Doctor Hansen – more great F/M spanking fiction!

Here’s excellent proof that sexual harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated. I’m sure that ‘Doctor Hanson’ is very well-behaved after this encounter with his nurses.–  Dana Doctor Hanson Doctor Hanson was a young new doctor at the hospital department I used to work. He was handsome, well-spoken but very flirtatious. Guess he had […]

Spooky Spanking fiction!

Another excellent Spooky Spanking Story Contest entry. (Asterisks are my edits..)–  Dana My appointment was set for 7pm and I was running late. I knew that she was going to make me pay for that but I had been putting off seeing her because I was nervous. So many questions were running through my mind. What was […]

Another fun Spooky Spanking story!

You’ll enjoy this entry for the Spooky Spanking Story Contest. Thanks again to all the participants, this month and every day.–  Dana ***** She said that she was not going to conclude either of our punishment spankings until she felt we were truly sorry and committed to changing our bad behavior. We had both accepted her […]

Sunday Update: 11/25

Humiliated in Tight Jeans POV: Keep your Hands to Yourself Click the title links for more preview photos, scene description, and download link –  or visit HERE.   ***** Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ is now available for download!  (Broken down into four parts due to filesize limits, all four parts will be available  in my […]

Updated Travel Schedule Nov 2012-Feb 2013

Upcoming TravelNovember 2012:    27   Charlotte, NC28-29   Tampa, FL   30   Ft. Lauderdale, FLDecember 2012:       6   Denver, CO    7-8   Cleveland, OH    17   Atlanta, GA    18   Washington, D.C.    19   Pittsburgh, PAJanuary 2013:   10   Vancouver11-12   Seattle, WA   22   Memphis, TN   31   […]

‘Historie’ Part 6: A Visit from Denmark

More excellent spanking fiction, and another chapter of The Story of Amy, by Annika:Here is the long-awaited sixth installment of ‘Historie’, by one of our favorite new spanking authors, Annika. *****A visit from Denmark It was my luck that my bottom wasn’t that sore, when we had to fly back to USA. It would have […] Sunday update: 11/11

Nephew Strapped for Shoplifting POV: Nephew Caught Shoplifting Sneaky Girl Gets Punished   POV: Your Spanking Instructions  * *  NEW DVD!  * * Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ To watch the movie trailer, click the Title link above. HERE Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

‘Curse of Dana’ photo contest winner!

Ahh, Halloween! Another reason for us to all dress up and hit one another with sticks…..wait. That isn’t right, is it? Something about candy.  – With 131 votes counted –The winner of the Halloween-themed ‘Curse of Dana’ photo contest  – and an evil set of Curse of Dana implements from – is: Entry # 3 Congratulations to […]

Fellow Bloggers: Help me advertise and win a prize!

Readers,As evidenced by the Sunday updates, I am working hard to populate HERE, my video website, with spanking videos and DVD’s that fans of premium spanking videos will enjoy.The website now contains preview photos and descriptions for the dozens of F/M, F/F, and POV videos available for download, as well as several DVD titles.You can […]

Spooky Spanking story contest winner!

The October spanking story contest brought out the creativity in many of our writers, and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy sharing all of them with you.It should be obvious that all these contests are tough to judge, and the Spooky Spanking story contest was no exception. The winner, from an excellent group of entries, is: […]