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As we’ve been discussing M/M spanking a bit lately, one of my correspondents decided to send along this wonderfully-written story – in the beginning, ‘Visit to the Study’ looks like a straightforward F/M spanking story – but wait…

(Asterisks are my edits for slightly naughty language.)

Visit to the Study

Tony  Grainger had been elected to serve on the City Council as an Independent. He would take his seat at a Council meeting in less than two weeks and there were a number of things he needed to arrange in preparation for that day. 

He had opened a new account at a different bank so his financial history would be clean and he had placed his two rented properties into a blind trust so that his rental income would not be questioned. He had cleaned out the house where he lived and bought a new computer. The old pc was opened up and the hard disk destroyed with blows from a hammer. The sex toys and videos which he had collected over the years had all been taken to the dump, which was a pity, as they were all quite expensive when new. 

Tony was nothing if not a careful planner. He had conjectured that if he had an accident or was taken ill then, inevitably, a friend or colleague from his political party or from the council might enter his house on some helpful mission and discover his passions, which might then make public life very difficult.

Now that his journey into politics was finally started, and it was one which he hoped  would lead eventually to Government, in the major league, so he did not wish some extraneous noise about sex and a perceived kinky deviation to come out in the press. 

From now on he had to be squeaky clean. 

At his age, now 32, it was still just about OK to be a bachelor, but in a few years time this would be questioned as lacking commitment. He had noted in his mental agenda to start looking for a girlfriend in a serious fashion.

So, now that the planning and cleaning up of his affairs was nearly complete, all that was left to do, before he took on the persona of  a Mr White, was to pay one last visit to the person, who in the recent past, had satisfied his Mr Black needs. 

If this was to be his last participation in the spanking scene, at least for the foreseeable future, he wanted it to be a very satisfying experience and a long lasting one in his memory. He sent an e mail to book the appointment at The Study, received the confirmation and then closed this e mail account which had only been used for ordering goods on the net and for contacting the specialist service providers and spanking video sites. He knew that he could not wipe his background totally clean but he could at least make it more difficult to discover.

The Study was a favourite of his. The domain of a consummate professional in the arts of discipline.  It was a 100 mile road trip so he usually stayed over at a B&B to savour the pleasure of his visit. When he arrived on time at the detached house, in the small town of Melville and rang the bell, the door was opened by Madeline wearing a subdued outfit of black skirt, grey sweater and high heeled shoes. 

Tony placed his monetary tribute in an envelope on the silver platter in the hallway on top of the dresser unit. He followed Madeline to bathroom and proceeded to get ready. He was already wearing the long grey trousers, dark blue jacket, crisp white shirt and regulation necktie, which might be considered as smart weekend attire for an adult, but also presented him nicely in the schoolboy role he would soon be adopting. He removed his trousers and underwear and washed himself thoroughly using water and wipes. Then he took the new packet of ladies tights from the carrier bag and placed his own pants back inside the bag. Sitting on the lavatory he pulled on the nylon tights and stood to adjust them. His legs and genital area were shaved of hair as required by the patron of the house. Adjusting the waistband of the nylons he luxuriated in the warmth and tightness of the fabric around his bottom. He pulled on his clothes again, replacing the grey socks on his feet, checked that his shoes were shiny and made his way back down the hallway.

In response to his knock on the study door Madeline called out to enter. For this afternoon she was to be the School Secretary and she adapted to the role admirably.

“Ah, Grainger – here again I see.”

“Yes Miss.” 

Tony stood in the centre of the large front room on a rug of Indian or Persian origin. The large desk was placed across the front of the bay window and the rest of the furniture consisted of a dark brown leather armchair and a long bookcase against one wall. Fixed to one of the walls was a large wooden cupboard.

Madeline spoke again in clipped tones, so that each word penetrated his brain like a dagger.

“We have the note from your class teacher. You have been persistently cheeky I understand and have answered her back during two lessons. This is not the first time you have been sent here by Miss Marshall is it?”

“No Miss.” 

“I understand that your parents are moving house and you will be leaving school at the end of the term. So we had better try and drive some good manners into you before you depart, had we not?”

“I suppose so Miss.”

“You had better buck your ideas up young man. Supposing is not good enough.”

Tony stood there. The icy fear of what was about to happen enveloped him. Not for the first time in this room he wondered whether he should try and escape the consequences of his visit.

“Remove your blazer, shoes and socks.”

He started the disrobing process, folding each item carefully onto the arm of the leather chair, placing his shoes nearby on the floor. Eventually he stood in just the shirt and tie and trousers.

“Go to the desk.”

He moved across the room to stand about two feet from the edge of the large desk. 

Madeline came up behind him and unfastened the belt buckle of his grey school trousers. As she pulled them slowly down towards the floor, *** which was trapped in the tights. 

“You boys do seem to get excited about punishment don’t you?” she whispered in one ear. “I am sure it will disappear soon enough.” 

She pushed his back and he bent in position, knees locked, legs straight and his elbows on the top of the desk with the palm of his hands flat on the leather top. Madeline took a look around the room and then pressed a small button the wall to indicate that all was ready.

Tony knew that they would both have to wait. He stared at the window and thought about the other times he had been in this position waiting to be thrashed. Not for the first time he wondered what on earth he was doing. As the minutes ticked by he remembered the two occasions when he had paid extra fees to watch Madeline receiving the cane. The scenario had been that they were both Seniors at  school, older  pupils caught in flagrante, kissing, drinking and smoking.  As he thought about her blue knickers being slowly pulled down when she was bent over this same desk, her pale bare bottom being gradually exposed, ***.  This was indeed the stuff of erotic memories.

His day dreaming stopped when he heard the click of the door, opening and then closing. Then there was the noise of the cupboard latch and the rattle of the cane as it was lifted from its hook. He could just about identify each cane in The Study by the different swishing sound they made in the air. As the selected cane was swung once, twice, three times through the air he knew this was the thin, senior dragon cane. It hardly made any noise as it disturbed only a small amount of air when it curved and then straightened out in the vertical swipe.

“We have a rather naughty boy here,” Madeline spoke. “He is due 24 strokes.”

As Tony lifted his head and straightened his back he caught sight of the tall figure behind him, a reflection in the glass of the window. He tensed his cheeks as the point of the cane tap-tapped against his bottom. This was it, he thought, no going back now.

“Very well.  Thirty second intervals I think. Be so good as to count the strokes Madeline.”

The Headmaster spoke in a deep voice as the first searing stroke landed perfectly central across the crown of Tony’s bottom. He was back in heaven as the tight lacing of the cane shot through his body and the pain flooded into his mind.
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Jan 292013


The recent posting where I asked what other ‘Conversations with Spankos’ you’d like to have garnered quite a bit of feedback, and we’ll be talking about several new subjects in coming months.

This one, about “Alpha Submissives” derives from a recent conversation with a new playmate. He brought up the subject of the Alpha submissive, a term which I hadn’t heard of previously(…but instantly made me think of Erica Scott!) I told him that I’m sure there are many people out there who identify as bottoms or submissives who have very strong personalities, even within the context of play (still thinking of Erica here). 

I think that the actual conversation here is whether, and to what extent, a bottom/submissive can, should, and will assert him or herself into the dynamics of a consensual adult BDSM encounter.

Below, quoted from my playmate – a definition of sorts, and some points he’s interested in talking about:

“An alpha submissive is a rare breed among submissive women. Alpha submissives are freakishly smart, strong and capable which makes dominating them a treasured experience.”

Discussion questions:

Do alpha submissives exist?
Is the concept limited to women?

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Jan 272013
Auntie Dana’s Panty Patrol
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Part nine of ‘The Reformatory’, written by Annika and Lyndsy,  sees the young ladies’ characters struggling with more than just physical discipline…

Part 9

I had to get through a lot of spankings the next ten weeks, so I had no desire to get into any kind of other trouble.  After all I had an appointment with the cane every Wednesday and then there is the usual maintenance spanking every Sunday.  So basically, that was more than enough for me!  
Lyndsy didn’t get spanked for covering for me that Wednesday I sneaked off to soccer, instead she got grounded for the rest of the month just like me.  We had a lot of time together to chat about old experiences, and how we were learning new things in life about ourselves and others, since being sent to the Reformatory and having Ms. Kane tune in and work with us.  What started out as two girls who were in a place because of nothing keeping us from being accountable, and thus needing a more direct approach to correction, became a very special and growing friendship.  We had different personalities, and different issues to fight, but we could still understand each other, and what the other one meant when trying to explain situations.  There was something that we each could draw from to provide strength to the other one when needed, and maybe it was because our lives growing up were different.  I knew when Lyndsy was having a stressful day, and she knew when I was off too.  I trusted her, and knew she would come to me when she was ready to let me in.  She is usually more of a thinker, before jumping into anything, or committing to anything, which was trying on me.  Not that she stressed me out, it’s just that I am very impatient, and it killed me to wait for her response sometimes.   I didn’t care though, this relationship was worth waiting for, and I would wait for her no matter what.  I knew that whatever we had going, was working, and it was not one sided.  It was working for BOTH of us.  We even realized it was getting special because she would call me baby girl, and I referred to her as my big sis.  One that I never had.
After I had returned to our room, I was honest to Lyndsy when she asked for details about what happened when Ms. Kane caught me after sneaking out to the soccer game, and as I explained how she handled it, what she said, what I had to endure, I could see on her that she was intrigued by what she heard.
As usual, we were chatting during the day by texting whenever we had the chance, even though we should be focusing on our jobs.  I was better at keeping my boss satisfied with keeping up to what was expected of me, but nothing extra.  Lyndsy struggled a little more, and found herself on more than one occasion having to make excuses why her work was late, and then trying to cram it all in at once. 
I had noticed a change in Lyndsy’s texting over a few days, and also when I was with her.   She was not being as funny, or bratty and she didn’t really notice when something witty was said during dinner.  She would smile politely, but her thoughts were somewhere else.  I wasn’t the only one to notice this change.  I could see that Ms. Kane was studying her too, and sometimes I felt the strongest urge to step in front of Lyndsy like some kind of body guard, so that Ms. Kane wouldn’t study her so intensely.   But then I also remembered that Ms. Kane asked me to trust her, so I LET her continue to observe Lyndsy.   Well, even if I tried to block Lyndsy, Ms. Kane would have commanded me to sit down, so my letting her is really just a play on words.
I knew Lyndsy enough not to push her too much, but I also like to dissect things, and knew she didn’t mind being asked questions sometimes, because she had a very hard time to say what was bothering her on her own.   She was not used to expressing herself during any intense situation, but she could talk about it freely way after the fact, when it was in the past, and she got herself through it.  I reassured her I was there for her no matter what, and wanted her to know she could trust me and share with me even when she was in a bad frame of mind.
A few more days passed by with her being in this state.  In fact she even seemed to act out in frustration, which was a side I hadn’t seen before.   She didn’t seem frustrated with me, it seemed more like she was directing it towards Ms. Kane.   Not directly, but if you knew Lyndsy, you would pick up on the subtleties in the things she was saying.   Ms. Kane didn’t respond to it, but definitely noticed it too. 
I got home early from work Thursday.  To be honest, I couldn’t sit one minute longer on any chair because I the previous day I wasn’t thinking before making a sliding tackle during the soccer game. Doing something like that just after you have been spanked by a cane is a very stupid thing to do.  So instead of continuing to torture myself I chose to call it a day, and just wanted to get home to nurture my sore skin. 
When I entered the house I could hear Ms. Kane talking on the phone, and overheard her saying, “Oh yes Ms. Hanson, I’m terribly sorry about that.  Lyndsy hasn’t been well at all for the last couple of days, but I’m pretty sure she will be back on track tomorrow……Yes she has had something ailing her…..Its probably my mistake, I thought she called in to let you know herself, but I should have followed up on it.  She has definitely not been herself…..Thank you so much.  I will tell her.”  And then she hung up.
Lyndsy unwell?  Hmmm, I guess that could be taken in more than one way.  I looked at my phone and now I understood why it kept telling me that Lyndsy was in a different place than usual.  Her work didn’t always require her to be at the same place every day.  She could do her job from anywhere really, as long there was some kind of internet connection, and contact with her boss, then she would be fine.  The past few days I did notice the change, but didn’t think that much about it, not until I heard how Ms. Kane covered for her.  I stood there watching my phone and the location the last message came from, when I was interrupted by a, “Hi Amy!  You are home early today?”
“Hi Ms. Kane, yeah.  I didn’t have that much to do, and just wanted to get back home.”
“Honey, could I talk with you for a moment in my office?” she beckoned me over with her hand. 
I followed her into her office and was feeling a little tense.  I was nervous in case she had a reason to spank me, but also nervous about her questioning me about Lyndsy and her whereabouts. 
“Maybe you just heard me talking with Lyndsy’s employer?”   She looked at me awaiting an answer.  I felt a bit embarrassed that I actually did listen to her phone call, but then again I wasn’t really to blame, I just happened to return to the house at that exact time. 
“Ummm, yes.  I heard a little bit.” I said hesitatingly. 
“You and I both know that Lyndsy isn’t physically sick.  Do you know where she is and what she has been up to?”   Ms. Kane had this special look she puts on, when she studies you to define whether you tell the truth or not, just like an interrogating cop, and when someone looks at me like that I tend to look guilty even though I’m innocent.  So I had to think fast and put a lot of effort into staying cool and choose words that would hide some details, but also be as truthful as possible. 
“I know we aren’t allowed to at work, but we have been chatting, um, texting with each other this past week or so.” I had to give her a little confession of something, to indicate I was being honest to her.   “But I never knew she wasn’t checking in at work, and I don’t know where she has been.” 
“Hmmm, you two share everything with each other.  Are you sure she hasn’t told you where she is?”  She asked with doubt.  “I’m positive ma’am.  She hasn’t told me once where she is.”  
I wasn’t lying.  Lyndsy never told me.  I figured out by myself where she was by looking at her phone locator on my cell.   “I’m sorry Ms. Kane, but I can’t help you with this.  You will have to locate her on your phone yourself I suppose.”  The moment I said that, I covered my mouth, and wanted to take all the words back.  As if she was just going to accept that Lyndsy had been away from work these few days.  Of course she was going to find a way to get ahold of her!!!   But I don’t think she thought of doing that.   I think it dawned on her when she noticed my sudden reaction by covering my mouth.  She just smiled and said, “Don’t you worry.  I will see where her phone is right now, and odds are it will be with her.”
An hour went by before Lyndsy arrived home.  I wanted to warn her, but Ms. Kane had kept my phone just until she had talked with Lyndsy.  But no worries, I have other ways.  I had made a little note and attached it to a tennis ball, and when I saw her car pull up, I whistled at her from our bathroom window and threw the ball down to her.  At least she would be warned and have a few seconds to prepare. 
When Lyndsy came in, I heard Ms. Kane immediately asked to see her in her office, and then surprisingly a very sharp, “I really don’t have the time right now!”   Oh boy, that reply was going to hurt!!
“Lyndsy!! I will not ask you this again!!  Get your butt in that office right now!”   You could definitely tell that Ms. Kane was not fooling around. 
The door was closed with a bit of a slam, and I sneaked halfway down the stairs and sat on a step.  I don’t know why exactly, because I didn’t want to listen in on what was going on in there. I just had a gut feeling that I needed to be close. 
I was surprised though, because I couldn’t really hear that much.  I guess Ms. Kane managed to stay calm as always.  However when Lyndsy started to talk, I was able to hear a lot better.  Like I said, I had never seen or heard Lyndsy angry or frustrated ever, but she was definitely out of her comfort zone and was not tolerating it very well. 
“Why is whether I go to work or not any of your business?  I’m a grown woman, and my work is not part of our reformatory corrections.  I have a boss for that.  Besides, why do you even care?” she snapped at Ms. Kane.  Again I couldn’t decipher what was said in return.
“You don’t really know anything about me.  And why should you?  We come here, we leave, someone else comes, and everyone moves on.  You just get a whole lot of stories to tell full of reasons you got to spank us!!” 
Oh my, Lyndsy was not holding anything back.  I heard her speak again, but it was harder to hear.  She wasn’t as intense as she continued, “I don’t need you, or anyone really.  I can take care of myself, my needs, my problems, and everyone else’s on top of it.  I’ve done it forever, and I’m still here and still going strong!”   There was a pause, but it was only because I couldn’t hear what Ms. Kane was saying.
Then out came Lyndsy a little clearer again, “What?  I don’t need to think about anything!!  You need to think about where your boundaries stop.   Whatever.   You have no clue.  Just go ahead, do what you need to do to make yourself feel better, that’s what you really want isn’t it, to spank us?  But I don’t have time right now.” 
I couldn’t believe the things she said to her and I started to be afraid of what was happening, but then again I knew what she was doing, and prayed that Ms. Kane knew it too. 
The door to her office opened slightly and I could hear Ms. Kane walking closer and her voice say, “Lyndsy don’t you dare walk away from me.  We are definitely not done here yet.  Close that door and sit yourself down on that couch!” 
“Pick a number lady.  You can have your turn when I’m ready.”  Lyndsy replied with such sass that I shivered for her.  Then I heard the sound of a hand slapping.   My best guess would be Lyndsy’ cheek or mouth.  And for the first time I also heard Lyndsy fighting her frustration, and telling Ms. Kane to let go of her. 
“I won’t let you go right now Lyndsy, and don’t you ever dare to accuse me for not caring about you!”  I heard Lyndsy’ groaning through clenched teeth, and could tell she was struggling.  “I have never doubted that you couldn’t take care of yourself, you are a very capable girl.  More capable of what most women could only wish they could do.  And I bet even more than some men could do.  But fact is, you take care of everyone else and your needs get pushed to the back all the time.  That has to stop right now!!” 
 I heard Lyndsy struggling, and could hear her fist or foot hitting the floor or wall or something in frustration.  “It is destroying you Lyndsy, and your health.  You can not keep playing this game of being strong and not needing anyone.  Your coping skills to deal with that kind of pressure only prove to me that you are in dire need of someone stepping in to be there for you once!”  I heard more struggling and flailing about.  “You can keep pushing me Lyndsy, all you want, but it will not make me back down.  Do you understand that?  Do you get that?” 
Lyndsy was less defiant in her voice, but I could hear her frustration when she again asked Ms. Kane to let go of her.
She must have let go then, because Lyndsy backed out of her office still looking at Ms. Kane I assumed.  But before heading to the front door she hollered back, “Don’t worry about me, I got it all under control!” 
She never looked back, so I have no idea if she knew I was there on the stairs.  I pretty much knew where she would go though, but needed my phone to get the exact location.  I couldn’t waste time, so I had to go to Ms. Kane’s office.  As I got to the half opened door, she was still sitting there on the floor, I guess where she had been holding Lyndsy. 
“Umm, I’m sorry ma’am, but I really need my phone.” I looked very apologetic at her.  I could see in her expression that this had been a definite challenge.  She did great though, but I didn’t really feel in the proper position to tell her that. 
“Of course Amy, it’s over there.”  She pointed at her desk as she stood up. I went over, took it, and looked at the coordinates, and I was right, she was going back to that place. 
“Amy?”  I looked at Ms. Kane, ”Yes?” 
“Can you pleeeease get her back to me.  I am seriously not finished with this girl.  I think we are actually just getting started.” I nodded at her and replied “I will ma’am.  I’m not done with her either.  I want to see her through this.”
I jumped into my car and drove off to the area I knew Lyndsy was heading.  She had told me about this place, but it was a long time ago.  She loved the solitude sometimes, she loved the nature and to view life from a distance. 
I pulled up and seen her car, then seen her about a hundred feet ahead, just sitting on the edge of a hill that had a steep downward slope.  It was just starting to get dusk, so I was glad I seen her when I did. There was a tree line to our left with trees big enough you could almost drive through them.  To our right, about 200 feet away was a very windy steep road.  She was looking out towards the mountains across the other side of the valley, which was really breathtaking as you could see the lights of homes almost all the way up.  She looked so vulnerable the way she sat there with her knees curled up to her chest, and arms embracing them.  I went over to her.  I didn’t say anything, just kneeled behind her and wrapped my arms around her.  We sat there for some time until she decided to speak, “I messed it all up now Amy.  I blew it with Ms. Kane.  I reacted in a very disrespectful manner.  She doesn’t need that kind of stuff to deal with.  How can she do anything else but hate me now.” 
“Lyndsy what are you talking about, she doesn’t hate you!”  I had to reassure her immediately.
“I was so nasty to her.  Oh man.  You should have heard some of the stuff I said!” 
“Wellllll, I kind of did.  I mean you didn’t really say the things with your normal calm voice.” I climbed around her, so I was facing her.
“Why did I act like that, and say those things to her??  I mean, she hasn’t been anything but fair and considerate of me, and I was such a loser tonight taking it out on her.”
“Honey, isn’t it obvious?  You finally let some feelings out, even if it was frustration, because you really do put trust in her, and her ability to handle it.  Have you ever done that before with anyone?”  I asked.
“No.  If anything, I would leave before anyone would dare get within reach.  And I would take off on my motorbike like a maniac, or hit the highway in my car with the tunes cranked to deal with it on my own.”  This was something I had not learned about her yet.
“Lyndsy, you have been bottling everything up and stuffing everything away for such a long time!  No wonder you are messed up for reacting in front of someone.  And really, you weren’t doing anything other than testing her, even if you were not aware of it in the moment.”  Lyndsy looked at me with a lot of sadness, frustration and confusion.  “But I don’t even know HOW to trust people, or count on anyone, so how can I achieve that with someone who is pretty much a stranger to me too, especially with something as big as that!”  I reached for her hands and held them tight within mine.
“Because you DO put trust in people Lyndsy, by giving them the benefit of the doubt, and hoping that they are worthy.  You have just had too many who couldn’t hold that trust long enough for you to help you step beyond.  Or the ones you put trust or hope in, were incapable of being there for you, when it really mattered, so you would recede back again and be independent of anyone.  But I need you to know Lyndsy, I can and will be there for you, no matter what, and you will grow so that you don’t have to run or use bad coping habits.  And you know what?  I don’t think Ms. Kane is about to give up on you either!” 
“Yeah, right.  After that kind of behavior, I’m sure my things will be on the steps outside when I go back tonight!”   More doubts from this poor girl.
“Lyndsy!  Weren’t you there in the room today???  Didn’t you hear her say she WON’T back down?!” 
“Ahhh, she has to say something like that.  She is paid to take care of us Amy, and discipline us, to help keep us out of worse situations.” 
“NO she doesn’t have to just say things like that!!  Do you even realize she actually covered for you earlier today???   Would someone do that if they didn’t care?” 
“She did??”  Lyndsy asked with surprise.  ”Yes! Big time!  Your boss called and she smoothed it over to protect you.” 
“Oh man, Amy.  I really am afraid.”  She looked way down on the lights that trickled their way to the valley where traffic was heavy.
“Why???  Because you know you are going to get a major spanking??” I smiled at her.
“No you spanko.  I’m scared that if I let anyone really inside of here, that I will feel the pain I try to avoid so much, and I don’t know if I would be strong enough to get out of that alone.  I have been fortunate not to let anyone past my walls, and it has been a protection in many ways.  Also, I could risk losing that little spark of hope I have to keep trying to get over those walls, or break through them, or even chip away at them, and grow emotionally.   I never got to do that you know?  Ever.  No one cared enough I suppose to take the time to see through my walls, even when they were as thin as paper, to see I wasn’t really happy, that it was all just a show to keep everyone else happy.”
 “Lyndsy, don’t you get it?  If you never let anyone in there, you will never know or understand or believe anyone is possible of caring about you and loving you for who you are!!  And if you would only open your eyes and look around, there are more than enough people who care about you, and want to know you, because you are one of a kind.”
For the first time Lyndsy really did look into my eyes, and for a long time, and I had no doubt she was one of a kind.  She was just so locked up tight and always worried how her words, actions or feelings affected others, before being honest to herself. 
Her eyes then changed shape, and a smirk grew wide across her face, “You really think I deserve a major spanking for all that don’t you??” 
I started to laugh, ”Hell yeah!!!  Raising your voice to her, and walking away, literally leaving when demanded to stay.  Not checking in at work!!  Not letting Ms. Kane know if you were not at work during the day.  Oh, and shall I remind you what happened to me the last two times she didn’t know??” 
“Oh boy, now I am worried.  That cane is your friend, not someone I want to meet!!” 
“Well, maybe you should just TRUST Ms. Kane in knowing what to do with you, you bad girl!” 
“You know what, she didn’t want to spank me, well at least not tonight…I had to think about things…BUT you know I won’t be able to sleep now if she doesn’t!!!  She’s not getting off that easy…NOO I need that spanking, I have expected it since the first day I stayed away from work!” 
I smiled at her, “Right!  You go for it girlfriend!!” and gave her a high five.  “Shall I get some icepacks ready for you??
We drove home shortly after, it had started to get cold and Ms. Kane really shouldn’t be worrying or waiting any longer for our return. 
When we stepped inside, Lyndsy was the first to enter.  Ms. Kane came straight towards us, and she hugged Lyndsy tight, and while holding her head against her shoulder with her left hand, she reached over with her right, and rested her hand on my cheek.  I couldn’t help but smile and look down.  Then she looked straight at Lyndsy and said, “You and me still have some business to take care of, wouldn’t you agree?”  
Lyndsy smiled and said, ”Yes ma’am!  See you in five minutes, in your office!”  Ms. Kane had to smile back at her and shook her head.
The spanking Lyndsy received was quite severe.  The smacking sound from downstairs didn’t stop before 20 minutes had passed.  When she entered our room, I had never seen this look on Lyndsy either.  She had a whole different stance about her, and maybe for the first time in her life she could relax. 
She threw herself on the bed, on her stomach of course, looked over at me and said, “So baby girl, where is that icepack?” 
I jumped off my bed and ran down the stairs, opened the freezer and got the icepack.  When I turned around Ms. Kane was standing in the kitchen watching me.  I couldn’t help but give her a shy smile.  She then stretched her arm out, with her left hand folded to a level fist towards me.  “Here I got something for you.” 
I went over to her and reached my right hand with the palm upside to hers.  She kept looking at me all the time.  I of course had to look down on this little piece of paper she dropped into my hand.  I didn’t have to look any further, it was the warning note I had tossed out of the window, so I just looked back at her.  With I smile on her face and a head throw she let me pass.  Well, just after one very precisely placed slap reminded me of my still very sore bottom after the caning and sliding tackle. 
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Jan 252013
As my friends, playmates, and regular blog readers well know, I don’t “do” cold climates. 
Granted, faulty airline behavior caused my visit to Pittsburgh to be delayed until mid-January – and there was a dusting of snow on the ground the morning I left there. This past week in Memphis proved much colder than I’d anticipated, or packed for, and even Las Vegas has been exceptionally cold lately.
Then there was the Sternwood Academy/ Spanking Court shoot a couple weekends ago.
The temperature at 7am was NEGATIVE SEVEN DEGREES.
Above photo shows proof that I actually stood outside in below-zero temperatures…for about 45 seconds.

So it’s natural to assume that I was looking forward to some blood-pumping activity.
That’s where precious Katarina and Ginger came in:
SC3.12stills 086
We shot scenes for the upcoming Sternwood Academy 3, as well as some new scenes for Spanking Court. Both ladies took some very hard spankings, and more than a few tears were shed.
This, of course, warmed me up quite well.
But it’s safe to say that Katarina and Ginger were warmer.
Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at DanaKaneSpanks.com.