Oct 312012

You knew that the spanking was coming, didn’t you?…

The VBB, his WW, and I decided that it would be fun to make a little spanking movie while on vacation.
I’m currently working on the editing, and will be soon releasing the film:

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

The VBB and WW (Isabela and Mark) play a married couple who have come to me because his behavior has gotten out of control. (Sound familiar?) 
Isabela is at her wits’ end with Mark, and is asking for instruction in more intensive applied discipline, as her methods just don’t seem to be working.
I suggest a week-long observation/training program – with a twist.

Mark is about to go on the most interesting trip of his life…

(A real Domestic Discipline couple, real spankings, and some great scenery – including semi-public spankings and beautiful ocean views.)
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Oct 302012

This past week, my favorite bottom and I spent a lovely vacation with The Very Bad Boy and his Wonderful Wife – the company was awesome and the R&R welcome.
The four of us took a cruise from Texas though to the Caribbean, by way of Mexico. This was a vacation first for me, and I was looking forward to the whole on-a-big-ship-in-the-middle-of-the-sea experience.
I wasn’t disappointed.
My first concern was that I’d be a bit inconvenienced due to my somewhat restrictive diet. Not so. The cruise staff were extremely accommodating, leading me to eat much more over the course of five days than any thinking person should.
There was also not a bit of seasickness, although I admit a tinge of panic on the final night, when the gulf was particularly choppy.
We had an amazing wrap-around balcony on the back of the ship that afforded us a beautiful view of the open water, and were up high enough that the horizon looked forever away.
I took about ten dozen photos of the sunrises, but the couple included below are my favorites. I’ve also included a few more snapshots for your viewing pleasure (since we all know how much fun it can be to look at someone else’s vacation pictures. My apologies in advance.)..

A hawk which appeared when we were in the exact center of the Gulf of Mexico. I’m thinking this is a prairie falcon, but the first to properly identify him wins my gratitude.

Every evening, the staff left a different towel animal in the room.  I found this particularly endearing, as I would never have the patience to learn this craft.
My feet. Somewhere in Mexico.
This sunrise was quite possibly the prettiest I’ve ever seen, especially once the sun broke through the clouds.
Here’s my boy, working ever-so-hard to make it to the end of that floaty thing. (After many attempts, he finally did. Sort of.)

Extremely blurry photo of the Cuban cigar which I purchased and thoroughly enjoyed while watching the sun set. 
Next: What I Did on Vacation: Part Two
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Oct 282012
Banging his Bongos

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Oct 262012

Here is part four ‘Historie’, by Annika. In this chapter, Amy’s cousin adam comes to visit.

– Dana


Adam is a cousin of mine. He is two years older than I, and believes he is a gift to the world. He is handsome, no doubt about that, but boys who knows, they are good looking tend to be a pain.
Of course I didn’t really know him, we didn’t grow up together, but every time he passed a mirror or a window that reflected him, he always straightened his hair. Well he was going to spend some time at my aunt’s place during the summer. His parents were travelling in Europe, and she promised to watch after him.

First I was a bit shy and curious about him. However that soon changed. He acted as if he owned the place. He threw his bag into the room he was going to stay in, jumped on the couch in the living room, and turned the TV on. He then looked at me and said “you know what I could really use right now???” “No…”…..”An ice cold beer, go get me one”. I was chocked and nervous if my aunt had overheard that. When she didn’t jump out from anywhere, I stood up, turned at him and said “yeah well you wish….go get it yourself you got two legs that work perfectly” He laughed and I went upstairs. What an idiot I thought.
Every time my aunt was around, he was very helpful, respectful and polite, but as soon she was out of sight, he did whatever he felt like. He drank directly from the bottles or cartons instead of using a glass, which kept me from drinking anything else than water. Once he even looked into our aunt’s handbag, then looked at me, and asked “you wanna know what’s in it??” I just went over and washed the dishes. He poked me….”hey you should see this….” “For Christ sake, cut it out” I replied. “I don’t want to get in to trouble, just because you are a moron”….”Relax Amy, I’m just kidding”. “Come on, don’t be mad cousin” “I’ll buy you an ice cream”
I just passed him and wishing that our aunt would see at some point how he really was.

Two weeks went by, he managed through without getting caught, and I was so irritated at him…….He loved to tease me, and knew the best way he could do that, was by pretty much secretly to break every rule of the house. At some point I felt like screaming at my aunt, how on earth, couldn’t she notice all of this, but figured that she might know of it, but let him pass because he wasn’t really living here like me. (Still not fair though)
I did have one advantage, which I didn’t usually use, because my aunt was against it. I could speak Danish, and the only time it was okay for me to speak Danish was when I talked with old friends back in Denmark. The best thing about Danish was that Adam didn’t understand anything of it. So I started to talk Danish to him when he asked me about something, or teased me. I played his game now, being the nice girl when my aunt was around, and provocative towards him, when she wasn’t around.

The third week started, and I looked forward to the day his parents would return. Our aunt had to work, so she was gone the most of the day. Adam had occupied the couch as usual, but I had no intention to stay in the house with him, so I didn’t care what he was doing. A well known odor spread and I stared with disbelieve at him. “Are you out of your mind????” “She will kill you if she finds out about this”. The moron had lit a cigarette. He replied once again “Relax sweetie, she won’t find out. You want one??”…..”Adam I am not kidding here, what you are doing is probably one of the dumbest thing you can do”….”If I get into trouble for this, I swear, I will never talk to you again….not even in another language”….”Amy she is at work, and it will take hours before she returns, she won’t notice!”
I just shook my head, and went out. I returned just before my aunt. You couldn’t smell that someone had been smoking, and I just sighed….Once again he got out of trouble.
Well we were sitting at the kitchen table and were just done eating. I didn’t say anything, cause I was wondering about, how he did it, and that I maybe should try study him instead….No one of us were really saying anything, until our aunt asked us “is there something you two would like to tell me??”. Both of us just stared at her. I knew this expression she had I knew this could turn out badly for us. Adam didn’t look at her anymore. Instead he looked at his empty plate. Someone had to reply something so I did…”Well I found a nice shirt today, which I bought…” well knowing, that it wasn’t that kind of answer she wanted. She just kept looking at me, saying nothing. So I looked down, and whispered “guess that wasn’t the right answer…”, and was fighting not to smile because I knew I was walking on a very thin line. After a short silent period, she laid a cigarette butt on the table. “I found this under the couch today, and I expect an explanation” I looked at it and responded without thinking “oh you are so stupid” followed by a very fast “I didn’t mean you”. “Well I most certainly hope not young lady” again I felt the urge to smile.
I was looking at Adam, still no reaction. My aunt was looking at me, which made me cross….”Why are you looking at me? I didn’t put it there”….”Well I’m looking at you because you are the only one responding at the moment”…”Yeah and what does that tell you”…..This was actually the first time I acted sassy towards her, but I couldn’t see that I should be in trouble for his stupidity.
“Be careful, Amy…..”….”Adam, Amy does have a point”…”hmpf” I accidently let out. “AMY go upstairs right now, I’ll deal with you later”…..”What!! Why do I have to get punished, just because he is a moron?” “Amy!!! Go!”

I went upstairs….”For fanden, hvor er det latterligt!”…..”I hope you are talking at the phone right now” my aunt shouted after me.
I didn’t respond to that….to all of you who are curious about what I did say, it was something like “God dammit this is ridiculous”.

Well standing in my room, I just knew I needed to see what happened to him. If I should get a punishment, I would at least get some fun out of it by watching his.
So I sneaked outside, took place just next to the wall, that would hide the sight of me. She was really upset, and he wasn’t that smart anymore. “How dare you to smoke cigarettes in my house??” “I really expected more from you”….”I’m sorry”….”Well you will be, mister, when I’m done with you” “Bend over the table”…”Why??”….”WHY! I think you know why”….”But you can’t spank me, you are not my mother, and I don’t live here”….”Oh sweetheart I’m the next best thing, I’m your aunt and this is my house and my rules, and you crossed the line. BEND OVER”

It was hilarious. I wanted to laugh out loud, but of course didn’t.

She took of her belt, folded it, and stood some time watching him. Then she took “aim” and started to spank him. He was struggling as soon it started and after ten strokes with the belt, he started to beg for forgiveness. “I will forgive….when we are done”…..I had never noticed her humor during a spanking, probably because I usually were the receiver, and maybe I just found it very funny, because finally he got what he deserved.
“Pants down”…”Noooo please…..” “Adam this spanking is not just for you to respect the rules, maybe it also will prevent you from smoking again, which isn’t healthy” “PANTS down”

Ha ha ha, I had to crawl back to my room. I couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I took my pillow and laughed loudly into it. The spanking I was going to get for…well whatever….was worth this sight.

The rhythm of the spanking stopped. The footsteps I could hear outside, were not the ones from my aunt, this sounded more like someone dragging himself upstairs.
10 minutes after or so, my aunt came to my room. I still tried to fight the urge to smile, and tried to look apologetic. She sat next to me on the bed, put her arm around me, and then said “So do you think he got what he deserved?” When I didn’t answer, she looked at me. She didn’t look angry at all, she actually looked like she wanted to hear my opinion. So I replied “ehm…yeees”. She smiled, stood up and said “Me too” then she started to walk towards the door. “Ehh weren’t you going to spank me??” “Why, have you done something I don’t know of??” “I don’t assume you have been smoking” “No”  “See…. that you defend yourself isn’t something you should get a spanking for…though I would recommend you to think about how you defend yourself in the future” She smiled and left my room.
I could hear him moaning, and couldn’t resist paying him a visit. “You could have warned me, that she spanks”…..”I did….remember; I told you she would kill you…..” “Did it hurt (giggle)”
“And I thought you were such a nice girl”……”Yeah you aren’t the first to believe that” I smiled at him, and he smiled back.
From that day on, I started to find him a bit more tolerable.
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Oct 232012


The stories are rolling in, and I’m so pleased to be able to share these new and excellent spanking writers with you here. From a particularly talented writer, please enjoy ‘Kelly’s Tough Lesson’.

– Dana


Kelly’s Tough Lesson

by John H

“Now you get up, pull up those panties and go stand in that corner,” she said, pointing to the appropriate corner with the hairbrush, “I am not finished with you yet, young lady.” As Kelly struggled to her feet, she slowly pulled up her panties while still rubbing her very well-spanked behind. “Yes, ma’am” managed to eke out behind the tears and sniffles as she started to shuffle her feet to the corner. She had just been given a good paddling by her aunt for lying and now she would be punished for disobedience as well. “And you keep the skirt up” her aunt demanded. “I simply will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my home. Is that clear?” Again, all Kelly could muster was another weak, “yes, ma’am.” She had reached the corner, and her bottom still very much on fire from the hard, long- handled, hardwood brush that had just been applied to her bare bottom almost without pause. Although she had been punished by her aunt many times before this one seem to hurt particularly more than others.
Maybe it was because she could usually talk her way to a softer spanking. But now it seemed different. Her aunt was more animated and firm. Even the corner time was different. Usually she would pull her panties back up, let her skirt down and stand there for 15 or 20 minutes and that would be about it. This time she couldn’t keep still, her bottom was just burning and itching, which made her legs and the rest of her body a little fidgety and weak. She could hear her aunt walking behind her still tapping the brush in her hand. Suddenly, that nasty paddle landed another five or six quick searing blows on the back of her panties. Kelly jumped in surprise and glanced back at her aunt who was still right in back or her. “Nose to the wall and no rubbing.” Is that clear?” Again, all she could muster was a sheepish little nod of the head and a hardly audible, “yes, ma’am” as she gathered her skirt in front of her and tried her best to settle down, but it was difficult with her aunt standing so close and not knowing if she was going to get another half-dozen hard swats or not. “I got a surprise for you, Kelly” she said as she paced the floor back and forth, half admiring her work that was very visible through Kelly’s white nylon panties, and half lecturing on the importance of the rules of the house and waiting to see if her niece would make another mistake in reaching back to rub her bottom. “Still want to rub that naughty bottom, Kelly”? Kelly nodded silently, and then croaked out, “you spanked me real hard this time, and it really hurts!” “It’s suppose to hurt for you to learn this lesson.” “I will not tolerate lying.” Her aunt replied, “And, it’s going to hurt a lot more before I am finished with you. But for now you just stand there!” No sooner were those word said when Kelly reached back one more time and began to rub her bottom. “You still want to do that? Well, then, I’ll give you something to rub your bottom with!” With that, Kelly’s aunt went to the hall closet and retrieved a
strap she’d been saving for a moment just like this. This strap was a nasty looking thing. Thicker and wider than a man’s belt, but a bit longer, made just to make an impression upon a naughty bottom. Her aunt approached her with the doubled strap in her right hand. “I got this just for you, Kelly,” her aunt asserted, as she brandished it so Kelly could see it out of the corner of her eye, and your disobedience will dearly pay when you feel this piece of leather whip your behind. Kelly did a double take and recoiled dropping her skirt and grabbing her face with both hands. “Please, no, please not that. I promise I’ll be good for now on,” she pleaded. “Oh I am sure you will be,” her aunt promised right back, “but for now you get that skirt back up.” Kelly slowly lowered her hands and found the hem of her skirt and gathered it back in front of her. “I want you to hold the strap tight on your bottom with both hands and rub this up and down all you want.
Maybe with this reminder you’ll learn just how serious I am about this!” And with that, her aunt placed the strap in Kelly’s right hand and took it across her bottom to her left. “Now stay put!” her aunt demanded as she turned around and left the room. So there Kelly stood: in the corner of the room with her skirts up, holding a strap against her panties on an already sore bottom. The coldness of the strap had sort of cathartic effect at first and the irony was not lost on Kelly. “Hmmmm,” she thought, “it feels kind of good now, but I don’t think that’s going last.” 15 minutes passed. Kelly let go of the strap an took a good look at it. “Oh, oh,” were the first words that came to her mind as she resumed her previous position. 20 minutes. “Where is she?” Kelly started wondering. 30 minutes. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” Another 10 minutes pastes by. Her bottom wasn’t aching or itching as much as before. In fact, even though it was still sore, most of the initial effect of the spanking was wearing off. “Well, maybe this won’t be so bad” she thought to herself. Then she realized what was happening: “Oh, my! I am stuck in this corner so long to get over the spanking so the strap will have the full
effect. Why that sneaky woman. I’m doomed!!! I am going to be whipped with this strap, and can’t seem to do a darn thing about it.” Just then her aunt reentered the room and wasted no time to get down to business. “Let your skirt down.” she ordered. Releasing the strap in one hand and letting go of the skirt in the other, the skirt lazily dropped to its normal position. “Turn around, Kelly.” As Kelly slowly turned, her aunt, standing just a few feet away, had her right hand extended. “Give me the strap” was the next order. Kelly reluctantly extended her right hand laying the thick supple piece of leather in her aunt’s outstretched hand. Her aunt took the strap and folded it over and let it spring back a few times while both stood in silence. “Now, Kelly”, she began, “you are going to soundly whipped for disobedience. I don’t want to have to repeat this lesson, but I will if I have to. Is that understood?” Kelly’s eyes just sunk to the floor as she managed to
nod her head in agreement. She started to say something in her defense, but that one look at her aunt’s determination and that strap when she turn around from the corner, she knew it would be futile. Just then she felt the strap under her chin as her head was lifted up involuntarily to be staring right in her aunt’s eyes. “IS THAT UNDERSTOOD,” she said again, looking straight through Kelly’s eyes right into her soul. “Yes ma’am, I do understand.” Kelly avowed with whatever strength she had left. “Good. Now I want you to lay those two pillows on the edge of the bed, and lay face down on them,” she said matter-of-factly pointing with the strap as she gave the instructions. In a slow shuffle, Kelly made her way to the bed and placed the two pillows over the edge and stood there looking over her shoulder at her aunt who was drawing the strap over her left hand time and time again. Kelly’s sad eyes and now sagging lower lip was gaining absolutely no sympathy. “It will do you no good to procrastinate. Over you go!” she demanded. Kelly began the slow decent and positioned herself over the pillows. With her midsection on the pillows and back arched, her bottom became an excellent target. “Damn, my butt is raised high” she mused silently to herself. “This is going to hurt.” Her aunt walked to the opposite side of the bed and while still drawing the strap through her hands, said, “Look at me, Kelly” Kelly lifted her head as much as she could. “During your whipping, you are not to move, reach back, or try to get away. Do I make myself clear? IF you do, we’ll just repeat this entire punishment next week” Kelly nodded the best she could as her aunt move back to the other side. Kelly then felt the fingers of her aunt at the hem of her skirt and the strap dangling at her legs as the skirt was pull up and lightly thrown over her back. She had many thoughts running through her mind but none of them stuck as she just tried to gird herself for what was to come. There was what seemed to be an eternal pause, just before the first stroke exploded on her well prepared bottom. Her whole body lurched forward at the searing pain and impact; she grabbed the bed spread with both hands and squeezed the material hard and buried her head in the
covers just before relaxing back into position. Again another stroke about ten seconds later. Again she lurched forwarded and back. Another stroke and another. Deep, burning, searing, strokes that just telegraphed the burning pain to her head. She grabbed the bed spread again and this time did not let go, holding on with white knuckles as tears began to stream down her face in the covers. More strokes evenly paced out to make sure each had landed and produced its desired effect. Almost ten by now and it wasn’t stopping. Five more rained down on her poor bottom in methodical time. Then a pause. She could sense her aunt was walking in back of her, but didn’t dare to look back. Was it over? Was this it? She wondered, or was her aunt just letting her rest before starting again? Her question was answered in quick time as she finger in the waist band of her panties and them being roughly pulled down to mid-thigh. She mumbled into the covers, “Please no more, please no more, I’ll be good,” she argued with herself. Kelly peeked up and saw her aunt staring down at her, “you took that very well; we’re half way home” she said reassuringly. “No more please,” pleaded Kelly, this time out loud. “I’ll be good, I promise.” “Oh, I am sure you will, but we have to finish this here and now. Head down.” Her aunt retook her position to the left side of her niece’s bare reddening bottom and again, after a good minute passed, the whipping started; this time there was no ten seconds or so in between as the strokes landed in a steady stream again and again on Kelly’s already bruised and burning ass. Another fifteen delivered in almost as many seconds. Kelly was crying harder now and her body was rolling slightly left and right as if to avoid that wicked strap. Then a short pause, as Kelly barley heard her aunt say over her crying, “These next few are going to really hurt so hold on tight.” With that, Kelly heard the first one coming as the strap whistled though the air and landed full force, then the second, third, fourth and fifth. The pain was incredible and quaked through her entire body. She winced and tried with all her might to hold still or at least limit her movement so the strap wouldn’t hit her on her lower thighs or sides of her legs. Then there was an eerie silence except for her moaning and sobbing still muted by the covers she had buried her head in. The strapping had stopped. It was over. Her aunt had move to the other side of the bed, and with a slightly animated voice said, “I never want to have to repeat this lesson, but I will if you act this way again.” Not waiting for an answer, she laid the strap at Kelly’s head right in line with her eyes so she could ‘appreciate’ what just happen and could rest assured that it could and would happen again if she disobeyed or acted up in any way. Then with a very maternal instinct, her aunt comforted her and reassured her that she was still loved very much and sometimes things like this are necessary to correct behaviors that are unacceptable. With that her aunt rose and left the room with the door quietly clicking shut after her. Kelly laid there for a few
minutes and then struggled on top of the bed. She tired to pull her panties up, but gave up as it was too painful; she tired to let her skirt down, but anything even touching her bottom just seemed to make it feel worse. She tried to rub her bottom, but it was just too sore. So she just laid there panties down and skirts up, hoping the pain would subside soon, while wiping the tears from her eyes, trying to compose herself. As she shifted around she felt the strap left by her aunt under her legs. She pulled it out and looked at it paradoxically. “You mean thing,” she said, as she felt its smoothness and marveled at its effectiveness. “I don’t want to see YOU again for a long, long time!”

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