Nov 302012

Here’s excellent proof that sexual harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated. I’m sure that ‘Doctor Hanson’ is very well-behaved after this encounter with his nurses.

–  Dana

Doctor Hanson
Doctor Hanson was a young new doctor at the hospital department I used to work. He was handsome, well-spoken but very flirtatious. Guess he had some of the same fantasies about nurses, like a lot of other men. As a nurse I can inform you, that we hate that. We don’t see our self as sex objects, especially not while we are working and trying to be taken serious. Doctor Hanson used more time on trying to be cute, complementing and sometimes saying creepy things like “you know how I like my women???” “No and I don’t care…” He wasn’t good with the patients, because he was more focused on the nurses. My colleague and I really felt harassed by him and went to our chief of nursing. She wanted us to deal with him, and it was up to us, what we thought was fit for him. She would support us no matter what.
So we sat down and talked back and forth, but nothing seemed to be right. A more experienced nurse overheard our conversation, and then said “have you two ever noticed that some of the doctors tend to avoid chairs??”….”ehh, noo???”….”Well some of us believe that a good spanking does a lot of good” she smiled and left. We looked at each other. “That’s a punishment I can relate to” I said…”And I have the first implement we could use” my colleague went over to our bookshelf and took a theory book out and threw it on the table. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read the title; Pain – A theoretical introduction both physiologically and psychologically. “Perfect”
We went to the kitchen to look for other implements we could use and found some different spoons, some made of plastic and some of wood. We took one of each with us.
So the hardback book and spoons was the implement we wanted to use on him. Now we just needed to get him some day. We placed our implements in the room we had chosen for his session and waited for the right day to come.
We didn’t have to wait that long. Lisa (my colleague) and I had prepared for rounds and were waiting for some doctor to show up. When Doctor Hanson stepped inside, she and I just smiled at each other. It was going to happen today.
“Oh it must be my lucky day to go rounds with the two most beautiful nurses around”…..We stood up smiled at him and replied “well yes this must be your lucky day dear…..we have something to show you in the next room”. We tried to send him flirtatious signals, so he would go with us. He blushed and looked surprised but did follow us.
Inside the room he stood close to the door, so I went slowly towards him, still smiling and looking him directly in his eyes. I kept eye contact and I think he believed I would kiss him instead I reached behind him locked the door, and stepped backwards.
“You know Doctor Hanson, you might think this is your lucky day, but in fact I think it’s ours” Lisa said. She reached her hand towards him, signalizing he should come closer. He smiled and said “Do we have time for this?” Lisa and I looked at each other and I replied “this is worth taking the time for”.
“Come put your hands on the table and bend slightly over”. He obeyed.
Lisa was the first to go spank him, so I went around the table, and went down to a level where I could look him straight into his eyes. I smiled at him, he smiled back, but got a quite different expression, when I said “you have been a very bad boy, Doctor Hanson, and we are going to give you a severe punishment” “You are flirtatious, disrespectful, annoying and cannot seem to concentrate doing your job taking care of the patients”…..”It is unacceptable in this department, and we hope you will change your attitude after we are done with you” “Otherwise we won’t hesitate to repeat this over and over again”
“The chief by the way agrees on this, so accept this and change so you can become the doctor we know you can be!” “Understood?”
I didn’t expect him to actually say yes, but he did. Maybe some of the more experienced doctors had been warning him about our department, I don’t know, but it surely did make it easier for us.
I looked at Lisa nodding at her, so she could start, when she felt like it. She loosened his uniform pants, and pulled them down. He and I were still looking at each other. He looked quite expectant and slightly nervous.
Lisa took the book in both hands. Took aim, and then smacked him. She let the book rest at his buttocks before she took aim again. His expression was priceless. He wasn’t smiling anymore; he looked choked about the pain the book had caused. He was breathing a bit faster, but stopped, when Lisa removed the book from his bottom taking another aim. SMACK. “Awww…” he moaned.
“Shhhh, we wouldn’t want your colleagues to notice how bad you have been or would we??”  
Lisa started to spank him faster now, and he could barely stand still. He was looking with pledging eyes at me, but I just shook my head and said “you can count right?”…..”We are two in this room who are very annoyed with you”
Lisa gave him 5 more after that. She put the book with the title upside on the table, so he could read it. He sighed and shook his head. I went over to get the spoons. I placed them on the table so he could see them, and then asked Lisa, which one she would like to use. She chose the plastic spoon so I took the wooden one. We stood on both sides of him. His bottom was red and warm. I gently stroked the one side of his bottom with the spoon, looked at Lisa who nodded back at me. I lifted my hand and slammed the spoon on his left buttock. Lisa participated by slamming the plastic spoon on his right buttock. We took turns like that for a few minutes then gave him a break. I sat on the table and looked at him.
“Do you really believe we like to be treated as if the only purpose with our work is to wait on you, and that we find it okay for you to be flirtatious?” “Do you even know anything about us, who we are, what we like, what we care about and which work skills we have?”
He just looked at me. I could see he was really thinking about it, but didn’t answer, so I answered for him “I guess no…mmh….well maybe from this day on, you will pay more attention”  
Lisa and I switched sides, so his buttocks would receive equal spankings with the plastic and wooden spoon.
As before we took turns on him. He wasn’t in control anymore. He was moaning and wiggling. He hadn’t said anything before he broke down on the table “please I am sorry, I promise to be the best doctor I can be, and I will never treat you or any other nurse disrespectful again, please stop”
The spoons had left some marks on his bottom and I didn’t doubt one second that he was honest. His eyes were shut and he looked exhausted. I looked at Lisa and without words we agreed, that this was enough. I went over to a sink got a cloth and soaked it in cold water. He twitched when I gently put the cloth on his bottom.
“Doctor… Lisa and I will wait next room for you….so come, when you are ready to go rounds”
He managed it through the rounds, not as smart and bold like he used too, but professionally.
It took some time for him to recover. He wasn’t exactly scared of us, but seemed nervous. He paid attention to us and other nurses, and was interested in who we were instead of what we were.
One time he and I were alone in the office, and I could see, that he wanted to ask me something, but too nervous to do so. So I asked him, if there was something he wanted to talk about.
“Well I was just wondering; you are married right?” I nodded. “Do you punish your husband when he misbehaves?”…..”I’m sorry I know this is out of line for me to ask you that”
I stood up went to the door, before opening I turned around and said “My husband doesn’t need to be corrected, I’m the one who is misbehaving back home” I smiled at him and left the office.
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Nov 282012

Another excellent Spooky Spanking Story Contest entry. (Asterisks are my edits..)

–  Dana

My appointment was set for 7pm and I was running late. I knew that she was going to make me pay for that but I had been putting off seeing her because I was nervous. So many questions were running through my mind. What was it going to be like? How much trouble was  I really in? All that would soon be answered in just a few minutes. 

It was a Halloween night. The air was crisp and the moon was full. It had been so many years since I had seen a full moon on a Halloween night. It was setting the stage for what was to come. 
How did I let myself get talked into this. 


As I turned down on the country road at night I could tell I was almost there. The leaves were almost gone from the trees and the moon hit the branches just right. There was a light wind and it made the trees almost seem alive. I could almost imagine two Trick-orTreeters going down this same road just a few hours ago. Going from house to house. One dressed as a Ghost and the other one dressed as a Witch. They were holding their booty of candy from the night of begging. 

I looked at the odometer It must be just around the corner. I was almost there. My heart was racing now and I felt my hands going clammy. Maybe it was just the anticipation and it was not going to be really that bad. At least that is what I was telling myself but I knew I was secretly hoping for more. 

I pulled into the driveway of the old house. It had been many years since I had seen a house like this one. It had a gray slate roof. The sides where made of old stone  with a fireplace that had puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney. 

I parked my car and turned off the engine. My heart was pounding about a million miles a minute. I walked up to the door, there was a note that simply said  ring twice. I did and I waited a few seconds. I could hear the sound of high heels clicking across a bare floor and it seconds the door creeked open. 

In front of me was a very slender lady with short dark hair. She had a smile on her face but a fire in her eye.  She opened the door and took me to a parlor where she asked me to wait while she finished gathering up some things.  

When she left the room I could not help but notice a  mysterious old book lying on a table. 
The edges were ragged and torn. There was simply a note next to the book that simply said do not touch. I wandered away from the book wondering how much longer my host was going to take. 
I waited a few more minutes and curiosity got the better of me. I went back to the book looking at it and thinking how out of place it looked. I carefully picked up the corner and just as I did I felt a chill run through the air. My blood ran cold and I felt a firm hand on my ear. A voice simply said “ not only are you late but you can not seem to follow simple directions about touching other peoples things. 

My pants were stripped from me and before I knew what was happening I was lying across a couch my ass in the air and a very angry lady next to me holding a rubber paddle.  The words Do not touch echoed through my mind. Before I had time to dwell on it, I felt the first blow. Fire ripped from my behind and a gasp and a yelp excaped through my mouth. She simply said “Stop that, there will be no yelling.” each time the implment landed it was the same thing over and over. Fire that was so hot it felt like I was being branded. It ranged from the tops of my thighs to the top of my bottom. I tried to get away but each time I was met with a firm hand on my back holding me in place. 

Finally the blows subsided. My backside felt like a charred landscape after a forest fire. I felt a familiar tugging on my ear. She led me to a corner  and firmly planted my face against it. Stand there was the last thing she said. Next time don’t be late or it will be much worse for you. Through the tears a Yes Maam managed to escape through my dry throat. Then the heels clicked away from me and went off into the distance. 

The end. 

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Nov 272012

You’ll enjoy this entry for the Spooky Spanking Story Contest. Thanks again to all the participants, this month and every day.

–  Dana


She said that she was not going to conclude either of our punishment spankings until she felt we were truly sorry and committed to changing our bad behavior. We had both accepted her terms and she patiently explained that she would administered real spankings to our bare bottoms. Spankings that we both deserved. The spankings would appropriately fit our wrongdoings as she saw fit. She would decide what implements she used on us, the positions, and length of the spankings. We would address her as ma’am and tell the truth. These were her terms and I still couldn’t believe this was happening.

More than an hour ago my college room mate and I were making our way through the 33rd and 8th Ave side of Penn Station on our way to an exclusive Halloween party on Long Island. Slung over my shoulder was a back pack holding a change of clothes, a rubber devil’s mask and a bottle of cheap vodka. Jon’s backpack held a change of clothes, a Beast mask and a carton of jumbo size country fresh eggs. The party was being held at someone’s country mansion and the women who invited us insisted that we come. Jon had meet her through some friends at his work and she had sent us directions in an email. We were to give her a call when we get off the train and someone would pick us up.
The forty four mile train ride is long and boring. To pass the time we begin sneaking sips from the vodka bottle in my back pack. I didn’t realize how light the bottle was getting until I hear a recording announce the stop that the women has told us to get off at. The station is deserted and the desolate country surroundings sober us up. We are definitely not in the city anymore. Jon tries her number but the call goes straight to voice mail. I try texting her but get no reply. The air is very cool for October and I chuck the vodka bottle into a trash can. Jon figures the party must be near the station somewhere and he thinks we should start trick or treating our way towards some lights in the distance. We put our masks on and before walking away from the train station Jon tosses one of the jumbo eggs straight up and directly over the windshield of an SUV in the parking lot.
The black top we are on turns into a country dirt road and the lights of houses seem to be moving further away from us instead of getting closer. Its hard to see through the devil mask but I can see that stars are visible in the sky. I am also making out the shapes of trees and bushes along the sides of the narrowing dirt path. We are periodically tossing eggs at darkened houses as we pass in front of them. The homes are getting further apart and the silhouette of a larger house is becoming visible in the distance. As we continue walking in the direction of the pointed eves of the roof I can see dim lights on behind shaded windows. For some reason I become hopeful that someone is home and I start to think that this must be the party house.
Jon gets the idea to see if he can look through a window before knocking on the door. The light from the window is faintly shinning on the leaf covered lawn and I think I can see movement inside the living room. What I don’t see is the aluminum trash cans that Jon and I trip over. A flood light immediately turns on as Jon and I fall to the ground tripping over each other and the barrels. The carton of eggs is smashed and smeared over Jon’s jacket. A women is now standing on the stairs to a back porch and looking down at us. She is holding a cell phone and threatening to call the police. She looks to be about ten years older than we are and she doesn’t look scared in the least. I try to explain our predicament but she isn’t buying it. She thinks we are throwing eggs or stealing or something. Her pumpkins have been smashed and she has had trouble on Halloween in the past. She is still threatening to call the police and for some reason I am still lying on the ground trying to reason with her. Maybe I am getting through to her because she is making her way down the porch stairs and heading closer to us. Her phone is still in her hand and she looks ready to use it.
We both are begging for her not to call the police. At this point we both realize that if we could run away where would we go? The police would surely find us and how could we explain any of this anyway? She sees the broken eggs splattered on Jon’s jacket and the open cardboard carton on the ground. She has a police style flash light in her other hand that I hadn’t noticed before and she is shinning it into our faces. She looks at each of us one at a time with out speaking for a long time. When she finally talks to us again she says she works as a security guard and that she knows that vandalism, trespassing and public intoxication are serious crimes. She also tells us that she is good friends with every police officer in the town and they would only be to happy to lock us up for the night if she were to give them a call. She says that we both deserve spankings and She wants to know if we will accept her form of punishment. If we do she will not call the police and we can go back to the city.
We both agree. The next thing she does is ask for our wallets, back packs and cell phones. She then reads off our names and where we are from on our licenses. She also finds our college Ids. Then she tells us to come into her kitchen while she begins to explain the details of our punishments. Once inside we are to remove our sneakers while she calls us by name and begins to lecture us for our bad behavior. We are to address her as ma’am. She explains that she won’t stop until she determines that we are truly sorry for our unsuitable behavior. She asks again if we understand and agree to her terms and we both give her a quite, yes ma’am. We art told to face the wall and drop our draws. I am hesitant and she says boxer shorts too. We are facing the wall while she is getting ready. At this point I am freaking out but also intrigued. I have never been in a situation like this before. She tells us that she wants us to think about what has led us to this position. She also promises that we are about to be made very sore.
Jon is first and I heard her tell him to get over her knee. She is lecturing him and I can hear the slap of his ass under the palm of her hand. He answers lecturing saying, yes ma’am to everything she has to say to him. The sound of Jon’s ass getting spanked gets louder and he also sounds more out of breath with each yes ma’am like it is getting more and more difficult to find the words. My heart is racing imagining what is to come for my self. After a while Jon is sent back to the corner again and it is my turn. She lectures me in the same way and my ass quickly becomes sensitive. My head fells light over her knee and my arms are getting cramped. I have stepped completely out of my pants and feel very vulnerable. It is also weird to have Jon as a witness to this as I had been his witness, hearing everything he was going through and now it is my turn. If I am not quick enough with my, “yes ma’am” she hits the same soft spot on my ass repeatedly with something that fells like a wide wooden spoon. The sting really hurts and I think I am losing my composure more than Jon had.
Next I am sent back to the corner and made to stand with my ass exposed next to Jon‘s exposed ass. Both of our noses are touching the wall. We are left standing like that for sometime and occasionally she addresses us and we answer her. She is now taking two kitchen chairs and putting them side by side in the middle of the room. She then tells us to bend over the backs with our palms flat on the seat of the chairs. She says she is going to use the strap on us this time. The noise is much louder and the sting is more abrupt. Her lecturing is more forceful and our reply had better be loud and clear. My eyes start to tear up a little and my voice is wavering. This goes on for what seems like an hour and my legs are tight with tension. When this is over she sends us back to the corner.

It was quiet for sometime and we can hear her writing something. When she speaks again she says she had put our names, addresses and phone numbers in her magic book. She says that she would like to place photos of our punished red asses with our written apologies and signatures in her mysterious book. We booth agree with a quite, “yes ma’am.” She snaps off some quick digital shots of our red behinds and prints them out in the next room while we are writing our apologies in her mysterious book. She makes us sit on the hard wooden chairs that we have just been bent over. The wood against my throbbing ass is very uncomfortable. We are made to read aloud what we have written and she asks us if we know why her book is magical. Neither of us want to venture a guess and she explains that her mysterious book changes peoples lives. She then randomly flips through the pages of the book stopping at different places to show us the apologies, confessions and snap shots of a few other bad boys and girls she has disciplined.
We are both sent to the corner once again and we both spend one more session over her knee and another strapping before she is satisfied that we have truly learned our lessons. My ass is swollen and bruised for several days and this is one Halloween that I will never forget. A real lesson learned.
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Nov 252012
Humiliated in Tight Jeans
POV: Keep your Hands to Yourself
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Nov 242012

This excellent piece of spanking fiction highlights exactly why procrastinating should be avoided. Enjoy!



You know what the saying is about 20/20 hindsight? It is supposed to help us make better decisions for the future. I contemplated that as I yet once again was standing  there nose pressed into the corner, powdered dish soap in my mouth and my ass and thighs were once again on fire. 

Let me jump back to the beginning. Today had started off like any other day. I woke up and started my morning routine Which included making my bed, getting dressed and letting the puppies out for the day. My morning coffee pot alerted me that breakfast was ready so I sat down and stared  at my list of things that needed to be done. 

Somehow it happened again. Time was slipping through my fingers like sand. Here it was almost noon and I still had a list of things that needed to be done. I looked at the clock  I still had a few hours before she got home and I had plenty of time to get things done. I hurriedly ran down stairs and put open my shoes and started the dart to my car.  

As soon as I flung open the door There she was and I almost plowed her over.  Who would have guessed that under this cute, little, petite frame was a active volcano that I had just sent into overdrive. 
She shoved me back and eyed my list. Which was gone out of my hand faster then a falcon grabing its prey out of mid air. Then came the barrage of questions “ Why isnt this done”. “What were you doing” 
Who would have thought that such a tiny movement  almost undectable to anyone else would bring down the fury of the gods. I rolled my eyes. 

Before I knew what had happened she had a hold of my ear leading me like a dog on a leash. What she was saying no longer mattered the only thing I could think of was the pain that was  on the left side of my head. She twisted and pulled that little piece of flesh as she walked through the house swearing that by the time that she was done that attitude problem would be fixed. 
When we got to our destination she ordered my clothes off and tied me down to the spanking bench. Then she did something that she had never done before. She took some rope and lashed my hips to the bench faster then a sailor would tie off the main sail. I was pinned and unable to move. I could hear her walking around behind me. Choosing what would be the implment of my demise then I heard it the unmistakable sound of a cane being drawn from its housing. I only thought that I had said it but I soon realized that the F word had slipped out of my mouth. There was a long uncomfortable pause and time stood still. I could hear my heart beat. The cars out on the street. Even a fly that had managed to get in.  I had done it. Broken the cardinal rule I had used a word that was expressly forbidden. 

Then it hit and it felt like someone had just sliced open my skin  with a razor knife. My head popped up and I gasped for air. Instinctively I wanted to grab my ass and check for damage but I could not because of the way that my hands were fastened I was completely helpless. Stroke after stroke landed each one burning more then the last.  Each stroke landed with deadly precision and each stroke just below the last. 

She worked her way from the top of my ass to the middle of my thigh paying special attention to that little crease where the butt meets the top of the thigh. Sweat and tears were now flowing freely from me my heart was pounding and I honestly thoght my backside was going to expold then it stopped 
before I knew it I was being lead again by that same little piece of flesh to a corner the only word she uttered was “Open” I complied and soap was poured into my mouth. 

So here I am yet again  nose in the corner my backside feeling like I was drug down a dirt road and that familiar taste of soap in my mouth. This time I swear I will learn  Until next time that is. 

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