‘Eleven Letters’ : Another excellent ‘What the Camera Saw’ contest entry

‘Eleven Letters’ is yet another example of the writing creativity shown in January’s story writing contest, ‘What the Camera Saw’ . This poor husband shares the rundown of his shameful video…Enjoy!–  Dana Eleven Letters (a story of discipline) The following is a work of fiction. Names have not been changed, so as to implicate the guilty. That would […]

Making a Spanking Video, Dana Kane Style

(In this case, ‘Dana Kane Style’ meaning: fast, low tech, and without taking ourselves too seriously.)One of my playmates recently asked that I write something about the video-making process. Since it’s not the first request I’ve received, I thought it’d be nice to take a couple minutes to talk about my simple approach to video-making. There […]

‘The Reformatory’ : Final Chapter

Readers, Here is the tenth and final chapter of ‘The Reformatory’. My thanks to Annika and Lyndsy, who were kind enough to share their time and creativity with me through this story, and for letting me share it with you. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have. –  Dana The REFORMATORY […]