Hmmm, guess I was just dreaming.  Then I heard it again, “rat-a-tat-tat”, and after, “Lyndsy, are you awake?”  It was Ms. Kane knocking on the door.  “Umm, I am now?”  “Can I come in?”  “Yeah, whatever” I replied, but still had a hard time to keep my eyes open.  I heard the door open, then close quietly, and felt her sit on my bed.  She didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t open my eyes really yet.  Then I felt her looking at me, and I got a whiff of coffee.  I stretched, and tried hard to open the eyelids. 

“Well, good morning Miss Lyndsy!  Are you a sleepy head today?”  “Yep.”  “I brought you a coffee to help you out. I heard you guys come in last night.”  “Oh sorry, we were trying not to wake anyone up.”  “No, you were both quiet.  I just can’t sleep sound until I know everyone is home safe for the night.  What did you guys do?”  I stretched again, trying to wake my body up, but rolled onto my stomach because it still hurt too much to lie on my back.  My eyes were still heavy.  “Ummm, we just went to a staff party”  “Oh?”  “Well, we weren’t planning on it but, ah, Amy had a burst of energy, so she wanted to go socialize a bit.”

I turned my head towards the wall as I tried to get my eyes to want to open.  She rubbed my back, “What did you guys do there?  Did you have fun?”  I was too numb for all the questions.. besides, I didn’t want her to know I had JD…. So I didn’t answer in hopes she wouldn’t ask anymore.  “Lyndsy,”  she smacked me on the butt a couple times.  “Ouch!”   “Still sore?  It’s time to start moving, you should get to work soon.  Sit up and have your coffee.”  There was a pause for a minute.  “I asked you if you guys had fun.”  “Oh, yeah, yeah we did Ms. Kane, thanks.”  I was really trying to consider the fact of getting up, but still didn’t really move, and really didn’t want to seem like I wanted to talk.  After a minute she smacked my butt again a little harder, and stood up.  “Come on now, get up, you’ve slept in long enough, get dressed and have your coffee.”  She put the cup on the dresser and headed back out and downstairs. 

Mmmm I could smell it, and it made me want to move to reach it.  I fought hard to sit up, and then yeouch! I had to stand up quickly!!  Darn it my butt hurt more now than when I got the spank!!  That’s it!  I went and found my little stash of JD and glugged about two ounces into my coffee.  Mmmmm…. Even better now!!

I savoured every sip as I leaned my elbows on my tall dresser and just tipped the cup as necessary to my lips.  I had finally started to wake up, and the burning seemed a lot less intense, so I started to get ready for work. 

Just then Amy sent me a text, “Hey, u awake yet?” 

“Ya – barely – JD is helping” 

“What? Ur gonna get caught!” 

“Nah, she’s already come n gone”

“When r u leavin?”

“Bout 15 min”

“Ok – text me when u get to work!”

“Yep – Over.”

Me and Amy were at it for the next two days in a row steady texting back and forth.  I teased her about her Titanium song she cranked out at the party.  We joked about if Ms. Kane was with us partying, what it would be like, and on and on it went.  I knew Amy would have a harder time at work to not laugh out loud as she had other people in the office at times, but I could go escape to a room myself and chat with her.  Of course, this also carried out into the evenings when we were back together and at the Reformatory. 

I never realized that Ms. Kane had the power she did to affect our day to day lives.  But by the second day of us goofing off in our own little world of things we joked about, she had enough, and provided us with a phone that, well – I think it was a phone?  But if it actually made calls I would be surprised!!!  Not only that, that evening she also took our personal smart phones, and my mind tried to wrap around the idea she would be allowed to do that!!  Did I dare put up a fuss?  I mean, that was my life, my job, my contacts, my privacy, my connection to everything!!  I could feel it building up inside on how to handle this situation.  I needed backing, knowledge of some kind to present to her would be best, so that I could plead an argument as to why she couldn’t and didn’t have the right to do that!

I was relieved when Amy had to go to the office to see Ms. Kane first again.  That would give me time to search up some data, some “legal” explanation, some sort of retaliation as to why I could demand my phone back!!

I ran upstairs to my laptop.  I was punching in all kinds of information, but it was either too difficult to put together in short time, or it was just not exactly a situation I could use in this case.  I was getting anxious and frustrated as the minutes ticked.  Darn it!!  I gotta do something!!!  

DING!!!  The lights went on and JD jumped into my brain!!!  If I can’t find data, I will find bravery to plead my case!!!!  I went and found my little secret stash and slammed a mouthful.  I sat on my bed and took a deep breath.  I slammed another one, and realized I better not make it too obvious, so I put it carefully away.  I sat there as I tried to calm down, to shut down the anxiety I was feeling, to strengthen my walls so that I wouldn’t crumble when I tried to make a point.  To keep her at an emotional distance so that I could maintain my determination to fight for the right of my phone!!

As I began to feel my “bravery” come over me, I was able to gain my composure about this whole situation, and as I did, I heard a voice from the bottom step call me, “Lyndsy, please come down here right now!”  A shiver ran up my spine, but I took a second to go in the bathroom and swish some mouthwash around before obeying.

When I went downstairs, Ms. Kane was at her desk with my phone in her hand.  There it was.  My little life line, being handled by someone other than me!!  But as I headed into the room I couldn’t help but notice Amy standing in the corner with her butt as red as it had probably never been before!  I gulped as I looked at her, and then Ms. Kane spoke up, “Yes, you take a good look at Amy’s bottom, because yours is going to be redder than that!” 

My eyes slowly looked towards her, but not at her, and I still stood only 2 feet into the office door.  Then they went to my phone again.  She taunted me with it by holding it up, kind of waving it, to show me she had it in her possession, like I didn’t know.  “You have quite the fine technical gadget here, don’t you Lyndsy?”  I couldn’t talk.  Darn, where was that bravery I had hoped for!!!  I didn’t want to see her expression, so I kept my eye on the phone.  She looked at it, and played with it, and man, she was pushing on buttons and tapping into my information!!!  “You are not really allowed to be doing that Ms. Kane.”  I don’t know where that came from, but it was there and out in the open!  “What do you mean Lyndsy?  Come here and sit down please.”   I hesitated, and I still wouldn’t look at her.  I looked towards Amy as I started to walk and talk, “Its true Ms. Kane, it is rather questionable to go into someone else’s private property.”  She didn’t answer right away, so I looked back in her direction.  As I did that she stood up.  Oh my, what to do, what to do, what to do……

“Ma’am, out of sincere respect, I just need you to realize that that item is full of things that are private due to my work, and I had to make an oath so that I would not discuss the court discussions or names of ones that I do work for.”  She started to walk towards me, and I could feel my bravery was on.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you JD!!!  NOW I could look at her, but not actually see her.  I could block out her eyes and her expressions so that I didn’t have to read them, and just look at the silhouette of her frame as I spoke.  As she came closer I continued, “By you reading that information, you are not actually disrespecting me, but tampering with legal issues that could come back on either one of us.”  She had stopped 2 feet in front of me.  But she was playing this game, where she actually was not saying anything at the moment, so that I had to scramble for words, and I hated that!!!  “Ms. Kane, will you please hand me back my phone.  I don’t care what you do to me for discipline, but that phone has to be in my possession due to the delicate information it carries.”  I don’t’ know where all that was coming from, but it was sounding legit to me!!  But darn, I didn’t want to think of what to say next!!  She held it up in front of my face, as she powered it off before me. 

“Well Lyndsy, do you have anything else to say before I get into my discussion with you?”  I just shrugged my shoulders as I lowered my eyes a little.  “Good.  But you did have a convincing argument.  I just wonder where that bit of bravery came from?  You are usually more of an observer, unless you are bratting.”  I could feel her trying to look into my face, but I turned to look at Amy again.  She took my chin in her right hand and turned my face to hers.  “Just so you can relax, well, for a moment, I would never tap into something as personal as your work information.  I understand that there are things that others can not know.  The only thing that I opened or read, are the texts that you and Amy have been sending back and forth the last two days.”  Was I relieved?  I don’t think so, I believe that was more of a tactical way to get my phone back.  And it didn’t seem to be working.  “Now, does your work information come through email or texting Lyndsy?”   “Email” I replied.  “So really, you can get your work information from your laptop, correct?”  “Well, yes.”  “Then by me taking your phone right now, and locking it in a safe with Amy’s, it really won’t affect your work, is that right?”  “Ahhhh”  “No, don’t try and think of a reason, just tell me yes or no.  Will it affect your work, by me taking your phone right now?”  “No”, I replied as my nose scrunched up with insult. 

Ms. Kane left me standing there.  I watched as she walked over to her closet, heard her opening the safe she had, and locking our phones inside.  Darn… Now I just have to handle whatever she is about to deal out.  And looking at Amy’s bum, I knew it was not something that was going to be pleasant.

“Miss Lyndsy!  Please bring yourself over here to my desk please.”  I once again hesitated, I guess as I tried to get a grip on what was ahead.  “Now!”  I looked over to Amy again and then back at Ms. Kane, and slowly walked towards her desk.  She came and stood in front of me again.  I didn’t know what to do or how to respond, so I just stood there and looked at my fingers as I started to pick them inflicting my own pain.

“Lyndsy.  Do you understand why I have taken your phones away?” she asked.  “Well, no, not really.  Because we know how to use them to their fullest potential?  And it takes up our time?”

“Are you sassing me?”  “No.  They do absorb a lot of our time because basically, our lives evolve around that source of communication.”

“Come over here Lyndsy.”  She walked towards the couch.  I just stood and watched again.  “Lyndsy!!  I said to come here!”  I again walked slowly towards her, because really, I was still upset she had control enough to take my phone, and I wanted to argue more about it.  But I didn’t really have a bigger come back than the one then I had presented earlier, and I think she knew that.  When I stood before her, she knelt down and started to undo my pants.  I went to hold them, but got a firm slap across my right arm.  Then she dropped them to the floor without saying another word.  She sat on the couch, smacked her thigh a couple of times, held up her arms waiting for me to lie over her lap.  I didn’t.  I stood there frowning, frustrated and fighting it all inside.  She still didn’t say a word, but spoke with her eyes, and the way she grabbed my right arm firmly with her right hand, I didn’t have a choice but have my body follow. 

As I settled there, she started to speak.  “Do you not think that maybe there is a lot of unnecessary time spent on those phones?”

 “No.  Everything I do on there is necessary ma’am.”   SMACK.

“Are you telling me that the texting that goes on between you and Amy ALL day long, is something necessary?” 

“Well, I would have to say yes to that.”  SMACK. SMACK.  I tightened up my buttocks.

“And why is it necessary that you two talk throughout the whole day?” 

“Because, we need to.  We need to discuss things that go on.  We need to share stuff about our day, or what was said, or heard, or seen.  Ohhhhh, I don’t know.  But it is necessary!  I need to communicate with her!”  And then there was a multitude of smacks applied to both cheeks.

When she stopped she continued, “Do you realize the time you are taking away from focusing on your jobs by the chit chat the two of you carry on during work hours?  Hours that you are getting paid for to do a job for someone?” 

“Ummmmm.  Not to be disrespectful, but that doesn’t actually apply to me ma’am.”  SMACK.  SMACK. SMACK.  SMACK. “But… but its true!!” I paused.  She said nothing.  I continued, “I only get paid for what I type!  Not for my time!”  Darn again no response.  I hated my back to her,  “So really, ummm…you are wrong about that.”  She didn’t say a word, but yanked down my underwear, and applied another set. SMACK.  SMACK.  SMACK. SMACK.

“Okay.  So, what about the TIME you are using to chat.  Are you keeping up with your work?”

 “Ahhhh….”  Again a heapful of spanks landed on my backside and I tensed up more as each one came down.  When she stopped, she paused, and I didn’t say anything.  I didn’t dare to reply!  I was WEEKS behind on work because my time was being used up to develop the relationship that I so needed from Amy!!! 

“You didn’t answer me Lyndsy!!” 

“Umm, no Ms. Kane.”

“No?  You are not keeping up to your work?  Is that what you meant?” 

“That’s what you asked wasn’t it?”  No words, just an impact of spanking that got faster and harder as she altered from one cheek to the other. 

“Breath Lyndsy!”  I tried to take a deep breathe, but I couldn’t, so she paused, “Take a deep breath.”  I finally got one almost to the pit of my stomach, but not quite.  She continued her spanking without hesitation.

When she stopped, she spoke again.  “So, you are behind on your work, mostly due to the communication you are having throughout the whole working day while you and Amy are separate, putting you both at risk with your jobs, and you are still wondering why I have taken your phones away?” 

“Ahh, I guess I understand ma’am, when you put it that way.” 

“Good!!”  And she continued spanking for another hundred rounds… Well, maybe it wasn’t, but it felt like it went on forever.  Then she said, “Now, stand up Lyndsy.”

I stood up, and went to pull up my underwear, but this time I heard, “No!!  We are not done Missy!  Take them right off, and go lean over my desk” was what she said as she walked towards her desk. 

“What?  Why?  Because me and Amy text each other?  Is not taking our phones enough punishment?  Never mind the physical one I just got??”  Ms. Kane turned around and stopped.  She just looked at me, and my “walls” went up so I couldn’t see her face or expression.  Yet, she would think I was looking right at her.  I didn’t dare focus on her face!!!

She walked right back up to me and with 6 inches between our noses she said, “You find your way over to my desk, place your hands on it, and I will be right back!!”  I just looked at her, I didn’t want to say anything with her that close in case she smelled I had slammed some JD earlier.  “Do …  you … under… stand … me?  I nodded my head instead.  She turned me around, smacked my butt and gave me a shove.  “Go!  We have something else to deal with.”  And with that she left the room. 

My brain went into overload trying to think of what she meant. I glanced over at Amy.  Poor girl had to listen to all of this.  I continued over to the desk.  Then I heard Amy speak up in an undertone, so I turned to look towards her, “Lyndsy.  Be careful.  Don’t sass back anymore. She found our texting about you and……” 

Just then Ms. Kane walked back in the room, “Amy!!!!  Be quiet!!  Or you will be in for more!”

Darn it!  Amy didn’t get to finish her sentence!!  I was still twisting so that I could look at Amy, and her eyes told me this was bad.  I just wasn’t quite sure what it was.  She squished her eyes tight, and I knew she was sending me a hug, and going to be thinking of me.  

“Amy, turn yourself around and face the wall.  I am not finished with Lyndsy, as you very well know.”  She was now sitting in her desk chair, right in front of me at eye level.  “Amy was correct.  There IS something that I found in your texting with her that is of concern to me Lyndsy.  I have come to realize you have been hanging around with some ‘bad association’ rather often.”  I just looked at her, puzzled.  I haven’t hung around with anyone lately?  All my time was absorbed between me and Amy.  I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.  She must have seen my confusion, because she reached down to the floor and pulled up the container I had hid my JD in and placed it on the desk in front of me!!!!  My stomach seized up, and my breath stopped.  My eyes froze on the container, until I heard, “What would this be Lyndsy?” 

Do I dare play stupid?  Oh man, that wouldn’t work.  She obviously knows from the texts.  I looked towards her.  “Ummm. That might be some left over beverage I couldn’t finish awhile back?” 

“Is that a question?”   I didn’t reply, I just looked at the container. “And when would be the last time you might have opened this container?”  Again, I couldn’t tell her!!!  “Speak up!  And don’t you dare lie to me!”  I looked towards her, trying to lose the silhouette figure and see what her eyes might be saying, to figure out if she knew I had some just previous to this!!  I couldn’t tell.  My fear of knowing was stronger!!!  She stood up now, and picked the belt up off the desk.  She came around to the side I was on, and leaned over the desk beside me.  She then looked at me, and told me to look at her.  Darn!!!  This is too close for comfort!!  I took a deep breath, and held it as I looked her way.  She just stayed there, trying to hold my eye contact as I tried to hold my breath!!!  Darn her and her games!!!!  I don’t know what colour my face got to, but I gave in before she did, and lowered my head to the desk as I let out the air.  She stood up and faced towards Amy.  “I guess I have my answer, don’t I Lyndsy?” 

“I didn’t say anything?” 

“You didn’t have to!  Your breath speaks for itself!!  Did you actually have some of that before coming in here?”  I could feel her at my back, but not looking at me.  She had this habit of looking straight ahead when she would talk sometimes.  Then I felt a blow with the belt as it contacted my buttocks.  A shiver went curling up my spine, and made me cough!

“Damn!”  I said aloud. 

“I expect your answer to be ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and that is all.”  Another two blows of that belt.  I still didn’t answer.  And another 4 landed smartly across both cheeks at the same time.  I cringed, and lowered my head closer to the desk.  She waited about 30 seconds, and then about 10 were applied, even harder than the last ones!! 

“Okay!!! Okay!!!  Yes!!!  I did have a sip before I came down here!!!”  She plastered another 10 or so, but fast and furious.  “Damn, that’s enough already!!”  I yelled as I stood up and turned around with a firm frown on my face.  I figured I was dead for that!  And I did see more of an irritated look on her face, but she always stayed pretty cool. 

“Listen to me.  I will decide when it is enough!”  She was maintaining eye contact, and I never lost the frown.  “And you, young lady, have broken one of the major rules that I fully warned you about the day you arrived!  Absolutely no alcohol under my roof!!!  Now, wipe that look off your face, turn around, and bend over that desk!!!”

I couldn’t help but sneer, and let out a huge sigh.  She then took action upon herself, turned me around, pushed me down on the desk, wrapped her right arm around my waist, and walloped me I don’t know how many times!!  I was just thankful that I DID have JD!! Because it was surely helping with the pain of this situation!!!

She stood up, went around to the other side of the desk, put the belt in the drawer and sat in her chair across from me.  “Lyndsy, look at me now.”  I didn’t want to look her way, I was frustrated with her at the moment.  But, I slowly brought my head up to do what she asked.  “Do you know one of the reasons I do not want you to have alcohol in this house?”  I just looked at her, with no response.  “You do realize that you are here because of your misuse of alcohol, don’t you?” 

“Misuse in whose terms?” I asked. 

“Are you being smart with me?” 

“No!! I have never had a problem with it, or got myself into trouble because of having it, well, up until THIS moment.” 

“Are you not using alcohol as one of your coping methods, and being careless with it, or reckless sometimes?  Like driving after having drinks?”  Hmmm I couldn’t argue that.  But I was never careless or reckless!  That would mean spilling it or wasting it!  And to me THAT is alcohol abuse!!!

“Well, yeah.  I have on occasion.” 

“You are here to learn new coping skills Lyndsy, and I am here to help you with that.  And one of the ones we will be getting rid of is your turning to alcohol.  Why would you even consider having it when you were already in trouble for the misuse of your phones?  Are you just trying to push me harder?”

“No.  I was nervous!!  And I was frustrated you took my phone, and so I went to find information on why you were legally not allowed to do that, and when it got overwhelming, I had a mouthful, hoping it would at least give me some confidence to argue my thoughts.”

“Well, a mouthful could be a few ounces!!  Do you think it was that much?” 

“I don’t know.  Maybe.  Maybe a little more than an ounce.” 

“And did you just have the one mouthful?”  I lowered my head, I was caught anyway, so I just said, “No, I had two.” 

She stood up again, came around the side I was on, stood me up, and said, “I am here to help you not to do that Lyndsy.  To not feel like you have the need to use alcohol in that way.  I am here for you to express your frustrations, or when you feel overwhelmed, so we can work on it together, verbally.  I want you to use more healthy coping options.  Do NOT ever let me catch you with alcohol in this house again!!!!  Do you hear me?” 

“Yes, I got it.”

“Okay”  She was quiet for awhile as I could feel her looking at me.  “I believe you.” 

Ms. Kane paused for a moment again, and I looked at her for the first time, without the silhouette covering.  I could see she was sincere, and she was really trying, and obviously allowing her thoughts to come together. “I want you to stand in that corner over there for the next ten minutes and really think about this Lyndsy. And think about the opportunity you have here. I am pretty sure that Amy over there will support you the same way you are supporting her. There is a reason why I put the two of you in the same room.”

I looked over to Amy and Ms. Kane was right. I had never met anyone like her before. This was maybe the opportunity, an opportunity to finally become the person I was striving for. The person I needed to explore and needed to let go and let grow. Amy spoke directly with that girl buried inside of me.  And even though I loved it, I feared it at the same time.  That is why I still needed JD in reach………

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Mar 262013


I’ve hinted at it a couple times in the past, but here’s the paddler’s honest truth:
I am a tightwad. Or a minimalist. You choose.
It does not thrill me to spend money on things which I do not find essential. (Granted, ‘essential’ means something different to everyone.) 

Is there such a thing as a reverse hoarder? 

Anyone who’s visited my home knows that I have little attachment to possessions. Furniture is scant  and I don’t bother with draperies and bric-a-brac much. I’ve grudgingly added a few things to the household in the past year or so, mostly to increase visitor’s comfort, as it all seems a bit unnecessary to me. There still isn’t a television, and I cannot foresee a future that involves my owning one. I did, however, break down and purchase an iced tea maker so that my repeated attempts at passively burning down the house by forgetting that I had water boiling downstairs would come to an end. Usually though, spending is kept to a minimum and most frivolous fits of spend-thriftiness happen at the supermarket.

But this year will be the Year of the Moderately-Priced Purchase. Sigh. It’s difficult for me to discuss, but I know you’ll understand. (insert tongue into cheek here)

It took nearly one calendar year for me to pony up the dough to invest in the member site for, and I’m still choking a bit on the residual costs associated with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly excited and happy, but part of me wants to grab my wallet and run screaming in the opposite direction.

And just this week, I purchased a much-needed and long-postponed upgraded camcorder for video shoots. I knew it needed to be done, so I put on my Consumer Face and just did it. It was painful but fast, like yanking off a bandaid. Ouch.

It’s old news that my ancient Mac has been a faithful, if hypochondriacal, friend. Later this year it will give over it’s main functions to a new computer and while I’ll be tickled with the superfast processor and better overall performance, it’s not nostalgia which keeps me clicking away at this very tired machine. It’s ticket shock. I’ve dragged this old Mac wheezing and whirring through a few years more than even Mr. Jobs intended, and am certain that the old girl has another six months or so left in her.

It’s also been several years since I owned or needed a car of my own. I know that this sounds somewhat unbelievable to most of the car-driving public, but it is supremely possible to function, thrive, and be happy – without ever having to visit a gas station. The majority of the world’s population live within….oh, there I go lecturing again. Besides,  I’ve been thinking of buying an old clunker, despite my better judgment, in order to more easily access the beautiful mountains,  abundant state parks, and that place down the street that sells really good tacos. The problem is that I’ve been thinking about it for about a year now, and will likely continue to think about it well into the future. When it comes right down to it, I’m always inclined to slap the salesperson – hard – when they tell me the price. It’s a lovely, healthy stroll to any number of easily-accessible points of necessity, and a cheap taxi ride to the airport a couple times a month. Decisions, decisions.

I really do completely understand the compulsion to spend. If it weren’t for the restraint of gods-long-forgotten I would have standing reservations at no less than thirteen hidden island resorts in the steamiest latitudes imaginable. My ‘places I’ve been’ map would look like a pincushion and the wall behind it would eventually crumble from the weight of the brightly-colored reminders. 

Instead, I spend most of the year saving (and salivating) for the Chosen Destination. This year’s place to lie around and do nothing is about as removed as one can be while still having access to hot water and ice cubes, and saving my pennies for it makes it even more special.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that, at the end of the day, life is expensive. Whether you spend it on toys or bonds or solitude, you’re gonna spend it. So in light of that realization I’ve decided to loosen up and do what I have to do this year. 

But next year? I’m not spending a dime.

–  Dana

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Mar 242013


Angel’s Nightmare Weekend:
Little Angel and her Wicked Stepmother are back for four more chapters. Poor Angel can’t seem to get away from her crazy Stepmommy, and now her father’s gone away for the weekend.
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