Your Opinions: What makes a spanking movie entertaining?

The new survey, “Your Opinions: Spanking Movies” has had an excellent response. Want to see how your answers stack up next to other spanking movie fans?Of  334 currents responses:Which spanking movie sub-genres do you enjoy? (Number of respondents, followed by percentage of overall responses. Remember that, on many survey questions, respondents may choose ‘all that […]

Story contest and photo contest ending soon!

The August Person, Place, and Thing writing contest – ‘Fantasy Island’ – will end on August 31. The winner will be announced first of September. Story writing winners will win a spanking session with me, and all qualifying entries will be posted for your reading enjoyment during the month of September.The ‘Pic Your Bum’ photo […]

Spanking PSA: Safe Words

“Red. Yellow. Green. Mercy”….”That’s too hard. It hurts. Please stop”…. Balderdash. Nonsense. Tosh. Rubbish. It is NOT too hard. It’s supposed to hurt. No way, Jose. Safe words are useless to me. Allowing my spankee to relieve him/herself of the discomfort of a spanking by spewing random words into the room is a Hard Limit.  […] Sunday update: 8/26

  Live Session Video: PottyMouth         This naughty boy curses entirely too much! I tell him that I am tired of his pottymouth, and that he’s going to receive 100 strokes from my rubber paddle. To keep him from getting himself in even more trouble, I shove a pair of my panties […]

Travel Update: October 20, 27

I will be visiting my friends and playmates in Texas in October: San Antonio on Saturday the 20th, and Houston on Saturday the 27th.Please read the Appointments page before Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at Sunday site update: 8/19

  Cousins Caught in the Closet   I’ve agreed to watch my sisters’ brats while they take a well-needed break. These two cousins are so bad –  the minute I turn my back on them, they’ve snuck into my implement closet and tried spanking each other – with a cane and wooden paddle! Dragging them […]

New ! "Pic Your Bum" Photo Contest

Since the writing contests are so much fun, and I’ve had an enormous amount of positive feedback from them, it seems only right to continue the trend.While I receive many excellent entries to each story writing contest, I’ve also received many emails from readers who just aren’t confident enough in their writing skills to enter. […]

Conversations with Spankos (Ch.12): Bratting

Since bratting has been somewhat of a theme in my personal life of late, I thought that it would make an excellent topic of conversation today. If you’ve seen the recently posted Angel’s Delrin Punishment video (and others), you are well aware of my personal opinions on things like bratting, ‘topping from the bottom’, and […]

Travel Update: October 9-12

Tuesday through Friday, October 9-12, I will be re-visiting  my playmates in Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis. Please read the Appointments page before Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at Sunday site update: 8/12

Dana Kane – Bad Sport I have been waiting for over twenty minutes, and now he’s made me miss an important business meeting…because he’s been playing games! His laid-back attitude just makes me more angry, and I snatch the large sport paddle from his hands, bend him right over, and administer a hard, fast paddling. […]

Brief Encounter spanking story: ‘The Gambler’

Anthony has sent along another excellent story for the Brief Encounter story contest, and, although he wasn’t eligible for the prize – it’s a great read. Thanks, Anthony!– Dana ***** The Gamblerby AnthonyIt was finally Ryan’s stop. There was a prolonged screech then he hadto nudge a pregnant woman and three tourists out of the […]

Travel Update: September 25-29

This week finds me revisiting Pittsburgh and Richmond, and making my first trips to Washington D.C. and Raleigh, North Carolina – Tuesday through Saturday, September 25-29th, 2012.Disciplinary consideration in these cities is limited. Please read the Appointments page before Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Spanking Therapy with Ms. Dana Kane, by Angel

Angel has written about the week we’ve spent together, the videos we’ve worked on, and some of her real-life issues which we’ve tackled together.. Spanking Therapy with Ms. Dana Kane This is my second trip to Las Vegas, as many of you will already know, to film with Dana.  At her suggestion, I agreed that between […]

Sunday site update: 8/5

Angel’s Spankotherapy: Excessive Spending Episode One in the new series Angel’s Spankotherapy: Excessive Spending Angel has come to me, asking for help with some real-life issues. We spend several minutes discussing her spending behavior, then she timidly goes over my knee for a five minute, bare-bottom hand spanking. There are two versions of this series […]

VBB Open Letter

In the ongoing saga of The VBB, Angel, and their neverending efforts to be the most misbehaving brats in the history of spanking: An Open Letter to Ms. Dana Kane From the Founder and President of S.A.D    (Subs Against Delrin) Dear Ms. Kane,  I hope this letter finds you in good health and in an […]

Crimson Moon’s Summer Spanktacular

I had only a short time to spend with this wonderful group of people – a few hours on Saturday night – but am so grateful that I was able to attend. From the minute I walked in, Chicago’s Crimson Moon family welcomed me warmly and made me feel right at home at my first […]

New Story Contest : Fantasy Island

Readers,The Person, Place, and Thing spanking story contest for August is: Fantasy Island Imagine two well-dressed people… On a remote Pacific island… With a bamboo walking stick. Fill in the blanks, add some fun spanking, and please follow the guidelines below: No characters under the age of 18 years of age. Avoid overtly sexual language, […]