Sep 302012
Angel’s Spankotherapy: 
Excuses (Willow and Birch)
New! Live Session Video DVD
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Sep 292012

“They are passing, posthaste, posthaste, the gliding years – to use a soul-rending Horatian inflection. The years are passing, my dear, and presently nobody will know what you and I know.” – Vladimir Nabokov

October is my birthday month, and this year I am turning forty. 

Surprisingly, I do not find this even remotely intimidating (although forty-one may bring on a whole other group of emotions), and am looking forward to the myriad interesting things which the world and my body have in store for me in this second half of life.

This year, like every other, I am grateful for my (ever-so-small but fierce) family, and for my iron ring of loving and thoroughly-loved friends. I am also grateful every day for the wonderful playmates I’ve made through the years, and for all the cool and intelligent people with whom I have had the pleasure of communicating online and through this blog. You all enrich my life in ways that I cannot properly express. 

Thus far, this blog contains somewhere around 390 posts, over 100 original, reader-submitted spanking stories, nearly a dozen writing and photo contests, and many thousand of my own spanking-centered, rambling words.

I hope that each of you, kind enough to spend a little time participating in this blog, is aware of my genuine affection for you, and my gratitude. Thank you all.

– Dana


(I only do this next part once a year, so indulge me. If you’re offended, click HERE.)

If you are interested in celebrating the impending birthday of a quite-possibly-virtual stranger, I humbly suggest the following two options, in order of importance:

Donate to Foreclosed Upon Pets, a Las Vegas animal rescue organization committed to saving the thousands of pets that are being abandoned in Las Vegas when homeowners lose their mortgages. These people are doing absolutely amazing work. (Or donate to your local animal charity instead.)

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Sep 272012


As severe as The Very Bad Boy’s delrin punishment may have been, within just a couple hours he was asking for more. And just when you might be thinking that I am too severe…his Wonderful Wife takes over and administers quite a hard spanking on his somewhat unmarked right cheek (since the left was out of commission) with wooden implements and even more delrin! Then she invites me back in to help her finish off the VBB’s bottom – again.

Of course, with this level of silliness on his part, we had to film it. And we had to share it with you. Believe it or not…he ASKED for this.

We all had a whole lot of fun, in spite of the somewhat serious infractions on his part, and we all hope you enjoy watching the videos.

–  Dana

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Sep 252012

Since the ‘Pic Your Bum’ contest generated several fun photo entries, and many, many votes – let’s have another, shall we?

‘Marital Discipline’ photo contest!

Take a photo of your bottom, post-spanking – or have your partner take one for you.
Send your photo entry to me at

The winner of the ‘Marital Discipline’ photo contest will receive a Dana Kane Marital Discipline DVD, via US Mail.

* Your photo MUST BE post-spanking. While severe marks are not required (or recommended), some noticeable level of pinkness, at the least, must be visible.

* Self-spanking is allowed, if you are not one of the fortunate few who has a regular spanking playmate.

* Entrants may be of any gender.

*As in the previous ‘Pic Your Bum’ contest, all photo entries must contain a written statement – in this case, ‘Marital Discipline’ or some variation, so that it’s obvious that your entry photo was taken specifically for this contest.

* Be creative! The voting will be done by other blog readers, so use your imagination.

* The contest will last two weeks, after which I will post up the qualifying entries (anonymously, of course). Then readers will be given one week to vote on their favorite photo entry.

Have fun!

– Dana

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Sep 232012
Live Session Video: Itching for a Spanking


You Cannot say F*ck in My House

POV: Come to Bed, Honey



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