Jun 302012


Get your minds out of the gutter – this is about spanking.

Over the last couple years that I’ve been playing professionally there have been numerous times that new playmates have commented, “Wow, you’re bigger than I expected!” upon meeting me. Most recently, a poor boy with his legs pinned under me as I spanked him relentlessly with my palms exclaimed, “You’re too skinny to be able to hit that hard! How can you do that?”.  (For the record, I am 5’8″ and 120lbs.)

I guess that, at least to our imaginations, size matters.

In reality, one’s size has little to do with the severity of the spanking which he or she can dish out – or take. The most perfect example is Dana Specht. Dana is petite, but fierce. There’s nothing about her countenance or stature that would suggest weakness, is there?

Even though he is nearly twice her size, this boy looks duly humbled in the presence of Dana Specht.

Conversely, some spankers are built like warrior-goddesses, and their imposing physiques strike fear into playmates long before the spanking ever begins. Miss Chris comes to mind here, naturally, as her  6′ height and reputation for the hardest hand spanking attest. 

Looking utterly feminine, and equally ferocious, Miss Chris is intimidating.
Then there are the spankees: Some with teeny little bum’s like two apples who can take a severe walloping (as in the case of my Bottom’s bottom), and some with generous backsides that are unprepared for anything more than a nice, stinging hand spanking.  There are countless spanko sizes, and so many abilities surpassing our physical makeups, so my question is:
Does size matter to you? (Are you more likely to prefer a spanker/spankee who’s smaller, therefore having the element of surprise – or someone who you find physically intimidating from the outset?
– Dana


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Jun 282012

Mon.-Sat., August 6-11, 2012:

I will be visiting my playmates in New York City and Boston again in August, and making my first trip to Albany, too.

For disciplinary consideration in these cities email me at danakanespanks@gmail.com. (But please, read THIS first.)

More Travel dates.

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Jun 262012


After having read her post describing Alex Reynold’s recent accidental familial outing, I am curious about the ‘out’ status of other spankos. 

My (admittedly, few) family know about my lifestyle and profession – my somewhat infamous auntie is tickled by the whole idea and asks pointed and sometimes slightly uncomfortable questions. In truth, nobody seemed particularly surprised.

My friends know, too, naturally; many of them are ‘lifestylers’ of some description or other, so our conversations are easy and free and would likely be disturbing if overheard on the train. Those who are by our terms vanilla usually do their best to seem laid-back and cool about the whole thing but aren’t very interested in the details.

But in public, social situations, I’m inclined to tell a stranger that I am a ‘consultant’, rather than try and explain what a fetishist is and possibly offend someone’s sensibilities (or blow their mind) in the process. This is done out of kindness to the kink-ignorant, in my opinion, and is not an indicator of my not being okay with who/what I am.

(As an aside, why are we all so interested in what others ‘do for a living’? It is often one of the first questions people ask new acquaintances. The answer is supposed to indicate our financial status, and is almost always boring. I think that this possibly borders on bad manners.)

A talk today with one of my friends yielded more ‘who knows’ questions, as she’s seeing someone new. Someone New isn’t sure whether he’s okay with her lifestyle/profession, and she isn’t sure that she’s okay with his uncertainty. He knew since their first meeting, when she proudly outed herself.

So, for all of you: Who knows about your fetish (or lifestyle)? And how does if affect your relationships? 

Are you ‘out’ to a group of like-minded friends, but your family and coworkers are oblivious?
Have you outed yourself, or had it done for you – and what were the implications?

And how does having to keep back a part of oneself affect our personalities?

– Dana

PS. Thanks to Alex for sharing her process, and for being a generally great woman.

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Jun 252012


These photos are just too great to keep all to ourselves, so my playmate and I have agreed that we should share them with you. Not only is his bottom extremely tough, but he looks fantastic in his lingerie.

Happy caning!   – Dana

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Jun 242012

I told him that the only way he could get a peek at my new lingerie was to take a nice, long spanking. He agreed, so I open my robe to reveal a white longline girdle with thigh-high stockings, then slip a sleep mask over his eyes and pull him across my lap.

Lots of rubbing, petting, and light fingernails across his bottom and thighs throughout this romantic OTK spanking. There’s no need for much talking, but I do tell him that I’ve thought of some ways to control his wiggling and writhing in my lap…leglocks.
Over the course of this twelve-plus minute video I employ several different leglocks, while spanking him with my hand – and a heart-shaped wooden spoon. He still squirms and moans, but he knows that what will follow is worth every smack.

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