May 312012


When I posted the photo of the Wonderful Wife’s take on the Naughty Bench, I also issued a challenge. Send me photos of your own, homemade discipline bench – the best one will receive a special gift from me. 
Well, one of my more imaginative playmates jumped right into this one. He spent what looks to be quite some time coming up with  a series of ‘punishments’ for his bench. He’s sent photos of the bench and some funny ones also of him ‘testing’ it’s efficacy (yes, he actually sat on the conch shells!). I cannot decide whether to applaud him for his industriousness or spank him for his complete silliness. Maybe both are in order.
Here are a few samples of his Naughty Bench:

I am looking forward to seeing what else you smart spankos can come up with – send your photos to

– Dana

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May 302012

Percy and Lionel get themselves in a lot of trouble in ‘The First Spring Break’, an historical look at the ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ spanking story writing contest. Enjoy!
–  Dana


The First Spring Break

Sure, it’s all fun and games now, drinking, carousing, and generally making an ass of yourself, but in the spring of 1935 Colgate’s swim team journeyed to Fort Lauderdale to train in the country’s only Olympic sized swimming pool. This excursion was considered the start of the “spring break” tradition in the U. S.and for Lionel and Percy Abernathy it seemed like heaven on earth. Back in Hamilton ,New York there was still snow on the ground and the coeds were almost as frigid as the air. Even though they were only freshmen they were shaping up to be the shining stars of the team and they thought this would give them a bit of leeway, spending their time on sun, booze and girls instead of putting in extra time training.

“Down by the beach are where the girls are and here we are stuck at this stupid hotel with this group of losers” complained Lionel.
“We are here to train and make the school proud of us not raise a ruckus” answered Percy.
“You know you can be a real downer sometimes”
“Besides how would we get down there? It’s too far to walk and besides I want to read some of Hemingway’s ‘Farewell to Arms’ it is really neat!”

Just then Lionel happened to glance outside as a 1927 Pierce Arrow roadster pulled to the entrance and what could only be described as a ‘dandy’ jumped out, threw his keys to the attendant and demanded his car be parked by the entrance with the keys left on the dash. To Percy, this meant nothing but to Lionel this was an opportunity not to be missed! Grabbing Percy Lionel flew out the door and headed for the main entrance. All it took was for the attendant to be distracted for a second and the twins had the car started and were on their way. And what a car it was! It flew like the wind and all the young girls stared and ogled both the car and the very handsome young men. Lionel and Percy were no strangers to the charms of the opposite sex and swim practice was soon forgotten. Cruising in the Pierce Arrow, top down, they had their pick of the girls strolling along the promenade. Two young blondes caught their eye and the game was on! Falling for their charms, the young ladies were soon paired off with the twins and with the help of some rot gut whiskey the group rapidly lost their inhibitions. It was known that the brothers did get some sexual gratification by the spanking of pert young female bottoms and these two fit the bill perfectly Playful slaps quickly escalated to the girls bare bottoms being tattooed by a steady stream of hard swats. At least two of the quartet were enjoying themselves immensely. The rest of the evening events are not for publication in this narrative.

It still remained for the boys to return the car and conjure up a story for being away from the hotel. Their luck held as not a soul was in front of the hotel. They proceeded to return the car to the same spot, left the keys where they found them and headed for the back stairs. But if not for Fred Whipple they would have been home free. Fred was the hotel detective and took any misdeeds at the establishment personally. Hidden behind a royal palm he observed the two return the car and sneak off in what they hoped was a clean getaway. Fred had other plans.

. Fred had pounced on the two miscreants and before they could comprehend the situation, they were in custody. Only because Coach Williams dealt with the episode personally were the police not called

‘Guess we really screwed up this time’ blubbered Percy
‘ You can say that again boy!
Lionel remained stoic and hoping once again his athletic prowess would save the day.
All the commotion had alerted the rest of the team and the coach, not to mention the peeved owner of the Pierce Arrow who was demanding his pound of flesh.

Let’s go forward to the next day. It is the end of swim practice and the team is gathered in a circle,surrounding the naked twins. Also present were The ‘Dandy’, hotel dick, the girls and their parents. After much debate the previous evening an appropriate punishment was agreed on and accepted by the twins. The alternative would have been much worse.

In the State of Florida 16 year old girls could not consent to be spanked by college freshmen, so that explained the presence of the girls and their parents. It was also known that next to the pool was a barber shop whose proprietor was more then happy to lend his razor strop for the occasion. The agreed upon number of strokes was 50, five each from the eight swimmers, who made up the rest of the team, and the two fathers. The twins were secured on the end of the diving board in such a fashion that their bottoms were in the perfect position for the onslaught to follow.

Percy was the first to be tied in place, a look of dread spreading across his face.
‘Lets begin and anyone not taking this seriously will find themselves in the same spot.’ bellowed the coach.

The first boy swung the strop for all he was worth, taking the warning seriously. A tremendous crack echoed through the pool area followed by a heart rendering cry of anguish. If anything the second swing was even harder then the first. After only two smacks Percy was already a wreck, blubbering and crying, a plea for mercy escaping from his lips. The first boy finished his five and the rest of the team followed. All gave their best. When it came time for the first father to deliver his five swats, he stopped, pondered and handed the strop to his daughter. The second father did likewise. Now Percy was already thoroughly chastised and the humiliation of a young girl strapping his behind was the final straw. Their swings were anything but weak. Percy would remember these far longer then the other 40.

Now it was time for Lionel. Strong, stoic Lionel.
‘Do your best’ he shouted.
And they did. Each swing of the strop brought curses, yelled from the top of his lungs. This time after 40 lashes, instead of the fathers, the girl’s mothers took up the strop. Any other time having a woman spank him would have been a joy but not this time. These woman were strong and Lionel would think long and hard before he let another woman at his bottom.

Sufficiently chastised the boys shambled off in shame. Their bottoms were in sorry shape. Their swimming careers were over. Their collage careers were over. Their hope for the future was over. Sadly they had to  follow in their father’s footsteps and spent the next 4 years in the coal mines before being drafted into the army. Sadly neither one returned from the war.

So as far back as anyone can remember, spanking and spring break have gone hand in hand!
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May 282012


Tips for Tops: 
‘Don’t Break your Bottom!’



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May 272012

Here are a few preview photos from the two new POV videos available at my Clips4Sale studio.

The first, a strictly scolding POV scene titled ‘Panty Snatcher’, shows what happens when I find my new satin panties hidden on your side of the bed. A harsh lecture and threat of two hundred swats with a wooden stinger paddle should get your mind out of the gutter.

The next, titled ‘Little Boy’s Toys’ is an Age-Play, OTK POV – no male bottom visible in this scene, even during the spanking action – with scolding and an over-the-shoulder-view POV hand spanking.

To download either video, click the link below:

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May 262012

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– Dana

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