Feb 282013

‘Friday Night in Dixie’ puts a country-girl spin on F/F spanking. I know you’ll enjoy this muddy romp as much as I did. Thank goodness for January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ !

–  Dana

Friday Night in Dixie

It is Friday night in Dixie and I was bound to have some fun! Afer a 56 Hour work week I jumpped in my truck and headed to pick up my buddy Jen. As I pull up to Jen’s house she motions me to get outta the truck. “What’s up?” I ask intriged. ” We are taking Aunt Susie’s truck!” Jen exclaimes with a wild smile across her face. “What? She is letting you borrow her truck? Does she know what we are going to do?” I ask in rapid fire. “No and no.” she smiles. “You are asking for trouble my friend, when she find out you took her truck though the mud she is going to have your back side for dinner!” I warn her, but inside I so badly want to run that truck through the mud myself. “I know , but it will be worth it!” Jen stood waiting for my answer. I chew my lower lip for a moment, oh I know the consinquences. Just because I am not family doesn’t mean that Ms Edin wouldnt strick me if need be. “ok!” Hell lets risk it.
With that we were off to Mr Johnson pond! The party was already kick’in when we got there. There was 4×4’s everwhere, the music was loud and playing all the favorets. There was a bon fire by the pond and a muddin field to the left. We opened the bottle of Honey Jack up and began taking shots. “Here’s to a Friday night!” I toast “Here’s to one hell of a night!” Jen hollars. We dance by the fire, cheer on some of our fellow mudders and of corse kiss a few guys. Someone had got a jar of kix’s shine and we enjoyed a few swigs, that man makes the best this side of the Georgia line. By 11 Jen and I made our own verson of the Devil whent Down to Gerogia dance. “Lets do what we came here to do!” Jen hollared over the music. “Jen are you sure you want to do this?” “shut up and get in will you!” “ok!”
That 4×4 slug mud like no other! We were having us a real good time. “Hell Jen, I didn’t know you knew how to drive this thing!” Poking fun of her over the reving engin. “I was born to raise hell!, Lets show these boys how its done!” and she let out a Rebel yell! We did 180’s , 360’s hell we created a 420 out there in that mud feild. Up until Jen lost control, no my girl didn’t get that 4×4 stuck in the mud. She did one better than that, we landed right in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond. The crowd hooted and hollarded. I couldnt quit laughing when a couple of the boy’s pulled us up outta the water. Jen won’t live this one down for a while. “You sure showed ’em boys how it’s done!” I shoved her from the pastenger side of the truck. “Hell Fire!” is all she said, giving me a nasty look. I laughted!
I stayed the night at Ms Edin’s that night, I wasn’t in any shape to drive the hole way home. I woke to the smell of bacon. “Jen, your aunt has bacon.” I mutter as I throw a pillow her way. “I need some coffee.” she responds without moving. “TheTRUCK!” she jumps up. I giggle.
In the kitchen Ms Edin is at the sink doing dishes. “breakfast smells devine Ms Edin.” I comment innocently. “Oh, Lissa I am glad to see you here, sit I’ll fix you a plate.” The sweetness in her voice couldn’t be mistaken as southern charm. She Knew for sure. I give Jen a sly look as we sit at the table across each other. We ate in silence while Ms Edin stood at the sink. “Did you girls have a good time last night?” Ms Edin broke the silence. I kicked Jen under the table. Her idea , her explaination! “Kinda” she muttered as she put her fork down. I followed in suit, for some reason I wasn’t hungry any longer. “Kinda, you would think a party on a friday night around here would be better than just Kinda fun.” she sweetly relpied. Jen shurgged. She walked over to us, stood by the table between the two of us. For a thin, small framed women Ms. Edin wasn’t one to cross. Belive me from past experience the women is stronger than she looks. With her arms crossed she speaks evenly “Jennifer, will you please explain to me what has happened to my truck.” My eyes stuck to the floor. “umm Well it kinda ened up in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond last night.” Jen spoke softly. Took back my the responce Ms Edin opened her mouth to speak, then shut it again. She stood quietly for a moment. It is beyond me how this women can keep her temper in check, I have never even heard her raise her voice. “In the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond. Will you please explain how my truck, that was parked in the yard ended up in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s pond. ” she glarded at Jen and I. ” I borrowed it, and it got a little muddy and I didn’t want to return it in that condition so I wanted to wash it off. ” Jen popped off with. I busted! Once I seen Ms Edin’s face I covered my mouth and tryed to stop. Nodding her head with frustration, “Creative explaination for taking my truck without permission, drinnking, mudding, and losing control. ” Who told her?? I wondered. “Both of you in the den NOW!” without thinking Jen and I both got up and walked to the den. We have been there plenty of times before, most with stories just as inventive as this one. We Knew the routin, we sat on the couch and waited. Ms Edin wasn’t far from us and when she entered I seen the belt that hangs behind the back door in her hand. Yup we were in for it. “You” she pointed at me “Stand against the wall and be silent.” I walked to where she had pointed. Derictly behind where Jen would be getting fermly wipped. “Jennifer, up and lean over the back of the couch, pants and undies down.” she demanded evenly. Jen did as she was told, there was no use protesting we knew where that would get us. When it came to disipline Ms Edin is serious, a good old fashion wipp’en will put you in your place, she would always say. Now I had seen this happen to poor Jen many of times, and got to thinking she has never gotten the pleasure of seeing herself in such an uncofortable possision. So ingenious me quietly snuck my phone out of my pocket, if Ms Edin didn’t look back I would have a supprise for Jen when this was all over. I pressed record, as Ms Edin started swinging the belt down hard on poor Jen’s small behind. She cryed out in pain a couple of times. Ms Edin wasn’t tolding back , she was realy pissed this time. She raised the belt up high and brought it down with great force on to Jen’s now red stripped bottom. “Quit Kicking!” she snapped. Jen winned that it hurt which landed on deaf ears and just got her an extra hard swing. After twenty swings Jen was howling almost in tears. But Jen wouldn’t cry, not my girl! Ms Edin stopped for a moment and Jen took a deep breath. ” You, my child, your in deep trouble. I thought you were old enough and I wouldn’t have to disipline you for stuipd shanningons like such anymore. I guess I was wrong. You will be working in the stable’s muching stall’s for the rest of the summer, and you will pay to have my truck detailed. Do you understand me?” she swung and landed the belt directly on Jen’s bottom. “ooooohhhh Yes Ma’ma!” Ms Edin stared swining again this time landing the belt firmly on Jen’s upper legs, she swung back and forth. “Stop it!” And she continiued for another twenty or so swings. Finially poor Jen was done. “Stand up!”, with that I stopped recording… hell if I’m getting caught.. I got my own comming to me without making it worse. Jen stood by my side and I was ordered over the couch bare bottom. I’ll spare you the details of my wipp’in, I’m not as brave as Jen and I may have shed a tear or two. Thank God Jen didn’t have my idea and reecord me!
After it was over and Ms Edin left the room, I handed Jen my phone. She gave me a perplexed look. “Hit Play” I smiled. she did and cracked an evil smile, laughting like crazy, we hugh fived. “Hell Yah!” Jen said ” But you do know that I will be doing my own producing next time.” she added ” please let that be a while, dame she was mad at us!” “tsssh yah!”
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Feb 272013

As a spankophile and disciplinarian, I heartily adhere to the idea that not all offenses are spank-worthy. 

It’s no secret that some spank-cravers will go to great lengths to ‘earn’ a spanking – bratting, self-destructive acts, outright defiance, and the like, are employed to try and earn a spanking reaction from their spanker..it’s fun for them.  

This manipulative behavior rarely results in a spanking from me, as I am usually sure that that’s exactly what said brat wants. Spanking him or her for this type of behavior only further reinforces the likelihood of this scenario occurring over and over again. Non-corporal punishments, however, are sometimes really very excruciating exercises which are guaranteed to contain no ‘fun’ whatsoever.

Writing assignments are very effective. A typical assignment may be anything from handwritten lines to Accountability Reports to a written report on specific bad behaviors. (Accountability…very important.)

Corner/quiet time is sometimes also effective, although for some spanking enthusiasts it’s part of the private shaming or embarrassment (i.e. ‘fun’) part.

I’ve instructed a playmate to look at himself in the mirror every morning and repeat positive, self-affirming statements. This was quite possibly the most torturous non-corporal punishment to date – at least in his opinion.

Mouthsoaping also falls under the ‘sometimes fun’ category – at least in fantasy. I’ve found that, even though many spankos fantasize about this non-corporal punishment, many find it absolutely disgusting in practice. Careful what you wish for..

I also believe that some behaviors are naughty enough to warrant both a spanking AND some sort of non-corporal punishment.

In a few cases, I’ve videotaped and publicly released the spanking punishments of my personal playmates. This public shaming has an entirely different effect on the psyche of the spankee, as now, theoretically, the whole world will know what they’ve done.

The Naughty Bench comes in handy after a good discipline spanking, as well. It’s constructed to be as uncomfortable as possible on a recently-spanked bottom, and a few minutes on the Bench is an excellent reinforcement to the discipline just received.

Most non-corporal punishments can naturally be paired with a hearty spanking in order to achieve a more clear and lasting understanding. Along with writing assignments, public shaming, cornertime and mouthsoaping, other excellent variations include:

Household chores
Forced panty-wearing (for boys)
Reading/study assignments
Prolonged nudity
I’m interested to know which non-corporal disciplines you’ve used or experienced. What ‘works’ for you…and what doesn’t?
–  Dana
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Feb 262013


We all enjoyed reading ‘The Reformatory’, written by Annika with help from Lyndsy, and I’m hoping that Annika will share more of her wonderful imagination soon. Getting to know Annika and Lyndsy’s characters was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of both of them in the stories…maybe a bit of me, too.

Lyndsy so enjoyed the writing process with Annika that she decided to revisit The Reformatory from her perspective. It’s an excellent read and I’m grateful that Lyndsy’s sharing her words with us. 


–  Dana


Part 1-L

It was just after 2 o’clock when I pulled up into the driveway of something that was called The Reformatory.  Haha, what a joke I thought to myself.  It’s probably a party house!!  Now, wouldn’t that teach the neighbour a thing or two after sending me here, “because of my regular behaviours” she said, by thinking she’s seen me many times drinking and driving, not wearing my seatbelt, and whatever else she thought she observed, but had no proof of.  Of course, I was guilty of it, but usually it was on the back roads, and it wasn’t a big deal with only a few neighbours that would barely meet up at the same time and pass each other.  But, it was either put up with this, or she was going to make a report to the “proper authorities”, to randomly park around our road, to “catch me” she informed me, and I didn’t need that nonsense, OR my name in anyone’s records!!! 

I think she was just mad because of the prank’s she figured I pulled on her over the years.  She never caught me “red handed” ever, so she never had proof.  Like the time she found her car covered in toilet paper, and inside on the dash was an empty bottle of wine, along with cheese wrappers and cracker crumbs on the seat.  Another time she tried to blame me for putting tampons in her outdoor fish pond, and a sign that said, “I like your new fish!”  Or, when she seen a beautifully wrapped box in her front lawn, looking like it must have landed there accidentally by the mailbox, so she couldn’t resist watching all around her as she grabbed it, tucked it under her coat and took it inside.  I WAS hiding in the brush and watching, and within moments the box came flying out the front door again!  I almost blew my cover and laughed out loud at the look on her face when she realized it was full of the neighbours St. Bernard poop!!  

I would NEVER admit any of it was me of course, and always got away with things.  And this lady was the nosey, busy body on the road.  It wasn’t my fault she was such an easy and deserving target!!

After parking, I was leaning and digging into the back seat of the truck for my bags I heard a voice behind me, “Hello.  You must be Lyndsy?”  I backed out and was surprised to find a lady standing there leaning on the truck with her arms crossed.  I never even noticed or heard her walk up.  She had on jeans, and a button up tan shirt, funky cut jet black short hair, amazing smile, and eyes, well, eyes I don’t do so well, but I think they were blue.  Very attractive, and very confidant looking.  I wondered if she was a tenant or an employee.  “Yep, that would be me.” I said as I put my hand out to shake hers.  She took my hand, with both hers, but didn’t let go when I was about to, “I see we might need to have a talk about tardiness.  You were supposed to be here BEFORE two.”  She held on a few seconds longer as she tried to get my eye contact, and then let go.  “I am Ms. Kane, this is my home.”   “Your home?  Nice!!!  It’s pretty big!!”  I wouldn’t look at her, I was looking at the house. “You must have some wealthy parents!  And to think they want others to live here with you’s?  Sweet!!” was my cool reply, but my insides were scrambling and I was extremely nervous of this whole unfamiliar situation.

“No, I own this house.  And I have it because I use the extra space to be able to have others stay here who are in need of some special attention.  Which I do provide!”

“Really!  Well, I definitely won’t be in much need of that!  I’m pretty content and never get bored, so you will find, personally, I won’t be using up much of your time. And I will be gone before you know it.  But, while I am here, if you need anything fixed or built or painted or even plumbing, or whatever, just let me know!  I am very independent and capable” I informed her.

“Great!!  I could probably use you for a few things around here.”

“Oh, wait, there ARE a couple of things I do NOT do.  I do not do electrical or mornings!!  That’s my limits!!  I hate being zapped, and I hate getting up before I’m ready!  Other than that, we are good to go!!” 

She laughed almost hysterically at that remark, but it made me kind of frown.  What’s so funny about that I wondered?  I mean, I can do almost anything else!!! 

“Well Miss Lyndsy, grab your stuff and let’s head inside.  There will be some adjustments to your do’s and don’ts, but just to put you at ease, I won’t make you do electrical!!”  And she laughed again.  I was beginning to not like that little humour she had.  It almost felt like a dare to me or a hidden implication to a command of sorts.  It was making my inner brat evolve out of control almost immediately.  I guess she never knew what my neighbour had to deal with!

I gathered my things and followed her into the house. 

“Place your things right there by the stairs for now Lyndsy, and I will show you around the main floor and basement.”   I had the grand tour.  It was very simple, neutral and uncluttered.  My favourite was the game room in the basement, and knew I would be spending time there focusing on a video game just to look busy and not have to socialize too much.  I wasn’t much of a people person, and actually enjoyed my alone time to re-energize when needed.

“Now we will go to my office, and this is where we take time to work on problems or concerns or if you have anything you want to share with me, it is a private space for that.  Please feel free at anytime to come to me, and never think I am too busy for you, okay?”   “Okay, but I don’t think this room will find me needing to tend to it,” I replied.  She just smiled at me, shook her head like I didn’t know what I was talking about, and then entered the room.

As she went in behind her desk, I walked around the room looking at the different things she had shelved.  There really wasn’t too many.  Some books, which told me she obviously like to read.  Some souvenir type memorabilia and it looked like rocks of different shapes and colours and size all perfectly arranged in some kind of organized manner.

“Have a seat Lyndsy, please.  I need to go over some of the house rules that I expect from my tenants while staying here.”

I sat down, kind of slumped, put my foot over my knee to LOOK like I was at ease.  I wasn’t, and it was coming out through the playing with my keys, but I thought it would be rather unsuspicious.  When I’m nervous, or anxious, which or normally, I have to have something moving at all times.  At this moment it was fiddling with my keys, and the twitching of my foot.

“Okay, first of all, you will be going to work as usual.  There will be no changes to your responsibility in that area.  I also expect that all my tenants share dinner together, and it has to be a really, REALLY important reason for you not to be here for that.  And I expect a call ahead to let me know you won’t be showing up or running late.  There are other tenants, who you will meet shortly, and I expect respect to each and every one of them.  This is my home, and my rules, and my word is the final one.  I will respect your opinions and ideas, even your objections, but you are here for a reason, and I am here to deal with that with you.  Are you familiar with my type of discipline here at the Reformatory?” 

“Ummm discipline?  No!  Never heard anything about discipline?”  My nose scrunched up on one side and my eyes must have definitely shown confusion.

“Well, how I deal with things here goes back to the old fashioned approach to help my tenants be accountable to their behaviours and make the necessary adjustments to live more satisfying and appropriate choices in life.”

“Old fashioned approach?  Like what, a slap on the hand?  Ruler over the knuckles?”  I laughted a bit, then continued,  “Or, or like writing lines or standing in the corner?”  I laughed again, not hard, just more of an involuntary ‘I’m not scared’ laugh, but my mind was trying to figure out what she was trying to say.

“No.  If I feel your behaviour needs adjusting, there will be accountability applied to it with a spanking of some sort.  Depending on the severity of the behaviour, I will choose to what degree it will be administered,” she continued.

“A spank?”  I stood up, eye brows raised, eyes big, with a total look of ‘whatever’ on my face.  “I reallllllly don’t think that will be happening to this girl ma’am!  Can’t even imagine it!!!”

“Sit down Lyndsy.  I need to continue with the rules so you are aware of them.  And yes, if I feel there is reason for a spank, it will happen, whether you can imagine it or not.”

I just shook my head, and rolled my eyes and let out an obvious ‘not impressed breath’ from my nostrils.

She didn’t seem affected at all by my reaction, and just casually continued on with her spiel, “There will be no smoking in this house, or on the property.  Do you smoke?” she asked.  “Nope, not an issue,” was my reply still looking at my keys in my hands.

She continued, “There will also be no alcohol in the house or on the property, and I know you might have a problem with that, so respect that rule, and we will not have an issue.  There will also be no……”

My ears didn’t hear another word.  I felt something shoot through my body like adrenaline from being in shock.  All that was going through my mind was that little bottle of JD I had in my bag that I planned to have a relationship with at the end of every day.  It was my way of lowering the anxieties when they were building up a little too much.  I never get drunk, so I know it wouldn’t be an issue if that was her concern, so I didn’t think it would be an issue to have it, even if I kept it hid.

“Lyndsy?  Lyndsy!”  I just realized I had zoned out and didn’t hear what else she said, but I wouldn’t let that on!!  “Yes, ma’am.  I am sure you won’t be having any concerns about the rules with me.”   “I hope not Lyndsy, and I trust you understand why they are in place.”  Whew!  That answer must’ve worked!!  Not sure what the other rules were, but whatever!!

She stood up from her desk and flipped her hand to show me to come too.  “Let me show you where your room is, and introduce you to your room mate.”   Oh man… a room mate???  I need my space!  Its bad enough you have to share the house with everyone, but not to have my own room to escape to, that was really beginning to suck!!!  How the heck were me and JD going to have our time together??!!!

I still didn’t understand what the whole issue was for being here.  And I wasn’t so far impressed with having someone telling me what to do, not to do.  And I really was not wanting to share a room with anyone.  So I was feeling this brat inside of me growing some more, and probably going to make things a little difficult to deal with. But whatever, I was here to shut the neighbour up, and I didn’t have to be so obedient or agreeable.  And my stay would obviously be short lived, so I thought.

She knocked on a door and opened it, and pointed for me to step in ahead of her.  “That is your bed over there Lyndsy, and this is your room mate Amy.”  I looked at this adorable girl, and there was something in her smirky smile, or her innocent yet bratty glitter in her eyes, I’m not sure what it was, but I already felt that sharing a room would probably not be a problem with her.  It was rather strange, but it was like we already had a connection.  And I knew nothing about her, other than we were here because we “misbehave” in some area.

Ms. Kane gave Amy and me the run down and I dropped my stuff on the bed.  Amy was pretty obedient, a little too many “Yes, ma’am’s” coming from her, but whatever.  She was probably just wanting to act attentive.  Ms. Kane left us to get to know each other and for me to settle in.   As I unpacked, I could feel Amy watching me with excitement.  After a couple of minutes, I pulled my bottle of JD out of the bag and turned around.  Her eyes almost popped out of her head!  I explained to her what it was, and what it was for, and that I wasn’t sure about sharing because I didn’t want her blowing my cover.  She promised that she wouldn’t touch it, and we giggled and laughed that I had the nerve to even bring it, never mind pull it out.

I pretty much immediately had to find out about this spank thing.  So I questioned Amy on what she knew.  She was pretty sure that’s what happened the night before.  I told her I had never been spanked in my life!!!  And even though there has been many, many reasons to be in trouble somehow, I always talked my way out of it, or sneakily got out of it.  I could see her eyes so focused to what I was saying.  I told her my brat was going to be in full force if I was pushed, but I didn’t want her to know that too definitely yet, so I told her it would pretty much be in a way that wouldn’t require much attention.  More like innocent type bratting.  She was just too adorable and so in tune!!!  I asked her about her spanking history, but she didn’t really have any to share.  We really found it easy to converse about almost anything right away, which was very strange for me, because I don’t normally share much with people and am pretty protective until I know someone for quite awhile.  I was finding her personality something that was already drawing me in.

“Hey kiddo, I think I better hide this bottle of JD!!!  Wouldn’t want the DK to find it!!  What do you think?”  She suggested another container, and we proceeded to accomplish that.  I tucked the empty bottle into my bag to dispose of at work when I went Monday.

I was impressed with the attention I was getting from Amy.  She just wanted to know me, and she shared with me too.  I was beginning to see this being a relationship that could cause a lot of trouble for us because of our humour, but that it could also be something that I wanted to work at.  And I felt comfortable enough putting effort into it and see where it would go.

“Lyndsy?!  Amy?!  Come on down here, it’s time for dinner!!”   Oh boy, that was Ms. Kane’s voice that carried up the stairs, down the hall and through our door!!!  Guess we got a little carried away in our conversation and didn’t notice the time.  We jumped up and raced down the stairs.  I let Amy go ahead, yes, I did, not to let her think she won, but to let her kind of lead the way, as I was not too comfortable with this whole sitting down together with everyone and having to make small talk.  Plus I hadn’t met the other two tenants, so I didn’t know what they were like.

Dinner was a little stressful for me to be sitting at, but me and Amy were at it, already kicking each other under the table, giggling at the conversation taking place between Lori, Kevin and Ms. Kane, not really contributing in any way.  We got a stern look, but I just raised my eyebrows and smiled.  Amy was trying to hold down her mouthful of food without cracking up.

We had to help clean up after dinner.  I couldn’t help but find out what I could about this spanking scenario from Kevin.  He told me about wooden utensils, and Amy was laughing at his replies.  Ms. Kane walked in and asked what we were talking about, so Kevin told her.  I thought it was a fine reply, but before I knew it he was whisked off to her office, and we were told to finish cleaning up and then sent to our rooms.

Me and Amy were still being silly and giggling, and our connection was so natural.  It was almost like the first time in my life I could be myself. 

We ran upstairs in a race, but this time I won!!  No, it’s not cheating if you sit someone on the floor before heading up the steps!  When we got to our room we both stopped and stood silent.  We could hear the smacking Kevin was getting downstairs.  It sounded intense, but I couldn’t understand if it was for real or if it was half for fun.   I dared Amy to go down and spy, but then it got silent.  We didn’t know what was going on, and I could feel the confusion in my mind about this whole place.  It was almost like it was somewhere that I needed to be personally, instead of the frustration in being sent here by the annoying neighbour.  But on the other hand, it was a very scary thought to have someone to answer to for once.  And I didn’t have a clue how I was going to react to any of it.

Me and Amy talked a lot about spanking that night.  It was very strange to even picture, considering we were adults, and holding down jobs, and had been on our own for some time.  Our nerves also made us joke about it a lot, and I even suggested that she take my punishments, because I think she was craving them for some reason, but she wouldn’t go for it.  That night I barely got any sleep as my mind took over trying to picture what could or would happen in this place.  When Amy woke up, she told me that she too kept waking up and thinking.  “Well, we better get downstairs before we find out sooner than later,” I said.  I decided not to push the “no mornings rule” quite yet, that I gave Ms. Kane, but it was because I was already awake anyway. 

I sat quietly at the table observing the rest.  I couldn’t eat that early, so I was just sipping on my coffee.  Ms. Kane was socializing with the others, and they were joking and laughing.  But my nerves were getting the best of me so I couldn’t really participate, plus it was EARLY!!  When Ms. Kane got up from the table, she asked to see Amy in her office after she was done eating and cleaning up.  I felt a moment of relief, until she said, “And Lyndsy, when Amy is done, I will see you next!”  Oh man!!  My stomach did a flip flop.  I really, REALLY hate confrontations.  And even though I didn’t know what it was about, I just had an uneasy feeling in my stomach.  But I was doing everything I could to hide it by goofing off with Amy in between, pretending none of it mattered.

Once Amy was out of the office, she came up to the room.  I tried to get some answers from her about what to expect, what she asked, if she got spanked, if it hurt, but all she could do was tell me to hurry down so Ms. Kane didn’t have to wait.

I stepped inside the door of the office and stopped.  “Come on in Lyndsy.  Sit down in the chair here,” she said as she pointed to the chair across from her desk and her.  I couldn’t sit down, my anxiety wouldn’t allow it, so I acted like I was calm and just looked at different things in the room again.  I asked a few questions about some of the trinkets she had, where they were from etc, trying to kill time.  “Lyndsy, please come and sit down so I can talk with you.”  I so didn’t want to sit there, I needed something to play with in my hands at least to release some of the anxiety I was feeling.  I grabbed a wooden block off the shelf that had different pieces that popped out and twisted, making it lose its shape.  I held it up to her, implying a ‘can I touch this’ and she gave a little nod of her head.  I sat across from her as I was looking down at the wooden puzzle.  She started talking, “Well Lyndsy, you have really only had one day here so far, so I haven’t had much time to observe you, and when I did, I am finding you quite hard to read.  You always seem content, pleasing, cooperative with the others.  I see a little brattiness coming out in you, especially with your interactions with Amy.  I’m okay with all that, as long as you both don’t get too carried away.  Can you look up at me Lyndsy?”  I didn’t raise my head right away, but after a bit I lifted it just enough to raise my eyes enough to look her way, but just for a brief second.  She didn’t push it, and continued, “Lyndsy, I know you are not sure about this whole place, and I do know you have never been spanked before, so that in itself is a huge head game for you I am sure.”  I looked up briefly at her again.  “I need to inform you that every Sunday, whether you need it or not, all of my tenants receive what I call a maintenance spanking.” 

“A what?”  I spoke as I looked toward her.  “A maintenance spanking.  It’s what I use to wipe the slate clean of anything that might have happened during the week.  It gives you a brand new week to work on, feeling free of anything that might be burdening you.”

“I don’t get it.  So, we don’t get spanked until Sundays?” I asked.

“No.  You get spanked on Sundays, true, but if you misbehave in a way that I feel needs correcting, I will be administering a punishment based on each individual situation.  So, it could be just Sunday’s, but there is a great possibility that it will happen during the week.  If you didn’t have things that needed correcting, or direction in, you wouldn’t be here, remember?”  I mumbled under my breath, “I wouldn’t be here if my neighbour wasn’t such a trouble maker.”  “What was that Lyndsy?”  “Oh, ahh, nothing.”  She just kind of looked at me, I could feel it, but I wasn’t giving in to look up.

Ms. Kane continued after a moment, “So, I will be observing you Lyndsy, and keeping an eye on things that could be of concern or needing adjustments.” 

“I think that’s just a little too weird.”  I was telling her that, but on the inside I was actually craving someone who actually would help me to break off some of the weight of this shell that I carried around.  I didn’t understand how spanking could do that, but I could see the fact that someone was aware of what I might be up to, and hold me accountable for once, might help me be able to make some adjustments to my attitude.  I knew I really didn’t have respect for my own life, and I was really tired of life in general, and holding it all together all the time, but maybe this avenue I came upon accidentally, well, not as my idea, might be worth the try.

“I understand your confusion Lyndsy.  But I also know that this is going to be good for you.  Today you will be getting a spanking, just a maintenance spanking, and it won’t be so hard as a punishment spanking, but it will hurt, and it will make you think.  You need to start to think about you, and my time with you will be focused on that.”  I still didn’t get it, and I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. 

Ms. Kane got up and came over to me, took the wooden puzzle I was fiddling with, took my hand and walked me over to her couch.  She turned and looked at me, “Lyndsy, remember, if I didn’t care about you or want to help you,” she lifted my chin so I had to look in her direction, “then I wouldn’t have you here in my home.  Please trust me with this, and believe that I will know what you can handle.  I will go slow, but it will still be a spanking.”  I was looking in her direction, but I wasn’t really seeing her.  I was shutting things off internally.  I didn’t want to face her, I didn’t believe she could actually care already.  So I wouldn’t look at her, and I shut down.  Apathy had taken over.  And I just rolled with the game.

“I’m going to take your jeans off Lyndsy, and then you will lay over my lap here on the couch.”  She proceeded to undo my button, and my hands automatically went to help.  “Hands at your sides.”  She undid the zipper and was pulling my pants down my hips, so I again, without thinking, went to help.  “Hands at your sides dear.  I will take them off.” 

Before I knew it, my pants were off and she was gently pulling me over her lap.  I stood back up, “Ahh, no.  Not going to happen.”  “Yes Lyndsy, it is.  Lay over my lap please.”  “Um, no.  It’s fine.  I get it.  But, no, it’s not going to happen, and I’m not lying over your lap.”  I replied.

“Lyndsy, Yes, it is, and Yes, you will.  You do not have a choice here.  Just do it, and we will get it over with.”   I looked towards her, but I didn’t see her face.  Fear was blocking out everything but the silhouette of a person.  I just stood there, not knowing how to react.  One side of me was craving the fact that someone was seriously taking over for a bit, trying to bring me in closer, and the other side of me was saying, no way, this is ridiculous, and you are too close to my space.  I felt her hand with more firmness on my arm, and it kind of made me more alert. 

She pulled me down slowly but firmly, adjusted my shirt as I laid over her lap, and started to talk again, “Now, just try and relax.”  Relax?  She really doesn’t know me!!  I can never relax unless I am sleeping or on anaesthetics!!!  “I am going to give you 5 spanks on each side, okay?”  I scrunched up my butt cheeks in preparation.  “No Lyndsy, relax them.”  I tried, but it was hard!  I felt her hand hit my left cheek.  Hmm.  Not so bad.  Then the right.  Okay.  That was all right.  Then she continued from one side to the other 4 more times.  “Lyndsy?”  I didn’t respond.  “Lyndsy, I am going to do another 5 on each cheek, and this time a little harder.”  She did as she said.  I wasn’t really feeling it, so I didn’t react.  She continued, but didn’t tell me how many she would do.  It was getting harder, I could feel that, but seriously, I was not feeling it uncomfortably.  She must have did another 25 on each cheek at least.  Then she asked me, “Lyndsy, are you feeling that?  Your bottom is very red, so it must be starting to hurt.”  “Ahhh.”  I didn’t know whether to admit I really didn’t feel it, or say yeah, it’s terrible, and maybe she would quit and I could get out of here.  So, I just shrugged my shoulders.  She pulled down my panties and then continued, and I’m sure another 25 or 30 must have been administered on each side.  And I could feel the impact by the way my body thrusted forward, but I really couldn’t appreciate what was supposed to be happening.

When she was done, she asked me to stand up.  I did, and started to pull up my panties.  She didn’t say not to, so I continued.  She did tell me to sit beside her.  “Did you even feel that Lyndsy?”  I shrugged again.  “Do you normally have a high tolerance to pain?”  I looked at her, briefly, “Yeah.  I guess I always have.”

“Well, I did not want to spank you more tonight.  That was sufficient for now.  We are going to work on this together, to try to get some of those protective walls down!  I can see we are going to have a bit of a difficult road ahead, but I have full confidence this is going to help you Lyndsy.”   She gave me a hug, and as she hugged me she told me to get dressed and go upstairs and see how I feel in a little while, and if I needed to talk that I was more than welcome to come down and do that.

I went upstairs, and didn’t want Amy to know that it never really physically affected me, so gave her a high five and smiled and said, “Guess it’s never too old to have a first spanking!!”  Which made her laugh, and that triggered me to laugh too.

I curled up in bed, trying to process what had just happened.  I did feel calmer in a weird way.  Almost like maybe I was safe here.  Maybe I needed to be here.  AND, for the first time in years, I didn’t need to find JD!!!   

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Feb 252013

I love that a couple writers incorporated different genres in their entries to January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ . In ‘A Dreadful Error’, this bad boy is punished by both his mistress AND a male disciplinarian.

–  Dana

A Dreadful Error

Mistress A was very angry with me! The pictures of her I had taken with my new camera phone had ended up on the Internet and were popping up on various tumblr sites. In vain I tried to explain that it had all been a terrible mistake, I probably should have read the instructions before attempting anything that wasn’t straightforward. However like many men I had assumed that instructions were unnecessary and had attempted to send the photos,direct from the phone to my computer, without reading them. Somehow I had posted them straight onto Facebook and although I had quickly deleted them it hadn’t been quick enough. I had never seen my Mistress so angry and I wondered what was going to happen. Would she banish me? I hoped not as I had been visiting her for a considerable length of time and enjoyed both the punishment sessions and her company in general. 

Unexpected Consequences

“Take your clothes off and stand in that corner with your hands on your head whilst I think about this” she said. As I hurriedly disrobed I felt both relief that she hadn’t just thrown me out and trepidation about what would follow.”Where’s your phone?” she said “In my jacket ” I replied, she found it and left the room. After what felt like an eternity but was probably only 10 minutes I heard her re-enter behind me. “Turn around” she said and I did so only to get a shock. With her was a man I had never seen before. I felt uncomfortable being exposed in this way in front of a complete stranger of the same sex.” This is Master James and he’s going to help me punish you and also help me film it, you either accept or leave forever”. I thought about it. I had never been punished by a man before and presumably I wouldn’t enjoy it which was clearly the idea. But what if I did enjoy it what would that mean?  Also what was she going to do with the film? In the end though I decided to go through with whatever she intended.
“This will be an extremely severe punishment carried out by myself and Master James. We will each punish you in turn and you will take it without excessive noise and thank both of us after each section, is that understood?”  “Yes Mistress” I replied ” Good then we will start with the hairbrush, get over my knees” I dutifully positioned my self over her lap and immediately felt the sting of the hair brush on my naked buttocks. It hurt and the pain increased as Mistress silently and rapidly laid on 50 strokes. “Thank you Mistress” I moaned ” Now get over Master James’ lap” she instructed and took the camera from him. Nervously I laid myself over his lap, what would this be like. It didn’t take long to find out as he brought the brush down on my bottom. The force was similar to that used by my Mistress but the feeling was entirely different. I was naked and being beaten by a man and I felt extremely vulnerable. 50 strokes later it was with some relief that I stood up. “The carpet beater next, I think” said Mistress “25 strokes each, what do you think?” The question was addressed to Master James. “Sounds good” he said with the hint of a smile flitting across his face.  “Bend over the desk” ordered Mistress and I hurried to obey. As I bent over Mistress approached and I realised she was coming in for a close up of my already red cheeks. Then handing the camera to Master James she picked up the carper beater and swished it ominously through the air. I trembled in anticipation, I knew from previous experience how painful the carpet beater was with its ability to combine the effects of both a cane and a paddle. With a thwack it impacted covering both cheeks with its wide head. I moaned softly but had little time to recover as immediately the next stroke hit. Could I take another 48 strokes like this? My buttocks already felt like they were on fire how would they feel by the end of this part of my, admittedly deserved, punishment. Moaning and groaning I managed to last through to the end of her section but I knew the strokes from Master James would continue to build the agony in my poor belaboured bottom. As she handed the carpet beater to him and took the camera I considered appealing for mercy but I knew it would do no good.The strokes from Master James rained down on my cheeks and upper thighs. “Stop wriggling” said Mistress and I tried to obey but I was nearing the limit of my endurance. Finally to my great relief the final stroke fell. “Thank you Master”  I said “I do like the carpet beater” Mistress said “it leaves such interesting weals” and she ran her hands over my bottom, to my horror Mister James then did the same and I shivered. “Right we will have a break before the final part of your punishment, Go and make us both a cup of tea, Master James takes it with milk and 2 sugars” Gingerly I made my way to the kitchen and still naked prepared 2 cups of tea. As I returned I saw Mistress still filming and Master James swishing a cane through the air. I handed them their tea and was ordered to go and stand in the corner whilst they drank it.As I stood there I could here them discussing my punishment and the state of my buttocks. I also reflected on the days events. Being punished by a man as well had changed the dynamic completely. I felt ashamed to be in this situation and had to admire the decision of my Mistress to include him as it had turned something I would have enjoyed normally into a proper punishment. How was it going to end though? I soon found out!

A Painful Conclusion

“Turn around” said Mistress A and I did so, both she and Master James were holding canes. “You are going to receive 36 strokes of the cane from us now, bend over the desk” As I bent over I saw Mistress putting the camera on a shelf from were it would film me being beaten without anyone holding it. She took up position on my left and Master stood to my right. The 1st stroke whirred down and the pain took my breath away but immediately I received another stroke from the other side. The rapid fire beating continued with virtually no time between each impact. It was excruciating but so fast that I couldn’t even catch my breath to moan. My legs were shaking and I knew that soon I would try to escape from the relentless  thrashing. Fortunately the punishment ended and I just about remembered to thank them both. I was ordered back into the corner and heard Mistress fiddling around with something. I realised she was downloading the film onto her computer. “Come over here” she said and I did so, taking a seat between them on the sofa. The film began and I blushed furiously as I watched my moaning, squirming and my increasingly welted cheeks. ” I’m going to keep this and if there are any further incidents or indiscretions from you I will post it on the Net” she said and Master James smirked. As I slowly got dressed I knew she didn’t need to worry, I had learned my lesson. In the future I was going to make absolutely certain I knew what I was doing before I put anything onto my computer. Walking away from her flat I was grateful that she had punished me and then forgiven me. I had endured a beating from another man and found it uncomfortable but bearable. I knew that I would have to think about my feelings about that in more depth. So with plenty to ponder I started the long journey home.
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Feb 242013
His Spencer Paddle Lesson
Punished : Out of Control Spending

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