Aug 302012

The new survey, “Your Opinions: Spanking Movies” has had an excellent response. Want to see how your answers stack up next to other spanking movie fans?

Of  334 currents responses:

Which spanking movie sub-genres do you enjoy? (Number of respondents, followed by percentage of overall responses. Remember that, on many survey questions, respondents may choose ‘all that apply’ – so percentages will add up to more than 100%.)

Female Top/ Male Bottom          277 85%
Female Top/ Female Bottom 149 46%
Male Top/ Female Bottom          74 23%
Male Top/ Male Bottom         26   8%

How hard a spanking do you like to see?

Light, gentle, barely pink                                            5     1%
A little harder, but no marks                                  16   5%
Stinging, thudding, and wiggling. Light marks.          38 11%
A good, hard spanking. Moderate marks.                   183 55%
Punishment, pain, heavy marks.                                   82 25%

In a role-play scene, which types of top/bottom scenario do you enjoy?

Marital Discipline 181 56%
Teacher/Student 176 54%
Doctor(or Nurse)/Patient 62 19%
Boss/Employee 130 40%
Mother/Son(or Daughter) 128 39%
Aunt/Nephew( or Niece) 162 50%
Ageplay 57 17%

45 14%

Bottom behavior: What types of behavior do you enjoy seeing the bottom display?

Stoicism 54 17%
Whining/pleading 143 44%
Bratting 79 25%
Wiggling/struggling 211 66%
Crying 203 63%
Arousal 108 34%
Other 23 7%

The Demeanor of the Top: What personality traits do you enjoy seeing the top display?

Loving, Calm 132 41%
Concerned, Nurturing 132 41%
Scolding/ Lecturing 220 69%
Angry/ Vengeful 81 25%
Sensual 112 35%
Maternal 121 38%

Spanking Movie Wardrobe: How do you prefer to see a female top dressed?

Business Attire 195 61%
School-type wardrobe 103 32%
Retro/ Vintage 100 31%
Bedroom Wear 115 36%
Costume/Fantasy (Superhero/heroine, historical figures, etc.) 28 9%
Blue Jeans/Casual 136 43%
Matronly 81 25%
Sexy 134 42%

Implementation: Which implements do you enjoy seeing used?

Hand Spanking 216 67%
Small Wood Paddle 153 48%
Large Wood Paddle 133 41%
Leather Paddle 123 38%
Leather Strap/Tawse 159 50%
Belt 139 43%
Cane 147 46%
Hairbrush 211 66%
Bathbrush 125 39%
Rubber Paddle/ Strap 76 24%
Slipper/Shoe 54 17%
Other 30 9%
48 15%

24 8%

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Aug 292012

The August Person, Place, and Thing writing contest – ‘Fantasy Island’ – will end on August 31. The winner will be announced first of September. Story writing winners will win a spanking session with me, and all qualifying entries will be posted for your reading enjoyment during the month of September.

The ‘Pic Your Bum’ photo contest will end September 3. I will then post up all qualifying entries and give readers one week to vote on the winner. The ‘Pic Your Bum’ winning photo will receive a DVD copy of ‘Sternwood Academy’ via US mail.

If participation in the ‘Bum’ contest warrants, I will continue holding non-writing-type contests, with the next winner to receive a Dana Kane Custom DVD.

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Aug 282012

“Red. Yellow. Green. Mercy”….”That’s too hard. It hurts. Please stop”….

Balderdash. Nonsense. Tosh. Rubbish. It is NOT too hard. It’s supposed to hurt. No way, Jose.

Safe words are useless to me. Allowing my spankee to relieve him/herself of the discomfort of a spanking by spewing random words into the room is a Hard Limit. 

There’s no strength or pride gained from these words; no moment of understanding between top and bottom. This is not a game – you cannot yell ‘red light, green light’ to make your spanker stop dead in his or her tracks.

Spanking – even punishment spanking – is about consent. 
It’s also about trust. 
If my playmate has so little trust in me that he must have a special word at hand to gain control of me at a moment’s notice, then it’s likely that we have not gotten to know one another well enough just yet. If I am uncertain of his full consent before the spanking begins, well…it’s not going to happen.

Instead, I require that my spankee engage me – with his eyes and his voice – and politely request a short break. I believe, and have seen through my own experiences, that requiring the bottom to make eye contact and verbally express his inability to ‘take it’ requires a lot more chutzpah than bleating some random word or phrase into the floorboards. I am convinced that holding the spankee responsible for his or her own discipline is an empowering and uplifting circumstance.

Also, by removing the safe-word option, the bottom has the opportunity to say all those things which, under safe-word circumstances, would likely leave the spanker wondering whether they’d gone too far:

“Please stop, please!”
“Ohmygod, it hurts! That’s too hard!!”
“I don’t think I can take it!”
“Okay, okay…I changed my mind..”
I have heard all these and more. Begging, cajoling, outright insistence that I stop immediately…
All simply reasons to spank harder, scold more convincingly, and manhandle my spankee. 

If you need a break, twist your little neck around, look me straight in the eye, and ask for it. Otherwise, your protestations and safe words will fall on deaf, spank-obsessed ears.

–  Dana

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. They may or may not reflect your preferred play style or opinions. If not, let’s just agree to disagree.

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spanking psa
Aug 262012


Live Session Video: PottyMouth




This naughty boy curses entirely too much! I tell him that I am tired of his pottymouth, and that he’s going to receive 100 strokes from my rubber paddle.
To keep him from getting himself in even more trouble, I shove a pair of my panties into his mouth..making it impossible for him to curse, try as he might.
After he has grudgingly taken his very hard 100 strokes, I decide that more are in order. Many more.
Then I pick up his leather belt, studded with metal conchos, and land it over and over across his swollen bottom.
(Click the title link for more preview photos and download link.)




Angel’s Delrin Punishment is also now available for download.
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Aug 252012


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