Naughty Bench reader entry: Hilarious!

Readers,When I posted the photo of the Wonderful Wife’s take on the Naughty Bench, I also issued a challenge. Send me photos of your own, homemade discipline bench – the best one will receive a special gift from me. Well, one of my more imaginative playmates jumped right into this one. He spent what looks to […]

Friends, Links, and Gratitude

Occasionally it’s nice to acknowledge acknowledgment. Thanks to these fellow sites and bloggers for links, mentions, and internet love:Spanky at Bright BottomMr. Marks at Secret SpankoThe Cherry Red ReportAlex in SpankinglandAmerican Spanking SocietyYeowch 2 Spanking BlogDWC DesiresfB’s BlogMistress AimeeSpanked Hortic IISpanking Court’s BlogThere is a lot to love about each of these linkers – take […]

Original F/M and F/F spanking story, set in 1966

Readers,Another fine entry to the ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ Spring Break story contest, this blast from the past untitled piece incorporates both F/F and F/M spankings. Enjoy!–   Dana *****  It was the spring of 1966 and I had big plans for spring break- hot girls and cold beer.  For months Sandy and I have […]

Spanking PSA: Bruises – Take Your Medicine

There are ways to avoid light marks associated with spanking play, and to help dissipate bruises faster. In my experience, both Arnica (taken internally) and Vitamin K are good supplements to take prior to engaging in spanking play. Arnica gel is used by many – as well as Vitamin K oil – topically, and with […]

The DVD Learning Curve

Not every person who likes spanking videos wants to pay for an online download – some of us prefer things a bit more tangible, and others just don’t entrust our credit card numbers to an online porn site. I know that technology is leading us all in the direction of all-online, all the time, but I […]

Naughty Bench, under construction

The Naughty Bench After having seen a beautifully-carved contraption, made by one of Erica‘s playmates – and knowing my carpentry limitations – I decided that I must have something simliar, if simpler. This is what I decided upon: A short, low bench (to be reinforced for generous bottoms), shot through with dozens of stainless steel […]

Contest Winner: ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ Story

April’s ‘Person, Place, and Thing’ story writing contest required two college freshmen, a classic convertible, and a road to anyplace. The winning entry, called “Spring Pong Break” is a funny, sexy, spanking delight, firmly covering all bases. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. – Dana ***** SPRING PONG BREAK “Ah, life is good,” […]