Sunday Update: 12/30

Doomsday Strapping POV: Playing with Fire Click the title links above for more preview photos, scene descriptions, and download links, or visit HERE.   AND: Part Four of Auntie Dana’s Naughty Nieces is now available for download – watch all four parts of the movie, featuring Ela Darling and Christy Cutie, HERE.       […]

A Christmas poem from Tampa Bratt

In the spirit of the holiday, a poem for you. T’was the night before christmas and the sound  through the house.  Was the VBB’s spanking from his very angry spouse. The “Open Bottom” pajamas were hung by the chimney with care.  In hopes that  Miss Dana soon would be there. As she came through the door […]

Oh, Vengeful Wednesday! (A Day in the Life)

This is how glamourous my life is sometimes:It’s been nearly two years since I started traveling quite a lot, and given the frequency of my air/train/taxi travel, they’ve been a relatively uneventful couple of years, transit-wise.Until Wednesday. The alarm rang very early just outside of Washington D.C., and two cups of coffee later I was nearly awake […]

2013: Big plans for the blog and website

Readers,I do, indeed, have some big plans for 2013. While time seems to be harder to come by of late, I’m determined to manage things more efficiently so that I have the time to do all the fun things on my list.We’ve discussed the possibility of a ‘Video Q&A’, where questions submitted in advance would […]

‘The Reformatory’ Part Four

The REFORMATORY Part 4 ”I will never choose that stick again, unless I have to pick three implements someday!” Lyndsy laughed “Yeah, I can see you have some nice striped ‘Kane artwork’ going on there!” I tried to twist myself around at my waist to look back at my bottom, but had to go to […] Sunday Update: 12/16

100 Strokes: The Holiday Scrooge Click on the title link above for more preview photos, scene descriptions, and download link, or visit HERE. Sneak Preview! Watch for new spanking model Red –  coming soon. Also, Auntie Dana’s Naughty Nieces, Parts 1 and 2, are now available for download.  Part 3 coming tomorrow, 12/17! Visit my […]

2013 Party Planning, Spanko Style

Fellow spankos,I am planning to attend a few of the spanko community gatherings in the upcoming year. While I stand in awe of those hearty few who are able to attend multiple functions, I won’t have the luxury of being at all of them.Boardwalk Badness is definitely on my calendar for 2013. I’m wondering whether […]

Holiday Cheer, Blog Frequency, and True Sadism

Readers,First, let me wish you all the most happy and relaxed of holiday seasons. Relaxation seems to be harder and harder to come by for most of us, so take time for yourselves…put your feet up…and chill. I’ll be doing a bit of that, myself, around Christmastime, after another wonderfully hectic year of indulging my fetish […]

‘The Reformatory’ Part Two

Enjoy part two of ‘The Reformatory’, by Annika and Lyndsy! Much more to come from these two talented authors… The Reformatory part II ”Are you ok Lyndsy??”  I asked.  She turned and looked at me with the biggest smile on her face ever.  “Oh man!!!  When does it stop hurting??” she asked as she rubbed […]

Winner of the ‘Fellow Bloggers’ contest!

Readers,I’m grateful to my ‘Fellow Bloggers’ for entering this contest and helping me get the word out about The winner (chosen randomly, literally from a hat) will receive either a free spanking session with me or ten free video downloads (his or her choice). Let’s all congratulate Isobel at: The English Vice ! Isobel is a spanking […]

‘The Reformatory’ Part One

Readers,Many more thanks to Annika, one of our favorite new authors, for her story of Amy, ‘Historie’.Here again, Annika takes us on a lovely spanking adventure – this time with help from her writing partner, Lyndsy. I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘The Reformatory’…  –  Dana The REFORMATORY I used to walk around in this world believing […] Sunday Update: 12/2

Auntie Dana’s Naughty Nieces Watch the Trailer…     Now available on DVD at  HERE and!   Downloadable in four parts, at my clips4sale studio:   ***** Can’t Keep his Hands to Himself Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

‘Historie’ Part 7: The Final Spanking

Readers,Here is the seventh and final chapter in Annika’s beautifully-written story of Amy. But don’t despair, as Annika has been hard at work collaborating on a new series with Lyndsy. Stay tuned!–  Dana ***** The final spanking My last spanking I received from my aunt happened one day after I had received one from Michael. Michael […]