Conversations with Spankos (Ch.10) : Does Size Matter?

Readers, Get your minds out of the gutter – this is about spanking. Over the last couple years that I’ve been playing professionally there have been numerous times that new playmates have commented, “Wow, you’re bigger than I expected!” upon meeting me. Most recently, a poor boy with his legs pinned under me as I […]

Travel Update: August 6-11

Mon.-Sat., August 6-11, 2012: I will be visiting my playmates in New York City and Boston again in August, and making my first trip to Albany, too.For disciplinary consideration in these cities email me at (But please, read THIS first.)More Travel dates. Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Conversations with Spankos (Ch.9): Who Knows?

Readers, After having read her post describing Alex Reynold’s recent accidental familial outing, I am curious about the ‘out’ status of other spankos.  My (admittedly, few) family know about my lifestyle and profession – my somewhat infamous auntie is tickled by the whole idea and asks pointed and sometimes slightly uncomfortable questions. In truth, nobody […]

Live Session Photos, shared by request

Readers, These photos are just too great to keep all to ourselves, so my playmate and I have agreed that we should share them with you. Not only is his bottom extremely tough, but he looks fantastic in his lingerie. Happy caning!   – Dana Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Sunday Video Update

Lingerie Leglock I told him that the only way he could get a peek at my new lingerie was to take a nice, long spanking. He agreed, so I open my robe to reveal a white longline girdle with thigh-high stockings, then slip a sleep mask over his eyes and pull him across my lap. […]

Travel Update: July 23-29

I will be making my first visit to Toronto, July 23-24. I’ll also be visiting Minneapolis and Detroit, and then attending the Crimson Moon Party in Chicago on Saturday the 28th.Disciplinary consideration in these cities is limited.For information, visit my Travel page or email me at Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website […]

Stream of Consciousness: The Spanking Internet Wormhole

Readers,You know what I am talking about – you’ve likely all experienced it too: the Spanking Internet Wormhole. I start by reading the titles of the newest blogs on my blogroll here; usually I don’t click through to the photoblogs, as I’m more interested in others’ thoughts than their body parts. An interesting title always grabs […]

Upcoming Travel

Travel Update:I will be making my first visit to both New Orleans and Memphis, July 17-19. Dallas and San Antonio will both receive follow-up visits that week, too. Disciplinary consideration in these cities is very limited.Check my Travel  page for more details. Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Weekly Video Update:

New Premium videos available this week:(For more photos and download links, click the title links below:) His Corner-time Caning We are having a great day together, but I warned him earlier that he’d end up in the corner if he wasn’t careful. Not surprisingly, he kept on misbehaving and now has nis nose firmly in […] Video Updates

On Sundays, I’ll post the updates for HERE, so that blog readers who want may click over to see more preview photos and videos from recent spanking video releases.Each video will be represented here by a single still image, with extended previews available on the video site. To view more, just click any link below. – […]

New look for my blog

Readers,I’ve changed the color scheme of the blog somewhat after having received several emails about the difficulty of reading light print on the previous dark-colored background. Also, the former drop-down menus for spanking stories and other content are listed on the right-hand side of the blog sidebar as individual links again, since the drop-downs didn’t work with all browsers.The links […]

Brand new spanking story from our UK Laureate

Another fine original spanking story from one of our favorite writers (and past story writing contest winner), UK Laureate – enjoy this well-spun tale, titled ‘Mother-in-law’s Visit’.   – Dana ***** Mother-in-law’s visit We’d been married a little under a year, long enough, sadly, for the initial euphoria to wear off. In truth the last […]

New website

Readers,I have been actively posting to this blog for well over a year now, and it has been a real eye-opening experience. Many cool and wonderful people have passed through, leaving comments, words of wisdom, and pieces of their imaginations on the pages here.In recent weeks, and since the inclusion of premium spanking videos to […]

Conversations with Spankos: Chapter Eight

Readers, I have received a number of age-play requests and comments of late, which is likely directly related to my posting blogs and videos (both in my studio and with Dreams of Spanking). While these conversations concern everything from role-play scenarios to childhood memories to issues of accountability, the similarity which I notice among most […]

F/F spanking photo preview: Introducing Sternwood Academy

Hello everyone,Allow me a moment to introduce a new project from my friends at Alpine Sierra Studios, makers of the wonderfully irreverent The new video series, called ‘Sternwood Academy’, features a very strict young ladies preparatory school – and some very lovely young ladies in attendance.I love the girls’ uniforms – traditional knee-skimming plaid […]

New Writing Contest: ‘Brief Encounter’

Readers,Since the ‘Person, Place and Thing’ story format brings such interesting and varied entries, I’ve decided to make it the regular, bi-monthly writing contest. Each contest will vary in it’s thematics, and you’ll have ample opportunity for artistic license. With that said, June’s ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ contest is: ‘Brief Encounter’ Write a story about a […]