Another year, another chance to thank you.

“They are passing, posthaste, posthaste, the gliding years – to use a soul-rending Horatian inflection. The years are passing, my dear, and presently nobody will know what you and I know.” – Vladimir NabokovOctober is my birthday month, and this year I am turning forty.  Surprisingly, I do not find this even remotely intimidating (although […]

New: ‘Marital Discipline’ Photo Contest!

Since the ‘Pic Your Bum’ contest generated several fun photo entries, and many, many votes – let’s have another, shall we? ‘Marital Discipline’ photo contest! Take a photo of your bottom, post-spanking – or have your partner take one for you. Send your photo entry to me at The winner of the ‘Marital Discipline’ […]

Fantasy Island story entry

The ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest really got some imaginations going…and here’s a little whodunit for you all, spanking style. ***** It was a sunny day in the little cottage, out in the middle of the private wood, and Ms Kane was luxuriating with a well earned drink in the shade of the […]

Delrin Punishment for The Very Bad Boy

Readers,The Very Bad Boy has now received his Delrin punishment. As you know, Angel received hers weeks ago, so it was about time to get VBB’s out of the way, too. I honestly hope that this is the final punishment that either of them receives from me.He wasn’t allowed to roll the fuzzy dice, as […]

Fantasy Island contest entry ‘Carl’s Date’

‘Carl’s Date’ is a cautionary tale for scheming boys who try to play tricks on strict co-eds. Another fun entry in the ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest. Enjoy!– Dana ***** Carl’s Date  Carl was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father made scandalous tons of money during the high […]

‘Pic Your Bum’ Contest Winner!

I must admit, I’m pretty chuffed with the ‘Pic Your Bum’ photo contest. While there may have been only a small number of brave entrants, the voting response was surprisingly robust. Each entrant received a respectable number of votes, but three managed to pull well ahead of the rest. Of those three, two ‘Bums’ were […]

Travel Update: Rochester, NY

I will be making a return visit to Rochester, NY, on Friday and Saturday, September 28 & 29, 2012.Those interested in disciplinary consideration should email Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

‘Fantasy Island’ Story Contest Winner

I think you’ll all agree that the ‘Fantasy Island’ Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest has generated some very detailed, thoughtful, and imaginative tales. I will post up all entries throughout the month of September, and you’ll be delighted at the island spankings taking place in each. While all of the entries were really quite remarkable, I was particularly […]

Travel Update: NYC/Albany/Toronto (and Memphis!)

I will be revisiting my lovely playmates in New York City on Nobember 12-14, followed by Albany, NY, and Toronto. Also, I’ve added a return trip to Memphis, TN, on October 12-13.For disciplinary consideration, please read the Appointments page, then email me directly Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at