Travel Update : September 19-21

I will be making another visit to my friends and playmates in Seattle and Vancouver on Wednesday through Friday, September 19-21, 2012.For disciplinary consideration, please read the Appointments page before Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Sunday site update: 7/29

100 Strokes: Lexan Punishment Hard punishment is the only cure for him. One hundred strokes with a large, holed Lexan paddle make his pale cheeks look like he fell off the back of my motorcycle. He learns to follow instructions, reply ‘Yes, Ma’am’ when asked a simple question… and even his privates aren’t safe during […]

New F/M spanking story, from ‘Brief Encounter’

The Brief Encounter spanking story contest inspired some very talented writers, and I am happy to share those inspirations with others who enjoy reading original spanking stories written by real spankos.  This entry is impressive in it’s detail and language, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time reading.– Dana ***** Ben Mitchell checked his watch and […]

Travel Update: September 5-8

I will be re-visiting Denver and St. Louis, and making my first trip to Cleveland, Wednesday through Saturday, September 5-8th. Disciplinary consideration in these cities is very Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Sunday site update: 7/22

2 a.m. : Spanked for Snoring It’s two in the morning, and his snoring has kept me awake all night. When I can’t take anymore, I roll him over and pounce on him, straddling his back and pinning him to the bed, spanking him relentlessly with my hands. Then he gets himself into even more […]

‘Cold War Casualty’ : New original spanking fiction

‘Cold War Casualty’ is a brilliantly-written, original entry to the Brief Encounter spanking story contest.(The asterisks are my edits – for somewhat sexual content.)– Dana ***** Cold War Casualty Prague, Czechoslovakia – February 12, 1988 The 477 Metropol from Berlin pulled into Prague’s Nadrazi Holesovice station at 1:19am, thirteen minutes early due to skipping the stop […]

Travel Update: August 19-24

I will be revisiting my friends and playmates in Charlotte, NC, and Tampa, FL, the week of August 19-24, 2012.Disciplinary consideration in these cities is limited. For details, reference my Appointments page – and for a complete list of upcoming cities check the Travel page.– Dana Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at […]

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Readers,It’s easy to know when I’ve posted up a new blog or video: just subscribe to email updates!If you’d like to subscribe to my blog, add your email address in the subscribe box (just below the embedded videos on the left-hand side of this page.For premium video updates, enter your email address on the homepage […]

‘I will not push Ms. Kane’s buttons.’

Sometimes my email correspondents get a teeny bit…cheeky.They think, because they are far away, that I cannot (or will not) discipline them for their brattiness. There’s some comfort in distance, isn’t there?My playmates know that I have an immense capacity for misbehavior – that, while I definitely believe that discipline must be applied, a certain […]

New, Original F/M spanking story

Readers,Here is an entry from the ‘Brief Encounter’ story writing contest. It looks as though Simon has gotten exactly what he wished for… *** Simon looked around nervously, there was something about a station at 2pm that was a little spooky. For a start there was no one else there as far as he could […]

Slippering: Help me choose

There are quite literally dozens of different slipper designs, and most of them are ugly. Of the few that are okay to look at, most don’t seem very effective for the purposes of spanking.Here are a few I’ve been considering. Feel free to vote, comment, or link to your suggestions. I own a pair of these […]

Paddles and Panties (okay, mostly paddles)

A few weeks ago, I coudn’t resist coming home with an bag of new toys from my friends at Since I firmly believe that one cannot have too many implements of impact, I was tickled to have a whole new batch of goodies for my arsenal. Evil One Long Rule Shorty Lexan Paddles As […]

‘Plaigarism’ : A new video from Dreams of Spanking

When I visited London earlier this year, I had the great good fortune of spending a day spanking Pandora Blake and Mike Stryker, for Pandora’s website scene, ‘Plagiarism’, is the third release from that wonderful day of spanking fun. In it, Mike is a college student who’s been slacking off a bit lately – […]

Contest Winner: Brief Encounter

Readers,The June spanking story writing contest, ‘Brief Encounter’, was a fun one for the imagination: A man and woman, alone in a train station, and a pair of mysterious panties…this could go anywhere! As always, our fellow spankos have come through in admirable fashion, sharing their stories with us all here (and possibly hoping for […]

Sunday Update

  Angry Babysitter This bad boy has been a babysitter’s nightmare – staying up late, jumping on the bed – and now he’s going to get a hard paddling, along with a some very stern lecturing. First, he’s made to stand, with his body bent over the back of the wooden chair, for the babysitter […]