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Doomsday Strapping

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Dec 272012


I’m sure that you’re all just as interested as I am in what these ladies have been up to, and they’re not going to disappoint! Enjoy part five of ‘The Reformatory’!

–  Dana


I hate the so called punishment of being grounded.  It is so boring and because of that I get restless.  I must have been a pain to be around the two weeks it lasted.  I hate just sitting around, never mind in one room!!  Lyndsy managed to stay cool for the duration.  She just read, did a lot of doodling, some writing and basically relaxed by using her time to contemplate.  I however need to be physically active pretty much every day!!  Without using my pent up energy I can get really cranky.  I even considered taunting Ms. Kane so she would chase me when it was time for the “famous” maintenance spanking.  Just around the office desk a few times, daring her to catch me, and of course, letting her think she won by putting on the whole show of trying to get away from her, thus burning up some of my pent up energy! 
At one point I got my hands on a tennis ball, and lying backwards on my bed I would throw it against the wall at the headboard, over and over and over again.  It didn’t bother Lyndsy.  She was understanding of my need to move.  She would just put some headphones on and continued at whatever she was doing.  It DID bother Lori though, who suddenly burst through the door into our room, jumped on me, struggled to steal the ball, as I (deciding to burn up energy) struggled back to retain it!!  When I was tired of her in my face and her nails tearing my skin, I pretended to drop it, but she was so intense that once she had it in her hands she held it 2 inches from my face and yelled, “If you EVER throw anything up against the wall again, driving the rest of us nuts, I SWEAR, I will steal implements from Dana’s cabinet and WHACK you with them myself!!”  With that she left with a huff and a slam of the door.
Lyndsy smiled at me, “So, did you happen to find some relief from all that bottled up energy??”  I smiled back at her, “Oh yeah!  That was so worth it!” 
Lori seemed to have a lot of fun tantalizing us, not only because of being grounded but also as to WHY we were grounded.  So every Friday as she passed us on her way out, she would be sure to draw attention to herself and make sure we were in ears range of announcing that she was going to attend some kind of party.  To get back at Lori, we specifically started to eat cupcakes in front of her.  We could see drool run from the corner of her mouth because after all, cupcakes were her most favorite thing in the whole world!  Thanks to Ms. Kane having her on some kind of food restriction, we took advantage of the situation!!  Ms. Kane was observing all of this harassing going on, but seemed more amused with it all than anything else. 
Lyndsy and I returned to our freedom after receiving our maintenance spanking, so immediately I used the time to escape the house, and get some physical activity in and my body back in shape.  The cupcake eating had not helped with my dormant few weeks, but it was so worth it every time Lori looked at us so enviously.  We were sure to slowly lick and nibble and continuously comment on the heavenly tasting cupcakes. 
As days passed on, normal life had returned around the house.  During that time Lyndsy and I had found a new passion that we both shared together – that of playing video games.  We could spend hours playing in the evenings, either playing against each other, or as a team.  We would get so focused on each game that I think a bomb could blow up outside and we wouldn’t even notice.  It would seriously have to be something    powerful to break our concentration at times!
We had been absorbed in a game we both were enjoying and it sucked us right in.  We were playing the roles of special agents in one of the CSI cases, and it was ONLY us who could follow through to completely solve the crime.
It was Sunday, and we both had two slightly sore bottoms, so neither of us wanted to do anything else other than engage our minds and dive into capturing a criminal as Detective Amy and Detective Lyndsy.  We had barely started the new game before dinner, maybe an hours worth, so it wasn’t too intense yet.  But we were into it now, and wanted to continue so we just grabbed our dinner, brought it to the game room, and gobbled it down while we played.  It had been at least three hours from when we ate, and we knew we were getting close to the end of the game.  We just needed to figure out where the last clue was, and that should help us solve the case.  Ms. Kane came downstairs and said something.  I didn’t hear it so I didn’t answer.  Actually, neither one of us answered, because we were both so caught up in the game.  So Ms. Kane spoke up again, and it had to do with something about kitchen.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I heard, so I said, “What?”  I continued to focus on the TV.  After a moment I said, “Did you say something?”  Lyndsy started to chuckle which confused me.  I was serious about the game, and I was serious in my reply.  I didn’t realize anything to be funny.  Ms. Kane raised her voice a little more with a statement tone behind it, ”YES Amy.  I want you two to get upstairs and do your chores right now.  The dishes are not done yet and the flies are having a party!”  We never even moved our eyes from the TV for a second, but I answered, “Okay, we will get to it in a second.”  Then Lyndsy said, “Yes, we just need a couple of minutes more.”   Ms. Kane was trying to be reasonable I suppose, so she said, “Fine.  You have 15 minutes here, then I expect to hear you both in the kitchen!”  I said, “Okay.”  And Lyndsy said something like, “Yeah.  Yeah.”  We didn’t look her way at all.  She must have left the basement.  
“Hey, Lyndsy!  Jump into that dumpster there and double check to see if we missed something.”  We were so involved we couldn’t care less about flies having a party.  20 minutes had passed, and the only fingers we moved were the ones on the controllers. 
Ms. Kane was not impressed.  When she came to the game room this time, she stood right beside the TV so she could get some possible eye contact.  We didn’t even look.   “Lyndsy, lift up that box in the dumpster.”  She was just leaning there with her back against the wall, her arms crossed and a rather serious expression.  Still Lyndsy and I were focused on the TV.  We now heard her voice, “What did I ask of you two?”  ”Ahhh …to do the dishes.” Lyndsy replied still not looking at Ms. Kane.  ”Where the heck is that clue Amy?”  “You didn’t lift up the box yet.”  “Excuse me, but let me give the two of you a clue!  If you don’t get your butts upstairs and clean up that kitchen right now, you will not only receive another spanking you will also be getting more chores to do!!”  ”Come on.  Can’t you see we are almost done here?  Then we will get it done.  You know we always do our chores.” Lyndsy replied.  No immediate response.  Both our eyes slowly looked towards Ms. Kane.  I guess we were curious to see what she would do or say next.  She looked very calmly at us and slowly lifted her foot up and then backwards, and then with her heel she pulled the power cords from the wall.  Which in turn shut BOTH the TV and the game console OFF.  We looked back towards the black screen of the TV and our eyes got big.
“Oh man!  You didn’t just do that!  Do you not realize how much time we spent today just to get to one final clue?”  Lyndsy courageously blurted out to Ms. Kane.  “Yes, exactly 4 hours, 20 minutes and… ”, she glanced at her watch, ”Make that 25 minutes!”  ”Well technically we weren’t playing the whole 5 minutes you have been standing there.”  I boldly replied.  Ms. Kane looked at me, but still no signs of losing control.  She took a little piece of paper from her pocket and a little pen.  She made a little cross or something then tucked it back into her pocket without saying a word.
Lyndsy and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows, but then just shrugged our shoulders.  “BOTH of you go upstairs and clean that kitchen right now!”  We didn’t move immediately, so she took a step towards us which helped remove us quickly from the couch.  
When we got upstairs to the kitchen we looked around, and it wasn’t even that bad.  It would take us no time to get that under control.  Ms. Kane came to the kitchen as well.  ”What are you waiting for?”  I couldn’t resist answering while looking around, “The flies should really have a fair chance to finish their party, before we ruin it.  Oh, hmm, I guess they have already left!”  As I noticed there really were no flies, I also noticed Ms. Kane and her little piece of paper bonding as she made another mark.  Lyndsy didn’t expect me to sass back right then, and was doing everything possible to not crack up, so she turned her back to me and started collecting the plates. 
“Would there be anything else you’d like to add Miss Amy?” 
“Umm, should we make you a cup of coffee while we are at it??”  Another little moment with the paper and a mark or cross or something.
“Amy.  Catch.  Get the plates dried.”  Lyndsy threw a dish towel towards me, or maybe it was a white flag or something…  Ms. Kane left without a word again and went towards the living room.
“Wow, you’re wearing your brave hat today aren’t you!” Lyndsy smiled at me and I replied,  ”Well, after your remarks to her downstairs, I kind of figured I needed to do something to even the score!”  Lyndsy laughed, “Oh my goodness.  I think you will be winning this race by miles!”  It took us barely 5 minutes and the kitchen was done.  Ms. Kane entered again, looked around and said, “Looks good.  Here is a list for you Miss Lyndsy, and this one is for you Miss Amy.  I don’t care how you do them, together or separate, but they will be done.”  She handed us the lists which I just figured was the one she was scribbling at earlier.  We both took a look.  Mine said:  Vacuum living room, dining room and office.  Dust all three rooms.  Clean the big bathroom on the first floor.  Lyndsy’s list had the basement as the primary cleaning area.  These were chores that some of the others had or we used to do together.  “I am NOT doing Lori’s or Kevin’s chores!!”  I boldly stated.   ”Amy, go to the drawer and get me a wooden spoon!”  I looked at her with challenge in my expression, but my voice was barely noticeably when I asked, ”Why?”  Again, she took the little note from her pocket, and made another cross!  So the list we had with the chores, was not the same one!  She didn’t say anything she just pointed at the drawer with the spoons and sent me a look that could be translated into, “DON’T YOU EVEN DARE question me again!”  While I moved towards the drawer she continued to say, “Not only are you going to do your own chores and the others today, you will also be doing them for the whole week.  And Miss Lyndsy, you may as well start while I have a little moment with Amy alone!” 
Lyndsy looked apologetic at me, but I didn’t know why.  It’s not like she forced me to say anything and didn’t even dare me.  I was simply just acting out, and my mouth was how it was happening.  I didn’t have the sense to shut up….at least not for now. 
Lyndsy went to start on the chores as told, and I went slowly with the wooden spoon towards Ms. Kane as I rolled it back and forth between my palms.  I was still challenging her by doing that, and I’m sure my eyes had a look that backed me up.  I guess I was trying to send her some kind of message that I didn’t care.  Of course I did, but she shouldn’t know that!
I casually dropped the spoon on the table in front of her, and started to turn away, but she was fast and grabbed my arm before I even had a chance.  She stood there, with her right foot up on the chair, then bent me over her leg.  As I folded forward and my hands landed on the table, she very firmly advised me, “I would highly recommend that you keep count in your head, as it will be very useful information to you that you will figure out at some point.”  With that, she pulled my sweatpants down to my knees and started to spank me rather hard with the spoon.  I was counting and throughout the spanking I kept saying in my head, “Go ahead I don’t care.  I can take it.  I’m not butter anymore.”  When I got to 20 the spoon broke in two.  She threw it on the floor and I was just about to tell her she better pick it up to keep our kitchen clean, when she continued the spanking with her hand.  She put all her force into it and I’d now wished the spoon hadn’t broken.  She stopped by 30.  She stood up and turned me around to look in my eyes and asked, “Do you have anything else to say??”  I looked down at the floor to the broken spoon, and changed my angle a little,  ”Do you want ME to clean that up??”  I pointed at the floor.  And yet there was that paper again and another little cross placed on it.  She picked up the broken spoon, handed the two pieces to me and with a slight smile said, “Here is a gift for you, and I hope you remembered to count!  Now get going and get started on those chores.”
I looked down at the broken spoon, then pulled my sweatpants up and went to the living room where Lyndsy was vacuuming the couch.  She had a look of concern for me when I walked in, but when I raised my fists up and said, ”First implement down!  Yes!!”  She had to laugh and replied, ”You rock Amy!!  And, speaking of rocks, have you noticed that Ms. Kane has an awful lot of rocks around here?”
I looked around and she was right.  On the shelves, tables, and windowsills were all kinds of rocks.  “I am not going to dust all of them!  It will take forever!  And by the way, rocks don’t belong inside a house!”  ”So what are our options then Amy?”  “Collect them all and throw them outside where they belong! NO, that would probably not be a smart thing to do.  Hmm, maybe we should just hide them.”  And so we did.
We finished cleaning the dining room and then the living room.  We were just heading out to tackle Ms. Kane’s office together.  As we walked out the doorway, Ms. Kane walked in to do a little inspection.  We barely got 6 feet from the door when we heard, ”Ahem.  Will  you two get back in here please!”  We looked at each other and started to chuckle.  ”Yes Ms. Kane?  Is there something wrong?”  Lyndsy played her innocent blues and sincere look of faultlessness.  ”I think you both know what is wrong!”  ”Umm… Have we forgotten something on the list?”  I asked as I pulled out the list from my pocket and acted as if I was reading.  “Done.  Done…”  I said as I reviewed it.   ”Are you sure you didn’t forget to put something on the list maybe?  Because if you did, then we are innocent of all accusation.”  Lyndsy asked with a slight smirk on her face.  Ms. Kane got her little note out and made a cross, so I gently shoved my elbow into the side of Lyndsy indicating something like “HAHA! You got a cross!” 
“Since the two of you seem to be competing at the moment to get my attention, I will make this very easy for you.  Where are the rocks I have spent years to collect?”  ”Ohhhh, those!  Ahh, we might have been confused as to what’s garb…”   She stepped towards me again, and this time I didn’t dare to finish the sentence.  I just pointed my finger to the cupboard where we had piled them up.  She looked in that direction then back at me.  “You two are going to place each and every rock back exactly where they came from!  If you mix any of them up, I will give you another cross!”  She left the room calmly.  She had like 20 different stones and we had absolutely no idea where each one was placed, never mind which one.  So we scratched our heads, shrugged our shoulders and started to place them randomly.  Once done, we gave each other a high five and continued to her office where she now happened to be sitting.  When we came in to start our cleaning, she got up, left for a brief moment and returned.  She put the “special” piece of paper she had been nurturing so carefully lately, onto her desk with the pen and again left the room.
We both looked towards the paper, and both felt the urge to take a peek.  “I dare you!” Lyndsy said to me.  I grinned and slowly went over to the desk, after all, I HAD to dust it.  I looked down on the paper, and I saw 6 crosses for me and 2 for Lyndsy.  My arms flew up over my head again and bragged, “Yes!  I’m ahead!  I’ve got 6 and you’ve only got a measly 2 loser!”  ”Ah, if you move the pen that’s on the paper, you will notice that you have 7!”  I turned around to see Ms. Kane, who was standing very relaxed, leaning against a bookshelf, and slightly smiling at me.  I looked over at Lyndsy and she was fighting not to start laughing again.  I looked down to the desk, moved the pen, and noticed there were 7 marks.  I thought about asking to keep the paper as a souvenir, but knew that it would just get me another cross, and somehow it all started to fall into place….the counting….the crosses….
“So young ladies, how much time have you spent on these chores now?”   ”Like, 2 hours or something.” “Yes that’s right Lyndsy.  And how much time did it take you to clean the kitchen?”  Neither one of us said anything.  ”Do you want another cross?  How long did it take you?”  ”About 5 minutes” I spoke up. “5 whole minutes of your time.”  She started to walk towards her couch. “So tell me, was it worth it?”  ”Umm, worth it??”  Lyndsy asked.  ”Yes.  Instead of just using those 5 minutes to finish your chores, and then return to your gaming, you chose to disrespect the rules and me,…” she looked at me “…act sassy, and end up receiving a list of chores you will do for the whole week, PLUS receive another spanking.  Well, that would be the third one today for you, miss Amy!” Lyndsy and I looked at each other.   I didn’t need any further crosses, so if we wanted to make a reply, it should be Lyndsy, ”Well if you put it like that, then noo…”
“Okay.  Lyndsy, you will be first, because it will take me some time to get through with Amy”  She then looked at me, “Amy, do you remember the number you counted?”  ”Umm…Yes.  It was 30”  ” Good answer.  That’s what I counted as well.  So Lyndsy, since you got 2 crosses it will be 60 on your bare bottom!”  Lyndsy looked nervously at me, not because of her 60, she would get through that.  However she relaxed when she saw me turn away, trying to keep my laughing under control.  I didn’t laugh to earn any further crosses, I just couldn’t help but to love the way Ms. Kane always managed to play with our heads. 
“Amy, you may as well keep on cleaning in here.  I believe you haven’t vacuumed yet!” 
So I finished up, while Lyndsy got her 60 smacks.  When she was done, Ms. Kane sent her off to the basement to start to clean there.  But before Lyndsy was out of ears way, she raised her voice a little to be sure she heard, “And if I catch you playing games downstairs instead of cleaning, you will receive the same amount that Amy is receiving in just a minute.  Is that clear?”  ”Yeah, yeah.”  Lyndsy replied with just the smallest smear of sass.
Ms. Kane looked at me again with a hint of amusement.  “So my bold little bratty friend, how many crosses did you have?”  ”Seven.”  ”Seven.  Oh my.  That would be, hmm, what?”  She was obviously expecting me to say the number.  ”210.  But, but it should only be 180 because you already spanked me in the kitchen.”  She smiled, “Sweetie, that was just a bonus for your kindness to offer me some coffee, which I still haven’t received by the way.”  It was SO difficult not to smile or laugh when she said things like that, and I just knew if I did anything but look in tune to her, that the spanking would never stop. 
“Get over here missy” she slapped two times on her thigh.  I sighed, loud enough and exaggerated enough so that I knew she seen and heard.  I dragged myself over, pulled my pants down and bent over her lap.  “Well you still have some nice color going on, so you won’t be needing a warm up.  But I’m not cruel.  I will give the first 10 smacks slowly, and then I will pick up the pace.  After all it is 210.”  She leaned over to make sure I was listening,  “Oh yeah, and I again highly recommend you to keep count in your head!” 
It was so hard to keep track.  It went okay the first 40 smacks, but then I started to lose control over my body.  I was wiggling, almost trying to crawl away.  ”Amy, how many was that dear?”  I didn’t answer right away.  “You don’t want me to start over do you?”  ”NO ma’am, please.”  I was trying so hard to remember.  I know I got to 40.  Then I did kind of lose track, but I was thinking it must be near 50 or so.  So with a nervous voice I said, “50.”  ”That right.  But we still have a some work to do.”  Whew, good guess I thought.  She started to spank me again.  I really tried to focus on the counting, which also kind of helped me to control the pain.  “How many?” she questioned.  ”100.”  She started to spank a bit lower below my bum, and I kind of imagined that it was because my bottom was too damaged to be spanked much longer.  But no, that was not the reason, because she returned to addressing the smacks to my bottom again after 130.  When she reached 150, she paused.  I guessed her hand was hurting a bit by now also.  “How many?”  “150.”  “60 to go Amy.  I really hope for the sake of your bottom, that you won’t be getting yourself into any kind of trouble through the rest of this week!  Are you ready to receive the last 60?”  As if I had a choice.  ”Yes ma’am” came out, but what was screaming inside of me was, ”HELL NOO!”  ”Okay, then lets get this finished this shall we?  You also have a bathroom to attend to after this.”  And she started the spanking again.  My backside was burning and aching so bad.  And during the last smacks I was biting myself in the hand to redirect the pain away, but even at that, there was no way to get my focus away from my backside. 
I could barely stand when she was done.   I managed to pull my pants up very carefully and stand straight enough to face her again.  “So Amy,” she smiled at me, “Do you have anything to say?”  I was thinking for some time, and what came to my mind I just had to say, ”How would you like your coffee?” 
She gently shook her head, “Oh my.  I think I better go with you upstairs to the bathroom.  And, if you come out with any further smart remarks up there, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to break the bath brush!”  I didn’t say anything at all while cleaning the bathroom, and Ms. Kane seemed to enjoy the look of me trying to find comfort while attempting odd positions to tend to my chore.  I bet it did look funny as I twisted, and carefully moved so as not to let anything near my bottom. 
At dinnertime I still didn’t talk, because it took so much effort not to let out any noise as I had to sit there with so much discomfort.  Ms. Kane told the other two that they were off house chore duty for the next week.  Kevin was just so elated and thanked us ever so kindly, and Lori just couldn’t help but praise the fine work we had been doing. 
“Oh by the way,” Ms. Kane looked at Lyndsy and I, ”You should take a look in the victim’s message log!  You might find some useful information he has in there!”

😉 Annika and Co-author Lyndsy
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Dec 262012


I’ll post this new survey to the top tabs as well, so that new visitors will have the chance to acces it easily. Once we’ve gotten a fair number of replies, I’ll post the answers here.

– Dana

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Dec 242012

In the spirit of the holiday, a poem for you.

T’was the night before christmas and the sound  through the house.  Was the VBB’s spanking from his very angry spouse.
The “Open Bottom” pajamas were hung by the chimney with care.  In hopes that  Miss Dana soon would be there.
As she came through the door and headed my way.  Miss Dana opened her mouth and had this to say.
“Now Angel, Now Sarah I’ll soon settle your spat.  But first I must paddle a naughty Tampa Bratt. 

She lectures us all to be good this new year.  But soon we’ll be Bratting without any fear.
With a paddle and brush and “The Curse” under my tree.  My only Christmas wish is to be over Dana’s Knee.
As I return to my room with my bottom glowing bright.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
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Dec 232012


Brand New Ass:  Red
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