‘Visit to the Study’ An F/M story turns M/M

Readers, As we’ve been discussing M/M spanking a bit lately, one of my correspondents decided to send along this wonderfully-written story – in the beginning, ‘Visit to the Study’ looks like a straightforward F/M spanking story – but wait… (Asterisks are my edits for slightly naughty language.) Visit to the Study Tony  Grainger had been […]

‘The Reformatory’ : Chapter 9

Part nine of ‘The Reformatory’, written by Annika and Lyndsy,  sees the young ladies’ characters struggling with more than just physical discipline… The REFORMATORY Part 9 I had to get through a lot of spankings the next ten weeks, so I had no desire to get into any kind of other trouble.  After all I […]

Snow, Spanking Court, and Sternwood Academy

As my friends, playmates, and regular blog readers well know, I don’t “do” cold climates.  Granted, faulty airline behavior caused my visit to Pittsburgh to be delayed until mid-January – and there was a dusting of snow on the ground the morning I left there. This past week in Memphis proved much colder than I’d […]

Friends and Links of Interest

Congratulations to my sweet friend Alex Reynolds! Her blog, Alex in Spankingland, won the award for 2012 Best Creative Blog over at The Spanking Spot. Alex writes honestly and with a lot of humor about her spanking journeys, and shares lots of fun/sexy/spanking photos, too. She really is as sweet as she looks!Another lovely lady spanko, […]

Conversations with Spankos: Ch. 15 : What do YOU want to talk about?

Readers,After more than a dozen posts under the umbrella of ‘Conversations with Spankos’, I’m interested to see what you’re interested in this year. What haven’t we covered thus far that’s of interest to your spanko mind?In the past couple years, we’ve discussed things like safe words, gender preferences, boundaries, and bratting. We’ve touched on the […]

Sunday Update: 1/13 DanaKaneSpanks.com

Spanked, Not Stirred Click the Title link above for more preview photos, scene description, and download link, or visit HERE. A special treat:   ‘His Spanking’, my first ever spanking video, is now available for download for the first time HERE.   Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at DanaKaneSpanks.com.

‘The Reformatory’ : Part Seven

In Part Seven of ‘The Reformatory’ Lyndsy and Annika(Amy) try Ms. Kane’s patience, yet again. Will these two ever learn? –  Dana *** THE REFORMATORY Part 7 When I finally got to our room that evening, after being introduced to the cane, I made sure to lie on my stomach, so my bottom could remain […]

Must-Have Accessory!

Readers,I don’t usually blog about things like this…and I rarely covet…but these pantyhose are sizzling! I can just imagine pulling an errant boy or girl across my lap, after first having made him or her point out, on my thigh, their misdeeds. And I do believe that they’d help make one helluva spanking video, don’t […]

Boardwalk Badness 2013

Registration completed and hotel suite booked,  I’ll be attending Boardwalk Badness weekend in Atlantic City – April 18-21.On Saturday, I’ll be taking part in the Bad Boys Punished event, with a whole bunch of other willing and able female spankers. I’m also looking forward to the other fun events held, about which I’ve heard so […]

‘Governor’s Mansion’ : A fun F/F spanking fantasy

Readers, This is a fun-to-imagine fantasy spanking story about a well-known person. Remember, it’s fiction, not politics, so enjoy the fun ‘Governor’s Mansion’. –  Dana PS. Asterisks are my edits, for slightly naughty language. Insert imagination there.    Governor’s Mansion  If I could have my cake and eat it too, I’d admit my go-to location […]