Friends, links, and video updates

Spanking video fans,My friends at Alpine Sierra Studios, producers of Spanking Court, Sternwood Academy, and Spanking Ms. Cali, have launched a new spanking multi-site. will encompass all the above sites, as well as new sites Reflections in Discipline and Adventures in Spanking. In the last couple months I’ve shot a few great scenes with […] Sunday Site Update: 3/24

  Angel’s Nightmare Weekend:   Little Angel and her Wicked Stepmother are back for four more chapters. Poor Angel can’t seem to get away from her crazy Stepmommy, and now her father’s gone away for the weekend.   Note to Mother   For more preview photos, scene description, and purchase links, visit: HERE Visit my […] Member Site Alert

Readers,It looks like any day now that the tech guys will have the member site finished. Once I learn to navigate the software and manage all the content upload, the site will go ‘live’ so that the payment processors and powers that be may poke around in the site and make sure that it’s acceptable […]

Day in the Life : Airport Security

Readers, I travel a lot – at least once a month, and oftentimes as many as three times over the course of 30 days. On most of these trips, I visit three or four cities. For example, I may fly from Las Vegas to Denver, then Denver to St. Louis, then St. Louis to Cleveland, […]

Conversations with Spankos (Ch.18) : Getting Your Groove On?

Readers, For your spanking-enthusiast-related activities, do you enjoy a little slap and tickle…or just the slap? I know that circumstances surrounding spanking play can vary drastically from experience to experience, and that our playmates are not necessarily our bedmates – but what do we really prefer? For me, spanking is not an outright sexually-motivated activity. […]

A Love of Reading, totally unrelated to spanking

I spend a lot of time reading; magazines, online news sites, spanking blogs, hundreds of pages pulled up from general searches on anything from the history of Angkor Wat to how to make gluten free sourdough bread starter. Books though, have always been my respite. If hard-pressed for new reading materials, I’ll re-read a favorite book (or series […]

‘School Daze’ : New Spanking Story Writing Contest

Okay spanking writers, let’s get those springtime creative juices flowing! It’s time for March’s ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ spanking story writing contest. As always, the winner (announced first of April) will receive a free spanking ‘prize’ from me, and all entries will be posted on the blog throughout the month of April for your reading […]